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Eighteen new castaways set sail for the islands of fire, Vanuatu, to brave the elements, the volcanoes, and the local cannibals for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Double Tribal, Double Trouble: Day 7" - September 30


Well, now that the Lopevi Tribe have the fire we need to boil water and cook whatever food we might catch (if we ever get AROUND to it), it's time to FINALLY build a decent shelter. We all work together to lash palm stalks together before putting the roof on. Everyone, that is, except Rory...and that's because he found something: CITRUS! Lea (aka "Sarge") confronts Rory about him not being a "team player"... until Rory shows the lemons to the "sourpuss". Rory is his own man and takes orders from NOBODY!

Only TWO men seem to be arguing at Lopevi...but we can practically hear ALL the women shouting at each other from the other end of the island.  The next challenge should prove VEEEEEEERY interesting!

Then comes the Tree-Mail:


Whoa! Another Immunity Challenge?! This quick?! But... what's this jazz about "all friendships will be put to the test"? Well, there's only one way to find out...


To Challenge Cove we march. We meet Yasur and find out that the bubble-head Dolly was tossed to the curb (Sarge comments, "Barbie's gone"). We hand the Immunity Idol to Uncle Jeff... and he informs us that the Challenge is for both Reward AND Immunity! But... there's a twist: both tribes will be going to Tribal Council tonight to vote off one member! ("WTF?!?" is what we're all thinking.) See, the two tribes will face off for Reward... and the WINNING tribe will face off against each other for INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY!

The Reward Challenge is a series of three bamboo cage walls, each with a gate that needs to be opened. The first gate needs to have ropes and planks untied, the second needs keys to unlock three chained locks which can only be grabbed using grappling hooks and the third needs interlocking poles undone. The first tribe through all three gates and on the finish mat wins.

The 1-in-8 shot at Immunity is reward enough... but the REAL Reward for the winning tribe is fishing gear: swimming mask, Hawaiian sling, hooks, line and sinkers. So the winners not only get someone to stay for another two days but also meat on the table! 

At the count of "GO", we're off! We spread out amid the knots in the boards while the girls stay close together. We each undo about the same amount of knots, though... for a minute or so. We undo the planks rather quickly while the girls struggle with theirs. We get all the planks off and sprint for the second wall. Travis ("Bubba") and J.P. climb the wall and start tossing the hooks at the rope rings which hold the keys. We reel one in... but lose it with a few feet to go. Yasur finally pushes through and runs for THEIR hooks, manned (or is it "womaned") by Scout and Twila.

We both get our first keys at about the same time. But J.P. must have thrown some lawn darts in his day because he hooks the second key dead-on and reels it in like a pro. But even experts goof from time to time... and J.P. lets his hook slip out. As we use the other hook to get that one back (instead of aiming for the final key like we SHOULD have been), Yasur hooks their second key and ties it up. Scout's unable to throw far enough to get a third key... but J.P. hooks it easy! We grab it, unlock the final chain and run to the final gate, leaving the girls wondering how they can get their last key.

As we work on the poles, Yasur manages to hook their last key and tie the Challenge again... but only for a split second. It takes a few seconds for us to realize that the window we're supposed to go through is open... until Brady figures it out and jumps through. One-by-one, he more-or-less YANKS his tribe through the window while the girls run to THEIR window. By the time they even touch one of the poles, Sarge is through and we have WON! To paraphrase Bruce from "Finding Nemo", we're having FISH TONIGHT! And the girls are going home to blame each other and wonder who's going home tonight.


Now to the IMMUNITY part of this dual Challenge: the eight men must now dig in the sand in their individual lanes and find seven ladder rungs, each one which can only fit in one section of the ladder in front of them. Once all seven rungs are found, a man can start to assemble the ladder. The first man to assemble their ladder completely and reach the top is the only one NOT going home tonight since he'll receive the Immunity Necklace to wear to Lopevi's Tribal Council tonight.

Each man seems to have different strategies when it comes to digging once Uncle Jeff starts us off. J.P. uses a "bulldozer" method, thinking all the rungs are shallow. Sarge and Chad pretty much shove their fists in the sand and see if their knuckles hit wood. Rory uses his feet to really dig. And Bubba...well, he's digging himself back to Tennessee, it appears. Chad takes an early lead, though Johnny is close behind. While Bubba finally finds his FIRST piece and Chris and  Johnny find their fifth ones apiece, the Man With The Iron Leg finds number seven and starts to work on the ladder. Johnny catches up when he finds #6 and #7... so it's a two-man race to fit the puzzle-ladder together.

As Chad closes in on fitting the ladder together and Johnny closes in on Chad, J.P. finds the seventh piece and works furiously to catch up. Then Chad has some trouble with his puzzle, feeling he put a piece in the wrong spot. This gives Johnny ample time to put his final run in place and sprint up the ladder to win that oh-so-important Individual Immunity!

But, as Johnny climbs back down, Uncle Jeff says the three scariest words to be heard on this show: "One other thing..." There's another "reward" that Johnny receives for winning Immunity: he gets to go back to camp... with YASUR! But it's not forever, because he has decisions to make.

Then Uncle Jeff explains the convoluted set-up for the Tribal Councils tonight. Johnny will spend the day with the girls and gather information from Yasur during said day. Tonight, Lopevi will go to Council first and Johnny will join them in voting which of the other seven to kick off. THEN, Johnny will RETURN with Yasur and - get ready for this - will CHOOSE which one of them gets Immunity from THEIR Council vote! So one member of each tribe will go home... and one member of each tribe will be immune tonight!


(Even though Johnny is still a part of Lopevi, I'll let Chico Marx talk about HIS exploits with the Yasur Tribe.)

While Johnny lets the girls debate on who was wrong and who was right in ditching Dolly, we are so psyched that we won the fishing gear... but, at the same time, we are so BUMMED that one of us is going to go tonight. J.P. thinks it's... J.P. He thinks he's a dead man walking. The only thing he can think to do is talk with Brady, the other "young gun" left in the tribe, about convincing Sarge to help them kick out Rory. After the talk (while Rory is out fishing), J.P. approaches Sarge about that very subject... with which Sarge simply says, "It's possible." Sarge then approaches Chris about it, but Chris replies, "This just ISN'T the time!" As they march to the Council area, Sarge thinks that he HATES Tribal Council since he built up the team and now must tear it down (don't ever work for the Florida Marlins, Lea).


We meet up with Johnny again as we enter the Stone Temple o' Doom with our Stone Temple Pilot, Uncle Jeff. He asks Chad about the teamwork of the tribe and he says they've been comrades "from the very get-go". Brady has different impressions of Sarge from his first ones, finding him very personable.

Then Johnny gets asked about how aggressive the women were in trying to win over his favor for Immunity. He explains how he divided the Yasur camp into Dolly-voters and non-Dolly-voters and talked to them each... while, at the SAME time, working out what THEIR alliances were so that Lopevi could exploit them after the eventual merge. Everyone was IMPRESSED with Johnny's thinking and tell him, "Good job!" Johnny adds that he feels "150% confident" in his choice for Yasur Immunity.

As for THIS Tribal Council, J.P. says he wants the tribe to be as strong as possible going into the next Challenge and the merge. Sarge says he has friendships but he's here to play the game.

With that, it's time to vote. Into the not-so-isolated booth go Johnny, Chris ("J.P., I may be weaker than you physically but I'm stronger than you mentally!"), Rory, Brady ("Rory, nothing personal, man, I'm just being consistent."), Travis, J.P. (who writes "Royry"), Chad ("J.P., this is our strategy... sorry, my friend") and Sarge.

Uncle Jeff tallies the votes and reads them off: Rory... J.P... J.P... Rory... "Royry"... J.P... J.P. and... John P.! He couldn't sell himself as a Survivor, so his torch is snuffed and he heads back to the Hollywood Hills.

Our host ends with saying that, though the consensus for both Councils was to keep the tribe strong, they voted off two of the stronger members. Everyone but John picks up their own torches and marches home... while John sticks around for Yasur's time.


Into the temple come the eight Amazons known as Yasur Tribe. As they sit, they wait with faded breath (not to mention through a commercial break) to see who is immune. John stands and proclaims his choice by taking the Immunity Necklace off and placing it around the neck of...

AMI?! One of the Dolly-voters?!

But... why?! John explains that, out of everyone, Ami was not going to be voted out. He also says that the tribe needs to figure out who THEY want out (and adds that it's probably who he thinks it'll be anyway).
O..... kay... that straightens everything out... like a damn PRETZEL!  John then marches out with his torch and lets Yasur wrestle with... his explanation. (Personally, I think John thinks he can get a "Bahstin Rob/Amber" thing going with Ami after the merge.)

Whatever John's strategy was, Mia is voted off after a revealing and talkative Council. But, whatever the strategy was, the tribes are STILL even... and there's still 32 days and (certainly) a few more twists to go...

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