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April 6, 2021


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Wheel of Fortune
Jason Block
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Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
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Total for Today - $73,750
Total for Week 30 - $165,167
Total for the Season: $7,896,553
Bonus Win Percentage: 52/147
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $2,804,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars: 3 BMW i3s, 1 Mini Cooper Convertible, 3 Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs, 1 Ford Explorer, 1 Buick Encore, 2 Jeep Compasses, 3 Toyota Highlanders, 5 Ford Edges, 4 BMW x1s, 1 Chevy Equinox, 2 GMC Terrains, 2 Ford Broncos, 1 Mercedes GLB 250 SUV, 1 VW Atlas
$1,000 Consolation Prizes: 24
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 4/0
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 27/15/12
Car Wins: 16
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 4/4
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 36/147/2/28
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 79/147/15/41
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes: 49/33/10
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 73/38/22
$2,500 Space Hit - 42
$3,500 Space Hit - 92
$5,000 Space Hit - 9
Bankrupt Space Hit - 426
Lose A Turn Hit - 120
Vowels Missed:
A -34 E- 24 I -20 O- 36 U -5
Missed solves - 13
Repeated a letter/vowel - 19
Perfect Rounds: 59
House Minimums - 39
Gift Tags hit/won/lost: 105/39/52
Free Play Hit: 126
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 4/146
Best Week: Road Trip - $350,996
Best Player: Scott Kolbrenner - $145,000
Bankrupt Losses: $838,200 + 7 Prizes of Unknown Value
Left on the Table: $2,100,784 + 16 Trips of Unknown Value
Red Podium Win - 51
Yellow Podium Win - 49
Blue Podium Win - 47
Worst Week: America's Game(I) - Week 9 - $192,957
7M Earned - 3/18/2021 -133 Shows (18 + 17 + 21 + 23 + 17 + 19 + 18)

A : 5
M : 6
E : 5
R: 3
I : 3
C: 8
A: 8
': 6
S: 1
G: 8
A: 5
M: 2
E : 14
S: 2
P: 6
I: 9
N: 5
& : 5
W: 10
I : 9
N: 4
* - 7
** - 6
*** - 4

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? -30/18/4/14
PERSON/PEOPLE -27/10/2/8
EVENT(s) -34/10/4/6
SHOW BIZ -5/2/1/1
LIVING THING(s) -25/11/4/7
IN THE KITCHEN -12/7/4/3
PHRASE -76/25/9/16
FOOD & DRINK -29/20/8/12
THING(s) - 140/11/4/7
FUN & GAMES -6/4/1/3
PLACE(s) -21/10/3/7
OCCUPATION(s) -2/1/0/1

It's Day 2 of "College Week Spring Break" week! And it is T-Mobile Tuesday!

The $1,000 Tossup is COLLEGE LIFE. Emma Matthew solves WORK-STUDY PROGRAM for $1,000. She is a business major/accounting minor at UCLA. She is deathly afraid of squirrels. Claire Lattimer from Sacramento is a senior at Chapman University and writes for the school newspaper. She is a twin and is in Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. Mykel Brown is a junior at Howard University. He is on a step team and sings, dances and acts.

The $2,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Emma has $3,000 with CANCUN MEXICO. She starts PERSON and hits 2 Free Play E's along with the WC with a $500 T.  Emma dominates and solves MY FAVORITE PROFESSOR for $2,450. It's been all Emma so far with $5,450 in cash! We move on to...

The Prevagen Mystery Round which is started by Claire. It's BEFORE & AFTER. She loses $3,050 on Bankrupt. Mykel hits the MDW with an N but misses. Emma Bankrupts losing the WC. Claire misses. Michael misses a vowel - I. Emma solves THE STUDENT BODY OF WATER for $1,300. She has $6,750 in cash!  We move on to...

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge Round which is started by Mykel. It's WHAT ARE YOU DOING? He misses. Emma will be BUYING A NEW BATHING SUIT with $1,000 more in cash! That is for her trip to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands! It's a stay at the Divi Carina Bay All Inclusive Resort worth $7,000! She has $14,750 in cash and prizes! We move on to....

The Triple Tossup Round Category is FOOD & DRINK. Mykel misses and Claire is on the board with $2,000. She solves EXTRA-LARGE PIZZA. Mykel is on the board with his $2,000 solve of VEGGIE PIZZA. Emma starts the next round with her $2,000 solve of COLD PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST. She has the lead with $16,750 in cash and prizes including her trip to St. Croix. Mykel and Claire both just won $2,000 each on the last tossup set. Emma starts THING. She Bankrupts. Claire misses a vowel - O. Mykel solves SUMMER INTERNSHIP for $2,300. He has $4,300 in cash and we have time for...

...WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? We go right into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,900 a letter. Mykel solves HIGH-TOP TENNIS SHOES for $5,700 in cash and leaves with an even $10,000 in cash! Claire leaves with $2,000. Emma wins with $16,750 in cash and prizes!

The Pre-Bonus Round Total is $28,750! Emma picks FOOD & DRINK over THING and WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Emma lands on the E in GAME wedge. With the RSTLNE and her choices of P C H I we have:

_ _ _ _ L E
C _ N E

Mmmmm...Ice Cream! Who doesn't like a good cold scoop of ice cream in a warm WAFFLE CONE? Emma does and she adds a double scoop of cash - $45,000 in bonus cash! She leaves with $61,750 in cash and prizes!

Who wants to win $5K from T-Mobile? Well, take the T-Mobile puzzle of the week - STUDY ALL DAY, STREAM ALL NIGHT to and you can win $5,000!

Chain Reaction
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 5p/4c
Host: Dylan Lane
Official WebsiteFacebook
The Brunch Crew
Alexis, Mel, Yajaira
The Family Men
Glenn, Darin, Maajed

$100 CHAIN: POCKET - Square - Foot - Race - H? - AROUND. The Brunch Crew solve HORSE for $300 to $100 for the Family Men.
- $100 SPEED CHAIN: PEANUT - S - S - WAVE. They can't come up with SHELL SHOCK.

$200 CHAIN: UGLY - Betty - White - Chocolate - F? - FACTOR. The Brunch Crew solves FUDGE to go to $700 to $500 for the Family Men.
- $200 SPEED CHAIN: COMIC - S - M - ENTRANCE. STRIP MALL gives them $900.

$300 CHAIN: EASTER - Sunday - School - Paper - M? - WALK. The Family Men solve MOON for $1100 to $1500 for the Brunch Crew.
- $300 SPEED CHAIN: ROMAN - C - W - FIGURe. CANDLE WAX puts them at $1400.

GAMBLING CHAIN: COLLEGE - Baseball - Field - Captain - Kangaroo - C? - ORDER. With the score favoring the Family Men, $1900-$900, the men get CO... and COURT wins it, $2800-$900.

- FINGER - F - P - SCHEME: They get FOOD PYRAMID to advance.
- RED - R - H - J - ACCOUNT:.... but are stopped by ROSE HIP JOINT.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: 9p/8C
Host: Ted Allen
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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It's late at night... and you're hangry. That's what these baskets are all about.

Jamarr Massey
corporate exective chef, Grown Drive

Hilda Ysusi
Houston (orig. Mexico City)
executive chef/owner, Broken Barrel

Brian Poe
chef/owner, Parish Cafe at the Tip Tap Room

Keith Batts

On the panel today: Chris Santos, Tiffani Faison, and Geoffrey Zakarian.

APPETIZER: First up, 20 minutes to make something edible out of... frozen pizza, French fries, maitake mushrooms, and meatballs.
- Jamarr: Meatball Tacos with Broccoli Slaw
- Hilda: "Late Night" Meat Lover's Tostada with French-Fry Hummus
- Brian: Spicy Pork Meatball Flatbread Sandwich
- Keith: Meatball & Maitake Empanada with Chili Sauce

ENTREE: Later in the night, we get... a bowl of cereal, mac & cheese, arugula, and pork belly.
- Jamarr: Sweet & Spicy Pork with "J's Potatoes"
- Hilda: Crispy Potato & Pork Hash with Arugula Salad
- Brian: Chipotle & Lime-Glazed Pork Belly with Arugula Salsa

DESSERT: Finally, in the might-as-well-be-morning basket, we have... toaster pastry sandwiches, persimmons, whipped cream, and popcorn.
- Jamarr: Popcorn & Peanut Butter Fritter with Persimmon Compote
- Brian: Chocolate Toaster Pastry with Persimmon Compote

And who wakes up to $10,000? Congratulations... JAMARR!

Family Feud Canada
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

CBC: 7:30p ET
Host: Gerry Dee
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Sonia, Shyanne, Sacha, Jazz, Brian


Josh, Tim, Matt, Jonny, Cathy

SINGLE: If two grandmas got into a fight at bingo night, something that might fall on the floor.
1️ Dentures 26 5️ Bingo chips 7
2️ Bingo dabbers 17 6️ Themselves 6
3️ Bingo cards 9 7️ Change/Purse 5
4️ Cane/Walker 8 8️ Reading specs 3

SINGLE: If looks really didn't matter, something you would not bother doing to attract a partner.
1️ Dress up 25 5️ Diet/Work out 8
2️ Wear makeup 21 6️ Shower 4
3️ Shave/Wax 13 7️ Smile 3
4️ Style/Cut hair 9

DOUBLE: A day kids love but parents dread.
1️ Last day of school 22 5️ Saturdays 6
2️ Halloween 17 6️ Birthdays 5
3️ Christmas 16
4️ Snow/PA days 8

(C-Note: PA days are "professional activity days" in Canada. In the US, we'd call them "teacher workdays").

Third survey not only stumped both families on the #1 answer, but one had their answer actually reversed. They said the first day of school instead of the last.

TRIPLE: Something that might be bitter.
1️ Fruit/Citrus 51
2️ Coffee 13
3️ A person/My ex 12
4️ Dark chocolate 8

Game goes to...

SUDDEN DEATH: Something you unlock. Smith family takes the sweep with a door (73).

FAST MONEY: Shyanne gets two #1s for 121. Jazz gets the other three for a three-day total of $20,995!
- A word people use to describe someone who is good looking: Handsome (Jazz)
- The number of suits most men own: 2 (Jazz)
- Something you do to your toes: Paint them (Shyanne)
- Something you shoudl keep in your wallet: Money (Shyanne)
- A sport that requires a helmet: Football (Jazz)

Get a Clue
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 9:30a/8:30c
Host: Rob Belushi
Official WebsiteFacebook
Soccer Coaches
Carl, Sam, Aaron
THe Snowboarders
Jordan, Madison, Gabriela

ROUND 1: Welcome to West Beverly, Cheese and Thank You, Bleacher Feature, On the Exchange

No bonuses this time out as the Snowboarders lead, 800-500.

ROUND 2: Huey, Dewey and Louis Vuitton; They Come from Outer Space, Counting Cards, Slips Ahoy.
- The Snowboarders take Slips Ahoy (slippery things), getting five for 1000, 1800 total.
- Soccer Coaches take Counting Cards (things associated with blackjack), getting five for 1000, 1500 total.

- The Snowboarders (Gabriela gives to Jordan) get raise, pluck, and crayon, but aren't conniving enough for 2000, earning a total of 2400.
- Soccer Coaches (Carl gives to Sam) get bay, vacation, clutch, piece, and shed to win, 2500-2400!

BONUS ROUND: The Soccer Coaches get king, candle, tequila, hammer, submarine, pull, George Washington and.... not much else. One short.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Guest Host: Aaron Rodgers with Ken Jennings, Jimmy McGuire & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  Brandon looks to defend his title today against...

Brandon Deutsch
Long Beach, CA

Erin Merrill
Woodbridge, VA
middle school social studies teacher
Chris Hammer
The Bronx, NY

As a reminder, winnings from this week of shows will be matched by Jeopardy! in funds to the North Valley Community Foundation.

JEOPARDY! ROUND: The World in 1900, A Swampy Situation, Biblical First Name's the Same, Knives Out, A Student of Television, From the French

Brandon starts with $600 The World in 1900, finding the Daily Double under $1000. He's going for it on this:
- August 14 saw 19,000 international troops capture Beijing to quell the uprising of this secret society of "fighters".
"Who are the Boxers?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $2800! He ends up with $8200 to $4600 for Erin. Chris, $200 in the red, will start...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Happy Trails!, Literary Settings, "Z" Is For..., Badjectives, Biochemistry, Before & BAFTA (the second part won a BAFTA for Best Film).

... with $400 Literary Settings. Erin finds the first Daily Double under $2000 Before & BAFTA. She wagers a big $4000 on this:
- Zombies from an AMC drama stand on desks & moan, "O Captain! My Captain!" to Robin Williams.
"What is 'The Walking Dead Poets Society'?" GOT IT for $11,000! Chris has $4200 when he finds the other one under $800 Happy Trails! He fronts $2000 on this:
- The heritage trail named for this man who's had a few places honor him includes Berkeley Springs, W.V., which he surveyed.
"Who is... Daniel Boone?" No, it was George Washington, dropping him to $2200. He recovers to $7800 to Erin's $12,200, but Brandon is out in front with $18,600.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "20th Century American History": A biography of him: "In a sweltering, dimly lit cabin, its window shades closed... his first presidential decisions were made". Correct response: who was Lyndon B. Johnson?

Chris is right... and so is Brandon to win $24,401, giving him a total of $47,625 for two.

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock2

CBS/Paramount+: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Nick - $4,062
Stephanie -$3,258(traded from $3,547)
Sue - $2,550
Rashawna - $500
Larry - $200 + GIVE ME A FISH!
Brendon - $0
Parker - $0
Mary Jane - $0
Lia - $0
Quickie Deals - $800/$1,000(fruit flavored snack - Twitter Deal/missed receipt/picture of the American Flag)
Quickie Deals Total - $52,900/$61,600

Perfect Deals - 371
Big Deal Choice 1 - 19
Big Deal Choice 2 - 27
Big Deal Choice 3 - 45
Big Deal Location 1 - 46
Big Deal Location 2 - 24
Big Deal Location 3 - 21
Big Deal Wins- 24
Car Wins - 31


Prizes not won today - $63,413
Big Deal prizes not selected today - $34,331
Total for Today not won -$97,744
Prizes not won this season -$5,802,665 + 16 unknown prize values

Total - $10,570
Total for Week 20 - $32,435
Total for the Season: $3,440,403 + 2 unknown prize values
Total with Quickie Deals -$3,441,203 + 2 unknown prize values
Best Week - Week 9 - $273,195
3M Passed - 76 shows(03/12/2021)

Tuesday's trading starts off with Stephanie in Overalls(Australian - owned a 90s themed Game Show called "That Bingo Party"). She has the Big Box with a video clue of well...SOMETHING. Stephanie can keep that or take Curtain 1 with a video clue of someone cooking. She takes the Big Box and passes on a NACHO CHEESE HOT TUB(ZONK) behind Curtain 1! Stephanie can keep the Big Box or take the small box with a clue of the flashing Wi-Fi Signal. Stephanie keeps the Big Box and passes on an Iphone 12/Apple Watch and 2 Bose Headphones worth $2,947! Stephanie can keep the Big Box or take the Mini-Curtain. Stephanie keeps the Big Box and passes on the mini-curtain and passes on an OUTER BANKS GETAWAY for 4N at the KOA Outer Banks West Campground in Cape Hatteras, NC worth $5,690! Stephanie wins an entertainment package in the Big Box including a 65" 4K HDTV/PS4 Pro/Libratone Bluetooth Speaker/Noise Cancelling Headphones and Listening Chair worth $3,547!

Brendon the Hippie(real like tap dancer - manages a bar/restaurant and a SAH Dad) is playing PAIR-A-DICE for a 2021 Kia Forte LXS worth $20,680! Here's how the game works. We have 8 boxes on stage. 6 of them have numbered dice under them. If Brendon matches 4s, he will win $400. If he matches 5, he will win $500. And if he matches 6s, he will win $600. If Brendon can earn the $1,500 on the board before hitting the 2 zonks we have hidden, he will win the $1,500 and the Kia for a prize package worth $22,180! Brendon's first pick is 3 and it is the first ZONK. He is offered $200 not to play...$300...he plays on and Brendon picks 2. It is a 4. 7 is a 6. 4 is a 5. 1 matches the 6 for $600. Brendon goes on with 6 and he matches the 4 for $400. He has $1,000 and this will be the final pick. We have two boxes left - 5 and 8. One is the other zonk and one is the missing 5 which will give Brendon $22,180 in cash and car! Brendon goes for it and picks was the 2nd ZONK. 8 was the 5.

Sue the Donut(software engineer and coder from India) has Curtain 1 or $300. She takes Curtain 1 and it is the small box. Sue is offered $500 for the small box and passes. She wins a Coach purse worth $550 - SO FAR. Sue is offered $1,000 for the purse. She keeps the purse and adds a $2,000 shopping spree to Saks Fifth Avenue worth $2,550! Nick(at-homie Top Gun Pilot from Atlanta - food reporter/Door Dash Delivery Guy). He has the Big Box from Wayne and Jonathan has the Greenback Party envelope. They have a LMAD Debate to have Nick decide which prize he wants. After the debate, Nick picks Wayne. Jonathan had ZONKEY DOLLARS(ZONK). Nick wins the Big Box and he wins new appliances including a range/dishwasher/microwave and a year of Bagel Bites Snacks worth $4,062!

We need to play NUMBERS UP with three people and they are Lia the Love Lady(former acrobat from Cirque de Soleil), Mary Jane the Diver and Parker the Hockey player(recent college graduate). Here's how the game works. We have a money amount on the board that looks like this: $ _ _ _ 0. In each round, our traders will fill up the money amount with the highest number possible. In Round 1 we have four colored squares - red/green/blue and yellow. Each trader will pick a square. The highest 2 numbers will move on to round 2 and the highest of those two will be moved to the money amount. The lowest number sits down with nothing. Lia picks Green and it is 7. Mary Jane picks Blue and it is 6. Parker is OUT with 5. The money amount is now $ _ _ 7 0. In round 2, Mary Jane and Lia have three squares to pick from - red/green and blue. Highest moves on to the final round and the other sits down with nothing. Mary Jane picks Red and 2. Lia is going on to the final round with blue and 4. The money amount is now $ _ 4 7 0. We have two squares left - red and green. One completes the money amount and one is a zonk. Lia picks RED. Lia can go for the cash or take Curtain 2. She goes for the cash and passes on Curtain 2 which was a new living room! It was an Living Room worth $4,852! Lia wins NOTHING. The green square completed the money amount which was $3,470!

It's time to play ACCELERATOR with Doctor Rashawna(Jailer for LAPD - double dutch jump rope artist). She is playing for a 2021 VW Jetta Sedan worth $21,185! Here's how the game works. We have three balls, a ramp, a spinning wheel and 12 spaces - 4C's, 4A's and 4R's. Rashawna must spell CAR to win the Jetta. In round 1, Rashawna rolls her first ball down the ramp and lands on a C space. Tiffany flips the C over and it has $400 on the other side. If Rashawna rolls her 2nd ball down the ramp, she can not land on the C spaces because they are now ZONK spaces. Rashawna plays on and rolls...A ZONK. Wayne offers a consolation roll - if she can land on another zonk, Rashawna will win $500. SHE GETS IT!

Last deal of the day involves Larry the At-Homie(Sheriff - Navy Veteran volunteer director of a community theater). He has a small box with a prize and bonus cash OR The Big Box with NO BONUS CASH. He keeps the small box and passes on a $3,099 Piaggio Scooter in the Big Box! Larry wins $100 and NAVY SEALS(ZONK)! He gets $100 more for his service!

Who trades for a shot at $27,933? Stephanie trades her entertainment package!

She picks 2. 3 was a game room with a Skee-Ball Machine and a Crosley Bluetooth Jukebox worth $6,398! Stephanie wins a fitness package including a Bowflex Home Gym and a Fight Camp Home Boxing Package worth $3,258! 1 was the Big Deal and it starts with a trip to Costa Rica for 6N at the Springs Resort and Spa along with a 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback! That was worth $27,933!

People Puzzler
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 6p/5c
Host: Leah Remini
Official WebsiteFacebook
"I'd probably win the award for most valuable..."
MAry Alice
"I'd probably win the award for most valuable..."
"I'd probably win the award for most valuable..."

TODAY'S PUZZLERS are... Pretty as a Princess, Nashville, Drink Up, and The Brady Bunch.

PUZZLE #1: Kevin picks Brady Bunch and get three for 300. Mary Alice gets three as well for 320. At the end of the round, Kevin leads with 440 to Mary Alice's 320. Sid has 70 and the board to start...

PUZZLE #2: ... and it's Drink Up. He gets PUNCH and...
- WAGER WORD: He goes all-in on this: Name for gigantic cup at 7-Eleven - B _ _ _ _ _ _. BIG GULP doubles him up to 340, and LONGISLAND puts him 740. Meanwhile, Kevin gets...
- DOUBLE WORD: Half-lemonade drink named for golfer - A _ _ _ L _ /P _ L _ _ _. ARNOLD PALMER is right for 240. Sid leads at the end of the round with 920 to 800 for Kevin. Mary Alice at 600 is done for fun with a year of People to show for it.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Biopics or Kiss Me
- Kevin picks Biopics, getting JIM, WILLSMITH, JOHNNYCASH, MOZART, TINATURNER, and CHADWICK for 3100 total.
- Sid is left with Kiss Me, getting COUSINS, SAILOR, SPIDERMAN and FAITH to end up with... 2270. Kevin wins!

$10,000 FAST PUZZLE: Kevin picks Appetizers, Honey-Do List, and At the Club over Summer Olympics.
- Appetizers: He gets MOZZARELLA before passing.
- At the Club: He gets BOUNCER and STROBE before passing.
- Honey-Do List: He gets HOMEDEPOT before time runs out. He needed SPIDER and something else.

Back to Appetizers, where he was missing EGGROLLS and BALTIMORE. At the Club needed PITBULL.

Pooch Perfect
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: 8p/7c
Host: Rebel Wilson with Lisa Vanderpump, Jorge Bendersky and Dr. Callie Harris
Official WebsiteFacebook
Facebookbird, new, square, twitter iconNBC AppHulu
  Last week, we began our search for the next great dog groomer and with it, the $100,000 prize and the title of Pooch Perfect. Gabriel & Monse were named Best in Show when they turned their dog into a goldfish, but when Jayne & Donny tried to go red for a fire ant, they were left burned. Now nine teams remain.

IMMUNITY PUPPERTUNITY #2: Shape Up. Inspired by geometic shapes, you'll have to shape your dogs into... well, shapes. You have two hours!
- WINNERS: Macie & Corona

ULTIMUTT CHALLENGE #2: Happy Holidogs. In 5 hours 30, transform your dog into something reminiscent of your favorite holiday.
- Macie & Corona: National Doughnut Day (C-Note: THANKS, REBEL)
- Philip & Josh: New Year's Eve (they're both New Yorkers)
- Gabriel & Monse: Christmas
- Alyssa & Justin: Halloween
- Riza & Sarah: Chinese New Year
- Deb & Jordan : ALSO Chinese New Year
- Adrien & Bria: Valentine's Day
- Tierra & ERica: Christmas
- Blake & Bobby: Cinco de Mayo
BEST IN SHOW: Alyssa & Justin
ELIMINATED: Tierra & Erica

All animal activity was monitored. No animals were harmed in the writing of this recap.

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS/Paramount+: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Devin Goda, Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Record today: 2-4
Record for week 19: 5-6-1
Record this season: 232-249-29
Total won today*: $71,333
Total won this week*: $167,238
Total won this season*: $6,854,083
Perfect bids: 6/474
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/1
DSWs/DOBs: 3/5
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 3/2
Best week: Week 13 - Big Money Week - $768,575
$6M passed: 3/15/21

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar

It's Tuesday at the Price with Danielle Garcia, William Lett, Chakana Mayo, and Daquan Haywood playing for a set of Parker Clay handbags. The $1208 bags go to Chakana, who can also win a zero gravity chair, a laptop, and a grill by guessing which of them is the MOST EXPENSIVE. She goes with the grill. The chair... $4800. The laptop... $2500. The grill... $3494.

William gets a $1743 spinbike and a chance at an electric guitar or a VW Jetta S in ANY NUMBER.
- CAR: $2_,108
- Guitar: $___
- Pig: $_._6
Next pick is 2.... $22,108 car!

Hugo Giron goes down and up thanks to a $630 set of small electrics (available for giveaway at Can he win a trip to Toronto (6n @ Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto; $150 food and beverage credit) in FREEZE FRAME?
- 12 69 37 96
- 50 24 88 43
He goes with $8824.... It was $6937. He gets a second chance at the Showcase.

Meanwhile, Danielle gets a $920 karaoke and a chance at a Kitchen with 5 years of Thrive Market in BONUS GAME. She gets the windows next to a $30 eyelash curler and a $65 electric toothbrush.

Kim Nguyen gets a $1915 set of Gucci sunglasses. She'll be wearing those in a Chevy Spark Activ if she wins PASS THE BUCK. She gets just the free pick with #3... THE CAR!

Daquan has one more go with a 4KTV. The price: $750. The winner... Niraj Chhotu. He plays for a game room with pool table, dartboard, and pub table in CHECK GAME. He makes it out to $2500. The game room... $6606. Total... $9106. VOIDED by $106. But he too gets a second chance at...

THE FABULOUS SHOWCASES! First, taking the WABAC to TPIR's premiere in 1972, where we get $2504 cash, a hot tub, and a trip to Hawaii (6n @ Courtyard Marriott King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel; guided tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park). Top winner Niraj passes, and Hugo bids $20,000. Niraj gets to go glamping with a tent package, a trip to Asheville (6n @ Bunn House; private horseback trail ride for 2), and a Chevy Trax LS. He bids $24,805. Actual price... $32,303, a difference of $7498. Actual price of Hugo's Showcase... $23,469 to win with a difference of $3469! That gives him a total of $24,099, which, as we like to say now and then, is better than a kick in the pants.

25 Words or Less
by Chico Alexander
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Syn: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
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playing for Angela (Fox 5 WNYW New York)
playing for Ann (WCVB Boston)
Ross Mathews
"RuPaul's Drag Race"
Cristela Alonso
"His Dark Materials"
Arden Myrin
Greg Grunberg
"The Boys"

- Cristela vs. Arden: sausage, layer, lab, Hershey, samurai. Arden goes for 12... and 250 goes to Christine.
- Christine vs. Natallia: spam, Portland, grasshopper, season, emoji. Christine bids 16... doubles to 500!
- Ross vs. Greg: tickle, hamster, maple leaf, fossil, Cinderella. Greg declares 11, and Christine sweeps with 750.

ROUND 2: Natallia gets the board first.
- NATALLIA's list: World Cup (1000), water fountain (500), Weather Channel (1000), Orlando Bloom (1000), rescue (250)
- CHRISTINE's list: Salt Lake City (500), chiropractor (250), chewy (250), doorman (500), interrogation (500)

Christine gets four for 1500, 2250 total. Natallia gets the W, 2500-2250. Christine leaves with a gift card to Blue Apron.

MONEY ROUND: Natallia gets date, button, penthouse, gown, olive, and karate for a trip to San Diego (5n @ Rancho Bernardo Inn).