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September 10 - Give Me 10! / Really Big Board: Dancing with the Stars / Push or Flush (2)

September 17 - Gone to the Dogs / Poetry Corner / Push or Flush (3)

September 24 - The Geeks Get The Money / Play the Percentage / Accuracy or Idiocy

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Episode 31.4 - The Replacement Episode
October 1

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we have a replacement announcer.
Jason: Say what?

(Brobot comes in)

Chico: The Brobot?
Jason: Where did you get this guy...the Big Brother set?
Gordon: We've had him for a while. Say hi, Brobot.
Brobot: Beep beep beeep....All Plinko Chips are worth $1.98.
Chico: ... Let me guess... Ralphs guts?
Brobot: Beep beep beep...Survivor's favorite contestant is Tootie.
Gordon: ...Ok, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
Jason: Want me to take care of this?
Chico: Alright, you fix the Brobot, I'm going to start the show.
Jason: I was going to destroy it, not fix it.
Chico: .... destroy, fix... whatever...
Gordon: Do. Not. Touch. My. Brobot.
Chico: ... and I'm not going there.
Gordon: (Wheels Brobot out)
Chico: From Somewhere in America, the Replacement edition of WLTI... .... is on! I'm Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper's replacement. That's Gordon Pepper, my replacement. Which means... absolutely nothing.
Gordon: Beep beep beep
Chico: And in the VSGS seat is the irreplaceable Jason Block.
Jason: Thank you very much.
Chico: So... the NFL's back to normal. And so is daytime TV. What, with TPIR and LMAD back in full swing.
Jason: And LMAD....good stuff.
Chico: To which I say... not a moment too soon.
Jason: They introduced a new game this week and HD. And nothing changed which is AWESOME.
Chico: Talk about the new game and the HD and the ... order... from Tiffany Coyne =p
Jason: Order? :-)The New Game was called Just the Facts. You have three statements and two years. In this case 1977 1981. The facts were: US Magazine was first published, IBM releases the first PC, and Sesame Street was first on TV. Gordon...pick a year for me.
Gordon: 1977
Jason: OK...you are playing for a trip to Florida (which was under 1977). The other prize was a motorcycle
Gordon: IBM
Jason: You say IBM. OK... Sesame Street was first shown in 1969....
Gordon: Right
Jason: So that was the non-factor. Do you stay with the Computer or take...say $1,000.
Gordon: I'll take $1,000, because I want the money over the trip.
Jason: That's a very good call because the computer was first released in...1981. US Magazine was the correct answer
Chico: I knew that. Good call.
Jason: The contestant stopped...but would have won the motorbike. There is a pattern I have noticed this week
Chico: Talk to me about patterns.
Jason: At least three to four times...cash was king and the contestant would have won. People need the cash
Chico: Right. Cash is king.
Jason: That being said, the show is like an old shoe. It's still really fantastic
Chico: Still a good hour on TV.
Jason: And I do like the viewer submitted ZONK. Very nice touch. And if you want to do that...cbs.com/zonk. It might be used on TV. Someone said a BEEHIVE HAT and it was done.
Chico: Or you can follow LMAD on Twitter @LetsMakeDealCBS. Way to grow the show. It's a show for everyone. You get everyone involved. Simple as that. Also a show for everyone... EVERYONE... Sister show The Price Is Right.
Gordon: Yay!
Jason: Season 41.
Chico: Season 41 kicks off nice and proper like. ... Funny, though... No new games, and a soap-cast infiltration.
Gordon: You can't have those all the time.
Chico: Let's talk about the week. It had everything you come to expect from TPIR... except a new game. I am disappointed.
Jason: That could be coming.
Chico: Could be. Probably one of those things you like to keep underwraps so people can actually watch from time to time.
Jason: We had Pay The Rent, Golden-Road... Nice Audi BTW... Plinko
Chico: Yeah, I like the Audi... $73,000 if I'm not mistaken.
Jason: And a Range in the Season Premiere Showcase. Yup.
Chico: It unfortunately goes back to the parking lot. Aww. I should be driving that.
Jason: Nice car. What was the record from week one?
Chico: Anyway, so we had big ticket prize on Golden Road... Plinko.... Pay the Rent... A bailout-come-skunk on Friday, putting the weekly record at 9-18-3 Ouch. Total money so far, $319,217.
Gordon: So the prizes are nice but the contestant's record is stuck at dismal.
Chico: Pretty much.
Jason: Not bad though.
Chico: We did have Thursday's show where Daniel Goddard brought his friends from next door to celebrate the 10,000th Y&R. AND There was something special on Friday. Over the summer... TPIR advertised that they were looking for a male model to join the ranks. We got three Finalists.
Jason: Who votes...us?
Chico: Yes.
Jason: do we have a place to do so?
Chico: http://www.priceisright.com/show/malemodels/vote. For the ladies... here's a Big Board.

Three Men and a Game Show

 - A "Waiter"
 - An "Actor"
 - And... THAT guy.

Jason: (cues the Stripper theme)
Chico: This one's called "Three Men and a Game Show". First up... THIS GUY. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1578773/ Clint Brink has been a waiter in a Syfy movie and a football player in Betty White's Off Our Rockers.
Jason: You are doing a Gordon :-)
Gordon: And what's wrong with actually doing research?
Jason: Nothing.
Chico: Hey, we're a crack research team, Gordon and me. People need to know this. Second... THIS GUY. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3241973/ Nick Denbeigh has ONE indie film to his credit.
Jason: Ok.
Chico: And finally, Rob Wilson... who doesn't have an IMDB page that we know of.
Jason: OK
Chico: This'll be interesting (at least for the women who stay at home and would rather eat dirt than watch "The View")
Jason: One vote per day per email address/household. Voting ends 11:59AM on October 4th. Ladies...up to you. Winner Announced October 5th
Chico: That's FRIDAY. I doubt that this'll change the dynamic of the show any, but there will be increased incentive for the women folk among us to watch, and in daytime TV, it's all about the ladies. Speaking of shows premiering on Monday that require viewer voting to actually work....
Jason: Ah yes...


Chico: So Dancing with the Stars is back... new paradigm of scoring, same old stars.
Jason: Explain
Chico: Well, the judges are now allowed half-points.
Jason: Ah so 8.5 et al
Chico: Right.
Jason: Got it. Go on.
Chico: I'm wondering if it will change anything in the long run..
Gordon: It absolutely won't. You still have the same 7-8 range to start and we won't see 10's until later on. Still, the differentiation will be better in terms of selecting the mid-packers.
Chico: True. This season opened with this range: The high scorer was Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke with a 24.5. The low scorer and the winner of this season's door prize of a gift certificate to Taco Bell.... Pamela Anderson & Tristan McManus.
Jason: I think I called that one.
Chico: On both accounts.
Jason: It's the Baywatch curse :-)
Chico: I'll believe it when Brooke Burns arrives and gets carted off first.
Jason: But yes you understand.
Chico: Yeah. Their score was a 17.
Gordon: Ouch.
Jason: I assume there was nothing super spectacular yet.
Chico: Going back to LAST season, we started with a 20 as a low and a 26 as a high. And both sides had a tie.
Jason: Either the judges are being tougher OR the dancers are well suckier
Chico: They know the score. The judges are going to be tougher, because the expectation is there. I can't say myself that the expectation is MET, but it's THERE. That the score has the same sort of range as previous seasons says to me that we haven't really seen anything special or that the competition isn't really that much at all stand-outish. You know, standard deviations and what not.
Jason: How were the ratings?
Chico: I'm glad you asked.
Jason: Call me segue master :-)
Chico: On Monday, you attracted 14.11 million viewers with a 2.5/7 in the 18-49 demo. Tuesday: 11.79 million with a 2.1/6 in the demo.
Gordon: It's ok based on the numbers but I'm sure not the boost they wanted.
Chico: Well, it's good. It was the best show of the night, but by YAY much.
Gordon: Keep in mind that again, it's against another musical show.
Chico: That being The Voice, which had 11.93 viewers on Monday with a 4.2 in the demo. So while DWTS still remains the top draw, The Voice skews incredibly younger.
Jason: Which is not surprising at all
Chico: Not at all. I mean, compare the principals. Carrie Ann Inaba is the youngest judge, and she's in her 40s. Meanwhile, on the Voice... I could've gone to high school with Christina Aguilera ... or Adam Levine.
Jason: Anything good happen on the voice?
Chico: Not more than usual.
Jason: OK
Chico: We'll get into detail on the Voice and the X Factor when we begin the phase out phase.
Gordon: What I find interesting are the people who are looking for those second chances, like a Cupid per se.
Chico: Funny you should mention Cupid. I open this week's ....


Chico: ... with a question to the brain trust.
Jason: Sure?
Chico: When is a cuddle not a cuddle?
Gordon: When it's Showmantic.
Chico: Bingo.
Gordon: Awww...Love. The fleeting thing that's sure to break up alliances.
Chico: So Roxy thinks. Now don't get me wrong, I'd love to cuddle with Angie. I'm sure Gordon and Jason would as well.
Gordon: Not at the same time.
Jason: Nope. But go on.
Chico: Anyway, it's cold. It's raining. Angie needs warmth. Malcolm is there.
Jason: Roxy thinks...showmance. And showmances on Survivor...dangerous.
Chico: And she goes into aww-hell-to-the-no mode. She tries to break it up by hook or by crook. Going so far as to pray on the beach about it.
Jason: Chico...you know about Karma don't you. Being Buddhist and all.
Chico: Yes I do.
Jason: What happens to the energy you give out?
Chico: It comes back to you.
Jason: Threefold
Chico: Usually 100 fold.
Jason: So her negative energy comes back to bite her in the behind.
Gordon: And there's a way to do it - which would be to nicely point this out and explain other reasons why Angie is dead weight. Roxy...didn't do it that way.
Chico: Nope. Now Russell is allied (to a point) with Roxy. He had to weigh the risks of being with Roxy against the risks of being with the tribe. He went with the tribe. Roxy was boxied in a 4-1 decision. Meanwhile, it's not all rain on Survivor Island... Penner plays a hunch and comes up trumps.
Jason: The cover of the rice bucket is the immunity idol...
Chico: The clue to the hidden immunity idol says that the idol is right underneath your nose. The marking on the lid of the rice bin. He pries it off... Boom.
Jason: He has an Idol-gasm
Chico: Yes he does. If Russell wants to stick around, he should have his own idol-gasm. And on Tandang... Skupin gets ANOTHER injury and he and Lisa are still on the outs.
Jason: But while Lisa is not in the tribe socially, she is doing well in challenges, enough to make the merge if it works out.
Gordon: Penner has power and Skupin and Lisa may be cooking in that pot soon. And they better keep winning immunity challenges.
Chico: As long as Lisa is beasting it up in the challenges, their tribe has nothing to worry about.
Gordon: For now.
Chico: But remember, there's going to come a time when there will be a challenge that will result in the third place tribe being dissolved. When? Who knows. We go from The Facts of Life to the network that AIRS the Facts of Life. Let's STL.

Jason: Alright.
Chico: It's a new day on the set of Family Game Night. You could say it's like a whole new game.
Jason: And Todd Newton is not resting on his laurels and neither is the show.
Chico: Because EVERYONE in the audience is getting a chance to play. And if THAT wasn't enough... someone could open up the Community Chest for a brand new car.
Jason: Each family who wins a game gets a prize and a combo to open the community chest. Open the community chest and you get to play a version of LMAD's Movin On Up to try and win a car The bonus board has 16 cards. first row is a guaranteed cash.
Chico: Easy.
Jason: 2nd row has one go to jail. 3rd row has two. Last row has three. Of course each row is 4 cards.
Chico: Right.
Jason: So if you can get to the top, you win a bunch of cash and a car.
Chico: Just a matter of avoiding the Go to Jail.
Jason: BUT what I like is...no risk on the cash at the end.
Chico: Well, I can understand that, after all, this show is all about family moments and losing a wad of cash at the end... not a good moment.
Jason: I like the new format.
Chico: It works. And it also moves a lot faster.
Jason: And Todd well is Todd.
Chico: You can't really replace Todd. He's a legend. He's a machine.
Gordon: It does and he is and I do like the format better, but the question is how long will the show last?
Jason: I think the Emmy gains him at least a Season 4.
Chico: I should hope a lot longer than we expect.
Jason: They really are promoting the hell out of this.
Chico: The Emmy is keeping the lights on at the Hub.... and ponies. :-)
Jason: Yes...ponies :-)
Chico: Hi. Jim. Lost in all of this is a couple of new games. First one is Battleship. Or as our British friends call it... Battleships.
Jason: How does it work?
Chico: It plays, shocker, like the board game. You launch a peg at a 5x5 board with six ships hidden, two subs, three destroyers, and the big mother, the Battleship. Hit the ship, you sink the ship and score a point. Team with the most points wins the prize and the Community Chest combination.
Jason: simple.
Chico: Sadly, no sight of Rihanna or Brooklyn Decker to behold.
Jason: Family show :-)
Chico: Another new game on the premiere show, Sorry!.
Gordon: You don't have to apologize to me.
Chico: I wasn't. :-)
Jason: The game...Sorry.
Gordon: Oh.
Chico: Human pegs go from start to home by way of a card draw. There are 10 cards, two of which say "Sorry!". If you draw THAT card, you have to apologize to Gordon Pepper. ... and you have to go back to start. Choose BOTH Sorry! cards, and the game is over. That's important, because for every space on the board toward Home (there are 10 of them), there's $100 to win.
Jason: Money!
Chico: So if you draw 3, you land on $300. If you draw two more, you land on $500 and you have $800 in your bank. Important, because you can quit at any time and take the money in the bank. So yeah, it's a lot more like LMAD on Family Game Night season 3.
Jason: But still it works.
Chico: Very much so.
Gordon: But the key is, and you said it earlier, the pacing.
Chico: Indeed.
Gordon: The pacing is much quicker, which makes it a better show.
Jason: BINGO
Chico: A lot quicker. And it works. Should get the show another year, should get Todd another Emmy. And yes, he was overdue. We're overdue for a millionaire.

Chico: .... quartered. Let's start with this one from Thursday's show.
Jason: OK
Chico: Jane LaGennusa, from up around Block's hood. Brooklyn in the house. She is the first this season to see a $250,000 question.
Jason: (flashes the Jay-Z diamond)
Chico: Here it comes.... oh this is an EASY ONE.

Which of the following titles is not the name of a U.S. airline's in-flight magazine?
A: Latitudes
B: Hemispheres
C: Tradewinds
D: Sky

Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: E. The Mile High Club
Chico: Are you going to be in the bathroom for a while?
Gordon: Depends if Kate Middleton is on the same flight.
Chico: Heh. Jason?
Jason: I believe it is C. Tradewinds. Hemispheres is United, while Sky is the SKYMALL.
Chico: Wrong.
Jason: WRONG?
Chico: ... Sky is DELTA. C is correct. You like that? =p
Jason: So I got it right for the wrong reasons.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Fortunately you get no deduction for wrong reasoning.
Jason: Yup :-) May I give my Million Dollar Moment?
Chico: Yes you may.
Jason: John Blakely from Columbus OH had a real good night. He is in the craft beer business. EVEN Before the MDW Bonus Round He amasses $40,000 in the front game. Which includes a Smart Car, A Trip to Belize and cash!
Chico: That's a good night. But he's not done is he?
Jason: Nope. He lands on the I in SPIN. His category is THING. With the RSTLNE and his choices of F G C A we have:

_ A _ A _
_ A _ _ L E

Gordon: Wha?
Chico: ...I got nothin'. I defer to the Wheel expert.
Gordon: ...Batal Royale? Really?
Chico: You have a better answer?
Gordon: I'd like a Kayak Paddle that I can nail Chico with
Jason: Gordon is right.
Chico: Like I'VE used a Kayak paddle.
Jason: However...He was up the wrong creek without a KAYAK PADDLE. For the 2nd night in a row, we miss the VW CC. He was 5 spots away from the Million as it was in the M in GAME.
Chico: Too much or not enough? I'm guessing not enough.
Jason: He didn't get it.
Gordon: As of now, no one has missed a million dollar solve, but if this keeps up, someone will.
Chico: Yep. They don't call it Wheel of Fortune for nothing.
Gordon: What about 3 guys having misfortune - and us celebrating it?

Gordon: It's time to review a game show on MTV 2 that debuted this past Friday called numbNuts. The premise here is simple - internet stunts are recreated in a setting and 3 numbnuts try to compete them for money
Jason: Great :-(
Chico: In short... Welcome to "OW! MY BALLS!" ... the Series.
Gordon: Think Fear Factor meets Jackass meets Horse meets Home Videos, and you'll get this.
Chico: The three house stuntmen: Victor Lopez, Crazy Mike, and... Horse.
Gordon: Glad to see he got a gig.
Jason: Does this look like it was taped before or after AGT?
Chico: Looks like ... during. :-) It's sunny outside.
Gordon: The good: The show delivers the goods. If you like the genre, you'll love this.
Chico: If you're a fan of Fear Factor... or Jackass.... or Horse.... you'll love this. It fits the MTV2 demographic: the poor young college kid who's going to be displaced by G4 soon.
Jason: If you are not....then well....
Chico: Got nothing for ya.
Gordon: The bad. It's a clone. And they really needed to clone Joe Rogan to host it.
Chico: They did clone Joe Rogan... and they ended up with the guy from Total Drama Island. Seriously Jeff Dye... I thought he was one of the numbNuts.
Gordon: I understand the vibe they wanted, but it doesn't work.
Chico: Even looks like him. Can we get a double shot here.

Chico: Jeff Dye on the left...
Gordon: And the comparison photo please?
Chico: Total Drama Island guy on the right, we have a Match! He does a lot of snarky repartee, but doesn't really move the show along that darn much. Not much polish on this guy.

MTV2 - 11p ET Fridays

Gordon: As for the show - it's everything you expect it to be, It's an average show that gets an average grade. C
Chico: Agreed. they should've gone a lot farther than they did. A C for ... the inevitable "C you in court".
Jason: Yup. Nothing more than that. C
Chico: We had two more premieres this week, but we'll save them for the live show NEXT week.
Gordon: Meanwhile. Drew the Bookworm has an internet camera.
Jason: Uh oh
Gordon: He's filming the rabbits in the other studio, as they are alone in their cages and think that no one is watching them. (watches film)...this should be banned in 35 countries.
Jason: MY EYES
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage
Chico: Roll that beautiful brain bleach is more like it.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. First up, let's see... I need the replacement bat.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a hockey stick)
Chico: ... Gordon, this is a hockey stick.
Gordon: ...They had some extras from the NHL network taping in the other room. They said they won't be needing as many of these this season.
Chico: Oh, okay.
Gordon: I got it on wholesale
Chico: A couple of items. First one, who remembers that show that Fox greenlit that had someone getting fired?
Gordon: I do, as we panned the daylights out of it.
Chico: Fox is revisiting it with a major difference.

This time, it takes place in "dysfunctional offices", AND the person elected to be fired... may or may not be fired. Hence the change from "Someone's Gotta Go" to "Does Someone Have to Go?"

Jason: It's still a show that really shouldn't be done. This is DUMB especially in this economy.
Chico: Especially not in this climate. I mean, it's Fox ... being Fox.... for the sake of being Fox.
Gordon: This is a terrible idea. People want to see reality to escape from their problems, not be reminded of them. I don't want to see anyone fired, and I don't think anyone wants to see themselves get fired.
Chico: Right on. Meanwhile, we have a couple of greenlights. Jason, Hand me a replacement greenlight.
Jason: (Hands Chico a red spinning goal light)
Chico: .... You REALLY miss the NHL, don't you?
Jason: Yes.

Project Runway All-Stars 2 returns October 25 and The Newlywed Game returns October 29.

Jason: Did we really need All-Stars 2?
Chico: No.
Jason: Just checking.

And Oh Sit! gets an order for season 2.

Jason: Cheap.
Chico: Easy. And we're not talking about Jessi Cruickshank either.
Jason: OUCH.
Chico: Congrats to the CW for not mucking that up.
Gordon: If you're not getting viewers, at least cut costs. This is a low-budget show sure to mop up extra time slots as needed. For more ideas, I have a datebook.
Chico: Idea me.

This Sunday we have Season 2 of Halloween Wars and Ink Master.

Chico: Nice.
Jason: Ink Master...more art...less drama please.
Chico: I sense we're going to double down on the drama. Seriously, it's pigment on skin. There's no real rhyme or reason to it.
Gordon: I wish they had half the drama and twice the ink.
Chico: Thank you.
Jason: Amen.
Chico: Of course, no one's going to get the Wii U tatted on their back yet. Let's get loaded.
Gordon: Now to get Fully Loaded.
Jason: HIC
Gordon: (Tosses Chico an electric LCD hockey puck)
Chico: ... REALLY, GORDON?
Gordon: ...What?
Chico: Guy could get hurt with this thing. =p

Wheel & Jeopardy! will be launch titles for the Wii U.

Jason: Niiiice
Chico: THQ will launch the pair. I'm guessing we're looking at a Wii U game is in the $60 range. And just so you have it in your gauge, Wii U will be $300 for the base model, $350 for the super deluxe.
Jason: Overpriced and underpowered, but hey that's me.
Chico: Right. The super deluxe has another controller and a game.
Jason: and a 32GB storage space...really?
Chico: Jason is absolutely right here. Overpriced and underpowered. It's essentially a giant DS. With the second screen on the controller, if you will. It's gonna take a killer to move these units.
Jason: For $350 right now you can get a 500GB PS3
Gordon: I'll buy the PS3 and show you a Smart Board in the process. (Wheels out Smart Board with Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr's faces on it)
Chico: LOVE IT.
Jason: LOL

Are YOU Smarter than...Jim Shootas, who apparently thought the Axis won World War 2.

Jason: Pretty much :-)
Chico: Yeah. No.
Jason: To explain, he thought the toss up puzzle of ON THE MAP was STOCKHOLM GERMANY
Chico: Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.
Gordon: First of all, last time I checked, Stockholm was in Sweden.
Jason: Stockholm IS in Sweden
Gordon: Second of all, Germany has 7 letters and Sweden has 6.
Jason: YES
Gordon: And finally, only the 6th letter of N is a common one.
Chico: Yeah.
Gordon: So no, not a good choice
Chico: But wait! There's more!
Gordon: I like more.
Jason: Me too

Are YOU Smarter Than... Angie Layton? Day 6 on Survivor, and you're losing.

Jason: Big time.
Chico: The usual tribesman in this situation will want creature comforts, a stable home, and increased stamina and strength on challenges.
Jason: Usually.
Chico: Angie, when posed this question, says, and I quote... "A plate full of cookies would be nice."
Jason: (tosses laptop) REALLY?
Chico: Oh Angie... I can't take you ANYWHERE!
Jason: Nice girl, but the girl is dumb as a sack of wet mice.
Gordon: Not a good answer. Who wants some Haterfade? Complete with ice from Madison Square Garden
Chico: Right here.
Jason: Thanks. And yes.
Gordon: Hey! Replacement NHL Players!

Jason: Complete with outfits
Chico: Shouldn't they be slapping around brains?
Gordon: Again, I got the pucks for wholesale.
Jason: So I noticed

And you can also get episodes of Live To Dance, Destroy Build Destroy and the Ultimate Merger for wholesale

Chico: Boneyard?
Gordon: Boneyard equities
Chico: Yay. Got some non-Zombie Haterade. Or Zombie Haterade that won't go away.

Andrew & Patricia Murray are suing Fox, Endemol, and Apploff Productions over this Million Dollar Moron Drop question...

According to the data-security firm Imperva, what is the most common computer password?
a) "Password"
b) "123456"
c) "I Love You"

Jason: I would think A
Chico: It was actually C. The couple hedged between A and B. They lost $580,000.... which they're suing for.
Jason: Depends on if they can verify the vagueness of the question.
Chico: well, I'm bringing up an article written by game show veteran and entertainment lawyer Ken Basin, who knows a thing or two about losing a lot of money.
Gordon: The problem is that you can't guarantee you would have won that money on the show.
Chico: That is correct.
Jason: It's like the potential double play
Chico: His sum-up: "Run from this lawsuit. Run like the wind." That's Ken talking verbatim.
Jason: DAMN.
Chico: Remember, this is a legal mind who lost $475,000 on national television.
Gordon: True. I think they need to take a vacation (Drives Zambonie) are they going to Russia?
Chico: They're going to Finland. =p
Jason: CLOSE.
Chico: Skins and Fins, baby.
Jason: :-)
Chico: We're going back to Japan.
Jason: Hai
Chico: Hi to you too

Banijay is taking the Japanese show "Spinsanity" to MIPCOM

Chico: Contestants attempt to win money from a giant slot machine, which as you know is totally original.
Jason: Of course.
Gordon: No one's ever thought of that concept. Isn't that right, Jack Barry?

Also on Banijay's slate is British series "The Art of Survival", which sees artists rely upon their talents to race from a start to a finish, which is also totally original.

Chico: As long as no chefs are involved. Particularly any from the US or the UK.
Gordon: I'm painting the word sarcasm on an easel for you.
Chico: ... Preview of the live show...
Gordon: I'll draw you a media ho also. (Plays a Goal Sound)
Chico: An idea from the artists... Cover Ludacris. (plays "Pimpin' All Over the World")

In this week's Media Ho Report, Jerry Springer does Let's Make a Deal Live, Lisa Ling hosts The Job, Top Chef Kitchen opens up in NYC on OCtober 16... Jeff Karp goes to GSN, SImon Cowell won't do a DJ series with Will Smith, Sean Lowe is the new Bachelor...

Chico: Good luck, Sean.

Nicki Minaj does reality shows, LA Reid refuses to say yes to anyone singing 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' and Emily Maynard, allegedly caught cheating, is allegedly paying off Jef Holm, who allegedly had a girlfriend before the show and still allegedly has the same girlfriend, which would alledgedly send this couple to breakupsville.

Gordon: Chico is devastated.
Jason: OUCH
Chico: This is my devastated face.. o_o.
Gordon: That is a look of pure devastation. But none of them is the ho of the week.
Chico: I know who.
Gordon: Who do you think it is?
Chico: It's Rachel Reynolds, who, on the season 41 premiere of TPIR, used an iPad up for bids to make an important announcement that she is with child.
Gordon: You are 100%...wrong. And this was an easy one this week.
Chico: Nuts. Then who?
Gordon: The who is Tom Bergeron, who won an Emmy this past Sunday for best TV host on a reality show.
Chico: Oh yeah!
Jason: (Applause)
Chico: Yep. Much deserved.
Jason: and of course to the Amazing Race.
Gordon: For best reality show. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision.
Jason: Shut it down? :-)
Chico: Please do.
Jason: (shuts it down)
Chico: Still to come, a brand new game, but first, we're going to court to sue cancelled game shows for money they don't have. Anymore.
Jason: Riiiight.
Chico: This is WLTI on GSNN, you give us 22 minutes, we'll give you a plate of cookies and other things you really don't need right now.
Jason: Jock Itch
Gordon: (Takes a bag of hockey pucks and dumps them on Chico)
Chico: Thanks much. *begins to swat hockey pucks away one by one*

(Brainvision is powered by Lockout! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had a Lockout Button? Of course it wouldn't, but today Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman BOTH have Lockout Buttons to threaten organized sport as we know it)