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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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July 4, 2004

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I'm still getting over Travis and Aldo
from the last episode.
Chico: I'm Chico Alexander and from somewhere in America... WLTI is on.
Gordon: From the East Coast to the land of the possibly departing Coach K, we're here for another episode.
Chico: Got a lot of stuff to do today including our Ask the Doctor, and I
get to play judge and executioner. We have a jury in the form of Gordon, Aldo, and today's guest, straight out of the DiGeorge Files, Lee DiGeorge, how you doin'?
Lee: I'm doing well! How are you both doing today?
Chico: Cool, cool.
Gordon: I'm doing good - but not as good as Ken Jennings, who continues to destroy the competition. He is the champ for this 4th of July Holiday. Will he be the champ on Labor Day, our next holiday?
Chico: You were just waiting to transition, weren't you?
Gordon: Transition - good.
Chico: Ken Jennings - Better. He's on pace to become only Jeopardy's second millionaire by mid-July.
Gordon: I think he will make his million - and then some.
Chico: Again, should he win the next matches. But then again, we've been
seeing some signs of weakness. Just the other day, he was in negative numbers for a bit (shocker).
Gordon: When you play as long as he has, fatigue will set in - but no one has given him a threat run. There have been 2 games that weren't runaways, but there has been no one who has been beating him going into Final Jeopardy.
Chico: Well needless to say, he's going to have to focus. You've been
following Ken, right Lee?
Lee: Absolutely. We have a small contingency who watches every day,
rooting for his loss!
Chico: What? Are you kidding me?
Lee: He's a smug guy! Everyone who I have spoken to wants him to lose, and lose badly. When you have the dominance that you have seen from someone like Ken, you need to liken him to a sports dynasty. People want David to beat Goliath.
Gordon: This brings out a good question - do more people want to see him win - or lose? We're starting a new Take A Side a little Early. Chico?
Chico: Iiiii don't think so, Lee. Richard Karnism... I think people like to
embrace the hero. It happened with Eddie Timanus during his run. It happened with Jason Block on Millionaire. Sure he's getting cocky, but at least he isn't losing his likeable lustre.
Lee: But that's where I disagree. I don't think he's very likeable at all!
I find him to be incredibly arrogant of his intelligence, making him a larger
target to be "rooted against."
Gordon: I have to agree with Lee here. He isn't unlikable, but he hasn't
really done anything to make himself likeable. There's been no emotion. Even when he won, there was no squeals of joy.
Chico: Well if you caught him early on, he is rather likeable. And the fact
that he's not even going to keep all of his winnings just makes him even more so. Granted it's 10% to the church, but it shows that he does have some substance outside his supposed arrogance. That and he's just going "wow" after seeing all that money he wins. Just a simple character with a complex brain.
Gordon: The only thing that's memorable about him is that he likes to be
obnoxious in theaters. That's not exactly an endearing trait. I don't find him as acidic as Lee does - but I don't find him charismatic either.
Lee: I feel that a contestant must be likeable in order to have a backing.
Why do you think John Carpenter has very little following? He was smug as
well. Ken reminds me of a John Carpenter in that way. We all remember Jason Block.
Gordon: If you had someone that looked like he was happy to be there, then you get charisma. I just don't feel like he's someone who is likable. Granted, you don't need that to win games, but he does remind me of Carpenter in the smug sort of way.
Lee: He looks like someone going to work each day.
Gordon: When Jason was the Jeopardy champ, people accused him of being cut-throat - which he was - but he had the charisma and he had the time of his life. You need someone with the whole package for it to work.
Chico: I'm not sure that Carpenter ever thanked anyone for a good game at the end.
Lee: Carpenter only played one game. Against no competitors. He didn't
need to thank anyone.
Chico: But Ken always thanked his opponents after giving them a supreme
Gordon: Jennings is an excellent player - and he deserves the run - but he
loses major brownie points because he has the eagerness of a brick.
Lee: And the personality of a wet mop.
Chico: Basically what it boils down to.
Gordon: With that, we now welcome Aldo into the conversation. Hello, Aldo.
Aldo: Hello everyone.
Chico: Yo.
Gordon: Aldo has come in at an interesting juncture. Do you root for Ken
Jennings because he's on a roll, or do you root for someone to beat him because he has the personality of a sea sponge. Your thoughts, Aldo?
Aldo: It gets to a point where if he keeps winning it becomes no fun to
watch anymore.
Chico: Short, sweet, and to the point.
Aldo: But it might become interesting just to see someone beat him, instead of rooting for him. He was called the Ted Williams of Jeopardy on
Sportscenter. A serious compliment.
Gordon: I would even say that if he's smug and gets an anti-hero personality, it would be fun because people would actively root for him to fail - but right now, he's a middle of the road character.
Lee: Maybe... my friends and I are just mean spirited.
Chico: Slow descent into madness, though. Once he gets to the million...
We're screwed.
Lee: I was rooting against Daniel Avila when he was playing Greed, too
(and he had a great personality).
Chico: Then truth be told, Lee, you are mean-spirited... even more so than I am.
Gordon: I sort of wanted to see the lovable Avila face off against Curtis in
the Terminator. Is that so wrong?
Lee: Smells like Tuna.
Gordon: Sorry, Charlie - I mean Daniel.
Lee: :)
Chico: Lovable like Charlie Brown or lovable like Snoopy?
Lee: Definitely Charlie Brown, as he tries to kick the football and fails
Gordon: For those who are reading this who have no clue what we are talking about, first Dan Avila risks $200,000 for a 2 million dollar question - and loses everything. Then Avila is brought back on a later show, turns around and blows another million dollar question, making him the first person on TV to miss $3,000,000 worth of cash - which, until someone royally blows a top question on Super Millionaire, will be the record for game show futility.
Chico: Never even thought of that...
Gordon: Speaking of futility, Allison Irwin lost $500,000 when she played a
mean-spirited, and eventually costly game of Big Brother. We have our new 13 players - and we have the BIG TWIST, which is...
Chico: The tension mounts, oh what a feeling...
Gordon: One of the players is a relative of another of the players - but they don't know it until they first walk into the house. Is this the BIGGEST TWIST EVER?????
Chico: I've seen bigger.
Aldo: Whoop dee doo.
Lee: Am I the only one who doesn't care? I miss Brittany from season one :)
Chico: You always miss the ones with the hair... I'll go into that in a bit,
but back to this twist... One of those things that is in theory, really huge,
but in practice, could be really lame, or have the believability of an
Ovaltine commercial.
Lee: Well... I see it as a huge target. These two CANNOT win the season
whatsoever. It would be near impossible for any of the other voters to allow that voting block to last more than 3 eliminations.
Gordon: I agree with Lee that that relationship can't last - and I also hope
that there is another twist that we don't know about yet.
Chico: Then again, that would only play out in the case of smart people...
People who are usually on BB (with the exception of Jack from last season)
don't fall in that category.
Aldo: Wouldn't it be better if they didn't tell them right off the bat who
was related?
Lee: Are they quarantined before the show?
Chico: They have to be, right?
Lee: If that's the case, then they may not know about the alleged
"huge twist", but still, If you see your relative standing there in the
house, you're gonna exhibit a reaction.
Gordon: We'll see - they didn't look it when they were in the shot when they announced the twist on the commercial. They only said though that 2 of the people are related, and that the related people don't know that they are related, so they may not know which two. I still think the twist is lame. I was hoping that the twist is that Alison would be in the BB house - naked =)
Lee: As do I (I was under the impression that they knew. Ugh. What's the
Chico: Hope for better, or else I just might click over to Amazing Race. And
speaking of, Alison and her apparently-VERY-understanding BF Donny are in the running. You see them as a cohesive force for good... or evil?
Gordon: What about a force for incompetency?
Lee: Can I still root to see her naked?
Chico: Yes and yes.
Lee: Because, as we all know...Irwin WIN-IR! Sorry.
Chico: I thought Irwin backwards was Niwri... What that means... I don't
Lee: That was Alison's quote on the Big Brother Website last year.
Chico: Thereby augmenting Gordon's incompetency argument.
Gordon: Unfortunately for her, you need brains to win this one - but the fact that there are no really athletic teams in this group could give them an edge in the speed and muscle department. I don't see them winning - but I do see them sticking around for a while.
Lee: I still like the premise for Beg, Borrow and Deal better than Amazing
Race (but that's not the question)... Alison is great to look at, but has the
intelligence of... ugh. They'll stay around for a while because we already
know that Alison is "unwilling to lose"...but win? I doubt it.
Chico: She'll be lucky if she gets off with a tie. But you know what Amazing
Race really needs... hair issues...Bringing me to this week's Big Board
segment: people and the hair we remember them for. Floor is open. Go.
Lee: Ha! Are you serious? :)
Chico: I couldn't think of a better topic.
Lee: I still have a HUGE crush on Brittany :) She had the best hair in any
reality TV show.
Gordon: I'll say Gerry - because he had no hair and we need some diversity.
Chico: I have a soft kinship with the Chromedomes, being one myself. You also can't forget Justin... uh... what was his name again?
Lee: Justin from American Idol?
Chico: Yeah, that's the guy.
Gordon: Mr. Guarini. soon we forget. He was in a major motion picture and you forget him already?
Chico: People forgot Yahoo Serious. Granted, it took a few drinks.
Gordon: You remember a bad comedian from the 80's and forget the runner-up from the first American Idol?
Chico: Says a lot, doesn't it?
Lee: We remember Pauly Shore, too.
Gordon: Yes - no one had wackier hair than the one of the people in Dan
Avila's Greed group - CURTIS!
Lee: Ooh! That's right!
Chico: Set the tips forward five years.
Gordon: I actually have the Sale of the Century tape where he wins the whole thing
Chico: Do you have the Ben Stein tape as well?
Gordon: Yes I do.
Chico: You follow the guy right proper, don't ya?
Gordon: I'm not only a fan, I'm a I'm not.
Chico: Tying up our round 1 nicely. When we return, four angry men and one mellow doctor. It's WLTI, stay there.

(This break has been sponsored by the Gerry Lancaster hair salon. Even if you blow your dough, you can still get a nice blow from the bald guy)

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