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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 29, 2004

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper - and I hope that you didn't stuff yourself too much.
Chico:  And this is Chico Alexander, and I hope you did.. because life's too short not to :)
Gordon: I could live life without having 3 hours worth of indigestion and sitting on the pot.
Chico:  Lots of leftovers for the past week and a half. That said, from somewhere in America... the post-Thanksgiving edition of WLTI... is on!
Gordon: With us today is Robert Seidelman and someone who didn't celebrate Thanksgiving this past week  - because he celebrated it in October
Ryan:   <Ed McMahon>Hi-oh!
Gordon: Our resident Canadian Ryan Vickers
Ryan:   Hey, we like to be different I guess :)
Chico:  Yep. Posted to take my spot in 2009, Ryan Vickers :)
Ryan:   Can I have the date?  I'd like to mark it on the calendar.
Gordon: And where will you be going in 2009, Chico?
Chico:  Taking over for whoever takes over for Craig Kilborn :)
Gordon: So while Chico is dreaming about night time appearances, we'll start the show talking about early morning appearances from people who just got booted off of their reality shows. Let's start with Survivor.
Chico:  Talk about a 180. The brain move that would keep this from becoming the big snoozer it already is... and someone finally made it.
Gordon: Some of the women are FINALLY playing smart. Maybe because they didn't eat the sleeping chemicals in the turkey.
Chico:  Speaking of turkeys, with Leann gone, could Ami be far behind?
Gordon: gobble gobble gobble.
Chico:  I've heard enough gobbling from her and her little girl alliance. I'm ready for Chris to pull off the upset.
Gordon: gobble gobble gobblesbian.
Ryan:   Oooh... touching a nerve there....
Chico:  A little button pusher, he is =p
Gordon: If it wasn't evident before, it was now when she brought her girlfriend to play. As I recall, I think that's the first time in Survivor history that a gay contestant brought in their significant other as their loved one.
Ryan:   But it's not like we haven't seen those relationships before... Team Guido, Chip and Reichen... etc.
Gordon: Yes - and we have seen gay people play Survivor - but this is the first time we have seen that relationship come into play on that show.
Chico:  Yeah, but it's like, "we get it. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we get it." My question is, how does it affect the play of the dice?
Ryan:   Are you implying that it will change the dynamic of the game?
Chico:  I see no impact. I mean, we already knew that Ami was really loyal to her women folks... it doesn't take me a girlfriend to figure that out. I think Ami will get booted out for different reasons, but I think people can use your sexual preference against you.
Gordon: I think that it could play a major impact in the game in general - I don't think it will in this series, but if you get people who are homophobic, and if you out yourself to them, they could use that as a reason to boot you off.
Chico:  But highly unlikely in this case, as we have, hello, all women.. and one Chris.
Robert: I see her as the female version of rich - only not with the exhibitionist genes
Gordon: Rich never had the counter-alliance go against him - I think Ami is gone next episode if she doesn't win immunity, because Twila and Scout know where they are finishing if they boot Chris - as does Eliza. Ami or Julie will be toast on the next episode - and then things get interesting.
Chico:  Now you're talking.
Robert: I still believe that Chris is next to go.
Chico:  On the other side of the coin, we have a control freak and a poor leader on the show with the guy in a hairpiece. BOTH are ousted at once.
Gordon: This was women's week in the Reality Shows, as Sandy and Jen outshouted Andy into submission.
Robert: I replayed that clip to help me sleep.
Chico:  If Andy still had any balls, he would've just stopped it then and there.
Robert: He just probably was overwhelmed with the female hormone to counter.
Gordon: I think he's gone up in debating against a lot of guys. I don't think he's had much experience in debating against girls, and when he got that chance to do so, they pounded him.
Chico:  Well, Jennifer was present, so that's understandable.
Robert: Did you see that Globe bottle that they made?
Chico:  That was a real stroke of genius.
Ryan:   We problem wont see it up here for a gajillion years... lol
Robert: I'll buy a couple and ship it up there.
Ryan:   Thanks :)
Gordon: The globe bottle was just silly
Chico:  But you have to admire Andy for being a hyper caffeinated manchild =p Question now remains, what will it take to beat the Jen-bot?
Robert: 1 word: Interviews.
Gordon: I don't think anyone beats her - I think she goes to the finals - with Kelly. Jen is a great people person - I doubt she will screw up the interviews
Ryan:   Didn't that get Amy pushed out?
Robert: interviews killed her
Gordon: Kelly has yet to make a mistake - and if you've noticed, the Donald clearly seems to be impressed with the fact that Jennifer hasn't been brought down to the Board Room - that has to count for something.
Robert: That's because of the impudence of the last Project manager was a doofus and Donald did say that if you would have brought Jennifer down, she would have been fired.
Gordon: It wasn't just one project manager - EVERY Project Manager has left Jen off the hook - Chris, Wes, Andy, etc. The Donald found out why this episode - and he seemed very impressed about it.
Robert: Any guesses in what next week's firing is going to be.
Gordon: Ivana is gone. Donald is waiting to get rid of her.
Robert: He probably dreams of that.
Chico:  And it's not because of the name, I bet.
Ryan:   Zing!
Gordon: Maybe because of the name - but more because of the unprofessionalism - and her taking off her clothes in next week's previews.
Ryan:   Right now, VCRs are being set all across the continent.
Robert: Not mine.
Gordon: Mine is =)
Chico:  TiVo....
Gordon: So we'll move from the women to the manly accomplishments this week. Let's start with the College Tournament, where me and Chico's pick, Kermin, wins the whole ball of wax. This was a blow out. Why?
Chico:  Simply put: Math skills and thumb skills.
Robert: And a hairstyle that belongs in the 70s.
Ryan:   Sounds like it.
Chico:  If you remember the second half of the final, you saw that the second Final was more or less a formality, as even a doubled up score couldn't catch Kermin. He was smart to bet small on a large amount.
Gordon: Maybe its Ashton Kutchers long lost cousin
Chico:  We'll have to bring up the board on that one..
Ryan:   Dude, where's my buzzer? - The All New Jeopardy!
Chico:  Okay, it's just one question... Kermin Fleming and Ashton Kutcher... Separated at birth?
Robert: Sure, why not.
Gordon: Yes
Robert: Someone in that family had to get the brains - because Ashton doesn't
Chico:  Or maybe... David Cassidy's child?
Ryan:   I'll agree.
Gordon: He's smart enough to marry a woman with three times the amount of money that he does. That has to count for something
Robert: and 3 times the kids.
Gordon: Yeah - and the kids are almost the same age as Ashton - which means no babysitting needed
Robert: Ashton is probably now reliving the movie Striptease in real life now
Gordon: Well, someone who is reliving his past glory is Eddie Timanus, who wins $50,000 in Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
Robert: Good for him
Chico:  Well deserved. I know the guy, he's a very cool cat.
Robert: He played it well
Ryan:   He seems like a wonderful guy - I was anxious for him to go further!
Gordon: What is more impressive  - the Jeopardy wins or the Millionaire win?
Robert: Jeopardy - not only couldn't he see the board, but he had 2 others competing against him.
Ryan:   Both of them are different beasts, but I'd have to say J!
Chico:  Well, I have to go with J!, because he had to play off at most 155 questions, all without seeing the board and in the face of opponents. On Millionaire, he was competing against himself, and it seemed that it was more of a cakewalk for him.
Robert: Didn't he win $60,000+ in cash plus a car?
Chico:  Sure did, Rob. Okay, going to the break. When we return, judge, jury, and no executioner... Well, we'll let Ryan be the executioner. Why not?
Ryan:   Hey, I'll give it a try :)
Gordon: Well, you didn't get to execute turkeys this week, so you can execute...well...turkeys. We'll explain after the break.

(Brought to you by Turkey... Turkey... Turkey! Coming soon to GSN)

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