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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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October 1, 2005

Chico: Hey there. I'm Chico Alexander.. and you'd laugh if you knew my secret!
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and...I didn't think that you were going to talk about that experience with you, the pizza and the light bulb at GSC4.
Ryan: Please! Some people were in that room that are here today!
Chico: Now the pizza I knew about... the light bulb... I didn't know about.
Gordon: How could you not remember that?
Jason: You paid me a lot to keep those pictures away...
Joe: Ai-yah. Well, what's everyone else's excuse?
Jason: Hangovers and lack of sleep!
Chico: No kung fu, please.
Joe: No, no. Not "hi-ya," that's "ai-yah."
Gordon: And from Somewhere in America, We have a full house today, so let's get on with it.
Jason: WHOO-HOO!
Ryan: Sorry? The Olsen twins are here?
Joe: Boooooo.
Chico: Quick rundown of the crazies on the panel today, we've got Jason Block, starting season 3 on Beat the Block with what Gordon tells me is a brutal 11-0 victory.
Jason: Crushed the guy like a bug, but didn't promo the show...I am here to take my punishment.
Chico: We also have the Game Show Man Joe Van Ginkel, the resident doughnut Don Harpwood, the resident TV star Ryan Vickers... and a special Mystery Guest.
Mystery Guest: After seeing "The Aristocrats," Bob Saget is my hero.
Gordon: Let's see. We have 1 mystery guest and 2 hosts. That leaves four people. Perfect size for a panel, don't you think, Chico?
Joe: Uh-oh. I can see where this is going.
Chico: Yes it is. I say we play a game here first...
Gordon: Who wants to play a game?
Jason: I do! I do!
Don: Me!
Gordon: It's time to play...I'VE GOT A SECRET! I will be Gary Moore, Chico will be Bud Collyer. We have a panelist who has a secret. You have to guess what it is.
Chico: We will now ask the mystery guest to whisper the secret into our ears.
Mystery Guest: (whisper whisper whisper)

("I am the only person so far to beat the Block (Jason Block)" -- *applause*)

Chico: ... My god, that's horrible!
Gordon: You got pictures of that?
Mystery Guest: Yep. Minus the goat.
Joe: Ai-yah.
Gordon: We would usually start with Jason, but since he FAILED to plug us on plj, he goes last.
Ryan: rofl
Chico: Okay, we'll start with Mr. Vickers. Ryan, your board.
Joe: O_o
Ryan: So it's a secret, not a line, right?
Gordon: It's a secret and it's something the mystery guest did.
Ryan: ah
Ryan: Are you associated with the game show biz?
Mystery Guest: In a way.
Ryan: Have you been a game show contestant?
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Ryan: Is that associated with your main secret?
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Ryan: Are you a game... bah! This is hard!
Mystery Guest: I'm not a game....bah. I am a human being.
Gordon: This wasn't supposed to be easy.
Ryan: LOL.
Gordon: $10 down, $70 to go. And we will wrap back around the panel twice should you not get it the first time. Next up - Mr. Gaaaaaammmmmeee Shoooooowwwww Maaaannnn Joe Van Ginkel.
Joe: !SALUTE! Welcome, Mystery Guest. Have you won $1,000,000 or more on a program?
Mystery Guest: I have not.
Joe: Were you on a traditional game show?
Mystery Guest: Yep.
Joe: Was it a quiz show?
Mystery Guest: Yep.
Joe: Ai-yah.
Gordon: $20 down, $60 to go. Mr. Harpwood.
Mystery Guest: Where's Henry tonight?
Don: Let's see... Would it have been possible to win $1,000,000 on this show?
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Don: Were you on its current season?
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Gordon: $30 down. $50 to go. Mr. Block.
Jason: Is your secret involved with your game play?
Mystery Guest: I Don't understand the question.
Gordon: I would say yes it does.
Mystery Guest: Thank you Mr. Moore.
Jason: Did you win $100,000 this year?
Mystery Guest: No.
Jason: Did you attend GSC4?
Mystery Guest: No.
Jason: Has your show aired yet?
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Gordon: $40 down. $40 to go. Mr. Vickers.
Ryan: hold on... gotta review the facts...Is the show that we're talking about "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"?
Mystery Guest: No.
Ryan: bah. Is it Jeopardy?
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Ryan: Were you a multi-day winner on J?
Mystery Guest: No.
Ryan: argh.
Gordon: I would like to point out that although this person was on Jeopardy, that is not this person's secret.
Chico: $50 down, onto Joe.
Joe: Have you been on any other game shows besides Jeopardy?
Mystery Guest: In a way, yes.
Joe: Hmm...vague.
Gordon: I'd have to qualify it and say yes, Joe.
Joe: Okay, as a contestant?
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Joe: Recently?
Mystery Guest: Be more specific.
Joe: Within the last five years.
Mystery Guest: Yes.
Joe: Hmmm....
Gordon: $60 down $20 to go. Mr. Harpwood
Joe: Sick 'em Don.
Don: Was the episode you were on aired this week?
Mystery Guest: No.
Don: The first week of the season?
Mystery Guest:  No.
Don: So, second week, then?
Mystery Guest: That narrows it down, doesn't it? Yep.
Don: Alright.
Chico: One more here, and it's Jason.
Gordon: $70 down. $10 to go. Mr. Block.
Jason: Did you ever play me in a radio show?
Ryan: Ooh! I think I know.
Mystery Guest: Yep.
Joe: O_o
Chico: Yeah, what Joe said.
Jason: He is Mike Leger, the only person to beat me in "Beat The Block":
Gordon: Is that right?
Chico: Yes!
Ryan: cool!
Joe: Wow.
Mike L: Hiya, hiya
DON: Nice.
Jason: What's up Mike!
Mike L: Same old stuff.
Chico: Gents, here he is, we're honored to have as our mystery guest, Mike "The Killer Tomato" Leger!
Mike L: So glad to be here.
Jason: The light went off!
Chico: At the last possible moment, no less.
Joe: That's our Block for ya, folks.
Mike L: Couldn't have gone better
Gordon: What gave it away, Jason?
Jason: Jeopardy and just a process of elimination. BTW...Mike is a great guy. I have met him twice.
Mike L: Aww, shucks. More than twice, I think
Chico: Hey, if Jason thinks he's a great guy, then he must be. We'll get all up in his grill later, though, so I suggest the panel ready themselves during the course of the opening round.
Mike L: Keep your hands off my grill!
Gordon: 20 Questions will be up later, but right now it's news time, and let's start with that Jeopardy show. We continue to play pass the baton. How come no one wants to stay the champ?
Mike L: The game seems a bit tough this year.
Jason: You should know :P
Mike L: :-)
Chico: You know, it's not for lack of trying. Hell, we had one person who had a decent run at it until he had a brain fart.
Jason: They are writing tougher and they are betting stupidly.
Mike L: I haven't seen all of this week's shows yet (thank God for Tivo), but judging on the first 2 weeks, I dunno about the betting stupid part.
Jason: I think the quality of the questions has been ratcheted up.
Mike L: Lots of sports, which didn't help me at all.
Chico: But you do agree that the writing's harder. Your Emmy at work, folks.
Jason: Thanks to the quality writing staff.
Ryan: Which isn't a bad thing.
Mike L: Absolutely, the questions are pretty tough this year.
Joe: Gee, I wonder why.
Jason: Four words, David Madden Ken Jennings.
Mike L: No, Ryan's's a good thing.
Chico: But if you ask me, it's really bumping up the contestant expectation. I mean, you know what they say, "You build a better mousetrap.. They breed better mice."
Joe: Indeed.
Chico: So yeah, I can see where this could be a good thing.
Jason: It is.
Mike L: Too true.
Jason: I am glad they are. I am not upset at J!
Ryan: It still remains, if you have a really tough contestant process, you'll produce good contestants.
Don: Indeed.
Mike L: During rehearsals, I kept saying "I don't want to face him....I don't want to face her...I don't want to face him either..."
Joe: lol.
Mike L: What was nice was hearing the same from the other contestants about ME.
Gordon: lol.
Jason: Mike, I would have been like...I WANT to face him.
Mike L: Actually, the only person I wanted to face was David, and I didn't get the chance.
Chico: Heh. If they only knew :-)
Ryan: You play the cards you're dealt I suppose!
Gordon: We move to a show that Mike hasn't been on - The Price is Right. Last week it was all fun and games. This week, it got much, much harder. Is the big-spending budget days over for now?
Joe: Until the next Million Dollar Spectacular, maybe.
Jason: No. You have a streaky show.
Mike L: They tend to go in streaks.
Chico: My guess, just another bad break. You can't really predict heads or tails where show sweeps are going to go.
Gordon: The fact that people didn't know the games didn't help. That was one of the saddest Ten Chances that I have ever seen.
Joe: I never liked that game to start with.
Chico: Dude.. the zero rule.
Jason: exactly.
Joe: Yeah, really.
Chico: People should get that. Then again, people should get Check Game, but they don't.
Mike L: I don't understand why people don't understand the simplest math principles when they go on that show.
Ryan: Ah! But then it wouldn't be interesting!
Don: Agreed. It's one thing to not know the zero rule, but she gave the same guess for the last 2 chances...
Chico: They're there to meet Bob... seriously. I mean, if you were at our show, it would be like... "Okay, you're here because..."
Gordon: We should have done the tutorials for THAT audience, Chico.
Joe: lol
Jason: We aren't going to get picked anyway...we should teach them how to win!
Chico: We should've had Travis Schario, the resident Buddha of Beverly Blvd., on hand.
Joe: I'm sure he would've liked that.
Jason: Speaking of DVD game shipped.
Ryan: OOH!
Chico: Nice.
Don: Cool.
Joe: Interesting. I recently received a copy of the Aussie TPIR game.
Jason: I bought it from Marc Green's site.. and contributed to the Rod Roddy Colorectal Cancer Foundation.
Mike L: Oooooo...aussie beauties....
Joe: Nope. The box even says..."Host, model and prizes not included."
Mike L: then what's the point?
Joe: Travis had an advance copy of the DVD game. Awesome.
Jason: And our buddy Todd Newton was in the house this week.
Joe: Indeed. Todd-o is me boy-o. It was nice seeing him again at the GSC.
Ryan: wow, we're all getting into the TPIR spirit.
Joe: :D
Chico: Some more TPIR stuff here, from our good friends at Buzzer... Apparently a new game is forthcoming!
Jason: I saw the pic of it.
Mike L: :-)
Joe: Ah yes. The New Balance Game.
Mike L: The last couple of new games haven't been all that I hope this one's better.
Don: At least it won't be the old version.
Chico: Unfortunately, that's pretty much all we know about it. It won't be the old version.
Mike L: Memo to self: Start Tivoing TPIR again.
Jason: And also I wish Jason Hernandez were here...Buzzer caught on to the fact that there is going to be the Spanish Press Your Luck.
Joe: Jason already knows about that.
Ryan: That was on Wikipedia awhile back I think...
Joe: He's known about it before we did, man.
Chico: He's the one that filled us in about it.
Joe: And he's already salivating over it.
Chico: Because he's got the Ill Communication.
Jason: I still love Trato Hecho.
Gordon: We welcome Mike Klauss to the room. Watch out for the drool, Mike
Jason: Hey Mike.
Mike L: Hiya Mike....
Mike K: Hello gentlemen
Chico: From Prices to Premieres as we go... CLEVELAND ROCKS!
Ryan: Heck, I'd like just to see trato :-)
Mike K: Hey teach ;-)
Chico: As we were saying before the Klauss graced us with his presence, we had two premieres this week. The first one, everyone knew about. That, of course, would be the Amazing Race: Family Edition. The second... no one knew about. :-) That would be... wait for it... wait for it.... Stump the Schwab.
Jason: Gordon's FAVORITE show.
Gordon: Schwab - Teh Suck.
Chico: The show he lives and dies by :-)
Joe: The bum stole my line.
Gordon: Apparently, ESPN agrees with me too, as they decide to burn off the shows at 6am ET with no publicity whatsoever.
Chico: It isn't bad, it just isn't good.
Gordon: It wasn't good to begin with.
Chico: It's no 2 Minute Drill, that's for sure.
Jason: What would you rather see...a crappy game show with an obnoxious (^_^) or good baseball? I would rather see a test pattern than Schwabbie.
Chico: The Schwab was stumped in his first show out.
Mike K: A burning question for those who saw the Schwab this week and were at GSC4: Did his "training" (consuming mass quantities of food) help him out? I'm guessing no.
Gordon: Apparently, as he lost in the first show, he would have been better off going to GSC 4 and getting some more Game Show Competition Training under his belt =)
Joe: Indeed.
Ryan: Hurray for Competition training :-)
Jason: Competition Training...not teh suck.
Chico: Yes. I still think we were robbed. Oh well.
Mike K: We wuz robbed!
Gordon: D-i-s-m-a-n-t-l-e. Learn the word. Meanwhile, about the Amazing Race...
Chico: And not as sucky as we had thought... The Amazing Race: Family Edition.
Mike L: It remains to be seen whether the rest of the season will live up to the start of TAR
Gordon: The Family Edition was fun to see so far. It's a little of a different game, but it's not bad with what it is.
Chico: Well, all the drama is still intact, and that's why people watch.
Don: I know I enjoyed it.
Ryan: It's enjoyable, but sadly I find part of the fun of AR is the battle to get flights and taxis
Mike L: Yeah, but seeing the looks on those two kids faces as they were eliminated...just awful
Mike K: I thought it was decent. It wasn't as good as TAR7, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Ryan: I was really looking forward to everyone scrambling to get van-taxis :-)
Chico: That I enjoyed.
Gordon: The important part is that all of the elements in the Race are in this series so far, and it didn't compromise the integrity of the series.
Chico: We have a tumble... We have two tumbles.
Ryan: This is true, Gordon, but I won't get into the fact why I despised TAR7, Mike :-)
Mike K: You despised TAR7 for the same reason others hated it--"Rombuh".
Chico: I didn't think it would happen, but I worked. It happened. Sure a few people may seem cheated, but hey, it's their fault.
Mike K: I didn't like them as well, but they brought a certain amount of evilness and cunning to the game.
Gordon: I thought Rob and Amber brought the interpersonal skill set that you learn in Survivor on the Race - and the fact is that they played a completely different, yet effective game. A good team will pick up on what they did and use elements of it on the next Race.
Ryan: What do we all think of the Paolo's?
Chico: The Paolos? Reminds me of my family =p
Gordon: That would be team dysfunction.
Don: Ah, the family with the perpetual arguments.
Mike L: And hey, if I want to see a dysfunctional family, I'll go home for Thanksgiving.
Chico: Hey-oooo.
Mike K: Who doesn't like Mama Paolo? She reminds me of several of my aunts. Gosh, I hope they don't see this...
Mike L: I'll be rooting against the Paolos all season, and have decided to pick the dad/sons-in-law team to root for.
Mike K: At least the series started with a bang, or at least a crash. I thought the mother of the Weavers was gone, really.
Gordon: Maybe they did an invasion thing and replaced Mama Weaver with a clone.
Chico: Better than the team with the duotone hair. I know they just got over a harrowing experience, but still, they can at least be not so annoying.
Mike K: I've already found my team to root against, and it might not be a popular choice.
Chico: Which is...
Mike K: The Gaghans.
Ryan: My bet's on the family with the father and the daughter.
Mike K: If I hear Carissa brag about how she can run a mile faster than us obese shut-ins, I will throw a brick through my TV set. "I can run a mile in 7 minutes." Oh yeah? How fast will you run when a cougar's on your butt, sweetie?
Mike L: The Gagging family!
Gordon: The first leg was won by the blonde bombshells - the all-women family. (I'm not even going to try to spell that name now).
Chico: Gordon... G-O-D-L-E-W-S-K-I.
Gordon: Yeah, them. How long will they last?
Chico: I'm going to go with leg 6.
Mike L: The bombshells will be out about 1/2 way through
Mike K: I give the Godl...them until about the 4th or 5th leg. That's not a last name; it's an eye chart.
Don: I haven't picked a favorite yet, and I likely won't until after the 2nd or 3rd episode.
Mike L: I should root for the Linz family...shorter name to type.
Chico: How about something shorter then... Five letters anyone?
Gordon: Was anyone rooting for Kenny - or Spenny - last Friday night?
Chico: What is no?
Mike L: Lingo?
Chico: Lingo.
Jason: NO.
Joe: Poor Chuck.
Ryan: I was too busy watching something else. Anything else.
Chico: Yeah, what Mike L. said.
Don: I still don't have GSN...
Mike L: Right now, the only reason to have GSN is the BAM and TAR reruns
Chico: Well, I'll just let you know right now... Monday and Friday were ... what's the word I'm looking for?
Gordon: Sucky. S-u-c-k-y.
Chico: That's it.
Mike K: If the show isn't titled Password Plus, Blockbusters, Super Password, or Card Sharks, my TV's not turned onto GSN.
Chico: The rest of the week.. Surprisingly bearable.
Joe: Here, here.
Chico: And hey, we finally know what John Ahlers looks like.
Gordon: So to spare us all the TIVO moment, what happened on Friday's episode between Kenny Vs. Spenny?
Chico: Basically, the two forces of huevos and hubris from GSN late night invaded the studio... and did nothing but scowl at each other.
Mike L: Sounds......riveting.
Don: Did the civilians do most of the work?
Chico: Bridgetta and Sepideh did most of the work, but K&S did more than, say, Rachel Hunter. Actually, Kenny was very astute. Not many people can offer up "GELTS".
Mike L: Bridgetta and Sepideh? I didn't think they were doing Lingo from Holland anymore.
Chico: Hey-oooo.
Joe: GELTS?!?! What the heck is a Gelt?
Mike K: It's that Canadian upbringing which produces words like 'gelts'.
Joe: Better question: do I really want to know?
Mike K: Gelt is slang for money, no?
Gordon: It is
Chico: Gelt is money.
Mike L: It's German for money and Yiddish, I think.
Chico: "It's Yiddish."
Jason: Yiddish, trust me :P
Chico: Seriously, it's money used as play money in dreidel games during the Hanukkah season.
Joe: How does a broke idiot like Kenny come up with a word for money?
Ryan: I have no idea what gelts means and I'm Canadian...
Don: Same here.
Chico: Apparently the CBC pays him enough to afford a dictionary.
Ryan: And Chico, the CBC's still in a lockout situation.
Chico: Really?
Ryan: Yup, it's been about six weeks now, absolutely brutal.
Chico: Well, someone's paying'em off... Come on, Cronin! Divulge! Where all that GSN Amazing Race money going?
Gordon: Can someone explain to the Non-Canadians what the lockout is and what it means to the Canadians.
Ryan: The CBC lockout? There's not as much at stake, seeing as for example you guys don't have CBC International, but it's hard for the people in remote areas in the country as CBC is their only link to news, fishing reports, etc...and it's going to look pretty sad when Hockey Night in Canada comes back (this week or next) and there are no announcers.
Mike L: "Fishing reports"? Now there's great TV.
Ryan: Fishing reports - we had these all the time in Newfoundland - marine reports, very important for those people on the Island.
Gordon: Actually, I prefer watching my sports with no announcers.
Ryan: Ah! But you don't know Don Cherry.
Gordon: That is true.
Don: I'd check out no-announcer hockey tonight, but I'll be busy watching the Ultimate Fighter 2 marathon instead.
Ryan: And the CBC gave us Reach for the Top... so there's your game show connection :-)
Gordon: There you go. Before we continue - Chico, who did win the Kenny Vs. Spenny Lingo and what was the punishment?
Chico: Final score: Kenny/Bridgetta: 375. Spenny/Sepideh: 50. And they didn't even win the bonus...
Mike L: The punishment? The loser had to actually WATCH Lingo.
Gordon: That would be all of us, Mike.
Chico: I'll accept that.
Jason: Yup.
Don: I wouldn't mind that kind of punishment.
Gordon: You would if you had to watch THAT episode... Or the donut episode where Quebec gets to be spelled QUBEC.
Joe: Ai-yahhh.
Chico: We're getting there!
Ryan: YEESH.
Gordon: Ok - now is the time for Joe to mute the internet chat room, as we chat about SURVIVOR.
Don: Eep.
Mike K: This is the part of the show where Joe goes all Russian Roulette crazy on us...or maybe not.
Mike L: I actually watched part of Survivor this week, just to prepare for this morning.
Chico: Doesn't make any sense, but hey, Chuckers has work... and that's a good thing. Last week, Danni, during a fit of ... whatever it is she was on at the time... outed that Gary was a former NFL quarterback.
Chico: The aftereffects... Well, I'm still waiting for'em! Now we should note that Danni works in sports radio.
Mike L: I got the impression that his teammates didn't really pick up on Hogeboom's previous life, even after Danni's comment.
Chico: Apparently he's going with the "that was someone else" defense.
Don: I was wondering if anyone would catch on after the challenge with the tent-building.
Mike L: "calling plays"?
Don: Yeah.
Gordon: Apparently, no one believed Danni, which is good for Gary, as he is pretty safe. Also good for Gary - the fact that this season has been VERY physical, so the strong guys leaving quickly, as has been the motto on this series, isn't happening this time around.
Mike L: I think it'll come back to bite him in the butt...outright lying is supposed to be frowned upon, no? As opposed to "bending the truth"
Gordon: As long as Gary can eliminate Danni before she hits the jury, no one would know, which would keep him safe.,
Chico: That's usually the way it goes... And should there be a merger with the two still in the game.... there's going to be a flame war.
Don: That could be interesting to watch.
Chico: The former QB versus the sports chick... That will be interesting...
Mike L: Do you really think Gary'd have a target on his back if anyone on his tribe knew who he used to be?
Chico: Why would there be? I mean, sure he lied, and sure he's making a big deal about it, but still... why the secrets?
Mike L: That's what I mean...I mean, that's the reason he's giving for not giving his real name and former occupation.
Gordon: I think there would be a huge target on his back. The simple 'He has money, he doesn't need it' will be used and he'd be booted immediately.
Mike L: And frankly, there's not that many people who'd even REMEMBER Hogeboom from his pro days...he wasn't exactly a Tier I player.
Chico: I'm surprised Jeff hasn't used it yet... You know he knows everything
Mike K: Hogeboom was primarily a back-up, but he did start a few games for the Colts and Cardinals in the 80s
Mike L: I Don't think the "he has money" argument would work, unless he was a LOT smarter than most NFL players with his finances.
Chico: He's actually a real estate manager now, so I'd say... yes, yes he was. He was a lot smarter.
Mike L: alrighty
Chico: We'll see how this plays out.
Gordon: But If you say 'NFL Quarterback', even a backup commands a lot of money - and you have to remember that you're trying to convince 7 vapid people on the jury to vote for you. I'd certainly use it as an argument if I was facing him.
Mike L: But I think he'd have been able to spin it.
Chico: You would... because you like teh drama.
Gordon: I do =) You know what else is dramatic?
Don: What?
Chico: I think I do, just tell me.
Mike L: Sex in a parking lot?
Gordon: The BrainVision news theme we have playing on our site. Isn't it dramatic?
Jason: (tosses jackets)
Chico: Very much so. It's jacket time, it's Doppler time... It's Doug time...
Joe: (Throws Jason the jacket back) How many times do I have to tell you to keep this?
Gordon: Roll the Beautiful Brain Footage

(*Move Closer*  Real news... real fast... real brainwaves... This is WLTI Brainvision News with the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Joe: That's my dawg.
Gordon: Sounds groovy - First Brainwave?
Chico: And our newest innovation: the Braincopter... we took it out for a spin and got these hot stories... First story alone involves models.
Gordon: Oh baby.
Mike L: I'm intrigued
Ryan: Temptation Island is coming back?
Joe: AI-yahh. I hope not.
Mike K: We know about Kate Moss' drug problems and that Tyra Banks' boobs are real. What other model news is out there?

Hey, if you're reading this, and you're hot-looking, and you're female, NBC is looking for you. "Deal or No Deal" is casting models for its tapings.

Jason: Yowza.
Mike K: Reading this? Check. Hot-looking? Check. Female? Damn.
Chico: If you've ever seen Deal or No Deal, you know that the models handle the money. They handle the money, and they deliver the briefcases.
Mike L: That almost makes me want to watch it. Almost.
Chico: Quite a move forward from Mr. Smiley from Debt, if you ask me.
Jason: Hold my case, please.
Chico: Jason.. You nasty! =p
Mike L: Women and THAT'S a combination for great TV.
Mike K: The more that's shown the better. Am I talking about money or cleavage?
Joe: Both.
Chico: Put me down for one of each... Teach.
Don: Makes sense.
Mike K: The left and the right?
Joe: Ditto.
Chico: Got it. Gordon, next?
Gordon: Next up...

Maybe it's the best thing for ABC and Simon Cowell if Million Dollar Idea doesn't make Primetime. USA's Made in the USA gets thwomped in the ratings, prompting it to move to 6pm - well out of primetime or good ratings.

Don: Ouch.
Jason: Ouch. Sorry Todd.
Joe: ACK!
Chico: Yeowch, indeed.
Mike K: I stopped watching Made in the USA after its 2nd episode, and I used the TiVo fast forward through most of that 2nd show. Todd deserves better fate.
Joe: How many bricks is that for Todd-o?
Mike K: Enough where he can build is own fortress.
Gordon: What happened to this show? Why did it blow?
Chico: It was boring.
Mike K: Boring and I can't stand Joy Mangano.
Chico: I mean, inventors? Come on... There are only so many things you can do with that.
Mike K: Maybe Gordon can show off his invention, the Braincopter...
Gordon: I liked the inventors. Unfortunately, they had the SAME inventions on every week. Apparently, to retain interest, you need different ones each week.
Mike K: He actually put 2 tons of balsa wood to good use.
Joe: lol
Gordon: lol - next one, Chico?

For those fans of Countdown, you'll be happy to know that new episodes are in the offing with a new host in BBC Radio commentator Des Lynam.

Jason: Very nice. That show is good.
Mike K: Good good.
Chico: Of course, there's no replacing Richard Whiteley, but... I'd say pretty good job. Nothing but success, we wish.
Ryan: Excellent to see that the show will continue.
Chico: Now if we can only get a stateside version... Come on, Davies.
Chico: You put worse crap on before.
Jason: See "My Kind of Town"
Mike L: I'd rather not.
Gordon: Speaking of Michael Davies....they STILL need people for the World Series of Pop Culture. You want to get on? Go to
Mike K: Sorry, but Countdown is too smart for the American audience. Unless you eat a cricket every time you select a consonant.
Chico: Not smart enough for geeks like us, though.
Ryan: I betcha we could find a channel for it.
Chico: ahemBBCAmericaahem.
Joe: I dunno. If there's an audience for something like Sudoku in the newspapers, there may yet be an audience for Countdown.
Ryan: I wrote to BBC Canada this am... we don't have any UK gameshows on that channel.
Joe: BTW, Countdown isn't BBC, it's C4.
Ryan: True.
Jason: Love the game.
Joe: I'll have to bring my spiffy new board game of it to the next GSC.
Chico: Yeah, but they've aired C4 stuff before. (Men Behaving Badly, Without Prejudice, Ny-Lon)... And for the record, I've got a black belt in Sudoku... And Gordon has hoes!
Mike L: If I were only eligible...
Joe: If only it were in L.A. BTW, "Ai-yah" is an exclamation I keep hearing at the casino where I work when people lose. As close as I can figure it's the equivalent of "ay, carumba."
Gordon: I've got a hoe as my honey and a 6 pack by my
Mike K: Does anybody else still shout out "lucky white boy" at the casino, or is that only when Gordon's at the table?
Joe: No, I get "lucky Corporation."
Chico: That's... new.
Gordon: I don't mind being any wild Asian woman's 'Lucky White Boy'
Joe: The people who work for the company are referred to as "the
Corporation." So instead of people calling me Joe, I get called "Corporation."
Gordon: I'd rather be 'Lucky White Boy' than 'Corporation'
Joe: Meanwhile...on with Media Hoes!
Chico: *sings* "I've got hoes.... I've got hoes... in different area codes.... Area codes... Hoes! Ho-o-o-o-o-oes, in different area codes..."
Joe: (Looks for the Ludacris CD). Here it is. (puts in the player, cues up "Area Codes")
Gordon: In this week's Media Ho Report...

Bo Bice gets a baby, The Donald announces he will be getting a baby, Celeb Mole Winner #1 Kathy Griffith loses her baby, as she files for divorce, Jennifer Tilly gets a shot on The Practice, Paula Abdul hypes up American Idol 5 and Constantine Maroulis signs that deal with Kelsey Grammar that we reported on months ago....

Chico: Oh, Gordon. I got one for ya... You remember Alan Ritchson, right? Idol 3, sang to Paula, fooled around with model instead of practicing, out in the round of 135?
Gordon: ok
Chico: He's on Smallville now... as Aquaman. Can't sing, but talks to fish. Which would you rather be?
Joe: Neither.
Gordon: I always knew there was something fishy with him.
Chico: Oh, and you have a retraction from an earlier Ho report, G...
Gordon: Do I really?
Chico: Yes... You read the site often, dude?
Gordon: Well, it's not a retraction from us, per se, but according to the same publication that said that he was leaving, Bill has said that he isn't leaving and that he was taken out of context. Bill as in Bill Rancic, from the Apprentice.
Mike L: Which means he's leaving.
Chico: I don't know.. I'm confused at this point. =p Let's just move on, shall we?
Gordon: Next Brainwave?

A couple of game show figures left us this week. Former "Truth or Consequences" announce Jerry Lawrence, and forever Maxwell Smart/Inspector Gadget, the host of his own Screen Test, Don Adams.

Chico: I believe a moment is in order...
Jason: (bows head)


Chico: Thank you. GSN will be airing a tribute to the latter this week on Match Game in the afternoon.
Mike K: Tennessee Tuxedo did not fail.
Jason: Amen to that.
Chico: Final brainwave?
Joe: Don Adams = teh roXXors.
Gordon: Finally, we got gaming for the kiddie core.

Spike TV will be looking for the Ultimate Gamer in November. Meanwhile, The Contender 2 now has a start date - April of 2006.

Joe: Nice. When are they taping Contender 2? I wanna go to the fights.
Jason: I think ESPN Will do a much better job.
Chico: It'll air in April of 2006... Take that for what you will.
Mike K: Ultimate Gamer? Chico, have you sent an application?
Jason: Yeah man...they pimp out their cribs big time.
Chico: No I haven't... because I don't have a single video game idea in my head that I would approve of :-)
Jason:'s just big players who get to go to studios, meet creators, play games and get a ton of new gear.
Chico: They all involve the earth being destroyed.
Gordon: And that is Brainvision for the week. Shut it down.
Jason: come here... (gets the mice some cheese)
Chico: Okay, while we feed the smartest creatures on earth, we're going to break. Next up, we give the Killer Tomato 20 Questions. And later,.... ! !
Gordon: Ok - Break time!
Mike L: Good, I needed one

(Brainvision News has been brought to you by Treat the Block. Everyone wants to beat poor Jason. Show him some love and buy him a sundae).

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