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Episode 30.13 - The Jokers' Wild Card
September 3

LISTEN ONLINE!Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I have something to say. I want to see a game show world where we have returning champions. I want to see a returning show where we have a good competent host, I want to see a place where we can all get together on a Sunday night and make it appointment-viewing TV where we can all bond. I want to see a world where the Yankees wint he world series every single year...
Jason: Ha :-)
Gordon: I want a world where we can all play together in peace and harmony as Jason Block wins another game show. I want...
Chico: Dude... That's a chair.
Gordon: Well...no. It's a turned off TV. And your point is?
Chico: ... You're talking to a TV with nothing on it. Are you off your meds?!
Gordon: ...Hey Clint Eastwood did it and million of people were talking about it the next day.
Chico: True.
Jason: He is never on his meds :-)
Gordon: Maybe someone out there is reading and listening.
Chico: Clint Eastwood, redefining trollbait.
Gordon: I guess if that's not going to happen, we can talk about game shows for the next few hours.
Chico: From somewhere in America....  ... Purple America ... where we can HAVE all these things.. WLTI... IS... ON!
Jason: WOO HOO!
Gordon: Gordon and Chico Alexander here, along with special guest Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: Glad to be here.
Chico: Glad to have you. Before we start, we would be remiss if we didn't mention our friends in the Gulf Coast recovering from Hurricane Isaac.
Jason: And our friend at clw83.com....Mr. Carl Chenier. Stay safe.
Gordon: And to those people in NJ reeling from a Shooting in Pathmark, our hearts go out to you as well.
Chico: Obviously our thoughts and our prayers are ever with you as you work to getting back to some semblance of normal.
Jason: Yes, to that as well.
Chico: Now that that's out of the way, let's have some fun WITH... (Plays "Pyramid" theme) That is the sound of ANGELS. You know what they say, don't turn around, don't look away, and don't blink. A game show that's seven pilots, four years, and three networks in the making FINALLY gets play. But the big question we aim to ask as always... Does "The Pyramid" deliver the goods?
Gordon: And on a network that specializes in...and I may add...really needs this..
Chico: If you, like Gordon and myself, are children of the 1980s. ... or if you're like Jason... a child of the 70s..
Jason: right.
Chico: No doubt you know how things go around here, and you'll be happy to know that only a FEW things have changed. It's the game you know and love... Seven words, six subjects, 30 seconds a piece. Celebrity player, civilian partner. Most points wins a shot at up to $25,000. But there's a few wrinkles in the game plan. For each category sweep you are going to get $500 AND your Winner's Circle bank, which starts at $10,000, is footed another $5000. So if you get a perfect game, that's $1500 profit in your pants, and a shot at $25,000. Do it TWICE... Guaranteed $3000 and a chance at $50,000. THE GOOD... Michael Davies, the man behind the Pyramid for the last four years, is money on this. It's obvious that he's done his homework.
Gordon: All of the normal mechanics are here and they didn't screw any of it up.
Chico: HE knows what works, what doesn't, and he expands and enhances.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: The game itself.. the same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.
Jason: Thank you David Byrne
Chico: No problem.
Gordon: Nothing to make the game wacky. And I really like what the addition of the $5,000 to the pot if you go 7 for 7 rule.
Jason: That's a brilliant twist.
Chico: It's a nice rule. It doesn't take from the game. And, this is just aesthetic for me, but here's another thing. It's been said of every good game show revival (because I'm about to say it) that there's an air of familiarity.
Gordon: I actually think it adds a lot to it. Ina draw game, like we saw on the GSN preview, the 2 points needed final category turned in a suspenseful moment. I also liked Richards. Thought a little stiff, I liked the smarmyness and Clark-esque hints from outside the Winner's Circle.
Chico:  Speaking of suspenseful moments.... The Winner's Circle. Still, for my money, the most dramatic, suspenseful, thrilling minute every devised for television.
Jason: Agreed, Chico. Richards was Good. He will get better.
Chico: Well, I think he's still a bit wooden and trying to think as the great Dick Clark would think. And that's part of the bad for me. He doesn't need to be Dick Clark. We know he can host a game. He's done it before. He's done it ably before.
Gordon: That's not my bad. Richard's will get better and he was very good.
Chico: He's good. He can be better. He can pay proper umbrage to Dick Clark without being wooden.
Jason: There is some bad though.
Gordon: Here's my bad - the extra trinkets in the 1980's version are not in the revival. No Mystery 7. No 7-11. and No returning contestants? Really?
Chico: Well, given that each category is now worth $500, do you need the extra trinkets?
Jason: I think you do.
Chico: And I do have a qualm about no returning champions. I mean, they should be allowed to play until they lose.
Gordon: Or at least the 5 day rule.
Chico: But perhaps it's like Family Feud, where season 1, even with Louie Anderson stinking up the joint, was a proof of concept.
Jason: And the camera work needs improvement.
Chico: Agreed. But these are all little bitty things that can be fixed. It doesn't take away from the show, and GSN would be ever the wiser to look into doing so. Because this is money. Hopefully it's American Bible Challenge money, but it's at least Baggage in its prime money.
Jason: No this is American Bible Challenge Money

GSN - 6p ET Weekdays
A- A B A-

Gordon: So to grade this - it doesn't have enough to be perfect, but you still have a solid game show, and GSN desperately needs this. A-
Chico: Again, it's rare to find a game show that does proper justice to the original. This year, we had TWO. A. This show is good for Michael Davies, good for Mike Richards, good for GSN, and gosh darn it, it's good for AMERICA.
Jason: I am not as in love with this show as you both are. Still, GSN has a monster hit here. B.
Chico: Do we have a monster hit in the making for the America's Got Talent finals? Me? NOT YET. But we're getting there.
Gordon: The winner is coming from Week 2. Maybe.. it will be... ALLTHAT

Jason: I don't think so. I think the winner is in this group.
Chico: And maybe you're dreaming.
Gordon: If it is, he's playing an Earth Harp
Chico: I wasn't as impressed as you were with the action until LATER in the show, but we'll get there soon enough. I would not be surprised. And if William Close won, he'd only be the SECOND AGT winner to not list "singer" as their primary occupation.
Gordon: Still musician who's implementing music and using singers.
Chico: Right. But again, we'll get there. There's an order here. And it started with... a singer. Andrew de Leon had a shot at it. He chose a decent song with "Ave Maria", and while the Franz Biebl Chanticleer version is my cup of tea, he went with something he knew how to do... he just didn't have the polish for it.
Jason: It was NOT that good.
Gordon: Didn't have the polish? More like fingernails falling off.
Chico: While scratching the chalkboard?
Gordon: Yes. Jason's right. It wasn't good.
Chico: Okay.
Jason: It wasn't spectacular.
Chico: Meanwhile, we had a top 4 contender in Todd Oliver with Irving the Dog. And if you ask me,.. the judges owe him at least a well-written letter of apology. He was robbed..
Jason: You and I agree, Chico.
Chico: That act killed. The delivery, the use of the talk show motif (remember Howard's beef with Jay?)... everything screamed star power.
Jason: It was topical, funny and up there. I don't get Howie's choice.
Gordon: I do.
Jason: Ok...Gordon. Why?
Gordon: It was a VERY funny act. However, in the spirit of the show, what sort of show is it?
Chico: A variety show.
Gordon: It is. SO you already have one comedian safely into the finals. You may have a second one next week. What sort of variety would it be to have 3 comics out of 6 acts?
Jason: Again I say...so what.
Chico: No one had a problem with three singers out of six acts.
Gordon: Keep in mind in the past the judges have said bye bye to any singer unfortunate enough to be in the judges choice. Todd only makes it against a singer.
Jason: I disagree. Let's be real. Joe Castillo only made it because he mentioned Jesus.
Gordon: Joe Castillo made it because he's a visual artist. I'm sure Jesus didn't hurt.
Chico: Actually, he did have an overarching theme and was deserving of his space, but we'll get there. Donovan and Rebecca... Oh God..... the lead-in... was sloppy. The follow-through... was sloppy.
Jason: That was bad.
Chico: And the finish.... was also sloppy.
Gordon: Yeah....no. Next?
Chico: Next...  Edon on the piano singing "What Makes You Beautiful." His flavor.
Jason: But it was not rocky road. It was Vanilla.
Gordon: And who sings it?
Jason: 1D. One Direction.
Chico: Very smart play to the kids at home and he'll be working bat mitzvahs for the rest of his life... but he probably went into puberty during that song, because it was half a step up.
Gordon: First of all, Chico was right. He's pitchy. Second of all, the voting block is who again?
Jason: Older.
Chico: OLD. One Direction:... toward the funeral home.
Gordon: How is One Direction skewing old exactly?
Jason: It's not.
Chico: Well, one of the singers likes hot moms. That's.... something.
Gordon: it is. Something to think about when he does Bar mitzvahs
Chico: Bat mitzvahs.... for the ladies...
Jason: OH yeah
Gordon: Bat Mitzvahs. Next?
Chico: Scott Brothers.... are mannequins.
Gordon: Been there, done that, didn't raise the bar
Chico: For a couple of mannequins, they make really good hat dancers.
Jason: Exactly. I was bored.
Gordon: When Kristin Stewart wants to make a movie with a co-star who has the same emotional range, we'll ask the Scott Brothers to co-star.
Chico: Mannequin 3?
Gordon: Then she can have a 3-some with people who excite her more than Robert Pattinson did.
Chico: Eric Dittelman couldn't predict my triangle inside of an octagon, but he nailed the Howard Stern color sketch. Here to explain the trick... Gordon Pepper.
Gordon: It's simple, believe it or not. And to explain the trick, I will use...The Price is Right's Ten Chances
Jason: Go for it.
Gordon: You're going for a car. 5 numbers 1, 6, 7, 8, 0. How many combinations are there?
Chico: 5!
Jason: 120
Chico: That's what I said... 5!. 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1.
Gordon: Ok well...Let's say you know how to play Ten Chances. How many real combinations are there?
Jason: 6
Gordon: What is the first number going to be?
Chico: 1. So yeah, six.
Gordon: 3 numbers for 6 possible combinations. Stern was given 3 markers and 3 different color choices. So how many possible drawings could there be?
Chico: Six.
Jason: 36
Gordon: Which means all he has to do is select the right painting from under the easel. Still a nice limited amount of combos.
Chico: There you go.
Gordon: Next one? Actually only 24...
Chico: Okay... Turf is next.
Gordon: Didn't raise the bar.
Jason: Old Song...same dancing
Chico: And ... he's bendy, but the thing of it is... we've seen him do all this.
Gordon: It's bendy, but bendy doesn't get you votes. Next?
Chico: It really doesn't. Next... Gordon, better put the Haterade on early. Bria Kelly sings P!nk's "F***in' Perfect" Take away the Nashville Trill... and the steel pedal in the background, and what do you have kids?
Gordon: Ok Let's count how many things are wrong here.
Chico: You have... another 16-year-old trying to be Pink.
Gordon: That's #1. #2. She sang and didn't perform.
Chico: Sucked the soul right out of the song.
Gordon: No movement, nothing. If she stood any more still I thought one of the birds from Tom Cavanaugh's act would dive bomb her.
Chico: It was a good mainstream choice, but really, a person of her talents is only as good as the song she sings, and that's a BAD thing.
Gordon: It's not a good song choice. Does Pink skew OLD or YOUNG? Pink skews young. If this was American Idol, it's a good song choice.
Chico: young. But it's got legs on it and it's currently playing on hit radio.
Gordon: Doesn't matter. People don't vote young.
Chico: They just vote GOOD. Which would explain how JOE CASTILLO made the top 4. Now he took the criticism given...and stepped it up a notch; he has a story. He has an overarching theme.
Gordon: Good act with a story. He did exactly what was needed to get him into the Top 4 and the judges took care of the rest. BUT...that won't win him the million.
Chico: No. He needs to do that times 10.
Gordon: We've seen that act go to the finals before (see Silhouettes, The)
Chico: Right, but it's hardly dance. It's a guy in a sandbox.
Gordon: It's visual in nature. And while it's impressive, it didn't get him in the Top 2.
Chico: No it didn't.
Gordon: No one that's needed judges help has gotten anywhere near the million.
Chico: Right. William Close & the Earth Harp Collective... THIS may be the darkhorse.
Gordon: If Winner Hockenberry doesn't take the money, he will.
Chico: If one act has the ability to take down Tim Hockenberry, it's William Close.
Gordon: I love the string body suit.
Chico: I love the woman wearing it.
Jason: He will do it.
Gordon: By the way, what was Close's Song?
Chico: "Starlight" by Muse
Gordon: A band that's been around over 20 years. And skews old. Oh look - another music act winning!
Chico: OR...
Gordon: Complete with singing!
Chico: An act that can make a go at it.... TOM COTTER!
Gordon: No, but worthy of being in the finals. But they both had one thing in common. They both took their game up a huge notch.
Jason: Yes they did. I loved the Cotter subject pick.
Gordon: Me too. 8 well planned out 90 second material acts. I think he outperformed Todd Oliver, who I thought was very good as well.
Chico: It was a really solid delivery, and that's on one topic that Howie picked.
Gordon: Next?
Chico: Finally... Academy of Villains dancing with doors.
Jason: I thought they should have been in.
Chico: I had them too. But apparently America saw something that we didn't.
Gordon: Um...may I?
Chico: Go ahead.
Gordon: What do all dance groups have to do?
Jason: Tell a story
Chico: Ah.
Gordon: Did they?
Chico: I see what Academy of Villains didn't do there.
Gordon: They needed the doors at the beginning and they needed THAT act the whole 90 seconds.
Jason: I see.
Gordon: Instead for me, it felt disjointed. 2 different stories, neither of them being told completely.
Chico: A lot more joined than that last one, though.
Gordon: Yes, but they still didn't tell the story.
Chico: An improvement, but not by a whole lot. Okay. So that was this week. I have NEXT WEEK's roster!
Gordon: They had 2 great ideas and didn't develop either of them enough.
Jason: Let's see the roster.
Chico: Next week...

All Wheel Sports, Olate Dogs, David Garibaldi & his CMYKs, Clint Carvalho and his Extremely Boring Parrots, Shanice & Maurice Hayes, The Magic of Puck, Jacob Williams, the Untouchables, Lightwire Theatre, THIRD PLACE!!!!!, Sebastien "El Charro de Oro", and Tim Winnerberry.

Gordon: Oooh I like THIRD PLACE!!!!!!, what do they do?
Chico: If I had to pick your three out of this group: Tim Hockenberry, Lightwire Theatre, and Olate Dogs over Sebastien in a shocker.
Jason: I will agree with everyone of your picks.
Gordon: Tim Hockenberry, Shanice and Maurice and Lightwire Theater Over Jacob Williams
Chico: Gonna be a hot week next week.
Gordon: Actually, wait... Tim Hockenberry, Shanice and Maurice and in a shocker, THIRD PLACE!!!! Over Lightwire Theater
Chico: You're just saying that to get a rise. Well... that and you like cloggers that take their shirt off.
Gordon: I am., But what if I'm right?
Chico: They can't. The deck is stacked. I mean CRAZY stacked.
Jason: All that ends this week and Chico comes back
Chico: Next week is going to be hot, but not as hot as Mr. Ian Terry and Mr. Frank Eudy.
Gordon: They don't have any dancing groups in.
Jason: And they wont come next week.
Gordon: And neither will Britney...

Chico: It's a hot mess in the hot house. And no one is hotter than current HOH Ian and his adversary Frank.
Gordon: Well the hamsters did what they needed to do. bye bye veteran.
Chico: Yep.
Jason: Huge blindside
Chico: That leaves one veteran doing the crazy thing... then doing the smart thing. The crazy thing... totally throwing the house for a loop with a "You're Dead to Me" speech directed toward Danielle... I wish you told Danielle about that before hand.
Gordon: And obviously, Frank is going up on the block
Chico: Yeah, like "See this? HOH Key! YOU'RE NEXT, BIATCH."
Gordon: and joining him is his cohort Jenn
Chico: Who was marked for no reason than they had to mark someone. And Dan? He's doing the smart thing right now... and doing NOTHING.
Gordon: Just make sure to win Veto. Someone besides Frank wins Veto, bye bye Frank.
Jason: I am telling you Frank is done this week.
Gordon: Frank wins Veto, then things get interesting
Jason: But Frank is the player who WILL NOT DIE.
Chico: He really won't. He won't die unless someone kills him first.
Gordon: We will get into that later, but there may be a reason why he won't.
Chico: Do tell.
Gordon: We will tell later. Let's talk about a Final Four...
Chico: Actually, this is dinner.

Chico: We're down to one guy and three girls.
Gordon: And if you look at it, you have a clear front-runner
Chico: Each one takes their turn at the pass after spending $15 on their own dish in the skills challenge.

Gordon: There's only one person in the four that managed to run the kitchen well. That would be Justin.
Chico: I betcha you have Dana as your frontrunner.
Gordon: No. I have Dana as the person going home along with Barbie.
Chico: Funny. I have Justin going against Dana in the final. One can cook, the other can lead.
Gordon: Justin can do both
Chico: I don't doubt that.
Gordon: I think he wins it.
Chico: You would. :-)
Gordon: He's a Paisan from my neck of the woods in Lyndhurst. Of course I would.
Chico: Yeah. So you're a paisan now :-)
Gordon: ...no.
Chico: Okay. So... with Barbie gone... And Dana with no hope in your eyes... you think it's a Christina/Justin final.
Gordon: I do. Just like I think Christine will win Masterchef. But let's Spread some love to the Face-Off

Chico: Yo ho ho and a bottle of water.
Jason: The Faceoff has been the best season ever
Chico: I don't disagree
Jason: This week we had a pirate challenge with a $5,000 personal bonus
Gordon: Booty!
Jason: And if you don't know what a barnacle looks like
Chico: I know what a barnacle looks like.
Jason: Each contestant had a key which unlocked a chest which had to be incorporated to your theme. Jewels, Daggers, Spyglass, etc. CC's very bad non-barnacle barnacles sent her walking the plank
Chico: Maybe CC was thinking of How I Met Your Mother. I don't know. Meanwhile, Roy's dagger, Sarah's sea urchin, and Laura's shells were tops.
Gordon: Maybe she would have wanted crabs instead.
Chico: Nasty. Sarah wins the $5000 for this...

Jason: with ooze
Chico: Remember, Sarah had a sea urchin Meanwhile CC's monstrosity...

Chico: .... didn't do anything for anybody. So she gets sent down to Davy Jones' locker.
Gordon: It made me want to go watch 'Scalps' featuring Joe the Killer Indian. That looks like Pocahontas gone bad.
Jason: Nasty
Chico: Yeah. Some would argue that Millionaire's gone bad this season.
Gordon: We'll find out as we go 5 Good Questions

Chico: Here we go. ...

1) No big changes except for the set. Will everyone notice a difference watching on TV?

Jason: Not really.
Chico: Because, you know, they moved to a smaller studio.
Gordon: No. Gameplay is still the same, which can be good - or bad, pending on if you liked or disliked last season.
Chico: Well, the shuffle mode has grown on me.
Jason: Not to me.
Chico: And even more, there's going to be an added wrinkle in Halloween called the Crystal Ball.
Gordon: Meh. #2...

2) The Crystal Ball, where you can see the value of question, is in play. Thoughts?

Chico: Could add to a strategy. It all boils down to one question: is it worth it to take a shot or just jump it?
Gordon: Or could force a guess to a $25,000 question and go in flames
Chico: Either way, it changes how you play the game.
Jason: What is the rule?
Chico: you use the "Crystal Ball", you automatically see what you're playing for.
Jason: ok
Chico: So you think about risk vs. reward. It's like Deal or No Deal if it were a quiz.
Gordon: In a bad way I think
Chico: We'll see. #3...

3) here's a stupid question: does someone go for the million?

Jason: NO.
Chico: agreed
Gordon: Not a chance
Chico: I don't think WWTBAM takes a flier on a ringer unless they absolutely have to. Season premiere. Sweeps. That sorta thing.
Gordon: Next one...

4) We usually have the whole guest host thing. We also have the whole is Meredith staying on for another year thing. Will this season be hosting auditions?

Jason: I think it might be.
Gordon: Not this season - but maybe next season.
Chico: I'm going to make a bold prediction. I think this season's going to have one or two.  I'll save my bold prediction for #5.
Gordon: Speaking of which...

5) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire averaged a 2.3 for the last year. The final answer for this season?

Gordon: The 2.3, a 20% plunge from last year, means they didn't like the new format. I think it takes another step down. 1.9
Chico: I'm going to go to a 1.8. And if the bleeding doesn't stop, we may be looking at a final answer sooner rather than later.
Jason: 1.7 Sorry
Chico: Total failure, though not imminent, is inevitable.
Gordon: Certainly in the direction it's going in as well as the direction of Hans swimming in the slop
Chico: Again.. Nas. Ty.
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage
Jason: Lets do it.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. Hope you're doing safe down there. First up, let's hit the bat rack.
Jason: Which bat do you need?
Chico: The bright neon green one.
Jason: (hands Chico the neon Bat)
Chico: Radioactive.

First up, Zodiak USA, on the heels of the success of "The Brightest Briton", is shopping an American version.

Chico: All I can say is... (cheap shot coming). ... probably want to avoid the St. Petersburg area this week.
Jason: That was last week...and thanks.
Chico: No problem. Want another green light?
Jason: Sure.

Family Game Night 3.0 drops September 23.

Gordon: Especially those that like to talk to inanimate pieces of furniture
Jason: With our boy Todd Newton
Chico: Yep. Not to be confused with Hasbro Game Night with our boy NPH.... it's just a commercial, sadly.
Jason: Which is cool
Chico: ..... Soon... We have two bats, we need a money ball. And it's a BIG money ball.
Jason: (hands Chico the big Green $ Ball)---TOSS

Amazing Race 21 is upping the ante... the winning team this season wins TWO MILLION DOLLARS.

Jason: IF...and only IF The team that wins the 1st leg wins the whole thing.
Chico: ... No pressure.
Jason: The team wins a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY PASS.
Chico: They cross the finish line with pass in hand, take it to the bank.
Jason: Two Million Dollars
Gordon: That's good cash money
Jason: I like the twist.
Gordon: I got a good cash datebook
Chico: I like good cash datebook.

This week: The debut of Pyramid and Millionaire

Chico: And on Tuesday we have a bit of "This Day in History".

September 4, 1972, four premieres on CBS, one of which is still running.

Jason: 40th Anniversary

Forty years later, the show's best contestants will reunite to play and celebrate THE PRICE IS RIGHT'S 40th anniversary

Jason: This could be FUN.
Gordon: Million Dollar winners anyone?
Chico: Why not?
Gordon: They are already Fully Loaded - or at least Loaded
Jason: HIC
Chico: Okay, who's got $500 laying around?
Jason: Well I just won some...so yeah.

You can buy your very own... Jeopardy! simulator.

Jason: Say what?
Chico: It's essentially the Classroom Jeopardy! set with five games preloaded. The makers are hoping for DLC down the road to offset the cost. But seriously... you can just as well buy the Wii or PS3 version for $40 and do the same thing.
Gordon: I hate to be the rain on the parade here, but I can buy a $50 Jeopardy Simulator at Toys R Us for $50 on my PS3
Chico: AND... you need a fourth "player" to play Alex Trebek.
Jason: A little expensive
Gordon: But if you're practicing to be on the show, this could be a smart purchase
Chico: But again, the Wiimote... looks a lot like the buzzer. JUST SAYING.
Jason: Just saying indeed
Chico: And if you ask me, it's a smarter purchase. For not as smart purchases, here's Gordon.

Are You Smarter Than...The US Big Brother Producers, who were caught on video trying to set up a game so that Frank can win it?

Chico: ... WAIT WHAT?!
Jason: hello?
Chico: Info, damn it.. INFO!
Gordon: It started with Frank palming a 'HouseGuest's Choice token during the competition that sent Boogie Home, Then the producers trying to talk Ian into using the Power of Veto ball to save Frank. Of course, this didn't work too well, as Ian has made this week all about getting rid of Frank. So Frank has an unexpected ally - the producers. Don't be too shocked if everyone is watching Frank like a hawk during the POV competition.
Chico: (shenanigans alarm)
Gordon: We have Haterade from more Big Brother

...but this time it's from the big Brother UK set, where Conor McIntyre called Miss India UK contestant DEANA UPPAL 'a ridiculous gorilla with no sanitation'.

Jason: ewwwwww
Chico: That's racist! Oh, that reminds me... does the Situation know about THIS GUY?

Gordon: As in this upcoming season of Jersey Shore is their last?
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Yup. That'll come as a surprise.... I like surprises. =p
Gordon: you also like trips. where are we going?
Chico: We're going to England...

...and so are eight American Chefs to take on eight British chefs for "Chef Race: UK vs. US" on BBC America, locked in for September 29.

Chico: Or rather, the Brits are coming HERE. Should be noted that it's to premiere juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside of the fall finale of Season 7 of Doctor Who. Oh yeah Doctor Who.

While we're on the English, they're playing The Chase with celebs.

Chico: ... yay.
Jason: ...yay
Chico: Gordon, ... make this better somehow.
Gordon: Dr. Ho?
Chico: NICE. (plays Ludacris)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Jill Wagner re-signs with Wipeout. Sabrina Ryan is DWTS's 13th Dancer, Justin Bieber is a mentor on X-Factor... Prince Lorenzo Borghese is in a Love Triangle, Clay Aiken and John Rich get nasty on their tweets, Britney Spears has to wear a bra... The Biekmans join the Amazing Race, and Alan Thicke plays Queen for a Day...for A day.

Gordon: But none of them are your hoes of the week.
Chico: Doctor Who? Doctor WHO?! DOC! TOR! WHO?!
Gordon: Your Ho is Randy Jackson, who according to published reports is OUT of the judges chair on American Idol
Chico: But not out of the series.
Jason: With Nicki Minaj coming in.
Chico: Which has this observer saying... 1) Crazy eyes.
Gordon: He's mentoring the kids
Chico: and 2) what does Nicki Minaj know about judging?
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Jason: Shut it down?
Chico: Make it cold, J.
Jason: Shutting down.
Chico: Still to come, we play with the toilet, but first... a lesson in morality.
Gordon: And boy do we need it. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 objects we've spoken to at least once in our lifetime.
Jason: The wall
Chico: My phone. The washing machine. A computer...
Jason: The video game console
Chico: ... A COMPUTER... (nods head)
Gordon: The toilet on a Sunday morning
Chico: (BUZZER) Prepositional phrase.

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