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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

January 22, 2007

Chico: Today on We Love to Interrupt, it's the news that'll have you running excitedly into a wall.... AMERICAN IDOL IS BACK!
Gordon: And if you're Chico or Jason, the wall will be padded.
Chico: I did say excitedly. And I did say into a wall.
Jason: Yes, but did we see any good talent this week? Not so much.
Ryan: Umm... yay?
Chico: Minneapolis and Seattle get rung through.
Jason: 40 million people cant be wrong. The "death star of Fox" came back with a vengeance.
Chico: From somewhere in America... WLTI... is... ON!
Gordon: And we invite in our padded room today Mr. Jason Block and Mr. Ryan Vickers. Good morning gentlemen.
Jason: Good morning.
Ryan: Ahoy hoy. Does it come with a straitjacket?
Gordon: Free straitjackets with every purchase.
Chico: As usual, we've got a lot to cover this morning, so let's start with Fox's Death Star, shall we?
Gordon: Duhhhh duhh duh duhhhhh duhh duh duhhhhh duhhh duh duhhhhh...
Ryan: What? "The Chamber" is back?
Chico: Heh. You wish :-)
Jason: American Idol, back with a vengeance and mired in controversy.
Chico: First stops on American Idol's 2006 Audition Tour: Minneapolis and Seattle. And of course, we start with the good and the bad of each city. And since these are the early audition shows, count on more of the bad.
Jason: And the delusional.
Gordon: If you note the schedule, Minneapolis and Seattle were NOT the first two cities Idol visited. The first city was L.A., which means they shifted the cities around for viewing.
Chico: So the first on the TV schedule, then.
Jason: Is that shenanigans?
Chico: I'll allow shenanigans. Why not?
Jason: Just for my edification, did they do that in other seasons?
Gordon: They do indeed do that in other seasons. I think the issue here is that they wanted to start with the absolute worst.
Chico: Probably. So Minneapolis and Seattle. And what's the first thing they show?
Jason: Prince!
Chico: Right! But after that. We're talking thousands upon thousands of auditioners... yet only 37 were headed to Hollywood. We only saw a handful of them. The rest of the four hours were devoted to... butchery.
Jason: And in my opinion, people who had no class and tact.
Gordon: Total number of people from both cities: 37. not good.
Chico: Now it's this butchery that's gotten the attention of everyone on the planet, and many of the agencies are making a big to-do about it. Saying that this is meaner than previous seasons and that the judges have no right to say the things they do. ... Big Board time!

You Mean You're JUST Noticing?!

- Everyone has SOME idea
- Life Isn't Fair
- World's Toughest Room
- This is a TV Show
- Where's the Message Coming From?


Chico: The title I think says it all... "You Mean You're JUST Noticing?!"
Jason: (Subtitled--It's a slow news day)
Chico: Point Block. I'm opening the floor to suggestions as to why these stories are overbloated.
Ryan: Why is it they have to recap the bad ones over and over though? They didn't do well.
Chico: First off... everyone who at least auditions has SOME idea of what they're getting into.
Ryan: As a Canadian Idol auditioner, I can say what Chico says is true
Jason: 2ndly...LIFE ISN'T FAIR. People are going to tell you suck, if you do. And should for that matter.
Gordon: I think you are doing a disservice to the show and the audience if you try to downplay how bad someone is. The only thing I would have a problem with is if they trashed people who weren't terrible, but they haven't done that.
Chico: Getting to point 3: This is the WORLD'S TOUGHEST ROOM.  Also the world's most honest room. If you have a gift, they'll call you on it.
Jason: And if you have something they wanted regifted, they tell you that too.
Gordon: Or even putting a sign on it saying 'Do Not Open Until Christmas'
Chico: of 2157.
Jason: I am tired of this touchy feely bullcrap that everyone has to be treated with kid gloves. I say this every year. It's time for people to get a life, suck it up, put on the big people pants and move on.
Gordon: I'm sorry if certain people feel that everyone can win. Let's award 50 million people a record Bad idea.
Chico: Not just a bad idea. Bad television. Getting to point 4:  This is a TV show. The point of the search is to sell the TV show... and vice versa.
Ryan: Speaking of the world's toughest room... what was with the one door not opening?
Gordon: That's happened in a few seasons.
Chico: I think it was latched from the port.
Ryan: These people are humiliated enough. Open both the doors.
Chico: And I say this every year... people are sick bastards. They want schadenfreude. And the audience numbers prove that. 37 million people got ... Sitzmanned or something?
Jason: But you know what, if you dress like the Cowardly Lion, you deserve to get neutered on National TV. And the producers know it.
Gordon: Let's look at the flip side. We're sorry you didn't win. Here's a lollipop, a balloon and a gold sticker. You're a good boy! What happens when the judges tell the contestants that they are good when they aren't? We get Fame, Celebrity Idol and...But Can They Sing...
Chico: Superstar USA is what happens? The ONE is what happens? Grease is what happens?
Gordon: And all of the shows have 1 thing in common - El Tanko in the ratings.
Ryan: Hey! Lay off Strombo!
Chico: Sorry, Ryan =p
Jason: There is a flow to this. And this is the climb of the roller coaster every year.
Chico: And think down the road when you get to the final 12. The rejects? They're getting off light.
Gordon: Part of why we like this is also a reality check from them to you, saying 'Ok, this is what we had to deal with for the day. Allow us to be cranky.'
Chico: Final 12 not only have the judges telling them they're no good... They have AMERICA telling them they're no good *ahem*MelissaMcGhee*ahem.
Jason: And honestly, I wish Simon and Randy were meaner.
Ryan: A thought - imagine, if you will, a Jeopardy tryout where you had to audition everyone - it was an open call. What would that look like? As opposed to "send in a postcard and hoped to get picked".
Chico: A bar scene, honestly.... no wait, that was the Greed audition. :-)
Gordon: Could you imagine that - a person being asked questions in front of 3 judges?
Chico: Three words... 2 Minute Drill :-)
Gordon: That would be 4 judges
Chico: And Kenny Mayne.
Gordon: But then Kenny Mayne says...sorry, you suck, get out.
Chico: But the point is still valid. Opening round auditioners are getting off light.
Jason: You ain't kidding.
Gordon: You're the worst Sports Trivia person in the world. And then people are dressed up in Uncle Sam costumes, and then there's an Amish Rapping Trivia expert, and...this is a hit! Call Mike Darnell!
Chico: So the View ladies need, with all due respect, to kindly sit on it and spin.
Gordon: Which brings me to...Number 5. Let's see where the message is coming from. What channel is The View on?
Chico: ABC :-)
Jason: ABC
Gordon: What Channel is American Idol on?
Jason: Fox.
Gordon: What channel is Donald Trump on?
Chico: NBC.
Gordon: Anyone see a pattern here?
Chico: And the CBS eye is just watching on and saying... I ain't gettin' in the middle a'dis.
Ryan: Wait! Don't leave out CBS! PBS!
Gordon: I'm expecting Rosie to come out against the Wiggles soon for them not being family-friendly enough.
Jason: Are saying that Bill Geddes told Rosie and company to do hit pieces on them?
Gordon: They haven't trashed anything yet...All I am saying is that if Dancing With The Stars comes out with another controversy, I don't expect them to go after it. That's all. Two words. Corporate Synergy.
Jason: Amen.
Chico: Did they go after the Dance-off Controversy?
Gordon: Nope.
Chico: Don't think they did. And Mario and his bad boy dancing skills? Don't think they did.
Gordon: You mean the fact that Mario already had dancing experience? Nope. Did they go after them exploiting the Sarah Evans affair? Nope.
Chico: But when something happens on some other network. Oh yeah. They're all over it.
Jason: So take the message from where it comes. And a lil legal advice from me. If you know Paula is drunk, prove it.
Chico: *nods*
Jason: Libel is a dangerous game. You know the legal game. You lost a ton of money on your magazine suit.
Gordon: If you are a loyal WLTI fan, then you remember a number of months ago when my sister Bonnie was here, talking about the back medications that Paula took and how the side effects could make someone loopy, right?
Chico: Right.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Rosie better have some very solid proof that it's alcoholism and not a side effect of the medications, or else Rosie's new television show is going to be called The View from Cell #9.
Chico: Tuesdays on the Prison Television Network after lights out. :-)
Jason: Isn't it ironic that I am actually feel sorry for the Donald? He may have been right all along.
Gordon: The one thing that I know from the history of The Donald - he doesn't say that sort of stuff without something behind it. He will spin, but he doesn't fabricate. If he says that Barbara Walters said all of that stuff and Barbara although calling Donald 'pathetic' has yet to deny the accusations, then there's something there...
Chico: Oh yeah, except for that whole The Apprentice is the #1 show on the air right now :-) It's not even the number one show on the network right now.
Gordon: He didn't say it's the number one show right now. If you listen closely to what he says, he's accurate.
Chico: What'd he say?
Gordon: You brought it up. I figured you had the quote verbatim.
Chico: Hold on. "The Apprentice has done so well. It was the number one show on television; it continues to do very well." Not according to the figures that I saw...
Gordon: What were the 18-49 numbers in it's time slot?
Chico: Total: 4.7/7. Last week.
Gordon: I believe, however, it was second in it's time slot for 18-49. The show, ironically, has the best numbers in it's lineup on Sundays, better than both Grease and Crossing Jordan.
Chico: Actually, it's neck and neck with Grease. They're up against biggies.
Gordon: It's the highest show on Sundays for NBC as an overall and 18-49 composite in the Prime Time (8-11) segment. That does fit into 'Very Well'.
Chico: If you're Donald Trump.
Gordon: Quite frankly, anything you stick up against both 24 and Desperate Housewives is going to take a hit. It wouldn't surprise me in 2 weeks to see the numbers rise after the football playoffs.
Chico: We'll see.
Gordon: Even this Sunday, with no 24, the numbers should do better.
Chico: I don't hold out too much for a giant rebound, though.
Gordon: I'm not saying Deal Or No Deal Numbers, but definitely an improvement.
Chico: See above comment =p Speaking of TV deals (we're go over more of Idol as the season goes on, don't worry)...
Gordon: Keep in mind that the show gets repeated 3 times a week on one of NBC's sister station, so people don't need to VCR it since they know it will be on somewhere else.
Chico: Just ONE sister station, but basic cable reruns are hardly a factor in the Donald's assessment, methinks.  So I'll keep an eye out on Sundays and get back to you. Meanwhile,... NATPE action... It's fantastic!
Jason: Yay NATPE! My favorite time of the year...right around auto show season :-)
Ryan: I'll agree with Chico for the square :-)
Gordon: Now on to NATPE.
Chico: Meanwhile over at Las Vegas, we had surprises, renewals.. and a little controversy.
Gordon: Ooooohhhh....controversy
Chico: And you wanted to talk about the Apprentice more :-)
Gordon: Well, you didn't tell me you had controversy, daddy.
Jason: (starts playing "Prince's Controversy")
Chico: First the surprises: an eleventh hour project comes out of the woodwork from none other than Merv Griffin with "Let's Play Crosswords".
Jason: Go Merv!
Chico: Not much is known about the project except it's being shopped around by a small studio and that crosswords are involved somehow.
Gordon: Crossword games are one of those strange enigmas. They should do better but they don't (See Crosswits).
Chico: Underrated Jack Clark gem there =p And then, of course, there's more of Temptation, which currently has 40% clearance on the MNTV flagships.
Ryan: Please let Canadians on... Please let Canadians on Temptation...
Chico: And then there's still buzz about Connections and Catch Phrase, but nothing concrete there.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Forgot about Laugh-Off with Jimmy Pardo. That's being shopped as we speak. To the renewals.. All four of the syndies will be back next year. Feud is renewed until next year.
Gordon: Yay!
Chico: Millionaire is renewed to 2011.
Gordon: Yay!
Chico: And of course, Wheel and Jeopardy! are in the air until 2012.
Gordon: Yay!
Jason: Yes!
Chico: And now... the controversy.
Gordon: Ooooooooohhhhh (Drools)
Chico: The three game prospects that everyone was talking about a few months ago... Deal or No Deal... Joker's Wild... Combination Lock...
Gordon: Yah...
Chico: They're all missing from NATPE.
Jason: (cue suspense music)
Ryan: They couldn't really settle on a host for Deal could they?
Gordon: I could have sworn I saw Arsenio Hall's face on a milk carton.
Chico: Now, no one is saying that the three projects are dead, but they're still VERY MUCH in development hell
Jason: Frank Nicotero was in the running as well.
Chico: Yeah, man. Give it to him.
Gordon: On the J. Keith show on Saturday (which all game show people should go to on, Frank Nicotero was talking about how he had an excellent audition, but claimed they were looking for someone with more star power. Wha?
Chico: They're always looking for a "name" (see Osmond, Donny)
Gordon: Name does not mean good host (see Osmond, Donny or Bush, Billy, who is now 0 for 2).
Chico: Another factor that may have lead to Deal being rolled back... It's on three bloody times this week. Now I love Deal or No Deal... but another five would just be too much, I think
Gordon: When are they, brother Chico?
Chico: Sunday... Monday... and Wednesday.
Gordon: NBC has some hole to fill in that line-up, eh?
Ryan: I'd love DoND like the Brits do, but they'll never do it like that in Syndie world over here.
Chico: Oh yeah. Also, game mechanics come into play.
Gordon: There's a new game show that NBC may be careful about. It was created by the executives over at ABC and it's called Burn Out.
Jason: That's what happened to Millionaire.
Chico: Like, how are you going to do a daily Deal so that it doesn't saturate the primetime version?
Gordon: Quite can't.
Chico: Good answer. Show me you can't?
Ryan: Is it up there?


Gordon: Number 1 answer!
Ryan: My word. This is disturbing today.
Chico: As for Joker's Wild and Combination Lock...


Chico: ... developing is hard. No, seriously, it is.
Gordon: It is, and we do wish John Ricci the best of luck at it.
Chico: But thinking back on these three... and I'm thinking back to a State article you wrote, Gordon... "Sometimes the best move is not to play."
Gordon: With DOND, definitely. I think NBC is making a huge risk to air it 3 times a week.
Chico: It was fricking nuts at NATPE this week. And to add three more? Someone's going to lose. And the fickle finger of fate won't be nice about it. Someone's feelings are going to get hurt. Speaking of... a lot of game action this week. Let's hit Rewind... *plays "Take Me Out"* New name.. same interstitial music.
Gordon: We have here a note from one of our old colleagues Lee DiGeorge, which plays right into Rewind...

From: Lee DiGeorge

Linda S? From Bayside, NY? She's my Aunt :-)

Gordon: Whats the damage so far on Linda S., Chico?
Chico: 57,802 reasons why Lee should be proud. But did she face off against Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and child stars?
Gordon: She didn't...shall I have the 1 Vs. 100 recap?
Chico: Have away.
Gordon: We had a historic night on 1 vs. 100 - for the wrong reasons. The Mob collected over $150,000, with portions of it going to Judge Alex, Judge Joe Brown, a child genius, a drag queen...and Fabio.
Chico: Cha-CHING.
Gordon: Kwame Horne surrenders $62,000 to the mob when he doesn't know that you can spell 'gas' on a row on a keyboard. Taking his money includes 1 Drag queen, 1 Kid Genius, Mob Leader Ned Flanders, and...Fabio! Yes, Fabio takes home $1,722. Shelley Regan is even more charitable, giving out $89,000 to the Mob. She knocks out 2 real live mobsters and 2 television judges, as well as the kid genius and the Drag Queen, but she leaves 17 people left when she doesn't know that Robert Deniro gained more weight to play Raging Bull than Renee
Zellwieger did for Bridget Jones's Diary. Getting the money includes Judge Joe Brown and Judge Alex. If you survived both contestants, you were walking out of there with over $6,900.  We end the show with Raghib Radbach. He faces 6 Geniuses, 5 Cowboy Cheerleaders, Todd Bridges, Willie Aames and 3 Television Judges. Getting knocked out in the first question - Todd Bridges, but everyone else comes back to next week's show. But here's the disturbing stat of the night. Fabio has made more money on 1 Vs. 100 than Nancy Christie, Kevin Olmstead and
David Legler...combined.
Jason: AH!
Ryan: I can't believe they didn't do better.
Gordon: Its not their fault. Is it just me, or after the big $300,000+ win on one of the shows result in contestants with the IQ of a jello mold suddenly appearing on the show?
Chico: Couldn't tell you.
Gordon: Because we're getting a rash of losses by a lot of intelligently questionable players. Last night, one of the contestants locked in their answer by saying, and I quote, 'I'll take number a.'
Chico: Yipes. but It gets worse...  On another show... but it gets worse. Meanwhile elsewhere, a $52,000 deal gets knocked to $4000 for Rea Pead.....
Gordon: Well, much worse, because she left a $70,000 deal on the table.
Chico: Yep. So ugly, it's oogly. A makeover turns ugly for Matt and Andrea, who are the third beauty-geek team eliminated..
Ryan: You know, I've never seen the US version but the UK version popped on the dish last night and it was very enjoyable.
Chico: It's basically the same thing, Ryan. And Victoria Rivera-Hargrave does the unthinkable on TPIR. Wednesday, she wins not one... not two... not four... but THREE new cars.
Jason: Triple Play!
Chico: Well, not unthinkable, but definitely remarkable.
Ryan: and.... A MONSTROUS TAX BILL *ding* *ding* *ding*
Gordon: whoo hoo
Chico: No cars in the Showcase that day, obviously. =p
Jason: Of course.
Chico: There's your Rewind this week... now time to do the news!
Jason: Cats! Mice! Jackets!
Gordon: It's a little too cold for Jackets, so I brought a couple of Brainvision faux fur coats.
Chico: Not a real fur coat, that's cruel.
Jason: Nice---a little warm for the studio. But I will take it.
Gordon: Bob wouldn't like us. We can't get Bob mad.
Chico: We can get the Bush's baked beans guys mad, though.
Ryan: Duke! Come back!
Chico: No, Duke, go away.
Gordon: That we can do. Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage.

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you. And we did get a response from what we did last week. Confidential to Doug: It was our pleasure. First story.

The world is waiting for Amazing Race All-Stars, which'll bow on February 18, as we have more midseason calendar dates to take note of...

Ryan: *shakes fist at Romber*
Chico: Those would be.. Hell's Kitchen - March... Identity - March... And also ... The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll in March. March is busy.
Jason: I need a glass of water
Chico: Forget April Showers :-)
Gordon: Don't forget this week - Season 1 of the Ultimate Black Jack Tour comes to WGN and Pros Vs. Joes 2 gets going January 25
Chico: You mean CBS doesn't want to rerun it?!  But I thought it was doing so well! *snickers* I'm going to special Hell, aren't I?
Jason: Yes :-)
Gordon: Actually, it is doing well - to the point that it may be getting a renewal.
Chico: But... it sucks. And I actually saw an episode, so I can honestly say that.
Gordon: It's not awful and the ratings are comparable to the other card shows out there. I do think they need to cut down on the excessive self-promotion though
Chico: It's not Professional Poker Tour... and praise be for that :-) Does the next story involve March somehow?
Gordon: Sort of...

FOX, in March, is bringing out 'When Women Rule The World', about a society ruled by women, each of whom has a man-servant that compete against each other for $250,000.

Jason: Isn't that the way now?
Chico: It's like Rollerball... except without the roller. Hey-ooooo.

Continuing the themed shows, we will have a Student Vs. Teachers week in Chain Reaction, while we see clips of the kiddie and all-star episodes of 1 Vs. 100.

Chico: Isn't that every other week on the 1 vs. 100? The whole all-stars thing?
Gordon: The top 100 players of the show will battle it out for a $250,000 prize package. The people seen include Ken Jennings, Nancy Christie, Annie Duke, and...Momma the Drag Queen (or as she likes to call herself, a 'Gender Illusionist')
Chico: Ah, you mean the GOOD kind :-) Okay, I can go for that. Want to Go Global now?
Gordon: I can go for that. Let's Go Global
Chico: Let's go go go to the UK for this one... This one comes from our friend David Howell. ... And I forgot which button to push. Ah, there we go.

From: David Howell

On UK DoND on February 20 2006, Finley McLaughlin rejected an eight-box offer of more than 90% of the mean and from start to finish showed zero ability to grasp the value of money. He won 10,000. Eleven months to the day later, Finley McLaughlin takes on the 100 (the BBC are far too friendly to refer to a 'mob') and beats them, winning 55,875. Total winnings on UK game shows in one year - 65,875. That's close to $130,000 tax-free to someone who freely admitted 'I don't need the money' as his game of No Deal started.

Note two things. Firstly, the gap of under a year - we have no rules against serial contestants here. Secondly, both shows are by Endemol. I'll say this much, when it comes to the streaks of serial contestants... I'd like to end'em all.

Jason: LOL
Gordon: (groan) UK not only gets global, they have their own Haterade this week too, don't they?
Ryan: ah, big brother
Chico: Ah, talk too much, that's my problem.
Jason: Yes they do.
Chico: Guess the quoter :-)
Gordon: I'm guessing our good friend David Howell from bother's bar
Chico: Actually David Tennant from Doctor Who season 2, episode Age of Steel.

From: David Howell

Meanwhile, a diplomatic storm surrounds the UK's Celebrity Big Brother. You might have known that. You might not have been aware that the ratings - chugging along at around 3.0 at its lowest point - stormed to the dizzy heights of 5.3 in two nights, then an incredible 7.8 for the eviction on Friday. All this for a show that is quite rightly receiving the fiercest criticism I've seen of a TV show in a long time.

I repeat what Chico says about The Bachelor... 'People, if you don't watch it... it'll go away.'

Gordon: And what is said diplomatic Storm?
Chico: the diplomatic storm revolves around Shilpa Shetty. People are calling racism. Now this is the defense from C4, the channel that broadcasts it.

"The debate has been heated, the viewing has at times been uncomfortable but, in my view, it is unquestionably a good thing that the program has raised these issues and provoked such a debate. These attitudes, however distasteful, do persist - we need to confront that truth."
-Andy Duncan, head of programming for Channel 4.

Jason: Translation: It was good for shut up.
Gordon: Don't comment on this just yet. Think about it, because we're going to address it later on in this show.
Ryan: Didn't Jade Goody get the boot?
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Was she on the block?
Jason: Yes.
Ryan: She was on the block.
Jason: She is gone.
Chico: Jade and Shilpa were marked this week.
Gordon: Now what does Jade Goody have to do with this?
Ryan: She is accused of making some of the remarks. Jade's "celebrity" status comes from the fact that she was an outspoken player on BBUK3
Gordon: So basically, if Shilpa got evicted, then the house would have been in danger of being torched by the neighboring villagers?
Chico: They got "Torched" anyway.
Gordon: But I mean with real torches.
Chico: Don't you wish. You know how 99% of all PTC members will write to the FCC when something like (^_^) or (^_^) gets on the air?
Gordon: Yah
Chico: 50,000 complaints were logged to media watchdogs this week.
Gordon: Nice.
Jason: And shows her get cancelled with single digits. Jade basically told her to F' off to the "slums" and other nasty remarks.
Chico: That we won't repeat here.
Jason: right
Chico: But if you look on the show's Wikipedia site... They cut pretty deep.
Gordon: We'll have more on this later on in the program. Can anyone guess who this week's Haterade is?
Chico: Is it that obvious again?
Gordon: I would think so
Jason: Rosie?
Gordon: Gee, you think?
Chico: Again, daddy?
Jason: She deserves it.

For the SECOND week in a row, Rosie O'Donnell comes back up here, defending the rights of bad singers everywhere and saving them from the evil singing judges - especially the British one.

Chico: And suggesting that the cheerleader is not biochemically sound. I'm waiting for her to rag on Randy.
Gordon: However, just to be different, a nod and a wink goes to 1. Vs. 100, for having 2 real life Mobsters on the Mob - and then 5 television judges sitting 6 seats away. Very clever.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Jason: That was funny.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: And maybe they all went to a bar after the tapings and got fully loaded.
Jason: Hic.
Chico: This week. MORE DVDs!

BCI just signed to release more of the FremantleMedia/Goodson games on DVD.

Chico: TPIR and Feud have been mentioned as among the first to come out of this deal.
Jason: Here we go! Or Here It Comes...
Chico: A bit of non-game, but related news, it also calls for the release of "The Bill" if you're a fan of that show. ... I'm a fan of that show =p And a bonus loaded...

Guess who's coming to Lonelygirl15's world... Katharine McPhee.

Chico: I'd like to come into Lonelygirl15's world.... errr..... anyway, talk about your classic meeting of the Media Hoes.
Gordon: and we have much more where that came from...
Chico: (plays "Area Codes")
Gordon: In this week's Media Ho Report...

We start with Ho Auditions. If you want to Make The Band or be the next Biggest Loser, then check out their sites for the auditions. Also - if you want to be smarter than a fifth grader, too. Apprentice 1's Troy McClain gets his show renewed for a third season, Melrose from ANTM6 may be dating Jeremy Piven, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice do Super Bowl Monday for CBS, Donny Osmond and Pyramid may be coming to the UK, Kelly Clarkson signs a deal with NASCAR and Kellie Pickler goes Gold, Diana Ross will be mentoring the American Idol Contestants and Tim Gunn gets an appearance on Ugly Betty.

Gordon: But none of them are your ho of the week. The ho of the week - and man has he been busy for the past month and a half - Mr. Donald Trump.
Jason: Again?
Chico: And, and apparently we're to blame for it.
Gordon: We are
Jason: What did I do?
Chico: You blew the fracas with Rosie out of proportion... this is him talking. Something like that?
Jason: Say what?
Gordon: We start with him with that...yeah...speech, then he decides to clean up his act and end a friend and family condo deal.
Chico: He's ... uh... really scraping the bottom of the PR barrel, isn't he?
Gordon: Then he decides that in an interview, he would Fire Condoleezza Rice (which would make many democrats happy), and finally, he makes himself happy by getting a Star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame, adding that Rosie O' Donnell doesn't have one yet.
Chico: I'm wondering when Donald Trump will start having peter measuring contests with himself.
Gordon: He's been very very active, and does deserve this award this week. Really.
Jason: Yeah he does.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that... is your Brainvision. Shut it down. Turn in coats. Turn the AC back up.
Gordon: Don't turn it back up
Chico: Still to come, five years starts with Five Good Reasons, and court is in session. What's wrong, G?
Gordon: make the fur coats, I sort of used the razor and....well, the hamsters and Eve are a little chilly with the AC up.
Chico: ... Oh, Gordon...
Gordon: Well, it fits the Chairman hamster, since now the rest of him is bald.
Chico: Oy. Anyway, last week, we asked who you thought would make the best TPIR host to replace Bob Barker. 55% of you said... Someone else.
Gordon: Not a good sign for TPIR
Chico: Rich Fields came in second with 26%. John O'Hurley came in third with 16%. And Dave Price got ... one vote. As always, this vote is non-scientific, and only reflects the opinions of those who take part.
Jason: Way to go, Dave. :-)
Gordon: We'd like to thank Dave Price for going out of his way to read WLTI.
Chico: Point, Gordon :-)
Ryan: Yeesh!
Chico: This week's You Love to Interrupt question, Gordon?
Gordon: This week's question...

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Who REALLY is at fault for the American Idol controversy?
Simon's gone too far!
Randy shouldn't be going to the dark side!
The producers shouldn't let the "special" kids audition!
Rosie shouldn't have opened her mouth!
It's all Chico & Gordon's fault!

Gordon: Results next week.
Chico: Jury's out for that until then. A far more entertaining jury is next. This is WLTI, 5 years and still only two cancellations. Beat that, Family Guy.

(Brainvision has been sponsored by WLTI's Hamster Coats. We don't hurt the hamster, only shear it. Besides, who doesn't want to look like Hamtaro?)



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