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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is NOT a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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October 26, 2004

Chico: Celebrating two years from somewhere in America, WLTI ... is... ON! Chico Alexander with you, and as always, the Mark Goodson to my Bill Todman, Gordon Pepper =p
Gordon: Mark Goodson - my original Game Show Hussy.
Chico: The OG, if you will. Original Gamer.
Gordon: The OGSH. OGOSH.
Chico: Oh gosh is right.
Gordon: Speaking of Oh Gosh - we have mangling, hypocrisy and losers on our docket - plus an e-mail from the past.
Chico: We got a lot of stuff to cover this week, because, you know, last week was a bit of a bust. Hey, life happens. You got to happen with it. But first, here's Gordon with... legal.
Gordon: Speaking of busts, the New York Post reports that....oh wait, we have a spoiler alert again, don't we?
Chico: Yep. You know what to do.
Gordon: If you want to read the spoiler, click HERE. If you don't want to be
spoiled (though you are missing some good pampering and nice nice Russian Beluga caviar), click HERE.

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