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Episode 31.1 - Give Me 10!
September 10

Chico: How's it going. My mother calls me Dino R. Alexander. You can call me Chico.
Gordon: And this is Gordon Pepper, and around 10 years ago we created an internet talk show that was read by lots of people. Around 10 years later we're still doing it, because we're crazy.
Chico: And we love it.
Jason: Crazy about game shows, reality competition shows and everything around it.
Chico: And you were crazy about us being crazy, and for that, we're crazy thankful. And we're just getting started. In fact, we're going to get started... right now. From Somewhere in America... the 10th Anniversary Season of WLTI... is... ON!
Gordon: Yay! Gordon Pepper here, along with Chico and our guest for this episode, Mr. Jason Block.
Chico: Hey, save some for the October shows, J.
Jason: I bought more
Chico: Okay, just making sure. Hopefully you brought some for the AGT finale next week. We're down to SIX acts. We have...  One comic... One sand artist... A group of dancers... A group of painters... A group of dogs... and.... let's hear it. And a guy with a really big harp, a human fiddle, and a few oversized taiko.
Gordon: A Musician that happens to employs singer, which makes them a music act with singers.

Chico: Does this make any magician that employs a dancer a dancing act? Because that's where you're going with it.
Gordon: I would say it depends on how the dancers are incorporated.
Jason: You are SERIOUSLY splitting hairs.
Gordon: If the dancers are just dancing around the magician, then no. If the dancing is a major part of the act, or if the magician is dancing, then yes.
Jason: Because I am putting on my legal hat here.
Chico: The magician NEVER dances. That's why he's a magician.
Gordon: You just can't make a blanket statement. it really depends on the act. I'm sure somewhere there's a magician that dances.
Jason: Fine. Let's talk about William Close.
Chico: We'll get to him.
Gordon: And I will use Terry Fator as an example. He's a ventriloquist, sure, but he's also a singer.
Chico: Now I have to get the order of play from Wikipedia because I didn't watch AGT this week. As I said I wouldn't.
Gordon: And the singing is a MAJOR part of his act, so it makes him a singer.
Jason: But is HE a singer?
Gordon: Terry? Absolutely. For William Close, EVERY act he has done on the show has incorporated a singer, so in my mind that makes it a group with a singer.
Gordon: Every act that he has used in the voting round has had a singer. And it's very smart. I would do the exact same thing.
Chico: But that was in the insistence of the producers, his act, and I have the original release here if you want to debate it..
Gordon: You can't ignore that. just because you want to make this a 'memorial' season, and let those puny facts get in the way.
Chico: "World's Largest Stringed Instrument".
Gordon: I don't care about the release. If I'm a voter do I have access to the release? No. I am talking from the standpoint of the voter. I know that he does instrumental work, but again, I don't know that if I'm a voter. So far, 3 voting rounds, 3 singsongs. And in the finals, I would do the exact same thing. Now is NOT the time to be an instrumentalist.
Chico: So you're willing to count the backup singers that Fremantle may or may not have placed.
Gordon: It's still up to the artist to use them.
Chico: Okay, so how was the REST of the night? As I finally get the set list.
Gordon: And his 'Earth Harp Collective' DOES have singers, so I don't buy the 'it's all the producers idea' argument. Yes I know you all want to go 'it's the first time in AGT history that we don't have a singer winning the million!!!!11111. but if you want to do that, then I'm adding this on there: *
Chico: You do that. If it makes you feel any better. Anyway, how was the rest of the night?
Gordon: The only way I won't is if another act wins it.
Jason: That's fair.
Gordon: It would make me feel better if you don't try to revise history.
Jason: I am not. You shouldn't either.
Chico: I'm taking the company line. And until someone form the company does otherwise, I'm going with that.
Gordon: Ok Chi-cow. I'll lead you to McDonalds.
Jason: Moo.
Rob the Cash Cow: Moo.
Chico: Three to one, G. =p
Gordon: You stay out of this, Rob.
Chico: Anyway, before we completely come unhinged AGAIN... Here's how the REST of the night did. All That! danced... with fire. I defer to the cow in wolf's clothing.  Since he likes to see me suffer about it.
Jason: Yawn. Big deal. This was a huge opportunity missed. And as we will see later, the other dance group killed it.
Gordon: I think they were robbed and should have been put in the finals.
Jason: You would :-)
Chico: Speaking of killing, Sebastien "El Charro de Oro" killed it... dead.... with "Granada". And for the record, flamenco dancers... not a dancing act.
Jason: I think it was too much and Sebastian should have kept with the English
Chico: He did that for the votes.
Jason: Not to say his Spanish act wasn't bad.
Gordon: The highlight of the act is the singing, not the dancing, which was eye candy. I think he needed to stay on pitch, Most of the population of Grenada went for the wax earplugs during the highs of his song.
Chico: Magic of Puck got an autograph of Howard Stern to disappear... add one leggy assistant.
Jason: I feel asleep
Chico: Same here. Here's the thing about Puck... does he ever raise his game from one round to the next?
Gordon: He raised his bar, but he didn't raise THE bar.
Chico: And what's his strange affixation with handkerchiefs? It's the same act. With a leggy assistant. Didn't do much more.
Jason: Gordon is right.
Gordon: The other magic acts did better and didn't get that far.
Chico: For that matter, neither did Clint Carvalho.
Gordon: It's Clint and his boring parrots. Yay.
Jason: That act was for the birds. Literally.
Chico: NEXT ACT.
Jason: Yawn.
Chico: Jacob Williams... is being cute about his awkwardness. I felt awkward. Again, not raising his game ANY. Tom Cotter raised the bar. Now he's one of the favorites.
Jason: This was a choke job of epic proportions.  He was bad. Wrong time to have a bad night.
Gordon: And that's a huge difference between Cotter and Williams. Cotter raised his game and Williams gave us the same exact act. That's why Cotter is in the finals and Williams isn't
Chico: Bingo. Shanice & Maurice... they sing "Anytime You Need a Friend" by Mariah Carey. Now we talk a lot about young vs. old on this show. This song is neither young NOR old.. It came out about 1993.
Jason: But it was done poorly.
Gordon: What about changing the song to 'Anytime You Need a Good Backup Singer?'
Chico: The thing that got THEM in the end? Was the song memorable? NO.
Gordon: What got them in the end is that they were off key and stunk.
Chico: That didn't help either. And "Anytime You Need a Friend"... minor hit for Mariah. Not a #1. I remember it. Gordon remembers the remix.
Gordon: Performance > Song Choice. Jason remembers is when they played it on vinyl.
Jason: Again with the age joke :-)
Gordon: If the loafer fits...
Chico: So if you skipped the first hour, you didn't miss much.
Jason: Not at all.
Gordon: Except All That. They were gold.
Jason: :-)
Chico: No, they were on fire. World of difference.
Gordon: And they were going to burn Rameses the mascot but they ran out of time. Aw.
Chico: All Wheel Sports did their thing.
Gordon: Complete with bike crash.
Jason: Hence fail.
Chico: Hence we move on.
Gordon: Moving on.
Chico: Tim Hockenberry, singing "Imagine". Now this was a standard and this could've been a moment. Gordon... Tim Hockenberry was supposed to win. When did Tim Hockenberry become Tim Dingleberry?
Jason: Simple... When he sang just SOMETHING. Am I right, G?
Gordon: Jason's 100% right. Here's what costs Hockenberry that none of the champions have done. The song choice was actually a good one. The performance was lacking and he did absolutely nothing with the song.
Chico: He rasps his way through and expects that to be enough. America called him on it.
Gordon: He needed to go the William Close route and add to the song. Orchestra, back up vocalist, ANYTHING.
Chico: And as a result, the solo singers bracket are now 0-for-the-world in this year's final.
Jason: You get a choir in there. He could be in.
Chico: Somewhere Michael Grimm is laughing... and Bianca Ryan is shaking her head.
Gordon: and Landau is making money. Next?
Chico: But this is where the show gets interesting. The final four acts are your Top 4...The Untouchables, Olate Dogs, Lightwire Theatre, and in the money spot, David Garibaldi & his CMYKs. The last two are #3 and #4.
Jason: Untouchables told a story. Dogs rasied the bar.
Gordon: Untouchables put on probably the best dance act we saw all season.
Jason: Lightwire was brilliant.
Gordon: Lightwire was NOT brilliant.
Jason: Yes they did. It was FANTASTIC. So you agree with the decision?
Gordon: The FIRST dance act that raised the bar, upped their game and told a COMPLETE story.
Chico: I don't agree with the decision, but I understand it.
Gordon: I completely agree with the decision
Chico: It's a little art, a little dance.
Gordon: A lot of stuff we've seen this before with the dinosaurs.
Jason: That is true. And I think that was the difference.
Chico: David Garibaldi... art attack, a stark contrast to anything in the final and anything we've seen this week.
Gordon: Team Illuminate got to the finals because they gave us different creatures.
Jason: And Garibaldi played the statue of Liberty card.
Gordon: If we're getting the same thing in the semi-finals, then they've run out of stuff.
Chico: In order for Lightwire Theatre to advance, they needed something difference. Bingo. So there's the final. Now for the big question...  WHO WINS IT? I think it's William Close and Tom Cotter for the title.
Gordon: I'm going to throw in The Untouchables into the mix.
Chico: It all depends on who pulls the big strings and leaves it all on the stage. I'll buy that, G.
Jason: I agree with Chico and I am going to pull the major upset and TOM COTTER wins the whole thing.
Gordon: There's a clear Top 3 here. Those are your three.
Jason: William Close does NOT have to win this. He should have a hotel deal guaranteed with this.
Gordon: This is easy: William Close and his singer that Chico and Jason are ignoring. Especially since Jason Block went with Cotter.
Chico: I could see any one of those three acts take it. I think William Close has the edge, especially if he employs the backup singers.  ... Of which he is not. :-)
Jason: That being said, I will not be disappointed if Close wins.
Chico: It's gonna be a hot final. Almost as hot as it was in the Big Brother house this week, where we go on Fast Forward again. Hey, 16 contestants, these things are going to happen.
Jason: (cue Yakety Sax)
Chico: Thank you. So... follow me if you will... Frank & Joe are your nominees, Frank leaves in a 3-1 decision. Or as we say on this first week of the NFL season, it's up, and it's good.
Jason: Ian wins HOH
Chico: Jason...
Jason: Sorry
Chico: Don't make me sic Rob on you.
Jason: (sits down)
Rob: MOO
Chico: Frank leaves. Easy decision. Next is the HOH. The worst possible thing to happen to Dan Gheesling happens... he wins it. Now he has to nominate and all of his cards have to be on the table. Because, as you know, Dan is only as loyal as his options see fit. He ends up nominating Ian and Joe, one of which has a long-standing deal with him.
Gordon: That person being Ian.
Chico: Then Ian comes out of NOWHERE and wins the veto, takes himself off. Up goes Danielle. And Joe is swept.
Gordon: And since Joe doesn't have any alliance connections, the floater is gone.
Jason: Pretty much.
Chico: So that leaves Gheesling, Danielle Murphree, Ian Terry, Jenn Arroyo, and Shane Meaney. And guess who's your new HOH. Jason?
Jason: Ian!
Chico: Good. Out of the penalty pitfall box for you. He puts up Jenn and Shane. Shane wins the veto, which means that either Danielle or Dan is going up. My money's on Dan.
Gordon: My money is on it doesn't matter. The target is Jenn and since she didn't win veto, she's gone.
Jason: You think so?
Gordon: That would eliminate the last of the opposing Frank alliance.
Jason: OK
Chico: Except for Dan who has a deal with everyone. That and I don't see Jenn as much as a threat.
Jason: Not at all.
Gordon: I agree. And getting rid of Jen isn't the smart choice here. You MUST get rid of Dan when you have a chance. Now is your chance.
Jason: This is your only shot.
Chico: You have to take it. Hopefully Ian knows this. I don't see how he DOESN'T know this, he's a student of the game.
Jason: Must be done.
Gordon: No one will be able to beat Dan if he gets to the Final 2.
Chico: Now how about we crown another student of ANOTHER game... and throw one under the bus while we're at it.

Gordon: Let's do that
Chico: So the first week of The Pyramid is in the books. And it looks like GSN finally has the winner it so desperately needs. And if you were partnered with Yvette Nicole Brown... so did you. People who partnered with Danny Pudi... not so much.
Jason: She is very good. A student of the game.
Chico: She is... Three big wins in the Winner's Circle, she's responsible for two of them.  Danny... well, He finally got on the board Thursday. Let's see if you two would've gotten the top of the board... And yes, we're playing WLTI Insane man's Jeopardy! rules. You have to lock in your guess before guessing.

Your name.... your picture... your address... your birthdate.... your organ donor status... The state....

Jason: Alright.
Jason: LOCKS
Gordon: (LOCKS)
Chico: Jason?
Jason: Things on your drivers license
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: Things you give to VH1 to appear on one of their reality shows.
Chico: ... Okay, that's a good start. Jason's right.
Gordon: I was waiting for 'Your Soul' to pop up.
Chico: Right. So that was this week. Next week, a repeat of the preview with Chandra Wilson and Mr. 12 Colonies himself, Jai Rodriguez. And four new episodes. And should be noted... When Match Game premieres in Canada, Yvette WILL BE THERE. Comedy Central, GSN, anyone, listen up, listen good... hear that? That's opportunity knocking. Go GIT IT.
Jason: BIG TIME.
Chico: GO. GITIT. Give Joel McHale a reason to mention this. :-)
Gordon: It wouldn't surprise me if GSN snags the repeat rights. Oh I'd like to make a point.
Jason: Sure.
Gordon: You are both so eager to jump all over Amy Introcaso-Davis. All she has done is come up with 3 hits for GSN, 2 of them blockbusters.
Jason: I will give her the credit
Chico: And I'll reserve judgment until Family Trade fails. And it will. Just saying.
Gordon: So the next time you want to play fan boy, remember this, Even if the reality slate fails, she still has a really nice track record now.
Chico: I will not begrudge her of her track record. This is her baby and she owns it. Let her own it.
Gordon: Just saying. Next up?
Chico: But will someone own $500,000 (or roughly half of the WWTBAM budget) by the end of the week? It's our... 

Chico: ... halved. Andrew Tyler's a nice guy. We want to see him go all the way. We want to see anyone go all the way. Andrew came close in only the THIRD show of season 11. He gets to Q13... the $500,000 question. Everyone ready?
Jason: Yes.

In the center of our Milky Way galaxy is a black hole that appears from Earth to be in what constellation?
A: Orion
B: Ursa Major
C: Cassiopeia
D: Sagittarius

Jason: (locks in guess)
Gordon: (locks in)
Chico: .... I think I'll go with you first this time, G.
Gordon: It would have to be the Snickers Galaxy. E.

Chico: Vaguely remember it. Jason, the right answer.
Jason: I hope it's D. Sagittarius.
Chico: Jason's right. Andrew... walks.
Jason: whew.
Chico: He does so with $250,000. And that's worth this...

Chico: ... did it for you... Of course, we'll serve it in one of these...

Gordon: Actually that's worth two and a half of these:

Chico: While we're on the subject of $250,000 wins. FOUR people are close to one.

Chico: On Hell's Kitchen, we have Justin and Christine. On Masterchef... We have JOSH and Christine. Two Christines, and I see both of them winning.
Gordon: I don't. I see the one on MasterChef winning. I think the one on Hell's Kitchen is going to have issues.
Chico: Okay, let's go to the one we agree with first of all. MasterChef's Christine Ha has been nothing short of outstanding due to her being completely blind.
Jason: WHOA. No kidding.
Chico: Josh Marks... was eliminated once. That says volumes.
Gordon: And yet he won the elimination challenge. Which means either an eliminated contestant will win or a blind contestant will.
Chico: Either way, makes for a great story. Now where I see Christina Wilson on HK winning is this... She's NEVER been nominated. She's always been flying under the radar. Just enough to watch her opponents fall. Now she's ready to step up and deliver.
Gordon: Hell's kitchen works two ways - the floaters win if all of their opponents do something wrong - but they lose if their opponent is a powerhouse.
Chico: Is Justin a powerhouse? I never saw him do anything... Powerhousey. Did he do anything to wow anyone?
Gordon: While I think Christina does have a chance to win, Gordon likes to torture the eventual winner by setting him up to fail and watching him succeed. Justin seems to fit that mold/
Chico: So it's more of a gut instinct for you.
Gordon: Call it a gut instinct. And a scholar of how the show likes to set their winners up.
Chico: They do like to set up a lot of things in HK. But do they set up circular cards... or blinky pins... or Ed Flesh wheels? Or touchscreen puzzle boards?
Gordon: I don't think so, but let's set up 5 Good questions.
Chico: This week, it's ...WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!
Jason: (cue theme)
Jason: BTW...they have the FULL pilot of Shopper's Bazaar from 1973(4) on Youtube

Gordon: First 1, CHico?
Chico: First one...

1) It's season 30 for America's Game. We know they're throwing a party up in NYC. Can we make it? Damn right, We'll be on the next flight, paying cash, first class, sitting next to Vanna White... ahem... does Wheel do anything else special?

Jason: The usual sweepstakes, probably more past contestant profiles...etc.
Gordon: It's Season 30. They have to do something special.
Chico: I think this is going to be a year FULL of surprises. All we know for sure is that there's going to be a 30th Anniversary Week at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. And Gordon and Jason have tickets, hence the Nelly reference.
Jason: Not yet. They haven't put up the ticket requests yet.
Gordon: But if I see it getting hot in here, Jason better not take off all his clothes.
Jason: It's 6 months out. And I wont.
Chico: But you're getting tickets. You're GOING to get tickets.
Jason: Hell yes.
Chico: Second question, Gordon!

2) We spoke about this possibly being Alex Trebek's last season on Jeopardy. Are we worried about Pat Sajak or Vanna White's tenure?

Jason: Not yet. They are in a zone right now.
Gordon: I don't see them going anywhere
Chico: Me neither. You don't break up a pair that works.
Jason: And since they both are signed through 2016 (if I remember right), this is not a worry.
Chico: Nope. Next question...

3) We haven't seen a Wheel of Fortune win at the Emmys since Pat & Alex took Lifetime Achievement Awards... Let's assume they didn't fix that and give us your Emmy prospects for this year.

Jason: Top tier, but not winning. Too much competition (which is a GREAT THING!)
Gordon: ....you landed on Bankrupt. (Whistle noise)
Chico: We'll give you the R S T L N, E...

S _ R R _
T R _   _ _ _ _ N

Jason: This is NOT to say this show isn't top.
Chico: Far from it.
Jason: But when you have Feud, Deal, Family Game Night,
Chico: It's solid and it continues to reinvent itself to BE solid.
Gordon: Not just that, but I'll say Jeopardy gets the nod.
Chico: And if there is a god in game show heaven, Pyramid.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: In Season 1? Really? Not a chance.
Chico: Happened to LMAD. Just saying. Next question.
Gordon: Next one...

Blah blah blah Million Dollar Winner blah blah blah blah?

Jason: NO
Chico: Michelle Loewenstein can keep the Cristal on ice for another year.
Gordon: Season 30. I say it happens. Last one?
Chico: aww, Gordon... did you wish really REEEEEEALLY hard?
Gordon: Maybe.
Chico: Heh. Finally...

Wheel of Fortune averaged a 6.9 this year, on par with last year's ratings. This year America's Game averages....

Jason: a 7.2. 30th anniversary brings them up.
Chico: A 7.2 indeed. Season 30 is going to be special.
Gordon: 7.1 I'll agree with Jason's logic.
Chico: Alright, now let's spin the Choppler's multi-colored wheels. (loads hams)
Gordon: (spins wheels)....Pay Raise. Really, Chico?
Jason: (presses buttons and levers) Atomic Batteries to Power...Turbines to Speed
Chico: That must've been J-Fat's idea.
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks Dougie. Doug Morris, the voice of Brainvision News. Now we've got a ton of Greenlights, so I'm going to need the LED.
Jason: (hands Chico the LED BAT)

NPR's "Ask Me Another" will open season 2 in January...

Gordon: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition launches October 9.

Chico: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Jason: Spin off of Dance moms?
Chico: Yeah
Gordon: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Jason: (start to prepare the cyanide cocktail)

And TNT has picked up "The Hero" from Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson.

Jason: This one could be good.
Chico: It could be
Gordon: Maybe
Chico: I know, because they've tried it once and failed. Hopefully they've learned from it.
Jason: Dany is Dwayne's business partner and ex wife.,

And VH1 is getting back in the game with Chrissy Teigen hosting "Model Employee" in 2013.

Everyone: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Chico: But that's in the future. This week, we have more premieres... including one with a bit of a Haterade aftertaste. I'll leave it to G to explain.
Gordon: What about a Datebook that will make you say Yes?

Monday is Family Feud and The Voice, Wednesday is The X-Factor and Friday is the return of the Ultimate Fighter.

Chico: Interesting thing about The Voice.
Jason: My DVR is going to scream
Chico: It started out that we were going to go for two days. Now... we're going to premiere over THREE. The premiere will bleed into Wednesday, running head long into... THE X FACTOR.
Gordon: The third day going right up against Season2 of The X Factor
Chico: Now Simon's not too pleased about that, while Mark Burnett... he didn't even know. Did he know? He didn't know.
Jason: Yeah right
Gordon: It's not Burnett's decision - he only creates the episodes, not has the power to program them.
Chico: Correct. He knows enough to get loaded beforehand. Grab your Androids.

TPIR Decades has been released on the Google Play market.

Jason: Yes...and Decades is not that good.
Chico: No Professor Price for Professor Block?
Jason: Nope.
Chico: Aww. Professor Price for Gordon? I know you're all about the Android.
Gordon: I don't have one, so no comment.
Chico: Really? I thought you did. Hm. Well, I'll let you know when they make a Kindle Fire one, so probably in about.. 3 or 4 years? Ouch. And now here's something else you really won't like. *whiteboard*
Jason: Uh oh.
Chico: ... Gordon?

Are YOU Smarter than...Jason Luis Rivera, who was caught hanging out in the bushes at Miley Ray Cyrus's house with a pair of scissors. Police tasered and arrested him.

Chico: Dude.
Jason: Yeah Dude.
Chico: You're doing it wrong.
Gordon: But we're not done yet.
Jason: We aren't?
Gordon: No.

Are YOU Smarter than...AJ Lamas, the son of Lorenzo Lamas (Are You Hot) who gets busted for DUI.

Chico: Boo.
Jason: Hiss.
Gordon: Who wants more?
Chico: Holy cow, MORE?
Jason: I do!

Are YOU Smarter than...John Mayer. The frequent reality show performer may have allegedly benefited in a Ponzi scheme for $465,000 - and the government wants the money back.

Chico: I just found out there's no such thing as one old strange tip to get rich on the stock market.
Jason: WOW. His wallet is a wonderland.
Gordon: And now for the Haterade - I'll let Chico lead this one.
Chico: Yeah, I wanted to take this one, because this week was TPIR'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.

And the former host, who hasn't watched one episode nor cared to, managed to take an hour for the many many MANY people who came on down... and make it about himself.

Jason: WHOA...are you hating on Bob for this?
Chico: I'm just keeping it real. And I know I'm going to invite the ire of many angry fans, but I gotta keep it real.
Gordon: And now with the dissenting opinion, Mr. Gordon Pepper.,
Jason: Before your opinion, lets hear Chico again. Explain what Bob did.
Chico: Bob Barker is upset that he didn't get an invite back to Studio 33 for the festivities, and now I'm quoting...

"I don't know why I wasn't asked to take part in some way. But I do know I am ashamed of the show and surprised at their complete disregard for the welfare of animals. Were I still there, a prize to attend the Calgary Stampede would never have been considered. We never did anything that condoned animal cruelty. Apparently, things have changed."

Chico: Then he did a bit of a backpedal, because I don't know the last time he spoke like this he kinda sorta got in trouble for it, but he said: ... that CBS “chose to ignore me, which is fine.” So it's a bit of a backpedal. About a day after his initial interview. Meanwhile, Drew Carey finds himself in the middle...

"It wasn't because of animosity or anything like that ... nobody has anything against him ... it just didn't occur to anybody to invite him personally to be on the show because it was a salute to contestants."

Jason: So all those fur coats from 1973- to the mid 1980s.... were not condoning animal cruelty?
Chico: My point exactly. He had everything on the show controlled to create this image of himself.
Jason: But...after your Drew Carey quote, I think I am going to agree with Mr. Pepper.
Gordon: Here's my point - How can you not have a 40th Anniversary show without Bob Barker?
Chico: Now not to say that Bob Barker wasn't a bad host of TPIR. He was REALLY GOOD... but outside of that...Now they did have clips.
Jason: Gordon is right. Even if you put a taped last week clip in...you put him on.
Chico: And they did feature Bob at his best, but let's be real here... The last time Bob was here, he was only interested in one thing... pushing his book.
Jason: Have him come out hand the mike to Drew and leave.
Gordon: If its truly about the contestants, why not have the host on the show that dealt with all of these contestants? Put him as a showcase cameo like you have done in the past.
Jason: One more applause line.
Chico: He didn't really care about the players that day, he didn't really care about how Drew was doing... He just wanted to push product.
Gordon: He hosted the show for 30+ years. He should have the right to do so.
Chico: But he really shouldn't have complained if he didn't put forth the effort to make it known that he would've liked a piece of the action.
Gordon: Or put in the clips or Bob playing with the original contestants.
Jason: Does he have to?
Chico: And apparently no one on CBS staff even cared about it enough to think such things.
Gordon: He shouldn't have to.
Jason: I am sorry, the show is at THE BOB BARKER STUDIOS.
Gordon: And he wasn't just a host. He was a PRODUCER of the show.
Chico: So if you ask me, there's enough to go around here, but if Bob really wanted to make it about the show, he really shouldn't have dropped in that line about his activism, just makes it feel like he's making it about himself.
Gordon: I think one thing has nothing to do with the other.
Jason: But he always did. He has been an activist for 30 years donating MILLIONS of his own dollars to the cause.
Gordon: It's like saying I'm judging your love of game shows with the ability to do your job as a medical technician.
Chico: It's relevant when you talk about the prizes of the show. And if I may say so... Bob Barker had multiple chances to invite Tom Kennedy on for the 25th anniverary and didn't.
Jason: I think you are nit picking here.
Gordon: Barker has his own opinions. I think the producers have really thin skin to not invite him because of that. Kennedy hasn't hosted the show for 10 years. No relevance whatsoever.
Chico: And the former models? Specially the ones that he.... Uh... how do we put this in polite company?
Jason: Again...NIT PICKING. You put that ALL aside for ONE show.
Gordon: Did you take a contrarian pill before doing the show today?
Chico: Just trying to put things in perspective. So there's that.
Gordon: The perspective is when you have someone helming the show for 30 years and you have one show retrospecting 40 years on the air, you put the host that's been there for 30+ years on your show.
Chico: I doubt this story's going to go away any time soon.
Jason: Even if you fake it...fake it good.
Chico: On the bright side, inviting back former players to play again was pretty cool.
Gordon: I want to get away from this discussion. Where are we going to?
Chico: We're going to a place where the sun shines 3-65 a year.
Gordon: Your bedroom?
Chico: YESSUH! No, we're going to Puerto Rico!
Jason: OLE!

Based on an Israeli format, "Wrong Numbers" sees a random stranger asked to find the person they'd LEAST want to talk to and have them work together to answer trivia questions for cash money... that ultimately they'll go head to head to win.

Chico: It's ... twisted... it's kinda crazy... It's ingenious.
Gordon: It's silly, because what's to stop me from not being 100% truthful on the person selection?
Chico: It's been picked up by Univision Puerto Rico for broadcast this month, whle a Brazilian version is set for 2013. It's all going to be based on the trust of a stranger. I can either pick someone I genuinely hate... or I can pick someone who's smarter than me that I can tolerate. Either way, it's pretty easy to game.
Gordon: Meh. Not a good way to find media hoes.
Chico: Well, not the MEDIA kind, anyway. (Plays Luda)

IN this week's Media Ho Report, Colton Dixon (Idol) signs with EMI Records, Darrin Rose hosts Match Game - Canada, Kellie Pickler shaves her head for charity...

Chico: With Yvette Nicole Brown and Colin Mochrie on the panel. :-)
Jason: WOOT.

Season 6 of Wipeout is casting, Carson Daly is a dad, Cee Lo comes up with a comedy plot... Jillian Michaels returns to The Biggest Loser, Khloe Kardashian is the front-runner as the X-Factor host, and Ryan Lochte will NOT be the next Bachelor, which will send dozens of women crying in pain and Chico Alexander once again calling my cell phone at 4am.

Chico: It was that one time!
Gordon: But none of them are the ho of the week.
Chico: .. can you tell we're trying to amp it up for the 10th anniversary season?
Gordon: Oh yes. The ho of the week is Sir Bruce Forsyth, who is honored in the Guinness Book of World Records for having a 72 year career in TV.
Chico: Very nice indeed 72 years, only missed ONE mandatory day of work, or a week, or something. But he was always on something. There was, let's see... The Generation Game... The Price Is Right UK... the US version of Hot Streak, yes, America hired him too... and now Strictly Come Dancing. This is a well worn pair of shoes he has.
Gordon: He does. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Jason, make us cold.
Jason: Shutting down.
Chico: Button there, lever there, typewriter there... and we're down. Still to come, we venture DEEPER in to the sewers of the fall season with more Push or Flush, but first... Dancing with the All-Stars. Who's a shooting star and who's a black hole?
Gordon: You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 musical acts that I would qualify as singers.
Chico: As he points to himself.
Gordon: *points to computer*
Chico: And to you. Because we love you.

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