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Eighteen new castaways set sail for the islands of fire, Vanuatu, to brave the elements, the volcanoes, and the local cannibals for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million. 

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
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"Hog Wild: Night 12-Day 15" - October 21

Night 12: Rory gets his wish, but at what price?

The fire isn't the only thing hot tonight, as Rory is pissed. But he elects to hold his tongue until tomorrow morning. The ladies made a grievous error in telling Rory that he was going to be eliminated before Travis and his Bob Barker shirt went bye-bye. He intends to play sobbing-grandmother-with-bobbing-head for all its worth. "I can't push these ladies too far. I just gotta balance it and push them just far enough to get myself a little bit of an opening." That he does. Scout's response: "Wipe your ass and get over it."

Day 13: Tree mail!


So it's off to challenge, where we have the opportunity to better ourselves through the might sport of pig rasslin', so that we can come together as... oh, hold on, Rory has to go from pity pot to soap box here. "First off, my apologies for the horrible things I said to you in my mind last night. When I get angry, I tend to become extraordinarily hurtful. I have come to you all with the expectation that you all would give me a fair shot. And I've done my damnedest to prove to you all where my loyalties lie. At this point, I can't go back to Lopevi. I can't! Because Bubba's gone. And what's going to be their first thought? I sold Bubba out. So this is where I'm at right now. Y'all's sty is my sty. But I will not continue to slave around camp if I do not have a shot at making it through Tribal Council."

Corny? Yes. Effective? We'll see.

R-CHALLENGE: A Real Pig Pen (for steak and eggs; along with a skillet and some ingredients)

First off, to any animal rights advocates watching... Letters to GSNN are NOT automatically forwarded to CBS. Pigs. They're valued on Vanuatu. And they're valued today, as we have to catch ten pigs in our color and corral them in our pen to win. Scout keeps gates for our squad. Let's get dirrty....

Rory's the first with a pig, and it's pig after pig after pig until... Eliza screws it. Lopevi capitalizes and comes through with the W, and the high-protein low-carb reward that comes with it.

Day 14: We know you're sorry, Eliza. Now apologize.

After a thorough scrub-down, the silent wind Leann chastises Eliza for "not wanting to get dirty." She was the only one not to get a pig, if you remember.

Rory's just bummed that he didn't get a steak. Still winless, Rory points out that if we lose Immunity tomorrow, he's going home. "And you guys are sunk," even as Eliza is the weakest link, goodbye.

The next scene: Eliza says "I'm sorry." Lisa says "It's okay." Lather, rinse, repeat, even as Lisa thinks as Rory, that Eliza is the reason for the loss. Ami comforts Eliza upon plantains. Eliza admits that though she likes Scout as a person, she wishes she wasn't here. She thought she would make a better gatekeeper. Ami counters that she's making excuses and that she's not giving herself more credit than she's due. "I'm not about to go down because there's a bunch of muscles on the other team."

And yes, it's nice to see that Ami's still, well, issuey.

Rory believes that Eliza is signing Yasur's death warrant, having found a chink in the armor of woman.

Day 15: I-CHALLENGE: Tiki Line

Okay, follow me here. Four tribesmen will start on a floating island with eight tiki pieces. Each tribesman will traverse two of the pieces at a time through a line that threads itself through an underwater obstacle course - around an outrigger canoe, over a wall, through some hitching posts, through a truss, and finally onto a trough. Once all eight pieces are on the trough, start putting them together. First team to do that wins Probst's Power Pole and is guaranteed one more day in Vanuatu. Only one?!

Scout and Lisa, the best friends they are, stay on shore to solve the puzzle. The swimmers... have their work cut out for them. Chris and Ami are first in the water, as Chris is first on the beach. Rory vs. Sarge next, as Rory gains some serious ground. Will Leann keep pace against Jules? Nope. She loses the lead and leaves Eliza to anchor against John K.... which will never happen. Lopevi has their tiki up before Eliza can even hit the water.

Later that day: Loose lips sink...

So who's next to go? There are three on the bubble: Rory, by virtue of his Y-chromosome, Eliza, by virtue of her foul-up, and Leann, who believes that she should go because of HER foul-up.

Uhh, make that four. Lisa wants to go with Ami to get more manioc "to see where it is just in case... you know." Woops! OR at least Ami thinks it's a woops, because now she doesn't trust Lisa. Scout and Ami talk about upcoming votes, as Ami now pledges her vote for Lisa. Scout pledges to vote for Eliza. Ami says that she trusts Eliza more than Lisa. Lisa thinks that judgment upon one concern is insulting. She swears to stay true to the end, even though she's not going to swear to people who can't trust her. "I'm not going to kiss Ami's butt to stay in this game."

Scout fills Rory in on the war between Ami and Lisa as he explains that Eliza would be an ideal candidate to go. Not anymore, as he has finally found a chink in the armor. And what do you do with a chink? You keep pressing at it until, eventually, it unravels. "Amazingly enough, my name is not going to come up in Tribal today. All I want is for somebody to leave the island other than me."

It's a knockout for the kid, all right.

Night 15: Tribal Council.

Scout says to Probst, "We gotta quit meeting like this", as they haven't been whooped yet. Leann feels a lot responsible for the loss. Scout is voting for loyalty over strength. Eliza is sure that people trust her, as Rory hasn't heard a word of THAT. Lisa is sticking to her word. So is Ami. Rory is in the hunt against... oh wait, another tender moment. "I worked 110 percent since day one at Yasur. All I asked for is a fair shake." Shake it off, Rory, because it's time to vote.

Lisa: RORY :( - "I really don't want to vote you off, but I want to prove that my word is good with the ladies."
Ami: LISA (flower)
Scout: RORY - "This is not a vote against you. It's a vote in support of our alliance. It's an honoring vote for Lisa. I couldn't put her name down." 

2-1 in Rory's favor. Rest of the votes:

Eliza: LISA
Rory: LISA
Leann: LISA

Four to two, as Rory gets his TKO. Lisa, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. So much for grrl power.

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