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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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December 10, 2005

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and welcome to the Carnival. Any games you want to play?
Ryan: Fun House! Fun House!
Gordon: Of course. Silly Me.
Jason: Dunk the Geek!
Gordon: OK - Jason, get up on the podium.
Jason: Very funny. Look up geek in the dictionary and you are there.
Chico: We're all there... But we're all not ready to be dunked yet.
Jason: Too cold. The tank is frozen over.
Chico: With snow. It's snowing!
Gordon: Give me my deck of cards and my internet poker winnings, and I'll be satisfied. =) From somewhere in Tratolandia,! We some additions, and deletions to the television arcade, but before we get to that, let's meet the...
Chico: ...guests of honor this morning :)
Gordon: lol. From WPLJs Beat the Block, where he's now won 7 in a row (though the last win was a gift), it's Jason Block!
Jason: This week is my last week for this season...if I will be 31-4. And thank you all.
Chico: We're all hoping you win. Next it's our favorite Canadian... next to Rachel Perry, Ryan Vickers!
Ryan: Hey! Thanks I guess :) Wait, what does that make Don???
Chico: Our third favorite Canadian not presently on television :)
Ryan: rotfl
Don: I'm fine with that.
Chico: He's cool with that, Don Harpwood is. :)
Don: Yep.
Chico: Hope he's also cool with... the curse. Bum bum BAAAAAAH!
Don: Eep...
Jason: That wasn't a curse. That was 3 hungry, jealous survivors who bitched about not getting a car.
Gordon: Well, it was a curse, but it was also a well made political trap, destined to screw survivors who thought of themselves more than they thought about anyone else.
Jason: Screw that. I think Cindy made a brilliant move, and she leaves with a car.
Ryan: This is why I would never do well on Survivor.
Chico: And Cindy fell right into it, and the car curse continues.
Gordon: I thought she made an idiotic move - but at the same time, as she felt that she could have been going next (and she was right), it's not a bad thing to leave with a 4 wheeled consolation prize.
Jason: You noticed that right after the segment where she said she wasn't giving the 4 Torrents away, Pontiac had a sweeps commercial ready to go.
Chico: Yeah
Jason: My father had a theory (which I don't necessarily agree with) that she was coerced into not taking the 4 cars so that Pontiac could give them away. Do you agree?
Ryan: Hmm. Burnett's tampering?
Don: Wow. I don't think I'd agree, but that is a rather interesting theory...
Gordon: No. Absolutely not. It's not tampering at all. It's actually a great
marketing ploy - and something that's commonly done in terms of promoting where a contest is going to be created. You see, Pontiac would have had a contest, regardless of Cindy's decision.
Jason: So let's say she gave away the 4 cars...they would give away 1.
Gordon: Exactly. It's like what we did in CBS, for the NCAA Final Four in Men's Basketball - we had four different promos set up for the FInal 2 - and we had them all set up ready to go, regardless of who won the semifinals. It's the exact same thing here. If Cindy gave out the cars, then Pontiac only gives out the remaining one, and no one is the wiser.
Jason: (nods) gotcha.
Gordon: If you ever wondered how in the world we got the Final 2 promos up that quickly the second that the semi-final matches are over, well, now you know. Trade secret.
Chico: Yeah, just like the 21 promo a while back?
Gordon: Blame NBC for that one. CBS does excellent promo work.
Chico: Good call. Anyway, Cindy at least wins something for her trouble, granted it's not $1 million...
Jason: So who wins? Who gets the Million Sunday night?
Don: Right now, I'm thinking either Rafe or Danni, and I'm leaning towards Rafe.
Gordon: Let's see, the person who played the game nicely, who's won challenges and who isn't in any threat to get booted. That would be Danni.
Chico: I'm also going toward Danni... She was the best out there, and you can't deny that.
Gordon: Actually, I think Stephanie was the 'Best' out there, but she made too many enemies along the way and she has the 'returnee' label on her. I don't think any returnee has a chance to ever win Survivor.
Jason: Rafe needs to win immunity bad to get to the final 2
Chico: This is true.
Jason: He thinks he is in control. He is nowhere near it.
Don: I see...
Chico: Usually it's the ones who think they're in control who end up losing.
Gordon: Besides Rich (1) Brian (5) and Tom (10).
Chico: Three out of 10. Not good odds.
Jason: Which brings up another interesting point...does it seem to me that the women here have been dominant this time around.
Chico: What is yes? Even from day one when Bobby Jon and Blake went down like pansies?
Gordon: If you look back, 2 of the past 3 have been dominated by women going to the end.
Jason: And what is the percentage of men to women survivor winners?
Chico: You're talking at least half and half.
Gordon: 1 - Rich, 2 - Tina, 3 - Ethan, 4 - Vecepia, 5 - Brian, 6 - Jenna, 7 - Sandra , 8 - Amber, 9 - Chris, 10 - Tom. 5/5
Chico: There you go. Half and half.
Ryan: Can't you count Romber as the winner of 8 though? really?
Chico: The game, Ryan, not everything else :)
Gordon: Danni will win. Look at the letter configurations.
Don: Wha?
Gordon: No man who's won has the last letter be a vowel, so Rafe is out. Stephenie's name is way too long, so she can't win and Danni has the double 'n', like Jenna, so Danni wins.
Jason: You are weird :)
Don: Ah, interesting.
Chico: ...uh...okay, no more Lost for you, Gordon. :) Well, with so many unknowns in the Survivor world, we have one known known... Jeff Probst will be there to award checks and snuff torches.
Gordon: We blame the naughty media for this - the same media that we quote as sources that we put on our site.
Chico: So again, another retraction is in order... We're sorry!
Gordon: As much fun as we've had playing games with a what if on Jeff's leaving, I am glad that he is sticking around. Jeff is one of the main cogs in Survivor's wheel.
Chico: It helps that he's in with the producers, you know.
Don: So a substitute won't be necessary after all. Awesome.
Gordon: Jeff will not be leaving. However, there are some shows that will be - or already did. We start, unfortunately, with what our West Coast spies have dug up - which is that Trato Hecho is not taping any more new episodes.
Ryan: really?
Jason: uh oh
Chico: Not good...
Jason: why?
Chico: Check the schedule. They took it off in favor of yet another telenovela. In the meantime, we prepare for the worst, hope for the best... and expect something in between. There has to be a reasoning for this.
Gordon: I have a feeling we all deep down know =(
Chico: ... Yeah.
Gordon: The next show that ended this past week was one a little more festive, as we finally are finished with But Can They Sing
Jason: Praise be.
Chico: Yay! And the winner? Michael Copon. Altogether now... WHO?!
Gordon: WHO??1
Chico: Just like that.
Gordon: Is this your vote for the worst show of the season so far?
Jason: It's up there.
Chico: I say it's pretty up there... or down there... or... yeah. Whatever, it's crap. It's pure crap.
Don: Yeah, from what I was able to see, it's definitely one of the worst.
Gordon: Finally, we got a New Top Model, as we see Nicole being crowned the winner of America's Next Top Model 5. Thoughts?
Jason: She is very cute.
Chico: What can one say about that except... Yeah, I'd hit that.
Ryan: You know they're doing Canada's top model right?
Gordon: Tell us more, Uncle Ryan
Chico: Ooh! Tell us!
Ryan: Yeah, CHUM networks who owns the rights up here is making a Canadian version.
Chico: I knew it was on City. I just knew it.
Ryan: City's great; sadly their founder died last week. I taught his granddaugther last year.
Gordon: Awww =(
Chico: Anyway, from sad endings to happy beginnings (well, two happy beginnings and one sad one). Three shows premiered this week. The first of these was Discovery Channel's Cash Cab, a question bee that took place in, of all places.... a taxi. Rules are simple: the more questions you answer correctly, the longer you get to stay in the cab until you finally reach your destination. Get stuck, shout out for help on your Cingular phone or off the street. Get three questions wrong and you're out of money, out of the game, and worse off... out of the cab. Now I can really get into this show because it doesn't hide what it is. An un-game show. A laid back trivia feast with some nods to Millionaire, Jeopardy!, etc. And! It follows the Monty Hall Corollary: there is a moment when the contestant can win or lose everything.
Gordon: Isn't the cell phone and the shout out a little too close to the Lifelines?
Jason: of course it is.
Chico: Well, yeah, but you know, it's not really taking away from anything. But what do you guys think?
Gordon: I think it's a nice touch. I really hope that the show got in touch with Millionaire's legal department.
Chico: It's good stuff, in spite of its similarities, Gordon.
Gordon: I think it's a very good show. I am just concerned that the shout out is a little too similar to the Phone-a-Friend Lifeline. But there's a show that debuted that I liked better - Project Runway 2.
Jason: You love Heidi.
Gordon: I do love Heidi - fat pregnant belly and all. She's also a very underrated host.
Chico: She's harboring a Sealet.
Gordon: Is it a furry sealet?
Jason: No. You pig.
Chico: Anyway, it looks like this season is picking up where it left off, audiencewise. Does it avoid the sophomore jinx?
Jason: I think it does.
Gordon: If the ratings are any proof, it does, and it makes some improvements. More time with the designers and less time with the models really boosts up the storylines - and the characters so far after two episodes are fun to watch doing their craft.
Chico: Cool deal. Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum... Yeah, you know we had to get this sooner or later: Fear Factor premiered this Tuesday..  and no one cared.
Gordon: I cared.
Jason: I didn't.
Chico: Well, you were a far minority, then. Only about 8 million people watched.
Gordon: Actually, for a regular show on NBC, it did average ratings, but when you move a show out of the slot you are used to seeing it in, that's going to be problematic. I think they would have done much better if they kept it on Mondays.
Chico: I don't think so. You saw an audience waning on Mondays as well
Ryan: Let's just retired it to Universal Studios and go on with life.
Gordon: Mondays at 8pm, where people are used to seeing it, would have done better instead of a repeat of Las Vegas sitting in for a struggling Surface.
Chico: Especially when you compare it to previous time-slot carrier to the Biggest Loser?
Gordon: Exactly.
Chico: I mean, even the fact that they put off programming it until just now means that there's a slight hint of trouble, and if there's a slight hint of trouble, there's trouble.
Don: I thought I noticed a faster pace with it, likely so they could fit in the Home Invasion thing.
Gordon: True. If anything, I actually like the faster pacing of Fear Factor better this season. I do think that NBC gave the show a raw deal by moving it to Tuesdays at 8. Don't forget, if it stays there, it will have to go up against Fox's juggernaut, American Idol.
Jason: It won't. I guarantee when MNF is over...FF goes back to Monday's at 8.
Gordon: It should be at Monday's at 8 now One show that will NOT be on against American Idol will be the NEW Dancing With the Stars 2!
Jason: Go Stacy Keibler!
Chico: Go indeed :)
Jason: I will be watching just because of her :)
Gordon: It's BIGGER and Bet...well, it's Bigger, at least, as we now have 10 new celebrities. And who are they, Chico?
Chico: It's time for a big board!

Handicapping With the Stars

Chico's Favorites:
- Tia Carrere, George Hamilton, Jerry Rice
Gordon's Favorites:
- Tia Carrere, Jerry Rice, Stacy Keibler
Don & Jason's Favorites:
- Tia Carrere, Stacy Keibler, George Hamilton

Chico: Here, we're going to see who's in the second season, and who actually stands a chance amongst them. First off, former "Match Game" panelist and Ritz pitchman GEORGE HAMILTON!
Ryan: I'm betting on George!
Jason: He could be the John O'Hurley of this year.
Chico: He's a very cultured guy, I think he's going to go far in this.
Gordon: I can see him playing the John O'Hurley role.
Chico: Playing Kelly Monaco perhaps, one of the hosts of "Soap Talk," Lisa Rinna...And her 15-pound lips.
Jason: Harry Hamlin's ex...a hottie...but can she dance?
Gordon: I don't think so. I think she can get far because of her...assets, but she doesn't have the name recognition that Monaco has. Plus her show isn't on ABC.
Chico: But it is on a Disney-owned network.
Gordon: Not the same thing. The show doesn't have as many eyeballs watching it as an ABC soap would.
Chico: True. Yay CBS :) As is ESPN, which brings us to our next candidate, Sportscenter anchor, "2-Minute Drill" host, and Travis E's ESPN hero, Kenny Mayne.
Gordon: Very nice guy. Very funny. First one gone.
Jason: He is the comedy relief.
Gordon: Well you can't blame ABC for trying to cross-promote, but there's one person that makes a MUCH better play if they want someone from ESPN.
Chico: Who's that?
Gordon: Stuart 'Booyah' Scott
Chico: Hell yeah :)
Gordon: And he has game show roots. He would have been a great choice.
Chico: But can he dance?
Gordon: He can certainly hand pound.
Jason: OK.
Chico: Next up, rapper, actor, son of Master P... Romeo.
Gordon: Who?
Jason: Too young skewing, nice kid...won't win.
Chico: He gets served.
Gordon: He's the only kiddie demographic, he may be a dark horse, Since you have to figure the young kids will vote. See Gotti Agnello, Carmine.
Chico: Most of the DWTS audience are young to middle-aged women, you know. Kudos to ABC for trying to cover ALL the bases. Next up, Oscar-winner Tatum O'Neal.
Gordon: Awww. Nostalgia. How many people who vote remember her? My guess is not many. Early Depertee.
Chico: ... absolutely no idea how she fares with voters...I'm guessing early out due to name non-recognition. But how about WWE diva Stacy Keibler, though? I'm guessing we all know who SHE is. :)
Jason: Dance Team member, cheerleader, legs of steel. She has a body that wont quit.
Chico: This season's Trista... only tolerable :)
Gordon: Hottie? Check. Name Recognition? Check. Target of Many voters dial-ins? Check. Nude pics on the Internet? Check. Top Three.
Chico: Booyah.
Jason: She has never posed nude. She has posed in Stuff. CHECK.
Chico: Next, who could easily play the Michael Copon (WHO?!) role, former Access Hollywood host Giselle Fernandez.
Gordon: WHO?
Chico: See?
Jason: Hottie. Check. recognition (BUZZ)
Gordon: Hotties go far in this, but she doesn't have the recognition of some of the other ones. Mid departee.
Chico: First of the mid-departees. How about "Wayne's World"'s Tia Carrere? Huge hottie... Name recognition...
Jason: Can Dance...see True Lies. Potential Finalist.
Chico: last of the mid-departees. I say Top 5 at least.
Gordon: I agree with Jason. She could be Top 3. She definitely could win this as well.
Chico: She could. Next, former 98 Degrees bandmate Drew Lachey.
Gordon: SCreeeeeeeeech
Jason: (crash) Hell no.
Chico: Survey says... First one out.
Gordon: I think this will be the 'Scott Savol' of DWTS2 - the person who you want to see go away, but doesn't. Top 4.
Chico: And finally... this season's Evander Holyfield, the NFL's Jerry Rice.
Jason: He is a lot fleeter of foot, but he wont win.
Chico: Nah. Too much of a sack, you know?
Gordon: I have to disagree with both of you. I think he'll do much better than Evander. Did you know that he took ballet classes?
Jason: Yes I did.
Chico: I thought that all footballers did at some point.
Gordon: not all of them - he did though and he's very good. He has name recognition and I have a feeling that he will be a surprise in the first episode, and then a threat to win the whole thing. Top 3.
Chico: So my top three... Tia, Jerry, and George.
Gordon: I'll to Tia, Jerry and Stacy.
Jason: My top three...Tia, Stacy and George.
Don: I'll go with Stacy, Tia, and George.
Chico: Okay, then! Nothing left to do but... Jackets!
Jason: (jackets tossed)
Chico: Choppler's ready...
Gordon: I've decided that I want the red jacket.
Chico: Dude.. They're ALL red =p
Gordon: So it's an easy decision then =)
Chico: Oh yeah, all you have to do is say...
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage!

Doug:  (impersonating Mark Thompson) From the four corners of the your frontal lobe... this is WLTI Brainvision News... with the award winning Brainvision News team.
Chico: *dances to the music* Put me on Dancing With the Stars, baby :)
Gordon: It's sort of funky today, isn't it?
Chico: Oh yeah. That's some good funk. Gordon, first article, please.

More good news for game show enthusiasts - more shows have been set for 2006, including Celebrity Fit Club 3, American Caveman, Distraction 2, Beauty and the Geek 2, and High Stakes Poker.

Chico: And what are those dates, Gordon?
Gordon: Celebrity Fit Club 3 - Jan 1, Distraction 2 - Jan 10, BATG2 - Jan 12, Poker - Jan 16, and American Caveman - TBD
Chico: January's going to be a good month.
Gordon: Good and busy - which is how we like it around here. Next article?
Chico: Oh yeah.. So who wants to play Lingo?
Don: Me! Me!
Gordon: Meeee
Jason: I cant....I am too 2 years.
Gordon: You old fart.
Jason: Bite me.

Season 5 is now casting. If you're living in or planning to visit the LA area, are aged 18-35 and want the opportunity to play for $10,000 "plus opportunity for thousands more", then here's the number: 323.769.6600.

Chico: I'm trying to ask Kim if she would like to be on a fourth game show...
Gordon: Isn't it disconcerting that they are putting an age limit on contestants?
Chico: A little disconcerting, yeah. Like "what the dealie, yo?"
Jason: Yo.
Chico: I know you're trying to get that demographic up but ... what's up with that? I'm going to play the Gordon card and say that someone can have a case for ageism.
Gordon: We'll get to that later. Right now, we have...

We have another Judd on a talent game show. Wynonna Judd will be the new game show judge on Nashville Star 4.

Chico: Is Leann Rimes still hosting?
Gordon: No Leann is not, hosting now will be Cowboy Troy.
Jason: Hick Hop to the fullest.
Gordon: Judd replaces Bret Michaels, who will not be returning to the show.
Chico: Show starts up in March, right?
Gordon: Yes it does - March 7
Chico: I'm out... Damn you, Cowboy Troy...
Gordon: Since when do you like country music?
Jason: I love country music :-)
Chico: I listen to a few stuff... Mostly the old stuff and the newgrass.. I'm a worldly fellow. Next up...

Is Survivor headed to India? Sony, the people behind the Indian versions of American Idol and Deal or No Deal, have the rights and are set to produce. The question now is... will it be as popular as those two shows? Not according to the critics. "The show is too Western. For an American, being without a car or a fridge, is like living in the Stone Age. Indians would not be able to identify with the show," says a senior media analyst.

Jason: That's why traditional shows don't do well in Japan lets say. More stuff like Takeshi's castle and all succeed.
Gordon: I don't think it will be popular for another reason - the culture clash. The things people have to do to win aren't embraced in that sort of culture.
Chico: I don't see it faring as well, simply because it's not as civilized as more established fare. Like KBC for example.. Get well soon, Amitabh!
Gordon: Are Media Ho's established well in India?
Chico: As established as Ludacris. *plays Area Codes*. Let me guess first... Another American Idol finalist, another run in with John Law.

In this week's Media Ho Report, AI 2 Finalist Julia DeMato gets busted for drugs, Betty White goes to an elephant protest rally, Tyra does her last catwalk, Margaret Thatcher's Daughter wins I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of here, Martha Stewart's Magazine rating actually goes up as her finale gets cut to 1 hour, and your Survivor Runway Red Carpet questioner is Jenna Morasca.

Chico: of Survivor Live, no doubt.
Gordon: Yep. Last Article?
Chico: Last article coming.

The Amazing Race Family Edition has one final challenge after the first family crosses the finish line. Highlighting this week's Game Tech, will broadcast a final runner-up challenge for a new car on its website.

Jason: I will watch that :-)
Don: Sounds interesting.
Jason: Is the family prize still $1,000,000?
Chico: The family prize is still $1 million, yeah, but the runner-up challenge is for a new car. Also...

NBC is making its shows available on iTunes, meaning you could theoretically download Deal or No Deal or heaven forbid if you're into that sort of thing, Fear Factor.

Jason: I can't wait for Deal or No Deal. That is SO going to rock.
Don: Same here.
Chico: Okay, that's Brainvision, shut 'er down, Don.
Don: Alright.
Gordon: You know, maybe the 4 cars could come from the ones that Danni gave up, as we go full circle.
Jason: They are giving away 4 Torrents this weekend. I know someone who one won already.
Chico: Next up, a world premiere WLTI game, but first, we go to court. This is WLTI, where we strip down game show news and give'em a damn good oiling.
Gordon: Oiling... Where's Bai Ling?
Jason: Whoo HOO
Don: lol

(Brainvision News is powered by Bai Lingo, coming soon to GSN, the network for games...hows.)

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