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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

2005 Year In Review

Gordon: We're back in time for Jason to tell us what the bright spot in August was.
Jason H: The bright spot in August.....was Death Valley. :-P Hehe, no no. I, of course, am talking about the 4th annual Game Show Congress held in SoCal *represent!*
Chico: Hell yeah! A fun time was had by all.
Jason H: Yep, and I finally got to meet the man behind the hat. Mister Chico Alexander!
Chico: And I got to meet Twinkletoes Hernandez :-)
Jason H: Hehe, yea....but I didn't dance that much. Next time you guys are out here, we need to hit up that swing dancing joint in Hollywood. =)
Chico: That's gonna be next year, of course.
Jason H: Of course. And I got to see Gordon and his amazing gambling take place once again.
Gordon: Fear the Lucky White boy =)
Chico: Side adventures included a trip to Jeopardy and TPIR, and of course What's My Line Live! Gordon did have tickets to the renewed So You Think You Can Dance and Rock Star: INXS, but we didn't take him up on it.
Gordon: We did get to see the Jeopardy Tapings - and Mr. Bill MacDonald.
Jason H: We also saw an amazing awards ceremony. Oh, and we saw me kick butt on PYL. :-P But seriously, we all had so much fun just hanging out, too. Eating huge pizzas and all. I can't wait until next year, guys.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Don: It certainly sounds fun.
Chico: Then comes the fall... Wheel, J!, TPIR, Millionaire, Trato, and the Feud all return, with one added show... As Ryan Cabrera, yes the pop star, got into the game with "Score". It went 20 and out. Seriously.
Gordon: You could say that score was a little flat
Jason H: :p
Chico: I could, but you're the music expert :-)
Gordon: We also have Extreme Dodgeball 3 pop it's head in.
Chico: Not to mention Ballbreakers and a new season of Lingo :-) Yes, GSN was just ballsy.
Jason H: LOL
Don: Heh.
Gordon: We also start the slew of Poker Royale series, featuring Unabomber Vs. Woods and Young Vs. Old
Chico: And celebs versus Poker Stars.
Gordon: Celebrities - and comedians.
Chico: A whole lotta poker going on.
Gordon: Later on in the fall, we see the World Series of Poker, as well as the conclusion of Poker Superstars 2. In addition to Survivor, we get not 1, but 2....2....2.....Apprentices!
Don: 1 turned out alright IMO, the other... Bleh.
Chico: Agreed with Don.
Jason H: Ditto
Chico: And also, we had a family version of "The Amazing Race" ... which was also bleh.
Jason H: Didn't watch it. know the line.....
Chico: You have that darn life of yours, J...
Jason H: Yep....AND SCHOOL :-P I'm still ecstatic I passed all of my classes. But yea, you think AR will be back again?
Chico: Yeah... just with two people as teams.
Gordon: But I have something even MORE bleh this fall
Chico: What's that?
Chico: Aaaaah!
Gordon: EEEEEEk! Kill It! Kill It! Kill It!
Jason H: .......................thanks, you spoiled my appetite :p
Chico: Heh... yeah. On the bright side, we had a premiere later that fall... Cash Cab! A surprisingly solid quizzer that blends wry wit and ...well, trivia.
Gordon: And for those of you who don't like trivia but want a new game, well we have something for you, too!
Chico: Everyone... Deal....
Jason H: OR NO DEAL?
Chico: The show people said couldn't... did. And how.
Don: Indeed.
Jason H: I'll tell you how.... HOWie Mandel does a great job of Tarrant'ing, at times.
Chico: Yeah, it's surprisingly compelling to the masses it would appear.
Gordon: I'm not as enamored as everyone else is, but I still think it's has potential if it can fix the choppiness of it.
Chico: We'll be seeing more of that in the new year... ,one thing we won't see... My Kind of Town... Oh well. As promised, one year.... ninety minutes.
Jason H: well....357 days.
Don: Fun.
Chico: har... Anyway, now we look forward to the new year... you want to see what's going to happen then?
Jason H: I could look into my crystal ball
Don: Sure.
Jason H: Lingo season 5 *crosses fingers*
Chico: You could do that, JD... But we have to take a break first.
Jason H: In that case,: I want to wish you guys, as well as everyone else out there reading, have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Chico: And a Merry Christmas to you as well, JD :-)
Gordon: We're going to get some resolutions resolved and some programming pipes cleaned - and we still have an announcement to make...but first...this!

In loving memory...

King of Late Night, hosted "Earn Your Vacation"

Boxer, contestant on "The Contender"

Actress, panelist on "Match Game"

Writer, "Remote Control"

"Batman"'s Riddler, panelist on "You Don't Say!"

Comedian, hosted "Blankety Blanks" (Australia)

Ventriloquist, hosted "Runaround"

Host, "Countdown"

Model, "The Big Payoff"

Host, "Twenty Questions"

Announcer, "Truth or Consequences"

TV's Maxwell Smart and Inspector Gadget, host of "Don Adams' Screen Test"

Poet Laureate of Television, hosted "Your Number's Up" and guested on "Pyramid" and "Match Game"

Actor, panelist on "Liar's Club"

Broadcaster, hosted "The Big Payoff"

Infomercial star, co-hosted "That Quiz Show!"

TV pioneer, created and hosted "Truth or Consequences"

(Brought to you by Mano-Pause. If you need something to be segweed for a few moments, or if you just need to keep an audience hanging on, have Howie Mandel do it. He's a hot commodity for hire. Also...Moment-manopause. Try saying that fast 5 times)



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