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January 19, 2021


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A New Challenger Enters the Arena!

Master Minds
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 4p/3c
Host: Brooke Burns
Official WebsiteFacebook
music composer
mom of one
new father
Ken Jennings
The Trivia Legend
Arianna Haut
The Headmaster
Jonathan Corbblah
The Chess Wizard

Arianna Haut is getting her first callup of the season.

ROUND 1: Ken is perfectly perfect with 700 to 500 for Jonathan and 400 for Arianna. Nadeem and Hunter are tied at 400 to 300 for Kelly.

ROUND 2: Going into the final question of the round, Nadeem is in the lead with 600 to 500 for Kelly and 400 for Hunter. On the Master Minds' side, Ken and Jonathan are tied at 700 to Arianna's 600.
- 400-POINT QUESTION in "Theater": The brutish dim-witted Caliban plotted to murder Prospero in what Shakespeare play? Both Hunter and Jonathan have "The Tempest"... and both are right to move on with Ken and Nadeem.

- Hunter makes short work of the Speed round to win, 4700-1300
- Jonathan does likewise to win, 4600-2800.

Q1: Due to his ability to escape justice for so long, what mafia boss was nicknamed "The Teflon Don"? (John Gotti)
- Hunter 1 - 1 Jonathan
Q2: Typically what student with the highest grades gives a farewell speech at a graduation ceremony? (Valedictorian)
- Hunter 2 - 2 Jonathan
Q3: What museum allows visitors to explore the ancient temple of Dendur which was brought from Egypt to New York? (The Met, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
- Hunter 2 - 3 Jonathan)
Q4: In the 1990s the National Wood Flooring Association published a parody counterpoint to what popular Dr. Seuss book? ("The Lorax")
- Hunter 2 - 3 Jonathan
Q5: Based on the drawings of a German nun, what ceramic figurines became popular in the US following World War II? (Hummels)
- Hunter 3 - 3 Jonathan

The score is tied, so we go to...

ULTIMATE TRIVIA QUESTION: Who was the only 20th century president elected directly from his position as vice president?
- Hunter goes with "George Bush Sr."... ACCEPTABLE! He wins $10,000 and returns for the second jewel in his trivia triple crown next time!

Chopped: Grudge Match
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: 9p/8C
Host: Ted Allen
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The road to the largest ever prize awarded on Chopped continues with three returning champions...

Demetrio Zavala
Washington, DC
executive corporate chef

Jen Biesty
chef/owner, Shakewell-Oakland

Nick Testa
New York
executive chef; The Bonnie

Tristen Epps
executive chef; Red Rooser Overtown

On the panel tonight: star chefs Geoffrey Zakarian, Nilou Motamed, and Christian Petroni.

APPETIZER: First out of the boxes are... sauerkraut soup, breakfast radishes, sardines, and pork rind breadcrumbs.
- Demetrio: Pan-Roasted Sardine Brandade with Radish Gremolata
- Jen: Sardine Sandwich with Sicilian Breadcrumbs & Skordalia
- Nick: Sardine Fritto Misto with Caper & Sauerkraut Dressing
- Tristen: Grilled Sardine with Sauerkraut Brodo & Pork Rind Panko Rouille

ENTREE: Next for our remaining combatants is... mustard gelating mold, wild boar, quince, and smoked soy sauce.
- Demetrio: Rack of Wild Board with Apple & Sweet Potato Puree
- Jen: Butter-Poached Wild Board with Smoked Soy Glaze
- Tristen: Glazed Wild Board with Quince Fondant & Mustard Jus

DESSERT: For seat #3 in the finale, we have... a unicorn milkshake, raspberries, concha, and lap cheong.
- Demetrio: Unicorn Milkshake Trifle with Citrus Raspberry Compote
- Tristen: Brown Butter-Raspberry Cake with Lap Cheong & Concha Crumble

And the third seat for $100,000 goes to... DEMETRIO!

Family Feud Canada
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

CBC: 7:30p ET
Host: Gerry Dee
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Lorraine, Candice, Kelly, Kadeasha, Jennifer


Lynda, John, Jacquelyn, Dyanna, Marc

SINGLE: Living with seven men, something Snow White might have delivered in bulk.
1️ Groceries 34 5️ Deodorant/Soap 8
2️ Toilet paper 15 6️ Shaving supplies 6
3️ Contraception 11 7️ Socks 2
4️ Booze 8 8️ Air fresheners 2

SINGLE: In the winter, a way people warm their hands.
1️ Gloves/Mitts 45 5️ Shove in pockets 3
2️ Rub together 27 6️ Hot beverage 3
3️ Hold over fire 7 7️ Nether-regions 2
4️ Blow on them 3 8️ In their pits 2

DOUBLE: A place people would be embarrassed to admit they've fallen asleep.
1️ Work/Meeting 20 5️ Car 6
2️ Bathroom 14 6️ Movie theatre 6
3️ Church 11 7️ Restaurant/Date 5
4️ Bus 7

TRIPLE: Something people take out.
1️ Fast food 53
2️ The trash 27
3️ Loans 5
4️ Library books

Game goes to...

SUDDEN DEATH: A gift you can give to your wife, but not your mother. The Malo family wins it by answering lingerie (60).

FAST MONEY: Lynda gets three of the #1 for 112. Marc gets zero of the remaining #1 to give the family $850.
- On average, how mnay times per night do new parents get woen up by their baby?: 3 (Lynda)
- Something that comes in a bottle: Water
- Something hard on the outside and soft on the inside: Egg
- Something that has lots of ups and downs: Roller coaster (Lynda)
- Something you brush: Teeth (Lynda)

Get a Clue
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 4p/3c
Host: Rob Belushi
Official WebsiteFacebook
Karaoke Hosts
Taryn, Savoie, & Rayen
The CHatham Family
Kim, Travis, & Susie

ROUND 1: The Only Meat You Need, King of the World, Monkey Business, What a Chore!

The Chatham Family sweep King of the World (things associated with "Titanic"), while the Karaoke Hosts run Monkey Business (things associated with monkeys). We're tied at 1000.

ROUND 2: I Call'em As I Coliseum, My Way or the Beltway, Whodunnit?, Eighties Babies
- Chatham Family picks Eighties Babies (things associated with the 80s), getting five for 1000, 2000 total.
- Karaoke Hosts pick My Way or the Beltway (things you'd find in Washington, DC), going seven for seven for 1400 plus the bonus, 2800 total.

- Karaoke Hosts (Taryn gives to Savoie): they get ace, collide, envelope, flounder, hopscotch, partner & trick, but aren't belligerent enough for 2000. They end up with 1800 more, 4600 total.
- Chatham Family (Kim gives to Susie): they get abracadabra, surprise, obvious, genre, and serendipity, and they don't need terminus. They win, 4800-4600!

BONUS ROUND: The Chatham Family get chair, preteen, daisy, elbow, person, and jar, falling two short.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Guest Host: Ken Jennings with Jimmy McGuire & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram
  Donesh is looking for another game against...

Donesh Olyaie
Corona, CA

Brian Chang
Lisa Garner
Carmichael, CA
safety engineer

JEOPARDY! ROUND: I Can't Decide on a Synonym, 3-Letter Responses, Country Roads, Put Something On!, Sounds Like the Movie's Sequel, Historically Shameless (delivered by "Shameless" star William H. Macy)

Donesh starts wtih $200 Country Roads. At the TV timeout, Donesh is in front with $4200 to $3400. Lisa has $1200.

Brian finds the Daily Double under $800 Put Something On! He puts everything on this:
- Whether on tops or dresses, puff these were one of Elle's "9 Trends Dominating 2020."
"... What are pastries?" Nope. They're sleeves. He recovers to $1800, but with Lisa on $2200 to Donesh's $5200, Brian will select first in...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Ancient Monuments & Ruins, Talk About the Weather, Libros en Español; Testing, Testing; Song References, Anagram the First Name.

... with $2000 Anagram the First Name, finding the first Daily Double under the same level over in Libros en Español. He wagers dos mil dolares on this...
- From 1937: "De Ratones y Hombres".
"What is 'Of Mice and Men'?" GOT IT for $3800. Donesh finds the other under $800 Ancient Monuments & Ruins. He makes  a big bet with $10,000 on this:
- One of the 7 Ancient Wonders was this huge marble tomb at Halicarnassus, of which some fragments survive.
"What is Hadrian's tomb?" ... No, it was the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, dropping him to $5200. He ends up with $6000 to $6600 for Lisa. But with $17,000, the game is Brian's to lose.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "The Business of Travel": adjusted for inflation, the nightly rate this company put in its name in 1962 is now $51. Correct response: what is Motel 6?

"I'm Tom Bodett, and we'll leave the light on for you."

Brian trolls Ken with memories of H&R Block. But still, he wins $13,201. Donesh leaves with $29,400.

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock2

CBS/CBS All Access: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Steven - $23,276(traded from $7,756)
Sherri - $17,880
Blyssie - $5,998
Michael - $5,960
Gina - $5,200
Matthew - $4,947
Samantha - $3,823
Vanessa - $2,000 + RECYCLED(in a smaller size).
Nijah - $500
Adriana - RECYCLED!
Quickies - $200/$200(knowing how many at-homies there are - 18)
Quickie Deals Total - $22,800/$26,900
Perfect Deals - 160
Big Deal Choice 1 - 6
Big Deal Choice 2 - 10
Big Deal Choice 3 - 23
Big Deal Location 1 - 18
Big Deal Location 2 - 13
Big Deal Location 3 - 8
Big Deal Wins- 10
Car Wins - 19


Prizes not won today -  $37,433
Big Deal prizes not selected today - $11,222

Total for Today not won - $49,655
Prizes not won this season -$2,560,263+ 5 unknown prize values

Total - $69,584
Total for Week 9 - $142,530
Total for the Season: $1,594,024+ 2 unknown prize values
Total with Quickie Deals -$1,594,224 + 2 unknown prize values
Best Week - Week 8 - $249,613
1M Passed - 27 shows(12/24/2020)

Tuesday's trading starts off with Matthew in Lederhosen(worked at Action Park in Vernon, NJ). All the prizes in the deal have fake national holidays as clues. For example, the small box has the clue of NATIONAL NATURAL BEAUTY DAY. The Big Box has NATIONAL PLUG IN DAY. Curtain 1 is NATIONAL LET THE BEAT DROP DAY. Matthew takes the Big Box. He passes on $1,000...$1,500...for the Big Box which is a 75" 4K HDTV with media cabinet and a year of hard cider from Austin Eastciders! That is worth $4,947! Next is Samantha the Birthday Girl who takes the small box. She passes on $1,000 and is going to Lake Tahoe for 4N at the Base Camp Hotel South Lake Tahoe worth $3,823! Let's go to Adriana(at-homie from Orlando - Masters at Full Sail for new media Journalism). She has Curtain 1 and passes on $1,000 for Curtain 1 which was a CARDBOARD JUKEBOX(ZONK)!

Nijah the Flight Attendant(administrative assistant at a hospital). Let's start this deal with THREE CARD TIFFANY. Two cards have a picture of Tiffany on it and one has cash. Jonathan mixes them up and if Nijah picks Tiffany, she will win an escape room experience from 60 out Escape Rooms worth $2,865! In a nod to Covid - Wayne will flip the cards and Nijah will pick the card by Number. She picks 2(going left to right on your screen) and wins the escape room trip. Next is FOUR CARD JONATHAN. We have FOUR cards this time - two have a picture of Jonathan and two have cash. If Jonathan shows up - Nijah will add this to her total. It's a Moschino Fashion Accessories collection worth $4,180! She picks card 3(from left to right) and adds the accessories. Nijah has $7,045 in prizes. If she gives that up, she can play FIVE CARD WAYNE. We have FIVE cards now - one has $500, one has $2,000 and two cards are ZONKS. The final card is Wayne. If Nijah picks the right card after giving up her prizes, she will drive off in a 2021 Ford Ecosport SUV worth $21,240! Nijah goes for the car and picks 4 (from Left to Right). She wins...$500. 3 was Wayne!

Michael the Mariachi(engineer and a former gymnast) has Curtain 1 from Wayne and Curtain 2 from Jonathan. We have a song battle. Michael will hear song clues from Jonathan and Wayne. After the song battle, Michael will make a choice. It's in Latin Hip Hop. Michael takes Curtain 1. Curtain 2 was a Rec Tec Grills Package with 2 Grills and a subscription to Butcherbox worth $2,748! Michael wins Curtain 1 after passing on $1,000 which is a luxury pampering package with an Active L Plus Leather Massage Chair from Ogawa and a healing electronics package from Ihome worth $5,960!

Steven the Banana(in home care specialist - closet nerd who played Quidditch at George Mason) and Blyssie the Jellyfish(award winning aesthetician) both have the small box and it is a $2,600 Smartphone Package. We will continue making deals until the words THE END show up in the deal. Steven and Blyssie both trade their smartphone package for Curtain 3. They both now have a game room with foosball table and air hockey table from Game Room Guys along with a 55" 4K HDTV worth $5,998!  We continue. Steven trades for the Big Box trading in his Game Room. Blyssie keeps the game room. Steven now has a Haunted Las Vegas Tour for 3N to experience Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum worth $7,756! Blyssie is done since she stopped trading. She leaves with the game room! Steven sticks with his Vegas trip and passes on ZONK THE MOVIE(behind Curtain 2)! We see the words THE END after the movie trailer - that means the deal is over and Steven is very happy!

Gina(at home from Norwalk Connecticut - owns a preschool) as Cher can get the same cellphone package from last deal - if she remembers how much it was worth. We have 0 0 2 6 on the envelope. If Gina gets it right, she will win the phones and the cash value. Gina says $2,600. She passes on $700 for -- the phones and $2,600! She wins $5,200 in cash and phones!

Farmer Sherri(special ed teacher at Escondido High School) is playing for a 2021 Nissan Versa Sedan worth $17,880! She is playing TIC TAC DEAL (created by our friend Gordon Pepper). We have a game board that looks like this:
3 4 5
6 7 8
9 10 11
Sherri will have up to 5 rolls to make TIC TAC DEAL(or Toe) either vertically horizontally or diagonally. 2s, 12s, and repeated rolls are no good.  If Sherri can get Tic Tac Deal in 5 rolls or less, she wins the Versa. Her first roll is 3. Next is 6. 9 will give her the Versa. Sherri passes on $1,000 to roll again. And JUST LIKE THAT...she rolls a 9. That is a VERTICAL TIC TAC DEAL in the minimum amount of rolls! Sherri wins the Versa!

Last deal involves Vanessa(as Aphrodite - real life love coach/spiritual coach). Vanessa will be shown a heavily pixelated picture of an item. If she can guess the item, she will win $3,000. She does by guessing HEADPHONES! Vanessa can take the $3,000, buy the teeny box for $1,000 or the blue small box for all of her cash. She buys the teeny box. If she would have spent all her money, Vanessa would have won a sapphire bracelet worth $5,400! Vanessa leaves with $2,000 and a TEENY CARDBOARD BOOMBOX!(ZONK)

Who trades for a shot at $23,276? Steven trades his haunted Vegas trip!

Steven picks 3. 1 was a suite of Apple Products with a 27" Imac/16" Macbook Pro/Ipad Pro/Ipad Mini/Iphone 11 Pro along with a RapidX Charging Package. It was worth $7,123! 2 was a new ATV from Kymco worth $4,099!  That means Steven wins the Big Deal behind 3 and it starts with a Miami Yacht Getaway for 2N from ALONG WITH EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL! That means he wins the trip, the ATV and the Apple Products worth $23,276!

People Puzzler
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 6p/5c
Host: Leah Remini
Official WebsiteFacebook
"I'd probably win the award for most valuable..."
"I'd probably win the award for most valuable..."
"I'd probably win the award for most valuable..."

TODAY's PUZZLES: Soap Operas, Islands, Sing Their Praises, Wild Things.

PUZZLE 1: Brinn chooses ISLANDS to start. Barry gets three in a row from CAPRI, ALCATRAZ, and HAWAII for 290. Kevin also gets three in a row from BRANDO, MINNOW, and TATTOO for 280. He ends with that to 330 for Barry. Brinn is on 220.

PUZZLE 2: Brinn chooses SING THEIR PRAISES. Kevin has 420 when he finds the DOUBLE WORD.
- DOUBLE WORD (A _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ E _ T) Became an "Idol" as lead singer of Queen. Kevin guesses "Army Baguette"... which is not even in the right zip code as right. It was ADAM LAMBERT.
Brinn gets three in a row with GAGA, FLUTE, and IPOD for 480, where she ends the round to Barry's 730, but with 420, Kevin is eliminated with a year of People Magazine.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: '70s Sitcoms & Snack Bowl
- Barry picks '70s SITCOMS, getting MEATHEAD, SITONIT, OLIVER, CHICO, GREENACRES, GRITS, and MAUDE for 2300 points, 3030 total.
- Brinn is left with SNACK BOWL, getting GUAC, CHEX, JELLO, ORANGE, PRETZELS, ORVILLE, and MINTS. It's not enough! Barry wins, 3030-2430. Brinn leaves with a year of People Magazine as well.

- Lullabies: He clears WATERSPOUT, CRADLE, and HAYSTACK
- Trees: He gets ORCHARD and APRIL, but passes on the third.
- World Class Chefs: He gets IRONCHEF and FLAY, but passes on the third. That missing answer was ALTON.

Back to Trees, where he was missing GIVING. But GSN is still giving him $1000 for his time.

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS/CBS All Access: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Devin Goda, Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Record today: breakeven
Record for week 9: 5-7
Record this season: 104-112-12
Total won today*: $78,097
Total won this week*: $166,860
Total won this season*: $2,943,715
Perfect bids: 4/228
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/0
DSWs/DOBs: 1/4
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 1/1
Best week: Week 8 - $412,125
$2M passed: 1/4/21

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar

Tuesday at the Price begins us Achrista Malamut, Ignacio Martinez, Carla Robertson, and Oscar Rosales Gonzalez to play for Chanel ladies sunglasses. The $2425 sunglasses go to Achrista, who can wear them in Vermont (6n @ The Inn at Round Barn Farm) if she correctly places the price SIDE BY SIDE. It's either $5874 or $7458. She goes with $7458... WINNER!

Oscar can parlay a 1249 dishwasher into a 2021 Kia Rio S if he can spell C-A-R at the SPELLING BEE. He gets #10 and #18 for free.
- Electric shaver for $30? No, it's $21 for #4
- Oil diffuser for $35? No, it's $36 for #20
- LED spotlight for $45? No, it's $42 for #12
He will forego the $5000 for a shot at the car. We have a C... and A... and another... and another C... and an A.

Tina Bowman wins a $620 Bluetooth speaker and a shot at a barbecue grill, an outdoor TV, and a telescope in EAZY AS 1-2-3. TV... $3200. Grill... $3494. Telescope... $1025.

Oscar wins the first Showcase Showdown. Meanwhile, Carla gets a $2200 outdoor table tennis. Next for her are a set of small electrics... or a 2021 Honda Fit LX in ANY NUMBER.
- CAR: $18,_39
- Appliances: $62_
- Pig: $7._5
Last pick is 1, and Oscar wins... THE CAR!

Lee Chavez gets a $1900 all-in-one PC. Next for him is a home gym and Gucci accessories. The 1 RIGHT PRICE: $2710. He goes with the gym... NOPE.

Ignacio is down to his final bid on a chair & ottoman with eReader & electric wall-mounted fireplace. The price: $1381. The winner... Briteney Toscano. She'll play for $20,000 in TIME IS MONEY.
- Heinz squeezable relish
- Sun Bum spray sunscreen
- Pain Block Flexi-Stretch pain tape
- Charms Blow Pops
- Lipton Onion Soup mix
She goes soup low, relish & lollipops middle, and tape & sunblock high... WINNERS! She is also a winner at the Wheel.

THE FABULOUS SHOWCASES! First up, a pair of Oculus headsets, a pair of Vespas, and a pair of trips to Portland... Oregon (6n via business class @ Embassy Suites) and Maine (6n @ The Inn at Ocean's Edge). Top winner Briteney passes, and Oscar bids $21,000. Briteney goes on the move with an Apple Watch with iPhone 11 Pro Max, a trip to Canada (6n @ Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke), and a 2021 Hyundai Veloster 2.0. She bids $26,650. Actual price: $29,845, a difference of $3195. Actual price of Oscar's Showcase... $22,625 to win with a difference of $1625! That gives him a total of $23,974!

Supermarket Stakeout
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: 10p/9C
Host: Alex Guarnaschelli
Official WebsiteFacebook
Jenn Fillenworth
Grand Rapids, MI
personal chef
Daniel Roy
executive chef

Julie Liebhoff
New York City (orig. Argentina)
private chef/caterer

Brandon Williams
Zachary, LA
private chef & culinary arts instructor

On the panel in the parking lot at Fields Market in Los Angeles are Sabin Lomac and Aarti Sequeira.

BLIND SHOP: It's all Greek to me for 30 minutes...
- Jenn: Greek Meatball Bite
- Daniel: Chicken Gyro
- Julie: Greek Shrimp Salad
- Brandon: Honey-Roasted Baklava

SINGLE SHOP: Next for our three survivors... a fruity dessert.
- Jenn: Pomegranate Cake
- Julie: French Toast with Mango Coconut Cream, Dates & Strawberries
- Brandon: Cornbread Tart

FINAL STAKEOUT: For $10,000, it's time to make something... open-faced.
- Jenn: Blueberry Goat Cheese Flatbread
- Julie: Pork Tapas with Sweet Potato Pancake

And the grocery bill is on Food Network for... JENN!

25 Words or Less
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram

volleyball player
playing for Rosie (My 50 WPWR Chicago)
orig. New Jersey
playing for Carolyn (Fox 11 KTTV Los Angeles)
Matt Iseman
"American Ninja Warrior"
Sara Rue
"B Positive"
Gabrielle Ruiz
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"
Greg Grunberg
Max Reload & the Nether Blasters

- Sara vs. Gabrielle: add, delay, Denzel Washington, file, catwalk. Sara bids 17... Good for 250.
- Kylia vs. Allison: last, Tom, blister, deputy, quake. Kylia declares 16... Doubles up to 500.
- Matt vs. Greg: tight, polo, chili, suspect, terrible. Greg tries to get on the board with 11... And does! Kylia leads, 500-250.

ROUND 2: Kylia gets the board to start...
- KYLIA's list: action (250), beast (250), crevice (1000), forbid (500), and Pussycat Dolls (1000)
- ALLISON's list: bishop (500), Dirty Dancing (1000), catalog (500), bet (250), boulevard (250)

Allison gets three for 1750, 2000 total. Kylia gets enough to win, 2500-2000. Allison leaves with an Oxo coffee package.

MONEY ROUND: Kylia gets oxygen, degree, march, leap, station, soil, and twice for a trip to Aruba (5n @ Aruba Marriott Resort  & Stellaris Casino).

Wheel of Fortune
Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @BeatTheBlock2

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter icon

Total for Today - - $32,698
Total for Week 19 - $70,946
Total for the Season: $4,779,003
Bonus Win Percentage: 29/92
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $1,787,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars: 3 BMW i3s, 1 Mini Cooper Convertible, 3 Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs, 1 Ford Explorer, 1 Buick Encore, 2 Jeep Compasses, 3 Toyota Highlanders, 4 Ford Edges, 2 BMW x1s
$1,000 Consolation Prizes: 16
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 3/0
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 18/10/8
Car Wins: 7
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 1/2
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 24/92/1/19
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 47/92/8/25
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes: 28/21/5
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 46/25/14
$2,500 Space Hit - 28
$3,500 Space Hit - 61
$5,000 Space Hit - 5
Bankrupt Space Hit - 267
Lose A Turn Hit - 82
Vowels Missed:
A -22 E- 14 I -13 O- 23 U -5
Missed solves - 9
Repeated a letter/vowel - 14
Perfect Rounds: 33
House Minimums - 30
Gift Tags hit/won/lost: 67/26/30
Free Play Hit: 82
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 2/92
Best Week: Road Trip - $350,996
Best Player: Calais Harvey - $129,300
Bankrupt Losses: $541,000 + 3 Prizes of Unknown Value
Left on the Table: $1,269,698 + 11 Trips of Unknown Value
Red Podium Win - 30
Yellow Podium Win - 31
Blue Podium Win - 31
Worst Week: America's Game(I) - Week 9 - $192,957
3M Earned - 11/30/2020 - 56 Shows (18 + 17 + 21)

A : 2
M :2
E : 3
R: 1
I : 2
C: 6
A: 6
': 6
S: 1
G: 4
A: 2
M: 1
E : 7
S: 1
P: 5
I: 6
N: 4
& : 3
W: 8
I : 7
* - 4
** - 3
*** - 4

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? -18/11/1/10
EVENT(s) -17/6/3/3
SHOW BIZ -2/0/0/0
LIVING THING(s) -12/6/1/5
PHRASE -53/18/5/13
FOOD & DRINK -18/13/5/8
THING(s) - 88/7/2/6
FUN & GAMES -5/3/0/3
PLACE(s) -14/8/3/5
OCCUPATION(s) -1/1/1/0

You can win one of 5 Collette Vacations in the "Show You The World" sweepstakes! More on that later! It's Day 2!

The $1,000 Tossup is EVENT. Ty King from Huntington Beach, CA solves A THRILLING ADVENTURE. She is married and is an editor/artist. Jayne Strand from Huntington Beach, CA works in sports marketing for a very famous Sports Drink(we can't say it but it has a G logo). She is also an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University! Matt Risk from Torrance, CA is a 4th grade teacher and is married with 2 sons(14 and 11).

The $2,000 Tossup is PHRASE. Ty has $3,000 with I LIKE WHAT I SEE. We add this to the wheel - a Collette Vacation tour of Utah's 5 National Parks worth $8,098! Ty starts SONG LYRICS but loses $4,450 on Bankrupt after doing some good work filling in the puzzle. Jayne misses. Matt picks up the $1,000 Novica GC with 3 $500 Y's and solves YOU MAY FIND YOURSELF IN ANOTHER PART OF THE WORLD(from Talking Heads "Once In a Lifetime") for a total of $4,700 in cash and prizes! We move on to...

The Eggland's Best Mystery Round which is started by Jayne. It's our crossword round with the clue of ____ LAND. There are four words that fit the clue. Jayne misses. Matt misses a vowel - A. Ty misses. Jayne picks up the National Parks trip with a $500 F but misses on the $3,500 Space. Matt misses another vowel - U. Ty misses. Jayne misses. Matt solves GREEN ICE FIN LEGO for $150 but we bump him to the $1,000 house minimum. He has $5,700 in cash and prizes! We move on to...

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge Round which is started by Matt as well. It's THINGS. He hits a Free Play O but after filling in most of the puzzle, he loses $5,150 on Bankrupt. Ty misses on the Express Wedge. Jayne picks up the WC with 2 $500 R's but on the next spin loses that and $1,000 on Bankrupt. Matt solves TRADITIONAL ITALIAN RECIPES for $500 and will learn a lot of those on his tour of Italy courtesy of Collette! He will see Rome, Venice and more! It's worth $10,098! Matt has $16,298 in cash and prizes!

The Triple Tossup category is IN THE KITCHEN. Ty has $2,000 with SPOONS FORKS & KNIVES and another $2,000 with SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS. Matt foils Ty's tossup sweep dreams with his $2,000 solve of DINNER PLATES. He has the lead with $18,298 in cash and prizes including his Italian Getaway! Ty has $7,000 in tossup cash. Jayne wants to go home with SOMETHING. Matt starts RHYME TIME but we go right into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,600 a letter. Ty beats the buzzer and solves A KITTEN FROM GREAT BRITAIN for $6,400 and leaves with a very nice all cash 2nd place total of $13,400 in cash! Not bad for not being able to solve a main game puzzle! Jayne leaves with the $1,000 consolation prize! Matt wins with $18,298 in cash and prizes!

The Pre-Bonus Round total is $32,698! Matt picks PLACE over THING and PHRASE.

Matt lands on the C in AMERICA'S wedge. With the RSTLNE and his choices of P D M O we have:

_ _ _ E T
_ _ D E _ _ _ _

Matt was stumped. He couldn't drive a 2021 BMW X1 SUV to a QUIET HIDEAWAY. He leaves with $18,298 in cash and prizes!

Now, take QUIET HIDEAWAY to and you can try to win a Collette Vacation!