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Eighteen new castaways set sail for the islands of fire, Vanuatu, to brave the elements, the volcanoes, and the local cannibals for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million. 

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Gender Wars... And It's Getting Ugly: Night 21-Day 24" - November 11

Night 21: The game is on...

Ami brags about her happiness for being in the game, to which Chris replies, "You're happy? What about me?". To which Ami mentally replies, "What ABOUT you?" "We shocked the shiznit out of them!" Okay, so it's appropriate to say shiznit on the TV. Chris is shocked that Lopevi's alliance didn't hold true "for the first time". It was a surprise and a wake-up call at the same time. They put too much trust in them. They got burned for it. The feeling's mutual, as she can't trust the guys. She did to them what she felt they were going to do to her. She feels bad about it though.

And where are Julie and Twila? In the grand scheme of things: in the middle. In the interim: in bed.

Day 22: "I thought Twila was sincere."

Sarge is beginning to piece the women alliance together with "despisal and remorse. It's awkward talking to any of them!" And Scout... sings.

R-CHALLENGE: Skull and Quizbones (for a helicopter ride and lunch)

A quiz on Vanuatu culture meets the traditional pecking order challenge, with three skulls for each person. Correct answer earns you a free burn of one of them. All three lit, you're gonzo. Last person not fully lit wins reward.

The word "Vanuatu" means... land eternal - Chad, Scout, Sarge lit.
The archipelago of Vanuatu consists of... 83 islands - Chris twice, Sarge twice, Julie twice, Ami, Chad twice; Sarge & Chad out.
According to Vanuatu culture, large curved pig tusks are a sign of a person's... wealth - Chris, Julie, Leann lit; Chris out.
True or false: local sorcerers often participate in "Magne" in which a small cup of lava is consumed in order to exorcise spirits and demons. FALSE; if you drink lava, you would die - Twila, Eliza twice and out.
True or false: Vanuatu has the highest concentration of different languages per capita than any country in the world. TRUE - Scout, Julie out, Ami lit.
The tam tam is a unique indigenous version of a... drum - Scout and Ami out.
The national dish of Vanuatu... laplap. Leann knocks out Twila to win.

Of course, no fun going alone... Julie goes with.

Chopper ride: Julie was unclear...

Leann and Julie board a chopper that takes them through the jungle before arriving at their location, the top of a dormant volcano, Mt. Mara. Leann selected Julie because she wasn't quite sure where her loyalties were in the game. They rip on Eliza for not doing anything about camp and Scout for expecting too much out of them.

Back at camp... Eliza (and the men for that matter, less so, though) is still breathing fire over how she was eliminated. Scout, after saying "Get over it, it's a game", tries to calm the flame, insisting that Eliza was targeted because she is smart. Does she buy it? She'd too smart for that... Unless, of course, she isn't. Both players have had their fill of each other.

Chris reveals what we already know to be true: The challenge exposed a vulnerability in the Yasur Alliance in the pecking order. Now what to do with that knowledge. "Scout will burn Eliza. We've got to take Eliza out." Chris thinks it would be a great idea to make Yasur believe that Eliza is gonna jump ship to their alliance. That'd be an easy out for her. "Try to convince the women that Eliza is no good, that Eliza feels vulnerable, that she doesn't trust her position, that she's unhappy when she was selected in that challenge and that possibly, she's been talking to us."

Julie and Leann return to camp with some of the chicken wings strapped to Julie's leg... shouldn't that hurt?  Meanwhile, while the guys are boating, the ladies make off with all the chicken, leaving the guys with... well, NOTHING! You thought Johnny Fairplay was low? This is downright evil. At this point, I'm ready to curse the Yasur tribe to whatever unholy fate awaited them, because they sure as hell deserved it.

Day 23: Tree mail... and a pig?!

Yep. A pig. And Eliza is all by herself to tame it. Not having any luck, she enlists Chris. Squeal, piggy...

Twila and Sarge are machetes at the ready for some pork chops, but Eliza isn't having it. Sarge: "I wanted to eat the pig so bad that I could taste his fat back cooked up with my cabbage."

Now to tree mail...

Health, wealth, a status symbol,
with this pig, you can have it made.
Feed him, clean him, take good care,
give him shelter in the shade.
Soon enough some of you will learn the value of this pig.
Keep him happy, healthy, in your camp; soon he could pay off big.

Sarge calls it the biggest letdown since Estrogen City moved into Lopevi. But at least it's his for now...

I-CHALLENGE: Memory Mosaic

Jeff will reveal one flippy puzzle. The players will have to memorize it, then take one minute to replicate the pattern. If they can't, they're eliminated. Last person standing wins immunity. After five configs, Ami wins the coveted Immunity Talisman, to which I say... boo.

Day 24: Twila's an idiot.

Ami tells us she isn't sure she should have tried to win the challenge, but she can't let herself lose. Target: Sarge. He is a physical threat, and is vulnerable. Sarge echoes that thought, but thinks that Eliza may go home in a twist.

Chris, Chad and Scout chat about Eliza. Scout admits that Eliza drives her "nutty". Walking together, Ami tells Eliza, who is completely paranoid she finds it puzzling that Scout is talking so much with Chris. Eliza thinks Scout would write her name in a heartbeat. The feeling is more than mutual.  Eliza is aware Scout has a strong dislike of her. Again, mutual.

Twila and Sarge have a heart to heart about the last vote. Sarge is still upset with Twila. He had her back. He gave his word. There was no reason for her to turn on him and the other guys.  She feels like she let them down. After learning why Twila had betrayed him, Sarge mended the fence by convincing Twila that she was lied to by Julie and not by his Lopevi alliance. They talk with Chad about Eliza, as they think the numbers are with them once Julie joins up.

But the game isn't over. "The ladies are a tight-knit group, and if you want to stay, you gotta please'em!"

Night 24: Tribal.

Eliza admits it. She was pissed about the Reward Challenge. It's her nature, and even as she's certain of her place, she still has her bag packed. about the Reward Challenge. Sarge explains Lopevi's deal with Twila and Julie. He points the finger at Julie as the one who lied to Twila, who feels stuck in the middle now. Leann feels badly for Twila about the last tribal, as she took the heat. Chris says duplicity is part of the game. And speaking of number, it's all about the jury now... Voting...

Chris: SARGE - "Just let'em open the door. This is for you, not against you."

Whatever that means... Now the reveal.

Sarge: ELIZA
Julie: SARGE
Eliza: SARGE
Twila: SARGE
Scout: SARGE
Leann: SARGE

The phrase snowball's chance in hell comes to mind, but for now, Sarge, the ladies have spoken. Dis-MISSED!

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