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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

2005 Year In Review

Chico: In 2005... losers won... Winners lost... We crowned new legends... and said goodbye to old ones. A farm girl became an idol.... A taxicab became a think tank... A high-level negotiation became a really high-level negotiation. One Apprentice almost became two. Families were brought together. Partnerships were torn apart... And we all got proof positive... celebrities shouldn't sing. But they really can dance.
Don: Amen.
Jason H: =)
Chico: The year isn't over until we have our say, because now, January through December in the course of four hours...  from somewhere in America... 2005 ... is... ON!
Gordon: A happy holidays to all of you as we bring you the last WLTI of the year. Joining us is the TPIR grand poobah, Mr. Travis Schario.
Travis: Thank you, thank you. And I have news to share with all.
Jason H: Yes, share
Chico: What's that?
Travis: According to Roger Dobkowitz, and I have to check back in a couple of weeks, I may have a "Price is Right" internship next Spring or Fall!
Chico: YAY!
Don: Cool!
Jason H: I knew that, but yey!!!!
Travis: I'm still buggin' about it.
Gordon: Well, I have a surprise also to announce.
Chico: What's that?
Gordon: We'll get to it....after we announce our resident Millionaire recapper (and cool Canadian), Mr. Don Harpwood!
Don: Thanks. It's been quite the year, hasn't it?
Chico: Sure has... Still waiting on a Millionaire there, though.
Don: Yep.
Chico: And finally, there's the other half of the TPIR fandom contingent today, Jason Hernandez!
Jason H: *looks around* WHA? :-P
Chico: Fine. The Press Your Luck dancing guy :-)
Jason H: Whoohoo!
Chico: Check him out on Dancing with the Fanboys next year.
Jason H: :-P AND...AND....
Chico: AND?
Travis: ?!?
Jason H: Let's hope I get on Lingo for season 5, perhaps
Chico: That'll be hot.
Jason H: Yep; my sister and I.: Apparently, we're cute. :-P
Chico: Well, everyone's here. So we might as well start at the beginning... January 1. Nothing happened. :-)
Travis: No wonder this is gonna take four hours :-P
Jason H: January 2nd.. Anything happen there?
Chico: Nothing happened. But if you go about three weeks later, you have the beginning of the search for yet another superstar in what Gordon refers to as a holiday, American Idol
Gordon: It's a Idholiday
Jason H: Or what I call "American Idiot".: I have the sign to prove it. :-P
Chico: No, that's a decent Green Day album. :-)
Travis: Ah, Green Day.
Jason H: Which is what I might have if I get on Lingo, a VERY green day. :-P LOTS of green. *shakes head* Oh, Jason.....that was terrible. :p
Chico: Heh.
Jason H: Even for ME, that was awful.
Gordon: You know what else was awful?
Chico: What else was awful?
Gordon: January 5th - Who's Your Daddy!
Travis: BLECCH!!
Chico: Oh yeah. I was trying to hard to forget that.
Jason H: .......... *TO's agent* Next question....
Don: Ick. I heard about that, and got sick after finding out what it was about.
Gordon: Thus started a month of good - and not so good - debuts in January.
Chico: What started as an idea for 5 shows ended with just one. Thank God.
Gordon: What about Wickedly Perfect?
Chico: That SHOULD've ended with one.
Jason H: *nods*
Chico: But January wasn't all bad... Later that month we also got the best game to begin and end in 2005: Ultimate Film Fanatic 2.
Gordon: Ultimate Film Fanatic was fun.
Chico: Oh yeah. Just plain fun. You can't say that about many a show these days. Another show that was just plain fun to appear in January... ALLEZ CUISINE!
Don: Iron Chef America, right?
Chico: Iron Chef America yeah.
Jason H: Si, signor.
Chico: With one of the OGs of the Iron Chefs on board. Nice.
Don: Indeed.
Chico: Now in season 2, I think it has the legs to withstand as the Japanese edition did.
Jason H: We shall see.
Chico: Let's hope for the best. Also in January... My birthday. But that's another show :-)
Gordon: Also in January, the start of the Amazing Fix...I mean Race 7.
Chico: Aw, Gord, you're still on it?
Gordon: Karma my propeller-geared butt.
Jason H: AR7, a great one there. =)
Chico: Oh yeah. Now on DVD, I should add.
Gordon: Yeah yeah yeah. But on another note, we also saw the debut of Guillermo Huesca on Trato Hecho.
Jason H: *ding ding ding*
Chico: A very nice piece of work, indeed.
Jason H: It should have lasted longer, I thought.
Don: I definitely wanted to check that out, even though I don't get the station that it was on.
Gordon: We also had the debut of The Apprentice 3 and Survivor 10.
Jason H: Ew and ew
Chico: Ehh... on both accounts. Apprentice 3 was a suck job and Survivor 10 was just painful to watch.
Gordon: Survivor 10 wasn't THAT bad. The Apprentice 3 certainly was.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Jason H: It was THAT bad.
Gordon: Moving on...any action in February?
Chico: Distraction!
Jason H: w00t w00t!: It's such a guilty pleasure of mine.
Don: I had to wait a few months for the Comedy Network (Canada's version of Comedy Central) to start airing that one, but it was worth it in my opinion.
Chico: Based on the original British show with the original British host... and many of the same stunts.
Jason H: But deep down, it's still a game show with questions and answers.
Chico: It's just a game with a hook... a pretty deviant hook. Loved it. Can't wait for season 2.
Jason H: Me, neither. February also had some other hot I, Chico? =)
Chico: You may.
Jason H: We also saw the beginning of the three-month saga known as the Ultimate Jeopardy ToC. There were some very juicy matchups those first couple weeks, too.
Chico: Ah yeah. We were just getting to that.
Jason H: I could read your mind, Chico. =)
Chico: What started as "The Quest for Ken" ended... as "Ken Taking One in the Ass", as we saw many of the great Jeopardy! players that ever were get a shot at $2 million.
Jason H: Yeah, it was awesome watching some of the greats kick some tail in that first month.
Don: Yep.
Jason H: Bob Harris, Dan Melia, and Jeff Richmond playing FJ by himself. :-P
Chico: Yeah, I don't think that's happened in a good long while. I could be wrong, of course. Still, for Jeopardy! fans, a treat indeed.
Gordon: Later on that year, we get Ken creating Quizzology (CD games), Can You Beat Ken Jennings (the Board Game) and a possible Ken Jennings TV Game Show...TBD.
Chico: Don't forget the Allstate and Cingular commercials.
Jason H: Ahh, but of course
Chico: Something with little substance AND appeal, however, was to come next... The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search, anyone?
Don: I missed that one.
Chico: Then came... Season 2 of Stump the Schwab.... I think it was season 2... Well, it was a new season.
Gordon: March didn't come roaring in like a Lion, but we did get to see a pilot from Bravo called Celebrity Pool. That morphed into a show we'd be seeing later on that year - Ballbreakers. We also saw the start of card play, as Poker Superstars Invitational started up.
Chico: Sweet.
Gordon: We also got Nashville Star 3 - and Bret Michaels. Screeeeeeeeeeam
Chico: Meh.
Gordon: Meanwhile, what event in October 2004 was a factor for game shows in April of 2005?
Chico: Gee... I don't know!
Jason H: Gee, I wonder. :-P
Chico: No seriously, tell me.
Gordon: I bet Don knows.
Jason H: Go, Don!
Don: Um... Ah, yes. The NHL lockout allowing ESPN to have room for a few game shows.
Chico: Oh yeah!
Gordon: Correct! Out - NHL. In - Teammates, Battle of the Gridiron Stars and Bowling Night.
Chico: And another season of Dream Job. Don't forget that...
Gordon: I'm trying to.
Chico: Heh. But aside from that, April was also bleh. Now MAY is when things REALLY start to pick up.
Gordon: We had a lot of action in May. The end of American Idol, the end of the Jeopardy TOC, and the end...of Street Smarts.
Chico: Congrats went out to Carrie Underwood, Brad Rutter, and Teresa Lee... with a heavy heart to the latter, because her great moment was Street Smarts' last.
Jason H: Yep yep
Don: Indeed.
Chico: And then there was Tom Westman taking the Palau season of Survivor, but again, nothing big about that.
Jason H: For me, best thing in May was watching those J players duke it out like nuts.
Chico: Couldn't have asked for a better matchup.
Jason H: Watching Frank Spangenberg dominate again for his two games.: But then one of the best matchups, Jerome Vered and Frank going at it. You couldn't have asked for better matchups.
Chico: Also happening in May, we have word that NBC is moving Fear Factor to midseason. Also, perhaps as a byproudct of the Jennings reign of terror, Jeopardy! wins the Emmy for Game Show. Meanwhile Meredith Vieira takes her first Emmy as host of Millionaire.
Don: That was sweet.
Jason H: Yey
Gordon: And for something completely different, we have...Ben Stein! He gives us a cute 5 week series called Game Show Moments Gone Bananas!
Chico: It was a cute salute to all things Fremantle ... Which means more Feud than you can shake a stick at.
Jason H: Don't make me shake my stick!
Chico: Put your stick away, JD, there are children present!
Jason H: Oh, hush. =)
Gordon: With June, we get the start of the Summer Slate - the very disappointing Summer that it was. Hit Me Baby One More Time - Bust. Fire Me Please - Bust. The Scholar - Bust. I Wanna Be A Hilton - Bust. The Law Firm - Bust. Rock Star - Bust. Strip Search - BIG Bust. Rock Star - Bust. The Cut - Bust.
Don: I'm still trying to forget Hilton.
Chico: At least we had three bright spots. Shall I?
Gordon: You may proceed
Chico: Okay, three bright spots. 1) Hell's Kitchen... Back next year. 2) Dancing with the Stars... Back next month. 3) Beauty & The Geek... Also back next month.
Jason H: ......well....we had two bright spots. :-P and then you had to go and try to create a third one. =)
Chico: What's wrong with Beauty & The Geek?
Gordon: It hits too close to home for Jason.
Jason H: ......anyway....
Chico: ... okay.
Jason H: There was a REALLY bright of the summer bright spot, even, and it didn't happen until August. =)
Gordon: And we'll get to that bright spot - AND my announcement....after the break.
Jason H: Awwwww. You pulled a HOWIE!!!
Gordon: (It's in the Spirit of Howie and Ryan, you know)
Chico: But first.... We had a lot of good people to come hang with us. They did... and then they left... but not without answering... 20 QUESTIONS!

Chico: #16 - Favorite game show, past or present?
Bill MacDonald: Too easy. Jeopardy! Can I write here what I wrote to you earlier?
Gordon: sure
Chico: You can.
Bill: Jeopardy! is a lot like sex. There's the same mixture of intimacy and selfish hedonism, the same alternation of rushing forward and pausing for breath, and the same mounting intensity to a climactic finish. Even bad Jeopardy! is better than no Jeopardy!
Jason: LOL
Chico: That's better than the pizza analogy!

Gordon: #15 - You've been around game shows for most of your life. Would you ever want to be involved in the industry or would you prefer just being a contestant?
Maddie Suchard: I would rather be a contestant. I think that you can earn more money.
Gordon: Lol - Show Me The Money!
Chico: She knows where the real money is...

Jason B: 5) So what was it like to beat me?
Mike Leger: Both exhilarating and guilt-inducing at the same time. I hated to be the one to finally break your string, but the game was fun, and I needed the cash!

Travis E:  13) "Buzzing digit... Thumb or index finger?"
Gordon: lol
Jason H.:   Hey, that's a very good question!
Victoria Groce:   Lemme remember......Thumb. The way the Jeopardy buzzer works, it's kinda hard to do with any other digit.

Travis S:  5) It seems as if, on my college campus at least, game shows are a taboo subject.  No one wants to admit they like them.  Why would that be?
Paul Bailey: On an emphasis on style over substance over the last decade and a half, and you have the MTV/Sound bite culture, and if you look at the way game show people are portrayed (geek, nerd, etc.), they may be nerds, but they may be your manager or boss later.

Gordon: 9) If there is anything you would like to have a mulligan on during your UTOC appearances, what would it be?
Lan Djang: Probably that retarded 36 feet is ten times pi answer I gave in the last ep.
Gordon: ROFL
Jason: Oops.
Chico: Ouch.
James: Didn't you miss the curling question? How about a mulligan on that? :-)
Lan: That was the curling question. Math in disguise.
Chico: Devious. Involving math and curling... It's like asking for an aneurysm.
Lan: :-)
James: I thought missing curling questions = revocation of Canadian citizenship, but you're forgiven :-)
Lan: Thanks.

Gordon: And I will be there to cover the show again and hopefully get just as much e-mail from contestants as I did for this past season.
Nat Dykeman:    How much did you get? See, someone posted a link to your site on the list-serv, so we all ready.
Gordon: At least 4-5 e-mails, which was very cool. We posted most of them on previous episodes of WLTI.
Chico:  And we appreciate all of them.
Nat:   There's only 30 of us on the list, and at least 5 of them are guys I hunted down from the 1st season, so, maybe 25% E-mailed you...a lot of which, I assume was to complain about our physical description.

Joe: 13) Curt: the NCAA's...Who ya got?
Curt Spear: My wife is an Illinois grad, so "Oskee-Wow-Wow", whatever that means. I'd have to take the Illini over the field, but in the current era of college basketball, you just never know. Everybody is beatable.

Chico: And finally, 20) the Create-a-Question. Basically, it's time for you to get anything you want off your chest.
Dan Avila: Nothing really...other than I hope the game show genre continues. I don't want BAM to be my last appearance, and I don't want to resort to Geriatric Fear Factor.
Joe: Good. We don't want you to either.

(Brought to you by "Fanboy Matrimony: Married to the Game", now available on WLTI Records, Tapes, CDs, iPod, and PSP).



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