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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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October 15, 2005

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and it's just fitting that we have our past, present and future all in the same room.
Chico: I thought time traveling was impossible!
Jason: Agreed. I am in my tuxedo t shirt.
Mike: Got 8x10s of that, Jason?
Gordon: Please, no.
Jason: Nope. Nope and nope.
Gordon: I feel like being profound
Chico: That's very nice, Gordon. I'm Chico Alexander, and for the 75th time.... from somewhere in America... We Love to Interrupt.... Is... ON!
Maddie: I'd like to know who the "past" is...that's kind of mean.
Chico: Actually.. So would I.
Mike: I am the past. Paranoia was 5 1/2 years ago.
Chico: Who is this "past" you speak of?
Gordon: We are here to celebrate episode #75 - and I will explain as I start the introductions. We start with the past - the very first guest on WLTI and our first Canadian Correspondent - Mr. Ryan Vickers.
Ryan: *thank you* Who's also the past of game show contestants :-)
Jason: Yes, Mr. Luggature.
Ryan: LOL
Gordon: We continue in the past, as we introduce our first 2 game hybrid winner (and Wheel of Fortune) correspondent, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here.
Gordon: Moving on to the present, we have our Millionaire correspondent and our second Canadian recapper, Mr. Don Harpwood.
Don: Great to be here!
Gordon: In the present still, the recapper of everything MTV, including the (Ick) Reality Show, Mr. Brian W. Moore.
Brian: B to the extreme!
Gordon: Then moving into the future, a future recapper (and yes, we expect him to recap SOMEthing), while a present Palace Moderator, Mr. Mike Klauss.
Mike: I can recap this WLTI in 7 hours. It's nice to be here. To be here...
Ryan: NICE!
Mike: OK, I got one person.
Ryan: I'm a Brucie fan through and through.
Gordon: Finally, we have a special guest for Episode #75 - She wowed us in the past at the Game Show Congress, she presently is a champion on Back to School Week and she will be, in the words of Mr. Block, a future game show monster...I introduce to all our VERY special guest, Miss Maddie Suchard!
Chico: Yay!
Brian: Applause!
Don: *Applause*
Maddie: Thank you! My mother said that I could do this or pick up rabbit poop! :-)
Jason: And you chose us?
Maddie: I chose this!
Ryan: Hurray!
Chico: Good choice.
Maddie: I think that you guys smell better.
Mike: Not by much! Proof: GSC4 :-)
Gordon: And we quickly move from profoundness to potty humor
Ryan: You did meet most of us didn't you? And yet you still like us...
Maddie: My mom said that you were giving me candy. Where is it? Just kidding.
Chico: Uh.. Gordon? First I heard of this. You got something? :-)
Jason: Anything?
Gordon: I could say something, but then we'd get our show yanked =)
Chico: Then don't say anything.
Jason: I could get candy out to you from NY to LA, but it would Melt. I am sorry.
Maddie: That's ok, I have a bit of extra money to buy candy now.
Jason: No kidding!
Chico: Yeah. quite a bit.
Mike: We have a winner!
Chico: Quite a winner.
Jason: $20,401 if I remember right.
Maddie: That's correct, Jason.
Ryan: Well, now she can spend that extra buck. :-)
Jason: And a laptop and a printer.
Mike: And about $40 after taxes...give or take $15K
Chico: Exactly twice plus one of the opponent. You knew what you were doing...
Maddie: I worked a lot with my dad on wagering.
Gordon: We're going to chat more with Maddie, but first - the events of the past week, starting with...well...Jeopardy.
Jason: Kids week was well, interesting.
Ryan: It usually is.
Chico: It went from Big game to... well.. Jep!-level competition. Only thing missing was Bob Bergen.
Ryan: Easy Chico... as long as there were no flying ping pong balls we're okay.
Gordon: You had Maddie, who won over 20 grand, you had some very good players, and you also had some players who may have gotten stung by the pressure of being on television.
Jason: Including one player who lost on spelling.
Mike: With all due respect, I saw Maddie's entire game and fast forwarded through the other 4 games to Final J! The kids weeks are boring unless you know a player.
Gordon: I actually disagree - I think all of the kids are interesting. Sure, none of them are going to win $50,000, but each kid has their own personality - and I think it's amazing that all of those kids passed the test to get on TV.
Maddie: Thank you. There is no set passing grade for the Kids Jeopardy! test. Would you say that I was boring if you didn't know me?
Mike: No, you were as good as you were at GSC4, if not more enthusiastic.
Jason: Honestly, no. You had very good poise and were the best player out there.
Chico: Actually, no... I remember seeing the second half of your game and was like "Okay, she's thinking, game on."
Ryan: Your interview segment was worth the 22 minutes of program, not to mention your game playing :-)
Chico: I was just about to get to that.
Jason: You were you think the kids felt the pressure of the games?
Mike: I think the reason I Fast Forwarded through 4 eps. is because the questions are reasonably simple for me. I look for a challenge.
Ryan: How many were in your tryout group Maddie?
Mike: Maddie did finish with the top score of the week. Well done.
Maddie: About 30 kids tried out with me, including Matt Tick.
Ryan: Ah okay.
Chico: He was another pretty good one. In another pretty good match.
Jason: Oh, and thanks for plugging the GSC on your video!
Maddie: Will I get a discount for GSC 5?
Jason: You'll have to ask Paul, but probably =)
Gordon: See, Maddie knows how to plug things, unlike other panelists here...ahem...
Jason: Look, I have been on a 2 game losing streak. It's not been a good week. Hey Maddie, maybe you can tutor me on stuff. I can take any help I can get! You get paid in candy, right?
Gordon: Maybe PLJ should hire her instead and play Beat the Suchard.
Maddie: Did you know that there are rings around Uranus? Along with noxious gases...
Gordon: I just farted. Does that count as a noxious gas?
Ryan: groan.
Gordon: Moving on to a show where people this week haven't come close to winning what Maddie did - Millionaire. We have had a trail of $1,000 winners - and a llama. What's going on here?
Chico: Stress.
Brian: Sometimes it's easy when you know the answer.
Chico: The classic I'm on TV stress.
Ryan: better lookers than players?
Maddie: The producers are trying to save money.
Chico: Would explain why I didn't get the call back after passing the Millionaire test.
Maddie: They rejected my dad as a hot seater again...
Jason: Booo....
Chico: Jeff and I are in an elite club then :-)
Maddie: Along with thousands of others.
Don: I'm still surprised that we got a second llama so soon.
Ryan: At least you can try out *grumble*
Gordon: Maddie, I have a question for you. How many letters in the alphabet have more than one Syllable, maddie?
Maddie: one
Ryan: OOOH!!
Gordon: Very good. You are smarter than a llama.
Maddie: The letter is w
Jason: Maddie scores again!
Mike: She is smart beyond her years.
Chico: What did the hapless llama say?
Don: The llama said 0.
Maddie: Where is Hannibal?
Gordon: Hannibal is out counting his alphabet while collecting Walt Disney Oscars.
Jason: Do you ever think Millionaire will go back to a system where a non-audition process will happen?
Gordon: Actually, there will be Walk in and Win dates for this season.
Brian: Uh oh!
Maddie: You mean Walk in and Llama?
Gordon: Yes, they will have walk in and Llama - but if you look at it so far, it can't be worse than people who have passed the test and have been in the Hot Seat so far this year.
Chico: I mean, you could have what could amount to the best Millionaire players in the country, and you will have someone complaining that they're all milquetoast.
Don: lol
Gordon: In addition, every person who goes to the studio gets to take the contestant's quiz right there.
Chico: That's true, but out of all the people who pass, how many would you speculate that they take?
Jason: Maddie, you did the Play It in Disney's California Adventure right?
Maddie: Yes. The highest I got to was 500K with my mom and regularly got to 32K by myself.
Jason: Whoa.
Chico: Nice.
Ryan: You know, it's really a shame that Disney wouldn't do a "road tour" of Play It! I think it would do well.
Maddie: When you turn 10 you have to play without a parent.
Gordon: Next up - a game where you don't need to know trivia - unless they bring back Professor Price.
Chico: Worst... playing... of Pocket Change... ever.
Jason: That was painful. No one has gotten to $1.75.
Chico: A player goes all the way to 1.75... and only had 95 cents in Pocket Change.
Brian: I was one of the people who witnessed it.
Chico: Like what are the chances of getting that much with only 5 tags?
Jason: Or the playing of plinko this week with 4 chips and 3 O's.
Brian: Talk about...brutal somehow may not be the right word.
Mike: Better than you think, Chico
Chico: Do explain, Mr. K.
Mike: I ran 10,000 Pocket Change simulations shortly after it premiered. It pays to have access to statistical software. ;-) The median value was $1.10.
Chico: And the most you stand to gain according to that sim was?
Mike: That means half of the plays result in $1.10 or more, and half the plays result in $1.10 or less. You could win something like $3.25.  I don't think I have the data with me. :-( You can win as little as 35 or 40 cents, as much as $3.25.  The 95 cents earned on TPiR is about the 35th to 40th percentile of results.
Chico: Ah. Well, just a really nutty period in Price history, so much that we actually got mail about it... That'll come later, though.
Mike: If I find the raw data, I'll give it to you guys.
Chico: Cool.
Brian: This should be informative.
Gordon: Mike will give us the raw data report - but right now, Chico has a report on a new game on MTV, I believe?
Chico: Yes. Score hosted by Ryan Cabrera. And for once, Brian doesn't have to write about it!
Brian: Good.
Chico: MTV premiered a new game show in which two players have to write a song in hopes of scoring a date with an attractive man or woman, depending on who's playing that day. Now here's a game, really... and it works in form and facet... but I still find it just a bit weird.
Maddie: My mom told me that when she was a kid MTV used to show music videos.
Chico: Heck, Maddie. When I was a kid they only showed music videos.
Jason: Same here.
Gordon: When you were a kid, Jason Block was on a game show on MTV.
Jason: Maddie, I was on a game show on MTV 15 years ago.
Brian: And that's "Turn It Up!"
Brian: I've seen a few episodes of TIU, but never seen the Block.
Maddie: Was it called, "Invent the Wheel?"
Chico: SNAPS! Sorry, doing my Ryan Cabrera impersonation.
Ryan: BURN!
Don: lol
Jason: No. And I don't take Geritol, eat Oatmeal, or anything like that. :P
Maddie: Then how do you stay regular?
Mike: You've met him, Maddie. You know he's not regular.
Maddie: LOL
Jason: This is now "Beat Up The Block"
Gordon: I'm not commenting. Trying soooo not to comment....
Chico: Oh, now you're holding back, G. We spent four days with these guys, and now you're deciding to hold back.
Gordon: Jason knows where I live. I'm holding back.
Chico: Fair enough.
Jason: But seriously, Chico do you like the Game?
Chico: The game, I like... I'm obliged to like it. I'm a songwriter. This is what I do in my off hours. That and it's all metaphysical and you have to think a lot to win. The show, on the other hand... just sits weird with me.
Maddie: Thinking is bad?
Chico: No, thinking is good! How about you guys, Brian?
Gordon: This is one of those shows where it works as well as the material provided by the contestants is. So far, it hasn't been rotten - but there will be a time when both contestants channel up the spirit of Yoko Ono and William Hung spliced in together, and then there will be issues.
Brian: I preferred Remote Control better.
Chico: Who hasn't?
Brian: TIU was short-lived.
Chico: And was never in syndication on Saturdays.
Brian: 1990, the death year of game shows. Not paid for by a grant from the ExxonMobil corporation.
Gordon: The game shows have moved off of the TV - but on to the stage. In addition to a stage version of What's My Line in L.A., we now have a staged game show in NYC. You want to chat about it, Jason?
Jason: Yes. It's called "Fact In The Head". It's a battle of the sexes game show being staged at a club called Rififi on Monday night. Tickets are Free. The webpage is The people who produce this wrote and produced "Lip Service" and "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego" They sell t-shirts on the webpage.
Chico: Now this is interesting. They actually talked about this at Congress, games jumping to the stage as opposed to the screen. Broadway recently staged some games for charity. That and WML in LA... Can't really discount that thought.
Jason: I am going to check it out this Monday. They call it the "Game show for people who don't like game shows".
Chico: Let us know how that show is.
Jason: I will. The guy who wrote it also wrote for Michael Moore's TV Nation as well.
Chico: Hmm.. VERY interesting :-) I was a fan of TV Nation.
Gordon: Are you a fan or Orbitz and Comcast?
Jason: I am of their commercials.
Chico: Me too :-) Wink owns you.
Don: I hadn't even heard of Comcast until I saw that commercial.
Brian: I liked the clip from the $10,000 Pyramid used on the Comcast commercial.
Gordon: Orbitz has had a history of using a mock game show to highlight their ads - with Wink Martindale as host.
Chico: And as Brian also noted, this week saw the premiere of the Pyramid commercial. With dub-ins. You think Loretta Swit is getting residuals for that?
Jason: I don't know.
Brian: Probably not.
Mike: If she does, it's Comcastic residuals.
Jason: Yuck.
Ryan: The Orbitz ones are funny... at least the first one :-)
Chico: And what about the other two, Ryan?
Jason: There is a Kohl's radio ad using "Johnny what have they won."
Chico: That's a lot of adverts...
Ryan: They're just repetitive :-)
Chico: Well, same plot, different players. Kinda like a game show actually.
Chico: Weird, huh?
Jason: Ad execs see game show potential, but execs don't....go figure. We need more kids game shows too.
Chico: Indeed.
Jason: Not just Endurance.
Gordon: We all hope that JD Roth is reading this.
Brian: Too bad a revival of Double Dare isn't being talked about...or maybe Finders Keepers.
Ryan: They're reviving FK in the UK I believe.
Brian: Really.
Chico: I heard. Anyway... A lot's changed since three years ago when we put on WLTI #1 (and yes, Ryan!) I request a Big Board, please.
Maddie: I liked Double Dare.
Gordon: Got it (Big Board screens Down)

In Honor of 75

- Then: Bad AI clones. Now: Bad Apprentice clones
- Cancellation after cancellation
- Big hosts
- Dating flameout
- The big four on GSN


Chico: The subject: In Honor of 75... Can you think of any ways the game show world has changed since October 2002?
Brian: Two failed shows "The Chair" and "The Chamber".
Chico: October 2002, we've seen bad American Idol clones. October 2005: We've seen bad Apprentice clones.
Jason: We have had a lot of cancellations that should NOT have happened. PYRAMID!
Brian: Definitely.
Ryan: Mole!
Brian: Street Smarts!
Ryan: (I mean normal, not C-List celebrity)
Chico: Hollywood Squares :-)
Don: I miss the Mole...
Mike: We had digesting of bugs, and now we don't have it any longer.
Jason: We have had a woman host and win an Emmy.
Mike: What's changed? Spanish language stations have all the good shows.
Gordon: The emergence of JD Roth as a major Game Player - Endurance, The Biggest Loser, For Love or Money.
Jason: Go Meredith Vieira!
Mike: Trato Hecho, 100 Mexicanos Dijeron, and the Press Your Luck revival
Gordon: Ashton Kutcher - Game show guy.
Chico: That was surprising.
Jason: We had the dating game explosion and flameout.
Mike: And the future of game shows is now Guillermo Huesca. He still rocks.
Jason: And Todd Newton.
Chico: Then: The big 4 on Game Show Network: Whammy!, Friend or Foe, Russian Roulette, and Lingo. Now: The big 4 on GSN: Ballbreakers, Poker Royale, Extreme Dodgeball,... and Lingo.
Maddie: I love Lingo!
Brian: Don't we all.
Chico: It's great, isn't it?
Jason: Do you Tivo It, Maddie?
Maddie: No. I think that it conflicts with my mom's soap. I watch it on the weekend.
Chico: Ah, darn. Well, it's good watching, even though Shandi tends to do a little bit too much talking now and then.
Jason: At GSC2, Gordon's team beat Bob Boden's team at Lingo. That was fun to watch!
Gordon: GSC2 - 130-25 Win
Maddie: Hey Jason L-I-K-E-D
Gordon: GSC4 - 175-5 Win
Brian: Bingo, B-I-N-G-O!
Gordon: Now if I only was allowed to be on a GSC team =)
Chico: Maybe next year, Gordon. :-) Maybe next year. ... Nah :-)
Gordon: lol - the moderator and person in charge can't be on a team.
Jason: If I win the $300 Million Powerball tonight...I swear, the prizes for the tourney will rock the house!
Maddie: My mom is going to win.  She is going to spend the money on shoes.
Chico: You guys love shoes, don't you?
Maddie: It's a girl thing.
Chico: Okay, it's that time. Jackets and mice, please.
Jason: (tosses Jackets and mice) Let's do it!
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage
Brian: Git-R-Done!

(*Move Closer*  From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News with the award-winning Brainvision News team.)

Chico: That's some nice footage. Okay, Gordon, you're up first.

Big Brother on CBS gets picked up for Season #7. Meanwhile, Big Brother may be dropped in the UK, because they think that reality programming has run it's course.

Maddie: Big Brother was good this time.
Jason: You liked the "summer of secrets?"
Ryan: It would have been good if they had actually kept the secret...
Maddie: Kaysar and Janelle were cool.
Chico: It would've been good if everyone left wasn't an annoying hateful little... uh, you get where I'm going with this. Now I was a big fan of Kaysar...
Gordon: What's the issue? The team I rooted for won =).
Maddie: You liked Maggot?
Chico: To repeat myself.... SNAPS!
Don: lol
Brian: I liked Howie, looney Howie.
Gordon: Kaysar had the playing ability of cottage cheese. Maggie played the best game of all of them - she pulled the strings and she deserved to win.
Chico: Howie was the man.
Maddie: Janie played well.
Don: I'm hoping that season 7 will be better than 6. That's all I'm going to say about this.
Gordon: Janie played well - but she was on the wrong team
Chico: Wouldn't take much :-)
Jason: But to the UK you think that will have an effect here? That's a big move for a channel to drop reality shows entirely.
Chico: I'd say so. Especially given the move to more classic fare spurred on by Ant & Dec
Jason: Bring Countdown to the US...please!
Chico: He's saying please.
Gordon: I think the programmers are making a mistake - which will be abundantly clear when the shows that replace the reality shows tank.
Chico: Okay, next?

If you're a watcher of GSN, take note of the following schedule changes. Greed will be shown Saturdays at 7p, Pyramid will be at 5p on Sunday. Millionaire moves to 6p afterwards. And we have a Pyramid Marathon scheduled for New Year's Eve.

Chico: Of course, as we always say, "times and music are Eastern".
Gordon: of course
Jason: And Let's hope Dick Clark comes back healthy on ABC on 12/31.
Gordon: yes sir
Chico: I haven't a doubt in the world that he will be back atop his perch.
Don: Indeed.
Jason: My guess is this will be his last one and Ryan Seacrest will do it permanently in 2006.
Chico: Of course, this means two less hours of The Amazing Race, but since you've seen all the eps already... yeah. We'll see.
Gordon: I think the people who were the REAL winners of the Amazing Race 7, Rob and Amber, should host CBS's New Year's Eve Special.
Chico: As for Gordon's suggestion... *whups upside the head with a newspaper*
Gordon: hey - watch it with that paper. You don't know where it's been.
Jason: it could have rabbit poop on it.
Chico: Just get with the next item.
Brian: Think about it.
Chico: F. Tularensis, I know :-)
Maddie: My dad says that you don't get Tularemia from Rabbit Poop, you have to skin them.
Chico: I stand corrected. Next?

Deal or No Deal will be airing...In India, which apparently has classic game show fever. Over the past few months, they have gotten Sale of the Century, Millionaire, and now DOND. Now when are WE going to be seeing these games?

Mike: When the American public gets sick of Who's The Next Simple Fear Factor Life Survivor Daddy? Island.
Brian: Apparently, the executives don't care about classic-style game show anymore, unless they have a change of heart.
Mike: That show's gonna be on FOX, BTW. :-)
Jason: Not when you have executives who are stupid enough to greenlight "Groundhog Date" .
Chico: Or, fresh from Buzzer, Great Catch, which is in essence, the Dating Game meets Beat the Clock.
Mike: All genres are cyclical. I think the court shows are going downhill. The talk shows are stagnant for now. The game show will come back eventually.
Jason: I didn't think you read that stuff.
Chico: Back to the event in question. I'm taking up a pool When will DoND air. Anyone?
Maddie: It's Gameshow Prep!
Brian: Maybe January
Mike: March 2006, after February sweeps.
Jason: I go with Mike.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one...  Who's a fan of 100 Mexicanos Dijeron?
Brian: I am!
Mike: Jason Hernandez, but he's not here.
Don: Haven't seen it...
Jason: I am.
Mike: I'd say I'm a fan of it, even though I've only seen half a dozen episodes.
Brian: I've seen some of them when I had access to Telefutura on Dish Network.

Well, you're going to want to take note. Because of the new news program on Telefutura, 100 Mexicanos Dijeron (the Spanish version of the Feud) will now air weeknights at 8p ET

Mike: WHOA. Nice time slot.
Jason: a primetime game show on Telefutura. Wow. Do we know how well Trato Hecho is doing?
Mike: And deservedly so. That is how Feud should be done.
Jason: Brian?
Mike: Trato Hecho's taped shows for a 2nd season. I thought Guillermo said they'd start airing in September.
Chico: Actually, and I read about it... Primetime in Latin television parlance begins at 7... so you're having a show move deeper into Primetime.
Mike: Guillermo said TH is doing quite well, both here and in Mexico
Jason: That is BIG!
Brian: Wow! :-)
Chico: I'm not surprised. I mean, you watch the show. It should be doing well...
Gordon: That's great news to hear.
Jason: Just more cortinas, cajas, and Tratochicos...and la bella Elizabeth. Are you sure you want to do this?
Mike: And if you've seen some recent shows, the TH budget has been raised.
Brian: Double wow! :-) :-)
Chico: Si. Una gran trato tiene un coche ahora.
Mike: They're offering somewhat bigger money, better Big Deals, and more expensive prizes in the basic deals.
Mike: No cha-cha-chascos in Trato Hecho's future.
Chico: No, but ... Gordon's got a few past Chascos for us right now :-)
Gordon: Do you mean Chasc-Ho?
Chico: Heh
Gordon: Do you mean Media Chascos?
Chico: Media Chascos *hums Area Codes*
Gordon: Tengo Media Chascos por tu...
Mike: ¡Media Chascos!
Brian: I haven't seen a show that great since...El BlaBlazo.
Ryan: !SI!
Chico: Good times :-)
Jason: Media Chascos are people (like Paris and Nicole) who won't let their 15 minutes go.
Mike: We force them to stop getting extensions on the 15 mins.
Chico: For example..

In this week's Media Chas...I mean Ho report, Jeff Probst fawns over Julie Berry, the American Idol judges fawn over Fantasia Barrino, calling her their favorite, Chuck Barris and Bruce Forsythe both get fawned over in interviews, The Apprentice's Raj will try to fawn you, as he is looking for a spot in public office, and if you want to be the next Media Ho that people fawn over, then you can apply to either Nashville Star 4 or the Contender 2, both of which announced audition dates and places - and don't forget Objetive Fama, as well.

Mike: It's nice to be a media ho. To be a media ho...NICE.
Ryan: rofl
Maddie: Maybe Jeff Probst is trying to get more money by saying that he doesn't want to host Survivor.
Mike: Who needs the money when he's got the honey?
Chico: You know, he could always lobby to replace Regis.. again.
Jason: He might get that Regis. But's one for you. Do you think Survivor could survive without Jeff Probst?
Maddie: Yes. Rupert or Rob C. could host.
Gordon: Actually, Rob Mariano as host would not be a bad idea
Chico: *whups Gordon again*
Jason: Actually, I agree with Gordon.
Chico: *whups Jason for good measure*
Mike: Ehhhh. I'd rather see a Phil Keoghan-type to host it.
Ryan: Colby, colby, my cheese is Colby.
Maddie: Colby didn't play the game well. He should not have taken Tina with him to the final.
Chico: Yeah, that was his Waterloo, really.
Mike: But I don't want to see Phil host it. He's doing fine with his little show.
Chico: I can see Robarino hosting it. He's a student of the game, you would say.
Mike: Is it etched in stone that a Survivor alum will replace Probst?
Chico: No.
Ryan: <Phil K> A host change is a choice between two tasks, each with its pros and cons...</PK>
Chico: Ryan gets the game ball this week :-)
Ryan: woot
Mike: Good. If it was, then I'd have to whip out this analogy... 1985 : Jim Caldwell :: 2005 : Probst's replacement
Chico: Gordon, get me outta this. :-)
Gordon: Last news Item, Chico?
Chico: And finally!

Finally, we say goodbye to yet another OG (original gamer), Louis Nye, who was a frequent panelist back in the day. He died after a battle with lung cancer last week.

Jason: (bows head)
Chico: By the time you read this, GSN would've aired the requisite tribute.


Chico: Thank you.
Mike: When is the tribute, tonight?
Chico: Yes, Mike.
Mike: Thank you very much. The VCR will be set.
Chico: BWO, if I'm not mistaken... although his Beat the Clock will be the Narz version, which, ironically enough, is in color.
Brian: Yes, a version of Beat the Clock I haven't seen before until tonight,
Jason: They deserve it.
Don: Nice.
Jason: Can I feed the mice now?
Gordon: Yes, Jason, you can feed the mice.
Jason: I got them some good cheese for the 75th show.
Maddie: Emmenthaler?
Chico: Camembert, please.
Mike: Will you share the cheese with the rest of the class?
Jason: (Passes the cheese around)
Chico: Shut it down, Gordon. When we return on WLTI 75, we probe Maddie's massive neo cortex in 20 Questions.
Maddie: How long of a break?
Chico: About one line long.
Gordon: And now...we break. And then...we torture our guest. Watch Break Now!

(Brainvision News is presented by Kentucky Fried Turducken. You'll like the way we cook, but you'll love to say.. turducken.)

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