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November 17, 2015

In Reruns Now:

Some game logo captures appear courtesy of Mike Klauss and Jay Lewis

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First Course of Thanksgiving

Chopped Junior Thanksgiving
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: 8p/7C
Host: Ted Allen
Official WebsiteFacebook
Kara Peterschmidt
Lebanon, PA
14 years old
Jordan Plumbstead
Grand Rapids, MI
13 years old
Hannah Stowe
North Kingstown, RI
12 years old
Daniel Kligmann
Salt Lake City
14 years old

Today, we're celebrating Thanksgiving. On the tasting panel: Geoffrey Zakarian, Chris Santos, and lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart.

APPETIZER: Mandatory ingredients are spiral ham, string beans, cranberry mousse, and sweet potato casserole.
- Kara: Sweet Potato Ham & Pear Hash with Cranberry-Glazed String Beans
- Jordan: Cranberry & Pomegranate-Glazed Ham with Sweet Potato-Carrot Puree
- Hannah: Sweet Potato Pizza with Cranberry Spread
- Daniel: Crunch-Chewy Egg Roll over Mashed Potatoes 

ENTREE: in the boxes this time: smoked turkey legs, stuffin' muffins with mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and turkey necks & gizzards.
- Jordan: Giblet Gravy with Crispy Smoked Turkey Leg & Brussels Sprout Salad
- Hannah: Giblet Broth with Linguine & Roasted Brussels
- Daniel: Creamy Brussels Sprout & Turkey Soup

DESSERT: Pumpkin-spiced lattes, rainbow carrots, turkey cookies, and spiced pecans. This should be an interesting dessert.
- Jordan: Pumpkin Spiced Ice Cream with Carrot Foam
- Daniel: Pumpkin Spiced Ice Cream with Candied Carrot Sauce

And the winner of the $10,000 in Chopped Junior is... DANIEL! His money is going to the Philippines, where his brother is a missionary.

@midnight with Chris Hardwick
by Chico Alexander
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Comedy Central: 12:01a/11:01p
Host: Chris Hardwick
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Noel Wells
"Master of None"
playing for @scifigal13
Derek Waters
"Drunk History"
playing for @KenzoLoco
Heather Anne Campbell
"Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
playing for @katie_Rose_92

While you were busy legalizing marijuana like the dreamy prime minister that you are, we were drumming up three Twitter accounts to stalk on a Tag Team Tuesday. Tonight's #HashtagWars: #HungryGames. Noel & Derek are tied with 800 to Heather's 700.

Next up, Chill Dog or Kill Dog (dogs of Reddit)? Tonight's Live Challenge: Kendrick Lamar, Wedding Crasher. Kendrick Lamar crashed a wedding over the weekend. Kick a famous pop star out of your niece's wedding. Heather gets the 1000 from "Love your hat, Mr. 'Pharrel', I'm sure you're a nice boy, but we're racist, so...."

Speeding it up with A Wing and a Prayer and a Pack of Menthols. A Florida woman was involved, not surprisingly. Derek is done for the night, leaving the two ladies to take on...

FTW: the Oxford 2015 Word of the Year: "face with tears emoji". Give me a classic line from literature using Internet speak. The winner: "2 B or not 2 B had me like \_(ツ)_/" NOEL gives a shrug that can only mean she won it for @scifigal13!

Today's funny becomes tomorrow's source material. Follow the game online @midnight.

Celebrity Name Game
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @dinoralexander

Syn: check listings
Host: Craig Ferguson
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Keoki & Arthur
friends from high school
Marlene & Vanessa
Will Sasso
"Modern Family"
Yvette Nicole Brown
"Brothers & Sisters"

Round 1 today is brought to you by the letters G & Y. The guys start with Y, getting Yabba-Dabba-Doo!, Young and the Restless, Yoda, yin & yang, Yvette Nicole Brown, Yo-Yo Ma, and Yellow Pages for $700. The ladies are left with G, getting Graceland, Good Will Hunting, Giuliana Rancic, Girl Scouts, and Guinness for $500.

Something old, something new, something something, round 2. Marlene gives on Old Stuff, getting Old Navy, Old Mother Hubbard, Barbara Walters, Old Spice, and Kirk Douglas for $1000, $1500 total. Arthur gives on New Stuff, getting baby, New Kids on the Block, The Newsroom, New Testament, and Paul Newman for $1000 as well, $1700 total.

This could be a very short round 3 with Craig giving on Orange Stuff. It comes down to $700 and circus peanuts. Which are neither from the circus nor made of peanuts. Marlene & Vanessa complete the comeback, $3500 to $2500.

Marlene almost blows it in the Bonus, leading off with Jay-Z, hula hoop, Hilary Swank, Bud Light, Sugar Ray, blowing 2 Broke Girls, and Iceland. But since it's the first pass, we just replace the word. Vanessa gets Drew Carey, The Fast and the Furiouis, patty melt, and the make-good... Puppy Chow with 3 ticks left!

In the nightcap (featuring Nicole Ari Parker & Jenna Ushkowitz), girlfriends Lana & Linda lead sorority sisters Tonya & Natasha, $1700 to $800. In round 3, we have Jacks. Linda & Lana own the round to take the win, $3100 to $1500.

Linda leads off in the Bonus, getting chocolate milk, Venus, Cleopatra, and hot potato. Lana follows up with 60 Minutes, Martin Lawrence, Cosmopolitan, and earwax. They can't seal the deal, though.

Family Feud
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
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  Returning champions the Lorenzen family will now get to play against the Cook family.
Brian, Sirlivia, Theo, Hope, Russ
Louisville, KY

Kelli, Taryn, Zach, Brynn, Kenzie
Louisville, KY

SINGLE: if you had a pumpkin for a head, what would you worry someone might do to it?
1. Smash/Chuck it 46     5. Draw on it 2
2. Carve a face 40       6. Gut the seeds 2
3. Cook/Eat it 6
4. Light candle 3

SINGLE: if love were really blind, something disgusting your spouse does that you wouldn't notice.
1. Butt cheek squeak 27  5. Scratch himself 7
2. Pick nose & look 25   6. Won't tip anyone 3
3. Burp 15               7. Pluck body hair 2
4. Eat loud/mouth open11

DOUBLE: something a person has that might be described as huge.
1. House 13              5. Bustline 7
2. Nose 12
3. Ego 12
4. Belly 7

TRIPLE: something in your home that smells like you.
1. Pillows/Bed/Linens 51
2. Clothes/Singlet 41
3. Candles 3
4. Soap/Body wash 2

After taking points in the first three surveys, the Lorenzens needed to steal #3 or #4 on the last survey to stay as champs. But the couch was not one of the two, so the game would go to sudden death.

Sudden death question: Name an animal that likes to hitch a ride on a dog. Lorenzens get in first by knowing the tick, Flea/Insect (61), would get them that win and the Cooks getting the $500 prepaid cards.

They make a switch, as Brynn & Kenzie will now play Fast Money. Brynn had very good answers to get a shot with 142. Kenzie's last answers proved costly, as she went for cat instead of dog, legs instead of hands, and went for sun, when maybe birds or insects would've been good answers for what returns in the springtime. Another opportunity to win big slipped away, but they do have a four-day total of $22,315 and a win on Wednesday's show will get them a new Ford Edge.

Fast Money #1 answers
- 100 married women: You've told your husband many times, quit hogging the what?: TV/Remote (Brynn)
- 1-10, how nice of a person are you?: 8
- An animal that has many nipples: Dog
- Besides the face, a part of your body that has wrinkles: Hands
- Something that returns in the spring time: Flowers (Brynn)

In the nightcap, returning champions the Doughty family thought they had it last time, but now they must play against the Thurman family of all ladies.

TRIPLE: something you'd hate to have to jump out of.
1. Plane 53
2. Moving car 20
3. Window/Building 9
4. A cake 5

The Thurmans needed to get the #4 answer on the last survey to take over as champions. They thought that answer would be a boat, but it wasn't, so it's another win for the Doughtys.

Once again, Sherry & David will play Fast Money. Sherry thought menthol can be found in chapstick, but her other answers still got her to a nice 133. David started off slow after he thought it feels good to walk on snow in bare feet, but recovered on the next two answers, as they were both #1s and it was enough to now give them a four-day total of $41,660, plus if they can win on Wednesday's show, they will leave with a new Ford Edge.

The Game Plane
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Discovery Family: 6p/5C
Host: Mark L. Walberg
Official WebsiteFacebook
  Today's flight takes us from Grand Forks to Vegas.

Starting at the gate with PLANE TRUTH. Everyone on the plane is playing up to 10 true/false questions. Whoever's left after 10 will split $500. We're six questions with two players, Kylie from Winnipeg and Janice also from Winnipeg, in when we get this: Google was originally called Backrub. Believe it or not, it's TRUE. Janice wins all $500!

PLANE ANNOYING. It's Michelle Bailey (Winnipeg, communications officer), Wendy Robertson (Winnipeg), Todd (Fargo, ND; jeweler), and Orville, the GP baby. Wendy's eliminated first, followed by... Michelle. Todd wins a $250 TravelSmith GC!

WINGMAN: Our players: Amber (Winnipeg, student) & Brianna (Winnipeg, massage therapist). They have to arrange eight fast food chains from most US locations to least in 60 seconds. It's $20 per correct answer and a Flightlinez VIP package for two for all eight right. The chains: Burger King, Subway, KFC, McDonald's, Long John Silver's, Jack in the Box, Panda Express, Starbucks. First: McDonald's, Starbucks, Subjway, KFC, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Long John Silver's, and Panda Express... ONE right, Jack in the Box. KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway, BK, Jack, Panda, Long John Silver's.... McD's, Subway, and BK need to be changed. They go with Subway, McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger King, KFC, Jack in the Box, Panda Express, Long John Silver's... $160 and the win!.

THE BIG DEAL for a week at an executive suite at the MGM Grand. Top winner Janice plays.

Janice: 4-J-2-J-6-10-9-4-K-7-5 (11)
Amber & Brianna: Q-10-3-5-8-K (6)

Janice has $500 to spend at the MGM Grand! Congrats!

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Elizabeth - $27,120(traded from $5,160)
Sharon - $14,545
Daynisha - $4,906
Jennifer - $4,296
Joanne - $2,839
Ngozika - $2,500
Jonathan/Brandy - $2,000
Tyler - $0
Joshua - PET WALKER!
Quickie Deals - $1,100

Big Deal Choice 1 - 6
Big Deal Choice 2 - 18
Big Deal Choice 3 - 18
Big Deal Location 1 - 13
Big Deal Location 2 - 17
Big Deal Location 3 - 12
Big Deal Wins- 13/42
Super Deal Wins/Offers - 0/2
Car Wins - 19

Total: $59,206
Total for Week 9- $78,768
Total for the Season: $1,497,212
Best Week: Week 4 - $241,037
1M Passed - 10/28/2015 - 28 Shows
Day 2 of Super Deal week starts off with three people and they are Jennifer the Bumblebee, Daynisha the Take Out Food, and Sharon the Pirate's Wench. They are playing NO COMPLAINING. She can take the $20 on the outside bankroll or take the Big Box. Jennifer takes the Big Box and she passes on $20 + $100 X 20 = $2,020 in cash! Jennifer wins a home theater with 55" HDTV and wireless surround sound system worth $4,296! Daynisha can take the home theater or the LMAD envelope. Daynisha takes the envelope and is going to NYC for 5N worth $4,906 at the Roosevelt Hotel! Sharon can take the home theater, the trip or Curtain 2? Sharon takes Curtain 2 and is DRIVING HOME in a Chevy Spark LS Hatchback worth $14,545!

We need a couple and they are Disco Jonathan and 90's Grunge Lady Brandy. They want Bacon and Jonathan Magnum will help in SMASH FOR CASH. We have 10 pigs and 8 have cash from $1-$3. That will help Brandy/Jonathan move up the money ladder from $1,000 all the way up to $20,000! They hope to avoid the 2 zonks which will end their game. Their first pick is 7 and it is $1. 9 is $3 and they have $1,000. 10 is $2 and they have $2,000. 2 is the first zonk. They go on and pick 3 and it's $1. They STOP with $2,000.

Ngozika the workout lady is playing for a Hyundai Accent GS worth $17,425! She is playing CARD SHARK(a/k/a Hi-Lo). Ngozika needs to guess whether next card is higher or lower. She cuts a standard deck of cards and Tiffany deals the top 9 out. Aces are High, 2s are low and repeats are errors. We have three milestones. Card 3 is worth $1,000. Card 6 is worth $2,500 and 9 gives her the car. She must use her free pass(if she needs it) up until Card 6. She must get 7-9 on her own. Her first card is the Queen of Diamonds. She goes LOWER and it's the 2 of Spades. She goes HIGHER and wins $1,000 and it's the Ace of Spades. She goes on and LOWER gives her the 2 of Diamonds. Card 5 is higher with the Ace of Diamonds. Card 6 is lower than the ace with a queen of Hearts. The Free Pass is OUT. She has $2,500 and STOPS. She would have won the car if she played it out!

We need a guy with a driver's license and it's Joshua the Big Baby. He gets $1,000 for his license. Sabrina the Cowgirl and Elizabeth the Ladybug have to guess his age. Winner gets $1,000 and loser gets $100 and sits down. Elizabeth says 24 and Sabrina says 28. Elizabeth nails it! She passes on $1,000 and wins a new living room from Apt 2B and 48" LED HDTV worth $5,160! Daniel can keep his $1,000 or take the small box! He takes the small box and wins a FISH WALKER(ZONK)!

Joanne(as Curtain 1) picks 4 from 0-9. She has an $100 bill in Wayne's envelope. For every 4 that is on the 8 digit serial number, she will get $1,000. Will she take the money or take the small box? She takes the box and passes on 30279901. She wins a shoulder bag, $1,000 Saks GC and Burberry Makeup package worth $2,839!

Last deal involves Tyler. We have a small box worth $3,953 in prizes. Is it jewelry, a trip or a computer? If he guesses right, Tyler wins it. He guesses computer. Will he go for the guess, $800 or the LMAD Envelope? He goes for the guess, passes on $800 and ZONK TATTOOS in the LMAD Envelope! He wins..NOTHING. He passes on a 4N trip to Myrtle Beach worth $3,953!

Who trades for a shot at $27,120(and maybe $77,120?) It's Elizabeth with her living room! She picks 1. 3 was a new hot tub and bar/Ice Chest worth $7,748! 2 was a new scooter worth $2,574! Elizabeth wins the Big Deal which is a VW Tiguan S Worth $27,120!

NOW...Elizabeth has a BIG decision to make. She can keep her SUV or go for the Super Deal. We have three envelopes...RUBY, EMERALD and SAPPHIRE. One has $1,000 and one has $2,000. The other one will give Elizabeth $50,000 in gas money along with the SUV to make it $77,160! Elizabeth decides to keep her SUV! For fun she would have gone home with $2,000 in SAPPHIRE! Emerald had the $50,000!

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Amber Lancaster & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Record today: 3-2-1
Record this week: 5-5-2
Record this season: 121-119-12
Total today*: $73,731
Total this week*: $149,372
Total this season*: $3,600,813
Perfect bids: 5/252
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 1/0
DSWs/DOBs: 1/1
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 1/1
Best week: Week 4: $746,658
$3M Passed: 11/4/15

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the
nearest dollar.
Tuesday at 33 begins with Nicholas Reiter, Lucas Cherrington, Iris Gordon, and Skyler Varnadore vying for a pair of Galaxy tablets with headphones. The $1580 package goes to Iris, who better keep her irises peeled for a Mazda 3i SV in One Away. the price is not $27,465. She goes to $18,574. And we get one.... two...three... three honks. She changes to $18,376. The price.... $18,354.

Lucas gets a $2050 table tennis and a shot at a washer/dryer & designer accessories. The 1 Right Price: $3010. He takes it to the washer/dryer... $2198.

Nicholas picks up a $793 coffee maker, grinder & kitchen cart. He could get a lot of coffee with $20,000 if he moves with the quickness in Time Is Money. The products: Caress body wash, Folger's instant coffee, Betty Crocker cake mix, Cascade dishwasher detergent, and Chef Boyardee beef ravioli. He goes body wash, ravioli & cake low, coffee middle, and detergent high.... and here comes the clock. He eventually gets ravioli & cake low, body wash middle, and coffee & detergent high for... $9072.

But Iris would win at the Big Wheel. Meanwhile Marc Tuzzolino goes down and up thanks to a $951 set of Tom Ford sunglasses. He'll wear one if he wins a trip to Riviera Maya (6n @ Viva Wyndham Maya) in Pushover.

4 3 9 5 7 2 0 1 8

He pushes to $5720.... YES!

Germaine Sheppard wins a $1384 set of power tools and a shot at a Playstation 4 package, a 3DTV, and a Kia Rio in Rat Race. She gets the Pink from a $5.49 box of Love Grown Foods Oat Clusters and the Orange from a $185 ice cream maker. The line goes...ORANGE, PINK, then green, yellow, and blues.

Skyler's gonna come back down to earth if nothing is done about a barbecue grill. The price: $549. The winner... Madhu Tandon. She'll add a patio set and two heaters if she wins Side by Side. It's either $5688 or $8856. She goes with $5688... PERFECT SECOND HALF!

Marc meets Iris in the Showcase. First up, someone's going to take over the world with an all-in-one PC, a trip to Rome (6n @ Hotel Atlante Star), and a sailboat. Top winner Marc doesn't want to take over the world, so Iris bids $19,500. Marc gets a pair of kayaks, a diamond pendant necklace, and a Jeep Compass Sport. He bids $21,350. Actual price: $26,329, a difference of $4979. Actual price of Iris' Showcase... $32,900, a difference of $13,400, and Michael gets to take over the show at least with exactly $33,000! Is that right? Let me do a little math here... Yep, that's right.

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram
Total for today: $30,300
Total for Week 10 - $101,350
Total for the Season: $2,140,122
Bonus Win Percentage: 14/47
Gooseeggs: 5
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 9/1
Mystery Round Prizes won: 2
Car Wins: 2
1/2 Car Wedges hit/total wins: 44/2
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 10/47/1/4
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 26/47/8/12
Express Wedge Hit/Used: 8/8
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won: 18/14
$2,500 Space Hit - 12
$3,500 Space Hit - 30
$5,000 Space Hit - 7
Bankrupt Space Hit - 134
Lose A Turn Hit - 49
Gift Tags won: 20
Free Play Hit: 57
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 2/47
Best Week: Week 4 - $297,263
Bankrupt Losses: $357,900 + 1 trip of unknown value.
Left on the Table: $822,251
2M Passed - 45 Shows - 11/13/15 (22 + 23 shows)
It's Day 2 of our salute to the Great Outdoors! The $1,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. David Perbs from NY is a receptionist at a baseball cage rental office. He solves THE COLORADO RIVER. Grace Castillo from Hilo, HI is a retired police officer and works at the Hilo Airport. All her three kids are in the military! Meredith Parker from Colchester, VT is a HR person for the government and is a SSGT with the Vt. National Guard.

The $2,000 Tossup is THING. David has $3,000 with THE MAGIC FORMULA. He starts BEFORE & AFTER and misses. Grace misses. Meredith misses on the Free Play, spins again and hits 3 $2,500 S's. She solves TENNIS RACKET STRING CHEESE for $9,100.

Grace starts the Selsun Blue Mystery Round which is EVENT. She misses. Meredith Bankrupts. David loses $1,650 on the mystery round Bankrupt. Grace picks up the WC with 2 $500 D's and solves SAILING AROUND THE WORLD for $2,250 and the WC!

Meredith starts the Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge round which is LIVING THINGS. She misses. David misses after filling in a lot of the puzzle.
Grace solves BRIGHTLY COLORED CORAL REEFS for $1,450 and a trip to Cozumel, Mexico at the Iberostar Cozumel worth $6,550! She has $10,250 in cash and prizes along with the WC!

The $3,000 Tossup is FOOD & DRINK. Grace has $13,250 with WHOLE WHEAT TOAST. She starts WHAT ARE YOU DOING? but misses on the $5,000 wedge. Meredith solves GAZING AT CONSTELLATIONS for $1,950. She has $11,050 and we have time for...

...PERSON. We go right into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,500 a letter. Grace seals her win with COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN and $3,000! She wins with $16,250 in cash and prizes and the WC! David leaves with $3,000. Meredith is leaving with $11,050 in cash!

The Pre-Bonus Round total is $30,300! Grace lands on the M in GAME. Her category is WHAT ARE YOU DOING? With the RSTLNE and her choices of D H C A and her WC choice of F we have:

_ A C _ _ _ _ N _
T H E   H _ _ S E

She wasn't VACUUMING THE HOUSE(which sucks). She loses $33,000 in cash but leaves with $16,250 in cash and prizes!

5K Spin ID - CB4270787

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Eligible Bachelor Week
by Don Harpwood

bird, new, square, twitter icon @doughnut251

Syn: check local listings
Host: Chris Harrison
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram
  Kevin Hyzak (Washington, D.C.)
He was voted "Best Smile" in high school. Also, he had applied to be on "The Bachelor," but didn't get on.
(+1): His friend, Fumai

The BBC famously censored an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," because it included mention of what country becoming unified in 2024?
A: Germany
B: Ireland
C: Korea
D: Sudan

Kevin believes that most of those are already unified, the exception being C. He locks that in... but it's B. That sends him home with nothing.

Steve Kaye (Las Vegas, NV)
He has lost about 100 pounds.
(+1): His dad

He sweeps the first 5, then uses the 50:50 and asks the audience at $10,000. He then has this to consider...

Freeing him up to write "Candide," what famous philosopher never had to work again after he made a fortune exploiting a flaw in the French lottery?
A: Voltaire
B: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
C: Rene Descartes
D: Montesquieu

Steve turns to his dad; he's leaning towards A, but he's not completely sure. Steve then decides to walk with $10,000! As it turns out, the answer is indeed A.

With little time left, Janine Hoyle has a shot at $1,000...

Adopted by players and fans alike, what superstitious fashion trend often takes over toward the end of a sports season?
A: Tournament Clogs
B: Semi-final Mullets
C: Championship Overalls
D: Playoff Beards

Janine whispers D... and she's right for $1,000!