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Episode 32.11 - Boston Strong
April 22

Chico: Oui Oui. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours. Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander... and a list of TV shows in need of pub. This is where Excessories come in.
Gordon: Becuase we all need pub once in a while. Hence we have some Excessories. Starting with...

The X-Factor. Because they went through more renovations than an Extreme Makeover episode.

Chico: A giant X stamp for Khloe.
Gordon: What about the X-Factor Carousel play set? You can rotate any of the cast of your choice on the horses.
Chico: It works like that. Next one...

Exit is going to Syfy. We need a total immersion event to hype the show. This is the team of two get out of the room show.

Gordon: Welcome to the Exit Dundler Mifflin Theme Park. Because that's a place you really want to exit from.
Chico: Exit: Escape from the Baby Dome. "Come play with us... forever and ever and ever..."
Gordon: And face it, you really don't want to hear Melissa Peterman laughing at you all day.
Chico: hahahahaha!
Gordon: Next one...

The Price is Right and / or Let's Make a Deal's Big Money weeks this week.

Chico: How about a TPIR dollar sign made of money. Because you got BIG money, and it's GOING to be money. And solid gold Let's Make a Deal curtains. That's ALSO going to be money.
Gordon: What about a Let's Make a Deal Ham-Bag with a solid gold ham?
Chico: Damn that's a gold ham. That's a Supermarket Sweep gold ham. Speaking of money...

Let's get The Chase some love up in here.

Chico: How about a well-tailored suit OF EVIL!
Gordon: Well, we already have the Panto suits. What about a Chase Comic Book Series starring The Beast Mark Labbett and The Beast from the X-Men?
Chico: Nice little collabo there.
Gordon: I like it. Next one...

You have 4 women left on Idol. I'm sure we can have some fun here.

Chico: Can you say supergroup? Forget the last three weeks of competition, just go out on tour as the next Icona Pop. Only less annoying.
Gordon: It's Idolanity Kane. Because if we put a nice sassy dance track behind it, they may be worth something in the open market.
Chico: You can write for them. Not just music and clapping to the beat either. I know you've got more than that in you. Listen to "Wings" by Little Mix... and then don't do that.
Gordon: Or Rebecca Black.
Gordon: Last one?
Chico: Last one...

Win, Lose or Draw.

Chico: This one's easy... a thrift-shop copy of the home game... 1989 edition.
Chico: With Robb Weller on the box.
Gordon: Try this for size...A WIn Lose or Draw Tour with Graffiti artists redecorating some of the walls on some old buildings.
Chico: I was going to say a lesson wit that Art Attack dude.
Gordon: Mad Ninjas with pallettes
Chico: Hey, THERE's a thought. The CMYKs.
Gordon: Mad CMYKs. And on that note, let's Break. Coming back - i have a big hat. Its for my growing head.
Chico: And his growing head has game shows in it. And it leaks. See what pops out of it after the break.

(Brought to you by Oh Duck. It's Extreme Duck Duck Goose, played over water in the air with bungee cords in zero gravity with a water tank full of $100,000 and alligators that haven't eaten in WEEKS!)

Gordon: Don't forget the Rabid Man-eating lawyers.

(AND Rabid Man Eating Lawyers!)

Chico: Wow.... we're sick. I think we need help or something. So what have you got next, G?
Gordon: I have Game Show In My Hat. And you have the first category
Chico: Okay...

"Baby Gordon in the Baby Dome."

Gordon: Oh look. Blocks. Perhaps I can create my own Tardis with them.
Chico: Wanna go in the ball pit!
Gordon: Sure Chico! (Tosses balls at him)
Chico: Waaaaaahhhhh! Melissaaaaaa!
Gordon: Sigh. Next one...

The next Splash Contestant ABC Pulls in to replace the walking wounded.

Chico: (as Tom Bergeron) Hey Brooke, why am I blindfolded? .... Brooke?!
Gordon: ..what's Butter Bean doing here?
Chico: Dikembe Mutombo has just swatted away the water.
Gordon: Look It's Professor Splash!
Chico: Next..

Rejected families for Family Feud.

Gordon: I'm Herman, and this is Lillian and Billy
Chico: "For the last time, Mrs. Jenner, NO!"
Gordon: What do you mean, you won't accept Hiltons? That's not hot!
Chico: I'm Larry... this my brother Darryl... this my OTHER brother Darryl.
Gordon: Next one...

America's Got Talent's Acts that we want to see.

Chico: Ladies and gentlemen... Allow me to jump rope using my own freakishly long arms!
Gordon: And now, the Belly Dancers that can levitate their own tassles.
Chico: I'm about to take a whiz from 10 feet in the air AND.... hit the target without messing up the toilet.
Gordon: ...ewwww. Next one?
Chico: Next...

What Kevin Pereira is thinking as he tapes Let's Ask America.

Gordon: Please let them wear pants
Chico: I wonder what Candace Bailey's doing now.
Gordon: Why do the contestants smile when I talk about the finding weird items challenges?
Chico: Today's Dash for Cash... take all the green pictures of presidents out of your wallet, and send them to...
Gordon: Before we get yanked. AGAIN. Last one....

Rejected Ideas for a Bachelor Bad Spinoff

Chico: Hi. I'm a nerd.
Gordon: Bachelor Pad in the Wild - the Bachelore have to rough it and avoid picking up Poison Ivy
Chico: My name is George. I'm 42 and I live with my parents.
Gordon: The Bachelor Pad: UNC: Chico has to find true love in a sea of Duke fans.
Chico: This oughta end early And speaking of endings, it's time to reach ours, but first we have one more break.

(Brought to you by America's Next Top Baller. It's NBA time and 16 teams look to be the best. Too bad there's no team in Charlotte that made the playoffs. Sorry, Chico.)

Chico: Go... Spurs. You want the Heat to win again?
Gordon: Yepperz.
Chico: Figures. Now for the ultimate... ultimate. It's the Speed Round. And that starts... NOW! How long does Stealth R Us last without Phillip?
Gordon: They are burnt like a brownie.
Chico: Idol. Which lady is going bye bye
Gordon: 2 R&Bers left. Weakest one goes. bye Amber. Anyone win any big money?
Chico: I hope so. We need a moment here.
Gordon: I think so. LMAD is due. I don't know about TPIR. ANy email?
Chico: Nope. You?
Gordon: no. what do they need to do to send us some?
Chico: Shoot us an email at wlti@gameshownewsnet.com... or if they're on the twitter, they can follow us @wltiongsnn. Or they can find us on Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher radio/
Gordon: And that ends our episode. Next week: It's a women's world...,maybe.
Chico: Plus... Big Money.
Gordon: A week of big money. We'll get to that next week. As for this week, this is Gordon pepper, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.
Chico: Stay Strong, Boston.