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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is NOT a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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September 20, 2004

Chico:  Spicing things up a bit, He's Gordon Pepper...
Gordon: ...and we have victims of circumstance joining us today. He's Chico Alexander...
Chico:  ...That would be me...and three guest that we're plugging in because, hey.. we like parties. From somewhere in America, the hurricane-free edition of WLTI... is on.
Gordon: Parties are good - we are joined by Josh Yawn, Jason Hernandez and Alex Davis, interviewer extraordinaire and moderator at game show haven Say hello, Alex.
Alex:   Hello.
Gordon: Ok - that's all of Alex we'll be hearing from for this episode.
Jason:  It's like watching a seal and his trainer. :)
Gordon: Alex want a fishy?
Alex:   Arf arf
Chico:  This is gonna be hot, I can already tell.. Josh, what's going down, yo?
Josh:   Not a whole lot. Just waiting to eat.
Gordon: As always, this will all be edited for grammar, etc.
Alex:   Thank god.
Jason:  Well, since I have perfect grammar, you shouldn't worry about me.
Chico:  I hear that. Just don't get on the rest of us, alright? :)
Gordon: If your grammar's perfect, how's your grandpa?
Jason:  :p
Alex:   I'm keeping tabs of bad jokes today I think.
Chico:  Then prepare to get a calculator.
Alex:   I'll put in a few hundred.
Gordon: It will be a big tab, and as the duck said at the bar, put in on my bill.
Jason:  *Sigh*
Alex:   Hey, when I played Hollywood Squares, we got over 200 bad jokes.
Chico:  Now to business, but first, a little house cleaning:
Jason:  ....don't worry, I'm house-trained.
Chico:  As per GSNN's Spoiler Policy, we are to warn you the public that act 1 contains a spoiler. If you wish not to hear it, then click appropriately. You'll get directions on your screen. Don't worry.
Gordon: Ooooooooooooooooh   Spoilllleeeerrrrrrr.
Chico:  Hell, we'll even give you time to decide...*hums Jeopardy! theme*
Alex:   Now Ken'll come in and kick all our asses.
Josh:   *hums one note monotonously*
Gordon: Let's not give them that much time - can we segue to the Tic Tac Dough Center square thinking music?
Chico:  Funny you should mention that, Alex...
Alex:   I can't wait to find out why!
Jason:  Don't tell me, he's gonna come in and kick all our asses?
Chico:  He might if he reads this.
Gordon: I think, based on what we've said about him before, if he was going to kick our asses, he would have done so already.
Chico:  True. Yours, anyway. :)
Gordon: Ok - TIME UP!

To proceed with Act 1 WITH spoiler, click here.

To proceed with Act 1 AFTER spoiler, click here.

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