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September 3 - Here's Your First Subject / The Moral of the Story Is / Push or Flush (1)

September 10 - Give Me 10! / Really Big Board: Dancing with the Stars / Push or Flush (2)

September 17 - Gone to the Dogs / Poetry Corner / Push or Flush (3)

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Episode 31.3 - The Geeks Get the Money
September 24

Gordon: I swear I wonder how I deal with you every week sometimes. You and that Jason Block character, who is our special guest this week.
Jason: Woot.
Chico: Yep. We're talking some Big Brother today, namely who did what to win and who did what to lose it. From somewhere in America... WLTI... IS... ON.
Jason: Nice to be here.
Gordon: The only good thing about you is that you're a Carolina Panther fan....um...36-7? Really?
Chico: It was ugly. But you knew it was going to be ugly. I just didn't expect Eli to be prepared to throw it to somebody else What, with the bromance between him and Hakeem Nicks.
Gordon: Well Cam Newton liked to throw the ball to people wearing Giants jerseys.
Chico: Yeah. Ron's gonna beat him up about that. Just like we're going to beat up some...

Chico: In the 14th season of Big Brother... It was an engineering student from Tulane, Ian Terry, who finally did what 20someodd houseguests could NOT do...Rub out Dan Gheesling and a host of other veterans. Now usually, Gordon and I like to go into detail about how Ian won it... and how Dan lost it... and how nurse Danielle Murphree had ZERO chance
Gordon: Part of the win must be attributed to Ian's speech at the end of the game. I believe we have a link to the clip, do we not?
Chico: Yeah, and if you ask me, it just says a lot.

Chico: Well, how can I put this, J... Danielle... Love her... but she's dumb.
Gordon: And this is how he won it. Big Board please?

BB14: How Ian Won It

 - The Speech
 - Dan's Backstabbing
 - Acrimonious Jury
 - Remember: Dan Won It Before

Gordon: The Subject: How Ian won. 1. The Speech
Chico: Which really explained everything, and put a coda on the whole experience.
Jason: And was part of his whole season long plan.
Chico: Letting EVERYONE know where they stood with Dan.
Jason: It was great.
Gordon: It sure did. 2. Dan played a great game - but his social game this time around sucked. Backstabbing will come back to bite you.
Jason: It was Russell Hantz on crack
Chico: how can I put this. He burned WAY TOO MANY BRIDGES.
Jason: Smell the Napalm?
Chico: He needed to think about the people on the jury, he needed to realize what he was doing was going to affect their line of thinking.
Jason: When you swear on your wife, a Bible and a Cross and tell everyone where to go...it's not good.
Gordon: 3. The jury voted based on emotion and not gameplay, but even on gameplay, a factor was that Dan won it before, and after the vote, it was revealed that at least 2 jurors (Jenn and Joe) had that be a factor.
Chico: I think that Dan won it before was a big factor.
Jason: Bigger than everyone realizes
Chico: The fact that Dan had burned them? The icing on the cake.
Jason: But let me ask you this....does Dan win if he brings Danielle? I dont think so
Gordon: I agree. Give the money to the person who won the game of the 21 year old student who played it just as hard. This is the first time in a while that emotion played into the story.
Chico: The good news: Dan was counting on the social game for the vote. The bad news: it worked.
Gordon: The social game is a factor and you must respect it. Dan did the first time, but not the second.
Jason: Does Ian come back next year in some form? ie. special guest etc?
Gordon: I'm sure he will
Chico: ... Nah. He doesn't look like the repeat type. Not next year, but he'll be back. In the meantime, enjoy this, Ian...

Chico: Superfan makes good. MVPs are for CLOSERS. And Ian is a closer.
Jason: And remember, all the girls flocking to you...they don't love you for the brains :-)
Chico: C.R.E.A.M, dude. Or as you say... Millions of dollars, millions of dollars.
Jason: Oh yes.
Chico: How about $50,000?
Jason: Ah yes.
Chico: That's the top money in Let's Ask America, a new syndicated offering premiering in limited markets.
Jason: Thanks to our friend Mike Klauss, we have seen the premiere.
Chico: And it's basically ... well, you remember Are You Normal, America? It's Are You Normal, America... done better. Now here's the game. There are three rounds, and we play with four contestants playing from their homes via Skype. I love Skype.
Jason: Me too. They ask a survey question and you have to guess between two possibilities
Chico: In round 1. In round 2 it's three. In round 3 and after, four. Most popular answer wins cash. The personn with the least cash at the end of each round goes home.
Jason: Winner goes to the bonus round
Chico: In the bonus round, you can bet any or all of your cash on one more question. You bet "any", then the payoff is even money. You go all-in, and it jumps to 5:1.
Gordon: Now everyone in our crew is the 99%, who can play. I am the 1% who can't. You may boo me now.
Everyone: Boooooo
Gordon: Thanks heaps.
Jason: If you go all in and lose...guaranteed $1,000
Chico: But if you play a perfect game, you will win $50,000.
Gordon: So let's go with the good. First of all, Kevin Perreira is solid.
Chico: Kevin Pereira has a future in this business.
Jason: I dont think so. I think he tries too hard.
Chico: Well, he's had practice at the off-the-cuff remark. And that works when you're dealing with a cast of characters as varied as the contestants. Second of all, the game dynamic works, and so does the Skype dynamic.
Jason: I do like the Skype dynamic. Technology rules.
Chico: Just don't game naked.
Jason: Wear pants.
Gordon: I think Skype adds a completely new dimension to the show. Now realize that this is not the first time a game show has used this angle - Paranoia did it and I think they did it better. But this really opens the door for other shows to use this technology.
Chico: WELL...It is and it isn't. Paranoia had production crews in the satellite locations.
Jason: This is one of the first, if not THE FIRST, to use Skype in this way.
Chico: So it's all a polished product, this is as gritty as it gets, it's your and your webcam. THAT'S the way to do it, 1 vs. 100.
Jason: Saves THOUSANDS in travel and you are in your home.
Chico: So there's that.
Gordon: Great cost-cutting tool. As for Pereira, I think he does well with what he's given. I don't think he tries too hard at all. If anything, he makes a great conduit.
Chico: And you have to be a conduit because everything is on the fly and you're just in a studio by yourself. So you gotta ease some of that tension.
Jason: And I do like the casting. You are getting varied people.
Gordon: It's a completely different dynamic when you are dealing with someone not 5 feet away from you.
Chico: Yep. It's like, literally, talking to someone on the phone. A video phone, even. I love the age we live in. But there is some bad here. One problem I have,a nd it's a big one. THE GOLDEN SNITCH IN ROUNDS 2 AND 3.
Gordon: Now explain to all those what a Golden Snitch is.
Chico: Well, in Quidditch, you throw balls in scoring rings, but if you grab the Golden Snitch, the game ends and you win.
Gordon: What Chico is saying, if I should translate, is that it doesn't matter what you have done the whole game, if you get the last question wrong, you lose.
Jason: Exactly...it's an imbalanced money tree. The money tree is $100/$200/$300, $400/$500/$1,500/$2,000/$5,000.
Gordon: Which kills off the first 75% of the game.
Jason: This is an example of "keep the people watching to the end" but why?
Chico: Yeah, you can get $400 and $500 right in round 2, but if you miss the $1500 question... you're probably getting the door prize. Same with the $2000 and the $5000 questions in round 3.
Jason: This is piss poor planning
Chico: Just to get to the $10,000 total that makes the final round work. You know you could've done it better.
Gordon: it's not poor planning but it does take off the luster. I understand that they do want to make the last question relevant, but that's a bit too relevant. Even on the Newlywed Game, a tram can score well enough to make the 25 points question irrelevant. You have to have the same mechanics here.
Chico: Right. And then there's the tiebreaker. And this is where the mascot dog comes in.
Jason: The "dash for cash"
Chico: Right. It's a physical challenge that changes from time to time.
Jason: Do something or find something silly in your house....wha?
Chico: And there's really an advantage/disadvantage here.
Gordon: It's completely irrelevant to the game - yes it's sponsored, but it has nothing to do with it.
Chico: I mean, if you are playing from your kitchen, and you were told to grab a ladle of something other than a drink. Not to mention that it has nothing to do with the game, it's just... remember Remote Control's snack time? It's like THAT...only it counts for something.
Chico: Doesn't make much sense.
Gordon: There's no reason for it.
Jason: Zero. Write another question. Do a number question...closest to like they do on Big Brother. Simple. Easy. No Fuss
Chico: It's so easy to do, so why don't you do it?
Gordon: The other issue I have is that there's no rationale behind the answers explained. The one nice thing about Power of 10 is that Drew explained the rationale.
Chico: Well Drew was good at that. He's the kind of host who's playing along with the players.
Gordon: We got that at the end, but I wanted more of it in the beginning and middle.
Chico: While shows in the 21st century have a pacing problem with being too slow, this moves too quickly.
Jason: You could tell there was some HEAVY POST EDITING with a lot of the "why" edited out.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: I disagree. i think it moves just right. My issue is that they need a little more on game and a little less on player.

Syn - Weekdays, check local listings
B- C+ C+ C+

Chico: So overall, we have a show that goes far, but doesn't go far enough. It gets a C+ from me.
Jason: I will give it a C+ as well. But I will agree with Gordon that this has a potential to be a show that lasts.
Gordon: Well this show has a lot of little issues, but in the big picture, this is a good solid show with the potential to stick around awhile. B-
Chico: Really does, especially if it keeps up with the technology.
Gordon: I think you're being too hard on the show - and this is coming from the 1%.
Chico: I think my grade is fair. It's a good show that can be better. And the stuff that needs works drags it down.
Gordon: I agree
Chico: Next up...The first edition of...


Gordon: And here with the report: Med Tech Chico.
Chico: Survivor Philippines started again this week, with three people who were medevaced from the game in seasons past. Hence "Injury Report"
Jason: Love it.
Chico: Those three: Michael Skupin from Australia, Jonathan Penner from Fans vs. Favorites, and Russell Swan from Samoa.
Jason: Who go on each of three tribes.
Chico: One tribe has a former baseballer Jeff Kent.
Gordon: But that's not the only injuries.
Chico: Do tell.
Gordon: Kent screwed up his tendon on the first immunity challenge, and Swan may have screwed up his brain when he tried to run his tribe like a dictatorship.
Jason: HA :-)
Chico: Yeah, I was going to get to that. Here's the thing. Russell didn't want to be thrust into the leadership role. But he thrust himself into it anyway. That ended up costing his tribe the win in immunity, sending them to their first Tribal Council.
Jason: Which SHOULD have sent Russell home.
Chico: And if Russell lost his brain, Zane lost everything else, because what's the first thing that Zane did post challenge?
Jason: In a classic flame out, he violated Survivor Rule 1.
Gordon: If you volunteer yourself to be voted out, you will be obliged.
Chico: You volunteer to throw yourself on the sword, the tribe will be there to push you.
Jason: And twist.
Chico: And then laugh at you.
Jason: Which happened 5-1
Gordon: People are looking for someone to vote out and if you decide to go, people will be happy.
Chico: He had nothing to back up his game, which SUCKED by the way.
Jason: He makes an aliiance with "everybody" according to him and then pulls that gunk
Chico: Do we have a YOUR GAME SUCKS graphic?
Gordon: No, but I'm sure it will be up by Chico.
Chico: I can give it a shot.

Gordon: Sweet.
Chico: So that's Zane, Kent, and Russell... now we go to the fourth tribesman who needed to STFU. And that was... LISA.
Gordon: ...who was...useful?
Chico: She was useful, but she had no idea how or even IF to play the former child star angle.
Jason: I think she had something else on her mind (at the time of taping)
Chico: I know she shouldn't, but when Skupin put two and two together it was kinda thrown on her. And ... she told him. The one thing she couldn't do... and she did.
Gordon: And as we will see later, I think she may have found what she was looking for out there - which means she may have been out there for a long time.
Chico: We only bring this up because it has the opportunity to be game changing. We're not totally marking on her or anything.
Gordon: Well I will be.
Chico: Heh.
Jason: Of course you WILL :-)
Chico: And that's why we love Gordon. Because he makes fun of celebrities... Segue.

Chico: It's Celebrity Week on Millionaire.
Jason: Raising money for the Alzheimer's Association
Chico: Right. And if you were to tell me that Paula Deen would make classic Millionaire, I would have you out on the street and pelted with paintball guns. Becuase violence is bad. But she makes it to the $100,000 question and sees this...

Bizarrely, which of these products was advertised for several decades as a feminine hygiene product?
A: Pledge
B: Comet
C: Lysol
D: Pine-Sol

Jason: Believe it or not...it makes sense. C. Lysol.
Gordon: E. Todd Akin's Speeches
Chico: Hello...
Gordon: But it is Lysol
Chico: It IS Lysol. I understand the mechanics behind it, after all it's a classic antibacterial. And... it gets bacterial... down there.
Jason: yeah
Chico: As it would happen, she's the only one to get even close to big money territory.
Gordon: And of course in the spirit of me, I'd like to give out the biggest celebrity loser.
Chico: Go right on.
Jason: Do it.
Gordon: That would be Monique, qho sees $53,500 go away on this...

What TV show's episode titles are mostly plays on movie titles, such as "The Hurt Locket," "Petty in Pink" and "You've Got Yale!"?
A: 2 Broke Girls
B: Glee
C: Gossip Girl
D: New Girl

Chico: C
Jason: Yes. C.
Chico: A is usually "2 Broke Girls and..." B and D are usually one to two word bon mots.
Gordon: The right answer is C. However, Monique decided that The Hurt Locker, Pretty in Pink and You've Got Mail were all musicals and said Glee.
Chico: The Hurt Locker is NOT A MUSICAL.
Jason: (headdesk)
Chico: No... NO.... BAD! In total, over $105,000 goes to the Alzheimers Foundation. If you want to find out more information, you can visit alz.org.
Gordon: Let's add Cheech Marin, who ALSO loses $50,000 on this:

At the funeral for 97-year-old retired Frito-Lay executive Arch West last year, family member reportedly tossed what into the grave?
A: Bugles
B: Doritos
C: Triscuits
D: Pringles

Chico: Chicharrones?
Gordon: Sure.
Jason: Dude...I am a chip maven. Doritos are the only Frito-Lay Chips. It's B.
Chico: Doritos. The only one's made by Frito Lay.
Jason: MMMMM...cool ranch Doritos
Chico: hell yeah.
Gordon: Once again, you are both right. Cheech decided that Frito-Lay made Pringles.
Chico: Hmm... no.
Gordon: For the record, Pringles is Proctor and Gamble.
Chico: And the Pizza Pringles are tasty.
Jason: Sour Cream and Onion.
Gordon: Now yes, winning $105,000 is nice. HOWEVER< when you consider that the celebrities GAVE BACK$118,600....ouch.
Chico: Yuck. So we go from Millionaire to... a millionaire?

Jason: May I?
Chico: Here with the money is the man with the honeys, Jason Block.
Jason: Thank you very much. It only took three shows but we have our first shot at the million on Wheel! Nice way to start Season 30. Mary Beth Salveri from Oakland, CA has $13,150 including a nice trip to Hawaii...along with the MDW. We remove the $100,000 wedge and put in the million. If she lands on it, and solves the puzzle, she joins Michelle Loewenstein in Game Show History. So....she lands on the S in SPIN. She is dealing with a THING. With the RSTLNE and her choices of C H M A we have:

_ L _ _ A L
_ H E N _ M E N _ N

Jason: What?
Chico: I always overdo that last syllable.
Gordon: Yeah. This was a pretty easy bonus round
Jason: She wins....and gets $30,000. Oh and BTW...she was TWO WEDGES AWAY from the big cash. It was in the I in SPIN. Too much Wheaties :-)
Chico: That would've been the holy crap moment of season 30, to start with a big win.
Jason: But we did have a very good week with 4 bonus round wins and about $300K in prizes and cash given away
Chico: Really good stuff, and this is only the beginning. Expect a lot more as the Wheel season 30 keeps spinning. Because that is a hot set. Speaking of, it's the show Gordon's been waiting all week for, Syfy's Hot Set. So Gordon, please explain to the rest of the class what we're going for.
Gordon: Now on Face-Off, it was about the best make-up artists. In Hot Set, it's the best set designers.
Chico: Because the medium's been written on some iconic sets... I think the Star Trek franchise...Barney Miller...That station house...But here, you're given one subject and 3 days to make a full set to shoot a scene.
Chico: Two teams of contestants each episode. Winner gets $10,000.
Jason: Your host is Ben Mankewiecz
Chico: So let's go into the good... It 's a show that knows its subject matter.
Jason: The judges are excellent with HUGE movie Creds - Curt Beech (Star Trek, The Help), Lilly Kilvert (Legends of the Fall, The Last Samurai) and Barry Robison (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) are the show’s judges.
Chico: And Ben himself comes from a strong movie family. A strong Hollywood family.
Jason: His grandfather WROTE Citizen Kane. 'Nuff said. This show takes the strong formula of Face-Off and takes it to the set and doesn't mess with a damn thing. Except it's weekly not season long.
Chico: Right on. This is a show that has legs. Something that is a hot set of its own, that is locked, ready to shoot and built to last.
Jason: I like the idea of the script scene, the element. The "drama" is balanced here. There is very little reality BS here.
Chico: So there's just enough to be reality ready.
Gordon: This is something that you would expect to see in real life. That's why this works.
Jason: You know, one of my favorite parts was seeing the prop stores.
Chico: This is as real as it gets, and it explains everything you need to know about this business. I love a prop store.
Jason: I was like...WOW.
Gordon: What a really good reality show does - and what this does - is demystify the whole process and puts us in their shoes. This does a great job of showing us newibies how this genre works.
Chico: Gordon and Jason know this... I'm a giant toy nut. If I can get my hands on something i can use, I'm going to use it.
Jason: Who knew there were stores for ROCKS. And I was NOT BORED once.
Chico: You almost want to try it yourself... heh.. ALMOST. :-)
Jason: And I know someone IN the movie business who is a huge art director. My second cousin. NO JOKE.
Chico: Heh. Gordon, you're the 1 percent here. What do you think of all this coming together here?
Gordon: It's a great vehicle featuring people who obviously know what they are doing.
Chico: Is there anything that needs to be fixed on this show?
Jason: Not really. I think the balance here is PERFECT. This is a solid A for me. Syfy has two monster hits on their hands.
Chico: I'm going to go A on this as well. It's building off of success and it's playing to some serious strength.

Syfy - 10p ET Tuesdays

Gordon: The only quibble I have - and it's a minor one - is I was expecting a little more originality on the judging critique. That being said, it's a must watch for any Science Fiction fan. A.
Chico: Nice job for the folks at Syfy. Now I don't know if you know this... but the Hams have designed their own alien outpost set. And we have a spaceship made from a hamster ball.
Gordon: Complete with the cat from Lily-C.A.T.
Jason: Thats impressive.
Gordon: Yeah, except they brought in the one in the scene where the cat's face was melted off.
Chico: ... Eve's not gonna like that.
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks Doug. Time for some business. I'm going to need the Mike Richard signed bat.
Jason: (hands Chico the Mike Richards Bat)
Chico: And maybe the giant bone. Yep, it's a two-bat special.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a Giant Bone) I...feel..dirty.
Chico: You're JUST coming to terms with that now?

Okay, Beat the Chefs was supposed to bring GSN to Thursday 9p prominence, but after it plateaued at 300K... it was pulled. Enter The Pyramid, that plays to over 500K for that same time period.

Jason: GSN has the hit. Season 2 better be coming
Chico: Time to make a move, GSN.
Gordon: I'll say this until I see it -I want Primetime ]Pyramid.
Chico: Well, you got Primetime Pyramid for one night. It's a start.
Gordon: I want 4 more days of it.
Jason: Yes...do it the whole week. People will watch. Come on GSN...we want 65 more. 13 more weeks We know you have it in you.
Gordon: And hey GSN - give us more originals - or revisions of SHINY GAME SHOWS.
Chico: Re-NEW! Re-NEW! Re-NEW!
Jason: THIS is how you do it.
Gordon: Classic Concentration or the Reg Grundy Library would be nice.
Chico: Sale. :-) Just saying. And do it right this time. Eff Temptation.
Gordon: Scrabble anyone?

Meanwhile, HGTV also buys into Lara Spencer's "Flea Market Flip", which has been languishing in development hell for a while now. Spencer will host, drop date TBA.

Chico: So is primetime Pyramid the future? We'll see. Meanwhile, here's the here and now.
Gordon: Now for the Datebook - where we hope that some of these shows wind up.
Chico: Gordon, it's premiere week, what do you got?

I got The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal and Dancing With the Stars on Monday, and The Amazing Race on Sunday.

Chico: And Jason, you're gonna love this... LMAD.... for the first time ever... in HD.
Jason: NO WAY!
Gordon: 4 awesome shows that we are looking forward to.
Jason: Tiffany Coyne in HD? (DROOL)
Chico: And we just lost Jason.
Jason: Seriously...about time.
Gordon: Jason needs to get fully loaded
Jason: HIC HIC

Monday is the premiere of Dancing with the Stars. Afterwards, you can catch Joanna Krupa and Marc Istook with Kyle Massey in "DWTS After Party" on ABC.com

Gordon: Pah-tay!
Chico: Heeeeeey.
Jason: Bring your cups up!
Chico: Barkeep! I need some drank for my stupid people...
Gordon: Haterade at the till, but first we need to get some stupid people to serve Haterade to.

Are YOU Smarter than...Lindsay Lohan AND Amanda Bynes, who get into trouble driving. Again. No, this is not a repeat from last week/month/year/decade.

Jason: Get HELP.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Let's put it this way. Goodyear has offered FREE DRIVING LESSONS to both of them in their headquarters in Detroit on their free private track.
Chico: You're not joking.
Gordon: I'm not.


Jason: He isn't.
Chico: That's ... that's just incredible.
Jason: Nice pub.
Chico: Yup. Now let's see if someone bites.
Gordon: They should, but no one should be drinking Haterade and driving.
Chico: No one should be drinking Haterade.
Gordon: And they want to be the Crash Test Dummies

Jason: AH!
Jason: Who are they?

They're putting up cones labeled One Man Army and Paranormal Challenge. They just got run over be the TV Schedulers driving a Minivan.

Jason: DAMN.
Gordon: But we have more.
Chico: More?

Before going out to Survivor, Lisa Welchel divorced her husband of 24 years.

Chico: That would be the "other things on her mind" that Jason alluded to earlier. And if the Scenes from Next Episode are any indication, it could end up costing her.
Gordon: If I have emotional issues I need to work out, going to a reality competition is probably not the best way to handle them. BUT we have more.
Chico: Geez, you're gonna run out after long.
Gordon: Last Glass. Here's comment #1...

Gay guys are the horniest people in the world ... they're disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.

Paris...you stupid idiot.
Gordon: Now Quote #2.

As anyone close to me knows, I always have been and always will be a huge supporter of the gay community. I am so sorry and so upset that I caused pain to my gay friends, fans and their families with the comments heard this morning, HIV/AIDS can hurt anyone, gay and straight, men and women...It’s something I take very seriously and should not have been thrown around in conversation.

Gordon: This was Paris Hilton within a span of 24 hours.
Jason: That my friends is a CYA lawyer speak statement.
Chico: Translation: "I'm sorry I got caught."
Gordon: Paris, who claimed she made these statements while discussing Grindr, neets to stop being fully loaded and go away for a while.'
Jason: Hic
Chico: Yeah. Let's go to Egypt...

Sony Pictures TV has sold Breakaway to Egypt in advance of this year's MIPCOM.

Chico: You remember that's the show where players can either choose to compete for cash as a team or breakaway out on their own.
Jason: A ha.
Chico: And a bit of a preview, Sony's going to try and sell an Israeli format: Raid the Cave Couples compete in trivia and physical challenges to haul prizes from a cave before the door closes shut.
Jason: Nods
Gordon: I've seen this before when it was in a mansion and had Fear Factor-like stunts.
Chico: And was on Syfy?
Gordon: Sure was.
Chico: Was it in an estate?
Jason: That's the one.
Gordon: Yes. And people were panicking.
Chico: Never heard of it. :-)
Gordon: What about an estate full of hoes?
Chico: (Plays "Pimpin' All Over the World")

In this week's Media Ho Report, Louise Roe is the new hostess of Fashion Star, Lara Spencer flips flea markets, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban and your new American Idol judges...Ben Folds duets with Fraggles, will.I.Am is doing a science competition, Usher and SHakira will sub out for Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera on Season 4 of The Voice...Nick Cannon may revive Wild'N'Out, Mario Lopez is rumored to be hosting the X Factor, and TMZ is being sued by Kaesy Kahl, a contestant one of Chico's Faaaaavorite shows of all time, The Bachelorette.

Chico: Presented wtihout comment.
Gordon: But none of them is your ho of the week.
Jason: Who is it?
Gordon: Your ho of the week is...Carly Rose Sonenclar
Jason: Ah yes :-)
Chico: I remember her!
Gordon: The cute little girl who performed on The X Factor. According to the X Factor, Carly is a total amateur.
Chico: That's not where I remember her from =p
Gordon: No (presses Media Ho Offender Button)

*repeat offender alarm*

Gordon: Big Bored please?

The Amazing World of Carly Rose Sonenclar

 - Night of the Hunter
 - Les Miserables
 - The Electric Company
 - Little House on the Prairie
 - National Anthem singer

Gordon: The Subject: The musical Resume of the Amateur Carly Rose Sonenclar
Chico: Let's see where I remember her from.
Gordon: 1. Pearl in The Night of the Hunter 2. Cossette, Les Miserables 3. Gilda Flip, The Electric Company 4. Carrie, Lieelt House of the Prairie, the Musical 5. Chloe, Wonderland on Broadway
Chico: Electric Company. THAT'S where.
Gordon: 6. Parsley, the Big Bank
Chico: And not the old Easy Reader Adventures of Spiderman one either.
Gordon: 7. National Anthem singer for the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Dodgers and the U.S. Open
Chico: Gordon's probably seen her in a Knicks game.
Gordon: 8. Was in BOTH The Nanny DIaries and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. Now I have no problems with anyone who wants to audition for any show, if they are legal. HOWEVER, and this is to the producers - don't make up a story about a contestant if it's not true.
Chico: Correct.
Jason: Exactly.
Chico: Because when this sort of thing comes out, then you just look dumb. And that's just for starters.
Jason: This happens a LOT.
Gordon: Now if she came out with this, then all would be well, but now that the story is coming out, the backlash is going to nail here just like it nailed Carly Smithson, Joanna Pacitti and countless other.
Chico: And Chris Golightly, the most egregious of the lot.
Gordon: During the upcoming weeks we'll see what more repeat ho-ffenders we'll find. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Go cold.
Jason: Shutting Down
Gordon: When we come back, we'll don our Geoff Edwards masks, but first, we'll be putting on our voting referendums. You're reading WLTI. you give us 22 minutes, and we'll give you 22 hot sets that would work well in real life. We sort of like the mud pit full of rabid lawyers.
Chico: I like the Shark Tank with laser helmets
Gordon: That's pretty also.

(Brainvision has been brought to you by Get The Picture: Kate Middleton week! We'll have the best of Kate Middleton in all sort of images, You just have to figure out what she's doing. The pictures will be revealing all by themselves! Prince Harry hosts.)