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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

2005 Year In Review

Gordon: First no batteries, then no Bai Ling? That's a rip, man...
Chico: Well, welcome back, and it's time for Push or Flush. We do this at the end of EVERY season here. And here to help... Joe Van Ginkel!
Joe: Greetings, and Happy Holidays, all hands.
Travis: Salute!
Gordon: Let's start this puppy off...
Travis: Let me shine up my plunger.
Chico: We've got a lot of shows to cover, and it's your job to tell me whether they make the grade or whether they make better waste liners. Starting off with January 1, and the premiere of two new shows on VH1...

First up: Celebrity Fit Club 3.

Jason B: Push. It does well.
Joe: Flush. The first two didn't interest me, this one should be no different.
Chico: Ant returns with several new festively plump celebrities.
Travis: Flush. And this coming from a fat guy.
Chico: And I have to agree with Jason. I mean, they must be doing something right here. Push.
Don: Going to a 3rd season, eh? Though I personally haven't seen it, it seems okay to me. Push.
Gordon: I like the show. It's kitchy, but last season was a HUGE improvement from Season 1. Push.
Chico: 4-1 Push. Next up...

Flavor of Love... It's The Bachelor... starring Flavor Flav.

Jason B: Flush. Strange love was bad...this looks horrible.
Chico: You know how I feel abou tthis kind of show... Flush HARD.
Gordon: Didn't he have a thing going with Brigitte Nielson?
Don: Another show of the Bachelor-type? Flush.
Travis: Flush. It's The Bachelor.
Chico: Apparently he doesn't anymore.
Joe: Flush, just from the name.
Gordon: No. No. No. What's Worse than 2 Apprentices? 2 Bachelors. FLUSH!
Chico: Five flushes, You know what that is...
Gordon: Ladies and gentlemen. we have a CLOG! - get the Plunger!
Travis: Plunger, HUZZAH!
Jason B: Here we
Group: PLUNGE! Weeeeeee!!!
Chico: I can't! The suck is too bad!
Jason B: Next...

January 4 gives us "The Biggest Loser: Special Edition."

Chico: Think of it as several seasons condensed into several hours.
Gordon: The overkill concerns me. Paltry Push
Don: Push. I think it could be quite interesting.
Travis: "The entire journey in one night." Push.
Chico: This one has a good thing behind it, but will it work in shortened doses... I don't think so. Didn't work for TAR. Won't work here. Flush.
Jason B: Big Push. This will be the biggest ratings ever.
Joe: People seem to dig Biggest Loser. And it's more compelling without
celebrities anyways. I'll give it a tentative push.
Chico: Righty. Next up, then...

January 5 gives us DANCING! With the Stars, no less!

Jason B: Two words: Stacy Keibler--BIG PUSH.
Chico: Oh yeah... Big push here.
Travis: I may actually take time to watch this one. Push.
Don: Push.
Joe: If they stay with Tom Bergeron, I'll push. If not, it's a flush.
Chico: They stay with Tom, Joe.
Joe: Tentative push, then.
Gordon: Better stars. Bigger stars. Ppush it.
Joe: Ppush?
Chico: That's six and out, Big Push!
Chico: *DoND small case reveal cue*
Joe: Is Ppush like the old Salt n' Papa song?: Ppush it real good!
Chico: Da DA DA DA DA DA Dadadadadadada
Travis: *Obligatory beat box*
Jason B: (checks my Nextel phone)
Gordon: Next?
Chico: Okay, enough dancing here... Jason Hernandez is somewhere laughing at us.

January 9, and we see "The Bachelor: Paris".... I'd like to leave him there...

Jason B: FLUSH! It's a dating show.
Don: Leave the whole series there. FLUSH.
Chico: Seriously. I can't stand another season of this. FLUSH.
Gordon: Oh - I think this one is going to be unanimous too...FLUSH.
Travis: If I can't get a girlfriend in Athens, he shouldn't get a girl in France. FLUSH.
Chico: That's Athens, GA, right Travis?
Travis: Athens, OH
Chico: Ah. Right.
Gordon: We have another....CLOG!
Jason B: count along with me!
Group: One! Two! Three! PLUNGE!
Travis: pi
Chico: Wee!
Joe: (pours in the Drano afterwards)
Chico: That was fun.
Jason B: Next!
Chico: Okay, the next day...
Jason B: And we need Lysol for that stinkbomb

Jimmy Carr returns with another season of Distraction.

Jason B: Love that show. Push.
Joe: That's a gigantic push. Jimmy Carr is fantastic.
Travis: Push, push, for the love of Comedy Central, PUSH!
Don: I liked the first season. From what I hear, they have some good new distractions for this one. PUSH!
Chico: Big ass push.
Gordon: Push this one, too - but let's be careful on crossing that fine line, shall we?
Chico: Another six shooter! *DoND small amount case noise* Two days later...

Beauty and the Geek. The Geek returns. The Beauty returns. Can they match the bar set by last summer's sleeper?

Jason B: Yes they can. Push.
Joe: Flush.
Travis: Flush.
Gordon: This was a fun show. It gets a push from me.
Chico: I like it. I'm going to give it a push. I think the WB found a winner.
Don: Hmm... Slight push. I'm hoping to see something good out of it once I get to see it.
Chico: 4-2 push. I think the first BATG got a 4-2 push as well.
Gordon: I think so, too
Chico: Or a 3-2. Yep. a 3-2. Okay, next up...

GSN is back into the game with "High Stakes Poker" in January 16.

Chico: Will an all cash affair get people watching?
Jason B: Mild Push.
Travis: It's their own money. Push. (Wait, will I get my money back? No win, no loss?)
Joe: Basically what they're doing is filming the famous "Big Game," aren't they?
Gordon: Pretty much, but this intrigues me. Push
Chico: Yes. The famous Big Game.
Don: Push. And if I get what I asked for for Christmas, I'll check it out.
Joe: Agreed. That's why I asked. This oughta be a clinic. Push it.
Chico: This may be intersting. Any other game, you'd think yeah, be a little loose, but this is $100,000 to go... REAL CASH. Real push. Another six and out... *DoND small amount case noise* And now, January 17... Hold on... *riot gear*...

American Idol.

Jason B: The best talent show out there gets better. Massive Push.
Don: Push, of course.
Gordon: Whether you like it, or don't like it, learn to love it, because it's the best thing going today. We needed to see Bai Ling to show us this. Push.
Travis: Meh. I won't watch it, but my friends do. So, push.
Joe: As we say at the Commerce....Puuuush.
Chico: That's a nice quote there.. I think Ric Flair wants it back. Push.
Jason B: If you are a Ric Flair fan like I am, I am glad Gordon said it :P
Gordon: =)
Chico: Indeed.. another six and out... *DoND small amount case noise* That same night...

King of Vegas. The gambling marathon.

Jason B: This is the reality show I am looking forward to more than ever. Push.
Gordon: My sentiments exactly. Push.
Travis: Hit? No. Double down? No. Push? Yes.
Joe: Vegas Challenge squared. Push.
Don: Lookin' good. Push.
Chico: I'm going to go a push on it. What Joe said. February 2....

Nick Cannon is back with a new season of "Wild'n Out"

Joe: Flush. It's just not that funny.
Chico: Improv, hip-hop, Nick Cannon.... Can't lose. Push.
Travis: Flush.
Gordon: I think it's funny enough. Push.
Jason B: Mild Push. It was fun. The first season comes out on DVD in March.
Chico: I'm so there.
Don: Still haven't seen the show, but it does seem cool. And I like improv. Push.
Chico: 4-2 Push for Nick and the boys. Two more for this one, and then we'll continue on the next show.

February 19.. Knight School.

Chico: Bobby Knight needs a relief player on his squad, so he's scouring the country for a redshirt.
Jason B: ESPN. Reality. Bobby Knight. Push.
Joe: The only time college hoops interest me is at March Madness time. Flush.
Gordon: I can see who the winner is by looking at the box score of this week's game. Flush.
Travis: I've gotten to like college basketball with Ohio U going to the dance last year. Push.
Don: Mild flush. I'm just not sure if I'd like it.
Chico: It's not Carolina. I'm going to flush. Bobby Knight doesn't need any more attention.
Gordon: Sure he does. Go give him a hug
Chico: I'll push if YOU give him a hug.
Travis: Ok, now we're getting Push-y.
Chico: Speaking of which...

One more, February 28... The Amazing Race: Season 9.

Chico: We're back to form with 11 teams of 2.
Don: Back to the regular format is good. Push.
Jason B: Back to teams of two. Push. The best reality show on the air today.
Travis: Push. May watch.
Chico: I'm going to push this one. TAR Family realized what I missed.
Joe: Push.
Gordon: Back to reality oops there goes gravity ooop...ok, Push.
Joe: Okay, Marshall Pepper.
Chico: Six for six... *DoND small amount case noise* He's no Beastie... We'll continue the Push or Flush on our next show. But when we come back, the WLTI crew has some resolutions of our own in the Big Finish. Don't fade out now... Mwahahahahaha!

(Brought to you by Distractor. We're going to do stunts in the Farmlands for the next season. All barnyard animals private parts for the stunts provided by Grizzlebees. You'll wish you had less fun!)

Chico: Tinfins, baby! The word you're looking for... is word.
Joe: The password is...word. (ding!)
Chico: Well, we're just about out of time for the WLTI 2005 show, meaning it's time once again... for the BIG FINISH!
Travis: WOO HOO
Chico: Now I believe we all have some words of resolution, words of thanks for ourselves and the people at home reading this on their Warcraft boxes. Who wants to start?
Travis: I'd like to.
Gordon: Go for it
Chico: Okay, Travis.
Travis: First off, I'd like to thank the GSNN gang for letting me practice my creative writing skills during my "Price" recaps, and I apologize for the eps I can't get. And to thank you guys again for accepting me into the "Club." As for resolutions, my only resolutions are to go 7-for-7 in the A category in my classes, and to get down to a 42 waist and XL shirt by my birthday.
Chico: You can do it, man... Thanks, Travis. Don, you want to go next?
Don: I still need a little more time to think about what to say.
Chico: Okay. Jason?
Jason B: has many meanings to me. Chico called me "his brother in the game." Gordon has been a great friend for over 2 years now. And I have met tons of wonderful people in the game show community. Thank you for letting me be part of the GSNN family. And I resolve to continue to try to lose weight, and promo GSNN on WPLJ at least once in 2006. And get on a game show in 2006.
Travis: w00t.
Jason B: If there are enough out there.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: I think Joe would be up next, no?
Joe: My friends...first, remember that no matter what you believe, what color your skin is, what your politics are or what gender you are, we are all human. It only takes a little bit of effort to do right by other.
Jason B: Amen.
Chico: Oh yeah. Very much so.
Joe: Second, I must thank Gordon and Jason for welcoming into their little world, and Chico for his comradeship and good humor.
Chico: You're very much welcome.
Joe: I would also like to thank the Suchards, who while they're not here, have been more than friendly and hospitable to myself and my associates. Happy Holidays to you, Jeff, Julie, Maddie and Emma. Thanks for the card. And lastly, thank you, friends, for reading and enjoying this show and GSNN in general. These people do incredible work to keep it going, and with your support, they'll continue to do so. My resoultions are to get into "fighting shape," further my goal of hosting and producing my own game show(s) and to officially make friends with a certain ex-Power Ranger.
Chico: Monica May? :) You're a good man, Joe.
Joe: (if you're reading this, Amy Jo, drop me an e-mail, would ya?) As are all of you. Happy Holidays my friends, and as Doug Morris says, keep the faith. And as I say, "spread the love." NEXT!
Chico: That leaves Gordon, Don and myself... Don?
Don: I'm ready.
Chico: Don, please.
Don: I'd like to thank you guys for giving me a chance to be a part of this awesome community. I really enjoy being able to take part in things like this, and I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy it in the new year and beyond. And I'll make one resolution: to make sure that I make it to GSC5.
Travis: Cool. TWO Canadians at GSC5.
Joe: ROFL Three, actually. Remember Paul Paquet.
Travis: ok...three
Chico: Just don't share a room with THIS guy.. Gordon?
Gordon: Bite me. Hard.
Travis: Oh yeah.
Gordon: Ok. Let's start with this year. This past year has seen our viewership gradually climb. This past month, we will get the most amount of hits and people to our site ever in the six-year history of this site.
Jason B: WHOO HOO!
Chico: yay!
Travis: Jackpot.
Don: Nice!
Joe: Booyah.
Gordon: I am awed and humbled by the support that we get as a site - even more so because we don't advertise and we don't do this for profit. Thank you for your support. Next year, we will be running some major stuff through the Game Show Congress, and we will have some other surprises in store for all of you. Thank you all again for making us one of the flagships in the game show internet, and have a safe and joyful holiday season. Chico?
Chico: Well.. what can I say that hasn't been said already? First off, I want to thank Gordon for convincing me to go out to Congress which was just nothing short of awesome.
Travis: ...too soon?
Chico: Yeah =p
Chico: Way too soon for that :-)
Travis: Sorry, Chico. Go on.
Chico: Anyway, Gordon, Jason, everyone, really... We've been talking about acceptance, and really, you've been in the game longer than I have, and to just say, if I can quote Bubba Sparxxx?
Travis: Quote away.
Chico: "Accepting me as kin, put before your younger brother, they put a lot on us not knowing one another. I honestly can say that over time I've come to love you. Now we are brothers and together no one can touch us." And I sincerely want to thank everybody who visits the site, which we continue here on little more than a labor of love. As Travis E. once said quoting Jim Perry, "Without you, we're nothing." And I want to thank you guys, Gordon, Jason, Travis, Julie, the other Travis, Johnny, Eric, Pierre, Ryan, and Don... I know you guys don't have to do this and it really... yeah, you know....
Gordon: I thank all of you as well.
Chico: You guys mean the world to me.
Jason B: GROUP CYBER HUG *HUUUUUUUUUUG* "Those aren't pillows...
Chico: And as for a resolution... just keep being a decent human being, I suppose. :-)
Gordon: AwwwwBarf
Chico: And maybe work on the gun show here :-) Okay, that's it for us here. WLTI is back January 14 with a new visual identity (again) and a new season of shows (of course, Gordon's going to talk about Idol... it's what he does... and he's good at it!)
Gordon: Damn right.
Chico: For Jason Block... For Don Harpwood... For Travis Schario... For Jason Hernandez... For the Game Show Man Joe Van Ginkel.
Chico: For EVERYONE HERE at Game Show Newsnet... I'm Chico Alexander... Happy holidays, and a peaceful and prosperous new year to you all!
Travis: *Preps champagne for popping...*
Gordon: And I'm Gordon Pepper. Be safe and Spread the Love, Y'all
Travis: *POP!! Fizzlefizzlefizzle. Pours 5 glasses.*
Chico: A toast... to the game.. and the fans thereof!
Jason B: To the game. And to the fans.
Joe: To the game!
Travis: To the game!
Don: To the game, and the fans!
Travis: and the fans! Mazel Tov!
Joe: And the fans! Skol!
Gordon: Toast! (Clink!)
Chico: We leave you with some of the best moments from 2005 on WLTI... Good night, everybody!

Chico: Hello out there in game show land, I'm Chico Alexander... and I think I said my piece regarding Trista last week. I'm not sorry either :)
Gordon: This is Ryan Sutter, and I'm about to kick your butt.
Chico: Bring it, pretty boy.
Travis: And the smack begins.

Chico: From somewhere in America...

Gordon: You're assuming a lot right there. Speaking of smart, are celebrities smart enough to spell 5 letter words?
Jason B.:   Maybe. M-A-Y-B-E
Alex:   No. N-O-O-O-O

Gordon: GSN just signed on for episodes of Strip Ultra Vixe....oh...sorry...from Somewhere in America

Bai Ling
A screeching cat
Infamous Phone Jeopardy! clip

Dan:  hahaha!
Gordon: I protest this question.
Chico:  The question... oh, Gordon, you're going to love this one.
Gordon: PROTEST!
Chico:  At least let me ask first!
Gordon: Fine, then I'll protest
Dan:  C'mon Gordon. Let 'er rip, Chico.

Which of these is better to listen to than Carrie Underwood's new album?

Rob: Ouch.
Jason B:  None.
Gordon: Ah. BAI LING!
Chico:  Still want to protest?
Gordon: I withdraw the protest, sir.

From somewhere in Tratolandia,...

Jason B: I have seen the future of game show fandom, and her name is Maddie Suchard.

Johnny: Jeopardy is a JOKE now. The ANSWERS aren't even ANSWERS anymore...just CLUES.
Jason: Are you a Jeopardy hater Johnny? :-)
Johnny: Nah, not a J! hater
Travis: They've always been clues.
Chico: Not so different than usual. Or hell, even Fleming era.
Travis: "The answer is..."
Eric: Just now they are blatantly obvious, I think it's mostly UTOC withdrawal.
Johnny: 5280. How many feet in a mile.
Travis: "5280 feet" would be a (mildly) better clue.
James: Agreed...I'm now getting a majority of the questions again :-)
Travis: What was my white cell count last night?
Chico: What was my BAC last night?
Gordon: What was your BAC last night, Chico?
Jason: What was the number of runs scores against the Yankees pitching? :-)
Eric: I'll have what he's having.
Travis: Ow. No love lost for the Yankees. :-)
Jason: I am a Yankee fan. I bleed pinstripes. They stink now.

Gordon: From somewhere in the country of Europe...

Jason B: Hey, I give UPN credit. I never thought ANTM would be as big of a program it has been. And Tyra Banks has the #1 new talk show of this year, am I right?
Chico: Surprisingly. Personally, I think it's self-gratifying talk from a hired mannequin.
Gordon: A sexy mannequin with nice pineapples.

Gordon: From somewhere in Chico's kitchen...

Gordon: You can go to to apply to Score!
Chico: And hey, you get to meet a walking piece of hair.

Joe:    I'll take odds on it, Mystery Guest.
Gordon: Would Mr. Hernandez care to take a guess?
Jason H:    Do you have a popular website that we've shamelessly promoted here on WLTI? :-p Are you the famous, Steve Beverly?
Mystery Guest:  Considering how shameless we all are.....YES!
Chico:  Blindfolds off!
Joe:    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo!

Gordon: Free ipods from the leftover My Kind of Town prize supply?
Chico: And naked calendars.
Gordon: You can keep the naked calendars, you perv.
Chico: Pot kettle black, G. Pot kettle black.

Group: The LIVE edition of We Love to Interrupt... Is... ON!

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