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Episode 32.11 - Big Money and False Drama
April 29

Chico: The one with the only sort of perky hoo-hahs
Gordon: Welcome back to WLTI.
Chico: Thanks for being part of our week and allowing our week to be a part of you. Gordon Pepper... Chico Alexander... Late game entry Jason Block. Came in from seeing the one and only Alex Guarnaschelli.
Jason: Yup :) Very nice.
Gordon: And now I resolve to make Jason Block get here earlier.
Jason: I didn't know :)
Gordon: Just like we make some resolutions for shows that need some help. For example...

The X Factor and the rotating escalator of personnel.

Chico: How about a little bit of consistency. Get people who work the first time all the time
Gordon: I'll go with that.
Jason: Resolved: Get judges and people who stay. Not one and done.
Gordon: Resolved: Get COMPETENT hostesses and make us watch for the vision and intelligence they bring in, not the train wreck. On a side note bring in people who don't care about their image (as Britney changed here in midstream)
Chico: Next...

American Idol got DFUed this year on account of ... well, let's just say everything.

Jason: Resolved: CANCEL THE SHOW. It's a slow bleed
Gordon: Not that bad, but...RESOLVED: Give me good judges faithful to the Idol brand. Randy Jackson, Quentin Tarantino and Shania Twain would be a start.
Chico: Resolved: forget about getting name judges. Concentrate on the talent and get judges with expertise. Implode the show if you have to.
Gordon: Next one...

The Chase - U.S. Style.

Chico: Resolved: stick to what works. Don't try to turn it into something else.
Jason: Resolved - Don't mess with the formula
Gordon: Resolved : Keep everyone in place. I do NOT want to see a Baldwin, a Bernsen, or anyone associated with the New Lingo as the host.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: Here's a name... John Barrowman.
Gordon: Not a good fit for the show.
Chico: Okay. Next one.

America's Got Talent. We've have singers, comic singers, and dogs. How do the DANCERS raise their game?

Jason: Resolved: Do something unique
Gordon: Tell a story. Dance is not just about Wiggling your body. Don't make me bored. I don't need LMFAO
Chico: Resolved: Be different than anything we've ever seen. Tell a story. Be unique. Be in tune with each other.
Gordon: We saw a dance group do just that on the NYC auditions. We want more of it.
Chico: Nice. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Big Brother. It's been a little flat in the ratings.

Jason: Resolved. New Players only. We don't want to see old vs. New. We want good new players
Chico: What Jason said. Keep it new. Keep it interesting.
Gordon: I agree with new players. The other thing I would like to see is more interction with the audience - like an audience's ability to use the Power of Veto once, You had America's Player, which I liked. Now do something that allows them to seriously impact the game.
Chico: Right. Last one...

Aisha Tyler on "Whose Line Is It Anyway"

Jason: Be a Conduit. And don't be afraid to make an ass of yourself
Chico: Resolved: you're good enough to roll with these jokers. :-)
Gordon: Resolved: You're there to play the game. Play it.
Gordon: and with that I resolve we move to a break.
Chico: And when we come back... Baby if loving you is WRONG, I don't want to be right.
Gordon: None of us will be right - right after this!

(Brought to you by the Big Brain Age Theory. Who's America's next great innovator? That depends on what a polygonal floating head has to say about it. It's Brain Training to the extreme!)

Jason: HA :) Thats kind of wrong
Chico: Kinda sorta yeah. We have some more wrong for ya. 15 Shades style.
Gordon: Kind of...but will it match up to 15 shades of wrong? Chico, start us iff.
Chico: Sure thing. First off...

A former Olympic swimmer gets full-on with his competitors on Oh Sit! and ends up winning over $15,000. Ed Moses, Sydney 2000, Google it.

Jason: That's a 1. Nothing wrong here.
Gordon: 1 in terms of game play, but 7 against the casting producers for not dong their homework.
Chico: I'm going to side with the 7 because, according to Jessi, who I quoted in this entry... they DID do their homework.
Gordon: Its like sticking Ken Jennings on the next Win Ben Stein's Money - there's nothing wrong with it per se, but you need to put him up against his own peers, not civilians.
Gordon: I would have no issues if they said yes to him and had an Olympian edition.
Chico: Basically. So a 1, a 7 and a 7.... averages to a 5.
Gordon: Next one....

Having the Viewers decide who wins RuPauls Drag Race through social media.

Jason: This is a 15 Dumb. Dumb. and Dumb
Chico: Honestly... it's what this argument is... a soft 2.
Jason: Are you crazy?
Chico: Yes, this is going to be a factor, but it's not going to be the ONLY factor.
Jason: Don't care.
Chico: And honestly, it's no different than a phone-in vote. The final decision still rests with Ru.
Gordon: I'll go in the middle with an 8. I know when Tyra Sanchez won it in Season 2, there was an uproar because the 'Villain' won, so they want to protect against that, but it does go up against the idea of the show, which is a drag competition, Another issue I have with it is that not all viewers have social media, and the fact that their voices can't be heard isn't fair either.
Chico: So a 15, a 2, and an 8.... an average of... and 8. Next up...

The penalty for "Tim Poeing" on this season's America's Got Talent - $5 million and you don't make TV time.

Jason: That's a 1 :)
Gordon: AKA copying people's material? or falsifying who you are?
Chico: Yes.
Gordon: 1. The best deterrent is a stiff penalty.
Chico: Agreed. a 1. Good deterrent for being wrong.
Gordon: Three 1's = 3 to a 1. Next one...

If the reports are correct - dumping Mariah and Nicki for J-Lo.

Chico: 1. Deserved.
Jason: Agreed 1. Two no talents for one at least semi talent
Gordon: 4. I think it's unethical to replace like that in midstream - especially when they know what they are getting into. That being said, it clearly doesn't work and Nicki makes Paula Abdul look like a psychological analyst in comparison.
Chico: Right. so we have... 2. Next up...

Family Trade was a big fat failure with no place on GSN... so why would they even consider Dance Rivals for the network?

Jason: Its a 10 It's just bad programming
Chico: Bad bad bad... 12.
Gordon: Actually, 1. They are trying to capture different audiences, so I applaud them on the try. That being said - we all know this is not the show to do that with.
Chico: That drops it to a... 8
Gordon: Last one....

MTV's The Hook UP: Matching up a guy based on his social media history.

Jason: 7. Yawn.
Chico: 9. Pass.
Gordon: 3. Because I think we can hook Chico up.
Jason: LOL
Chico: You hook me up, I'll hook you up.
Jason: Ha.
Chico: That averages to a... 6. And we'll average out to a break. Hope you liked it as much as I did. heh...
Gordon: One more break before we end this episode.

(Sponsored by On The Fence. Do you know the right answer? Do you not? How much time will you spend on the fence? The Speaker of the House hosts.)

Chico: Burn. We're not going to stay on the fence for long. We're going to get into the Speed Round right now. Amazing Race finale is next week. Who doesn't make it? I'm going with Beth & Mona
Jason: I am going with the Country Singers
Gordon: Country Singers sounds good. Idol: What woman doesn't make the final 3?
Chico: Bye Amber.
Gordon: I'll go with Amber leaving.
Chico: Survivor. Who's joining the jury next?
Jason: I think it's going to be Reynold
Gordon: I'll say Eddie. Any email?
Chico: Eddie sounds good. No mail this week. But say you want to mail us some love. You can do that by following us on Facebook /wlti.gsnn or on Twitter @wltiongsnn...or just toss us an email at wlti@gameshownewsnet.com. And you can download all of our audio goodness on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. with the summer coming up, you can guarantee that we'll have a whole mess of stuff to talk about. Big thanks to Jason Block for hanging out and big thanks to Alex Guarnaschelli for hanging out with Jason. :-)
Jason: Very nice lady. And thank you guys
Chico: Next week, America's Game meets the Capital of the World. WOF in NYC, and we're going to be all over that. Until then, for Gordon Pepper and everyone at GSNN, I'm Chico Alexander. Our time's up, thanks for yours. Game over, and spread the love. :-)