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Episode 31.5 - Episode 420
October 8

LISTEN ONLINE!Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and allow me to indulge a little bit...
Chico: This is Chico Alexander... and you are allowed.
Gordon: Chico Alexander...Come on Down!!!!!
Chico: *WOOOOOO!*
Gordon: First item up for bids....Season Tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes! Heck, Carolina isn't going to use them, so we may as well give them away.
Chico: ... $42. :-)
Gordon: Jason Block, you've already in contestant's row. What's your bid?
Jason: $420 of course.
Gordon: YES!
Jason: The greenest bid of all.
Gordon: And this is, of course, episode #420 in the written version of the show. As we will see this week, some of the people playing this week may have been smoking on said substance.
Chico: Groovy.
Jason: Light us up and take a hit :-)
Chico: Come on baby, light my fire.
Gordon: ...ahem.
Chico: Sorry.
Gordon: WLTI in no way endorses the use of any recreational drugs.
Jason: GSNN cares.
Chico: But we do endorse the use of good times. And you're about to have another hit, from somewhere in America, Episode #420 is WLTI... is... ON!
Jason: WHOO HOO!
Gordon: Gordon, Chico and special guest Jason Block here today.
Chico: Great to have you on board again.
Jason: Great to be here.
Chico: Okay, we start this episode with a bit of history...
Jason: (opens up the game show book of historic events)
Chico: When WLTI was in its infancy some 10 years ago, we would do this thing where we would cram a whole bunch of game show recaps into the span of 4 minutes. Who knew it would be a thing... Chris Berman. Given that this is one of the busiest game show seasons in recent memory, we've decided to bring it back.
Jason: Than Chico...take a breath
Gordon: (takes a step back)
Chico: So if you guys are ready... I know Gordon's ready. He's always ready...
Gordon: Ready at the steady
Chico: It's time for the Fastest 4 and a half minutes in game shows... We call it the Replay. START THE CLOCK!
Jason: GO! (hits the stopwatch)
Chico: Beginning with Steve Harvey at the Feud, and Monday, someone's going to be playing for a car. It's going to be the O'Neal family as they take the Friday game. But they've only managed to hit the Fast Money ONCE this week, so they will take $22,155 into Monday's match.
Gordon: Still walking out with potentially $50,000+ including a car would be a nice haul.
Chico: In the nightcap week, the high hopes of the High clan are dashed by the Charest family on Friday, who take $20,000 into Monday's show. Let's scale the Pyramid next.  In the primetime show, we heard about how competitive Oscar Nunez was, but Dot Marie Jones proves to be a better gamer.
Gordon: True, but no big money wins for Dot
Chico: If you want a winner, you have to go earlier to Josh Malina & Wallace Langham. Bernadette, a Philly from Nanny... nanny from Philly... shines on Things That Shine for $20,000. On Tuesday, Paul would also win $20,000. Josh is the helping celeb on BOTH wins. Joshua Malina's a veteran GS celebritiy, expect big things. We expected big things from Jeopardy! champs, but the circus of one-timers continues. Mike Lonesky will head into Monday's match with $14,400. Brendan DuBois went into this week with $23,000. Three champs for three different days in between. But Mike's the only one with a lock game situation.
Gordon: Can we play a little Final Jeopardy sir?
Chico: Let's play a little Final Jeopardy! The category: Poetry.


Chico: Jason?
Jason: The name of the poem - The New Colossus. The poet - Emma Lazarus
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: Who is Ann Romney? If there's ever been a Pedestal Wife candidate, she's it.
Jason: 1883?
Chico: Ann's a robot.
Gordon: We have a nominee for Dumb answer of the week, when Mike put down 'Who is Ezra Pound' What's wrong with that guess?
Jason: Male?
Gordon: #1. Male
Chico: Not born yet?
Gordon: #2. Born in 1885, which means he would have had to have written the poem in the womb and submitted it through his mom's...
Jason: OUCH
Chico: Ahem.
Jason: PG! PG!
Gordon: Though it makes a great visual
Chico: Let's go to TPIR next...Monday was the annual Warriors in Pink episode, and Sherie Roberts is tickled pink to take the week's haul with $43,221. That includes a trip to Palm Springs and a Ford Mustang.
Gordon: Nice!
Jason: One of TPIR nicest and coolest episodes of the year.
Chico: Always is. For the week, we go 14-15-1 which is not terrible.
Gordon: That's actually great for TPIR standards
Chico: $285,896... which is also not terrible. Also not terrible... Going Head to Head for a Car. Monday's show give us our biggest dealer for the week in Jonathan, who goes head to head for a car, giving up all offers and ending up with a 2013 Chevrolet Spark worth $15,420. On Millionaire, Greg Saunders ends up seeing this question for $100,000...

A study published in the Journal of Aging Research noted that babies born in what month had the greatest chance of living to age 100?
A: January
B: April
C: July
D: September

Jason: B. April. Spring to Winter
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: Jason Block wasn't born on any of those months.
Chico: No he was not.
Gordon: Neither was Chico
Chico: Actually, yes I was. I was born in January.
Gordon: ok, but that's wrong
Chico: Right. So what's the answer?
Gordon: I believe, if I remember correctly, that babes born in the Fall, with the warmer weather, live longer, so my answer is D. September.
Chico: Gordon, you're... CORRECT!
Gordon: And I think they can dance to Earth Wind and Fire, so it naturally makes them live longer.
Jason: LOL
Gordon: So that means me, in October, has a good shot to outlive you both :)
Chico: Ha. Let's play the Wheel Bonus. Here's the puzzle. It's a Phrase.


Jason: ON MY WAY
Chico: Easiest $30,000 Missie Nunez ever made. Let's rock the Runway next. Zoe Saldana judged on Avant Garde looks. Dmitry wins that challenge, while Sonija... after babysitting the week prior to a win, is OUT.
Gordon: Gotta worry about yourself first.Cody Belew answers the trivia question of who was the last person selected for The Voice for Season 3.
Chico: Boot camp continues on that OTHER talent show, the X Factor. Next stop, judges' homes. Then we have your final lineups. If you remember, this is where Melanie Amaro lost it... then got it back last year. Speaking of getbacks, we had one on Face Off this week with an eliminated contestant playing their way BACK into the competition. Nicole gets the nod, while Rod gets the rod on designing a monster based upon a child's drawing.
Gordon: That wasn't very scary
Chico: Afterwards, Kim A. Tolman takes on Carl Dove in Hot Set. the challenge... a bordello for Barbarella. Aside from being incredibly kinky, it must be functional for three androids to dance on.
Gordon: This was a really fun episode and one of the reasons why I love this show.
Chico: Seems like both might've missed the mark a bit.
Gordon: Yes, but that's what makes it a fun show
Chico: CARL wins the money, and Kim's set is struck. And the Brobot has a date for the weekend. Three of them, to be exact. That's a Replay. STOP THE CLOCK!
Jason: STOP!
Chico: ... Wow. That was fun!
Chico: Forgot how much fun that was.
Jason: (hands Chico water and a towel)
Gordon: Walk it off, Chico. (Starts walking it off)
Chico: I'm not the only one who needs to take a breather and assess what's going on...


Chico: ... What the hell is going on with the Matsing tribe? And how do you stop the bleeding?
Gordon: The bleeding started when you got rid of the Alpha Male in the form of Zane. And I think the bleeding ends when they get merged into the other 2 tribes.
Chico: Well, Zane got rid of himself. Remember, he threw himself on the chopping block. And then there was Roxy, who was just way too much. And then...boobs. And now this week... Sorry, Jason... Angie's boobs go bye bye.
Jason: (Cries)
Gordon: ...no more cookies?
Chico: No more cookies for you.
Jason: booooo
Gordon: And away goes the milk shake for said cookies
Chico: And away goes the boys in the yard.
Gordon: Meanwhile, Lisa, who we thought was going to be in trouble early, may be a swing vote for the majority of her tribe.
Chico: Interesting.
Gordon: And Jonathan may be forced into an alliance with Jeff that he doesn't want, but may need.
Chico: It's Survivor. You do what you gotta do in order to survive If it means that you're in a situation you don't like... so be it.
Gordon: Anything you need to do to survive. Same thing with Amazing Racers
Chico: Time for...

Chico: Where are we going this time, Doctor?
Gordon: We're going to... China!
Chico: Nice!
Jason: yay
Chico: Now on the Amazing Race, you know that things will get a little crazy. First of all is a crazy game of ping pong against a junior champion. Second... you like Chinese food?
Gordon: Yummy
Chico: How about... frog fallopian tubes?
Jason: (gags)
Gordon: Notsomuch.
Chico: But we start out crazy, as in LA, you started at a bridge and couldn't get out of the country unless you rappeled down the Colorado Street Bridge. Another crazy twist to the race... the Double Your Money pass. The team that collects that prize will be playing not for $1 million, but for $2 million. The winners...Abbie and Ryan, the dating divorcees.
Chico: You remember Ryan, right, from Martha Stewart apprentice?
Jason: (HO-offender ALarm!)
Chico: Yep. So they are competing for $2 million. On the other end of the spectrum. We almost had a celebri-team bit it as the Chippendales James and Jaymes come in 10th. I was hoping that we would get into one round of the Lumberjack Song before Rob & Sheila ended up eliminated, but they come in LAST.
Gordon: They can now sing 'Sit on my face and tell me that you love me'
Jason: Geez :-)
Chico: That's one leg of one race. Now we get into two legs of ANOTHER Race

Chico: Imagine, if you will, eight British chefs and eight American chefs, cooking their way across the country for fun and profit. That's the premise behind the Jamie Oliver-created "Chef Race: UK vs. US"
Gordon: Teams cook to make money and move from place to place. In the middle of each race is a 'Check point' that they can use to get leverage for the second half of the race.
Chico: Team with the most money on hand at the end of the leg wins a prize.If you're on a team with the least amount of cash money dollars, you have to force three of your teammates to cook in an elimination showdown. Last one standing when you get to Gordon's house wins $100,000.
Gordon: Heh.
Chico: Let's go into the good. This is a show that knows what it is.
Jason: High production values
Chico: It's a show that lets the food and the competition speak for itself. Basically "Will Cook for Money".
Gordon: Very high production values, and they keep the character build at a high while keeping the drama at a low. There is a difference and the show knows how to differentiate.
Chico: Indeed. And one of the more interesting things... you get to see the culture clash. In the first episode, Team US does sushi in a bathroom and a taco night, while Team UK does afternoon high tea with cucumber and ham sammiches. So it's very unpredictable from start to finish.
Gordon: It is. R ound 1 goes to..the US.
Chico: But there's an actual bit of something there.
Gordon: So there's a lot of good here. What about the bad?
Jason: The xerox fumes here are stifling. You have elements of about 5 shows here. You have "Food Truck Race", Survivor, etc. Even Guy v. Rachael in here
Chico: It cherrypicks from other shows copiously.
Jason: And lots of post edits
Chico: Not to mention uneven.
Gordon: The. hosting. is. also. very. wooden.
Chico: We have the very informal Michelin star-chef Richard Corrigan, versus the unbearably formal Claire Robinson. NO chemistry at all.
Jason: Oil and Water.
Gordon: It feels like they are going through the motions
Jason: Host formula 101.
Chico: Well, you know season 1 is always "proof of concept". Show 1 doubly so. You don't want to make any unnecessary risk.
Jason: And also the show feels SLOOOOOW.
Chico: Well, it's not so much a pacing issue but a story-telling issue. There's only three bits in there. Precheckpoint, checkpoint, postcheckpoint, and elimination.... okay four bits.

BBC America - 10p ET Tuesdays
B- B C+ B-

Gordon: Grade time. I think the show is good. Yes, it's been there before but what it does, it does well. Good enough for a little better than average. B-.
Chico: I'll agree with that. Plus it knows where its heart is. B
Jason: I like this show a little less than Gordon...C+.
Chico: There's a change. Gordon's the middle voice. Talk about a flip.
Gordon: What about a Flea Market Flip?
Chico: It's a show on HGTV. Two teams buy three items, redo them, give them new life, and then sell them at a flea market. Most money wins $5000. Simple as that.
Gordon: I really like the idea of the show. you start as a buyer with $500 and then go to a seller and refurbish. One of the things I like is if a show demystifies and this show does exactly that.
Jason: No bs here. A to B to C.
Chico: Yep. You see everything that goes into flipping a flea market item and Lara Spencer, who has, shall we say, a little experience in the field of flipping and/or TV presenting, is stellar in this.
Gordon: What Chef Race doesn't have in terms of hosting, Lara provides. I'd love to see her in something higher scale.
Chico: Well, until then, she's got this because it's been renewed after two episodes.
Gordon: Another 8 episode series, and well-deserved I may add.
Jason: It should be.
Chico: So there's the good. And it's really good. The bad... it seems like the players are straight out of central casting.
Gordon: Pretty People party!
Jason: Yeah. But thats not a fault of "the game", thats a part of the casting.
Chico: People that can play to HGTV's audience.
Jason: But the game and show is really good.
Chico: Indeed.

HGTV - 9p ET & 9:30p ET Fridays
B+ A- A- A-

Gordon: It is And I grade it as such. B+
Chico: A-
Jason: A- This was a very pleasant surprise.
Gordon: Not so pleasant? The celebrities dancing this week.


Chico: The good news... the dancing was a little better than last week. The bad news... the worst dancer did not go home. And again, it's a play to the audience. First of all, at the top of the board and in ZERO danger... Sabrina Bryan & Louis Van Amstel with a 26. Could be a couple to watch.
Gordon: That's a surprise, we we thought they were getting the door prize
Chico: Instead, out the door this week... with a 22.5 no less.... Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson. Huh?
Gordon: Not that much of a surprise
Chico: No, not really but there were TWO couples that did marginally worse. And you both know who they are.
Gordon: Yes, but 22.5 is near the bottom and the people that he was against are notorious for having huge audiences. Bristol rode her audience to the Finals last time, and with even MORE Republicans running around, you may as well pencil her into the finals.
Chico: And Kirstie & Maks.. well, America loves a bad boy.
Jason: Bingo
Chico: Call it, mark it, send it, just get it outta here. Now ... Jason... how would you like to dance with Eve?
Gordon: I declawed her without the Falconsers outfit, so she's safe.
Chico: But she paws. A lot.
Jason: I think we can do it. We have to practice though
Gordon: While Jason is practicing - Rol thet Beautifl Brain FOotage.,

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: *hums final bars of "Move Closer to Your World"* Doug Morris, robust as always. Thank you so much. First up, holy cow, I'm going to need a bat rack.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a hockey stick)
Chico: Okay... a little bit of solidarity with the hockey players on strike. But I'm goign to need more than one to create a bat rack.
Gordon: You know, if you put 2 of those across and 4 of those vertically, you can create a rack. (Gives Chico 6 sticks)
Chico: Everyone take note. I have a slew of pickups and renewals. First the renewals.

Figure It Out, October 15, Dance Off: Shake It Up, October 19, The Newlywed Game, October 25, Killer Karaoke, November 23, Flea Market Flip and the Face in 2013, and the strangest pickup this week...Celebrity Splash... a diving competition.

Chico: Apparently ABC is looking to cash in on some of that London 2012 dollar, because they pick up the format from Eyeworks USA. It's already been sold to the UK, France, and Australia. And now the US.
Gordon: What about Celebrity Crash and Burn?
Jason: (headdesk)
Chico: But if you want to talk business? Phil Gurin.. has been a busy busy boy.

In the span of a week, he's bought distribution rights to Cleverdicks... started shopping around new versions of "Treasure Hunt" and "Truth or Consequences"....

Jason: YAY for Treasure Hunt. My all time favorite Guilty Pleasure show.

... and developed formats with Fuji TV for the international market.

Chico: Again, one of Geoff Edwards' finest shows. Friend of this site and a friend of ours. What up? In advance of MIPCOM, Phil Gurin is... beasting it up.
Jason: BEAST MODE :-)
Chico: But that's in the future. What do we have to look forward to this week, G?
Gordon: This week, it's the Datebook.

It's Publisher's Clearing House week, where people can win up to a total of $100,000. Meanwhile, We have the juidges houses on The X Factor, the competition rounds on The Voice and we see who returns into the game on America's Next Top Model.

Chico: It's gonna be hot, man.
Gordon: It is. I want a place where I can be cooler. Where would that be?
Chico: China cool enough for you?
Gordon: You serving up Frog fallopian tubes?
Chico: Yummy.....

You'll get it to go in the Cash Cab, because that's where the show is being sold. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, just south of China... on the South China Sea... Fear Factor.

Jason: Good stuff.
Chico: So you may just get your frog fallopian tubes.
Gordon: Excellent. Now how about someone who needs them slapped upside her head?
Chico: Bet you have somebody
Gordon: I do...

Are YOU Smarter than...Linda Hogan ex-wife of Mr. Rock and Wrestling himself, who gets busted for DWI.

Chico: Dude.
Jason: That is actually not as bad as what happened to her ex husband this week!
Chico: Oh god there's more...
Gordon: I was going to segue it, but do tell.
Jason: Well remember that sex tape that was shopped around a few months ago? Of Mr HH and his well discussed python?
Gordon: I don't need to know how many inches that python has.

A clip - and his 26-inch python - has been released to the interwebs.

Jason: So yes...it's there.
Gordon: Now usually, we put the links of said stuff here, but in the name of decency and good taste, we won't.
Chico: Trying to unsee Hulk Hogan's sex tape?
Jason: I cant unsee what was seen. I am sad.
Chico: Eyes bulging out of his head. Forehead veins pulsating..
Gordon: Oh the other person on the sex tape - not Linda.
Chico: Obviously.
Jason: Supposedly...Bubba the Love Sponge's(DJ friend of Hogan's) wife.
Jason: Good deal.
Gordon: Now as for Haterade...

We have Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey, to the point where Mariah has hired security to protect her. Most people (including myself) think that this is staged for ratings.

Jason: This is a TOTAL STAGE JOB.
Chico: Anything for a dollar.
Gordon: One of those people in that camp - Steven Tyler, who rants on BOTH of them and then dumps on Idol, saying how glad he is to not be returning there.
Jason: Bridge...meet napalm
Chico: I'm wondering myself if it's even worth watching.
Gordon: If the highlight of the season is Nicky Vs. Mariah and not how good the singers are...it isn't.
Chico: How can I put this bluntly...Nicki...Mariah... YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK. GOODBYE! Segue. Let's get loaded.
Jason: HIC

From the makers of Family Feud & Friends and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader & Friends... Ludia... comes Weakest Link & Friends. It's available for free at the Apple App Store. Link up with your Facebook friends, challenge them head to head, and relive the good old days of 2001.

Gordon: It's a logical progression to bring that game in. That being said, it's going to be a popularity contest, so only play it with friends who like you.
Jason: Right :-) And Ludia has something else which has debuted
Chico: Do tell.

In the tradition of Price is Right Slots, we have Press Your Luck....Slots

Chico: Three.. two.. one... and I'm distracted.
Jason: The Good - Same addiction level with Whammies
Gordon: The BAD - and apparently, you liked the game MUCH more than I did...
Chico: Let me guess...buggier than a midtown motel.
Gordon: Yes, but that's not the major issues. 1. Same slot machine tightness. 2. The 5 second delay on stopping the board means you're not stopping the board 'randomly', and 3. I have been fortunate enough to play the REAL slot machines by WMS. If you're looking for that - or those games - you will not find it there.
Chico: The PYL Community Slot, or as the three of us call it, the ATM machine.. much better. Best birthday ever, Block.
Gordon: We've hit it twice. Once in AC and once in Vegas.
Jason: Those things print money.
Gordon: Play it there.
Chico: Right. Then you can treat a media ho to a prime rib dinner. Mmm mmm, baby (plays "Pimpin')

In this week's Media Ho Report, Cat Deeley marries her boyfriend, Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum are getting married, Simon Cowell, after being ditched by Will Smith, is courting Will.I.Am for tech marriage...Guy Firei's eatry is called a 'terror dome' by Anthony Bourdain, Bob Barker gets a prize for animal activism, Antoine Ashley (RuPaul's Drag Race) passes...


Chico: ... thank you. Next?

Steve-O hosts Killer Karaoke, A Black singer wins South African Idol and Rob Wilson is the male model on The Price is Right.

Chico: Congrats to him. But he's not the main man of the week, is he?
Gordon: No he's not.
Chico: Present, sir
Gordon: The ho of the week - and really lucky guy - is Chris Harrison, after being caught dating the mother of Justin Bieber.
Chico: And the guy who gave the love connection? Ryan Seacrest.
Gordon: It's a Ho Triangle!
Chico: He ust may pick up the assist this week.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: and that's Brainvision.
Jason: (shutting down)
Chico: Thank you, Jason. Still to come, we get our Jim Perry on, but first, Gordon?
Gordon: First, we celebrate Let's Make a Deal, but I'm not giving out $100,000. You're reading WLTI. you give us 22 minutes and I'll give you 22 non-game shows that I'm currently watching on On Demand to keep up with the all of a sudden quality programming on TV. I'm currently watching Elementary. I recommend it.
Chico: Agreed. Partners.... not so much.
Gordon: Dr. Who, Archer...
Chico: Copper?
Jason: Waiting on Nashville
Gordon: Made in Jersey

(Brainvision is presented by Hockey Race: Skins vs. Fins. Jeff Skinner and Tuomo Ruutu captain teams of would be roller hockey players across the US playing pick up games... Hey, dudes' gotta do something. Jussi Jokinen hosts.)