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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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January 24, 2005

Chico: I personally would like to see Mike Fleiss step out on stage for an hour to apologize. But when is that's going to happen, huh?
Gordon: When flying pigs host lottery shows.
Chico: Pat Finn hasn't sprouted wings yet, sadly.
Gordon: True - but Jim Caldwell has hosted casino infomercials.
Chico: And the Rotozip. That thing was a godsend.
Gordon: Do you have a rotozip? What is a rotozip?
Chico: Motorized tool. Check out
Gordon: Will do.
Chico: Anyway, we're back, and it's time for a round of "Number, Please".
This game is simple: we're basically playing around with numbers and seeing what we can come up with.
Gordon: What numbers do we have today?
Chico: We've got nine for you...
Gordon: Go for it
Chico: Starting with 3.
Gordon: The number of Apprentices - lol
Chico: We're GETTING there!
Gordon: Am I reading your mind too far in advance? The number of Survivors getting booted in the first episode.
Chico: I don't know about that, but I do know about this... 3 - the number
of shows set to premiere March 1.
Gordon: Ahh. What three are they?
Chico: You have Top Model 4, Nashville Star 3, and Amazing Race 7. 4 + 3 = 7... That's incredible math.
Gordon: Incredible math from three incredible franchises. Amazingly enough, that's also the order that the ratings should go, as Race should get more ratings than ANTM4 and NS3 combined.
Chico: Well, you have one franchise taking off all of a sudden, one
plateauing, and one trying to stave off an aging audience. You do the math. Wait... You just did... Never mind.
Gordon: lol - Next number?
Chico: Okay, next... another 3.
Gordon: The number of Apprentices
Chico: We're GETTING there!
Gordon: Sigh.
Chico: 3 - number of ripoffs currently in the mix.
Gordon: Explain, sire.
Chico: Celebrity Fit Club plays off the Biggest Loser, of course.
Gordon: Of course - though that show is doing well in the ratings.
Chico: Road to Stardom, that's just American Hip-Hop Idol.
Gordon: I would think that show would more be a rip-off to a hip-hop Top
Model, to be honest.
Chico: And of course, SI Swimsuit Model Search... It's Top Model without the Tyra.
Gordon: yep - and nowhere near as good.
Chico: Not nowhere.
Gordon: With the exception of fit club, they need to shed the pounds while
gain ratings.
Chico: Apparently, Ant is a good thing. Apparently.
Gordon: No comment.
Chico: Suppose we move right along... 5.
Gordon: The Number of people who are actually good actors in Tilt?
Chico: I counted 2.
Gordon: I counted Michael Madsen (The Matador), Amelia Cooke (The woman playing his daughter), and the three slot machines in the back corner.
Chico: See, you counted the slot machines. I didn't =p. There was also a
video poker machine, but I didn't count that either.
Gordon: I thought the slot machines were doing some great beeping skills.
Chico: Anyway, 5 would be... the number of games Kerry Breitenbach won while we were out. The most number of games won in a while.
Gordon: She also has the most money ever won by a women in the history of Jeopardy. That's a not-too-shabby feat.
Chico: Yeppers. Now... 4. Any ideas?
Gordon: The number of Fame contestants that are now parking cars in the NBC lots.
Chico: I counted six :-) But you're in the right ballpark.
Gordon: Debbie Allen and Joey Fatone do not count as Fame contestants.
Chico: 4 equals the number of times the Contender has been moved and/or delayed. We started out "fall", then got "November," then "February" and now March... and good news, they moved it out of the way of Idol. It'll air in March Wednesdays at 9 out of the Idol's way.
Gordon: I'm still sensing a lot of trouble here. It's now up against Lost.
Chico: That would be the bad news about the Contender/Lost match up.
Gordon: Maybe FOX Sports Net will pick that one up to after a month.
Chico: I think they can only do that once per full moon. And they wasted it
on the Next Great Champ.
Gordon: Waste does seem to be the key word there.
Chico: Mm-hmm... and now we go to the big numbers.
Gordon: Go for it.
Chico: 1.28 million.
Gordon: The Rating for Iron Chef.
Chico: Bingo.
Gordon: Ah HA!
Chico: And that's opposite Desperate Housewives. That's quite a bit of coin
right there.
Gordon: I can get these right just as well as make snarky remarks
Chico: So you make snarky remarks half the time :-)
Gordon: Ratings are over 164% higher than what they had there before. I still think the show needs to move to an 8pm timeslot, but that's a hit.
Chico: But in case you're one of those people who simply HAS to know what's happening on Wisteria Lane, there's a repeat showing on Wednesdays at 11.
Gordon: Ah.
Chico: Now onto... 15 million.
Gordon: Either the number of people who watched the Apprentice, or the number of signatures on the 'Make Ashlee Simpson Stop Singing' petition.
Chico: No. That would be 16 million, including about 150 of our aliases.
Christine Santos, Michael Fisher, Justin Bailey, Fred and Ethel Mertz, Bertz
Convy, Bartz Simpson, and Jake Simpson.
Gordon: Don't forget James Bartlett and Richard Hatch. 'You make me wanna blah blah.'
Chico: 15 million... number of people who caught The Apprentice on Thursday.
Gordon: An increase, no?
Chico: Down from last year this time, but up from last season. And well
deserved, I think. Now if you can get those to stay, then we may have something.
Gordon: I think the numbers will be good - and like the first two shows, the numbers steadily went up as the season progressed.
Chico: We'll have to wait until next week to see if that's the case. Another
big number.... 30 million.
Gordon: That should be American Idol's fans - or the number of people who want to sleep with Ryan Seacrest.
Chico: Or both, but we can only prove one. The fourth season premiere was better by about 4.5 million than the last season.
Gordon: Well, the people are better. This also looks like a winner.
Chico: Oh yeah. And the numbers should only hold...
Gordon: I think they will, if the feedback is any indication.
Chico: What've you heard?
Gordon: The difference this year is that the voices of the people who have
gotten in have been excellent, vs. last season, when they were 'just ok'.
Chico: Ah. Right.
Gordon: We could see a return to megaratings here. Any more numbers?
Chico: 1 - number of psychos so far on Idol... Mary with the voices in her
Gordon: I'm sure there will be more - I know with the advanced age limit that Edgar would be eligible to compete.
Chico: 25 - the least number of cents you can buy a car on TPIR thanks to the new game Pocket Change. Which is pretty nifty in play.
Gordon: I think the game is cool - we'll see how long is lasts, but it's a
good thinking game, combining pricing strategy and luck. Last number?
Chico: And finally ...2 - the number of questions answered correctly on
Thursday's STYD Shoppers Challenged round.
Gordon: Were there any questions on One-A-Day?
Chico: Nope. The video's up on the Wall.
Gordon: While you watch the video, we'll take a break as we break out a game we didn't play at all last year - but we'll be playing today.

(Brought to you by Finazzle stain remover. We'll get any stain out of anything... We got the Will out of Saturday, after all!)

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