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Episode 31.2 - Gone to the Dogs
September 17

Chico: Chico Alexander alongside Gordon Pepper here. Eleven years ago this week, America stood united in the face of fear. And eleven years later, conflict around the world remind us of the importance of standing together... united in love... in the face of fear.
Gordon: Now usually I would put in some sort of snarky answer but as this is the anniversary of September 11th, this is truly a solemn moment. I was around 20 blocks away from Ground Zero when the event happened, and the events still go through my mind every day. We are hoping that anyone affected by this incident can find a few minutes of solace through what we do here at GSNN.
Chico: Yeah. I mean, if you're reading this... you obviously want to hear about game shows... So let's talk about game shows.
Gordon: From somewhere in America, WLTI...is...on. Gordon Pepper and Chico here, along with special guest Mr. Jason Block.
Chico: Got a jam-packed show for ya, so let's get this started...
Gordon: And we start with...Jason Block, our good friend...
Jason: Lets go.
Chico: Okay.
Gordon: We start with what was going to be a long topic of debate...but will no longer be, because William Close didn't win America's Got Talent.

Gordon: Lets change the sign to... "America IS a Moron"
Chico: Now if I may say something. I was prepared for a detailed argument with Gordon about how 30 seconds of singing doesn't make a singing act. I was about to cite the fact that William Close performing with OneRepublic now makes HIM the act instead of the singers AND the harpist.
Gordon: We really don't have to worry about that now, do we?
Chico: And then.... THIS HAPPENED.
Gordon: The show has officially gone to the dogs.

Chico: We're going to do things a little different, as we're going to go from 6th to 1st. In sixth place: The Untouchables.
Gordon: We can put this at the end with the emails.
Jason: Sure.
Chico: Now I can go through all the things they failed to do.
Jason: Tell a story. Be cohesive.
Chico: Overall, it was a pale impersonation of Tina Turner. They were trying to channel the go-go60s and they didn't do enough to close. If you want to win the big money, you have to be a closer.
Gordon: Now most people were calling upset. While I was surprised with the outcome, this wasn't totally unexpected, because of not what Olate Dogs did, but of what everyone else failed to do, with a HUGE assist from NBC.
Jason: I hear you there.
Chico: So what did the Untouchables fail to do?
Jason: And I agree.
Chico: Aside form tell the story?
Jason: They didn't do anything SPECIAL. They were.
Gordon: They did exactly what killed Miami All-Stars. No story and they degenerated from there other auditions.
Chico: It was not an upward tick, They peaked and then snowballed. Hence... last place. In 5th place...Joe Castillo. Also didn't tell a story, just saluted the judges. Now it was an interesting thing to do, but there needed to be a story. There needed to be something more than what we saw.
Gordon: It was a cute cheesy performance about the judges. At this stage of the competition, what do you need to do?
Jason: Oh look...pandering. Blow everyone away.
Gordon: Last time I checked, the judges don't vote.
Chico: Right. You needed to blow away for America.
Gordon: The Jesus thing last time was clever. You know what I wanted to see?
Chico: What did you want to see?
Gordon: This is what I think would have won it: September 11th.
Jason: That's crazy. But I get it.
Gordon: The towers and how NYC has rebuilt. That wins.
Chico: Interesting thing. He had something similar to that with his final performance with the students of PS22. He was doing a message of humanity and peace while they were singing "Edge of Glory".
Gordon: Howard Stern said something fantastic to Todd Oliver - be current and contemporary.
Chico: thanks, Block.
Jason: But yes. Do that and he wins.
Chico: Yep
Gordon: Good for Block - And yes. He needed to do THAT.
Chico: He didn't do that... so he didn't. 4th Place... David Garibaldi & His CMYKs. Same thing.
Gordon: Nope. It's almost like everyone played it safe. You HAVE to go BIG. This is for a million dollars.
Chico: He should've been performing for America. Instead, he performed for his own genius.
Jason: So should they.
Gordon: Again - September 11th.
Chico: It's like, you know what day the show is. You know what we're all feeling.
Gordon: It was a cuter clever performance. Was it a million dollar act? No.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: I'm going to sound like a major tool, but you really should've played into that. Tapped into that emotion. In third place... William Close. I'm going to channel Vin Scully... "In a year that has been so improbable... THE IMPOSSIBLE HAS HAPPENED!"
Jason: Yes...and NO.
Chico: Here's an act that did EVERYTHING right. And they still lost.
Gordon: He came the closest to what I was looking for, but he regressed.
Chico: William was performing an original "American symphony" complete with singing of America the Beautiful.
Jason: Which is what the Silhouettes did in their final performance if I remember.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Yes. Again, it's a regress and we're looking for VEGAS
Chico: We needed MORE MORE MORE. We needed to see everything in your arsenal.
Gordon: We didn't get it. What happened to the WOW that we had in the semi-finals?
Chico: You add on to what you did... and you win. Simple as that.
Gordon: Agreed.
Jason: Everyone played it conservative.
Chico: Yep. The first runner-up of this year... Tom Cotter.
Gordon: When you play to not lose, you do.
Jason: Cotter did something I didn't expect him to do. Play it safe. You know what I would have done?
Chico: He went for the obvious joke. What would you have done?
Jason: Have someone from the AUDIENCE choose it from a random ticket draw. With NO screen. That's an act.
Chico: Do it completely off the top.
Jason: The dice was a regress.
Gordon: Again - he went from a brilliant Semi-finals to a what was that in the finals?
Chico: Again, Tom came prepared. What he needed to do was come completely UNPREPARED. Let the comedy come naturally. The best kind of comedy is comedy that just happens.
Jason: Then....OUR WINNER...
Chico: Olate Dogs. In a week where every act subtracted, this act... subtracted less.
Jason: Who got the big assist from...NBC, right Gordon?
Chico: Explain the assist.
Gordon: First of all - they got the last spot, and on a night where no one impressed, that adds to the lasting impression factor.
Jason: Oh yes they did.
Gordon: #2. When did the voting show go on the air?
Chico: Wednesday.
Jason: 9-10?
Gordon: When do the voting shows usually go on the air?
Chico: Tuesday.
Gordon: Changes the voting base, doesn't it?
Chico: Yep. Especially this week when the music fans are watching something else. We'll get to that.
Gordon: So if I'm a new voter who hasn't seen the show, and if I see those performances, who am I voting for?
Jason: The last one.
Chico: The one that left the lasting impression, i.e. the last one.
Gordon: The last one sounded good to me.
Chico: So congrats, NBC. you got your non-musical act at long last.
Gordon: Now Chico, explain the musical connection, which I also think is VERY relevant.
Chico: I will... and it's a fitting segue into.... ahem....

Chico: (thunder) ... I love that.
Gordon: Before we start... can I make a Haterade statement?
Chico: ... I'll allow it.
Jason: Cant wait to hear this.
Gordon: Oh wait one more thing before the statement. Here is your Britain's Got Talent 2012 winner.

Gordon: Look familiar?
Chico: Wow. MORE dogs!
Jason: We saw them earlier on the show this year.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: One of the things about BGT is that it does parallel between that version and the American version. Little subliminal persuasion?
Jason: You bet.
Gordon: Oh - and Ashleigh in her routines - she told a story. just saying.
Chico: Yep. Now to Gordon's Haterade moment.
Gordon: Now...who was the brain trust that decided to put all of the musical singing shows against each other?
Chico: NBC. They wanted three nights for the Voice. They got greedy.
Gordon: So instead of that, we got series lows for each show that aired, including a 33% plunge from last season for the finals of America's Got Talent. Congratulations, morons.
Chico: Of course not having a HGWG didn't help.
Gordon: Non-factor.
Chico: Let's talk more about that.
Gordon: Non Factor on the X Factor
Chico: Yep. All you have is you and the judges. ... No seriously. That's IT!
Jason: Until Khloe Kardashian gets signed :-)
Chico: X Factor shifts into more of a documentary mode in the audition round while we continue to look for a host. And if you ask me.... shocker, it works. The focus is more on the contestant.
Gordon: By the way (picks up Milk Carton) how is Melanie Amaro doing?
Chico: No idea.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: I'm busy paying attention to Leona Lewis, Cher Lloyd (with Astro... so there's that)... and One Direction. Let's review.
Jason: You know what I got from this week....that Simon Cowell introduced $300 Sony X Headphones this week.
Chico: Yep. So let's review...
Chico: Four X Factor alums.... only ONE from the US version. ... and even that is a stretch because it's a guest appearance.
Gordon: It actually DOES work as a documentary
Jason: I liked the concert film look
Chico: Yep. This is the one thing that works. We're actually telling stories instead of just montage after montage. And that's what you want to do in the opening. Introduce us to the players.
Gordon: It's MUCH prettier than Season 1. I actually think this works better without a host.
Chico: It really does.
Gordon: It feels like a big screen movie.
Jason: It's just...there.
Gordon: It's a 2 hour movie
Jason: Which is a VERY GOOD THING.
Chico: And it just makes sense. Because it's all about the players and their story.
Gordon: In this format, you actually get to know the judges more. The first 10 minutes of the docu-series gave us much more than the whole first season - which in my mind, could explain rationales down the road. I think this really could have helped Paula and Nicole
Chico: NOTHING could've helped Paula or Nicole :-)
Jason: Like it helped Britney and Demi here.
Chico: But Britney and Demi and Simon have this instant chemistry that you see on screen. LA... not so much, but he's the business eye.
Gordon: But now the hard part - any contenders?
Chico: This early? Not yet.
Jason: I think so. One stands out.
Gordon: Who do you got, Jason?
Jason: The Justin Bieber lookalike. Not for his talent. Because he was ok. But he has THAT.
Chico: No, because HE has the titular element. He looks like a star. If one person blew me away from the show... it's Carly Rose Sonenclar. She sounds a lot older than her age gives her credit for. And by singing "Feelin' Good", she's bridging that generation gap, because that's a standard. How about you, G. you got a standout?
Gordon: Actually...Britney Spears.
Jason: Do explain
Gordon: She was surprisingly good.
Chico: you know something... being pushed to do that sort of thing will bring out your best. Becuase if memory serves, she was about to quit on day one.
Gordon: You expected a train wreck, but she was spot on. In some senses even better than Simon Cowell. The Bieber look-a-like is Reed Denning btw.
Jason: Thank you
Chico: So it looks like this season's shaping up to be better than last season, but it has one thing going against it.
Gordon: I think you'll see more of those two - and I'll add Paige (Contestant #1) into the mix. It's Fantasia with a good voice.
Jason: Bad ratings? 8M...not good.
Chico: ... that NBC is launching "The Voice". And here's a REAL shocker.
Gordon: Well take it with a grain of salt - it was up against AGT and The Voice.
Chico: Sing-Off launching in the fall... fell flat. So You Think You Can Dance launching in the fall... fell flat... The Voice.... Not so much.
Gordon: Again, why are you putting the same genre of shows against each other?
Chico: Because NBC will do anything for a hit. They will give the Devil a show if it will improve its ratings.
Jason: Jay Leno?
Gordon: If they will, then you don't put up your top dog against the other top dog.
Jason: These people will eat themselves.
Chico: Yep. And NBC made the move. You know what I didn't see? .... Mark Burnett objecting to it.
Gordon: Burnett doesn't have a choice in the matter. It's not his show.
Jason: It's NBC's baby.
Chico: Mark Burnett's name is on it. His money's in it. He has a say.
Gordon: Plus The Voice already has it's ratings and it's a hit. The expectations for The X Factor is MUCH bigger and they can't afford anything to screw that up. Going up against The VOice acrews it up.
Jason: Hence the 33% loss of viewers...season to season.
Chico: Now here's something...
Gordon: Not a good start, but again let's see Week #2.
Chico: X Factor went from 7.5M on Wednesday to 8.4M on Thursday. That was The Voice eating into the masses.
Jason: Yes...week 2 will tell it.
Chico: True that. So let's go into the talent. Who stood out on the Voice?
Gordon: The people who didn't get on. Let me explain what I mean.
Chico: Please do.
Gordon: You can see the singers when they start to panic when no ones turning around to the point that they start screaming their vocals and their experssions come from happy to scared to angry
Jason: You mean that 30 seconds moment of "Now what do I do"?
Chico: Yikes.
Gordon: Something like that, yes. As far as singers - no one wowed me, but I think Terry McDemott will be a major player this season.
Chico: I'm going to agree on all fronts. Another person who may be a factor.... Mackenzie Bourg. Not necessarily for his voice, but for the fact that he is... An HGWG. who looks like Justin Bieber. But he sounds nothing like the guy. Because when was the last time you heard Biebs talk about "Pumped Up Kicks".
Jason: NEVER.
Gordon: Well you had Reed on the X-Factor singing some Bruno Mars. It's about marketing.
Chico: This is true. And right now, we've got him and Cee Lo, so there's your marketing. Jason, anything from your end?
Jason: Not yet. Nothing blew me away. We shall see.
Chico: You know who blew me away this week? Of every show on TV?
Jason: Big Brother?
Chico: .... Christine Ha. She blew me away at the beginning of the summer, and she hasn't stopped since. She rides that momentum all the way to the WIN on Masterchef.
Gordon: She was consistently good, and she earned a well-deserved deal with Gordon Ramsay

Jason: This could be the biggest chef success since Guy Fieri
Chico: Really, we knew she had it won when it was determined that she'd go up against the guy who was eliminated early.
Gordon: She was against Josh, who was eliminated but earned his way back. Quite frankly, this was a mismatch and it was over early. Of course add the legally blind angle and she is a very marketable commodity - probably the biggest one since Guy Fieri
Chico: So... $250,000, her own cookbook, and a giant resin perspex trophy
Gordon: she gets this...

Jason: Christine Ha...the fact she CAN cook the way she can...is pretty damn special.
Chico: Impressive, even.
Gordon: So we go from a favorite to an upset. Hell's Kitchen. and I'll borrow something from Chico - all Justin had to do was to not lose it - and he lost it.
Chico: Now Gordon. Can we rerun last week's show for a moment?
Gordon: You know, for all the grief I've given you throughout the years, I can accept some here. play the clip.


Chico: Now where I see Christina Wilson on HK winning is this... She's NEVER been nominated. She's always been flying under the radar. Just enough to watch her opponents fall. Now she's ready to step up and deliver.
Gordon: Hell's kitchen works two ways - the floaters win if all of their opponents do something wrong - but they lose if their opponent is a powerhouse.
Chico: Is Justin a powerhouse? I never saw him do anything... Powerhousey. Did he do anything to wow anyone?
Gordon: While I think Christina does have a chance to win, Gordon likes to torture the eventual winner by setting him up to fail and watching him succeed. Justin seems to fit that mold. I agree. Thats how the winner is usually painted.
Chico: I'm going to go off the board and say Christina wins.

Gordon: I completely stand by that statement. The problem is that Justin failed.
Jason: How did Justin fail?
Gordon: For starters, he couldn't handle Clemenza.
Chico: I don't think anyone could've handled Clemenza. He's had the hubris for weeks, but never had the skills to back it up.
Gordon: He could have gotten rid of him.
Chico: He really could've. Justin had the cooking skills, but there was a complete lack of leadership. Justin, it's your kitchen. TAKE CONTROL OF IT! Bust a few chops if you have to.
Gordon: Being a chief is not just about cooking. it's about leadership, and whereas Justin I think was the better chef, he clearly was not the better leader.
Chico: No. Christina really laid the whip, I thought.
Gordon: That's what you need to win and she did what she needed to do.
Chico: And remember... This is for Gordon Ramsay Steak in Vegas. So you're going to need someone who fits the standard. Christina did that.
Gordon: Though it wasn't my pick, I don't have a problem with the choice.
Chico: Takes a big man to admit he was wrong. And though you're an inch or two shorter than I am, you're a big man
Gordon: I can receive just as well as I can dish out - and it just shows how right I've traditionally been throughout the years.
Jason: Hey guys...ROAD TRIP http://www.parislasvegas.com/casinos/paris-las-vegas/restaurants-dining/gordon-ramsay-steak-detail.html
Chico: NICE, and we have a place there already. Well... as long as D'angelo has space. Or Philip Cousin. Hi Phillip!
Gordon: There you go. There's plenty of space in the Big Brother house - only 3 people left.

Chico: And it's a pretty interesting way of getting to the final three. Let's review...Ian won HOH last week. Put Jenn & Shane up. Shane takes himself off. Ian puts up Dan.....ielle. After talking to Dan....iel.
Jason: There was his fatal flaw.
Chico: Two protips. 1) Always be wary of the first person who comes with a deal, and 2) If a person has a deal with JUST you, he NEVER has a deal with JUST YOU. He probably has a deal with everybody.
Gordon: That was a brilliant move by Dan.
Jason: Dan has more lives than a cat.
Gordon: You all knew Jenn was leaving. What Daniel did was get himself 2 votes from the jury - Danielle and Jenn.
Chico: So Dan did the game move. Ian basically said what we said to the likes of Apple and Nintendo this week... "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"
Gordon: And it also made sure that if Danielle wins HOH in the Final 3, she takes Dan with her. Now Ian MUST win the final HOH.
Jason: Which as of now...he hasn't. Dan has won part 1.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: If Danielle wins part 2, bye bye Ian.
Chico: So Jenn's on the jury. Danielle puts up Dan & Ian in the next round. Danielle wins HOH... and Dan comes at it with HER. She pulls Dan off and Shane gets booted.
Jason: And she was PISSED.
Jason: She is thick as a brick. And yes, Dan plays it dirty.
Gordon: But she'll stick pick him - and he should pick her.
Chico: So let's go to Who Wins If.
Gordon: So it's time for GSNN's tradition of...WHO WINS IF? Big Board please?

BB14: Who Wins If

 - Dan vs. Danielle: Dan wins
 - Ian vs. Danielle: Ian wins
 - Dan vs. Ian: Too close to call

Chico: Dan and Danielle as your final 2... Dan wins. He can sell sand to a desert.
Gordon: Ian Vs. Danielle...Ian wins.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: I think Danielle is persona non grata.
Chico: Ian vs. Dan.. That one's a tricky one.
Gordon: I think Dan wins, but this is a coin flip, I'll say Dan, 4-3.
Jason: Ian wins in a walk. Too many people got screwed by Dan.
Chico: Yeah, too many people have been screwed over by Dan.
Gordon: I don't know about that . Big Brother players seem to honor the people who play the better game.
Chico: ... but how many of those people will be too dim to realize that? No one ever won in a revenge vote.
Gordon: Survivor: yes. Big Brother: No.
Chico: If this was purely a revenge vote, Danielle wins. It isn't. Because Ian's hands aren't clean either.
Jason: Really?
Gordon: I would agree with what Chico said. Ian's done some dirty work also.
Chico: Ashley?
Jason: He has done SOME. Dan has blood all over. He is Dexter
Gordon: Dexter does manage to win at the end though.
Chico: AGAIN. A lot of people seem to forget that Dan won this show before.
Gordon: If Dan wins, is he the best Big Brother player ever?
Chico: ... Perhaps. So let's go over this one more time. Ian has a 2:1 shot to win. Dan has even odds. Danielle is your longshot at 1000:1. Remember, these are for entertainment purposes only. Gamble responsibly. GSNN Cares.
Jason: So lets congrate Danielle for winning Big Brother
Chico: Come see me for my trophy. ... YOUR trophy. Damn. Now it's time to ask all the questions we haven't asked the last two months. Like "Where exactly IS your trophy, Chico?"
Gordon: ...I have it in the trunk of my car.
Chico: I have it in the trunks. ....


Gordon: Filthy McNasty
Chico: This week, primetime, cable, and anything else you can think of.
Gordon: I'll start it.

1) Pyramid is a hit. We all know this. Do we see a tournament of champions?

Chico: They have to do something for season 2. Which given their top-shelf status for the first two weeks... already a given.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Let's see a $100,000 tourney. Please. Next one?
Chico: If I'm GSN, I'm organizing renewals for both the Mid and ABc.

2) Family Game Night was an 11th hour renewal. Will the new format secure its status for season 4?

Jason: I think so.
Chico: I think so too.
Gordon: Look at what network it's on. Nope.
Chico: It's not every day you see an Emmy-award-winner on your ranks. Todd Newton's Emmy is keeping the lights on at the Hub. That and... ponies.
Jason: PONY! :)(hi Jim!)
Gordon: If I'm Family Game Night, I gallop to GSN.
Chico: (three name drops in one show. We're going for a record) We'll see what happens September 23. ... NEXT Sunday! I'm watching. ARE YOU?
Jason: I am.
Chico: Next?

3) Baggage is hanging out for another season in Syndication,. Can we see another show join it?

Chico: Right now, no. Because remember, this is just the reruns of the GSN series. Like Cash Cab did two years ago.
Jason: Nope. We need originality.
Gordon: I don't think so, but if I wanted to, and this sound wacky...but Figure It Out.
Jason: When WAS the last time we saw a KIDS show in Syndication
Chico: You gotta get to the 100, first. The last time we saw a kid's game show in syndication: Click in 1999. Remember, that ran for two seasons. And it introduced the world to... some guy on Fox, I don't know.
Gordon: ok Chico Seacrest. Next one
Chico: Next up...

4) The Voice vs. The X Factor. "The Voice" won the battle. Who wins the war?

Gordon: X-Factor, because I think the sample will select it.,
Jason: X-Factor
Gordon: As much as we hate on The X Factor, Season 2 is a much better package than Season 1.
Chico: X Factor. The thing about the Voice... It peaks right before the live voting begins. The X Factor, it's consistent. It's a consistent product.
Gordon: Last one...

5) Will Chico be a contestant on any of these shows?

Chico: Only if Let's Ask America calls back.
Gordon: Let's see if Chico gets a call. I think the hamsters got a package, but they are better off for America's Got Talent and not Let's Ask America.
Jason: I see seesaw...a trampoline and a ring of fire
Chico: Olate Hamsters?
Gordon: Maybe. Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. First up, let's go to bat.
Jason: Which one do you need?
Chico: I'm going to need the one with the dawg on it.
Jason: (hands Chico the Bat with the Randy Jackson Watch)
Chico: MY GOD THAT'S A BIG WATCH. This is all about returning champions.

Last week we were talking about a) Randy Jackson's role as mentor instead of judge on American Idol.... and 2) Pat & Vanna & Alex perhaps riding off into the sunset after year 30.... well.... never mind.

Jason: Then THIS happened.
Chico: Randy Jackson's back on the judging panel with Mariah Carey, while Pat, Vanna, and Alex are signed up until 2016.
Jason: Which is awesome on all counts.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Very true. Let's keep the love going.
Chico: Wait, also have an 11th hour drop date.

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, September 19. That's THIS Wednesday.

Chico: What else is on the DB, G?
Gordon: We got some more...

Monday: Jeopardy, Let's Ask America, Family Feud, and Wheel of Fortune. Tuesday is Hot Set and Wednesday is Survivor; Philippines.

Chico: Should be good stuff all around. Still wish LAA was going national, but you gotta start somewhere.
Jason: It will be.
Gordon: Always have to start somewhere - like if you were on a vacation. So where are we going to?
Chico: Let's go to Japan. Iron Chef has gone full circle.
Jason: Hai. Whats up?

The original show ran from 1992 to 1999 with specials afterwards. In 2004, Food Network picked up the rights to broadcast an American version.That sparked versions in Israel, the UK, and Australia. Now... it's being revived for the Japanese. New episodes begin in October.

Jason: WOOT :-) With Takeshi Kaga?
Gordon: That is awesome and I hope they put the new episodes on YouTube so we can see them here in the states.
Chico: They're going to have to find a new Chairman because, and Gordon knows this... the original Chairman, Takeshi Kaga, died after eating poisonous pufferfish. The Chairman, not Takeshi Kaga.
Gordon: Bad FUGU
Jason: Oh yes that's right.
Chico: This is gonna be fun.
Gordon: Yes. The following...not as much fun.

Are YOU Smarter than...Amanda Bynes, who gets pulled over - and then gets busted for driving with out a license.

Jason: But wait...THERE'S MORE.
Chico: Oh great. Just what I don't need.
Jason: There were pics of her smoking from a pipe...WHILE DRIVING.
Gordon: And we're not talking tobacco here, kids.
Jason: And we aren't talking a one time pic. She was caught I believe 5 times smoking the wacky weed.
Chico: Billy the Answer Headdesk.
Gordon: She's a pot head. She doesn't even have issues. She's a full magazine subscription.
Chico: Her ISSUES have issues.
Jason: Supposedly this is not just drugs but a full mental breakdown
Chico: She needs an intervention. Before she goes full-on Lohan.
Jason: http://www.tmz.com/2012/09/15/amanda-bynes-mental-issues/
Gordon: I don't think Haterade would begin to help this out, but I do have some.
Chico: Hit me.
Jason: let's go

Let's go to Bachelor Pad. You remember the whole 'Share or Steal' options now done to death on ever other reality show, right?

Chico: Let's see... Apprentice...Friend or Foe... Golden Balls... Shafted...

Nick Peterson and Rachel Trueheart win Bachelor Pad. Rachel elects to share. Nick...steals. So Nick walks off with $250,000 and Rachel gets nothing.

Chico: Ouch. I'm guessing they don't even entertain the thought of a relationship.
Jason: Not even close. BOOM. Nice going, Rachel
Chico: She gonna need to get loaded.
Jason: HIC
Chico: How would you like to be a blogger for Dancing with the Stars?

Several ABC affiliates in the country are looking for DWTS superfans to be bloggers for the show.

Jason: Hey we can do this! :-)
Chico: For a list of participating stations and details on how to get involved, go to dwtsblogcontest.com. One of the affils is the ABC station in Huntsville... Jason Elliot?

And also, if you have a PS3. Hi, Chico! Hi, Chico... and $15... you can get the new version of Wheel of Fortune for PSN

Jason: Not bad.
Chico: No sir.
Gordon: Nope. Will Chico be a media ho?
Chico: Me? NEVER. (plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Simon Cowell is hawking headphones, The Olympians infiltrate the Big Brother House, Carrie ANn Inaba is now single...

Jason: You have a shot, Chico!
Chico: Yeah man.

Khloe Kardashian has the edge to be the new X-Factor host, Top Chef improves their cruise, Red Or Black may be in the Red...permanently.

Gordon Ramsay pitches a show that FOX doesn't pick up, Barbara Corcoran does What Would You Do, and Emily and Jef set a wedding date. Whether or not they actually get there is up in the air.

Gordon: But none of them are your hoes of the week.
Jason: Who are they?
Chico: Who have you. I think I know.
Gordon: Why don't you tell me who then Mr. Alexander
Chico: Do I need a wonky guitar?
Gordon: No
Chico: ... Well, in that case I'm out. Because I had the lineup for the new version of Match Game. Who did you have?
Gordon: I have Mo'Nique, Paula Deen, Cheech marin, Jackee Harry and Tony Dovolani
Chico: Oh yeah. THOSE guys. This week is Celebrity Week on Millionaire. And these are your celebrity players.
Gordon: That is correct sir.,
Chico: For the record, they did release the full list of MG celebs, and among them of note.. Andy Kindler, Caroline Rhea, DL Hughley, Colin Mochrie, Kevin McDonald, Greg Grunberg, Scott Thompson, Tom Green, and Yvette Nicole Brown. A lot of funny Canadians. Funny Americans as well.
Gordon: Tons of talented people. Makes me look forward to October 15th. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Jason, make us cold.
Jason: Button...lever....panel...DOWN.
Chico: Okay, still to come, we're going to wrap up our little Push or Flush for the fall, but first! We're going to bring out our inner beatnik.
Jason: (snaps fingers and beats the bongos)
Chico: I got the bass out, who's got the mic?
Gordon: First up, it's time for Poetry Corner. You're reading WLTI. you give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 reasons why The Voice and American Idol judges should lock out the networks like the NHL is locking out the players.
Chico: My Hurricanes rally monkey is so lonely... Thanks, Gary Bettman... you (^_^).
Jason: Ugh....(takes out my copy of NHL13)
Gordon: I can hear Cee Lo getting up his dedication song to Gary Bettman right now.

(Brainvision is powered by The MegaMan X Factor. We know you can sing. Can you also defend the world from a bunch of robots gone Maverick? Zero hosts.)