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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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September 6, 2004

Chico: I'm Chico Alexander... and Gordon, if you ever wake me up again I'm going to tear you a new belly button.
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper - and don't blame me that you wanted me to wake you up that early.
Chico: Yeah, but you wanted to wake me up that early.
Gordon: Well, we can't disappoint our fans that consistently put us in the Top Ten on the site.
Chico: Good point. Meanwhile we begin the show as we always do... With me saying "From somewhere in America, WLTI... is on."
Gordon: We have lots of goodies for you - including another Big 5.
Chico: First off. Today is a good day. Ask me how good it is.
Gordon: How good is your day, Chico?
Chico: Two premieres and a tournament of champions today. But more on that later. Right now, the final five on Big Brother. Michael, Drew, and the
slowly coming apart Girlz alliance.
Gordon: Diane has to seriously consider her options here. If she uses the
veto, which would eliminate Karen, it's game over for Nakomis (who would be gone next week, barring a veto win) and then game over for her as the two remaining horsemen reconvene for the finals. That being said, Karen and Drew have had words - will she think heart or head?
Chico: Head. She knows better than that.
Gordon: So you think she doesn't change the veto.
Chico: If she wants to remain under the radar, yes. It worked for Karen, as
we saw that she doesn't change the voting and Marvin got the boot.
Gordon: but is she that smart?
Chico: Highly doubtful. After all, this is the same person that buys Drew's
Gordon: Exactly - she may be dooming herself, because If I am drew, I get
rid of Karen in a heartbeat, then Nakomis is next, and I will be taken into
the final two by either Michael or Diane, so I am all set to collect my
$500,000. Karen's only chance is to get rid of Michael, then Drew, and THEN Nakomis, because I think her only shot to win the money is against Diane.
Chico: And Michael's only shot? Or are he, Nakomis, and Karen pretty much
persona non grata in this game?
Gordon: Michael has a great chance to win the game - but he has to get to
the finals and be up against anyone except Drew or Nakomis
Chico: So a lot is depending on this week.
Gordon: Nakomis wins if she's against Karen. Karen hasn't done anything
strategic except back-stab in this game and it feels like this time around, strategy will be rewarded.
Chico: You promise?
Gordon: no
Chico: Oh well. Moving on. Two premieres, one involving someone we haven't seen a lot of in a while, and I know Gordon is paining...
Gordon: ooooohhh aaaahhhhh paaaaaaaain. End the pain and lets talk about it.
Chico: Tonight is the Jeopardy! season premiere, with Ken Jennings holding
court for the 39th time.
Gordon: oooohhhh uhhhhhhhhh whaaaaaaaa! I don't have as much pain as some people do - I just don't find him as charismatic as everyone else does.
Chico: What'll happen this season? I'm personally (and you know this by now) am hoping for more rigorous competition. I mean, we know that Ken
Jennings can't win forever, and it'll be a challenge to watch him try.
Gordon: Jennings will win forever.
Chico: I just think he's getting a mite cocky. And you know what happens
when that sets in.
Gordon: I can feel it. It will be one full season with nothing but Ken
Chico: You say that with such conviction.
Gordon: I think he has lapses - but not at the end of the game.
Chico: If I know anything from years of competitive gaming, it's that there's always someone better than you. And now, it's just a matter of him making himself known.
Gordon: I just don't see it happening yet.
Chico: But when it does... Look out.
Gordon: Maybe late this year, but not now. I say he makes it through
October unscathed.
Chico: Wouldn't surprise me. But at the same time, I'm not holding my
breath. Second premiere: Wheel of Fortune. 22 years... not a bad track
record for a show that was THIS close to cancellation on not one but two
Gordon: How can you not love the Wheel - I'll be watching it spin tonight -but flipping it back and forth between that and the Lingo marathon.
Chico: Yep. After the better part of a year, GSN finally saw fit to air the
Lingo Tournament of Champions. On Labor Day weekend, during the day. All at once. And lumped in with special editions. Your thoughts?
Gordon: I like that we can finally see it - but it should have been a week-long special
Chico: You know that they have the episodes for it. The tournament proper
will air from 4:30 to 8. That's seven shows right there.
Gordon: Yep. They could have done so much more.
Chico: Could've done two on Monday-Thursday, and then have the marathon on Friday, but GSn in a manner of their small N acts otherwise.
Gordon: Only the n is small?
Chico: N = noggin. The whole matter makes me I-R-A-T-E.
Gordon: what about G for garbage - ow wait, thats a big G, as I am right now watching The All New 3's a Crowd. Trash. T-R-A-S-H.
Chico: Times like this when I think that Rich Cronin has a wheel making his
decisions for him. On one half, it says "good decision" (i.e. Extreme
Dodgeball)... and the other half it says "bad decision" (i.e... well, you're
watching it right now).
Gordon: At least its not a Greek Games marathon.
Chico: Ugh. I'm still trying to forget that one.
Gordon: I can't forget it - its etched there in my brain along with Bert
Luddin and Married By America.
Chico: That's the next show. And speaking of firing squads, we have one this week, as the Donald unloads another 18 Apprentices on an unforgiving world of... toys?
Gordon: Don't underestimate the power of toys (Not THOSE kind of toys, you pervs!).
Chico: They can make or break you before your quest even begins.
Gordon: This should be a lot of fun as we once again go into the world of
The Donald.
Chico: As will be proved in the premiere this Thursday. What I like, though... You have the Season 1 DVD, right?
Gordon: I do.
Chico: You have the box set, right?
Gordon: Yes.
Chico: What I like about this set... *opens flap* "You're fired."
Gordon: True.
Chico: My sister got a kick out of that one.
Gordon: lol - my parents did too - they love the show. This sort of show and AI talks about themes that transcend age levels. That's why they are hits.
Chico: And it's nice to see something like this in a convenient box set...
Bringing us to... This week's Big Board.
Gordon: What's the topic for the Big Board?
Chico: Today's topic: Spinning Discs. What shows would you like to see on
DVD, and what shows would you like to see in the bargain bin, never again to see the light of day? Of course, I'd like to see the best hits of Extreme
Dodgeball played over and over and over again.
Gordon: Extreme Dodgeball - but also all of the Survivors and the Apprentice, as well as Season 2 of Idol. What about you?
Chico: We already have the first seasons of Apprentice and Survivor. Me, I
wouldn't mind seeing The Mole and the Amazing Race.
Gordon: Ah yes - I'd add Amazing Race, seasons 1, 2, and 3.
Chico: We have the stash, and now we have the trash. What series should
Gordon: Greek Games and Married By America of Course. Let's add the Joe Millionaire collection and CRAM to that.
Chico: Adding any edition of For Love or Money. It was bad enough that I was confused once. Let's not go through it again.
Gordon: I didn't mind FLOM - at least it wasn't staged like Joe Millionaire
Chico: Well, you can have a copy for your own. Me, I'll pass.
Gordon: I don't want a copy of it, no thanks.
Chico: Didn't think so. That's the Big Board for you. How about a break?
Gordon: OK - let's trade out our DVD's and we'll get pineapples with a new
game. We also have the Big 5 for you.
Chico: With our good friends Ryan Vickers and Jason Block. We're back when we darn well feel like it. This is WLTI.

(Brought to you by Jeopardy! The Ken Jennings Edition, now available on PC and Playstation 2. Because you can't win ALL the time... Free CD from the Church of Jennings with every purchase)

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