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Episode 31.10 - The Smirkiest Smirk That Ever Smirked
November 26

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we hope that you had a good Thanksgiving.
Chico: Chico Alexander here. I did, thanks for asking. And we hope that the rest of your holiday weekend went swimmingly as well.
Jason: Same here.
Chico: We'll get to that and a whole other mess of... stuff.... Because from Somewhere in America... WLTI... is... ON!
Gordon: Yay! Gordon, Chico and special guest Jason Block here.
Chico: We've got a lot of stuff to cover (and we do mean a LOT), but first... let's talk turkey, and let's talk tourney. Colby Burnett... the smirkiest smirk that ever smirked. Said he was going to Roger
Craig his game. There was nothing sabermetric about it until ... the last gasp of Double Jeopardy!, where a late round rally turned a $100,000 game of chicken into a $100,000 guarantee for Colby. Let's set the scene for you here. Going into the final match, Kate Wilson had $3000, Colby had $10,600, and Michael Farabaugh had $10,000.So it's more or less a $100,000 game of chicken at this point IF Colby and Michael deadlock. Michael was leading for the better part of the game, then after DD#2 in Double Jeopardy!, Colby went on a rally to put him ahead $20,600 to Michael's $8600. Kate had $5000, but for all intents and purposes, she's out of it. Let's look at that score for a moment, $8600. Double it, it's $17,200, giving Michael a two-day take of $27,200. Still $4000 short of Colby's two-day total if he bets nothing.
Jason: So it's all a matter of the question.
Chico: It's not EVEN a matter of the question. If I were Colby, I bet nothing! I'm already a winner. But because I'm Colby, I bet $1929. Still can't figure that one out.
Jason: Because Colby was not a SPECTACULAR player. He did enough to win.
Chico: No he wasn't. He's one of those people who knows a lot about the game, but not enough to play it by the book. He's lucky he was in a tournament, because I couldn't possibly see him going for as long as, say, a Paul Nelson would (getting there, by the way).
Jason: Paul Nelson was 10X worse BTW.
Gordon: I have to agree with...both of you. I think Colby played on excellent tournament - but part of that reason was because he DIDN'T play it by the book.
Chico: Please explain.
Gordon: Colby had an aggressive bet on that second Daily Double, and then we went on a game clinching second half run. Good champions know how to close.
Jason: Yes but up until then, he was scattershot.
Chico: Michael played the second Daily Double. But yes on the closer.
Gordon: Was it how you'd want to see it end? Probably not. It's much more exciting to be conservative than let the last Final Jeopardy clue be academic. It's almost like the offensive team up by 3 in football and killing the clock by getting the first down rather than kick the ball away. Good teams don't give their opponents a shot.
Jason: I don't disagree.
Chico: Me neither. Onto the Final. US Constitutional.

Found in Article 3, Section 3 & requiring the testimony of 2 witnesses to prove, it's the only crime defined in the Constitution.

Chico: Jason?
Jason: What is TREASON.
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: What is the Treason cause by the NHL board of directors?
Chico: Again... screw you Gary Bettman.
Gordon: You want to see NHL games in 2012? Not happening.
Jason: Nope
Chico: But Colby Burnett in 2013 is happening. February 2013, to be exact. He has $100,000 and will return to play for $250,000. Where do you put his chances?
Jason: ZERO. Out before the semi-finals.
Chico: G?
Gordon: I'll say survives Week #1. Doesn't get to the finals.
Chico: I.... agree... with..... Gordon. Particularly if he plays against Paul
Nelson, who has literally backed into every win he's gotten this week. But the clock struck midnight on Friday with this clue. Biographies About Authors is the category.

Chapters in a biography on this author include "Declaring His Genius" & "A Late Victorian Love Affair".

Chico: .... Gordon, I think you're first now.
Gordon: Who is Reinhold Schünzel?
Jason: Who?
Gordon: He wrote the story / movie / musical Victor/Victoria
Chico: I see what you did there.
Jason: Very good.
Chico: Jason, the RIGHT answer?
Jason: One of my favorite quotes from this man... "I can resist everything...except temptation." Oscar Wilde.
Chico: Also said by Jason Block when pulling into New York Harbor after the Black Friday booze cruise.
Jason: Been there ;-)
Chico: "I have nothing to declare but my genius."
Gordon: In terms of Nelson, I actually liked his run. He forced you to beat him instead of him beating himself.
Chico: But it kinda cheapens the game if you do it EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Gordon: ...why? I'm in essence saying, ok you want to be the champ? Beat me for it. I'm not going to allow myself to lose by getting Final Jeopardy wrong. YOU have to get it right. It's a great strategy and one I'm surprised isn't used more often. If I'm up and I don't know the FJ category, I'm not going to blow all my money. You have to answer it.
Chico: But it doesn't work all the time.
Gordon: It doesn't. It's risky, but it does work.
Chico: The only way to be sure of a win: lead into the final, then get final right. He had ZERO control of his game. ZERO.
Gordon: Right - but - it's also forcing you to get it right. If you don't know the answer, I win.
Chico: And if you do... you lose. That's just stupid.
Gordon: But it's better than if I don't know the answer, I lose.
Chico: He knew how to bet, but he didn't know how to play. He was playing to not lose.
Gordon: I disagree. Sometimes, that's how you play. If I have 10,000 and you have 9,000 and the FJ is ancient Russian agricultural techniques, I'm betting 999.
Chico: Now you're just being obtuse.
Gordon: It's the same idea.
Chico: And again, knew how to bet, didn't know how to play. If he knew how to play, he wouldn't have been beaten by his own game on Friday. Just saying.
Gordon: I'm sorry - how much did he win?
Chico: Five days, $54,000.
Gordon: I'd say he knew how to play AND win.
Chico: Still think he's more lucky than good.
Gordon: Here's the stratagem - You're in first place - do you go for the answer knowing if you get it right you win and if you get it wrong, you lose? Or do you pass the question hoping my opponent gets it wrong?
Chico: If I know the answer, I'm going for it.
Gordon: Well if you know the answer, but you won't know it unless you see the question.
Chico: The simple fact of it is... Paul Nelson CANNOT CLOSE. HE CAN'T CLOSE!
Gordon: Again, it's how you play the game. He didn't want to close. The wagering showed you he wasn't relying on him getting it right - he was relying on his opponents getting it wrong. That's a way you can play the game - and it worked for him.
Chico: Can't do it.
Gordon: $54,000 says you can.
Jason: I agree with Gordon that it is a way to play. And win. But it is rare. I wouldn't do it.
Gordon: You know Press Your Luck. I can't catch you, so I'm passing a spin in hope you hit a whammy.
Jason: I understand, but most good champions don't play that way.
Chico: I don't know of any J! champ who would. It's a rare win, but it's not the best play.
Gordon: This is the same way. I don't know the topic well enough to bet a lot, so I'm going to gamble that you don't know it either.
Chico: Risky. Wouldn't do it. Basically betting against yourself, you bet against yourself, you're going to lose most of the time.
Gordon: I'm not betting against myself. I'm betting against you. I'm not betting that I'm going to get it right. I'm betting that you're going to get it wrong.
Chico: That's not going to work in Tournament play.
Gordon: Why not?
Chico: You play to win, or you lose the first week. He's going to fall the first week.
Gordon: Depends on who he's up against. There have been Final Jeopardy tourneys where people have had $0 and advanced.
Chico: We'll see. February 2013 can't get here soon enough. Back to declaring genius... If you remember last week, Jason said that Pete Yurkovich was going to be the next person voted out. We all laughed at him...Well, guess who's the moron now.


Chico: There was something that Abi-Maria Gomes had that Pete didn't.
Jason: The Idol. That was it.
Chico: That would be it.
Gordon: Well it was one or the other (coin flip). But they are both persona non-grata on the island. And with Abi flushing her idol, she's next to go unless she can convince someone that there's someone you want to go up against in the finals.
Chico: Unfortunately that spot is taken... PENNER. And again, there's a strong-ish cabal at play here: Carter, Denise, Penner, and Malcolm. Interesting thing, though...Denise FLIPPED. So should we count her as a floater with Skupin and Lisa now?
Jason: You know who Abi reminds me of (to reference another show). You know the girls who were NEVER told they couldn't sing?
Chico: YEP.
Jason: When she was dressed down. And she didn't realize she wasn't likable? BAHAHAHA (falls off chair)
Chico: And we've lost a Jason. And to Pete's discredit, he didn't do favors when he tried to scramble for a flipper before Tribal.
Gordon: No. That's called too little, too late.
Jason: I smelled the desperation on the screen.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: And your 4 in power - Lisa, Skupin, Denise and Malcolm
Chico: Pete's desperation plus Abi's idol equals... easiest vote out so far this season. But I still think barring an IC win, Abi is next.
Jason: It is right there. Unless the castaways do something incredibly stupid.
Gordon: Penner made a flaw that could come back to bite him also. Lisa and Skupin wanted to align with Penner and he said no.
Chico: Which hasn't happened YET. So we're about due. We're going to keep an eye on this. Now Jason, you said something about people never having been told that they couldn't sing?
Jason: yes.
Chico: ... Count Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller amongst them.
Jason: I had Arin Ray this week too. :-) Gordon was right...on the X Factor...the top is so far away from the bottom, you know?

Chico: I'll tell you how far it was. The top four were separated by a 1/2 percent. That's how close it was. Let's start at the bottom... without a saver vote, CeCe Frey is back down to 8. The theme this week: Songs for People Who Inspire You. Very Thanksgiving. Tears shed all over the place. You still have to drive emotion instead of letting emotion drive you. That's why CeCe's at the bottom. Fifth Harmony... seventh. Down one. They showed that they can do harmony, but they're still five vocalists vying for air time. They're not one group. Paige Thomas the beneficiary of a saver vote goes to sixth, Diamond White goes to fifth. Then we have 4,3, 2, 1 staying ALMOST the same. 4 and 3 are the same, Emblem 3 and Vino Alan. But 2 and 1 flip. Tate Stevens is second, and the beneficiary of the closer spot take the top spot. THE RINGER!
Jason: Can we just make it a Stevens/RInger final and save us three weeks? :-)
Chico: If only, J. If only. Gordon, your thoughts.
Gordon: I'm sorry the Tryptophan took over and I fell asleep during the results show. Wake me up when we get to the Final 4.
Jason: SO it's the ZZZZZZZ Factor now?
Gordon: no. The ZZZZzzzz Factor is on NBC.
Chico: Bryan Keith and Sylvia Yacoub were eliminated this week. That leaves Christina with ONE. Granted it's the one that we think is going to go to the finals, but still... One. Cee-Lo still has three, the others have 2.... and that's really all there is to it. *splashes water on the faces of his panelists*
Jason: AH! Stop that!
Gordon: I'm awake. The answer is 12.
Jason: It's C. Gordon. Always C
Chico: Actually, the answer is "No Passport".

Chico: Last week James & Abba lose their passport (and their other stuff besides) and spend most of this week looking for it instead of actually racing. So as a result, they were eliminated after only performing the Speed Bump and the Roadblock.
Jason: Which we barely saw.
Chico: Correct. But let's talk about the comeback kids, the Ja(y)mes gang. We didn't give them ANY hope after leg one, but after this leg, they're the team to beat.
Jason: The race flows that way
Chico: And this was AFTER they had to figure out a time zone map. That was the Roadblock.
Jason: Who didn't love the professor in that challenge?
Chico: He was awesome.
Gordon: I'm not sure about Team to Beat status quite yet.
Chico: Who've you got?
Jason: And I loved the historical party.
Chico: I caught the eye of Catherine the Great. Is that wrong?
Jason: Nope :-)
Gordon: That was a fun challenge. I still have Ryan and Abby as the 2 million dollar team to beat.
Jason: BTW...I see James/Abba as a second chance team.
Chico: Right now, they're still in the back of the pack. Will they find a way to come back?
Gordon: Of course they will. Within the first 10 minutes of the program once all of the teams are stuck at the same airport for an equalizer. Haven't you seen enough episodes of the show to realize this?
Chico: I've totally seen enough episodes of this show. It's not exactly the worst show on TV you know. On the OTHER HAND...we may have a candidate for the worst show of 2012  (WLTI Live, Best & Worst of Everything, December 31.)
Jason: No...we DO have a candidate!
Chico: Yes.
Gordon: This was a show called Killer Karaoke, hosted by Steve-O. You may say that it killed it. It killed it DEAD.
Chico: With fire.
Jason: And Snakes
Gordon: and scorpions
Chico: And alligators.
Gordon: and helium
Chico: And fish. The premise is this... you're presented with a bunch of Fear Factor-like challenges. The catch is... you can't stop singing.
Gordon: Now we here always watch everything we review. Unfortunately that also proves true for this show.
Chico: On paper, it should be schadenfreude-tastic. In practice, it's just... unwatchable.
Gordon: 2 singers compete in the head to head round. The audience votes one of them to the finals. We do this three times where the last singer wins leaves with a jackpot of money.
Chico: Basically, you're on a merry-go-round of doom that gets faster, and faster, and faster. Last one on wins up to $10,000. Is there any good to this show? SERIOUSLY?
Jason: Not an one.
Gordon: Well...yes.
Jason: Are you kidding me?
Gordon: I'm not actually.
Jason: Show me
Gordon: I'll tell you. Part of the on paper thing is good, and I'll say the same thing on Total Blackout - some of the setups are susprisingly good.
Chico: You're a sadist, Gordon.
Gordon: Yes, I am a sadist :)
Chico: Okay, the setups are good, because we've seen them before. Numerous times.
Gordon: ...and that's all I can extract out of the good. As for the rest of the show: It's a one trick pony, Steve O the host looks like he strung out on whatever substance his agent gave him to sign a contract for this show, contestants all came from casting central hell, one of the challenges should be let's sing in a xerox maching plant and get high from all of the toxic fumes, and the play-in rounds are actually more entertaining than the final round, where people with epilepsy shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the TV.
Jason: And half the singing is "AHHHHHHHHH" It's as entertaining as watching paint dry.
Chico: There's nothing killer about this show. It's barely karaoke. Between PPP and the masochism tango, it's just.... terrible.

truTV - 9p ET Friday
D- F F F

Gordon: Yes. And I think I would have to pay Chico $50 to watch another episode. The only reason why I am not failing this is that I'm a sadist. D- (Squared)
Jason: Sorry I am not. F. (EPIC FAIL)
Chico: F. Seriously, truTV? REALLY? You want some game show that's WORTH watching? We've got'em all... and we've got'em all really really fast. It's Time for Replay Time!


You have 5:30 on the clock. Here's your first recap...GO!
Chico: Starting with the Dancing semifinals. If I were to tell you that the NFL star was out would you believe me?
Jason: Tell me it's not true!
Gordon: Nooooooooo
Chico: your final is set: Melissa Rycroft vs. Shawn Johnson vs. Kely Monaco. So now we know where the voting audience went. They were watching the Voice at the time.
Jason: LOL
Chico: Meanwhile, TPIR celebrated Thanksgiving that same Monday by giving away over $63,000 in prizes. Showcase time. This is Lynne Adams' winning package: Cat Cora's Thanksgiving showcase with cookware, cookbooks, a kitchen, and a European vacation. Iron-Chef-Case total?
Jason: $25,000?
Chico: It was $25,832. A day after, Larry Legend of the CZW wins the whole thing with $37,924. Of course, legally he had to be Larry Mercer, but you get it.
Gordon: We use Flip Flop as a segue, because in Top Chef Seattle, Kuniko makes hitory - in the wrong way. She is the first chef to go from winning the first challenge to be out in the very next episode.
Jason: Yipe :-)
Chico: Talk about a flip flop.
Gordon: I do. And here's an Iron Chef Redemption. Name I'll mention. Amanda Frietag...
Chico: please please please...
Gordon: WINS the challenge on episode 3.
Chico: DAMN IT!
Gordon: That sends Eric Greenspan out the door. Ria Pell walks out the door in Chopped, but she walks out $10,000 richer.
Chico: On Hip-Hop Squares, Bianca, an exotic dancer... really... wins $4000 when she was able to guess what was the most stolen car in the US. She goes with Fat Joe's answer of Honda Accord... and it's right. They'll be playing episodes all week next week, by the way.
Jason: And you can win a G
Chico: We had two chances winning 100Gs on Wheel.
Jason: May I take the wheel please?
Chico: Take the Wheel.
Jason: On Wednesday's Wheel, Cat Debler from Valley Village, CA wins $37,850 in the front game, including a $5,000 Shopping Spree from Sears. In the bonus round, she lands on the G in GAME. She is dealing with a THING. With the RSTLNE and her choices of C M D A we have:

C _ _ N / _ A N _

Gordon: Chin Gang. It's led by Jay Leno
Chico: BOOOO
Jason: NO NO, Gordon. Chico is right and so is Cat and the confetti rains down! She is our 2nd $100,000 winner and she leaves with $137,850 in cash and prizes. And I hope Elaine S. claimed her rightful cash! THE NEXT NIGHT, on Thanksgiving Eve, Pam Loftus from Charleston, WV wins $11,583 in the front game including a trip to Aruba! In HER Bonus round...She lands on the I in SPIN. She is dealing with a THING. With the RSTLNE and her choices of D B C I we have:

_ I R S T /_ L I _ _ S E

Jason: YES! Pam DID NOT solve it. And in her envelope...was the $100,000. She becomes the 2nd loser of this season.
Gordon: Nice. In RuPaul's Drag Race, NO ONE was eliminated, setting up a Final 4 in the finals.
Chico: Newlywed Game congratulations to Gene & Gina, Derick & Octavia, Kevin & Angela, and Doug & Stephanie for winning their matches. Over to LMAD family style and a new game. The family game happened Tuesday.
Jason: And it was fun as well!
Chico: And it came down to Joseph & Lilly, who trade in their Mall of America shopping spree for a door. They pick #3. #2 was an HDTV with chairs and a popcorn machine. #3 ... surfing gear and wetsuits. The biggie was #1, a 2013 Ford Escape SUV.... Escaperoutes.
Jason: You want to hear about the new game on LMAD?
Chico: Oh yes, yes I do.
Jason: It's called MONEY IN THE BANK. The contestant has to match money amounts to facts for $500 a fact up to $2,000 Then they have a chance to put their money in one of 5 banks. 2 have zonks, One has x 1/2, one has x2 and one has x5 for a potential payoff of $10,000. In the game we saw on Wednesday, the winner got all four right and doubled her cash!
Chico: Nice.
Gordon: Deborah escaped with $5,000 in Total Blackout
Chico: And in the Play of the Week, we go to LAA again. Kevin Baea is batting 1000... or should we say $10,000.... Watch.

Chico: Kevin is swinging for the fences.
Gordon: And he hits a grand slam. Which means he gets this...

Chico: And that's a REPLAY. STOPTHECLOCK!
Jason: STOP!
Gordon: (Hits plunger)
Chico: Okay, you may think we're out of energy after that... We're NOT! The hams like to keep us running. They think they won't have to if we do... Hehe... Get in your wheel.
Gordon: (Puts hamsters in wheel)
Chico: Gordon, the phrase that pays, please
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage - and keep the pig scraps off the
floor. We don't do the 5 second rule here, either.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you. First of all, I'm shooting for a hat trick, I need a stick.
Gordon: (Gives Chico an NHL Hockey Stick) We just got a new supply.
Chico: Nice shiny stick. Has a bit of Haterade on it for lustre. You remember Brandi Cochran, right? She was allegedly fired for getting pregnant and then losing the baby?
Jason: Right.

Well, a jury came back with a verdict in that wrongful termination case, and she wins $777,000... PLUS $7.7 million in punitive damages.

Chico: If I can use TPIR parlance, she spun the dollar TWICE.
Gordon: and hit the SHowcases on an exacta.
Jason: In all seriousness...could this be the start of a flood of Model wins?
Gordon: Yes, Jay, it could, and that could spell troubles for TPIR.
Chico: Well, not if Fremantle wins on appeal.
Gordon: I don't see Freemantle winning this on appeal.
Chico: This is gonna come out of all that American Idol money which they already spent on drinks for Nicki Minaj's multiple personalities.
Jason: Ha.
Gordon: They can always make more on a Datebook.

This week, it's musical quarterfinal and semi-final action as we approach the end of the year, and the finals of Chef Race as well

Chico: So singing, dancing, and cooking
Gordon: And getting Fully Loaded
Chico: This one has a bit of a greenlight to it. One word... ROBOTS

Syfy has greenlit "Robot Combat League", which is less Battlebots and more Real Steel.

Jason: And hosted by...The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. Your Party Host and host of Downfall...Chris Jericho!
Gordon: I think this could work.
Jason: I do too.
Chico: Me three.
Gordon: I was a huge Battlebots fan when it was on Comedy Central.
Jason: Jericho has enough doofus in him that he can do this.
Chico: February 26 on that one.
Gordon: That's smart. This...is dumb.

Are YOU Smarter than...David 'Puck' Rainey, who was on MTV's The Challenge. He now has a new challenge: Spend a year in jail for being convicted on stalking charges and getting out in one piece.

Jason: And this shocks...NO ONE.
Chico: ... Nope
Gordon: And for your feast, I added some turkey gravy into the Haterade. Drink up!
Chico: Yummy. Cranberry really ties it all together.
Jason: mmmm...gravylicious

It also has Devotion Sprits in it. as 'The Situation' is suing it for 5 million dollars for not living up to it's contract.

Jason: Dude, dont sue...donate some cash to the Jersey Shore Restoration.
Gordon: And speaking of spirits...

Jason: AH! Augustus!
Chico: Yo

Viral Video Showdown is nowhere on Syfy's schedule and their 'coming up' episode is also nowhere to be seen.

Jason: Sorry, Kevin.
Chico: At least there's that whole asking America think to fall back on. And if that doesn't work, we can play princess in the UK

Eight young men are vying to win the heart of a young woman via challenges put forth by her father. That's the premise behind My Little Princess.

Chico: Imagine The Bachelor meets Knights & Warriors.
Jason: Do not be surprised if we see this in the USA AND it becomes a hit.
Chico: Don't give anyone any ideas
Gordon: Do not be surprised if NBC picks it up into the Summer and becomes fodder.
Chico: And don't be surprised if we see the father of all media hoes on this show.
Gordon: Ludame
Chico: (plays Ludacris)

In this week's Media HO Report, the AMA honors the late Dick Clark, Khloe Kardashian gets a power scare (don't worry, she's ok), Chico's stomach will regurgitate the food he ate during thanksgiving when he sees that Rachel Vs. Guy got renewed for Season 2...

Chico: Excuse me for a second...
Jason: *THUD*

Chuck Woolery used to be Superman, Howard Stern is waffling about going back to America's Got Talent, and Sean Lowe is the NEW Bachelor, which should make Chico all giddy with excitement.

Chico: *does finger twirl* whoopie.
Gordon: But none of them are the ho...or hoes...of the week.
Jason: Hoes? :-)
Gordon: Well you can say I'm titillated with excitement this week or the hoes.
Chico: You're titillated with excitement this week for the hoes.
Gordon: You can say that we here at WLTI like to keep people abreast of the situation.
Chico: ... boobies.
Gordon: I think Chico knows where I'm going with this.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Jason: What happened? and who is the boob here?
Chico: Nicki Minaj.... and Nicki Minaj.
Gordon: she makes a lovely pair. Apparently, Nicki Minaj's boobs, jealous with all the attention Khloe Kardashian was getting, decided to make their own appearance.
Chico: She was on 106 & Park this week and ... one of her girls came out.
Jason: Actually it was a nipple
Chico: It was more like a third of a nipple. It was a scary looking third.
Gordon: When you want your judges to make news, this is NOT the way to do it.
Chico: .. boobs.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: That's Brainvision. Shut it off, please.
Jason: (shutting down)
Gordon: Still to come, we get theatrical, but first, we look ahead towards the holiday season. you're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes, and we'll give you 22 people we'd like to see on Killer Karaoke.
Chico: Three of them named Kardashian.

(Brainvision is presented by Serial Killer Karaoke. The best singers in the world take on each other while brandishing weapons of death against deadly... crash dummies. Hey, it's TV.)