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Eighteen new castaways set sail for the islands of fire, Vanuatu, to brave the elements, the volcanoes, and the local cannibals for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million. 

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
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"Surprise! And Another Surprise!: Night 27-Day 30" - November 25

NIGHT 27: Who's the Narc?!

Chris has seen two of his mates go by the wayside thanks to the gurl alliance, yet Eliza is still here... and still as annoying as ever. So it's no surprise that Chris outs Twila and Scout as the master gamers behind the moves to eliminate Ami and Eliza. Doesn't this just change everything, doesn't it? But then again, it would also benefit Chris to an extent. 

DAY 28: Who's the Narc NOW?!

Leann goes to Twila, "the panic player" about the plan. "She didn't completely confirm the story, but she did tell me that it was all Scout's idea. If they were going to go through with their plan, they should've stuck with it, because now they're screwed."

REWARD CHALLENGE: Played Out (for one hour chat with a loved one from home)

Standard quiz on the game thus far. The Survivors get a little tease of the prize to be won: one minute with a loved one from home. We have a satellite and a computer (Apple) uplink. Twila has zero computer sense, so to make it easier, Jeff tosses in a webcam. Heeey... Twila talks with her son James, Leann talks with her best mate Teri, Eliza talks with her mommy Susan (so the big eyes are in her father's side), Julie talks with best friend Justin (or just says "Dude" all the time), Scout talks with partner Annie, Ami talks with girlfriend Chrissy, and Chris talks with his woman Laurie.

Now to the challenge. The players are going to be asked five questions based on past challenges. The person who gets the most correct will get a one-hour chat with their loved one. To give them a taste of what's to come, each Survivor is permitted a one minute chat.

1) In the seventh Immunity Challenge, who broke the most tiles overall? Answer: Rory. Everyone right.
2) In the Great Escape challenge, who was the first man to begin assembling his ladder? Answer: Chad. Everyone right.
3) In the second Immunity Challenge, who sat out? Answer: Dolly. Everyone but Twila and Chris in right.
4) In the fourth Immunity Challenge, there were four different symbols. Name them. Answer: volcano, pig, palm tree, skull.
5) In the first Reward Challenge, which Survivor fell into the water most? Answer: John K.

Julie and Eliza are tied at 7. Tiebreaker: in the 3rd Reward Challenge: name the matching pairs of items gathered by the tribes. Julie is blanked, while Eliza knows exactly what's going on. She wins the challenge and the visit with Susan.

But rather than have an online chat, how about an IRL chat overnight? You see, the loved ones were only a few feet away in a makeshift studio. Awwboatrideoff.

STILL DAY 28: Eliza's mom has got it going on...

"I was worried about the parasites. I was worried about Ebola. I was worried that she wasn't flossing every day. I was worried about the things in the sea that bite," says Eliza's Mom. That's really all we see of her as she chows on Alinta stew, which is nothing more than leftover trail mix. Whether or not she shares stories of Ken Jennings, we don't know.

So while Eliza was talking someone else's ear off, Leann cornered Scout about where her loyalties truly lied. She said that she wanted to play with honor, but "have now come to the lie, cheat, and steal" part. Then Ami says something about not saying anything about Final Four.  Scout asks Leann directly if her final four spot has been given to Julie. Leann confirms that it has. "Vengeance is mine sayeth the jury." Waxing poetic will get you somewhere...

DAY 29: Shirtless Susan rides again

It's almost time for Eliza's mom to bid farewell, so the girls rustle up some half-arsed gift ideas... for everyone else. And what does Susan do in kind? She takes her shirt off, gives it to Eliza, and leaves the island in a bra. "I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Eliza's mom..."

Twila, Ami and Leann go back to scheming, as Twila admits that many players have sought to make deals with her. Ami claims that if one of the men tried to bring her on board she would send him running back to his buddies by saying they have nothing to talk about. She isn't sure that Twila has the alliance's best interest in mind. She can't seem to tell right from wrong.

Twila on the other hand, swears on her son's life that she will not stray, "but maybe if I won a million dollars, God'll forgive me."

DAY 30: Bug: HAPPY THANKSGIVING from all of us at CBS

"I'm going to win immunity." So sayeth the last man on earth, Chris. He also sayeth that Julie was his mole, informing that the girls've become GURLS again and that Chris is next on the hit list.

Tree mail!

To save your own skin, you'll need more than just will,
Brains and brawn, determination and skill.
Yes it's a race, so you must hurry.
Only one will be safe, and one more joins the jury.


Today's challenge will be run in pairs? WTF? Well, in a move taken from Mole 2, the loved ones (allegedly back on their way to the states) are back in play, as they must find (blindfolded) three puzzle piece bags from on a grid, as directed by the Survivors. The pairs must then put together their puzzle. First to do so wins immunity and a one-in-six shot at a million bucks.

Amy & Crissy are the first ones to start on the puzzle, with Chris & Laurie right behind. It's a race between the two camps as... Ami & Crissy win the Immunity Talisman!

But for now, it's time to say goodbye again... Awwwboatrideoff... Chris thinks he'll see Laurie sooner rather than later. Laurie, "I am sorry we didn't win. Are you going home tonight?" Chris, "Yeah, I am."

AFTERNOON 30: Change of Heart

Without Eliza and Chris, the rest of Alinta gathers to discuss the vote. Plan A is to vote Chris off. Leann, thinking that Chris deserves to stay, objects to that, putting up Eliza instead. Ami believes Chris should go next but is willing to sacrifice Eliza if Leann feels so strongly about keeping Chris around.  She hopes Yasur hasn't made the wrong decision.

Julie gives Chris the good news (not involving car insurance), that he is not going home. People feel he deserves to stay more than Eliza. Chris can't believe what he is hearing.  "I don't even have to do anything to change the tide of the game."

But the game changes yet again, as Twila admits to Chris that she's had it with Leann and Ami. It is about time things got shuffled. "The last few days, you've held the key and you haven't realized it." She proposes a new alliance between her, Scout, Eliza and Chris. Chris enthusiastically jumps on board. "Damn right, I'll do it! I'll turn the tide, I'll take the risk right now." He gives his word. He will chat with Eliza and bring her into the fold.

So now that we have a final four favorite that DOESN'T include Ami, it's time to show someone the door. Chris and Eliza discuss things, but Eliza is not sure if she can trust Scout or Twila. Scout and Twila could be playing them. Chris says there is nothing he can do to prove how serious Twila and Scout are but he is not lying. "Please, take this risk."

NIGHT 30: The Tribal That Changes Everything... Unless of course, it doesn't. 

Having gotten to the conjugal visit, Eliza realizes how far she's come to the end. Chris knew that Laurie was giving her all and then some. Leann and Teri were just goofing off right then, even as she wanted to win. Leann didn't think it was life or death. Eliza brought her bag again, thinking that she'll just eke by if she stays again. Chris notes tension among the women.

Now the matter of the vote. Ami is immune.

Julie: Eliza - "It's what everyone agreed, but you are like a little sister."
Ami: elyza(sp) - "Sorry, but I have to stick with the team. I guess it's your time to go."

Two votes for Eliza... Three votes for Eliza (Leann)... But, one of my favorite phrases... Just when you think it's over... It isn't!

Chris: Leann
Scout: Leann
Eliza: Leann
Twila: Leann

By a vote of 4-3, Leann, the tide is turned, and THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Chris and Eliza are pleased. Chad and Sarge are elated. Ami and Julie are flushed.

And Wolvie, I'll take you up on that offer... Hell, I'll PAY for it :)

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