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Eighteen new castaways set sail for the islands of fire, Vanuatu, to brave the elements, the volcanoes, and the local cannibals for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million. 

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
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"Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch: Days 4-6" - September 23

Day 4:
Quoth my sister, if you have a bad plantain, then someone didn't cook it right.

That's a whole lot of Lisa spilling out of her tanktop as she machetes her way to a boatload of plantains. "Day 4. It's going rough," Mia says, tipping everyone off to complain about the whole deserted island aspect of the game. Eliza compares the game to prison as they chomp on poorly prepared platanos... with a hint of maggot.

Some of the older sisters are opting to eat the plantains anyway. The sorority chicks... won't, Dolly most of all with all the not sleeping and not eating and maggots. "But I'm having fun, I'm not complaining at all!" You know, except for the not sleeping, not eating, et ce-te-ra, et ce-te-ra.

Everyone comforts the shepherds as Twila both comforts and offers some advice: "Protein. Eat 'em. Shut up. If they want to be pampered, they need to go back to the Holiday Inn."

R-CHALLENGE: Pole Position (for blankets, hammocks, and pillows; flint for the men, Scout sits out)

Hard to explain, but follow me anyway. Each tribesman is numbered, 1-8, standing on a pole. Starting with #1, tribesmates are to go from the start of the line to the finish WITHOUT a) falling off or b) touching two fellows mates simultaneously. First tribe to do that wins reward. In addition, should the guys win, they get flint for fire.

The men seem a little homophobic for this challenge as one by one... well, ONE man goes down. Meanwhile, the women are squeezing... struggling... grabbing... Man, I won't lie. This is getting me all hot. Probably getting the rest of the men all hot as well as one by one, the women literally walk all about the men, getting all eight mates onto the winner's island first for much-needed comfort.

And Eliza dances. Giggity. Heh.

Day 5: Something we haven't seen for a while... The sun.

Leann is soaking up the fact that the girls have everything while the guys have... zip-a-dee-doo-dah.

The girls also have a golden opportunity upon them. Now anyone who's everyone on Survivor knows that chickens aren't the most fertile of God's creation. I mean, you just can't go up to one and say "You, egg, now!" So comes option #2... as Twila, about as eager as Gordon on one of his good days, sends her holy machete high into the sky... in time for the chicken to beat flappers. Good news: in her wake... a lot of eggs. So you don't have chicken, but you can at least hardboil some eggs... Except that you spilled the water onto the fire. Now you have no chicken and no fire.

And when you have no chicken, no eggs, and no fire, that's when you start thinking, as Ami has already done.  "The good news about being a tribe of all women is we care about each other and we want each other to succeed. We haven't had to start voting people off yet. I think we can win the next challenge. But I definitely see groups forming. The two groups that were formed I think are like the older generation and then the younger generation. That diversity in age has really separated everybody." Ami doesn't classify herself as old or young, but does gravitate more toward the Golden Girls.

Dolly, meanwhile, plots with Twila to get into a majority, citing that her head was on the block last round. But what Dolly doesn't know is that the elders have already made a pact of four, and that Dolly is the swinger that warrants attention. Dolly puts her pinky forward to Twila, so I suggest she get her machete ready in case something odd happens...

Day 6: Tree-mail (mostly addressed to the men)

"So far it seems the spirits haven't responded to the Stone.
Depend upon your tribemates; you can't do this on your own.
When you put it all together, it takes agility, skill and trust.
Tonight, the dreams of victory for one will turn to dust!"

Must mean...

I-CHALLENGE: Loud Man's Bluff (Dolly sits out)

Three tethered-and-blindfolded groups will venture out into the beach and the water to collect 12 pairs of puzzle pieces going solely by the voice of one leader (in our case, Scout). Once the 12 pairs are safely (more or less) recovered, blindfolds will come off and puzzle-solving will commence. First one to the top of the observation deck wins immunity and the right to wield Mr. Pike. For the men, this also equals flint.

From what I hear, the men had finally started to mind the spirit stone. I'm hoping that the legend is nothing more than an old wives' tale. It's close starting off, as the men start on their puzzle first... after some real wincer moments including the water team being neglected by Scout.

Meanwhile, you can tell Sarge has done this sort of thing before.

Then Scout makes the big mistake, having her team take blinds off before releasing ONE more pair of pieces in the water. You know what they say, you should never turn your back on the ocean. The women get their pieces and take a while to untie. They scramble to assemble their puzzle, but it's too late. Lopevi wins immunity and fire. For us, it's onto Tribal.

Back at camp...

the ladies are nursing their wounds and counting their losses. Meanwhile, Dolly is playing the middle ground tactic WAY TOO EARLY by divulging to the Young'uns that the Elders have targeted Eliza and to the Elders that the Young'uns have targeted Leann. Question now, do you trust the middle-woman? Julie thinks she switched, feeling guilty. "She's looking out for everybody's interests." On the other hand, Scout wants Eliza gone because she's grating on people's nerves. Then Dolly tells her of her decision to vote off Leann. "I nearly dropped my teeth."

And in the middle, Dolly is in a "cluster-you-know-what." An accurate assessment if I've ever heard one.

Night 6: Tribal Council...

Fire is life. You know what it is. You know how it go. Scout thought she blew the challenge, but she can't wallow in loss. Eliza calls everyone on on-and-off days. Twila calls out the elder alliance on working. Lisa is having trouble sleeping, and her withdrawal may cost her. Dolly thinks she's getting along with everyone too well, ending up in the middle. Eliza is worried that it might be her tonight, hoping and praying that people will stick to their word. Voting time...

Julie: LEANE (sic) - "Dolly's pretty much running the show."
Mia: LEIGH ANN (sic) - "Purely so that the Five Young'uns can stick together and get through this."

So far, two for Leann (non sic). The other votes...

Dolly: LEANNE (sic)
Leann: DOLLY
Scout: DOLLY
Eliza: DOLLY
Twila: DOLLY

That's five. That's enough... for the Young'uns to start casting ophthalmic blame. THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN, and the swinger gets swung. Dolly's gone to get pampered. Tell Chingy I said what up.

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