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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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January 24, 2005

Gordon: That was more like a fizzle than a finazzle, wasn't it?
Chico: Thus needing the Finazzle.
Alex: OK
Gordon: We are back here with Alex Davis as we start our first shot of 2005.
Chico: Yo :)
Gordon: Our first show, too.
Alex: Hi - lol - Our first shot at the show.
Chico: I'll have a shot of what Gordon's having.
Gordon: Want some prune juice?
Chico: Sure... Prune juice. That's what they call it nowadays.
Gordon: So we are unleashing a game - not a new game, but one we haven't done since 2003. We call it Bargain Hunters. I'll give you some items, you tell me which ones you'd want to buy.
Alex: OK.
Gordon: We'll start off where Chico left off - three of the newest pricing
games on TPIR are Coming or Going, 1/2 Off and Pocket Change. Unfortunately, you can only buy two of them, Which ones do you want?
Chico: I'll buy 1/2 Off and Pocket Change. I'm a stickler for pricing game
Gordon: Alex?
Alex: Half Off just reminds me too much of Fortune Hunter. So I'll buy Coming or Going and Pocket Change.
Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next up - Which event would you want to buy airline tickets to see - The Donald's Wedding or the Finals of the Dream Derby?
Alex: Donald's Wedding because it won't smell like horse crap, but that's the only reason.
Chico: Hmm... I'd prolly be bored at the wedding, so I'd go to the dream Derby. Of course it helps that I had a cold this past week and can't smell much of anything.
Gordon: Split decision here. I would probably want to go to the Derby, just
because there will probably be a poker game that breaks out. Speaking of
which.... Atlantic City, New Orleans, San Diego. These are three of the places where the World Series of Poker will have their regional tours before the big one in Vegas. You have enough money to qualify in one of those cities. Which one would you go to?
Chico: N'awlins :-)
Alex: Yeah, I gotta go New Orleans also because of the people still passed out from Mardi Gras.
Especially around Mardi Gras time? Mm-hmm...
Gordon: Well, if you are going to Mardi Gras, you will have to have a
traveling companion....
Alex: I have a girlfriend, I'm OK.
Gordon: Not on this game, you don't. Girlfriends aside, you can buy the
airline tickets for any current person left in the Amazing Race of The Apprentice. Who would you select and why?
Chico: Kendra. Hands DOWN!
Gordon: And why Kendra?
Chico: Why Kendra... Easy to get along with... easy to shut up when the need arises... and she's a fricking MODEL!
Gordon: You wouldn't want a wrestler to protect you from the screaming
throngs of women who want to tear your clothes off?
Chico: ... Nah, not really =p
Gordon: Ok. Next one - You can buy off one person to never create another show - again. Who would it be? (Like I can't guess who you're going to pick, Chico).
Chico: Do you honestly have to ask?
Gordon: Ok, besides THAT person, who else would you ask?
Alex: I wish Scott Stone would just stop. He needs to be shipped far far away.
Chico: I agree with that. Stone Stanley is now "Stone & Co. Entertainment".
Alex: Ah.
Chico: Dream Derby's just the latest from that camp.
Gordon: Final question - What show that just got cancelled would you buy more episodes of?
Chico: Rebel Billionaire. With another Billionaire, of course....
Alex: And I'd like to see Trivial Pursuit or Fake Out come back for more
episodes, I really enjoyed those two.
Chico: I liked Fake Out season 1 better than season 2, actually.
Gordon: Fair enough. We'll wrap everything up with the BIG FINISH - next!

(Brought to you by Caricatures Central Casting. 750 caricatures... zero frontal lobes.)

Gordon: Too bad, I like frontal lobes.
Chico: Interestingly enough, they also cast Shop Till You Drop, which
explains why they jump all excited and such. Okay, running short on time, so we're going to the Big Finish. Amazing Race, who's next? Jonathan and Victoria are GONE... finally.
Gordon: I think now it's the wrestlers turn to go bye bye.
Chico: Which is kinda sad. I like those wrestlers.
Gordon: I like them too - but the smart teams do good now and the dumb ones usually at this stage are put out to pasture. Women Vs. Men - Poker Royale - who will eventually win?
Chico: Seems like the Women got a head start the first game out. But I think the men'll get the upper hand ultimately.
Gordon: I think the men will win most of the games - but the women will win most of the points.
Chico: The Apprentice... Who are you pulling for... Brains or street? I'm
going street, because obviously they know what they're doing.
Gordon: I think the brains will win the event, but I like both teams and the
street team is more relatable. Who is the next to go?
Chico: It's going to be another brain. I can feel the brains cracking under
the pressure, not having anything more than theory to go on. Okay, we've got mail!
Gordon: Go for it!
Chico: This is from Ken Hidaka...

Would you agree that this week has been the most disappointing week in Wheel of Fortune history? The contestants have had trouble solving the final puzzles, and missing opportunities to win the big prizes in the bonus round. What do you attribute that towards? Do you think things will change in the next few days?

Chico: Well, what can you say. I mean, you had two $100,000 prizes lost, and no one getting the bonus puzzle. All I can see is the lights... the pressure... the luck of the draw?
Gordon: I think it can be very tough under that sort of pressure to solve
those puzzles. It certainly has been one of the lowest weeks in WOF history, but I think that there will be people who will be able to solve the puzzles, despite that pressure.
Chico: There's always a hot streak going.
Gordon: That's true - all it takes is one $100,000 win.
Chico: And we're kinda due. And now we're kinda overdue. Remember, if you want to send some mail our way, it's as easy as What do you get for sending mail?
Gordon: Sweet nothing! Ok... Credibility!
Chico: Thanks to Alex for stopping by. For Simon, I'm Randy, dawg...
Gordon: And I'm Simon, saying while the singing has just started, the game (for today) is over.
Chico: Peace out!

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