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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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June 28, 2004

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper - and we're being invaded by summer shows! AHHHHH!!!!
Chico: And balls! Lots and lots of balls. I'm Chico Alexander, and from somewhere in America, WLTI is on.
Gordon: Extreme Dodgeballs, to be exact - but before we get to the balls, we'll get to the nuts... in the house. Last Comic Standing. Are the right comics in the house? Or, as Drew Carey so eloquently says, do you call bull (bleep)?
Chico: I call bull (bleep) from the start. What's up with the ringers, anyway? I'd rather see what happens when regular people are up against regular people. But then again, the public is buying it, so I guess I'm in the minority here.
Gordon: From what I was told, the field was so piss-poor in the first season that they decided to widen the field. Of course, that opened it up to nepotism supreme, like when Jay tells the contestants that he's seen them all over the place. But will someone explain to me why we are so bent on personality over entertainment that Todd Glass and Bonnie McFarlane get into the house while Dan Natureman and Jim Wiggins are left out?
Chico: Tell ya... because they make for good television.
Gordon: Does it? It didn't make good television on Tuesday. Funny comics make good television. Whining ones that grate on people's nerves don't. Did we forget so quickly why Dat Phan, the most untalented comedian in the group, won?
Chico: So you're calling Drew's BS right now.
Gordon: I agree with Drew and Brett. It felt like three of the comics were getting in just because they were annoying and guaranteed to create drama in the house - like the aforementioned Glass, ANT and Jay London. I'll give both ANT and London their props, but Wiggins and Natureman should be there in their place.
Chico: One person who does not agree with you.. or ME for that matter... Of course, Jay Mohr. He says the judges wishes are paramount. How can you dispute that... I'll tell you. With my eyes closed, one hand behind my back, and hopping on one foot.
Gordon: Well, he's the producer - he created the nepotism and helped to handpick the people in the house, so I can understand that - but sorry, if your prized pony breaks a leg in Vegas, you don't dress him up for the Kentucky Derby.
Chico: True. But again, everyone's watching it. Instead of the more legit Next Action Star.
Gordon: And I honestly think that they didn't tell Drew or Brett that they could be overruled. Todd Glass' comedy career was broken in Vegas, and it should have been shot. I am actually enjoying Next Action Star more than LCS2, and it's because they are being serious with this. I do hate the editing of the show though, and the advertising has been awful, to say the least
Chico: Also true. Has to be... really. I mean, this is serious stuff here. You gotta love watching.. Then again, if a tree falls and all that. But still, good stuff.
Gordon: I think this could have had an audience if they plugged this better. Why did they make the marketing on this so bad?
Chico: Probably no faith by the higher-ups at NBC.
Gordon: Too bad - the show is better than that
Chico: I happen to agree. Maybe the finished product will be better than the people give it credit for. The rest of the show already is.
Gordon: Speaking about shows that are better than given credit for... Outback Jack.
Chico: I like this.
Gordon: Now THIS is what Joe Millionaire should have been.
Chico: Take sixteen urban princesses and give them a dose of hard karma. Gordon: And A minority woman actually may have a chance to win the guy.
Chico: Throw JD Roberto in and you have an instant ... yeah.
Gordon: Well, JD Roberto I wouldn't mind seeing consumed by a bunch of wild prawn. But I'll even admit that he is doing better in this than his past works.
Chico: Let's analyze. You Lie Like a Dog.. sucked.  Are You Hot... sucked. Food Fight... enjoyable except for him... Shop Til You Drop... goes without saying.
Gordon: So how do you think he fares here?
Chico: Not bad in moderation. If he can control his urge to be on camera, this could be his Russian Roulette, you know? It did wonders for Walberg.
Gordon: So we're saying that he's enjoyable here like fruitcake is enjoyable during Christmas.
Chico: Exactly. And speaking of quiz shows... Yeah, like we were really going to let this one slip past unabated... Two words... Ken Jennings. If there a man alive that can go three rounds against this guy?
Gordon: um....uhhhh....maybe if they change the rules of the show - like the Daily Doubles are worth $50,000,000... nah.
Chico: Even with that... No chance. He's just find them all. This guy is changing the game with three rules... Big Board, if I may...
Gordon: You may.
Chico: Alrighty. 1) You have to know stuff. That just goes for any quizzer. You're not going to get anywhere if you're stupid.
Gordon: True. 2. You have to be quick.
Chico: It's just one of the traditional game show rules. Victory goes to the fastest. So you have a pen here.... Gotta go clickety click click click.
Gordon: Let me add to this - You have to have good reflexes. Ken has said that he spent hours timing when Alex would end a question, so that he would time the jump-in just right. If you need to beat Ken, you need to out reflex him.
Chico: And finally, You have to know your limits. You have $21,5... You're in the lead by more than half. You're not going to be more than $8500. Ken just evens it out at the nearest level. If he gets it right, good for him. If he gets it wrong, no harm done. Follow those three rules, and from then on out it's just lather, rinse, repeat, until you yourself have your own dynasty.
Gordon: Thom McKee would be proud of you
Chico: As would Charles Van Doren.. minus the whole rigging. Just remember, if any stewardesses named Rachel call... Don't bother answering. She's just one of two of the remaining five on For Love or Money: The Evil Season, who is in it for the dollar she doesn't know she has.
Gordon: But will she bet her bottom dollar?
Chico: Not if she gets a chance to swap out. Then she may bet even more.
Gordon: But we know what he feels about her - do you think she feels the same way?
Chico: Short, unfulfilling Tom Bergeron answer... nope. I quote last week, "I'm in it for the money. Money money money." It's her and Andrea.. If I was the guy in charge... PJ all the way.
Gordon: lol - sets up for FLOM4?
Chico: Doubtful, unless there's a six-month cliffhanger. The sequel doesn't premiere until midseason.
Gordon: I guess not then. Love's labour lost.
Chico: Not totally. The fourth one could be as good as the second.. or the third. I think that's a good breaking point.
Gordon: Sounds good - I have Aldo available for 20 Questions.
Chico: Sounds good.
Gordon: Then maybe Take a Side?
Chico: I take all challenges seriously.
Gordon: Good - because I'm up to seriously challenge you
Chico: You don't count. You're up to seriously challenging anyone. Gordon comes to fight, he comes to kill.
Gordon: That's true.
Chico: He's a big red rubber ball of destruction..
Gordon: Ask Bob Boden and the 110-18 thrashing I gave him at last year's GSC.
Chico: Alright, going into break, an appeal to you, the reader. One question: "What's your favorite MTV game show?" Send your answers to:

We'll use the answers on a future episode. We're back after this.

(This break has been brought to you by For Love or Honey. Watch as 16 pollen manufacturers compete to win a major business contract with Sue Bee)

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