Survivor Vanuatu: Islands of Fire
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Eighteen new castaways set sail for the islands of fire, Vanuatu, to brave the elements, the volcanoes, and the local cannibals for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million. 

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Now Who's in Charge Here?: Night 30-Day 33 " - December 2


Well, Chris has GOT to be relieved as all hell that HE wasn't the one that got the boot tonight. He seems to be the ONLY one, though, as the other girls scratch and claw at each other (verbally) about the vote. Ami's lost respect for Twila, Twila thinks thew other women are "high and mighty", Scout says Ami is "cocky" and Ami feels it's every person for him/herself...which it HAS been for a while now!


Another day, another "tree mail":

Today you'll push your limits
Of swimming, balance and diving.
A test of will and stamina
For the last six still surviving
A game-changing reward
With rejuvenating power:
Feul for your body, feul for your soul,
And a hot, relaxing shower!

Well, ain't THIS befuddling? But the promise of food and a shower is all they need to know...especially "shoulder-blade-showing" Eliza.

At Challange Cove, a rather interesting obstacle course awaits us.,,but where is Uncle Jeff? Oh, HERE he a (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT!) new Pontiac G-6 (y'know, the car plugged with "Should I Stay or Should I Go")! Uncle Jeff says he decided, instead of TELLING us what the Reward is, to DRIVE it there. (Ahhhh, so THAT'S what "feul for the soul" meant! That's the Pontiac slogan!) But that's not ALL! The WINNER gets the car...but the TOP THREE get to drive IN the car to a Vanuatu oceanside resort where they'll be treated to a hot shower, cocktails on the beach and dinner ranging from garlic bread and coconut shrimp to grilled chicken breast and veal! Damn STRAIGHT it's worth playing for!

But what IS the Challenge for such a great Reward? Well, it's not EXACTLY the "Challenge of Challenges" that's usually reserved for the last Reward...but it's close. The six start on the beach, swim out to the floating obstacle course of outriggers, platforms and beams, then dive down to retreive one of three flags. Then they'll go into reverse on the course and hang each flag on their post on the beach. Rinse and repeat until three Survivors have three flags on their post. Those three go to the resort, the winner driving.

All but Scout get off to a running start, Scout saving her energy for the dive. But all five others swim out to the course in a HURRY! Chris and Ami reach the course first, Twila and Julie right behind. But, just like the first Challenge when they arrived in Vanuatu, Chris SUCKS at balance! So it's Ami who dives in first and gets her flag. Scout lags way behind while Julie and Eliza tail Ami. Ami is the first to plant her flag, Eliza, Chris and Julie battling for the other two spots. Scout and Twila...well, the old girls seem to be out of the running right now.

Ami seems to be running away with it, and she even LAPS Scout. Eliza in in a close second with Julie and Chris struggling for the third and final spot. Ami runs back for the final flag, gaining ground against Eliza. Before Scout can even plant her FIRST flag, Ami is diving for her THIRD. Then Ami slips on an outrigger, giving Eliza a chance to catch up. Eliza passes Ami on the outriggers back, the powder-blue bikini wearer almost out of breath and falling with almost every step she takes on those swaying outriggers. Eliza dives into water, swims to the shore, plants her flag and WINS the Pontiac!

But...who will join her in it to the resort? Well, Ami's a lock for second... but it's still Chris vs. Julie for third. They're both at the buoys above the flag. Chris asks, "Do you want this bad?" Julie says, "Yeah." Chris replies, "Me, too." They both dive, they both grab their flags and they both surface at the same time. But Julie falls off an outrigger...then Chris falls off a beam. They both jump into the watr and swim towards the beach at the same time and, while Scout FINALLY gets her FIRST flag in place...Chris win the foot race to get the final spot! Julie and the cronies shlep back to Yasur Beach while Eliza drives off, Ami and Chris in tow!


Following directions given to them in the car, Eliza drives Ami and Chris to the beautiful resort bungalow. Beds, robes, shampoo, cocktails... everything was waiting for them...INCLUDING the hot shower. Ami washed her hair twice and scrubbed her body hard... taking occasional sips of a cocktail in the middle. Unfortunately, Ami and Eliza used up all the hot water, leaving Chris in the cold (big surprise there, huh).

The ladies apologize for their behaviors yesterday at Tribal each other. They re-vow to work together to make the "girl-liance" work. Chris joins them out on the beach for more cocktails and appetizers, soaking up the sun. They were serenades by a native tropical band.

Then came dinner. The three ate and drank unto their empty stomachs were distended. And, then, they got down to brass tacks. Ami KNOWS the others think she's the "power player" of the last six...but SHE thinks they should work to break up the "old ladies" and make them weaker. After she leaves, Chris has that "do I look that @#$%ing stupid?!" look in his eyes, even though Eliza tries to talk him into Ami's plan. Chris retorts that he, Eliza, Twila and Julie could make the Final Four if they just stick to the game plan. After that, the three retire to the bungalow, Chris on the couch and the ladies in the bed. The ladies discuss what Chris said at dinner. Even in paradise, the game is STILL on!

AFTERNOON 31 (Scout, Twila & Julie): GRUMPY OLD (WO)MEN

Back at camp, though, Scout is angry... at herself. Every time there's a water-based Challenge, she seems to sink (figuratively AND literally). She and the others talk about what the girls are doing with Chris at the resort and if they'll be scheming with each other.


While Eliza's Pontiac is shipped home, she, Ami and Chris return to Camp Alinta. The reception was...decent. Mostly because they SMELLED a lot better than the others. It seems Scout, Twila and Julie couldn't stop smelling their clothes and hair to ring every bit of "freshness" out as possible. Then the girls seperate by age once again: Julie, Ami and Eliza sitting around plucking eyebrows while Twila and Scout collect wood. Chris...who knows?

At dinner, Scout tells Ami that there's not enough food for her, more or else saying, "Oh, it is ON, b|+ch!" Ami welcomes the challenge, knowing that SHE'S going to be next on the chopping block. This couldn't be better for Chris; this "Adam" is watch all these Eves and Liliths argue with each other...and he's getting away scot free!


Some are faster and stronger
And smarter and such
But, this time, you are safe
If you have the right touch.

O......kay...MORE confusion. And a small disk comes with it. Are we to balance it? Throw it? Swallow it? OK, maybe NOT swallow it.

Uncle Jeff meets us in the jungle in front of a big map of the Vanuatu islands. Ami gives the necklace up and the Challenge is finally explained. It's a mini-shuffleboard game with the islands of Vanuatu. They are to take individual disks and push them onto one of islands. They can also use the disks to KNOCK player's disks OFF islands...but, if it lands in a "volcano", it's safe from being removed. After all disks are tossed, the person with the most disks touching ANY part of any island has a 1 in 5 shot at the million bucks in 6 days' time.

Chris' first shot ends up in the "ocean", Twila's JUST misses, Eliza's plays "island hopper", going over ONE island and stopping in the middle of another. Ami's stops on the biggest island while Julie's does a bank shot off the side board and into a volcano! Scout aims for ANOTHER volcano...but lands short of the island. After one round, Eliza, Ami and Julie are tied.

Twila starts Round 2 by sliding it right into a small volcano. Eliza and Ami try bank shots of their own but miss, Julie gets a puck on another island to take the lead. Scout TRIES to knock that one off, but ends up hiting her OWN puck. Finally, Chris goes right OVER an island. Julie leads with 2, three other girls with 1.

Round 3: Eliza misses a volcano, Ami blows a bank shot, Julie goes between isles, Scout JUST misses an island, Chris goes OVER a volcano but gets a point for touching the island beyond it and Twila aims for a volcano and misses. Julie still leads, but it's a FOUR-way tie for second now.

Round 4: Ami pushes one towards a volcano, but only manages to get on the island, tying the score. Julie tries to backspin it but doesn't make it. Scout finally gets HER first point. Chris knocks Juile off an island...and puts himself in a tie with Ami. Twila then makes it a THREE-way tie by knocking one of her OWN pucks on an island. Eliza does a shot...which hits another puck...which knocks her own OFF an island. It's a three-way tie going into the final round.

Julie is first, needing at least one more point to stay in the hunt... but her shot just puts Twila's puck further on an island. Scout goes next... and knocks her own puck onto an island for HER second point. Chris slides on his third to take the temporary lead. Twila is methodical...but her puck lands short of the mark. Eliza tries to play spoiler with her last shot... but her shot goes NOWHERE. Ami needs to knock Chris off an island and land on it herself to win. If she just lands or knocks Chris off, it'll be a tie. She winds up... she slides... she flies OVER and island and knocks one of her OWN off! Chris wins Immunity and gaurentees a lady is going home tonight! Scout and Twila congratulate him...but the younger set is QUITE upset.


Chris leads the tribe back to camp, happy to have beaten five ladies even if it WAS in a non-physical Challenge. Ami is upset that she blew her chance when she needed it the most. Twila does say to Eliza that Ami "has to go" and that Eliza is safe. (Yeah,...RIGHT!)

Ami then talks to Eliza and Julie, trying to convince them that either Twila or Scout should be the one to go. She's a little upset that she has to "play dirty" to get votes, but desperate times and all that...

Everyone seems to agree the Eliza is the "swing vote" this time. Chris thinks that things could go haywire if Eliza makes it a tie vote. Eliza's not too comfortable. She LIKES Ami and Julie, after all... but even SHE admits Ami is too strong to keep around. She talks to Julie about possibly dumping Scout or Twila.


The Stone Temple of Doom beckons us, as do Sarge, Chad and Leann. Uncle Jeff talks about the LAST Tribal Council, how the reactions ran the gamut. Ami was shocked that she wasn't gone and Scout admits that the "girl-liance" hasn't panned out the way she had hoped (which is the reason she didn't vote for Chris last time).

Ami doesn't seem a part of the tribe anymore since people have lied to her...and that irks Twila a bit, saying, "EVERYONE has lied! You've been had! Get over it! Screw you!" Ami laughs at this, saying that, though lying IS a part of the game, to give someone your absolute trust and have it shoved back at you is NOT worth the money. Eliza doesn't think is "sour grapes" by Ami because she feels the same way and felt awful about Leann's departure. Uncle Jeff prods Eliza into saying she'd miss Ami were she voted out tonight...and Ami feels more confident and starts to cry. Ami would miss Eliza as well, saying she's "grown to love Eliza". O.....kay, on THAT note, let's move on.

Chris, of course, refuses to give up Immunity so it's time to vote. They march to to booth, one-by-one. Twila (Ami, "drama queen til the end"), Chris, Ami (Scout), Julie, Scout (Ami, "Ligtning will strike a long tree...after you leave"...whatever THAT means) and, at last, Eliza.

Uncle Jeff counts the votes:








Ami smiles as she stands and gets her torch snuffed. She may be a bit sad that she has to go back to making latte grandes with extra foam...but she wishes everyone luck as she takes that walk. Uncle Jeff says that the Council has exposed the frayed nerves after 33 days...and it's only gonna get worse for the last 6 days..

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