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August 15, 2017


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The One to Rule the World

Divided Season Premiere
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: Friday 7p/6C
Host: Mike Richards
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  Time to begin a new season of a show that's built for its time..
live streamer
Calhoun, LA
political activist
Chandler, AZ
operations manager
St. Louis
IT manager

After round 1, they manage to earn $4177... before getting the next question wrong to split their bank to $2089.

Round 2:
- Q1: The two top-selling drugs of 2016 are used to treat which of these conditions: a) arthritis b) hepatitis C c) high blood pressure? Chester accidentally hits the Takeover on A and C, which the team would've locked in with otherwise. It was A... and B. They're down to $1045.
- Q2: Which two of these colors are included in a standard Crayola box of eight crayons: a) white b) brown c) black? They go with B & C... GOOD for another $8330, giving them $9475.
- Q3: From a poll reported on by Today, when it comes to stoking the flames in the bedroom, husbands are more turned on by which two of these: a) sweet talk b) dirty talk c) sexy clothes? They lock in B & C... RIGHT to end the round with $18,165... but one player is not going home with a single penny of it.

Chester: SYDNEY
Talitha: IDO
Sydney: IDO

Here come the 15 free seconds.... Talitha changes her vote to SYDNEY.

Round 3 changes: either two or all three answers in Q1 are correct. Q2 is the order question. The value for each has not changed.
- Q1 ($15,000): Which of these rappers share a real last name with a US president: a) Jay-Z b) Eminem c) 50 Cent? They go with A & C... Carter and Jackson are RIGHT for $11,977, giving them $30,142!
- Q2 ($25,000): According to a YouGov poll, put these causes of apocalypse in order of how likely American think they are, starting with the most: a) Climate change b) Nuclear war c) Alien invasion? They go with BAC... RIGHT for a grand total of $48,287... which divides up like this...

A (60%): $28,972
B (30%): $14,486
C (10%): $4829

It doesn't take but a few seconds after Talitha and Chester decide which of them is going to take B...

Ido: C ($4068)
Talitha: B ($12,205)
Chester: A ($24,409)

In the nightcap, a successful Takeover cements Diamond's (Compton, CA; fashion designer) place in the game with David (Gaffney, SC; bartender) & Minolta (Queens, NY; personal chef) on the back of Jennifer (San Diego; PTA president). They end up with a bank of $10,610.

A (60%): $6366
B (30%): $3183
C (10%): $1061

David was adamant that he was going home with the largest share or nothing at all. Well, he's right there. He's going home with nothing at all. As are Minolta and Diamond.

America's Got Talent
by Chico Alexander, Jason Block & Gordon Pepper
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NBC: 8p/7c
Host: Tyra Banks with Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum & Howie Mandel
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From here on out, the performers are competing for cash and glory without a net. Welcome to Live Shows!

Twelve acts will perform tonight. America will vote for five to advance. Let's go to the Dolby Theatre...

- Christian Guardino: sings "Make It Rain" by Ed Sheeran. Simon enjoyed the song choice, but he needs to make a bigger risk.
- Artyon and Paige: preteen dancers perform a tribute to "Footloose". Simon & Howie agreed that it's a step up.
- In the Stairwell: a cappella group from US Air Force Academy singing "Some Nights" by fun. Howie thought it was a step up, but the rest of the judges were enthusiastic in their praise.
- The Singing Trump: the former Jeff Trachta sings "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon with a bit of Hammer Time thrown in. Simon thought it was (C-Note: like the actual presidency) ... "cut down on the tweeting, work on the choreography". Heidi didn't mind that it was offbeat. Howie thought it was horrible.
- Angelica Hale: sings "Clarity" by Zedd & Foxes. She has range, control, and notes for days.
- Bello Nock: The judges agreed to bring this act back as a wild-card. He performs the Wheel of Death, bouncing and flipping inside a large wheel.
- Just Jerk: dance crew performs to "Turn Up the Music" by Chris Brown. Didn't have the wow of previous acts, but nevertheless very clean.
- Puddles Pity Party: sings "Royals" by Lorde. Lord.... make him stop.
- Preacher Lawson: his routine includes Oprah, gangstas, cell phones, and Guinness records for clapping. A few might have been broken tonight, because he's very witty and on point. Heidi was the only judge who didn't feel it.
- Yoli Mayor: sings "Human" by Rag'n'Bone Man. A little flat, but had the tone. Simon thought it was overproduced, but she still had talented chops. Mel B thought "something was off".
- Billy and Emily England: turned up their rollerskating act with a few daredevil stunts
- Darci Lynne Farmer: introduced her friend "Oscar", who sang "Who's Lovin' You" to Mel B.

Results and a performance from the reigning champion Grace Vanderwaal tomorrow.

Chopped Grill Masters
by Chico Alexander
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Food: 10p/9C
Host: Ted Allen
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Megan Day and Joe Johnson are in the running for the $50K and the Napa vacation... .
"Big Moe" Cason
Des Moines, IA
grill master, Moe Cason Barbeque

Flip Wise
Aspen, CO
executive chef, Free Range Kitchen & Wine Bar

Lee Ann Whippen
executive chef/pitmaster, Southern Cut BBQ
Stephen Coe
Plymouth, MA
director of culinary operations, Mirbeau

In the pit today: Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Marcus Samuelsson.

APPETIZER (fired up by Sargento): first grill action comes with... bison T-bone steaks, provolone cheese, blue masa dough, and a frozen daiquiri.
- Moe: Cognac-Basted Bison with Masa
- Flip: Grilled T-Bone Frico Tapa with Charred Salsa
- Lee Ann: Apple-Smoked Bison with Blue Masa Toast
- Stephen: Grilled Bison Taco and Pico de Gallo with Daiquiri Crema

ENTREE: next for our survivors... duck breast, haricot verts, sushi, and ash ice cream.
- Moe: Ash-Glazed Duck Breast with Seasoned Green Beans
- Flip: Korean-Mexican Bibimbap
- Stephen: "Field & Stream" Grilled Orange Duck with Salmon & Tuna Poke

DESSERT: Sweet AND with grill lines? We'll see what happens with... a birthday cake, lardo, Meyer lemons, and candy fruit kabobs.
- Flip: Strawberry-Pecan Torta with Chile Chocolate Sauce
- Stephen: Grilled French Toast with Pecan Crumble & Lemon Spread

Next in the final for the Walmart $50,000 and a Behringer Napa Valley vacation.... STEPHEN!

Fear Factor
by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper
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MTV: 10p/9c
Host: Chris "Ludacris" Bridges
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Eli & Maritza
competitive wrestlers

Geoff & Greg
twin gym rats from Bronx, NY

Kayla & Troy
Joe & Kyle
self-proclaimed meatheads

On the menu tonight: fitness freaks.

BEAT THE BEAST: Beast Mode. One of you will be placed on a pilates mat while your partner will crank you under three glass boxes. You have to grab three pins to release the beasts. Also under each box is a series of letters that you have to unscramble within 60 seconds. Fastest will get a Fearvantage for the next round. Slowest gets cranked out.
- Kayla/Troy: 4'40"
- Joe/Kyle: 4'05"
- Eli/Maritza: 4'50"
- Geoff/Greg: 3'24" (FEARVANTAGE)
ELIMINATED: Eli & Maritza

FACE YOUR FEAR: Tin Can Challenge. Each of the remaining teams is afraid of nasty food. They will have to draw three vending machine cards that will give them a can of something nasty. You'll have to put them in a blender, blend them, and then drink them. Slowest time hits the showers.

Geoff & Greg's Fearvantage: they get to pick who goes first and second.
- Joe/Kyle: 1'27"
- Kayla/Troy: 2'18"
- Geoff/Greg: 1'46"
ELIMINATED: Kayla & Troy

THE FINAL FEAR: Wrecked. A Fear Factor classic: ride a car up a flipping ramp and then blow up and slide for distance. Furthest from the line wins the money.
- Joe/Kyle: 97 feet 10 in.
- Geoff/Greg: 93 feet 3 in.

Geoff & Greg had it in the palm of their hand all game, but then lost it. Congrats to Joe & Kyle!

Hollywood Game Night
by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn
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: 8p/7c
Host: Jane Lynch with Dean Butterworth & the Scorekeepers
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Haley Weiner
Los Angeles
PR coordinator
Shameka Mattox
Heidelberg, GER
media manager
Carson Kressley
"The Celebrity Apprentice"
Justin Hartley
"This Is Us"
Marcus Lemonis
"The Profit"
Chrissy Metz
"This Is Us"
Bill Engvall
The Neighbor
Sterling K. Brown
"This Is Us"

CLUE BOOM!: push the bowl, don't get a-sploded.
- At the end of one round of play, Shameka leads, 9-3.

SONG SUNG WRONG: each right answer is worth 1.
- Haley has 7 to Shameka's 11.

NICE PACKAGE: holding onto boxes in Jane's backyard. Each package is worth 1.
- Team Haley has 12 for 19 total. Team Shameka has 17 for 28 total.

TV ID: each TV show is worth 2.
- Shameka's team sweeps to lead 36-19.

I LOVE A CHARADE: Each charade is worth 5 points.
- Team Shameka's category: Amusement Park Items. They get roller coaster, balloon, ice cream, bumper cars, parade, fireworks, vomit, ticket, and restroom for 45 points, 81 total. Team Haley needs 13 to win in... Animals at the Zoo. They get elephant, kangaroo, penguin, gorilla, alligator, rhinoceros, rattlesnake, tarantula, porcupine, flamingo, camel, butterfly, and giraffe for the win, 84-81!

CELEBRITY NAME GAME with Carson (Project Angel Food) and Sterling (Youth Mentoring Connection)
- Will Smith, Jay Leno, Natalie Portman, Nick Cannon, Tom Brady, Charlize Theron, Beyonce, Chris Pratt, Jim Carrey, and Robin Roberts is the closer for $25,000 for Haley and $10,000 for each of the players' charities!

Snap Decision
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 9p & 9:30p/8 & 8:30C
Host: David Alan Grier
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claims her dad got her name from a TV Guide


high school jock

ROUND 1: We met the players, and the players meet Rashad (26; San Bernardino, CA), Chris (38; Glendora, CA), and Carla (60; Pittsburgh). At the end, they get Tiffni to $400, Cheyenne to $300, and Terrance to $300 as well.

ROUND 2: going into the final question, Tiffni has $400, Cheyenne has $700, and Terrance has $500. The question: Which person busted people for having put while they were at work: Carla or Rashad? Tiffni says Carla while Cheyenne & Terrance went the other way... it was Carla to put Tiffni at $600 to Cheyenne's $700, and it's curtains for Terrance.

ROUND 3: Cheyenne plays with Carla, while Tiffni goes with Rashad.
- $250: Did they say a man should spend more or less than $100 on a first date? Cheyenne went with LESS... wrong. Tiffni says LESS... RIGHT! She banks another $500, putting her ahead, $1100 to $700.
- $500: When it comes to personal hygience, what did they say was more important: toothpaste or deodorant? Cheyenne went with toothpaste... good for $1200. Tiffni went with toothpaste... good for $1600!
- $750: When it comes to their career, did they say they were laid-back or laser-focused? Cheyenne went with laser-focused... GOOD for $1950. Tiffni will decide the game with laid-back... Tiffni wins, $2350 to $1950!

BONUS ROUND: Tiffni correctly determines that Chris used to date his boss and Rashad works as a security guard for two.

In the nightcap, Marcus, Jon & Portia judge Mysti (35; Marion, AL), Kyle (26; Denver), and Ruby (41; Bellflower, CA). Portia leads with $700 to Marcus' $600. Jon is eliminated with $400.

At the end of round 3, Marcus wins, $2600 to $1700.

BONUS: Marcus nails that Kyle doesn't leave the house without a fanny pack, Mysti's father owns a fried-chicken joint, Kyle sings in a rock band, Mysti can make a drink that can help you get pregnant, and Kyle has street-raced in his Mustang 5.0 to win AT THE LAST SECOND!