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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

March 19, 2007

Chico:  Today... it's a week full of great happenings... that all happened... on FRIDAY. From a record-breaking win to a record-breaking loss, from premieres to finales... and everything in between. We got your March Madness right bloody here.
Gordon: Yes we do...what are you doing with Fluffy the hamster on your head?
Chico:  It's the rally hamster!
Jason:  Message to my Alma Mater GWU...if you get into the NCAA's...SHOW UP! Grumble.
Eric:   We won't even talk about my Alma Mater
Chico:  From Somewhere in Bracketville... We Love to Interrupt... is... ON!
Gordon: Speaking of mad, he's Chico Alexander. The enraged one is Jason Block, the normal one is Eric Pierce and the hating one is Gordon Pepper.
Eric:   Normal, I resent that...
Gordon: So what would you like to be called?
Eric:   Take your pick, but I'm anything but Normal.
Chico:  Psycho's taken, BTW :-)
Eric:   Boo...How about oxymoronic?
Chico:  Heh.
Eric:   Confused? or plain crazy...
Chico:  ... yeah, that'll work :-)
Gordon: Ok, so...he's Chico Alexander. The enraged one is Jason Block, the confused one is Eric Pierce and the hating one is Gordon Pepper.
Eric: Better.
Jason:  I resent being called normal too.
Chico:  I'm anything but normal.
Gordon: We would never call you normal, Jay.
Chico:  But you all know that. Anyway, got a LOT to cover, so let's get to it.
Gordon: I think Fluffy's starting to look a little nervous on your head, Chico.
Chico:  Okay, let's talk about... FRIDAY! What happened Friday? What DIDN'T HAPPEN Friday?
Gordon: Someone losing on Jeopardy - that didn't hapen on Friday.
Jason:  What a way to end the week!
Chico:  First.. a first. In the, oh, 40 year history of Jeopardy!, there's never been three returning champions. UNTIL NOW.
Eric:   Which is a disappointment for fans of good wagering
Jason:  Correct, Eric. It's a cool happening that shouldnt have happened.
Chico:  But for someone who's a fan of games theory, it... was equally as taxing.
Eric:   Agreed.
Chico:  This is your one in a googol shot. Like... okay, you three are back on Monday. That's cool, but at the same time... this is a game. You're in it to win.
Jason:  When you have the opportunity to bet $2401 and knock two people should.
Chico:  I want violence! I want bloodshed! What happened on Friday, not to discount is historical impact, was like Donald getting on with everyone he fired from The Apprentice.
Eric:   And now your opponents have 1 day's buzzer practice... Dangerous if you ask me.
Chico:  Hell, it's like Martha with everyone she fired from the Apprentice.
Eric:   Please never utter a word about Martha's Apprentice
Gordon: I couldn't disagree with all of you more.
Chico: Saywha?
Gordon: I think betting what be bet was excellent strategy and I would have done the exact same thing in a heartbeat.
Chico:  Bet to tie? Can't do that. Sorry.
Gordon: Yes you can. Jeopardy is about timing - but it's also about knowledge. If you know you can beat your opponent, why not let him hang around for another day so you can get some quick cash?
Eric:   You feel the opponents were weak enough to replay them on Monday?
Gordon: I think they are weak enough to replay on Monday - PLUS if they are in that position, maybe they turn around and repay the favor.
Eric:   I've seen better situations for that strategy to be used, don't forget the Champ entering double with less than $1000.
Gordon: Yes - and I think that's what was on his mind. He went from under $1,000 to a safe lead on both of them. He had to have been thinking that if he had a better regular Jeopardy he could have whupped both of them.
Eric:   Or, he just got lucky on categories in Double J!
Gordon: Keep in mind that he already has $60,000 + in the bank.
Chico:  Let's see what the book says, shall we?
Jason:  (Hands Chico "The Book of J!")
Chico:  Let us read... from the Book... Here's what the book says... "Crush for first place." Courtesy of, here...Basically, put your opponents out of their misery.
Gordon: He already had over $40,000 in two days - I don't think his knowledge base is luck-driven.
Chico:  Yeah, but you can't afford to risk another payout for a chance at $250,000 later in the series.
Gordon: I agree with the crush your opponents part, but I also think that it's saving for the future, because now he can REALLY whup them on Monday for a major score.
Chico:  That's what you call a known unknown, though.
Eric:   True, but I'll still say unless you think they are total idiots...
Bad move. The opponents will be comfortable now and our champion will be upset, much Like the Dookies =(
Chico:  Yay VCU :-)
Gordon: Doesn't matter. UNC will still get nailed by either USC or Texas.
Chico:  You hope.
Gordon: UNC will get screwed by someone with a Longhorn wearing a Trojan
Jason:  OW!
Chico:  There goes our PG rating... again. SO that's what happened on Jeopardy!...Then that same night the season finale of 1 vs. 100... with a possible $2 million payout.
Eric:   And much like an episode of any million dollar show, she didn't even get close.
Chico:  and like any "Special episode"... feel good filler material.
Jason:  Although the "Bob Saget" where are they now bit...hilarious.,
Chico:  But enough of that for now, how did Shannon Franco do, G?
Gordon: Shannon Franco did win over $150,000 - however, she did not go for the double or nothing question - which she would have gotten right. Oops.
Chico:  Come on...
Eric:   She could have been living fat off the hog...
Chico:  Oh yeah.
Gordon: Though Bob Saget selling Ice Cream to kids was cute, she still left $150,000+ on the table. We did see some niceness though, as Raul Garcia, who lost $253,000 to the Mob got $10,000 back, thanks to a casino high roller.
Eric:   That was a beautiful hand.
Chico:  Oh yeah.
Gordon: But Shannon left over $150,000+ on the table - which pales in comparison to the 1.8 million left on the table on Monday.
Chico:  Deal or No Deal time.
Jason:  (Shudder)
Eric:   Why god, Why!!!
Jason:  Coward....
Eric:   Pluralize that please... One worse than the other, but plural.
Jason:  Cowards....
Gordon: Ok. I can see the first person bailing out, as the million was the only major amount on the board.
Chico:  Can we see the board, please.
Eric:   Still very early in the game, while it may have been against better strategy, Where was the "came with nothing leave with nothing" attitude
Chico:  We know there was a million. We know he dealt for $99,000.
Gordon: What was the next highest amount on the board?
Chico:  Next highest amount was $25K  If we're listening to the "book" as Klauss calls it, risk $74K to win ten times that... that's a risk worth taking.  BUT also on the board... penny, dollar, 2 bills, 5 bills. Or $.01, $1, $200, $500.
Gordon: But I can understand it, because if he finds the million, then there's 50,000 you're never going to see again and you'll get around a $4,000 offer.
Chico:  Especially with that penny still lingering.
Gordon: And you do not want to be the first person in US Deal or no Deal history to walk out of there with less than $5.
Eric:   This is where a person's actual lifestyle matters. Was he in desperate need of the money or was he just playing for a summer home?
Chico:  He was playing for a honeymoon. And $99,000 would buy a honeymoon.
Jason:  And a lot more.
Chico:  A nice honeymoon. Red Lobster with the cheddar biscuits.
Eric:   Hell, skip the red lobster, give me the cheddars.
Gordon: But so would $4,000.
Chico:  True. Tameka, though... "And you should've!" $500. He would've been offered.. $201,000. Offer would've doubled. There's your pesky games theory in action again. The "Book" strikes again.... Alike has a dollar. Bank would've offered... $279,000. Chico:   Claudia... had the official term, the technical term, I believe... is bupkis. So there goes the "well, at least I didn't win a penny" rationale. Bank would've offered $359,000.
Eric:   At this point the show just feels plain cruel.
Jason:  And this is just the first one.
Chico:  Indeed, Eric. Hayley... had $25,000. Bank: $512,000.
Eric:   Gloriously and devilishly cruel. Thank you Hayley!
Chico:  Then it would've been a case of "okay, do you got brass ones or not?" Because it's $512,000 for either $200 or $1 million.  And Lisa's facial expression is all like "Don't make me open my case..."
Eric:   You are legally contracted to ruin this man's life, OPEN IT!
Chico:  Howie's words... "You made... a horrible deal." That, Eric, is a quotable :-) So he goes with 9.9 percent of what he could've won.
Eric:   Can you round him up to 10 % with pity points?
Chico:  Judges?
Gordon: We'll allow the rounding up.
Chico:  Okay, Mercy rule, 10%.
Eric:   Onto Loser #2.
Gordon: Now this was just unforgivable.
Jason:  May I call it dumb.
Eric:   Beyond dumb.
Chico:  Bordering on ... I don't think there's a word I can use without offending someone.
Jason:  Agreed.
Eric:   In a  case like this, offending people would not be a crime
Gordon: Dr. Pepper would like to call this a case of Nograpefruitsitis.
Chico:  Okay, kilt-wearing bodybuilder... Dave Atherton. Eric, the board, please.
Eric:   5,10, 25, 50, 300, 500, 10000, 75000, 300000, 400000, 1Million
Chico:  The offer... 81K. Now, that's an $80,995 risk... for a reward of ten times that. At LEAST.
Gordon: Oh, you can't deal now. Even if you knock off the million, you still have 300,000 and 400,000 and the chances of knocking off all 3 are miniscule.
Chico:  Guess what he did.
Eric:   Don't say it!!!
Jason:  Don't say it!
Chico:  DEAL for $81,000.
Chico:  But I suppose if you're a strapping hunk of muscle man in a kilt, you can do what the heck you want ... I think. Granted, it violated EVERY RULE we ever mentioned about games theory in the five-year history of this show.
Eric:   No comment... for another 5 seconds....

(5 second silence)

Eric:   WHY!?!?!
Gordon: I agree with Jason though - the kilt turns into a French Maid's outfit for this one.
Eric:   Game show are here to give money away. PLEASE TAKE IT!
Chico:  I think a Big Board is in order.

What... Went... Wrong

- 1) "Without risk there is no reward."
- 2) Play the board
- 3) Pace yourself!
- 4) Listen to the loved ones.


Chico:  The title, simply.... "What... Went... Wrong." a) We've all heard the saying before. Without risk there is no reward. The reward outweighed the risk at the time. It was a small risk.
Gordon: Very small.
Jason:  Minuscule.
Eric:   Myopic.
Chico:  Infinitesimal.
Gordon: Dental-floss like
Jason:  Teeny-weeny.
Eric:   Microscopic.
Chico:  But the point is... small risk, big reward. B) Do you play the board at that time or do you play your gut instinct?
Gordon: You play the board.
Chico:  Correct. Your gut instinct would not normally kick in until a) you have one big amount left, or b) the one-case rounds.
Jason:  You play the board. The board was SO in his favor.
Chico:  c) Pace yourself. Don't hasten any decision making. You're doing yourself a disservice.
Eric:   There are contestants who would give their right leg for that board and he squandered it.
Gordon: d) Listen to the loved ones. They said to keep going. Everyone said to keep going. The whole idea of having the loved ones there is to remind you what to do and to not be a dumbass.
Chico:  That's right. They're there for a reason. Believe it or not.
Eric:   I object! The loved one's are there to act like lunatics and increase the "Jerry Springer" factor of the show
Chico:  No, that's the contestant coordinator's job.
Jason:  The loved ones also help.
Eric:   They don't always give good advice
Gordon: They did in this situation
Eric:   But in this case.... I'll agree
Chico:  Again, this is not a dig on Dave or the soldier from earlier. This is educational... and informational. We're trying... to help you.
Gordon: Well...yes, this is a Dig on Dave
Eric:   but a heartfelt one
Jason:  I want to dig on Dave too.
Gordon: But speaking of Digs, someone has dug up some dirt on Mario Vazquez
Chico:  So... THAT'S why he quit.
Eric:   As if we needed another Idol scandal...
Jason:  Sorry Gordon...can I say the line I said earlier this week?
Chico:  He was... allegedly propositioning for his own record deal... to Idol employee Magdaleno the men's room.
Jason:  and being a real jerk off.
Eric:   ::rimshot::
Jason:  The question we believe it?
Chico:  The evidence, as it has been presented, doesn't paint a happy picture.
Eric:   Has there even been a refutation?
Chico:  None as of yet
Jason:  Thats never good.
Gordon: No there hasn't. I think there's some smoke here, and where there's smoke, there's fire. Unfortunately, if the accuser kept any sort of paper trail, this is very very easy to prove.
Eric:   Wonder what Rosie will have to say about this one?
Chico:  If we're lucky.. nothing
Jason:  Amen.
Gordon: I don't think she can say anything. This has nothing to do with the show. This has to do with someone who MAY (we don't know yet) have done something extraordinarily stupid.
Chico:  asterisks and underlines, MAY.
Jason:  emphasis on MAY.
Eric:   As if Rosie needs a reason...
Gordon: Olmos's lawyers have said that this was the reason why Mario left the show, and if it is, I feel very sorry for Mario.
Jason:  Could have won Idol 4...maybe.
Chico:  Sorrier than when you first heard "Gallery"?
Gordon: Yes. I'm sorry he got stuck singing that song
Chico:  So the identity of pervert... unestablished as of yet. Another Identity, though... very much established. A two-fer of establishment. a) the return on Friday. b) a British version.
Jason:  And with the return on Friday--a big $500,000 win for Christina Howard!
Eric:   Sometimes the slate of strangers just makes it too easy...
Gordon: I thought the slate was challenging. I also thought that the woman played the game very very well.
Chico:  Yeah, especially given all the whole thing of wardrobe and what not.
Eric:   I'm sorry, but am i the only one that can see a big win coming on this show from a mile away?
Gordon: The NBC promo did help.
Eric:   This is not to knock her gameplay, she played it very well.
Chico:  NBC's famous for that.
Eric:   They need to stop that too.
Chico:  err.. infamous
Jason:  Most network's are.
Gordon: But for every person who knew Britney's first husband, there's someone who thought that Bruce Jenner was a ventriloquist.
Eric:   Ugh...
Chico:  But all in all, the game remained intact.. I wasn't blown away. I never was, but it was enjoyable.
Jason:  Oh Chairman you are so wrong. This is Deal or No Deal all over again...when it came back for season 2.
Chico:  There Jason goes with the "I'm wrong" again. It never fails =p
Gordon: I agree with Jason - Chico, you're wrong
Chico:  Okay, tell me I'm wrong, prove yourself right.
Jason:  The camera work was better, the set was bigger and better...Penn was on fire as host. They were clicking on all cylinders. And they changed one thing which I love.
Eric:   Getting to talk to the strangers? Given, the contestant did not get to ask question she just got to choose who she heard in a snippet from.
Jason:  Yes. Love it.
Eric:   We're taking a step closer to intellectualism
Gordon: I like the increased interactivity. Jason and I were talking through the show. This is compelling play at home stuff.
Chico:  It always was play-at-home stuff.
Gordon: The board is set up with 3 gimmes, but the rest of the Identities up there could have been attributed to more than one person.
Chico:  It was, again, something that always has existed. The only new factor is the whole asking strangers thing. So yeah, Identity's back... Not bad for a return, especially with Christina running the table.
Eric:   And having the guts to continue and take the chance
Gordon: She had her Mistaken Identity with her for the whole show, and she played the Identity Helps perfectly, so she had very minimal risk going into the finals.
Eric:   I still think they should double the jackpot if someone get to the last two with their mistaken identity intact.
Chico:  Would make for an interesting play. Do I risk for a million or bail out?
Gordon: True. THAT would make it interesting, though I must note that the people with only 2 Identities left to choose from have been 2-0 for their final guess.
Eric:   Really it might be more of a strategy question. With 3 strangers left should she have guessed against her instinct on the prison guard before calling the phone book guy? As I would argue by that point, the phone book was nearly a lock.
Gordon: I absolutely agree with you, Eric. The Phone Book guy was a lock. I would have gone after the Astronomer
Chico:  Agreed.
Jason:  And that Prison Guard...arrest me!
Eric:   Wow, and she was only 26
Gordon: And with all of this stuff going on, we sort of overlooked...oh...the Emmy Nominations
Chico:  Daytime Emmy nods are out. For Outstanding Game Show...Jeopardy!... The Price is Right... Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. For Outstanding Game Show Host...Bob Barker... Meredith Vieira... Pat Sajak.. Alex Trebek... Ben Bailey.
Jason:  Nice nod for Ben Bailey.
Eric:   Cash Cab is madly underrated
Chico:  Very much so. It's your straight-forward question bee... with a cab and a RAZR. Takes skill to drive and quiz at the same time.
Eric:   very fun, intelligent, and sometimes with a block to go it wrenches your guts out.
Chico:  As for hosts... well, obviously, no one is more decorated than Bob Barker...
Gordon: Yep. Very worthy nominations, which we will talk about later on in the show.
Chico:  Agreed.
Eric:   Very Nice.
Chico:  Okay... *reads laundry lists* Next.. Romber... they get eliminated.
Gordon: We say goodbye to Romber, as they get jobbed - again - on a pure luck roadblock. This time, it's a find the one out of 2 mails in 1,600 letter stunt.
Eric:   Now I have nearly no reason to Watch the Race
Chico:  Though, and I'm quoting Rob now... "I messed up."
Gordon: And if the Agus get bounced, then someone willl win it who doesn't deserve it - just like any other All-Star show.
Chico:  ... and that's why we watch. And root.
Gordon: And almost any other week, we talk about someone winning $75,000 on Wheel of Fortune.
Chico:  This week... it happened... on Friday. To Mike Smith of Raleigh.
Gordon: Brandon Rogers goes bye-bye in Idol for making the Cardinal error of forgetting his words
Chico:  An error duplicated by TWO others.
Eric:   Well he went for more than that...
Chico:  But they're cool about it. Well, one was cool. Haley called herself a schmuck.
Eric:   And now Haley has a personality... She might hang around for a while
Chico:  The other member of the bottom two, weak as day-old coffee Sanjaya. So much for Hawaii.
Eric:   But Sanjaya does have VoteForTheWorst.
Jason:  I still think he makes the top 8.
Gordon: I don't. I think Sanjaya leaves this week.
Jason:  Why?
Gordon: He had Vote For The Worst, Howard Stern and Hawaii voting for him - and the best he did was second to last. I don't see him sustaining that vote.
Chico:  Okay, any more Rewinding real quick?
Gordon: Cassandra leaves Top Model, and there are only 3 Dannys and Sandys left.
Chico:  And one congrats to the Green Team on Endurance, Alex Carignan and Cealey Godwin. They won the big honking prize pack last night.
Jason:  Which is?
Chico:  A trip to Kauai, HI. Did anyone watch 5th Grader or am I going to spoiler protect it? =p
Eric:   Watched it, cried, kept watching.
Chico:  Ah, same here.
Gordon: You may as well spill it.
Eric:   Can we please let Ken Jennings go on as a sweeps stunt? (and to be fair, Mr Block too).
Jason:  LOL
Chico:  Sammy Traynor bails out on this 4th Grade Math square inches, what is 1/2 of the area on a square with 12-inch sides. Class, write your answers now.
Jason:  72.
Gordon: 72.
Eric:   72 is the only answer anyone should give.
Chico:  You three get gold stars.
Eric:   yea!!
Chico:  Sammy.. got $50,000.
Jason:  Nice.
Chico:  Could've had $100,000, but he dropped out.
Eric:   Did you just ask me for half the area of a square, for $100,000? There's something insulting about that...
Chico:  Isn't it, though? Ebony Graham plays for $50,000 next week. It's time for a news break. *takes Fluffy off his head and puts him in hamster wheel* There you go little buddy. It's Choppler time
Jason:  Look at Fluffy run.
Eric:   Why does Fluffy have his legs crossed?
Gordon: He was sitting Indian Style on Chico's head for too long
Eric:   As long as there is no yellow residue, that is fine.
Chico:  Okay, Gordon, that's you. Make the Fluffy footage go... like only you can.
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful brain Footage!

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico:  Okay, thanks, Doug. First...

What do Phil Gurin and Michael Davies have in common? Asides from producing game shows, of course... Both have deals in place with CBS to develop their answer to the current wave. On the syndicated front, "Up Your Alley" and "Deal or No Deal" are in development for 2008

Chico:  That's a nice safe range for Deal, I think. A year.
Gordon: I would think so - I also think that getting a good host is going to be crucial
Jason:  Up Your Alley...Bowling for Dollars 2007
Chico:  With celebs. Celebs bowling. I see that large smile on your face, Gordon.
Gordon: =D
Chico:  For those playing along at home, Gordon is a league bowler. So CBS is actively pursuing the next big thing in game. Question.. will they get it with these two?
Jason:  Not sure.
Eric:   Now if we can get more Studio 7 than My Kind of Town there may be hope.
Chico:  Would you settle for Chain Reaction? *dodges*
Eric:   With better contestants?
Chico:  Why not. Better players make for better game, but you all knew that. Okay, NEXT?
Gordon: How's about some more new shows?
Chico:  Sounds good. Make with it.

Shear Genius (Think Top Haircutter) is on April 11, Monique's Charm School (Flavor of Love) will be on April 15th. By the way, National Bingo Night - is on May 18th. Right in time for May Sweeps.

Chico:  Oh, that'll be fun for fans of pimpslapping deluded wannabe media hoes who cook whole chickens in microwaves.
Eric:   That list hurts my head.
Chico:  Be grateful you didn't see the whole thing. I'm just thinking microwaved chickens and heads and ... okay, next item. Time for a Global trip... to Australia. Who likes Temptation?
Eric:   I do! I do!
Chico:  Old school sale meets new school buzzers.
Jason:  Love it.

For one night, Ed Phillips and Livinia Nixon played contestants as Tony Barber (or "Tony Bah-buh" to some people) came back to host.

Chico:  It's all for charity, so it's all good. Video's on YouTube, grab it before the feds do.
Jason:  Yeah.
Chico: Big thanks to Chris Powney of the Australian Game Show Page for putting this clip up.

(silence while the guys watch the clip)

Chico: ... guys, you can watch the clip later, we've got a show to do!
Gordon: I'm getting thirsty after that clip. Who wants some Haterade?
Jason:  I do! (holds out cup)
Chico:  Right here.
Eric:   Oh God, Here we go...
Gordon: I have 2 pitchers of Haterade - just right for a party of 4.

The first pitcher, of course, has to go to the whole Mario Vazquez mess on Idol

Chico:  Of course.
Jason:  Agreed.
Chico:  A big how do you do for a guy who sold all of 20,000 copies of his CD.
Eric:   So painful.
Chico:  Justin Guarini... sold more than you... and he has better hair =p
Eric:   At least he has sold more than Corey Clark.
Chico:  That's true.

The second pitcher goes to Richard Hatch, who is complaining about his living conditions in prison. Poor baby.

Eric:   There are way too many easy jokes here.
Jason:  Too many
Eric:   I'll just say to remember kiddies, pay your taxes or Uncle Sam will get you.
Chico:  Prison sucks. In other news, water is wet.
Gordon: And Jason likes to go Hic when we get fully loaded
Jason:  Hic...urp.
Chico:  This week... Fantasy... Dancing with the Stars.

ABC is launching a fantasy-league type game for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars". The winner at the end of the season will fly to LA to take part in two private dance lessons.

Eric:   Hey, everyone always says they know who is going home, now you can prove it.
Chico:  And hey, you get a fabulous prize out of the deal if you're any good at it. If you want to sign up, check out the show's webpage at
Jason:  Why not...could be fun.
Chico:  Fantasy leagues... nothing new. Wheel Watchers is more like a loyalty program.
Eric:   FOX Reality runs quite a few actually
Chico:  Ah. Didn't know that. I just got Fox Reality and I hardly watch it :-)
Eric:   What? You didn't watch Rob and Amber, Against the Odds?
Chico:  I didn't watch Rob & Amber... it's usually up against Adult Swim.
Gordon: It all gets back to Rob and Amber, doesn't it?
Eric:   Always
Gordon: They are not in this week's Media Ho Report though
Chico:  WHAT?!
Jason:  No kidding!
Eric:   Poor Romber
Chico:  Oh, well, we'll manage. Besides, if I wanted to hear about media hoes, I'd just put Luda on... *plays "Area Codes"*... So ho's coming to dinner today, G?

In this week's Ho Bag, Paula Abdul says that she is getting along with Simon Cowell (sure she is), Ryan Seacrest says that he is getting along with Simon Cowell (sure he is) and David Gest may be replacing Louis Walsh as a judge for The X-Factor. Survivor's Rupert Boneham has a new book coming out, Cowell is
offered $100,000 for love advice, and we are auditioning Media Hoes to be the next Iron Chef.

Eric:   Ok, "love advice" and "judge our bedroom athleticism" are two different things.
Chico:  We just go with what we're given.
Eric:   That's probably a good thing. The rest of the story may be inappropriate for the youth.
Gordon: But none of those - are your ho of the week. The ho, for his second time, is Regis Philbin, who went through heart bypass surgery. Fortunately, he 'passed with flying colors' according to co-host Kelly Ripa, and he will be back soon. Get well, Regis!
Chico:  *applause*
Jason:  Amen.
Eric:   Good for Reege. I'm surprised though, you would have thought her appearance on 1 vs. 100 would have put Omarosa back in the Ho spotlight.
Gordon: Maybe if she was getting a lobotomy.
Chico:  HA!
Eric:   We can only dream...
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico:  Okay, shutting it down for game time. But first, just gonna give you the answer to last week's YLTI... Your drama teacher... Ryan Vickers. Your debate champ... Mr. Bowling, Gordon. Guy who broke an arm... Don Harpwood. And I'm the dufus with the IQ of 152. So if you guessed C, then put in an application at
Gordon: And what percentage of our loyal and faithful audience knew about us?
Chico:  57%
Gordon: Very nice.
Chico:  What's this week's question?
Gordon: This week's question, is a 2 parter. Part 1 is this week. Part 2 is next week.
Eric:   Yikes!
Gordon: Part 1 -

[FrontPage Save Results Component]

Who should win the Emmy for Outstanding Game Show?

The Price is Right
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Another show that didn't get nominated

Chico:  Results next week... Meanwhile, Gordon plays with the Banzai format and I play with ESPN... This is WLTI, celebrating five years of shooting straight with no apologies... save for when we screw up.

(Brainvision has been brought to you by WLTI's Travel Bingo. Would you believe that after 140 episodes, we have 75 Games, Icons and People that we could put on a grid? We do.)



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