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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 17, 2005

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we open up season 10 to a...whimper.
Chico:  *whimpers*
Jason:  Not feeling good, Chico?
Chico:  Nope. As you guys know I'm a lab tech. That means dealing with sick people of all ages. A baby just passed along a cold.
Jason:  At least a cold can go away, I have hayfever, and I came back from a late night poker game. I am not doing well either.  Gordon, what about you?
Gordon: I caught the current northeaster cold myself, thanks to my sick bowling teammate who decided to show up with a 102 degree fever. How are you feeling, Don?
Don:    Allergies are threatening to get me, but I'm fine for now.
Chico:  I'm still strong enough to say... "Celebrating 10 seasons... from somewhere in America... WLTI... is... ON!" And I'm still strong enough to introduce our good friends Jason "Beat the" Block and Don "Insert Amusing Nickname Here" Harpwood. Guess we're all just sick and tired today, aren't we?
Jason:  Yes, of a lot of things. Four words: Fluffy, the animated cat.
Chico:  Fluffy the Wheel Watching animated cat.... and friends. A good way to start our fall review, as we have seven shows premiering this week.
Jason:  I love Harry. Harry is a friend...but Harry...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
Chico:  Probably ran out of good intro ideas.
Jason:  I mean, the animation is good. But I don't think it is in the right place here.
Chico:  I said this before, but "way to take something out of the Wheel before going into the rigmarole of spinning."
Gordon: Well, it's...uhhh...different
Chico:  Well, there's different and then there's.... different.
Gordon: My exact reaction when seeing the animation. What. The. F#%^$?
Don:    I haven't seen any of the new season of Wheel yet, so I can't really say anything about it yet...
Chico:  Well, you know all the changes that were planned? We saw them... and there's an animated opening showing animated denizens who are THIS close to missing Wheel.
Jason:  One is a working mom who uses a jetpack to get home on time, one is a single guy who vacuums up half of his cat, and one is a family with a dog leading the charge.
Chico:  It's like Family Guy, only not as funny.
Gordon: Funny? Is that what it was supposed to be?
Chico:  I don't know.
Don:    Ooookay...
Jason:  But the pacing is a lil different too, as the prize is added before round one. It took me a day to get used to it for recapping purposes.
Chico:  I know what you mean. That final "break," if you can call it that, threw off stuff, if you ask me.
Gordon: I'm still wondering how the pace of the show is quicker. If anything, it's slower and more disruptive.
Jason:  It feels slower. It really does.
Chico:  I know this is weird, but I actually agree with Gordon.
Gordon: It must be the cold, Chico.
Chico:  Yeah. I must be delirious.
Gordon: Moving on - Jeopardy. David Madden once again gets through another week - but it wasn't pretty.
Chico:  Nope. We had a few closies, the closiest of which came on day 1 of season 22. David was actually trailing at the end of Double Jeopardy! and if the challenger didn't bet as much, perhaps he would've dethroned him.
Don:    That was definitely a lucky break for David.
Chico:  Yep. If lucky people were touched by angels, then David was touched by a whole choir of angels.
Gordon: Conversely, Willy Jay is my first nominee for heartbreak contestant of the year.
Chico:  *fanfare*
Jason:  He did have Madden in his grasp.
Chico:  He was there... He was SO there. Okay, how many knew that Final Jeopardy!?
Jason:  I wish I did. I should have.
Chico:  I'll refresh here... "'No matter how hopeless, no matter how far, to fight for the right without question' is from this show."
Don:    I had no idea.
Chico:  Of course, it would've been easier if they finished it..."to fight for the right without question or pause, to be willing to march into Hell for a heavenly cause."  Got it yet, Don?
Don:    Maybe it's just because I haven't seen whatever it is that it came from.
Chico:  "Man of La Mancha."
Don:    Ah.  Didn't see it.
Gordon: David Madden gets Final Jeopardy wrong, and doesn't bet much, hoping that Willy gets it wrong and bets a bundle. That's exactly what happens and Madden holds on by the edge of his teeth.
Chico:  Well, if Monday's show is any indication, we're in for a hell of a season.
Gordon: 'The Impossible Dream' to be exact.
Jason:  It's one of my fave shows...and I didn't know it.
Chico:  Well, from the impossible dream to a highly improbable dream of $1 million.
Jason:  Meredith is back, and as good as before.
Chico:  Very true.
Don:    Indeed.
Chico:  Not much you can say about Millionaire, except... It's good to have it back.
Don:    Yep.
Jason:  You can tell a show is good, when even after almost 6 years on the are still screaming at the TV when a person is using a lifeline at a time when they shouldn't. I was watching yesterday and a woman was using a phone a friend at $1,000! I was going...NO! The show is still good.
Chico:  Which happened a lot over the past week. I remember while I was at the gym yesterday, and I saw that woman...She also used a 50/50 at $4000 I believe?
Jason:  Yes.
Don:    Yeah.
Chico:  The contestant in question was Brandi Conklin, a junior at Purdue, studying to be a med tech.; Yeah, way to make the rest of us look dumb. =p
Jason:  So audition Chico and make them look smart and take them for the $1M!
Chico:  I DID! You forgot last November? I was this close! I passed the test and everything!
Gordon: Don't knock on Brandi - it's very nerve-wracking to be on the Hot Seat.
Don:    Don't forget the pinkeye she had that morning.
Jason:  Personal experience is.
Chico:  I'll concede, especially given the circumstances. After all, this is Millionaire we're talking about. So Brandi, if you're reading this, I apologize profusely.
Jason:  That's a nice med tech.
Chico:  I was just playing geek for a moment.
Gordon: If anyone who knows Brandi is reading it, have Brandi e-mail us so she can come on the show and kick Chico's a$$.
Jason:  That would be funny.
Chico:  See, if a show can arouse that much emotion in the audience, then it's a good thing. that's what Jason was saying before.
Gordon: I still blame your cold.
Chico:  Yeah. Delirium!
Jason:  #4 this week, brought back 2 families, Burton Richardson and Richard Karn.
Chico:  And lots of flashing lights. That would be 100 Mexica... errk, Family Feud. The sets look more or less the same now, you know?
Jason:  But no candy bowl.
Chico:  No candy bowl, just a bunch of colored cels from the Ballbreakers set. You know they tape on the same soundstage.
Jason:  Did not know that.
Don:    Really?
Chico:  Both tape at Tribune.
Don:    Cool.
Chico:  Which we have to make a field trip of next Game Show Congress. You listening, Gordon?
Gordon: We wanted to do it this year. Nothing was taped when we were going down there. Maybe things will change next year.
Chico:  Maybe.
Gordon: They are planning to add things to next year's GSC - and are planning to put it at the time when most shows are being taped.
Don:    Note to self: Do whatever it takes to get to the next GSC.
Jason:  Don, you have to go. It rocks.
Chico:  You can hitchhike with Vickers, Don :)
Jason:  LOL
Chico:  Start saving, bro.
Don:    I will.
Chico:  Back to Feud, though. Do we all approve of this new year?
Jason:  So far, yeah. Its the same show, just brighter!
Chico:  Without succumbing to Wheel syndrome.
Don:    Agreed with Jason.
Chico:  Remember, G... Afternoon taping of TPIR. That's when the good stuff is offered.
Gordon: Note made.
Chico:  Alright! So we move from daytime to primetime. Three shows premiered. First chronologically, The Biggest Loser.
Jason:  Did not see it.
Chico:  We have men vs. women. Challenges. I'm worried that it's become "Yet another prime time competition series".
Don:    Forgot to see it.  I'll probably catch the Saturday encore, unless I forget again.
Chico:  8:30, Don.
Don:    Got it.
Chico:  Your thoughts, Gordon?
Gordon: It's good for what it was. I expected them to do more than just keeping everything the same, though. I hope we get some more twists on this one.
Chico:  I agree with that. I mean, you have to give it to NBC. Their heart is in the right place, but the show brings nothing to the party. And the show's ratings reflect that, as initial numbers were so-so at best.
Gordon: Next up - something that brought a lot of something different to the party - Survivor.
Chico:  As rumor becomes fact. Bobby Jon and Stephenie do return to the game, and the show begins with a grueling 11-mile hike as a reward challenge.
Gordon: Another excellent opening edition with a lot of neat twists.
Chico:  This would be "the Discovery Channel" portion of the opener. And while it isn't the event television it was before, it's still appointment television.
Gordon: Not to mention the wide array of subplots this season.
Don:    I was a little surprised at first that Bobby Jon was one of the guys that weren't doing so well during that episode.  But then again, that just shows how much tougher this season is.
Chico:  Yep. Vomit, anyone?
Jason:  Explain, Gordon.
Gordon: How far can Bobby Jon and Stephenie, as returning contestants, stay in the game? How long can Gary Hogeboom keep his identity a secret? Has Margaret already paved her way to the final four as being the only nurse (and it's evident her skills will be immensely needed) as a contestant? Will Bobby Jon ever win a competition?
Chico:  Not before being voted off. Margaret's definitely proved her muster as she actually serves a purpose. "Without me, you're going to die."
Don:    Maybe.  Her skills will definitely keep her in for a while, but as the game gets closer to the end, we'll see...
Chico:  The final premiere of the week - our good friend Todd Newton has a new game out, "Made in the USA", where inventors' inventions go to be judged.
Jason:  That I don't know. But I like the concept of the show. This is like Food Network Star, where the challenges are tuned more towards the competition.
Chico:  Yep. I can see this being a favorite. In fact, this is my pick of the week *fanfare*
Gordon: I like the show, but I want to see more meat on it.
Chico:  Well, there's another episode this week. Now I talked to Todd about it (or rather, he talked to us about it) over Congress. He seemed to like it.
Gordon: I think it will be good. I need another episode for the show to grow on me. As we see the new shows coming in, there will be 1 show leaving us next week. That would be Big Brother. The finalists have been cast, as Ivette decided to get rid or arch-rival Janelle and keep her friend Maggie with her. Is that a $450,000 error?
Chico:  In a word... Yes
Don:    Sounds like it to me.
Chico:  Ivette once again manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Gordon: This reminds me of Colby's fatal move on Survivor: Australia where he threw away a million by keeping the lovable Tina over the annoying Keith. May I have a Big Board, Chico?
Chico:  *Jeopardy! noises* Done.
Gordon: Ok - the subject is... Let's Guess the votes! Let's get the easy ones out of the way.

Let's Guess the Votes!

- Maggie: April, Jennifer, Howie, Janelle, Rachel
- Ivette: Beau, James



Chico:  Ivette.
Jason:  Ivette.
Gordon: Ivette


Chico:  Maggie.
Gordon: Maggie
Jason:  Maggie.


Gordon: Ivette
Chico:  Ivette.
Jason:  Yup. Ivette.


Chico:  Mags.
Gordon: Maggie
Jason:  4 for 4 ...Maggie


Chico:  Maggie.
Gordon: Maggie


Jason:  Ivette made a lot of enemies. Maggie.
Chico:  Maggie.
Jason:  Maggie...this will come back to haunt Ivette.


Chico:  Maggie.
Jason:  Maggie for a 5-2 win.
Gordon: Agreed. That's our guess. We'll see what happens. Would Ivette have won, 5-2, if it was her Vs. Janelle?
Chico:  Yes, with Howie & Rachel being the lone voices of dissent.
Jason:  That final reminded of a final the year before with two very hateful people.
Gordon: Big Brother 4, with Jun Vs. Allison.
Don:    As you guys were guessing the votes, I was just talking with my mom about what would have happened if Ivette picked Janelle, and my mom says Janelle would have won.
Chico:  What does she say?
Don:    She says that April said something about voting for Janelle, and that James would essentially be a swing vote.
Gordon: I think James would have voted for Ivette  - she seemed to be the only person James really talked to while he was in the house after Sarah left.
Chico:  So she went from a one-vote favorite to a three-vote dog. Yeah, I'd call that a $450,000 mistake.  Okay... Jason, once again... It's time.
Gordon: Jackets, Jay.
Jason:  Jackets tossed and mice fed.
Gordon: Roll that beautiful brain footage.
Chico:  New beautiful brain footage coming...

(*Move Closer*  Real news... real fast... real brainwaves... This is WLTI Brainvision News with the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Don:    Nice.
Chico:  Starting off with something hot off the presses thanks to our good friends at Buzzer: The Game Show Blog.
Jason:  This is literally minutes old.

"Deal or No Deal" is starting a second wave of contestant searches, and this time the top dollar value is known... The US version will offer a top prize of, surprise, surprise, $1 million.

Gordon: Ooooooooh
Jason:  Unfortunately, if you don't live in the LA are out of luck.
Chico:  You must be 21 years or older to apply, which means that myself, Jason, and Gordon can apply.... I don't know if Don can.
Gordon: Where do they go to apply?
Don:    I am 23 years old.  But it also says you have to be a U.S. resident, and that puts me out.
Gordon: I think you and Ryan need to start lodging complaints.
Chico:  Heh. Here's the link: Thank God for Craig and his list.
Gordon: It's weird that they have to do another contestant search, isn't it?
Chico:  Kinda sorta, yeah. Could mean a number of things.
Jason:  It means they reformatted the game...Or the people who were in the first group weren't that great.
Chico:  We'll see. Okay, NEXT!
Gordon: This is for Jason.

The Next Food Network star has been renewed. You will see them look for more television talent in October. Meanwhile, the winner's show will be seen in mid-September. Also getting a renewal - Celebrity Poker on Bravo, as they enter season seven.

Jason:  YES! More good shows to recap.
Chico:  Actually, if memory serves, the show, Party Line with Dan & Steve.. is on right now... or on tomorrow.
Gordon: Well, that would be mid-September, no?
Chico:  That would be, yes.  As for Celeb Poker Showdown - I still can't see it.
Gordon: Awwww
Chico:  Because TWC-NC doesn't carry Bravo, the dastards.
Gordon: But because of the renewal, somewhere in Florida, Chris Wolvie is rejoicing.
Chico:  Rejoice some for me, Chris!
Gordon: What's the next Brainwave, Chico?
Chico:  Okay, next up...

If you're living in Dallas or the New Orleans region, you'll notice that Wheel and/or Jeopardy! have new homes. In the New Orleans area, the two move from WWL to WVUE after a week delay due to Katrina. In the Big D, we move from WFAA to KTVT that move took place this week.

Chico:  Meanwhile, if you're still living with an ABC O&O like Gordon, Jason and myself, they're still there. Nice and convenient. Prime access and such.
Don:    O&O?
Chico:  Owned-and-operated.
Don:    Ah.
Chico:  You learned a new broadcasting term today, Don.
Gordon: There you go.
Chico:  :)
Jason:  It runs on the DirectV feed on WLNY 55 at 6:00 and 6:30 then 7PM on WABC TV here
Chico:  And now, I shall play Ludacris, because it's time for the running of the Hos. (*plays Area Codes*)
Gordon: We're in Pamplona?
Jason:  Yes, we are
Gordon: It would be nasty to get gored by Evan Marriott, no?
Chico:  Yes... yes it would.
Don:    Ouch.

In this week's Media Ho report, we see Jenna Morasca hosting Survivor Live, The Donald hosts the Friar's Roast, Naima, Toccara, and Shandi from America's Next Top Model do a media appearance, as does Phil Laak for Poker Royale and The Donald also going to be on Days of our Lives on October 24, but
perhaps the most interesting ho this week, a dog on the Temptation set.

Gordon: woof woof woof
Chico:  Dawg.
Gordon: We have our first dog to appear as a media ho.
Chico:  If it's female, that would make it a media bitch.
Gordon: Oooh - a Media Bitch.
Jason:  This dog was part of a trip to Paris.
Gordon: Fifi!
Chico:  The dog came with the trip?
Jason:  No the dog was part of the description of the trip. The dog kept barking. It was hilarious.
Gordon: Next Brainwave...

One of the Donald's apprentice hopefuls was described as being "tough as nails". We now know why Alla Wartenberg was described as that, as she used to be a stripper who was linked with a crime lord. This from Said crime lord is on Death Row now, meaning that she is now free to be a contestant on a game contest.

Jason:  You think Donald is afraid of a crime lord?
Chico:  Not free of public opinion, though. It will be interesting to see if she becomes a character. The Donald can buy and sell him on a whim.
Don:    Heh...
Chico:  A WHIM, Jason =p
Jason:  I don't get it.
Chico:  See, Donald Trump is rich, right? And he likes to buy and sell things on a whim, right? Er go, he can buy and sell crime lords on a whim.
Gordon: Uh, I don't think it's run that exact same way, Chico.
Chico:  You don't? Oh well. Final blip, Gordon?

From across the pond, Ant and Dec have a Game Show Extravaganza! Ant and Dec will be hosting a marathon of classic games where people will be competing against each other in a tournament format.

Jason:  Sounds mighty familiar to me.
Chico:  Kinda like the Game Show Tourney at the GSC, only not, rght?
Gordon: Pretty much - now when do we get one of those things in the US?
Chico:  As soon as Dunkleman comes back =p
Gordon: Trivia Question (Albeit an easy one) - What show hosted by Ant and Dec was aired in the U.S.?
Chico:  World Idol 2004.
Gordon: Good boy.
Chico:  Now let's never speak of it again.
Gordon: Fair enough.
Chico:  That's Brainvision News, and when we return, you're going to get two new games for our new season... But first, we're going to try and sell you stuff!
Gordon: Whoopie!
Jason:  Alright.
Chico:  This is the 10th Season of the Fan on WLTI. Where every season is a season of the fan.
Jason:  Nice.

(Brought to you be Media Ho-Hos. New chocolate cakes with a candy coated Media Ho face on top. Now YOU can eat The Donald!)

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