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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 26, 2005

Chico: Hi! How the hell are you? I'm Chico Alexander.. and I can cook, me.
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we wish to ship Chico over to Gordon Ramsay's kitchen for Thanksgiving.
Chico: I whip up a mean mess of... well, mess.
Gordon: From somewhere in Chico's kitchen,! We welcome you all here for our Thanksgiving programming.
Chico: Or rather, our POST-Thanksgiving programming.
Gordon: We start with the stuffing to our turkey, Mr. Alex Davis.
Alex: Hi. I'd come up with a joke, but it'll be too perverted
Travis: Oh, go on...force yourself.
Alex: It involves Pamela Anderson, a hammer, and a gerbil. Let your imagination fly
Don: Oh my...
Chico: Oh baby... We also welcome the giblet gravy, Travis Schario.
Travis: Giblet Gravy? Oh well, can't be Stove Top all the time, I guess :-)
Gordon: We have the cranberry too, as we welcome Mr. Brian W. Moore with us.
Brian: I'm still trying to recover from the tryptophan.
Gordon: And for a Thanksgiving desert, what about Donuts? We have some here in the form of Don 'Donut' Harpwood.
Don: Yo.
Gordon: We start off with GSN going back shows?
Travis: Wait...wha?? Game...shows?
Alex: I have an internet first with me today on that subject. I will say something I rarely ever say today with GSN.
Chico: What's that?
Alex: I was wrong.
Chico: You were wrong?
Alex: Clock that. Saturday, November 26. 7:55PM ET
Travis: Clocked, checked, and reviving Gordon.
Gordon: EEeeeehhhhhwhajusthapenedIwasdreamingofheatherandeveeeeeeee....huh?
Alex: I stated when GSN got a .3 that they would HAVE to publicly say they were basically wrong and go back to game shows. I said they would never do that. I was wrong.
Brian: It took them a while to come back to their senses...sort of.
Alex: However, if I may continue to babble, I'm not entirely sold on how they are doing this.
Chico: How exactly ARE they doing this?
Alex: First off, they are officially doing Lingo Series 5, I talked to my GSN friends about that.
Gordon: As we reported on this site, I may add.
Travis: That's awesome!
Alex: They are almost positively going to take on I've Got A Secret, they've publicly said they are going to make a pilot called "Poll This", and they are making more traditional game show pilots.
Chico: Yay!
Travis: SWEET!!
Brian: Good for them...sort of.
Chico: How are the rest of the pilots they announced affected?
Gordon: Let's get a reference article up here to show you what we're talking about.
Alex: Extreme Dodgeball was just wild enough to work. It could be serious and funny at the same time. Wet is just plain stupid. That had no chance to begin with.
Chico: That was obvious.
Travis: True dat.
Alex: Your Worst Nightmare actually has a shot. That kind of show is very popular, much like Most Haunted, Fear, and Scariest Places on Earth. Their ungodly amount of casino shows will not survive beyond pilot. The only one in that list that will make it is I've Got A Secret.  Here's what I said they needed to do from the start: Get rid of repeat abused Weakest Link and Millionaire and replace it with the syndie version. They did that with George Gray WL which comes in January finally. Syndie Millionaire HAS to come or else that whole show is screwed. The ratings are dropping severely.
Chico: So GSN has confirmed that, then.
Alex: Yes, I talked to them. George Gray WL is 100% confirmed
Chico: Excellent.
Travis: Awesome
Chico: I need to catch up on season one of that, because I didn't get the channel up in college.
Alex: GSN needs to not forget about their past. Lingo got .9s. Russian Roulette got .7-.8. Whammy got .6-.7. It got equal ratings of Lingo when it was on just Sundays.  What I think they should do is split up the days until they get syndie Millionaire: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday is Millionaire. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is Amazing Race. That would even out the low number of Amazing Race episodes and the extreme abuse of Millionaire.
Gordon: Not to mention the overexposure of Dog Eat Dog.
Chico: Overexposure for what, 25 episodes? Perish the thought!
Alex: What GSN should do is get 21 back on the air. It was only on for 1 day. Kill Dog Eat Dog's multiple runs with one episode of Twenty-One.
Travis: YES!!
Brian: Okay,
Gordon: Ick.
Chico: Or maybe get another primetime rerun... I wouldn't mind seeing the Chair again.
Gordon: Double Ick.
Chico: Only thing is that there were so many episodes of that, too.
Alex: They can't forget about their current shows either. World Series of Blackjack, Extreme Dodgeball, and BallBreakers are tremendous shows. Those should really stay.
Don: I now know what I want to ask my parents for for Christmas; a digital cable box for the living room where I'm watching TV, and access to GSN.
Gordon: Speaking of Christmas, we'll be seeing a new game show air right around that time - Deal or No Deal.
Chico: Getting to Deal or No Deal... That sounds about a good idea, really. Let's get to that. We already announced that it would launch on Christmas Week.
Gordon: After seeing the promotional video, I have to say that this really looks good.
Chico: That looks like the HOTness.
Alex: All I can say is game show fans BETTER be watching and hoping it's a success.
Brian: Let's hope this really does work.
Alex: This show's success will judge when Super Millionaire and the Game Show Marathon come on the air, simple as that.
Travis: I can't wait for this...I'll be watching, and I'm spreading the word.
Gordon: I think the genre will be rejuvenated regardless, but a favorable rating on this will certainly help.
Don: It's definitely looking like a great show.
Alex: I think it will be depending on your definition of game show. This is for the sake of traditional shows.
Alex: I'm going February. For Super Millionaire.
Gordon: They won't have enough time to get it off the ground for February, Alex.
Chico: I'm going to go May.
Alex: By the way, I have the official chain for Deal or no Deal.
Brian: Oooh!


Alex: 7 of the 26 values are over $100,000. With 7 values over $100K, they basically assured us that unless we see the most unlucky person on earth, the game will be exciting no matter what.
Chico: Well, they never chose me, so. :-)...I request a Big Board, please.

The Five Nights of Deal or No Deal

- Good: Tuesday, Wednesday
- Mixed: Monday, Friday
- Trouble: Thursday


Chico: Anyway, the Board today: Things Your Cat Can't Do.... No, wait. Wrong board :-) This is strictly on the five nights of DoND, G.
Gordon: Well then, the 5 Nights of DOND.
Chico: Monday: 8p. Big Competition: CBS's comedies. Now Surface was mixed in this slot, and it got a full pickup despite subpar ratings.
Alex: I think it'll do fine this night.
Gordon: Monday - it avoids the NFL, so it should do well there.
Chico: Tuesday: 8p. This is where Fear Factor would go. Big competition... Bones on Fox... But that's it. Biggest Loser proved to be the winner in that slot.
Alex: Anything to get that piece of crap off the air.
Gordon: Hey - don't insult Fear Factor.
Alex: I'm sorry. It use to be good in season 1, but they stressed the gross eating stuff and I just lost care for the show after that. I can stand sick, crude, and rude, but that show just is dumb to me.
Gordon: Nothing wrong with crude =). Anyways, I think it does well here too, as the beasts are on at 9 pm and 10pm.
Chico: Wednesday: 8p... Well, what do we have here... E-Ring, which benefited from the switch with Martha... Better or worse than anything on? Big competition? Well... nothing, really, as Top Model is out of it.
Alex: It should do very well on that night.
Gordon: Looks good so far. It should have a good run on Wednesday, as it avoids Lost (9pm)
Travis: So, so far, DoND wins Tuesday and Wednesday, but Monday is tight.
Chico: Thursday 8p. No Survivor, but looks for CBS to sneak a CSI rerun in more than likely.
Travis: OR the lost MDS.
Alex: Thursday is the only night that scares me in the entire thing.
Gordon: Thursday should be a night that they can have halfway decent ratings, even with a CSI repeat.
Chico: Friday at 8p... Well, that pesky Ghost Whisperer scares me.
Gordon: I disagree. We've said on more than one occasion that a game show would work the best on a Friday night.
Chico: But will the audience stick around for that long?
Gordon: Friday night is fun night - comedies have usually done well. There's no reason why a compelling game show won't, either.
Alex: I'm really expecting big things from Deal or No Deal, I really am. This show has gone off the special event listing and moved into the primetime column on, so that's good.
Gordon: So assuming that DOND is a hit, where do you put it?
Alex: Depends when the best ratings are.
Chico: Tuesdays and Wednesdays seem to be the favorable times, but not opposite Lost.
Alex: Actually, I'd take it off the network except for summers and start a daily syndicated version. I feel a syndie version would shine better.
Gordon: Maybe yes, maybe no. I expect it to get the best ratings on Tuesday at 8pm, but I wouldn't stick it up against American Idol - unless Idol moves to Wednesday.
Chico: Hmm.. moving on to Idol... another good idea!
Gordon: Let's move on to Idol - and the Big Shark that's looming in the distance in the form of Simon Cowell's Contract with FOX.
Chico: Personally, I don't see the big deal... We heard this song and dance before. Second season end, anyone?
Gordon: Well if FOX is smart, they will lock up Cowell. The worst thing that could possibly happen to FOX is if they let Cowell go and allow him to pitch his new show, The X Factor, to a competitor.
Chico: They've done it before. They'll do it again, and next January will be Black January again. Sunrise, sunset. Maybe Idol needs a shake-up.  The talent's gone downhill since season 3, and there's been no real stars to come out of it since... well, season 2.
Alex: Would someone please explain to me what people see in American Idol? Maybe it's just because I love hardcore punk music, but I just see nothing good in it.
Gordon: The answer is simple. The audience has the chance to decide America's next music superstar. Regardless of the talent base, that and that alone is enough of a hook.
Travis: Superstar...there's a laugh
Chico: Fantasia's no superstar. Carrie Underwood... far from it. Kelly Clarkson was the only genuine superstar to come out of it.  And only when she decided to rock it up a bit :-)
Gordon: Actually As much as we make fun of her, Carrie Underwood is a monster country artist right now. You may not have superstars on the pop level, but she's huge in country. Let's also go back to American Idol 2. Did you know that Josh Gracin now has 4 #1 Billboard Country songs?
Chico: When was the last time you saw a pop superstar come from a show that was originally called Pop Idol? I mean, you show me someone on mainstream radio rotation... and I'll show you a superstar. Hell, even Tim McGraw was on mainstream radio.
Gordon: America is much more than just pop music. And the people who vote know this. America is a huge diverse musical culture, and yes, the mainstream is indeed Pop, but America, the musical melting pot that it is, is also Country, Rock, Soul, Jazz and R&B. Obviously, this is reflective on the competition, as Carrie and Bo did almost no pop while they are singing. It's no longer who is America's new pop star. It's who is the best singer.
Chico: True, but I will say that Pete Waterman did have a point in saying that the show is a joke now.
Gordon: Pete Waterman was more insulted on what they did to a contestant, attacking her physical appearance as well. Fortunately, in America, they toned that down after Idol 2, when the round mound of sound Ruben Studdard won.
Travis: "Round mound of sound"...I'm writing that one down.
Chico: I will just say that they're not looking for good talent anymore. They're looking for good television.
Gordon: There's nothing wrong with good television, as long as there is talent behind it. And so far, there is.
Chico: Everyone I know who tried out... Justin Carter, Cat Cheng, Colin Anderson... they all know this.
Gordon: It's both, You have to have talent, obviously. You also have to have charisma and a story to tell. For all Idol Wannabes, read my State of Play on it. You better be versed in it if you want to be on the show.
Travis: Lest we forget the unsung comedy music genre. Where's the next Weird Al?
Gordon: Chris Wylde is :)
Travis: oh yeah
Chico: You're a Wyldeman. :-)
Gordon: Why yes. Yes I am.
Chico: This is a talent show, not a show show...
Brian: In other words...teh suck.
Chico: Good note to end on, Brian :-)
Gordon: Speaking of writing down stuff, Chico, do you have your Brainvision Notes ready?
Chico: Let's do the news!
Brian: Fire up your neurons!
Travis: (*Jumps in the Chopper*)
Gordon: Jackets! And Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage!
Doug:  (impersonating Mark Thompson) From the four corners of the your frontal lobe... this is WLTI Brainvision News... with the award winning Brainvision News team.
Gordon: It's so nice to hear that Doppler Chopper sound again.
Chico: The Choppler.
Travis: Thanks!
Brian: LOL.
Gordon: What's the first article for today, Chico?
Travis: *boop*
Chico: Okay, first item... Fox Reality.

Fox Reality has just greenlit their first original series (I know, an oxymoron, ain't it?), "Solitary."

Gordon: Oooh. What's it about?
Travis: Being alone. They're coming to my house.
Chico: It's about contestants being put in torturous confinements, such as Travis's house.
Gordon: No! Not the house!
Brian: LOL.
Travis: Hey now. It's only tortuous when Mom's home :-)
Chico: Kinda sounds like "Your Worst Nightmare." Thoughts?
Gordon: It doesn't do it for me, but it's going to be more about the execution of the premise than anything else. I won't bet against Bob Boden.
Travis: Go Boden!
Chico: After all, he did sit on in the live show :-) And for that, we CAN'T bet against him. Shows us the love. Gordon, GO!
Gordon: Hopefully, he's reading this, too. Hi Bob!
Chico: Hi Bob! Next article?
Travis: *boop*
Gordon: We've een talking all about Deal or NO Deal, but we have some more things showing up...

CBS picked up the Game Show Marathon. Meanwhile, The Discovery Channel is taking trivia players on a ride in Cash Cab.

Don: Both of those sound quite interesting.
Travis: Marathon...(*wipes drool from chin*)
Gordon: I am definitely going to watch both of them. The Game Show Marathon sounds great, but I'm hoping that they get good celebrities who actually know how these games are played. Note to CBS - get, if she can do it, Betty White to play.
Travis: If they don't, I'm sure they'd run the celebs thru a quick training.
Chico: And I'm hoping the host or hosts are pretty damn good as well... CBS, if you're watching, Gordon and I ARE available, and are trainable professionals.
Travis: OOH OOH...and I need an internship!!
Gordon: We can train the finest in Celebrity Talent. Roxie Roker was infamous as being a contestant killer in the $25,000 Pyramid. Next article?
Travis: *boop*

Season highs on the syndicated front, as three of the major four shows posted gains from last week. Still no word from the Feud, though.

Travis: Fantastic!
Don: Nice.
Chico: But if previous years are any indication, an eighth season should come around... I hope.  Please? OH! A warning from our newest good friend Chris Tufts: another season jump will occur this week.
Gordon: If we get another round of Family Feud, then we can get in more Media Hoes!
Chico: That depends... Do we have enough to field 10 slots?
Gordon: I can get you Ten Media Hoes right now!
Chico: Excellent!
Gordon: Where's that music?
Chico: *plays "Ludacris' "Area Codes"*
Travis: Gordon's Little Black Book of Media Ho's...on sale at Borders only for the Holiday Season.
Brian: LOL
Gordon: Ok - on one side....

John O'Hurley dances with dogs for a new special, Tyra and Martha both do sweep specials by showing up on other people's shows, The Donald keeps Miss USA in Baltimore and Paula Abdul goes Coast to Coast to pitch the new AI DVD.

Gordon: Now for the other 5 Media Hoes....
Chico: *claps maniacally*

Rob Mariano starts his Early Show shift on CBS, while Constantine Maroulis becomes a semi-regular on Fox Morning. Taboo host Chris Wylde can now be seen on Advertisements promoting the new game Rift. Finally, tying this up all together, we have the start of a new family, as Top Model Season 1 winner Adrienne Curry and former Brady Chris Knight get married. Announce their engagement, that is.

Travis: (*as Burton*) Today, O'Hurley's Hurlers...will take on...Mariano's Marauders...on the FAMILY FEUD Challenge of the Media Ho's!!!!
Chico: *explodes with cheer*
Gordon: There's your 10 media hoes...

And your Ho host - Lynn Swann - who may also be running for office in PA.

Travis: *Standing O*
Gordon: I threw in a free Ho for you all
Travis: Free-Ho-For-All.
Gordon: ok. while I'm walking it off, next article?
Travis: *boop*
Chico: I'm still on the Ballbreakers Rack Girl myself :-) Oh well..
Travis: Calm down, Chico.
Chico: From Game Shows to the technology behind them.

AOL and TiVo are offering Video On Demand services for game shows and other TV for people who have either Video iPods... or THESE! *holds up his PSP*

Chico: This is a Playstation Portable. I own one.
Brian: Aws and oohs!
Travis: Made it to Level 60 yet?
Chico: Working on it...
Gordon: So could we watch Game Show episodes on our PSP's, Chico?
Chico: We could indeed watch game shows.
Don: Cool. I don't have a PSP, but I wouldn't mind having one.
Travis: Which shows, pray tell?
Chico: Which ones? Anything on CBS and NBC right now. Anyone care to correct me?
Travis: So, "Price is Right" on a PSP?
Gordon: Since you can download anything to your PSP, it can be anything - new stuff, old stuff, even stuff on our video wall.
Chico: Oh! ABC shows are going onto Apple iTunes for about 99 cents a pop as well.. But would you want to see anything on ABC?
Travis: Monday Night Football...technically a game show...
Chico: Now we're stretching it. Moving on?
Travis: *boop*
Gordon: Last article...

Finally, who wants to see another Bachelor show? FremantleMedia hopes so, as they unleash a USA version of 'The Farmer Wants a Wife', based guessed it...the Bachelor in Rural America.

Chico: As for Bachelor shows.. I think we can do without for a while.
Travis: Ooooh...Farmer wants a wife...The finale episode will be the wedding with the first picture taken to look like "American Gothic," right?
Gordon: I think the show's creator needs to get stuck with one of those pitchforks.
Don: lol
Chico: Damn you! Damn your farmer, and damn the Bachelor!
Gordon: And that ends Brainvision, Shut 'er down, Travis.
Travis: (*Lands chopper atop Burbank Hilton*).
Chico: Anyway, we're going to take a break while Gordon readies the Whammy Squad.
Gordon: They are all ready to go - and they will get going - after this break.

(Brainvision News has been powered by Slackervision, home of Ant & Dec's PSP Marathon. Slackervision. We'd come up with a slogan, but we're too damn lazy)

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