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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

December 17, 2005

Chico:  And then it'll be off the air in eight months.
Jason:  No kidding.
Chico:  Although not for lack of trying. Man can only stand so much Dick Enberg.
Jason:  Or Verne Lundquist.
Gordon: Well, here's some money. You can buy your own shows. You can buy anything, as we get to Bargain Hunters.
Jason:  How much!
Gordon: Simple concept here. I give you offers to buy. You say if you would, and what you would.
Chico:  Gordon doesn't make the amount I'm willing to spend :)
Gordon: Let's start with something that Randall wouldn't buy...

Rebecca's services are up for sale. Would you spend the money and hire her?

Jason:  Yes.
Chico:  Yes. I mean, why not, she was willing to fight for the top jockey, and Donald said it himself, she is a star.
Gordon: What would you use her services for? (Keep it CLEAN, people!)
Chico:  Giving me more time to update this site? Getting the word out. That sort of thing. You know, keeping people like you from getting a real job! :)
Jason:  LOL
Gordon: Going to traditional game shows...

Deal or No Deal is premiering. What part of the set would you want to pick up as a souvenir?

Chico:  Lisa Gleave :)
Jason:  I would want the $1,000,000 Suitcase as a prop.
Gordon: I'd certainly pony up some cash for a suitcase.
Chico:  Well you have our answers.... where's the cash?
Gordon: Next up - Wheel of Fortune.

You can spend $1,000 to stick anything on the Wheel. Assuming that you've already spent $1,000 promoting for the Wheel, what would you put up there?

Chico:  A Sharper Image gift card (yes, another one)... I like gizmos and gadgets and things that plug in and go bleep. Besides, who wouldn't want their own Roboraptor?
Gordon: I'd do the Game Stop thing myself. Jason?
Jason:  $1,000 GC to Best Buy. Gadgets Galore.
Chico:  So three gadget whores, three gadget stores. :)
Gordon: There you go. Moving on to Survivor.

You can spend your money to create your own little challenge for Exile Island. What would it be?

Jason:  When they are on the island?
Gordon: Yes
Jason:  Watching an endless loop of Bai Ling on But Can They Sing for 24 hours.
Gordon: That's an endurance challenge for you. Chico?
Chico:  Throw in a performance or two by Carmine Gotti. Then the complete 1990 season of Tic Tac Dough. YOOOOOOOU BLOCK!
Gordon: If we're going to have that, then throw in Married by America. That's HARD CORE, BABY!
Chico:  People will literally kill to stay off that island.
Jason:  And then they have to eat...first one not to barf...gets off the island.
Gordon: That could be the up, Family Feud.

Let's say that Richard Karn takes a vacation. Who would you hire to sub for him for the week? (Richard Dawson is retired, so he won't answer your calls)

Chico:  I'd take the money and volunteer my services.
Jason:  Marc Summers - After Chico took my answer. :)
Chico:  But barring THAT... Todd Newton. Brother needs a hit bad.
Gordon: I think Marc would do good. I also think Todd Newton would be a good fit - extra sweet host with a decent amount of tart.
Chico:  How hard is it to say "How about I triple the points?".  I've got room in my Store bag for one more thing here...
Gordon: Finally...But! Can! They! Sing!

We know that can't, but you have the opportunity to spend your money and revitalize someone's career. Who would you put under your wing?

Chico:  What if I don't wanna? =p
Gordon: You gotta. You have to spend the money, Mr. Brewster
Chico:  RIP Richard... Anyways... oh god, they're all so bad...
Jason:  If I could...I would pick Kim Alexis. I think she actually has talent and is the most likely to succeed.
Chico:  I'll just go with what Jason said then...
Gordon: Of course, you know who I'd pick. You realize that Bai Ling has been in a number of movies - and a bunch of them good ones.
Jason:  True.
Chico:  Yep.. And how many of them has she been naked in, Gordon?
Gordon: Not enough of them.
Chico:  Ah.
Gordon: Before we end this segment, as Chico reminded me, let's have a moment of silence for Mr. Richard Pryor, who we lost earlier on this week.


Gordon: Thank you.
Chico:  Roleplay after this...
Jason:  You got it.

(Brought to you by Store, the official store of Bargainhunters, now open on Christmas Eve until 9 for all you last minute stragglers... Stragglers...)



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