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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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December 10, 2005

Jason: I was channeling my inner Jerry Lawler
Chico: There goes our PG rating... again.
Gordon: Admit it - you'd watch that.
Jason: I have :-)
Chico: You have? Heh. I guess so. Anyway, we're back, and as a holiday gift to everyone, we have... a new game!
Gordon: YAY!
Don: Whoo!
Jason: New game! What's it called?
Chico: Everyone's familiar with the Winner's Circle on Pyramid.
Jason: Of course.
Gordon: Yep
Chico: We took that concept... and turned it into a game we like to call... LIST ABUSE!
Don: Cool.
Jason: yay
Chico: The idea is very similar, like, if I were to say, Sepideh Haftgoli, Kim Lewis, Leszek, Catherine Rahm, Curtis Warren.. Jason of course... you would say..
Jason: Game Show Contestants
Chico: Not just game show contestants... repeat offenders.
Jason: ah
Chico: We have Score/Lingo, STYD/Russian Roulette/On the Cover, Every quiz show ever created, Winning Lines/Sale of the Century, WBSM/Greed, and then... Jason.
Jason: How did I get on all these lists?
Chico: No idea. :-) Anyway, let's get it started easy with...

This very site....
Buzzer, our good friends there...
Reality TV World....
The AP...
TV Guide...
Regis & Kelly...
A tree-mail sent by Mark Burnett...

Gordon: DING Places where you can get news (preferably game show news)
Chico: Close, Gordon.
Jason: Places where you get information
Chico: Anyone?
Jason: Places where you get game show news
Don: Places where you could get clues of some sort?
Jason: Places where you get news on Survivor.
Chico: News sources it took for Jeff Probst to finally renegotiate his contract with CBS.
Don: Ah.
Jason: lol
Chico: I think after the tree-mail, he finally got the hint.
Gordon: It's going to be one of THOSE games, eh?
Chico: Very unpredictable.
Gordon: Not unpredictable as much as obscure.
Chico: Yeah, you can't think linearly here. Anyway, next....

A pop star...
A smokin' hot journalist...
An NYC-based comic...
A Carolina grad...
A former DJ...
The mother of an heiress...

Gordon: DING
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: People who have hosted their own reality show and failed miserably
Chico: ... I'll allow it. Actually, no I won't.
Jason: whoa!
Chico: You could've stopped at show, and gotten it.
Jason: Gordon can you name them all by the clues.
Don: So, just reality show hosts?
Chico: It was actually, they all hosted a game this year...
Gordon: You always got credited for specifics on the real pyramid. I'll give you the ones I know
Chico: Anyway, you want to name'em all or shall I?
Jason: Can I help?
Gordon: The mother is Kathy Hilton...and since you threw in game show, I'm going to pass on the rest.
Chico: The pop star is not Jessica Simpson.
Jason: That would be Julie Chen-Moonves
Gordon: It doesn't matter who the Carolina grad is, because they are all awful.
Chico: Spin on it.
Don: I thought the pop star was LeAnn Rimes.
Chico: OKAY.
Jason: Dave Navarro.
Chico: Pop star: Ryan Cabrera.
Don: Ah.
Chico: Journalist: Lauren Sanchez. Comic: Ben Bailey. DJ is actually Todd Newton. Carolina grad is Stuart Scott. And you got the heiress.
Jason: Booyah. Next List.
Chico: Next...

Talk about herself....
Watch her Millionaire clip...
Talk about herself...
Hit up UPN for a few more seasons...
Talk about herself...

Gordon: DING
Chico: Feel... Gordon?
Gordon: Things that Tyra Banks likes to do
Chico: Very good, Gordon!
Jason: I had it.
Gordon: Then you should have buzzed in
Chico: Actually things Tyra Banks can do now that she's retired from modeling.
Jason: What was the feel?
Chico: Feel herself up.
Jason: She did do that this year on her show.
Chico: More than once.
Gordon: I was going to go specific, but I would have gotten buzzed again.
Jason: And they're real and magnificent.
Chico: Very much so.
Gordon: Very real. Very magnificent.
Jason: Next list.
Chico: Next up...

A pop star...
A pop star's brother...
A pop star's former brother-in-law....
Someone with nothing better to do...
A Dancing With the Stars contestant.

Chico: Don?
Don: Things that describe Drew Lachey?
Chico: Got it.
Gordon: Nice
Jason: Very good. High Five. Excellent.
Don: *High-5*
Jason: You could also say former mayoral candidate of Cincinnati too.
Chico: No, that's Justin Jeffre. :-) Right band, wrong... yeah, you get it.
Gordon: Next one?

Erratic taping...
Unavailability issues...
El Nino...
That extra half-hour...
Company squandering precious AI money...

Jason: DING
Chico: Too many stopdowns for rehearsal on how to say .... Jason?
Jason: What happened on "So You Think You Can Dance?
Chico: No. I'll continue...

Too many stopdowns for rehearsal on how to say "I'll TRIPLE THE POINTS!"

Gordon: DING
Jason: *!**!!*
Chico: Don was first
Don: Things associated with Family Feud?
Chico: Right on. More specifically, Explanations for their erratic schedule. Jump around like crazy, the Feud does.
Don: As soon as I saw "erratic taping", I thought, "Family Feud". But I became hesitant with the next couple of clues. But "TRIPLE THE POINTS" confirmed it.
Chico: Say it for us, Don...
Chico: *applause*! Okay, final list...

I'm not desensitized yet...
I'm a sicko madman...
I'm holding out for Deal or No Deal..
I'm one of the six playing...
I'm Gordon Pepper....
My home is being invaded this week!

Gordon: DING
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: Why I would want to continue watching Fear Factor.
Chico: YES!
Jason: LOL beauty
Gordon: You suck, Chico
Chico: Thank you.
Don: lol
Chico: One more break, please. You're watching the Interrupting show. Big
Finish coming up.

(Brought to you by the Fierce-o-meter. For use with any episode of America's Next Top Model. Just be careful it doesn't explode.)

Jason: (BOOM)
Gordon: Can I use it as a rectal thermometer for Chico?
Jason: Are we not happy about that last list?
Chico: Oh come on... You've been having wrong fun like that for years :-)
Gordon: Well for starters, I would not be holding out for Deal or No Deal.
Chico: And besides, we weren't talking about you per se, just people watching Fear Factor.
Jason: Yes, but you would hold out for Bai Ling.
Gordon: I can deal with the Sicko Madman and the desensitiztaion, but I am insulted by the DOND comment.
Jason: Besides you still owe for that incense.
Gordon: I'll get you the incense already. I would not hold out for DOND. I would hold out for Bai Ling.
Jason: But Bai LIng hasnt held out for anybody in years :-)
Chico: Okay, before this turns, it's time for the Big Finish! Is there any way Randal DOESN't win the Apprentice?
Gordon: He gets a transsexual treatment and turns into Omarosa?
Chico: Any FEASIBLE way?
Don: Possibly a major screw-up on his part in the next episode. And I don't see that happening.
Gordon: It's possible, but I don't think he would be dumb enough. Survivor - We all sure Danni wins?
Chico: I'm sure.
Jason: Pretty much yeah.
Chico: WPT: ... we all accept Courtney Friel?
Jason: She's no Shana Hiatt...but who is?
Don: I'd wait to see how she does.
Chico: Well, she already has two shows on the air, even though season 4 doesn't begin until March.
Don: Which ones?
Chico: Battle of Champions II and Ladies Night III.
Don: Ah.
Gordon: I would have to see her in that role., but as that position never was a starring role, I think she'd do fine.
Don: As I was gonna say, I don't get Travel. (As for WPT, I've been watching that on CityTV up here.)
Chico: CityTV... is there anything that channel CAN'T do?
Gordon: Any mail?
Chico: I think so...
Gordon: I got one. This one is from Dennis E. Kadlecek. Thanks for writing, Dennis!

From: Dennis E. Kadlecek

I love the site. I am looking for the opening of Truth or Consequences with Bob Barker back from the late 60's, early 70's. Is there any way you can help me out with that? I have looked everywhere. I remember the stage having 3 sets of curtains. I hope you can help!!! Thanks!!

Jason: Yet again, another Klauss mail :-)
Chico: Same answer as before: go to, click on Trading Post, and post any information you may have on the show. I'm sure someone can help you out.
Gordon: And since you're only looking for an opening, it shouldn't be that hard to find a tape with that
Chico: Nah. Surprisingly, openings are very popular for trade.
Gordon: Next email?
Chico: Okay, one more from last week's guest, Bill MacDonald.
Jason: We love Bill.

From: Bill MacDonald

Thanks to you, Gordon, Jason, and Brian for having me on WLTI and for being so welcoming and fun. I really enjoyed it and I was honored to be asked. Please pass my thanks on to Gordon, Jason, and Brian. Y'all made the experience so enjoyable.

Jason: Bill, not a problem at all. You are welcome anytime.
Chico: I think I speak for everyone when I say, "You were a consummate gentleman!" And the pleasure was all ours.
Gordon: Bill, feel free to come back anytime you want. We do have a year's end special, where we invite everyone back. This show may be a bit longer though =)
Chico: That's why we're holding it on Christmas Eve evening! Nice how we slid that in there. And if you want to send us some love, we'd love to hear from you, we always do...
Chico: We like gift cards.
Jason: Sure we do.
Gordon: If you'd rather give us letters, you can do that at .
Chico: Okay, that's gonna do it this week. Big thanks to Ryan Vickers, Don Harpwood, and Jason Block! And our good friend Rachel Kadushin has an new DVD out, check that out, too.
Don: Cool.
Chico: Meanwhile, for Gordon Pepper and everyone here at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander, the show is We Love to Interrupt... Until next time... GAME OVER! And?!
Chico: There ya go.
Gordon: Spread the Thermometers

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