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Episode 31.6 - WLTI's 10th Anniversary Special
October 29

Chico: On October 13, 2002... Meredith inherited Millionaire...Donny Osmond inherited Pyramid...America inherited an Idol ... and a bugger.
Gordon: And the internet inherited a game show webcast, featuring two guys who have absolutely no business being 10 feet of each other.
Chico: Heh. They provided insightful game show news and commentary with a little bit of snark.
Gordon: Ten year's later - we're still here.
Chico: And so is Meredith... and Kelly... and... Well, Meredith, Kelly, and us, anyway.
Gordon: So we hope that as we enjoy our anniversary show, that you enjoy reading it, especially in the East Coast, when this week...shall I say it...blows.
Chico: That's putting it light, or rather, heavy with a few gusts.
Gordon: Very heavy. And please, all you guys out there - be safe.
Chico: Agreed. Hopefully you have your supplies and a good 4G connection,
because from somewhere in America... the WLTI 10th Anniversary Special is....FINALLY....ON!
Gordon: YAY! Gordon and Chico here, and what are we starting with?
Chico: We are starting with... ahem...thefastestfiveandahalfminutesingameshows, we call it... THE REPLAY!
Gordon: Whoohoo!
Chico: Ready, Gordon?
Gordon: Ready!
Chico: Let's get it started... *slams clock* NOW! First up, The Price Is Right is birthing babies.
Gordon: (Maury)You ARE the father (/Maury)
Chico: Thursday was the annual baby shower episode, and almost $100,000 in prizes and free swag are given away as mother-to-be Elisa Younger comes away with the big haul. First of all, every mom called on stage gets an Honest Company set of diapers and wipes for a year.
Chico: Elisa will add to that a $792 maternity wardrobe, but she can't add on a Mazda CX-5 in Dice Game. The car was $22,541. But it was a wash as she wins a Showcase of a high chair, a swing, a playpen, a trip to Turks & Caicos, and a Nissan Quest.
Gordon: That's a nice showcase.
Chico: Also nice: the contestant run on Jeopardy!. Seems like we wouldn't have a big winner since Stephanie Jass passed $100,000 a couple of weeks ago. Shows what I know. Keith Whitener of Charlotte has over $51,000 going into the Friday game, and both of his games were runaways.
Gordon: That's cash money. Let's play Final Jeopardy
Chico: You'll love this. Final Jeopardy! is 21st Century Games.
Gordon: Oooh


Chico: Gordon with the tux on?
Gordon: What are the Angry Birds.
Chico: And Gordon with the Jets jersey on.
Gordon: What are the now very ill Jets fans as the Jets are losing 27-3? (waves Giants banner)
Chico: Again, someone's gonna be fired before the season's over. And it's going to be whoever decided to put the Steelers in the bumblebee throwbacks. Angry Birds is correct!
Gordon: Nice
Chico: He's up to $66,399 and will return Monday.
Gordon: Very nice. ANy big wins on the Wheel?
Chico: Not this week. It was Teacher's Week, but nobody could get the job done. Maybe next week. And now a word from another bald guy.... "I am a Sweet Genius... ARE YOU?"
Gordon: Okay, that was creepy.
Chico: Heh. Ron Ben-Israel and his Willy-Wonka gone crazy show are back for another season. This week, we're going trick or treating.
Gordon: (Dresses up in Jason Block outfit and a bald cap)
Chico: Now THAT's creepy
Gordon: You wanna see my Turn it Up Trophy?
Chico: No. It comes down to a cake round with radishes, mini ice cream cones, and... a tarantula. You remember you get two ingredients and a theme to work around.
Gordon: Right
Chico: Matthew O'Haver vs. Shara Mironczuk Matthew is playing for a wedding for him and his partner. Sarah's just playing for pride. Both ended up making spider cakes. One has cayenne pepper.
Talk about a bite.
Gordon: It sounded like that food is going to bite.
Chico: Sarah's cayenne cake with chili oil buttercream and ice cream cone fur is worth $10,000.
Gordon: That's sweet.
Chico: And hot. Another thing sweet and hot... the Addison Family on the Feud. They're coming back Monday with $21,690. And since it's sweeps month, you can imagine what's in store for them.
Gordon: Now what about hot ghost chilis?
Chico: That's hot and scary.
Gordon: Ghost Chilis are the hottest chilis known to man. I've had one - and it's HOT. Now imagine a chef putting a bunch to flavor up a soup - and forgetting to remove them.
Chico: Excuse me... OWWWWW! How does that happen?
Gordon: It happens when Kyle Bernstein runs out of time. She gets CHOPPED. Sean Scotese is your winner.
Chico: He's another $10,000 winner. Now let's do the monster mash on the dance floor. And it's a monster mash, because we're in the team round.
Gordon: Who gets Graveyard Smashed?
Chico: Because of the Presidential Debates, No one went home this week, but in a surprise LAST week, the bottom two teams in the scoring WERE the bottom two.
Gordon: Meanwhile, the team of Mimi Imfurst and Pandora's Boxx gets buried in the first episode of Rupaul's Drag Race All-Stars.
Chico: Awww. On Figure It Out, this week's batch of Nick All-Stars fared better than last week's. We had for the first time on Thursday a grand prize freeze out. Lots of slime, but no one's going to Vermont.
Gordon: Aw. Meanwhile, Peach is the first Project Runway all star to get the heave ho.
Chico: Staying on Thursday, congratulations to the following couples: Wayne & Ruksana, going to St. Croi, Anthony & Stephanie going to Jamaica, Chirag & Amberlynne going to whatever Caravan.com will take them, and Vince & Kristen going to Tortola.
Gordon: on Next Top Model - Leila gets back in the competition and Laura is gone.
Chico: We have your top 16 on X Factor... they are..

- TEENS: Beatrice Miller, Arin Ray, Carly Rose Repeatoffender, and Diamond White.
- YOUNG ADULTS: CeCe Frey, Jennel Garcia, Willie Jones, Paige Thomas
- OVER 25: Vino Alan, Jason Brock, David Correy, and Tate Stevens
- GROUPS: Emblem3, LYLAS, LYRIC 145, and Sister C.

Chico: We'll follow the competition in depth next week. On the better talent show, Daniel Rosa, Nicole Nelson, Loren Allred, Cassadee Pope, Joe Kirkland, Devyn DeLoera, Adriana Louise, Michaela Paige, and Amy Wilson win their battles, MarrissaAnn (Blake) and Chevonne (Christina) are sniped.
Gordon: That is a Replay.
Chico: Stop the clock! Doing the clock stopping is our guest who's been here from many of our 10 years, Jason Block.
Gordon: Hey Jason - how do you like the outfit?
Jason: Good grief! The bald cap? What the hey...It's PERFECT! :-)
Chico: See? It worked!
Gordon: WHoo hoo!
Chico: Also working...

Chico: ... Who Wants to Be a Millionaire working OVERTIME to get us a winner.
Gordon: Gee, who was that stud muffin who called it?
Chico: Let's see... wearing a suit, and is currently bald.... Had to have been Jason.
Jason: WIN.
Gordon: ....grumble...show us the question please.
Chico: Okay, a little background. Ron Freshour of Austin, TX came into Thursday's show with $250,000. In the audience: Roger Craig and our own Brian Sapinski. One was a Jeopardy! champion. The other is... a tall dude from Jersey. He was on a tear, but he has ZERO lifelines going for this...


The only member of Lewis & Clark's expedition to die during the historic
journey, Charles Floyd reportedly died from what?

A) Mountain lion attack
B) Typhoid fever
C) Gunshot wound
D) Appendicitis

Chico: or E) Dysentery. Oregon Trail. What up.
Jason: lol
Gordon: Lets be logical here.
Chico: Being logical.
Gordon: When was the Lewis and Clark expedition?
Chico: 1804 to 1806
Gordon: Typhoid started in the UK, and didn't go into the US by then, so that's out.
Chico: Right
Gordon: There's no mountain lions in the area they were in, so there's a no there.
Chico: That leaves C and D.
Gordon: It could be from a gunshot wound, but being that he was the only person that was killed, there would be more casualties on a firefight, so I'm going to go with appendicitis.
Chico: Jason do you agree?
Jason: I say Typhoid as a guess. That's all. But Gordon could be right.
Chico: One of you IS right. It is...Gordon. It was appendicitis.
Gordon: YAY!
Jason: Of course
Gordon: The bald cap gives me knowledge :)
Chico: It also gives you a shine. Put a hat on, dude.
Jason: :-)
Chico: Then comes the Friday show... Hans von Walter. Sound familiar?
Gordon: He did something on the little show called Jeopardy, I believe.
Chico: While he was in college.
Gordon: I believe he won the College Championship in 2007
Chico: He did.
Gordon: I'm good.
Chico: You are. But $100,000 on Jeopardy is not enough. Will he get another with this?

Perhaps because it originated in his home country of Germany, Pope Benedict XVI reportedly drinks what soft drink every day?
A) Orangina
B) Yoo-hoo
C) Fanta
D) Kool-Aid

Chico: I know this one, because I remember looking it up online a LONG time ago
Gordon: I do too.
Jason: I don't.
Gordon: So lets go to Jay first
Jason: I am going to guess C.
Gordon: I think Jason is...right, actually. I'm going with C.
Chico: I'm also going to guess C. We're all right. The commercials were for the Fantanas. Hans decides to walk. He does so with $60,600.
Jason: Thats cash.
Chico: Great week of Millionaire. Next week will be even better with the Halloween episodes.
Gordon: It will. Next we go to Survivor, and we see a pumpkin.


Chico: I saw a dirty deal done dirt cheap... Actually I guess you could call it a pumpkin, because the clock ran out on Cinderella. That would be Katie Hanson. And that would just be a case of tribal strength trumping tribal politic.
Gordon: She was the last person left in the minority faction, so out she goes.
Chico: Now here's the thing that gets me. She had an interview with People Magazine, where she said, and now I'm quoting...

"Jeff Probst just hammered me a million times about my challenge performance, but let's face it I wasn't the only one to slow us down."

Chico: Truth or bullfunky, gentlemen?
Jason: Thats a big load of bull-bleep.
Gordon: Rob the Cash Cow is making produce in the corner.
Rob the Cash Cow: Moooooo.
Chico: I think it is a big load of crap. Yes, Jeff was hammering you, but you weren't really doing any favors by performing as pathetically as you did. My mom always had a saying, "If you don't want me to get on your case, don't give me any reason to." She continues...

"I'm not sure why he had it out for me, but he really seemed to focus on what I did wrong. He would say, "Katie's really slowing everyone down," which I'm not saying wasn't true, but I wasn't the only one. I think it sort of influenced other people's opinion of me."

Chico: Again, is this Jeff being hard on her or Jeff just doing his job? Because as you know, all of the great game hosts, and I do consider Jeff one of them, love love LOVE to stir the pot.
Jason: Its a combination of stirring the pot and challenging you. My dad HATES when Jeff comments during challenges, but he has a point while doing it.
Chico: He's trying to pump you up. And I believe that method meets madness. Every good game operation, from host to producer on down, works to pump the players up.
Gordon: I think you're both wrong.
Chico: Oh here we go. We have decent arguments so of course we have to be wrong.
Gordon: What is the aim of ANY TV show?
Chico: To make profit.
Gordon: No. Think LARGER picture.
Chico: To entertain.
Gordon: Well entertain is close. But what does all TV do, to an extent?
Chico: Serve as a window.
Gordon: No. You tell a story. All GOOD reality shows TELL A STORY. Survivor and the Race both do masterful jobs of this. It's not just about 'Jeff being Jeff', It's about Probst giving you the story of why someone is about to be booted.
Jason: Gordon is on the money.
Chico: As usual.
Gordon: During the Tribal Council, pay attention. He's not being hard or soft on anyone. He's reading off the storylines.
Chico: Agreed. He's giving everything proper context.
Jason: Setting the table
Gordon: So it's not about Jeff 'pumping anyone up'. It's about him giving you the recap so if you're turning into the last 10 minutes of the show, you know what's going on. The next Survivor episode, think in that mentality when you hear Jeff talk tat tribal and you will get a different picture.
Jason: And that is your lesson for today.
Gordon: It is. What's the next subject?
Chico: Next subject... Casting

Chico: Now after eight weeks of spirited competition which wasn't perfect but was still good enough for a renewal, hint hint GSN...The Pyramid has what could be called... a crazy final week. Here's a quick rundown. It started with a make good featuring Jim O'Heir and Kate Flannery, a repeat from the Thursday night primetime episode. On Friday, you have the airing of the pilot with Chandra Wilson & Yvette Nicole Brown. In the middle... Oy.
Jason: Oy indeed
Gordon: Ay Yai Yai.
Chico: Nick & Aida Turturro was supposed to be the family feud to end all family feuds. It turned into a complete and utter mess.
Jason: Does the word cluster mean anything to you?
Chico: It was so bad that two of the shows made for that week ended up with the big red X on it.
Gordon: And we'll getting into why later on in this episode.
Chico: So now that the season's over, let's hear closing arguments. Is this week going to affect whether or not the show gets renewed? Because if you remember, the ratings were halved over the run from the 600K range to the 300K range.
Jason: No...this is a NO BRAINER renewal.
Chico: I'm going to add on something from that. It's not just how many people watch, but also WHERE they watch. If you put the show in primetime, out of American Bible Challenge... that's a big bump. The 6p slot... Not really as significant. I remember back in the day that slot was reserved for Hollywood Squares and Match Game reruns.
Gordon: Keep this in mind. lower wins - less budget to spend. I think they renew it. It's cheap to produce and the ratings are good.
Chico: Agreed.
Jason: I will be very shocked if they don't do it.
Gordon: They just need to stick it in primetime and get better celebrities. Some of the gameplay...nasty. Meanwhile, let's go to the show that constantly gets renewed - the Amazing Race.

Chico: In Bangladesh we have the 21st Race's Fast Forward. And a team that really needed it, James & Abba, claim it.
Gordon: They Claim it doing something...nasty.
Chico: Not frog fallopian tubes nasty.
Jason: WORSE (shudder)
Chico: They had ... to catch rats.
Jason: NO...they had claim dead rats.
Chico: ... Dead rats mind you, but rats nonethesame.
Jason: true
Gordon: Yummy.
Jason: Although...these were tame to some of the NYC rats I have seen
Chico: James & Abba did it with little problem. Because they're metal.
Gordon: Meanwhile, some teams didn't READ THE CLUE.
Chico: Read us the clue.
Gordon: You have to travel to certain locations via boat and not taxi. It didn't hurt Rob and Kelley that much, but it did cost Gary and Will, as their delay dropped them into last and ELIMINATED.
Jason: It had to be a certain dock...not to the pit stop itself.
Chico: Rob & Kelley end up in fifth. Gary & Will... They're out.
Gordon: Bye bye. BUT we say Hello to 2 new shows. Which one are we starting with?
Chico: First up is MTV's Totally Clueless. A hidden camera show where unsuspecting marks have as long as it takes to discover that they're... unsuspecting marks. The longer it takes, the less they win, from $500 to $100. You want to talk about dirty deeds done dirt cheap? This is about as cheap as it comes.
Jason: That is insanely cheap
Chico: It's cheap, it's awkward to watch, and in all honestly, never has a TV show been so aptly titled.
Gordon: I think I lost brain cells watching this show.
Chico: Umm... I can't think of a single good thing about this show.
Gordon: Me neither.
Chico: MTV, keeping amateur "actors" from getting real jobs since 1981.
Jason: Doesn't this also sound like "Boiling Point" ?
Chico: It's almost a revisit of that show.
Jason: And that show sucked too.
Chico: So it's a ripoff of their own ripoff.
Gordon: What about 'Hidden Agenda'? Any Hidden Agenda thoughts?
Chico: Hidden Agenda was cancelled a long time ago. And there was a REASON for it.

MTV - 7p ET Weeknights

Gordon: And this needs to go to the same place. F-
Chico: Again, never has there been a more aptly titled show. F-
Jason: F-. Where are the shows like Turn It Up, Remote Control and Idiot Savant? (cries)
Gordon: Chico, Make Jason feel better and give him some good things with Match Game.
Chico: Because it's our special anniversary show, we're giving you an extra special bonus.
Jason: From our neighbors to the north.
Chico: A Capsule Review of Comedy Network's "Match Game". Let's get one thing out of the way. It's not Match Game 90... but it's FAR from Match Game 98. I bring up Match Game 90, because that's what we're playing.... minus the round one MatchUp.
Gordon: And if you want a link: Here it is:

Chico: Now Match Game 90 with Ross Shafer...w as actually good. It wasn't Match Game 7x good. But it was good. And the same can be said for this version of MG. We have our standard collection of Canadian and American merry makers. They all play both rounds. Then we get into a Match Up round. ALL matches are worth 50. Most points wins their pointage in cash and goes on to the Super Match.
Jason: I like THE theme.
Chico: Theme song.. Bob Israel would be proud. And if you watch the ending, you'll notice a familiar name.
Gordon: ...how did my name get on the credits?
Chico: You paid them in bowling shirts.
Jason: Ha.
Chico: No, Bob Boden's name is in the credits. He was a consultant, which really says a lot about this version. This is a by the book remake that elevates the show, but doesn't take anything away... except in the Super Match. Now in the Super Match on OUR Match Game, your cash is determined by the placing of your answer... multiplied by 10 (or 20 withaluckyspinofhteSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAARWHEEL) In this version, they forego the multiplication. The audience match determines what you play for in the head to head. Flat rate.
Jason: Noted.
Chico: And that's one of the issues I have with this show. Yes it's not about the money. It NEVER was about the money. And yet it just felt cheap. Even the set is borrowed from the Francophone version of MG.

Comedy Network - 8p ET Weeknights
B+ B B C+ B

Jason: Well it did look it, but you know what...Match Game is back on
the air. I will not complain. B.
Chico: It's shot in Montreal.
Jason: Oui :-)
Gordon: So in your mind, the budget affects the gameplay?
Chico: No, it doesn't affect the game play, but it does affect the watching. And with each panelist who's excited about playing the game (outside of regulars Debra DiGiovanni and Sean Cullen) there's someone who's just... there. Yvette Nicole Brown and Colin Mochrie were excited.... Seats four and five... not so much. And Darrin Rose, sorry, you're no Rayburn. Not even a Ross Shafer. =p
Gordon: I agree with that Darren needs to be less mild and more wild. Shafer (and to a lesser extent, Bert Convy on the Match Game 90 Pilot) were the ringmasters and Rose felt like the lion getting a chair thrown at him.
Chico: But for all the things this show does wrong, it gets much more right. B
Gordon: I think the celebrities could be stronger, but they are miles better than the pyramid celebrities. The game remains solid and I like this version a lot. I want more episodes from CA being posted on YouBoob, B+.
Chico: And because this is a special show... and because we need at least one Canadian to review it... Jason Huhn facebooked this to us.


Jason Huhn
All I can say is that it has a unique set of guests and Canadians, but the amounts are not as big, but at least the contestants have no taxes to pay. The set looks pretty small as well with the Super Match using a computer monitor and the wheel used red flash blubs if the arrow lands there for Double. Anyone would be lucky enough to make as much as $5,000 on the show. C+ because the cash was low, set was small, the celebrities were fair (and because Colin Mocherie got a chance to be among the celebrity panels) and the money was tax free.

Chico: Jason likes Colin Mochrie. I think we all should like Colin Mochrie.
Gordon: Yeah but keep in mind that besides Match Game 90, $5,000 was the going rate for a win on the show, Even on Match Game '98
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Let's play...The SUPERMATCH.
Chico: YAY!
Gordon: Let's see what you do with this:

ROLL ______

Jason: Tide(hi carl!)
Gordon: the 100 response...Roll...out the Barrel
Jason: (applause)
Chico: That was the hams' answer.
Gordon: For 250...Roll...TIde (DING DING DING)
Jason: Nice!
Chico: What was the #1 answer, G?
Gordon: The 500 response was...Roll...in the Hay.
Chico: OH!
Jason: (whistles)
Gordon: I think Cheeseball wrote that one. I'll give you another one though - Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. First up, we're going to need.... the bats.
Jason: How many?
Chico: As many as it takes to nail your windows shut
Jason: Thats a lot. (rolls out the Bat Rack for Chico)

NBC has announced a date for its new holiday game show entry, "Take It All" (formerly Howie Mandel's White Elephant). It bows December 14. It's an elimination game starting with six people playing a game of... well, White Elephant. Each one faces a decision, steal a gift from their opponents OR take a risk on a gift in the gallery. Person with the lowest gift is eliminated.

Jason: A version of the LMAD game "No Complaining" as well.
Chico: At the end, we have two people with all of their gifts...And one decision. Oh Gordon, you're going to love this.
Gordon: I know what's coming, and no, I won't.
Chico: Each player can either "Keep mine", meaning keep whatever gifts they've won, or .... "Take It All". Both players say "keep mine", everyone goes home a winner. One player says "keep mine", the other says "take it all"... the other one wins EVERYTHING. Both players say "take it all"... everyone loses. THE PRISONER'S DILEMMA IS BACK!
Gordon: You both know I despise this sort of gameplay.
Chico: Yep
Jason: So the gameplay means NOTHING.
Chico: Yep
Gordon: Why would you go play a game where you can do everything right and lose?
Jason: I wouldn't.
Chico: It's called "the ultimate screw you." I guess if it fits in the mold of the game play.
Gordon: I expect this to tank and tank hard. America does not like mean-spirited game shows.
Chico: And not during the holidays.
Gordon: Especially not during the holidays.
Chico: White Elephant is already an awkward holiday game.
Jason: This feels wrong on SO many levels.
Chico: No kidding.
Gordon: USA companies: let me make this recommendation: Run Golden Balls and replace the Split or Steal with the something else. Golden Balls was an awesome game before Split or Steal. Or set it up so you can play a clean game and win, like a third 'Guarded Friend' option.
Chico: Meanwhile in the You Green Slime Lit That...

American Idol will start January 16, and USA has greenlit "All In", where an American family gets a boatload of cash and an opportunity to go on a gaming adventure with one of America's most noted handicappers.

Chico: And in the "Really?! REALLY?!" move of the week...

Fox responds to ABC's greenlight of Celebrity Splash by importing... Stars in Danger: High Diving.

Jason: (headdesk)
Chico: Now this was actually on the air internationally before Celebrity Splash, but the fact that Fox did it after ABC did what they did... well, you know how this is going to end up.
Gordon: See I can understand why you would steal a good concept: but why would you plagiarize a bad one?
Jason: Because most of the networks executives have the brain power of the dead turnip.
Chico: Because it's Fox. And they do these things.
Gordon: Big Bored please?

Programming Moves of a Dead Turnip

 - 1) The Choice
 - 2) The Chamber
 - 3) It's Your Chance Of A Lifetime
 - 4) My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss
 - 5) Skating with Celebrities
 - 6) Playing It Straight
 - 7) Totally Hidden Video
 - 8) 30 Seconds to Fame

Gordon: The Subject: Programming moves of a Dead Turnip.
Chico: Is this going to be one of those moments where we go over all of Fox's copied failures?
Gordon: Why yes. Yes we are.
Chico: Okay, just checking.
Jason: (rubs hands and eats popcorn)
Gordon: And we can start recent. #1. The Choice. (Copied from The Voice)
Jason: Let's turn a music show into a dating show
Chico: *raspberries* Not even Cat Deeley could save that dreck. And she's a star in the making.
Gordon: #2. The Chamber (Copied from The Chair)
Chico: Enjoyed by sadomasochists mostly, and fans of black jackets. This came from the minds of dick clark productions.,seriously...
Gordon: #3. It's Your Chance of a Lifetime (Copied from Millionaire)
Chico: So bad it took down Gordon Elliott's hosting career and a genuinely good ripoff in Greed.
Gordon: #4. My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss (Copied from The APprentice)
Chico: No explanation needed.
Gordon: #5. Skating With Celebrities (Copied from the Forgettable ABC Skating show AND Dancing with the Stars)
Chico: Two concepts rolled into one.
Gordon: #6. Playing it Straight (Copied from Boy Meets Boy AND Gay, Straight or Taken)
Chico: Or any other dating show out there.
Jason: But specifically those two
Gordon: #7. Totally Hidden Video (Copied from America's Funniest Home Video)
Chico: It didn't last too long, did it?
Jason: Nope.
Gordon: #8. 30 Seconds to Fame (Copied from the Gong Show)
Jason: This list is HUGE.
Gordon: I can keep going, but you get the idea.
Jason: I do. And we do.
Chico: Yeah.
Gordon: So yeah, not looking forward to that. But I am looking forward to other game shows.
Chico: I bet you are
Jason: I am too

October 30th gives us Season 2 of Total Blackout and November 4th gives us Iron Chef Redemption.

Gordon: Those I am looking forward to.
Chico: That oughta be fun.

Viral Video Showdown - also on October 30th? Notsomuch.

Chico: As much as we like Kevin Pereira.... I think he should stick to his day job.
Gordon: Which would be hosting Let's Ask America
Chico: Right.
Gordon: But maybe we should let him get Fully Loaded.
Jason: HIC
Chico: Okay, Gordon, I bet you didn't know this, but I just paid for an iPhone 5. I have to wait a week to get it, but it's paid for.
Gordon: Nice

And when I do get it, it'll have The Price Is Right Slots on it.

Gordon: Cool
Chico: Yes, in the grand tradition of Ludia social games, we now have The Price Is Right Slots. It plays just like the Facebook game, but doesn't have nearly enough games or bonuses.
Jason: Play the Facebook app...its better.
Chico: Yes. But if you're like Jason Block and caved to the small green guy, I have good news as well. Family Feud & Friends is now available for the Android platform at the Google Play store.
Jason: A ha.
Gordon: That's a smart idea. I have dumb ones.
Jason: Uh oh...what ideas, G?
Chico: That's got me worried.

Are You Smarter than...Nick Tuturro, who sets history in the wrong way.

Jason: I heard about this.
Gordon: Now Chico, could you kindly explain to everyone what the red X's over the episodes mean?
Chico: Three words: DO NOT AIR.
Gordon: How many red X's were this week?
Chico: Two. They shot make goods with other celebs to make up the difference.
Gordon: I don't know why the other one didn't air, but I can tell you why one of them didn't air.
Chico: Tell us
Gordon: It didn't air because Tuturro successfully...made NO MONEY for the contestant going up the pyramid.
And had about 5 illegal clues
Chico: And went blue.
Gordon: Now there was an infamous episode where the contestant gave the clues and won no money with Tom Poston, but this is the FIRST TIME (that we know of) that a CELEBRITY made their contestant nothing, so yeah - not too good.
Chico: No sir.
Jason: Now...serious question, G. If this never aired, has the contestant ever appeared?
Chico: Would've been fair to do such a thing.
Gordon: Contestants have been brought back before, If I was the producer, I probably would do the exact same thing and make believe the episode never existed.
Chico: With a better celebrity.
Gordon: Here's a subject: Things with Haterade. For example: Goblin Piss, Unknown material, Zombies...

Gordon: So in the spirit of Pyramid, let's play it. First one...Pies, Cakes, Candies
Jason: Things that are Sweet, as in Sweet Genius?
Gordon: ...it's currently airing new episodes (Gives Jason a dunce cap)
Jason: Ouch.
Chico: Desserts?
Gordon: Yes! (DING)

Top Chef: Just Desserts is getting a zombie Merengue pie.

Gordon: Next category...I weigh 2,000 pounds and I'm as heavy as a half a car.
Jason: Things Honey Boo Boo's Mom would say
Gordon: Wrong, but not incorrect.
Chico: Things a ton would say?
Gordon: A Ton is correct...

like Ton of Cash, which is weighted off the schedule.

Jason: And the world is a bit happier.
Gordon: Last one. The afterparty, the post-game press conference, Rupaul's Untucked (no that's not cancelled)
Jason: Things after the main show?
Gordon: Things following the main show, yes.

Beyond the Runway doesn't get an encore

Chico: Aww.
Gordon: You got them all right - so you win a trip. Where are you sending Jay to?
Chico: Russia.
Jason: Spaceba. :-)

Exit, a show that has been sold by the Japanese to the US, is getting play in Russia.

Chico: Contestants will have to try and beat the clock and escape a room by solving physical and mental challenges.
Jason: Sounds familiar to me,
Chico: Oh it isn't the first time things have been tried here.
Gordon: Nope. Let's chat about media hoes.
Jason: Lets.
Chico: (plays Ludacris)

In this week's Hodometer, The Bachelor Lawsuit accusing the producers of being racist has been dismissed, Ryan Seacreat goes Gangman Style, Jef Holm officially changed his Facebook status to single...

Chico: And.... yeah, still don't care.
Jason: I am surprised the lawsuit got dismissed actually.

Top Models next season are now male, Tipping Point gets renewed, Melissa Rycroft gets out of the hospital post-injury...

Chico: Good news there.

Diddy (Starmaker) is involved in a car crash (he's ok), Simon Cowell wants Carmen Electra to be a new AGT judge, and Jessica Simpson's parents are divorcing.

Gordon: But none - of them are the hoes of the week.
Jason: Hoes?
Gordon: One ho with a heartwarming storyand one that will make you nauseous.
Chico: Okay, who you have?
Gordon: The first one: David Correy, during his audition for The X Factor, says he's there to find his biological mother. He may have - someone from Brazil claiming to be mommy has shown up.
Chico: Awesome
Jason: Awwwwwww.
Gordon: The second one...The Producers of The Bachelorette are considering bringing someone back because she delivered the best ratings ever for the franchise...last season.
Jason: OH NO.
Chico: NOT THAT!
Jason: Emily?
Gordon: That's right, Next Summer's Bachelorette may star Emily Maynard. AGAIN.
Jason: Chico...do you need your helmet?
Chico: yes please
Gordon: (Tosses Chico helmet with Carolina Hurricane logo) not like anyone's using it now.
Chico: Right. BRAIN BLEACH! *runs into wall*
Jason: WOW. Nice impact
Chico: ... I'm okay.
Jason: Don't start talking like Cam Newton
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Jason, shut us off.
Jason: Lever...button...slide...ITS DONE.
Chico: Okay, still to come on WLTI's 10th Anniversary show, something
very long and something very short. Yes, plays and greeting cards, all in celebration of our 10th birthday. This is WLTI's 10th Anniversary Special. You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you 10 years worth of spreading the love.

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Million Dollar Catch It, Keep It. We have a million dollars that you have to protect from this weekend's hurricane. BWA HA HA HA HA. Jim Cantore hosts.)