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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 17, 2005

Chico: As we are taping this, Hurricane Rita is ravaging portions of coastal Texas and Louisiana. This episode is lovingly dedicated to the victims of this terrible storm. If you would like to help, please go to or call...1-800 HELP NOW. Now on with the show!
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I'd like to thank Chico for that intro. By the way, was that the easiest Golden Road ever?
Chico:  That was too easy.
Jason B.:   I'm Jason Block. Easy...Fluffy The Wheel Watching Cat got it.
Travis:  I'm Travis Eberle, and I'm a Pushover. Well, it's a premiere.  What do you want? Besides a reasonable prize budget.
Chico:  For a premiere? Yeah, I'd call that reasonable.
Jason B.:   200K, not bad.
Chico:  I'm Chico Alexander... and I wish I had won that trailer so I can do a happy dance. And from somewhere in America... WLTI is on!
Gordon: We welcome the crew for this week. From NYC, the man who will be stumping contestants come this Tuesday, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason B.:   Good morning...and if you can...please listen at 7:45EST on
Travis:  4:45 PST, right? That is way too early on the West Coast.  Can we pick up a rerun?
Gordon: Well, Seattle is the land of coffee, which would be used to get up at 4:45 am to listen to Jason Block, right?
Travis:  If you had to, I s'pose.
Chico:  From Seattle, a guy who has way too much to say about this year's cast of Big Brother, all of it bad, Travis Eberle (and yes, that's the right time).
Travis:  Boo hiss, I hate them all.  Well, almost all of 'em. Rock Star, not enough good things to say.
Chico:  And from the United State of Atlanta, a man that women named Suzanne call "a fiancee", Mr. TRASH, James Dinan.
James:  Hey there.
Travis:  Good...morning. Something we didn't know until that introduction?
Chico:  James got engaged.
Travis:  Yay!
Gordon: Congratulations, James!
James:  Thank you very much.
Gordon: Finally, from the land of mystery, we have...a mystery guest. Say hi, Mystery Guest.
Mystery Guest:  Hi!
Jason B.:   Good morning Mystery Guest
Travis:  Ditto.
Chico:  Hello, Mystery Guest! Now before we get into the show proper, we thought it would be fun to have a little game here... What'd'ya got, Gordon?
Gordon: Now as you all know, we like to play games to determine the mystery guests around here. So without further ado...


Chico:  Weee!

Our special guests for today, from We Love To Interrupt, Chico Alexander! And from We Love To Interrupt, Gordon Pepper!

Chico:  Hey, I know that show!
Gordon: I'm gonna kick yo butt, Chico.
Chico:  Bring it, cream puff.
Gordon: I will pick Mr. Block as my teammate. Who do you want, Chico? (No you can NOT pick the mystery guest).
Chico:  I will pick James.
Travis:  I shall play the part of the announcer, I guess.
Gordon: And the Mystery Guest will play the part of...the Mystery Guest.
Mystery Guest:  Sweet.
Jason B.:   Until revealed of course.
Chico:  Of course.
Gordon: Chico starts.
Travis:  (The Password is...Amazing)


Chico:  Keoghan.
James:  Phil!
Gordon: Race.
Jason B.:   Amazing.
Gordon: Good boy


Jason B.:  So what do we have?


Jason B.:   Is it Phil Keoghan?
Gordon: Mystery Guest, are you Phil Koeghan?
Mystery Guest: Nope.


Gordon: ok - we keep control.
Travies E.: (The Password is...Contestant.)

Gordon: Player
Jason B.:   Contestant



Jason B.:   Is it Rob Mariano?
Chico:  *LOL*
Gordon: Mystery Guest, are you Rob Mariano?
Mystery Guest:  Nope, but he's kinda cute.


Gordon: Next clue.
Travies E.: (The Password is...Defeated.)


Gordon: Beat.
Jason B.:   Lost.
Travis:  Nope. Chico.
Chico:  Victory....
James:  Triumph.
Chico:  Ugh!
Gordon: Conquered.
Jason B.:   Won.
Travis:  No. Final clue.
Chico:  AGONY!
James:  defeat

(spwhoop whoop)

Travis:  Form of the word.
James:  defeated.


Chico:  I thought he'd never get that.


Travis: Guess?
James:  Let's amazing contest defeated....  how about...Victoria Groce?
Gordon: Are you Victoria Groce?
Mystery Guest:  I am!
Chico:  YES!


Jason B.:   What do you know!
Chico:  Hey hey!
Jason B.:   The giant killer herself!
Travis:  Welcome to the nuthouse, Victoria!
Victoria:   (blushes)
Gordon: I am proud to announce as our guest of honor for this show, the woman who defeated David Madden -  Victoria Groce!
Travis:  YAAAAY!
Jason B.:   I have a little funny story for you, Victoria.
Travis:  Story Time!
Victoria:   Yeah?
Jason B.:   The guy who was on during your week, Mike the only person to ever beat me on my radio trivia show, "Beat The Block." He is the 1 in my 22-1 record.
Victoria:   Oh, he told me that!  He was very proud.
Travis:  No kidding.  Small world.
James:  He beat the man who beat the woman who beat the man :)
Victoria:   So by the transitive property of butt-kicking.....
Chico:  He beat the man.
Jason B.:   Welcome to WLTI, Victoria.
Victoria:   Thanks!  Happy to be here.
Chico:  Algebra is awesome =p. Anyway, you were one in a line of transitive butt-kickers this week, it seems.
Travis:  Yeah.
Victoria:   A veritable revolving door.
Travis:  It was Pass-the-Championship this week.
Jason B.:   Once you beat one wanted the torch.
Victoria:   Seems like it, doesn't it?
Travis:  "I don't want hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Pick someone else!"
Chico:  Seems like that always happens. Once you take down a superchamp, you go back to a revolving cycle. It's enough to make your head spin, really.
Jason B.:   Did Dave come off to you, differently, than say Ken did Victoria?
Victoria:   It's tough for me to say, since I actually saw almost none of
Ken's run (I was working full-time when he was on, and J! comes on at 4:30 in Atlanta).
Jason B.:   Gotcha.
Victoria:   But I do think that Dave comes off differently on TV than he does in person.
Chico:  Really.... Do tell.
Travis:  I think I'm the only one in the country who admired the guy.  This could be good.
Victoria:   I thought he was a nice guy!  It seems people had issues with his.....hmmm, what's the word I'm looking for, demeanor?
Travis:  His unorthodox strategy, maybe?
Gordon: I would think attitude - at least with the people that I chat with. Though I like what he does, I could see people perceiving him as braggartish.
Chico:  I didn't have any issue with his demeanor. I thought it was genius. I just thought he was creepy looking.
Victoria:   But he was just playing to win.
James:  He was a great player...I just thought he was a bit socially awkward. I can be the same, so I saw some of me in him.
Jason B.:   But Ken came off as more social.
Gordon: Not wanting to be reality cliche-ic, but the strategy of Jeopardy is not to make friends - it's to win. I really wouldn't care if I was made as an a-hole. Just give me the check at the end of the run.
Victoria:   To me, Dave seemed much more relaxed when the camera weren't on him.  Which is a totally natural and normal thing, you know?
James:  Put me in a room with people I know, I can chat for hours...put me in a studio with total strangers, I may clamp up :)
Chico:  So it was all nerves we saw then.
Victoria:   Maybe a little nerves --- I think he was just really focused.
James:  Either way, he was a tremendous player...can't wait to Jennings vs. Madden in the TOC!
Gordon: I happen to think that Madden can beat Jennings.
Victoria:   Man, that'd be a hell of a game!
Travis:  If they do end up doing a TOC, I would enjoy that tremendously.
James:  Think they'd have to, only because you have 2 superchamps in the field
Chico:  I'd think so, yeah. If they found a third super champ, and I have reason to believe that they will... We're talking matchup for the ages.
Gordon: Maybe a Trivia with the Stars Jep-off between Madden and Jennings. I'd watch.
James:  He's still eligible, so yeah.
Travis:  Unless he waived playing in a TOC, but I can't imagine why that would be.
Chico:  Prolly due to his deal with Michael Davies, but I don't know...
Travis:  Oh, I didn't think about that....
Victoria:   Well, he *was* guaranteed $500,000 for playing in the Ultimate Tournament, wasn't he? If that tradeoff were on the table, I'd certainly take it!
James:  A darn fine appearance fee :)
Chico:  I'd take it.
Travis:  And a shot at $2m?  Oh yeah.
Chico:  As opposed to being guaranteed $5000 in the TOC? Call me crazy, but I can see if Ken were to bow out early.
Gordon: We will be grilling Victoria in depth later on in the show. Meanwhile, we will be chatting about other shows that are new, such as...Wheel of Fortune, where we FINALLY give away a bonus prize.
Travis:  Woo loo loo.  <spins index finger>
Chico:  You know something, Gordon, I actually got an e-mail about that, like "why do you think it took so long to get a bonus winner?" I just told him... Luck of the draw. That's it. Nothing more.
Travis:  I disagree.
Chico:  Really. Do tell.
Travis:  People pick dumb letters. CDM A may be common letters, but when they don't show up, you get no help. Ten seconds later, the buzzer goes, and Pat's opening the envelope of what you didn't win.
Chico:  Yeah. Writers were getting hip to that a long time ago.
Travis:  Pick some off-the-board letters like H, V and O. Move 'em around, and you'll see some bonus wins. And for $100,000, I wanna see people work for it.
Chico:  Although I haven't seen CDMA in a while.
James:  People only call for the H if they see T _ E on the board.
Travis:  Which is DUMB. You KNOW the H is going to show, and when it's the only instance, you just burned a letter. Call something ELSE. If people play the game smarter, you will see more bonus wins.
Jason B.:   I still go by the Jeff Suchard saying, "Wheel of Stupid People". Travis is right.
Chico:  I still agree.
Travis:  I like that, Jason.  Wheel of Stupid People. :)
Gordon: Actually, I knew the puzzle that was finally won on without needing a bonus letter _ E _    _ R _ _ S E R.
Chico:  Web browser.
Travis:  Wheel can be played intelligently, but apparently the CCs aren't concerned with finding good players.
Chico:  They're concerned with finding energetic players.
Travis:  Energy is fine. I love energy.
Chico:  They probably assume because Wheel is the most popular game in town, that everyone knows how to play.
James:  People whose main hobbies are staring at shiny things :)
Victoria:   Oooooh, shiny things!
Travis:  But there's even a limit to how much I can stand of "I'D LIKE A T, PAT!"
Chico:  I believe Kurt Warner put it best in NFL week: people think it's just spin the wheel, call a letter, but it's so much more." Too bad we haven't see that this year so far. Think about that, James.
James:  This from a man who's had 85 concussions.
Jason B.:   Ouch.
Gordon: For me, Wheel of Fortune was always fun because it was fun for you and your friends to solve the puzzles before the hamsters on TV did.
Chico: That has to be the most back-handed compliment I've ever heard.
Travis:  Victoria, are you a regular Wheel watcher?
Victoria:   I am not much of a Wheel watcher, no. Now, my grandmother, on the other hand!
Travis:  Always the way. My grandmother?  HUGE Wheel fan. But she lost her marbles eons ago.
Jason B.:   I am a huge fan.
Travis:  I used to be with you, Jason.  For a long time.
Gordon: I still happen to love Wheel. And I'll continue to do so.
Travis:  I think the sport has run out on the Wheel-bashing.
Chico:  Will you love TPIR?
Joe:    I'm with James.  Onward.
Gordon: I love TPIR, though their games were incredibly easy. With that, we invite in Mr. Sleepy-head, Joe Van Ginkel into the group
Joe:    Sleepy-head, my arse.
Travis:  I'll watch for the pricing games, but the other three acts, I'll move on.
Chico:  Victoria, did you grow up on TPIR?
Victoria:   Sort of.  I loved it when I was a kid, but my mother is very anti-TPIR.
Chico:  On the first show of season 34, alone, they gave away four cars, $11,000, and a trailer.
Joe:    Gadzooks!
Jason B.:   Including a Viper.
Chico:  Geezum crow, a Viper
Jason B.:   They also could have given away a Cadillac XLR Convertible too.
Joe:    Speaking of which, I understand that the next show had the first Double Showcase Win of the season, too.
Jason B.:   Yes it did. The guy would  have won under the old rules system too...he was $89 away.
Travis:  What a tax burden! :)
Chico:  The season's not even 10 minutes old, and we're already busting out Fremantle's Idol money like we're printing the stuff.
Gordon: On the Flip Side, we also had our first Double Overbid of the season, and various moments of idiocy, including someone who got no items in the 5 Price Tags game and someone writing a check of $4,500 in the Check Game.
Jason B.:   but she got out of it.
Gordon: Miraculously.
Chico:  I still don't get what's so hard about Check Game.
Joe:    I saw that fool who choked on Five Price Tags.  Idiot.
Victoria:   How do you end up with no items on the price tags game?!
Travis:  It requires multivariable algebra.
Jason B.:   LOL
Joe:    Feels like it sometimes, doesn't it.
Travis:  X plus Y equals Help Me...
Chico:  As for how you end up with no items in 5 Price Tags... a) Don't do any shopping. b) Don't watch the show. c) Listen to folk who don't know better.
Travis:  C seems to happen LOTS at 33.
Chico:  Lather, rinse, repeat.
Jason B.:   d) smoke a lot of...:)
Chico:  I'll bid $420, Bob!
Jason B.:   Didn't he sound like one?
Travis:  Don't remind me of that.
Victoria:   I dunno about d, given the number of stoners I knew in college who were OBSESSED with TPIR.
Travis:  I think that's the popularity. It's not hard to understand.
Chico:  By the way, kids, drugs are bad!
Jason B.:   There was one guy last year who was bidding $420 and $69.
Travis:  If you don't want to get onstage, that's perfectly viable.
Chico:  If he just wants to get on TV.
Gordon: We were told when we showed up for this year's TPIR pilgrimage, to NOT bet those numbers
Victoria:   Did they really?!
Jason B.:   By recapper, Travis Schario himself.
Travis:  I cannot believe that.  Wow.
Victoria:   That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!
Joe:    lol
Jason B.:   Well, Roger hates it...unofficially.
Travis:  What the hell are they going to do?  Edit, erase and make you bid again?
Joe:    Can't blame him.  It's lame.
Travis:  It's a stupid joke, but TPIR is the land of the stupid.
Chico:  True. Speaking of stupid, it's reality show ending time =p
Travis:  Who WROTE that segue, Chico?
Chico:  Joel McHale :)
Travis:  You should ask for a refund.
Gordon: We bid a fond (or in this case, VERY fond) adieu to both Big Brother and Rock Star this week, as JD finds his fortune and Maggie finds hers.
Travis:  One great, one less so.
Chico:  Gee, which one?
Gordon: Rock Star was definitely not 'Great'. There were many flaws in that show that need to be fixed.
Travis:  Well, we shall have words after this, I think. :)
Gordon: I do think that the talent was excellent, but the cardboard performances of Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke, the non-charisma of INXS and the painting of JD as an egomaniac who winds up winning the show leads me to agree with JVG.
Travis:  Well, I said my piece in OTB, so I don't need to rehash it here.
Gordon: I said my piece in SOP, but I'll be happy to rehash it here =)
Chico:  Blame it on the Monday show. it brought nothing to the party. That's why CBS jettisoned it to VH1.
Travis:  What WAS the Monday show?
Chico:  It was the dramatic setup episode. It's called milking, and I would like to summon a big board, please.
Gordon: Big Board!
Joe:    (cue Jeopardy game board SFX)
Chico:  Today's subject: Got Milk?
Joe:    O_o


Got Milk?

- Millionaire
- Survivor
- Idol
- Dancing with the Stars
- The Apprentice


Chico:  You see, there is no property on television that is so popular that it is not immune to the effect of network milking. First exhibit: Millionaire, a show that was on three times a week too
Travis:  Though it does fine as a 30 minute daily now.
Chico:  Of course.
Joe:    Does GREAT.
Travis:  Not your point, I'm sure.
Chico:  Meredith, fantastic, but again, not the point. Then comes Survivor, which was milked in order to steal NBC's Olympic thunder. It didn't work, and I was sicker than ever of Sue Hawk and the lot of them.
Jason B.:   Idol is the milker of milkers. A 2 hour final for a 30 second reveal.
Travis:  I must agree with the esteemed Mr. Block on that.
Chico:  Not to mention two failed spinoffs and a failed movie.
Gordon: You mean From Justin to Kelly wasn't a classic?
Jason B.:   Even Kelly hated it - and she was in it.
Joe:    Can't blame her. Poor woman.
Gordon: I would hate it too, if it was from Justin. Now if you retitled it "From Tyra to Gordon...."
Travis:  I could make a joke about the film, but we're in the presence of ladies, so I shan't.
Victoria:   Pffffft.
Chico:  Even Dancing with the Stars was stale with the dance-off this week. And then there's The Apprentice, whose Martha Stewart flavor tastes bland and flavorless.
Jason B.:   And got bombed in the ratings.
Joe:    Gee I wonder why.
Gordon: But her talk show is the highest ratings of all of the new talk shows.
Jason B.:   Different setting..
Joe:    Yeah, really.
Victoria:   It would be better if she kicked people off by telling them they're not "good things."
Gordon: I agree with Victoria. You're not a good thing is better than 'You Don't Fit In'. What's up with that?
Chico:  I could think of 10 better ways to end that show... and none of them require a "thanks for playing, we have lovely parting gifts for you" letters.
Travis:  "You suck.  Off my show.  NOW."  THERE'S your catchphrase.
Chico:  Sorry, Travis. That's OUR catchphrase.
Travis:  Dang.
Joe:    ROFL.
Victoria:   Maybe she'll have them make shivs on a future show?
Travis:  Only for sweeps.
Joe:    ROFL
Travis:  What's the prize for the winner?
Joe:    6 months in prison for insider trading, Travis.
Gordon: Now on the other side of the new talk show circuit, there's Tyra Banks, who started off slow, but then grew in the happy 18-34 demographic by 150%.
Chico:  Meanwhile, Top Model is just booming. More so than Enterprise EVER did.
Jason B.:   Do you think she will last a season 2?
Chico:  To answer that question, J... No.
Joe:    I wouldn't mind lasting a Season Two with just her.
Gordon: I politely disagree. Tyra's show now has the highest Demographics in the daytime, while Next Top Model has the highest Demographics for a  UPN night show.
Victoria:   And we all know how tough the competition on UPN is.
Gordon: I don't see how Tyra doesn't last for a season 2 if she keeps getting those 18-34 ratings.
Travis:  Talk shows is a nasty business though.
Chico:  Okay. Maybe I should say that she SHOULDN'T mount a season 2. I mean, if the show is all about her, then what good is it?
Travis:  How many new shows from last year are still around?
Chico:  Zerp.
Jason B.:   None.
Travis:  Notta one?
Chico:  That would be a combination of zero and zip.
Travis:  Ow.
Joe:    Tony Danza is.
Jason B.:   Barely.
Chico:  Oh yeah. We like him.
Joe:    Danza'a alright.
Gordon: Based on his early returns, you won't be seeing a season 3 of him, so enjoy his shows while they last.
Joe:    OKay.
Travis:  What does Tony do that you can't see on any other show from 9 to noon?
Chico:  Really... not much.
Jason B.:   Not much.
Travis:  He does have that big-ass Plinko game...wait...
Chico:  Yay for big-ass Plinko games.
Jason B.:   Not enough to win me over...sorry.
Chico:  Oh well. Next, Gordon?
Gordon: Next topic - as you all know, we are dedicating this show to the people who are dealing with Katrina and Rita.
Jason B.:   Absolutely.
Chico:  Definitely.
Gordon: Millionaire has done the same, as they will be having a Special Celebrity Week dedicated to the Victims of Katrina.
Joe:    Our thoughts are with you, friends.  I have a number of old friends who live in Texas.  Thankfully, they're well out of Rita's path.
Jason B.:   This is a good idea if they do it once and leave it alone.
Travis:  When has that EVER happened in the history of TV?
Chico:  Never.
Jason B.:   I can dream, can't I?
Chico:  But still, hearts are in the right place here, and I approve. Just as long as it doesn't become a regular thing.
Travis:  Yeah, that wasn't my intent.
Victoria:   So who would you like to actually see on this sort of thing?
Jason B.:   Regis Philbin.
Travis:  That...would not suck.
Jason B.:   Me.
Gordon: Jason, you are a media ho.
Jason B.: =D
Joe:    OOOH YES.  Make Reege play.
Travis:  Meredith played on the nighttime show, turnabout is fair play.
Joe:    Agreed.
Travis:  The thing is that they can go to all manner of entertainment, they're not limited by a network.
Victoria:   Someone like a Tom Brady would be interesting.
Jason B.:   Maybe like a Rob Thomas.
Gordon: There are other people in the Game Show Community who are giving - and not just Millionaire. We get a note coming in from...Game Show Congress's Paul Bailey
Joe:    Heyaaaa!
Jason B.:   Alright.
Gordon: The kinetic team he participated on won the first annual Red Bull Dragster Day They donated all of the $7,500 first prize to the American Red Cross for relief efforts.
Jason B.:   Nice job Paul!
Gordon: We're not giving out $7,500, but my bowling team is doing a weekly clothes/canned donation tournament for the Hurricane victims.
Chico:  Very nice.
Gordon: Has anyone else done anything or donated anything?
Chico:  I've started a drive at work for food, and I gave $50 to the Red Cross.
Gordon: Nice.
Jason B.:   I work with the radio station, who is doing something.
Gordon: And if anyone wants to donate anything via this site, you can do so via
Chico:  We've posted a link. Meanwhile, it's time to get to something quick. Jason, jackets! Travis, mice! Gordon, footage!
Jason B.:   (Tosses Jackets)
Joe:    Keep it.  Don't need it.
Travis:  (Feeds the mice)
Gordon: Roll the Beautiful Brain Footage

(*Move Closer*  Real news... real fast... real brainwaves... This is WLTI Brainvision News with the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico:  Ladies and gents, the vocal stylings of Mr. Doug Morris. Okay, G, start it off.
Gordon: We start with the Reality Emmys from last week.

Congratulations to The Amazing Race, who wins Emmy #3 last Sunday.

Jason B.:   Good job guys.
Chico:  Certainly deserved.
Travis:  The right show won.
Joe:    Blah.  Remind me to care.
Gordon: We at WLTI remind Joe Van GInkel to care about The Amazing Race.
Chico:  If you don't like TAR, better check your pulse to see if you still have one. Romber aside, it's class TV.
Gordon: That it is - Next Brainwave?

Richard Hatch is in hot water for tax evasion. He pleads not guilty.

Jason B.:   This is going to be ugly.
Travis:  Shock to none, that.
Gordon: That naughty naked boy.
Travis:  Ugly-er.
Joe:    Liiiiiiiar.
Chico:  This is gonna be ugly. Next?

Speaking of Ugly, The World Poker Tour has filed suit against the Travel Channel over rights to a new proposed show that they pitched to ESPN. Could this signify problems for future WPT episodes on the Travel Channel?

Jason B.:   Oh yeah. Another ugly court battle.
Joe:    As we say at the Commerce..."Ai-yaaaah."
Chico:  Yep. This is definitely going to put somewhat of a hold on season 4 of WPT. Hopefully it won't delay the release of WPT2K6 on October 19 for all major consoles.
Gordon: Maybe - maybe not. It's intersting that the WPT can be seen on the Challenge Channel, UK's Version of GSN. Could GSN make a run at the WPT?
Jason B.:   It could.
Joe:    OOooooooh.  Daddy like.
Victoria:   Am I the only one who's not crazy about Travel Channel's poker coverage?
Chico:  Probably, Victoria. I happen to think that that show... and the Poker Royale show are the best presentations on TV.
Victoria:   I just like ESPN's poker coverage better.
Chico:  If one were to jump to the other, I'd think that someone else might be left in the cold.
Joe:    Victoria, for a second, I thought you were going to say you weren't into poker at all.
Victoria:   No, I play a lot of poker.
Gordon: It only makes sense that GSN would go after WPT, as they are putting a cornerstone on the Poker programming. Next Brainwave?

Speaking of GSN, we have the lineups for Poker Royale: The James Woods Gang vs. The Unabombers.

Joe:    Ahhhhhh.
Gordon: Let's hear it.
Chico:  Playing for James Woods: Kathy Liebert, Bob Goen (who y'all remember on ET and Wheel in the late 80s), Nicole Sullivan, Ted Forrest & Susie Isaacs.
Joe:    Hmm...when did Bob start playing?
Gordon: Apparently, Bob's had a lot of time on his hands.
Joe:    I'll bet.
Chico:  Playing for the Phil "The Unabomber" Laak: Jennifer Tilly (of course), Danny Masterson, Gail O'Grady, Hassan Habib, and Cyndy Violette.
Jason B.:   This should be fun.
Joe:    Mmmmmm...Tilly....
Jason B.:   Tilly is a damn good player.
Joe:    No kidding.
Victoria:   Violette's awesome too.
Gordon: I'm glad VIolette is playing - she is very underrated.
Chico:  I can see the Unabombers taking this one.
Gordon: I'm going to go with Woods. Liebert is an awesome player, Forrest is very good and Woods was one suckout away from upsetting Johnny Chan in the first round of the National Heads-Up 64 Tournament.
Joe:    I dunno.  Ted Forrest and Kathy Liebert are no slouches either.
Victoria:   Oh, absolutely not. It should be good competition.
Chico:  That it should. Okay, Gordon. Ludacris is playing *Area Codes*
Gordon: Who wants some rakes..I mean hoes?
Victoria:   (raises hand)
Jason B.:   Ludacris baby!
Chico:  This is what we call Gordon's Media Ho Report.
Jason B.:   Please define for Victoria please.
Chico:  A media ho is someone wanting to stretch their 15 minutes of fame just a little more every day.  For example...
Victoria:   About 95% of the people who have ever been on Survivor?
Chico:  Good example!
Victoria:   I think I gotcha.
Chico:  You'll fit right in :)
Joe:    Booyah.

In this week's Media Ho report, The Donald gets a ringtone, Missy gets surgery for tendon surgery, Martha joins PETA, Naima (from ANTM4) and Ann (From ANTM3) presented out Emmys, and FYI, Head Cases is the first fall show to be axed, as FOX replaces it with new episodes of pseudo-reality game show Trading Spouses.

Victoria:   Meet Your New Mommy?
Gordon: That would be the one
Chico:  No game element, Gordon. We need not discuss it.
Joe:    Ai-ya.
Chico:  What Joe said.
Gordon: If you were in a TV show death pool, and you guessed that Head Cases was the first show to be cancelled, you're a winner!
Travis:  Cruel, cruel Fox.
Chico:  You have 24 hours to go to and... wait...
Jason B.:   wrong thing.
Chico:  Finally...
Joe:    ROFL

Ken Jennings recently told a Pitt audience that knowing a little about the stuff that we would call "trivia" can really change your life. In the same article, we see details and an official title of his project with Michael Davies: "Ken Jennings vs. the Rest of the World".

Travis:  Who was the marketing wizard who came up with THAT?
Chico:  If I can quote here - "We call this kind of knowledge trivia as if it were trivial or unimportant. Knowing stuff about the world around you, it really changes the way you live your life."
Travis:  I sit corrected.  I like that a lot.
Joe:    Certainly.
Gordon: On that same vein, Mr. Davies has another show brewing called The World Series of Pop Culture.
Joe:    ROFL.
Victoria:   Wow, that sounds kinda cool.
Travis:  You gotta be kidding me.
Chico:  Really? I oughta thnk about getting myself involved... hoping it isn't axed after four episodes.
Travis:  Yeah, that was done once as "Beat the Geeks." What the hell happened to 64 Grand Slam?  Or was that too brainy?
Gordon: If you are in the NYC area and you want to play in the Pilot, then send your team over to
Chico:  Well, we're going to take a break, but when we return, we give Victoria 20 questions...
Joe:    Gives me a second to get some liquid refreshment.

(Brainvision News is presented by Milk. Put down the Jesus Juice and pick up the Moo Juice. Mr. Network Programmer, I'm talking to you.)

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