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Blood Vs. Water
CBS 8p ET Wednesday

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In another bid for $1 million, ten of the game's greatest players are taking on their greatest challenge: their loved ones! Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast the others? 39 days, 20 people... ONE SURVIVOR!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions Castaway Productions
Survivor Productions
Origins Philippines
Airs 8p ET Wed, CBS

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Rustle Feathers Kasama Tribe
December 4

So Caleb gets booted for turning on Tyson...and Tyson wastes his Individual Immunity Idol. Hayden tells Tyson it was a good move...but, deep inside, he's mad as all Hades! He tells the tribe that, if Tyson makes it to the Final Three, he is winning the million bucks. Gervase takes offense to that, saying Tyson would be NOWHERE were it not for the most-veteran Veteran in the game! But Hayden says, his he's in the Jury, his vote's going to Tyson. Tyson...he's kinda mixed about that. Nice to hear he has a supporter, but now he has a target on his back...and no 3I to block the arrows coming his way. He, Gervase, Laura and Monica agree that Hayden will be next to go if he doesn't win Immunity.


RI Arena...Uncle Jeff...Kasama...122F heat...Tina, Laura and Caleb enter to Duel. Caleb doesn't even look at Kasama, though he wishes Katie and Hayden the best. As for everyone else, "ďA manís the South it means something. And in the game of Survivor, just doesn't mean as muchĒ. Gervase says that, yes, a man's word is a bond...and Caleb broke said bond and is now just a sore loser.

Uncle Jeff explains the Duel (a Challenge/Duel from three times before): 150 wooden tiles are to be used to construct a "house of cards" high enough to reach the top of an eight-foot pole. The first two to get to that height - OR the two highest stacks after 30 minutes - gets to stick around RI for a few more days while the loser is sent to the Jury. Oh...and there's ANOTHER 3I in play the winner gets to choose to whom to give a clue to it.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

And the stacking begins. The learning curve's a bit steep...but Laura seems to get the gist quickly. Uncle Jeff is supportive: he tells Tina and Caleb that, if it falls, just pick up and start again.

24 minutes in, Laura's stack is about seven feet high. Tina's at just over three feet...and Caleb's barely past two. But...then Laura's stack starts to lose a few tiles near the top. (I wonder why she doesn't just stop at this point as there's no way she can be caught in six minutes.) She recovers slowly, Ciera telling her not to panic. She gets to 7 1/2 or maybe two "stories" to go. She places two cards as a "roof" to make it to the 8-foot mark...and, with a backwards 3-count from Uncle Jeff, LAURA STAYS ALIVE!

Since it looks as if neither will make it to the top, the higher stack after three more minutes will join Laura. But THIS time, Laura CAN'T help Tina build. She CAN verbally support her, though...and she does...but it's not helping; her top floor keeps collapsing. Caleb is slow and steady...and is starting to catch up. Two minutes to go...Caleb is dead-even with Tina as she struggles. Caleb then passes her as Katie suggests to her mom to work on it from above. One minute...and Tina's house nearly collapses! Caleb is past six feet now...though the house IS leaning. Thirty seconds...

...and you almost expect a grey rabbit with a Brooklyn accent to run by yelling, "TIMMMM-BERRRRRRRRRRRRR!" as Caleb's entie house collapses! Tina stops what she's doing...and counts down the last ten seconds like it was New Year's Eve! TINA STAYS ALIVE!

Ol' King Coulson's partner...say what you will...but at least HE'S not a quitter! However, his 30-day excersion into the life Coulson just couldn't hack is over. Uncle Jeff asks about his relationship with Coulton and Caleb says, "Opposites attract." But what's opposite? Well, Coulton's estrogen level is higher...and that's about it. (Oh,...and Caleb DIDN'T QUIT!!) Caleb tosses his Buff(TM) into the urn and he looks to go all "postal" in the Jury.

Now,...will the person Laura gives the 3I clue to burn it...or will they keep it being it's so late in the game and Immunity is EVERYTHING now? Well, she gives it to her daughter...and Ciera KEEPS it this time. Smart move...or target placed on back?


All but Hayden and Katie go to get water...and Ciera is a little jumpy. She needs the 3I before Hayden or Katie get it or their alliance is screwed. At the watering hole, she opens the new clue...







OK,'s near the watering hole and is high up...and the four start to search. Hayden and Katie decide to spy on the alliance and they join in the search. Hayden needs it because it's his last hope to stay in the game. TYSON needs it because, if he DOESN'T, he doesn't know when the next back-stabbing will happen. After all, he promised Rachel he'd make it to the end. So he climbs up a tree...and, lo and behold, there's the 3I! He puts in in his shorts against his crotch (where, according to him, "no one will expect a bulge")...and wonders if he should share this info with the alliance...but decides to keep it to himself.

(Uh, I don't think ANYONE will want to touch that now ANYWAY, Tyson! YUCK!)

He may not have an Idol, but Hayden is still playing the game. He tells Gervase that what he said last night about Tyson was true...and that they need to get four people together to kick out Tyson. Hayden says he won't "blow-up" Gervase's game. But, secretly, Gervase is STILL with Tyson...and that Hayden is just a "plan B".

Nothing on day 31, apparantly, so on to...


Challenge Clearing and a multi-staged obstacle course awaits and Uncle Jeff - for a third time - takes back the Immunity Necklace from Monica. The first part of the Challenge involves balancing a ball on a bamboo pole while going through each obstacle. After each obstacle, another section of pole is attached, making it harder to balance. If the ball drops, you go back to the start of the obstacle. After all obstacles are cleared, the ball is used to release a key which unlocks a chest filled with sandbags. The bags are then used to knock down nine bamboo targets. First to send all nine to the sand is safe from the vote tonight. What's more, the winner gets an ice cream cart full of bars, cones and sandwiches delivered right to camp for him/her to enjoy...and maybe share.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

First obstacle: bars to go over and/or under. After several drops, Monica gets through first. She adds the length and goes to the balance beam. Gervase and Tyson and close behind with Hayden a few ticks behind. Monica and Gervase lengthens the lead (though Tyson's not far behind) going into the third obstacle: a steep-inclined balance beam. Katie and Ciera are far behind, Hayden trying to catch-up. Monica and Gervase are seconds apart as they release the key and get to tossing sandbags.

The targets are in a 1-2-3-2-1 arrangment. Monica hits one of the front two on her first toss. Gervase then goes 3-for-3 before Monica can get her second target down. And he gets three more with ONE bag, just as Tyson finishes the course. Like Nick Foles or Michael Vick, Tyson's tossing the bags and nailing the bamboo shoots...but the last one - the furthest one - is tricky. Monica gets down to four left...and then three...and then two...and Gervase runs out of bags and has to run to pick more up. He grabs, he throws...he NAILS it! GERVASE WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD!!

Hayden is NOT happy as Uncle Jeff puts the Immunity Necklace onto Gervase's neck. But, as always, Jeff lets Gervase choose two tribemates to join him in the frozen lactose-fest. He chooses Monica (as retribution for her giving them the BBQ last week) and Tyson (his "left-hand man"). Was this a million-dollar mistake?


Gervase is feeling PRETTY good. He's been well fed the last week or so, he's in a solid alliance...and NOW he has Immunity! And, best of all, here comes the ice cream man! But Hayden sees this as a plus; as Gervase, Tyson and Monica gorge on ice cream, he talks to Ciera about staging a coup. He tells her that, no matter what happens tonight, he's certain she's next on the chopping block. Ciera, however, is SO not buying it. Hayden says Gervase is "on board" booting Tyson out...or, at the very least, flush out the 3I he's sure Tyson has and ditching Monica. But she says she won't make it a 3-3 vote.

After the gurgitating is through, Hayden then works on Gervase and Monica, once again pitvhing the whole, "You'll be second behind Tyson unless..." pitch. Gervase, again, thinks he has a shot...but Hayden says Tyson's been "playing the game". Monica agrees with Gervase...and Hayden's plan tumbles like Caleb's house of cards. And he's a sore loser, too. But he admits to Tyson about the blindside attempt.

So, tonight, Hayden will go out in a blaze of glory, spilling as much dirty laundry about Kasama as possible before he gets sent to the "moms" on Redemption Island...and hope for the best.


The Beachfront Circle of Doom welcomes us again. The Super Baskauskas Bros. and Caleb step into the Jury Box and look upon Kasama like the Kryptonians looking down on Zod.

Uncle Jeff talks about the division, and Hayden admits that Tyson's in control. Ciera doesn't care what Hayden thinks. She also thinks she didn't share in the ice cream because she's been fed enough. Gervase then says that he chose Tyson and Monica because of "Galang Strong"...and Ciera agrees that she's really on the outside...but still in the yard. When Hayden again said Tyson was "controlling" the alliance, Ciera reminded him that it was he and Caleb who wanted to vote her mother out, NOT Tyson.

Katie is tired of the politics, but Uncle Jeff reminds her that "politics" is what the game is all about. Katie KNOWS this...but she also knows she's on the bottom. Monica says that Ciera breaking from the alliance is not a good idea at this point. But Hayden speaks up and tells Ciera that she will NOT be "#4" if she breaks away. Gervase says that his group aren't backstabbers and liars but honest people...and the Jury Box erupts with laughterm, though Gervase says they just got "played" first.

Garvase says the alliance is strong...but Uncle Jeff AGAIN implies that Ciera is "#4" in the alliance and, thus, is in trouble. But Gervase says she's not going home tonight. While he says this, Hayden nudges Katie and mutters, "Monica". Tyson says Ciera is NOT "#4"...and Hayden says that means MONICA is, as Tyson and Gervase are #1 and #2. Tyson tells Ciera point-blank that he has never deceived her and will protect her for as long as he can.

Then an argument breaks out between Hayden and the alliance, all directed to trying to sway Ciera one way or the other. Talk about "being hundred percent" and "rustling feathers" it all comes down to whether she wants to be on the outside looking in...or if she wants to make a move that will impress the Jury enough for them to cough up a million to her.

It is time to vote! Katie, Monica, Gervase, Hayden, Tyson and Ciera march to the alcove and write down who they want to send to RI tonight. Gervase doesn't whisper as he votes for "Hay-done", shouting that this isn't Big Brother and that Hayden's about to learn that the hard way! As Hayden goes to vote, Tyson whispers to Ciera to stick with them. Tyson votes for Hayden, saying, "Never tell an insane person they're going home next.". Ciera doesn't seem to hesitate in writing her vote down. Uncle Jeff tallies, arranges, asks for 3Is, gets no takers, and reads:












HOLY CRAP! We have a tie! Apparantly, Ciera has shifted allegiances! So it's time to RE-vote. Hayden and Monica will not vote..and votes can ONLY be for one of those two. Katie takes the casket back as she, Tyson, Hayden and Gervase vote again. But I think we know how this is gonna swing...






...and Hayden!'s a deadlock...first one in a LONG time! Now, as some of the members have stated, the deadlock-breaker is random chance, last used in Marquesas. The four are given one last chance to come up with a unanimous decision for Hayden or Monica and, if they don't, those two will be safe and the four (except for Gervase, whose Immunity still hold) will draw rocks to see which of THEM goes to RI. Ciera tells them that she KNOWS she's "#4" among the the bull@#$% has to end here. Gervase says, "Fine...then draw rocks!" A concensus cannot be Tyson, Ciera and Katie have to draw white and black rocks, with the white rock meaning they're gone. It's a 1-in-3 chance that the alliance's so-called "controller" will be sent out...but the SAME chance that the instigator of the deadlock will be gone...and an equal chance that some who KNEW she'd be out eventually will be out NOW. They draw...and the one with the white rock in hand is...





Katie gets a hug from Tyson, telling her that was a "ballsy move"...and he then glares at Ciera. Katie's torch is snuffed and she heads to RI to be with Laura and mother Tina. All Uncle Jeff can say to send us off is, "This is a battle til the very end!"

Oh, and Tyson hands Hayden his torch as Hayden seemed to forget about it before leaving. Foreshadowing? Who knows...

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