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Episode 32.11 - WLTI Is For the Children
May 6

Chico: Someone's a hater.
Gordon: Moi?
Chico: Vous. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours. Your source for game shows, information, entertainment... and stupid people. People you just want to ask "what are you thinking, man?"
Gordon: You don't want to know what I'm thinking. I'm in a deep dark place, complete with spiders, cockroaches and Paul Sinha laughing at me. But enough about me. Let's talk about what this person was thinking...

Andrea on Survivor, being booted with an Immunity Idol in hand

Chico: I got an Idol. I'm a winner... I'm a winner... I'm a... hey, why's my name on that parchment?
Gordon: ...This isnt' American Idol? I can sing better than those 3 losers left on the show. Where's MY recording contract?
Chico: Let me check... and NO. Next one...

Amber Holcomb. In a battle of divas, she ... was one of them. Specifically the one with the least charisma, the least fans, and the least votes.

Chico: Maybe if I run a lot no one will notice that I'm not Candice. Why are the two crazy ladies on the panel yelling? I mean, shouldn't I be judged or something?
Gordon: I think there should be a special chance for the people who are eliminated. In fact, let's make an Idol special and bring back all 100+ contestants who were eliminated and have a party! Everyone gets a cookie and punch!
Chico: That... that's a movie there.
Gordon: Who has the gold star stickers?
Chico: Or a chorus. Or something.
Gordon: DreamBabes in Space. Next one...

Mark Labbett, in him coming to the US on The Chase

Chico: They think just because I'm this limey Brit and I don't know all of what I'm talking about... heh heh heh... what'll they get a load of me.
Gordon: Yummy....Americans....Add to my girth in trivial knowledge. Today North America. Tomorrow the WORLD. BWA HA HA HA HA
Chico: Next one...

Rachel Reynolds, who returns to 33 to tape 42 after giving birth to baby 1.

Chico: Something smells like children.... but I left the baby at home with the... oh no.
Gordon: I can't wait to get back - and Tiffany Coyne better not have gotten herself too comfy in my dressing room
Chico: We heart Rachel Reynolds. We really do.
Gordon: We do. Can't wait to see her come back. Next one...

Billy Eichner, on seeing him win an emmy nomination for Billy ON the Strees and seeing GSNN trash his show.

Chico: Oh my god! I'm nominated for the Emmy! I'm gonna go get the Emmy! I just won a nomination! What am I nominated for?
Gordon: ...GSNN sucks. Chico sucks. Gordon sucks, and Im going to find him and Blockhead, get them on my show annd make sure they get every single question wrong.
Chico: By he way, Billy Eichner... kiss it. Finally...

The refs on Oh Sit!.

Chico: Go to Hollywood, they said. You'll be a big star, they said...My life is now over.
Gordon: This is perfect. I can now audition to be a WWE ref, an NFL ref, or try to win a spot on Congress.
Chico: nice.
Gordon: So that's what people are thinking. We think in groups of 3's afteer this!

(Brought to you by Master of the Trix. Some of the biggest names in the game try and do what they will with a breakfast cereal and... hey, check out the white guy in the sunglasses and the funny hat. FUNNY HAT?! Hey wait a minute... *removes hat* Silly rabbit)

Gordon: Welcome back to the show. Now good things come in 3's.
Chico: Indeed.
Gordon: And Chico will show us that as we play Trios.
Chico: Yes we will. First up...

Mark Labbett, Anne Robinson, Simon Cowell

In the last 15 years, we've got our fair share of caustic British people. But honestly... who's the firmest, but fairest?

Gordon: I'm going to go off the board and say Piers Morgan.
Chico: Judges?


Chico: Okay, I'll take it. I'll go with the guy that hired him in the first place. Simon is all business. If you're good, you're going to hear about it. If you're not, you're going to hear about it. And he's a softie. Heh.
Gordon: SImon was good until Idol 7, when he lost the pulse of the public. Speaking of which...next one...

R&B, Pop, Country

Forget the singers, who know one will care aout in a month. Which GENRE wins American Idol?

Chico: I'm going to go with R&B. There's a solid bank of fans in that genre. Ask Ruben Studdard. Ask Fantasia.
Gordon: When you have 2 R&Bers in the final four that's a huge sign as to who wins.
Chico: Yup. Next one...

Big balls, an inch-wide ledge, a giant pizza.

Most nightmarish obstacle on a game show.

Gordon: Big Balls. The Inch Wide ledgs you have a shot at. Same with the pizza. You hit the balls, you know youre going on a trip into the pool.
Chico: Now normally I'd agree... but this thing with me and gravity is not panning out well, so I'm going to go with ... the ledge.
Gordon: The ledge is a nasty creature also. Next one...

In the Dark, In an Auction, In your Mouth

I'm afraid.
Gordon: You should be

We've seen the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches make their appearances on various game shows. As a viewer, which is the most impressive?

Chico: Gordon.... in your mouth. Yes, you can pile them on various nether-places and you'd get lulz for it, but nothing beats watching someone eat a live cockroach. And high in protein, too.
Gordon: Actually, I think it's more fun in the dark, because your imagination plays tricks on you.
Chico: Thank you, Jaleel White.
Gordon: Though I've had peanut butter cockroach cookies. tasty.
Chico: And at WLTI we eat our protein.... we eat ALL our protein. Next...

Becky O'Donoghue, Alan Ritchson, and Kevin Covais. Do these names look familiar?

Gordon: Yes. Especially CHicken Little.
Chico: They're all former Idol contestants who have all made it to Hollywood... to varying degrees of success.
Gordon: Right
Chico: They're all in Hollywood again, this time as actors.

Which one will, in five years, be on the big screen?

Gordon: Covais, because he's already been on the big screen
Chico: That movie doesn't count. It sucked. :-)
Gordon: Still counts
Chico: Fine, it counts. How about another movie?
Gordon: He was also in Good Luck Charlie. He's being groomed as a Disney boy
Chico: Like Rachel Crow id being groomed as Nick girl. I'm thinking Alan, especially if they get that Justice League movie out of development hell.
Chico: Okay, last one?
Gordon: Last one...

Let's Make a Deal, The Price is Right, Millionaire

If Chico was to take his date from The Bed-Chicoler to audition on a game show during May Sweeps, where's he going to go?

Chico: Believe it or not... Let's Make a Deal. Because you know me, G.
Gordon: I do
Chico: As smart as I am... I also enjoy making an ass of myself from time to time. And I also enjoy having a good time. Where else can I have a happy action fun time than Let's Make a Deal?
Gordon: Well if it's Big Money week, its clearly the easiest way to win the PCH $20,000 checks.
Chico: NEXT WEEK, folks!
Gordon: We will talk more in depth on that next week, but meanwhile, watch this ad.

(Brought to you by Where in the World is Lindsay Lohan? Find the Loot (Jewelry) the Warrant, and Lindsay for the dough!)

Chico: I'd watch! And provide the music.
Gordon: The jokes this week write themselves, folks And now we write up...The big Finish!
Gordon: Idol: WHo's in the Final 2?
Chico: Candice. And I'm going to take a stab and say Angie. How about you?
Gordon: I'll go with that. RuPaul's Drag Race: Who wins?
Chico: In a stunner, Alaska.
Gordon: This has been Jinx Monsoon's season. I'll be shocked if she doesn't win it. Survivor: WHo doesn't see Sunday's show?
Chico: Eddie's toast unless he gets some help. Meanwhile we have mail! Do the mail dance, G!
Gordon: (Does the mail dance)
Chico: This is from Rodney Flippen.


Rodney Flippen
I think I know why the ratings were so low for the show "Oh Sit", it is because of the constant coverage of the incident that happened in Boston. I would not pay attention to the rating until the 2nd week in my opinion. I really enjoy you guys website and I hope to see more exciting stuff in the future.

Gordon: If it debuted a month ago, I would agree with you. However it's had more episodes before and after that which state otherwise. Thanks for the email Rodney. Anything else?
Chico: No sir.
Gordon: But if I want to get more mail from Rodney, what does he have to do?
Chico: Well for one, you can follow us on Twitter @wltiongsnn. You can like us on Facebook at wlti.gsnn. You can follow along with our sexy pitches over iTunes and Stitcher Radio...OR... if you feel like you have a story in you, email us! WLTI@gameshownewsnet.com
Gordon: And that ends our show. Special thanks to no one in particular, because it's just Chico and I this week. Next weeek...BIG MONEY! BIG PRIZES! I LOVE IT!
Chico: Woo! It's sweeps baby! For Gordon and everyone at GSNN, I'm Chico Alexander. game over and spread the love. :-)