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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

2005 Year In Review

Chico: That that that that that.
Don: Moment-manopause. Moment-manopause. Monent-mamopause... D'oh!
Gordon: Not so simple, eh?
Chico: Travis, can you say "moment-manopause" five times fast?
Travis: Moment-manopauseMoment-manopauseMoment-manopauseMoment-manopauseMoment-manopause. Yes, I can
Chico: He's good.
Gordon: That's cheating
Chico: Nothing that you haven't done before :-)
Gordon: Who Moi?
Chico: Si...
Travis: Actually, I physically did it...and was able to do it too.
Chico: Gordon wants it on video.
Travis: If I had a camcorder, no problemo.
Gordon: Ok - So we have some resolutions to give out. Everyone with their lists ready?
Chico: Yep.
Travis: Checko.
Don: Ready.
Gordon: Ok First up....

Deal or No Deal. Ok, so it's a hit. What can we do to improve it?

Chico: Get the dealer to start talking.
Don: Some type of qualifying process, even if it's just one question.
Travis: Tighten the editing, speed up the game play, cut the values, shorten to a half-hour, syndicate it.
Gordon: Sort of sounds like what I said on my State of Play this week.
Travis: Salute! I did my research.
Chico: In other words, you cheated :-)
Gordon: I wouldn't mind to see some more talk back from the models. It was a great moment when the model said that Mr. UNlucky's luck was changing - and then opened up the suitcase with the million in it.
Travis: Actually, I formed that opinion before I read the article.
Gordon: Sure you did =)
Travis: Oh, :-P
Chico: He goes into the next subject... admitting nothing :P
Gordon: So Resolved - That we get more from the Banker and the Models, and to do what it says to do in the State of Play.
Chico: It's got a lot of polish and the kids seem to dig it, but there can be more.
Gordon: Next up....

American Idol 5. We know we're going to watch. What does it need to do to make us not think it's the same old same old?

Don: Good question...
Travis: Ooh. AI5. *Clicks over to NBA Basketball*
Chico: How about that one dude who won Jeopardy! yesterday? Peter Rubin? Interesting backstory, that Peter.
Travis: Dr. Evil, you mean?
Chico: He was originally slated to be the Pete Waterman of the series. Or the Neil Fox, rather. Gordon knows who I'm talking about.
Gordon: As in the Stock/Aiken/Waterman trio. Yes I know. Going back to the matter at hand. What should AI5 do?
Travis: Do what the Biggest Loser is doing...shorten it to one damn night.
Chico: impossible. Let's see... broaden the genre range? Make it more of a talent show instead of an image parade.
Travis: HA...that'll happen.
Don: That would be good to see.
Chico: Hey, Gordon asked the question.
Gordon: What about increasing the age limit even more?
Chico: Then it would be X-Factor, not Idol...
Travis: Yeah.
Chico: There's a thought. Resolved: Make American Idol "X-Factor." Agreed?
Gordon: Simon wanted to...sort of. Agreed.
Chico: I thought Paula wanted to :-)
Gordon: Next Up...

Ashton Kutcher. He's the hottest thing on the Market. Beauty and the Geek 2. Punked. The Amazing Race hybrid between college kids and Old people that we will be seeing soon. What should he tackle next?

Travis: Demi Moore. Oh, wait.
Chico: *rimshot*
Don: lol
Chico: How about a quiz show?
Travis: Ashton should be kept no less than 100 miles away from a quiz show.
Gordon: You don't think he could do a Quiz Show?
Travis: His ego would get in the way.
Chico: A quiz show is really hard to screw up... unless your name is David Stanley.
Travis: Kinda like, "Oooh, look at me. I'm Ashton, and my trucker cap is on sideways. What's that? Questions? BWAHAHAHA!!!"
Chico: I don't think he's as dumb as he lets on.
Travis: No, but he's got an ego the size of Cleveland.
Don: He doesn't have to be on-camera for the show. See: Beauty and the Geek.
Gordon: So what do you think he SHOULD do?
Travis: DEMI MOORE. Stay home and off TV.
Gordon: So Resolved - Most of us want you to do a Quiz show - most of us...
Chico: the rest of us want you to do your .. ahem....
Jason B: Ho! Ho! Ho!
Travis: Santa Block!!
Gordon: Next up, you filthy McNastys...
Chico: Takes one, Gordon... Takes one.
Travis: Boo yah.

The Price is Right. Bob Barker isn't getting any younger. What do you have to do when that time....comes?

Travis: *sits back and lets everyone get their opinions out first*
Chico: Call Todd Newton, damn it.
Jason B: That's about right.
Don: Yeah.
Jason B: Newton is and should be the heir apparent.
Travis: OK, ready for mine?
Jason B: Sure.
Chico: Let's hear it
Travis: Yeah, I'd have to agree. Newton.
Chico: All that build up... and that's it?
Travis: Well, I was thinking a couple of things, but Newton makes the most sense.
Jason B: What were you thinking?
Chico: What were the couple of things?
Travis: Take a two-week hiatus from the airwaves, let CBS let Fremantle sell "Price" to GSN, then hire a new host (most likely Rich or Todd), and pick up where we left off.
Jason B: Rich Fields?
Travis: Yeah.
Gordon: So resolved....Find Todd Newton's agent's Phone Number.
Chico: I think I got it when I met the dude. I'll have to look
Gordon: Next one - and this is sort of a 2 parter...

1. - MTV. That 70's Show - fell off. Miss 17 - Fell off. Score - Really fell off. Besodes Wild'N'Out, They haven't had a good game show since...well...Remote Control? What do they have to do to get on track?

Jason B: Not do game shows.
Chico: Call Michael Dugan and apologize.
Travis: Dust of the Control or bring back the Brain.
Chico: Come to think about it, I want to correct Gordon's statement... Idiot Savants was good.
Jason B: Did I tell you I was a run through contestant for Idiot Savants?
Chico: VERY good.
Gordon: Were you the idiot or the savant?
Travis: *rimshot*
Gordon: Thank you, Travis
Travis: *bow*
Jason B: I consider myself a savant thank you. And at times a big idiot.
Gordon: I'm not going to argue that. On a side note...

There was one thing good about But Can They Sing, and that was...Ahmet Zappa. What should he be doing for next year?

Chico: Game Show Marathon.
Travis: Subbing for Howie Mandel.
Jason B: Repenting...if you think Ahmet Zappa was good on are seriously on drugs.
Travis: *Ding*
Chico: He was good on Robotica and passable on webRiot.
Don: He should try to get on a show that doesn't suck as much as BCTS. Granted, it's not hard at all to find one
Travis: Ahmet Zappa shouldn't be considered for GSM.
Gordon: So resolved - find something that doesn't suck as badly as But Can They Sing.
Jason B: Ok.
Gordon: Finally, you all get one resolution on any one topic you want. So sing out, brothers!
Don: I would like to see smarter people on Millionaire. Seriously.
Chico: CBS should hurry up on that Game Show Marathon... maybe call in someone non-game-showy to host... I mean, these games are really played for laughs at the heart.
Travis: True, but if GSM gets a good response, these games could break out on their own (depending on their game selection).
Chico: It happened once already.
Jason B: 2006: To GSN: It's called Game Show Network for a reason. Please make more original game shows that EVERYONE can play. I don't want to hate you as much as I do.
Gordon: Resolved to the big networks - The ratings on Deal or No Deal show that game show ratings are not a fluke. People like game shows. Make a note of that when you see them coming down the pike in syndication.
Chico: Okay, well, we've made our resolutions, and now we're making our predictions... Push or Flush is next AND Gordon still has that announcement to make. But first, if it made news in 2005, then it made.... Brainvision News!
Jason B: Jackets!
Travis: OK, no one washed my jacket. Smells like egg nog and French onion dip.
Gordon: I think there's a Lingo Ball or two in there as well.
Travis: No Lingo Ball, but there is a Plinko chip.
Jason B: Mine has a phone number from some of the DoND models. Telling me to go away.
Travis: HA! Oh, snap.
Gordon: Before Jason loses any more ego, Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage!

Doug:  (impersonating Mark Thompson) From the four corners of the your frontal lobe... this is WLTI Brainvision News... with the award winning Brainvision News team.

Regis Philbin, the first host of USA's Millionaire, will now be the most current host of the revised 'This is Your Life'.

Chico: Airing on what network?
Joe: ABC, IIRC. Let's just hope they profile people worth profiling.
Gordon: It is ABC, indeed. I just don't know if it will be any good.
Chico: Seems like this guy is always in service for the Mouse, you know?

Big Brother on CBS gets picked up for Season #7. Meanwhile, Big Brother may be dropped in the UK, because they think that reality programming has run it's course.

Maddie: Big Brother was good this time.
Jason B: You liked the "summer of secrets?"
Ryan: It would have been good if they had actually kept the secret...
Maddie: Kaysar and Janelle were cool.
Chico: It would've been good if everyone left wasn't an annoying hateful little... uh, you get where I'm going with this. Now I was a big fan of Kaysar...
Gordon: What's the issue? The team I rooted for won =).
Maddie: You liked Maggot?
Chico: To repeat myself.... SNAPS!

Fox Reality has just greenlit their first original series (I know, an oxymoron, ain't it?), "Solitary."

Gordon: Oooh. What's it about?
Travis S: Being alone. They're coming to my house.
Chico: It's about contestants being put in torturous confinements, such as Travis's house.
Gordon: No! Not the house!

Wheel and Jeopardy, not-surprisingly, get renewed for 2 more years through the 2010 season. Wheel is still in first place and Jeopardy is rotating between third and fourth place in syndication.

Chico: Thanks, Oprah. No, really.

John O'Hurley dances with dogs for a new special, Tyra and Martha both do sweep specials by showing up on other people's shows, The Donald keeps Miss USA in Baltimore and Paula Abdul goes Coast to Coast to pitch the new AI DVD.

Gordon: Now for the other 5 Media Hoes....
Chico: *claps maniacally*

Rob Mariano starts his Early Show shift on CBS, while Constantine Maroulis becomes a semi-regular on Fox Morning. Taboo host Chris Wylde can now be seen on advertisements promoting the new game Rift. Finally, tying this up all together, we have the start of a new family, as Top Model Season 1 winner Adrienne Curry and former Brady Chris Knight get married. Announce their engagement, that is.

Travis: (*as Burton*) Today, O'Hurley's Hurlers...will take on...Mariano's Marauders...on the FAMILY FEUD Challenge of the Media Ho's!!!!
Chico: *explodes with cheer*
Gordon: There's your 10 media hoes...

And your Ho host - Lynn Swann - who may also be running for office in PA.

Travis: *Standing O*
Gordon: I threw in a free Ho for you all
Travis: Free-Ho-For-All.

Congratulations to The Amazing Race, who wins Emmy #3 last Sunday.

Jason B.:  Good job guys.
Chico:  Certainly deserved.
Travis:  The right show won.
Joe:    Blah.  Remind me to care.
Gordon: We at WLTI remind Joe Van GInkel to care about The Amazing Race.
Chico:  If you don't like TAR, better check your pulse to see if you still have one.

(Brought to you by But Can They Sing: The Game. From Welltico. Bai Ling not included).



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