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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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August 30, 2004

Gordon:  This is Gordon Pepper, and I want to know if Chico has recovered from his hangover from the last show.
Chico:   Perhaps yes, perhaps not... I'm Chico Alexander, and from somewhere in America, WLTI is on. And here's a change... it's just the two of us to start.
Gordon:  We start out with 2 - but we will get more as we look at next season and we aim to give out some whammies - but let's look at what we got this week, starting with Big Brother. The twins have been separated - surprised?
Chico:   Let me think about that... Okay, I'm done thinking. Question now, is the other twin on the way out now that Marvin's the man of the hour again?
Gordon:  It depends on the veto, but it surely isn't looking good, as Nakomis and company want her out for getting rid of Will, while Diane and Drew may use her as a sacrifice to keep their own under the radar. How will Will react to see Karma rebounding this quickly?
Chico:   He's going to be pleased, of course. They get the place by the porch at the jury house, of course.
Gordon:  maybe he'll have some time to explain to her that karma does not mean Carmen Electra.
Chico:   He'll have to take up his whole week.
Gordon:  Well, they have time. Who is playing the best game?
Chico:   I'd have to say the relatively low-key Michael.
Gordon:  I'm going to say his half-sister, Nakomis. I think Michael is under
the radar - but the smarter thinking people have to know that he is a sentimental threat to win the whole thing and I would think he would be toast as we get to the final 5. If anyone who is not Michael or Marvin wins the HOH next, they should both be on the block.
Chico:   We'll see in a bit. Other side of the CBS Tuesday coin... Amazing
Race. Now it's the Dunder Twins who have to overcome the penalty of poverty. Can they?
Gordon:  Uhhh.....nnnnnno. I've been very impressed with how the bowling moms got out of a jam, but this requires something that the dunder twins don't have - intelligence. They will need a MAJOR blunder by one of the other teams to get back in it - and I don't see it. The only other option - a Fast Forward or Yield situation, which we haven't seen in a while, so it could come into play here.
Chico:   Well, there are two FFs in the race, and as for the yield... well, I
don't know...That's something I haven't seen since Alison and Donny elected not to use it.
Gordon:  I'm guessing one of them will come into play - and the twins will
need it to happen on the next episode. Either that - or a surprise team of Holly and Jase entering into the race.
Chico:   We're talking about a miracle, not an impossibility. On the other
side, who is in a position to win this thing? I say Chip/Kim, simply because
they never give up.
Gordon:  The Amazing thing is that you will have at least one woman winning this thing - something that has only happened once in the series so far. I think Chip and Kim make the final 3 - but I'd have to give first to Colin and Christie who have been solid throughout the whole competition, with Brandon and Nicole in second.
Chico:   They've also been solidly annoying. You know this is why were in
deep with other countries around the world... Arrogant Americans pushing other people around.
Gordon:  Unfortunately, you don't get penalized for being arrogant or annoying.
Chico:   Not officially..
Gordon:  Could the yield play a factor in this?
Chico:   I think so.. IF we get to see it.
Gordon:  And if the right team is in the position to use it
Gordon:  If somehow, the moms, Chip/Kim or the Wondertwins get in first when the yield shows up, we could see a conga line
Chico:   *starts singing conga song*
Gordon:  Feeling hot, hot hot...
Chico:   Okay, that concludes the dancing portion of the show.
Gordon:  Someone who is feeling the heat is GSN, which got universally panned at the GSC. Do you think that the pool or horseracing show will do anything for them?
Chico:   In a word... No. I don't think it could get any worse for the network... or could it?
Gordon:  I will agree with you on the horseracing, but I think the pool
concept could work. Besides cards, the second most popular thing to do in  college atmosphere (besides getting drunk in frat parties) has to be playing pool. That is the demographic that GSN is exactly targeting.
Chico:   I'm not doubting that. What I'm doubting is how they'll be able to
incorporate something that will make people watch... You know, outside your usual run-of-the-mill poll game.
Gordon:  They did it with Dodgeball and Poker. Pool is not as much fun to
watch as the other sports, but if they really put the characters into this idea, I think it could work.
Chico:   I'll hold off final judgment until I actually see the show for once
:) Some good news, though... Dodgeball returns for a second season! CPA, all the way, baby.
Gordon: Well, the CPA , thanks to Steve Altes giving us an interview, is our
biased favorite team to win again - but until the other teams get women that can match up to the CPA, there's good reason to think that the CPA can win the whole thing again. Is there any team that you think can top the CPA?
Chico:  Unless the devious and fickle GSN gods have something up their
sleeve, no way. We'll have to wait until early 2005, though.
Gordon: Thought if the ratings for the other shows falter, I can see ED very quickly being recalled - speaking of which, we finally get to see the Lingo Tournament of champions.
Chico:  Really? When?
Gordon: You don't know?
Chico:  Nope.
Gordon: Could it be because GSN hasn't advertised it?
Chico:  Possibly
Gordon: The Lingo tournament will be aired on the Monday of the Labor Day Weekend.
Chico:  Yay! But how'd you find out?
Gordon: I found out from covert spy camels, who were carrying the information in their humps.
Chico: Ah.
Gordon: This is a complete example of what I'm talking about from GSN's
mismanagement. You have the special event from the show which gave GSN the highest ratings up to date and it's the staple of the network, yet NO ONE knows about the event that was the highlight for the third season. The show, BTW, that carried them through some bad times and is still one of the highest ranked shows on the GSN schedule. What is GSN possibly thinking here? And why are you stick this tournament on a weekend where everyone is out and no one would be watching TV in the first place? Wouldn't you want maximum viewership by airing this as an all-week tournament special event?
Chico:  You know, this isn't the only type of mismanagement that the big
black box has to face. I submit for this week's big board, the next GSN sked. If you're playing along at home, head over to
Gordon: Set up the board, Chico.
Chico:  The subject: The Network for Game Over. Let's take a look at the trumpets and the fallouts one by one. Monday, World Series of Blackjack. That
will return this fall. New episodes, you think?
Gordon: Absolutely. These shows are funny, entertaining, and are about gambling - which 20-30 something males can't get enough of. They would be idiots not
to renew this.
Gordon: This is how a game show should work.
Chico:  That and, and everyone knows this, you have a very big gambling jones :)
Gordon: Profit in my pannnnnts....
Chico:  doo bee doo be doooo..
Gordon: Watch out for the penguins. Tuesday, Extreme Dodgeball and The Mole. Dodgeball - enough said.
Chico:  Ratings for the Mole... well, needless to say, tanked.
Gordon: We'll be repeating this phrase over and over again, but reality show serials do not work in repeats. CBS aired the whole first season of Survivor mode in repeats against the Olympics in 2000 to dreadful ratings.
Chico:  Once the result is publicized, expect the novelty to wear thin. I
think GSN knew this (in a rare fit of brainpower) and decided to give ED a rest before its new season. Wednesday - We only see six of the Fake-a-Dates, and judging from public outcry, I think that's all we need to see.
Gordon: Well, they only made 6 Fake-a-dates, and although I liked the
premise, Marriott will not be making any millions on tv as a reality show host.
Chico:  Well, Fake-a-Date worked in that it had a blind-date setup that even GSn couldn't screw up.
Gordon: But they did
Chico:  By adding Joe Millionaire. It could've worked if they had someone
with a little bench experience... But they were clearly going for novelty over
Gordon: Thanks to Marriott. Unlike Jerri Manthey, who actually has acting
talent, Marriott doesn't, as he contributes nothing to the screen and delivers his lines as exciting as cardboard, which in this case left us feeling cardbored.
Chico:  Now we go to Thursday.
Chico:  Kenny vs. Spenny was to be GSn's token bit of comic mischief.
Gordon: Going back to what I said earlier, if you must do that, then air
repeats of shows that people haven't seen before that are very entertaining.
Chico:  But apparently (and rightly so), we didn't get the joke. I still say
best Canadian humor for my money... Kids in the Hall.
Gordon: Best Canadian Humor is Colin Mochrie.
Chico:  Dinosaurman!!! =p
Gordon: Does Alex Trebek on the last episode of High Rollers count for
Canadian humor?
Chico:  Anywho, end of the week woes in SpyTV, which is still on the
schedule, but relegated to weekends. You know, it was funny when it aired on NBC, but at the same time, felt disjointed, even by newly enacted GSN standards.
Gordon: When it was on NBC, it was new, and when you have something new as a novelty, you manage to overlook the flaws in the armor - but in a repeated situation years later, you see everything - and SpyTV did not age well.
Chico:  And Vegas Weddings Unveiled? Well, we just don't like talking about that one.
Chico:  No no no no no no no...
Gordon: So if there was one show that should be n GSN's lineup that isn't - what should it be?
Chico:  I wouldn't mind seeing the Amazing Race on GSn, BUT as the Mole
proved, quality doesn't translate well into quantity.
Gordon: Two Words. Fear. Factor.
Chico:  You know, GSN actually foguht for Fear Factor.. But FX won that
Gordon: They should have been very aggressive to get that show. We don't get that - instead we get Next Action Star, whose ratings were so bad that they cancelled a Next Action Star marathon.
Chico:  And Average Joe.
Gordon: AJ, which also got delegated to weekend mom-up duty
Chico:  Altogether now... *raspberries*
Chico:  But all is not lost... at least for now. In their place: Greed, WSoBJ, Dog Eat Dog (which has turned into somewhat of a success story... not saying that they could order more...) and Weakest Link.
Gordon: They do have some good stuff - but they could be much, much better - and PLEASE add some new classic studio shows to your lineup
Chico:  He's saying please, GSN.  Gordon NEVER says please.
Gordon: And PLEASE stay with us, as we switch from the past to the future with the new shows coming in - and we continue the Big 5 with results and another new poll.
Chico:  But now... we dance again.
Gordon: Conga music please!

(Brought to you by the WLTI Dance! album. Relive the Tom Buchanan Dance, the Ricky Smith Hercules Dance, the Pig uterus eating dance, and many more!)

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