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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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August 22, 2004

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper - and we may get thrown out because we're creating a party atmosphere.
Chico: And I brought the tequila!
Joe: *hic*
Aldo: I'll go get the vodka.
Chico: I'm Chico, the DJ of this party, and some fromwhere... drunk again, sorry... in America... WLTI is on. Got a LOT of stuff to cover, but first, intro of the guests!
Gordon: That would be Chico Alexander and Aldo Villalona, our regulars on WLTI, and we also have 2 special guests - first, we have Joe Van Ginkel, who represented us well as the co-host of the Game Show Tournament at GSC3. A few words from Joe, please.
Joe: I thank you, sir. The last week or so have something of a blur.
Gordon: You take any tequila from Chico yet?
Joe: *hic*
Chico: I'll accept that.
Gordon: And the other guest is Jason Fernandez, who at the Millionaire Studio show at Disney land, repre.... uhhh... well... He does have one of the biggest Press Your Luck sites on the web - and he now knows the difference between a Diner's Card and a Christmas Card! =)
Chico: Jason, care to speak to the audience?
Jason: Sure thing, 'Press Your Luck' rules all, and I Love LA, the end!
Chico: I love LA, too... Great city. Wish I could've been there.
Joe: Come next year, Chico. We missed ya.
Jason: LOL, I'll be receiving my Christmas Club card in a few weeks. :-P
Chico: I'll make a mental note of it once I find a date... and a calendar date as well :-) But Gordon, Joe, and Jason were all there, and from what I hear, they had a damn fine time.
Jason: Absolutely! One of the best weekends ever, and I did meet and greet with a bevy of people.
Gordon: We had an excellent time at the convention, and I have an 8 section diary that will be showcased on this website.
Joe: Actually, there were a lot of folks there from the online community whom I would have liked to have seen and hung out with at the GSC. Mike Klauss (formerly of for example.
Jason: I have talked to Mike, I convinced him to come down here for next
year's extravaganza
Joe: He was thinking about coming but we couldn't convince him to come this year. Next year, though...
Chico: So what was the highlight for you guys?
Aldo: Gordon calling me at 4am to tell me he was in line for The Price is
Josh: Going to sleep.
Gordon: Joining us in the conversation is Game Show Theme mixer extraordinaire Josh Yawn! Welcome to the party, Josh. What was yourfavorite part of GSC3?
Josh: The "Kiss Me I'm Legal" hottie at TPIR, actually, is my favorite part.
2 parts, actually.
Jason: LOL, oh yeah!!
Gordon: 2 very bouncy parts
Joe: I didn't see her, unfortunately.
Jason: You will, bro.
Gordon: The parts look even bouncier when you haven't slept for 30 hours
Josh: I so considered kissing her when I was leaving. I mean, the shirt doesn't specifically give a name of who she wants to be kissed by, so she's fair game.
Chico: I bet she'd like it.
Jason: For myself, the 'Price' taping.... and the profit in our pants. =D
Joe: For me it was hosting the Tourney. It was immensely cool to see all of the legends there, but it was cooler still to have all those nice folks dropping taking part of their day to play our games.
Chico: Any big moments from the tournament?
Gordon: My favorite part was hosting the event and having everyone run around like a madman for the Post-season game Runabout.
Gordon: Seeing Steve Beverly doing a quick 90 degree turn was priceless
Chico: Excuse me while I laugh for a bit.
Jason: LOL.... something about seeing those guys doing Runabout was
absolutely hilarious.
Joe: It was pretty cool that Beverly played any of our games at all. He
dropped by the tourney to play "You Don't Say" hosted by yours truly. Sale of the  Century was the highlight for me though. I put a lot of work into the material for that game, and it had a huge turnout, and some very, VERY close contests.
Josh: Can we have a quick roll call?
Gordon: Me - Gordon Pepper, GSNN Reality Editor; Chico - Chico Alexander, GSNN News Editor; Aldo - Aldo Villalona, GSNN Writer; Joe - Joe Van Ginkel, GSC3 Game Show Tournament Co-Host; Jason - Jason Hernandez, GSC3 Attendee and PYL freak.
Oh, everyone has positions for this, cool. What does that make me?
Chico: That makes you a DJ, yo :-)
Gordon: Josh - Josh Yawn, DJ and Edd Kalehoff's Janitor.
Josh: I'll take it.
Gordon: Josh actually did the opening game show theme remix that started the Congress.
Josh: It never even got played, did it? If it did, I wasn't around. if anyone wants to hear it.
Jason: It did, I'm pretty sure.
Gordon: It got played while they were playing Press Your Luck and right
before TPIR.
Josh: That must have been while I was sick and inside.
Jason: Yeah, and I was getting my butt kicked on PYL.
Gordon: But it was entertaining.
Josh: Not as entertaining as the poker game.
Joe: Indeed.
Gordon: I IMMENSELY enjoyed the poker game =) and the $50 profit in my pants that went along with it. tee hee hee hee
Chico: To a hefty tune, I'd think :-)
Gordon: We'll be focusing more on the GSC and the end of the Millionaire
Tapings in our 20 Questions segment, but let's first talk about the end of Last Comic Standing. Did the right comic win?
Josh: Nope.
Gordon: Or did America, once again, choose the wrong comic?
Josh: Yep.
Chico: Yep. John Heffron, good... Alonzo... better.
Jason: .....all I have to say is..... oy
Chico: Scores better.
Joe: Don't know. Didn't watch the show beyond the first few episodes. After SB broke the accusations of Drew Carey and Brett Butler.
Gordon: Alonzo was far and away the better comic, and like Ralphie May last season, he got hosed.
Chico: I don't think it's the end of him, though.
Aldo: maybe he'll pull a William Hung and be more popular than the winner.
Josh: Alonzo was on Star Search 2003 too. He got owned there as well.
Aldo: Alonzo was the only reason why I watched LCS2
Jason: Yeah, it's a darn shame that these 'talent' shows leave you with a
bitter taste in the end.
Gordon: Do you think it was because John pulled the better set - or do you
think the racism card had a say in this?
Chico: Hard to say. I mean, if it was a close vote, I could easily say
Jason: I really hope that racism card wasn't pulled, the show is supposed to be based on talent, and that's how it should be.
Gordon: I turn to WLTI's race monger, Aldo for his opinion on this one.
Aldo: I knew that was coming.
Gordon: But of course.
Aldo: They probably think Alonzo is too much of a loose cannon with his
Chico: Everyone's hoping not, but Aldo, you have this sort of eye for it, so
go for it.
Gordon: We have a kindling - do you douse it with water or kerosene?
Joe: LMAO.
Josh: <--- douses it with something else with his loose canon.
Gordon: We don't need a little squirt gun, Josh.
Joe: ROLFMAO. Josh is going to run that joke into the ground.
Josh: The names are protected to protect the innocent.
Aldo: After watching the 40 top moments in Reality TV history on Vh1, we know almost everything can be fixed.
Josh: I just wish I could say the name.
Gordon: Stalling time is over - Racism or no racism?
Aldo: Yes, of course I'm gonna say yes.
Jason: .....racism, unfortunately.
Chico: I'm going to say not, really. Otherwise, how could you explain the
deal between Ralphie and Dat Phan last year? Then you take into effect the tastes of Joe Public, and ... well, they're not like you and me, are they?
Gordon: 2-1, Racism - Josh and Joe?
Josh: Nope. Don't think so.
Gordon: 2-2. Joe, Break the tie
Josh: Yes, break it Joe Public.
Joe: Hard to tell. Like I said, I didn't watch the show beyond the first few
Gordon: No fence-straddling here in the forum.
Chico: Hey, if he didn't see it, he didn't see it. In Joe's defense.
Gordon: I'll break it then.
Joe: I don't do fence straddling.
Josh: <---- straddles all sorts of things.
Gordon: While I think Heffron had the better set, I think Bodden was better
for the whole season - but I blame the producers for nepotism for having
Heffron there in the first place and I wonder if he is even in the Top Ten if one of the producers didn't used to be his agent.
Aldo: Grimey.
Jason: Bloody 'ell.
Chico: Thank you, Ron Weasley :-)
Gordon: This thing reeked of nepotism from day one, and Brett and Drew's
complaints are well-founded as one of the producer's boys wins the whole ball of wax.
Aldo: Reality TV's #1 problem, people thinking it's fixed.
Gordon: The problem is that when you have people connected to producers to the show that are participants, you will have that fixed feeling. It didn't just happen on LCS2 - in LCS1, many comics (including one of my favorites, Rich Vos), were connected to Colin Quinn's Tough Crowd - and Quinn just happened to be one of the judges in the first season. There are VERY strict rules in terms of your eligibility on a studio game show - and those same rules should be copied and enforced in the reality/talent genre as well.
Chico: So the answer, racism or no?
Gordon: Nepotism to start, and racism to finish.
Chico: That's the thing about reality TV... Only editors and participants
know what happen for sure.
Gordon: Using Star Search '03 as an example when Loni Love somehow lost in the finals to a bald white guy who was decidedly unfunny. Anyone remember what his name was?
Chico: John Roy. I just suck these little tidbits up.
Gordon: And what is John Roy up to?
Chico: Not a danged thing.
Jason: No clue
Chico: Was on Hollywood Squares last I saw him.
Gordon: That would be years ago. What is he up to now? At least Loni is
making the rounds.
Chico: And showing off her chops doing it... Far from her A-game during her Star Search days, but take what you get. Speaking which.. Anyone seen Balderdash?
Josh: Yep.
Chico: Decent enough game, isn't it?
Gordon: It's an ok show, and ok for PAX should be good enough.
Jason: Yeah, even though it's on PAX, still a good show.
Joe: I would like it more if they didn't use a betting format and if they had
a better host.
Josh: The runner up prize is better than the grand prize in my opinion.
Gordon: In a number of situations, I'd agree with that.
Chico: So you would rather have a Sharper Image collection than a trip to
Gordon: I would.
Chico: ... Me too. =p Only because I'm a gearhead, though.
Jason: Me, three!
Chico: That, and I've already been to Mexico more times than I can count.
Jason: I only live.... maybe a couple hours away from the border
Josh: same here... the TX border, that is.
Gordon: Sort of like the airline pilot on TPIR who wins a trip around the
Josh: Or someone from San Diego who wins a trip to San Diego.
Chico: But if it was something like 24 Hour Fitness... I'd say give me the
spa vacation.
Gordon: Returning back from vacation and into the 'What was America
thinking?' theme, the American Popularity chart says: Black Comedy - Bad, Vietnamese Comedy - good, and bad Asian Singers need to get paid. Of course, the reference is to William Hung, who has created a few music videos, who's album sales is now approaching 100,000, and who based on his appearances and other specials is now approaching (if not at already) millionaire status. What was America thinking here?
Chico: Here's a thought... They weren't?
Jason: *twiddles thumbs while thinking of something amusing involving monkeys*
Chico: I mean, the public as a whole has a one-track mind.. Once they see
something they like, they home in on it.
Jason: THAT is what they were thinking.
Aldo: Hung used his mental powers to infect the world for a month. Soon, he will take over the WORLD!
Chico: A month? That long?
Gordon: Is he Pinky or The Brain?
Aldo: Looks like pinky, but has the brains.
Joe: Oh, brilliant, brilliant! Oh wait... how will we get a monkey to wear
rubber pants?
Chico: 'Cause I'm checking my clock and ... Oop, Fifteen minutes... are just
about up... One more "She Bangs" to celebrate!
Gordon: Josh, you are in the music business. Please explain to us how this
guy has sold over 100,000 albums (and try to do so without straddling anything).
Chico: But you're good at straddling =p
Josh: He's easy to make fun of. The end. Making fun of William Hung makes people feel better about their own insecurities. Everyone knows he can't sing and that's the beauty of it.
Gordon: But what would drive someone to spend $15 and buy his album?
Josh: To hear him butcher Hotel California and She Bangs.
Gordon: I can go to the Karaoke Bar and experience that.
Chico: And half of the time, he doesn't even have to pay!
Josh: But this guy actually thinks he's owning the song, or at least plays a
character like that. I think that's all hes doing now is riding the coat tails of American Idol and playing a role. That's not really him, he's a very well college educated person.
Chico: I can sense that. Remember his interview? He said he wanted to do
something about air pollution in Cali... That takes a real mind...
Gordon: He is a very smart person, and he is an engineer. I am not faulting
him. I fault the American public for making him a star. If we had Fantasia,
Kelly, Ruben and William in a million dollar American Idol winner take all
special, who wins?
Josh: Kelly, probably
Chico: I'd have to say Kelly takes it.
Jason: Kelly, all the way.
Gordon: I'll have to go for Kelly, just playing the racism angle and that
she's the only white person there.
Chico: I'm playing the veritable talent angle.
Jason: I loved Fantasia's singing, I really did; but Kelly had me in one
Aldo: At hello eh?
Gordon: I can't stand Fantasia. She had the star package, but she sounded
like Freddie Krueger's knives coming off of a chalkboard.
Jason: Oh yeah.
Joe: I'd say it was a toss-up between Clarkson and Studdard. They were the only two folks with talent.
Aldo: Kelly would get the guy vote.
Josh: She'd get mine.
Chico: She'd get mine :-)
Aldo: Mine too.
Gordon: Me too.
Joe: Clarkson would get my vote too.
Gordon: So it's a clean sweep for Clarkson.
Aldo: She gets the testosterone vote.
Joe: But I still like Amy Jo Johnson better.
Gordon: Go Go Power Rangers!
Aldo: hahaha
Joe: ;P
Chico: Heheh...
Jason: Hah!
Aldo: 12 year old kids wanting her.
Chico: Some people are just stuck there.. like me.
Josh: IT'S MORPHIN TIME! (Joe straps on his pink ranger suit)
Aldo: She'll be forever known for that.
Gordon: Would that be worth straddling, Josh?
Josh: Nah... you should have asked me during the Kelly talk.
Joe: She looks better now at the age off 33 than she did at 21 when she did during MMPR. And she was gorgeous back then.
Aldo: Damn she 33 now.
Gordon: OK - Who's hotter - Kelly or Amy Jo?
Josh: Kelly.
Joe: Amy Jo.
Gordon: We're not being too subliminal with that anwer, are we, Joe?
Chico: I'll go off the board and say Kim Caldwell.
Gordon: There is no going off the board.
Chico: Hmm.. Kelly.
Josh: Joe, be honest...have you ever dressed in a Power Ranger outfit?
Joe: Nope - but Oct 6, 1970 was her birthday.
Jason: .......Kelly.
Aldo: He know the
Josh: Do you own a pink ranger action figure?
Joe: THAT I have.
Josh: I KNEW IT.
Jason: Wha...??
Joe: What? WHAT?
Aldo: Wow
Gordon: Too...much...information.
Aldo: is it next to your bed?
Chico: Gordon, get up to another topic!
Joe: No, actually. It's in my collectables case next to my Star Trek stuff.
Josh: Do you realize Joe, that if you married her, her name would then be a Before and After puzzle? Amy Jo Johnson Van Ginkel.
Chico: Too many names to remember.
Gordon: While certain people play with their pink... uh... figures, we'll take
a break and we'll play 20 questions. Then I get to bask in my glory as we set up another Top 5 poll.
Josh: I'm just going to call you Joe Van Winkel... I'm tempted to break out
your sleeping pic.

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