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Episode 31.14/15 - 2012 Year In Review
December 24/31

Gordon: I predict the NY Jets Special Teams will be ousted in Week #1.
Jason: After what I just saw...yeah
Chico: I predict you're right. Don't sit on the Texans, though.
Gordon: Welcome back to WLTI, as we have our year in review.
Chico: We've gone through January to June. Now it's time to go to...

JULY 2012

Chico: And the premiere of Redneck Island on CMT. The good: Stone Cold Steve Austin. The bad... everything else.
Gordon: But there was a show we DID like; The Great Excape
Jason: This was a really really good show. Great production values.
Chico: And then TNT cancels it. Boo.
Gordon: Unfortunately, between that, we got stuck with Trust Us With Your Life,
Jason: Whose Line happened ONCE.
Chico: It'll never happen again.
Jason: Combine a bad show with Fred Willard...um....caught doing something he shouldn't.
Gordon: (Plays Peter and the Wolf)
Chico: Then there's Four Houses, Take Me OUT, and another Worst Show of 2012 contender...The Choice. Seriously, what was Cat Deeley doing signing up for this?
Gordon: Counting her money?
Rob the Cash Cow: Moo
Chico: Chris Tarrant returns on "Millionaire", "Baggage" crosses the pond, But the WTF moment... Big Brother... Coaches. What started as a game for $500,000 for you and $100,000 for your coach ended up with $500,000 for everyone. For what Big Brother has in drama, it lacks in follow through.
Jason: Because the people wanted it...yeah right.
Chico: Another cool game we liked that we didn't get to see more of... Picked Off on History. Then Chopped: Grill Masters. Then Splatalot!
Jason: Sort of Wipeout meets Fort Boyard
Chico: Pretty good stuff.
Gordon: And now we move to...


Chico: And while the attention of the world was turned to London...
Jason: And Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, et al
Gordon: We had Super Saver Showdown, and Sharon Osbourne leaving America's Got Talent because her son got booted from being on Stars Earn Stripes.
Chico: Yay.
Gordon: And then we got stuck with Oh Sit and The Next.
Jason: Not :)
Chico: Interesting thing of Super Saver Showdown... It'll be back for burnoff in the new year. It was a one and done in August.
Gordon: GSN brings out American Bible Challenge and Beat the Chefs.
Chico: American Bible Challenge was a good show that did good things for GSN.
Jason: Beat the Chefs...NOT SO MUCH
Chico: We also get Bunk on IFC.
Jason: Gordon liked Bunk
Gordon: I did. Its more of a comedians showcase than a game show, but it worked for me.
Chico: It was a good show to start, but the kitsch got old quickly
Gordon: The Choice and Take Me out...DIDN'T work for me.
Chico: And that leads us from a cold summer to a warmer fall.


Chico: And perhaps the New Game of the Year.... THE PYRAMID.
Jason: Mixed bag for me. Good show. Good format.
Gordon: Rotten celebrities
Chico: It was a well-done revival... GSN got really good reviews off of it... and they should revisit this in the future. They need to keep the celebs who worked (and there were some)... and get some new blood in. I'm guessing Neil Patrick Harris is waiting by the phone.
Jason: NPH wouldn't lower himself.
Chico: Hell yeah he would. He's a fanboy.
Gordon: NPH, Ricki Lake, etc. There are good game playing celebrities out there.
Jason: Could be. We had the premiere of Season 30 of Wheel and Season 29 of Jeopardy (after Alex has a heart attack).
Chico: Feud returns to record numbers. TPIR begins year 41 by looking for a male model and the kids seem to dig it.
Jason: The women do as well.
Gordon: A pair of Christines win Hells Kitchen and Masterchef, the one on Masterchef more impressively so because she was legally blind.
Chico: Could be player of the year there
Jason: Could be.
Gordon: The Olate Dogs win America's Got Talent. Kevin wins the Glass House, while Ian wins Big Brother
Jason: Ian is one of my players of the year
Chico: And then we get a different kind of game show. A) contestants come from all over the country. B) they play over Skype. And 3) they're only airing it in 12 markets. That's the plan behind Let's Ask America, which is doing pretty well in year one so far.
Jason: It takes all the interactive elements that we have seen so far and takes it to the next level.
Gordon: Great concept, and we hope a long shelf life.
Chico: Indeed. Survivor saw a sitcom star compete for the million.
Jason: We had three returnees - Michael Skupin, Russell Swan, and Jonathan Penner. All Medical evacuees. And Jeff Kent (former MVP)
Chico: And current SOB. :-)
Jason: Amazing Race starts season 21, featuring Chippendales, Beekmans and an athlete with one leg.
Chico: The Voice returns with a new snipe format, which sees coaches steal talent. Dancing with the Stars launches its first All-Stars edition... yeah, that sucked.
Gordon: Part of the fun is watching celebrities who don't know how to dance get betterm not celebrities who know how to dance get worse.
Chico: And we finally have everything in place for the X Factor. New judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato... and new hosts Mario Lopez (Called it) and Khloe Kardashian Odom.
Jason: A very big September
Chico: Indeed.
Gordon: Can we have Khloe's breasts as co-stars?
Chico: Hello
Jason: Niiice
Chico: They'll make their debut in...


Gordon: We have male models on The Price is Right. Jane LaGennusa is the first player on Millionaire this year to see a $250,000 question. She won't be the last.
Chico: Total Blackout returns for season 2, which is a lot like season 1 only with a 2 behind the production code.
Gordon: Numb Nuts and Chef Race show up for Season 1, as well as Flea Market Flip
Chico: Another good show we should see more of in 2013.
Gordon: As is Canada's Version of Match Game. Totally Clueless from MTV...notsomuch.
Chico: Totally Clueless was totally brainless ABDC was also axed by MTV. That sucked. Simply a good show that ran its course
Jason: Flea Market Flip was a lot better than I thought it would be. It was really good.
Jason: And Pat Sajak/Alex Trebek sign 3 year deals to take them through the 2016 season
Chico: Newlywed Game returns as a weekly - and by that we mean that a week's worth of shows runs on a single night
Gordon: Meh.
Chico: Meh indeed. We got season 2 of Hip Hop Squares, which was every bit as good as season 1. We also saw Hot Set, a show that deserves a season 2.
Gordon: Viral Video Showdown won't see a season 2.
Chico: Viral what?
Jason: Kevin Pereira's OTHER show.
Chico: Ah. And your WTF story for October? Who is the bigger media ho? The known media ho or the media ho that FALLS for the known media ho?
Jason: Are you talking Khloe/Kanye?
Chico: I was talking about Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson.
Jason: OK
Gordon: I think either and / or both fit that bill.
Chico: True. Figure It Out started again in October, but was pulled from Nick before all of season 2 could be aired. We still have the Galaxy episode to air.
Jason: Weird?
Chico: Very weird.
Gordon: And on to...


Chico: Remember this name... Colby Burnett. He's your reigning Teacher's Champion, and he won in spectacular fashion. Even with that smirk of his. Also in the running for Gamer of the Year: David Baea, the first person (and so far the only person) to take Let's Ask America for the full monty.
Jason: Great clip. One of the best clips of the year.
Chico: And we get Next Iron Chef coming back. Finale is tonight as we record. But the WTF moment comes with a debut. Killer Karaoke.
Jason: Worst show of the year.
Chico: All you have to do is keep singing... while enduring mice, snakes, alligators, scorpions, Black Mask, sweaty guys, and electric shock. Jason and I think it's the worst show of the year.. Gordon LOVES it.
Jason: Of course he does.
Gordon: Best show ever.
Chico: Heh. RuPaul's All-Stars Drag Race launches as a tide-over for the new season in 2013. Same with the second Project Runway All-Stars. The WTF story of the month, though... TPIR has to cut an $8 million check to a deposed model for her wrongful termination lawsuit.
Gordon: Oops
Jason: Big oops
Chico: Million dollar oops
Jason: And could be the start to more suits in 2013
Gordon: Sure could be. We move on to..


Chico: December brings me back to you. It also brings me back to Melissa Rycroft, who wins Dancing All-Stars. Amazing Race gets the greenlight to go to Canada, eh?
Gordon: Tate Stevens wins The X Factor, and Cassadee Pope wins The Voice
Chico: As the Beekmans cross the plane to win the quiche. We'll talk about Tate and Cassadee more in the second half.
Jason: Denise wins Survivor
Chico: Disney loses its $319M appeal against Celador. Pay money now. Drew Carey celebrates his 1000th TPIR. Take It All takes a modest gift exchange idea and pisses all over it with the prisoner's dilemma.
Gordon: Can we ban the Prisoner's Dilemma from ever being on a game show?
Chico: Yes. Yes we can.
Jason: Oh we did forget the new judges of Idol - Keith Urban/Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey
Chico: They're named as your next American Idol judges. We'll see them in action - and if they feel up to it, maybe some contestants, too! - in 2013. Billy on the Street returns for season 2. And THAT... .in a nutshell.. is 2012. Any questions?
Gordon: No. We'll also see you in 2013...after we discuss the last week of 2012. Coming up next!

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