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May 3, 2022


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Champs Only

by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Ken Jennings with Jimmy McGuire & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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Mattea is playing for blackjack today...

Mattea Roach


Angela Kissner
Akron, OH
educational consultant & tutor

Enver Casimir
Albany, CA
history teacher

SINGLE JEOPARDY!:  They Named a City for Him, Bible Belts, Let's Go to the Auto Shop, The Actor Really Saves the Day!, Hidden Anatomy; Mrs., Miss or Mr.

Mattea starts with $200 They Named a City for Him, where Enver finds the Daily Double under $1000. He bets the level on this...
- THEY NAMED A CITY FOR HIM for $1000: This city with a Tennessee Valley Authority headquarters was named for America's first Secretary of War
"What is Knoxville?" RIGHT for $2400! He ends up with $6600 to $7800 for Mattea. Angela's $200 gets her control of...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: History, Fictional Characters, States' Other Common Languages, Pets, Easy Listening, Free as a Word

... with $400 History. Mattea finds the first Daily Double under $800 States' Other Common Languages. She bets $2000 on this...
- STATES' OTHER COMMON LANGUAGES for $2000: This Native American language is the third-most commonly spoken one in both Arizona & New Mexico
"What is Navajo?" RIGHT for $10,600! She also finds the one under the penultimate clue, $1600 Pets. She makes it $2000 to go on this...
- PETS for $2000: As its very name speaks of sun-kissed islands, don't let this little songbird catch cold
"What is a canary?" RIGHT for $24,600, where she ends the round. With Enver at $9800 to $600 for Angela, it's the champ's game to lose once again.

- NATIONAL ANTHEMS: "Terre de nos aïeux" follows the title in the French version of this anthem
Correct response: what is "O Canada"?

You know Mattea's going to nail this one. She does to win $29,599 for a 21-day tally of $506,584!

Holey Moley Fore-Ever! Season Premiere
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: 9p/8c
Host: Rob Riggle & Joe Tessitore with Jeannie Mai, Stephen Curry
& Jim Henson's Muppets
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How do you make the best miniature golf competition on television even better? By adding Muppets.

HOLE 1: THE TRAP-TEE-ZE. Putt off a ramp to send your ball to the treen. You have to swing from trapeze to trapeze before finishing the hole. If you fall in the water... that's right, it's a stroke penalty.
- Nick Andrews (Helena, MT) vs. Stephanie Boucree (Carlsbad, CA). WINNER: Nick
HOLE 2: CORN HOLE. After putting down 30 feet of green, you'll have 3 seconds to run across the same path before the corn... pops. If you or the ball lands in the foam pit, it's a stroke penalty.
- David Taylor (Kansas City, MO) vs. Kasey Nicholson (Ft. Belknap, MT). WINNER: Kasey
HOLE 3: DONUT HOLE. Putt down a long curve toward the green, then go through four swinging donuts to finish the hole. Fall into the sprinkles, and it's a one-stroke penalty.
- Gabriel Cruz (Los Angeles) vs. Jaime Jacob (Encinitas, CA). WINNER: Jaime
HOLE 4: DUTCH COURAGE EN FUEGO. Windmills on FIRE. If either you or your ball land in the water, it's a stroke penalty.
- Matt Miller (Bloomington, IL) vs. Michaela McIntosh (Portland, OR). WINNER: Michaela

HOLE 5: POLCANO. Putt up the side of the volcano through a rock-laden Plinko board. Land in the center to get the best position. Otherwise, it'll end up in the rough or the hazard depending on where it lands. In any case, you'll have to zipline your way around the pole in the lagoon to the green to finish the hole. Land in the water, it's a stroke penalty.
- Jaime vs. Mcihaela. WINNER: Jaime
HOLE 6: FULL MOONEY. Putt over a ramp to the green, then walk over the orbiting moon long enough to make it there yourself.
- Nick vs. Kasey. WINNER: Kasey

HOLE 7: HOLEYWOOD. Run down the walk of fame and launch yourself on a star to determine ball position. The person who wins this hole will move on to the finale and a shot at $250,000.
- Jaime vs. Kasey. WINNER... JAIME! He gets the Plaid Jacket, the Golden Putter, and a ticket to the $250,000 hole!

The Chase Season Premiere
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Sara Haines with Brandon Blackwell, Buzzy Cohen, Victoria Groce, James Holzhauer & Brad Rutter
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconHuluHulu

Two of the trivia world's most potent foes have stepped down. That's the good news. The bad news... THREE have risen to take their place. We meet the first of them TONIGHT as we begin season 3 of... "The Chase"!

Felice Gray-Kemp
Hamden, CT
chief legal officer of a tech company
Phil Wrighthouse
Attica, IN
high school teacher
Shannon Lee
Phoenixville, PA
met her husband in 3rd grade
Brandon Blackwell
"The Lightning Bolt"
RECORD: First match
LAST GAME: New Chaser

A veteran of "The Million Second Quiz" on NBC and "The Runner" on Go90, Brandon gained worldwide notoriety as a feared quizzer on "University Challenge" when he was an exchange student in the UK.

FELICE's CASH BUILDER: four right, $40,000
- One step closer to home: $10,000
- One step closer to the Chaser: $150,000
CHOICE: STAY at $40,000

 �� . . �� . . . . ]
If you hike to the top of Utah's Farnsworth Peak, you'll find which of the following: a tiny Mormon temple, an astronomical telescope, or lots of antennas? She goes with a tiny Mormon temple... but it's lots of antennas. Brandon... is right to descend.
[ >
 �� . �� . . . . ]
Stop peeing on your boyfriend! Urinating on a jellyfish sting doesn't ease the pain. It's a myth popularized by what sitcom: Seinfeld, Friends, or The Office? She says "Friends"... RIGHT! Brandon agrees.
[ > >
 �� . �� . . . ]
A 2021 article on referred to Animal Crossing character Tom Nook as "a furry little slumlord" in a what: purple tie, green shirt, or pink vest? She says green shirt... YES YES! Brandon is also correct.
[ > > >
 �� . �� . . ]
Visible from space at night, what has National Geographic called "the brightest city on Earth": São Paulo, Tokyo, or Las Vegas? She says Las Vegas... She's RIGHT! Brandon.. misses with Tokyo!
[ > > >
 �� . . �� . ]
Often read at weddings, a Bible verse from 1 Corinthians starts "Love is patient, love is..." what: kind, blind, or honest? She says kind... RIGHT! Brandon.. agreed.
[ > > > >
 ��  . . �� ]
Created in 1935, Schrödinger's Cat is a thought experiment that involves a cat, a radioactive source, & what third item: handcuffs, poison, or gold? She says poison for the win... YES! (BANK: $40,000)

PHIL's CASH BUILDER: eight right, $80,000
- One step closer to home: $20,000
- One step closer to the Chaser: $250,000
CHOICE: STAY at $80,000

 �� . . �� . . . . ]
Blasting off in 1978, the first person in space who was not American or Soviet was what: French, Czech, or Israeli? He goes with Czech... RIGHT! Brandon... also has Czech.
[ >
 �� . . �� . . . ]
Adding a guilty pleasure to the lettuce and veggies,  a traditional "Pittsburgh Salad" includes which of the following: mozzarella sticks, pretzel bites, or French fries? He goes wtih mozzarella sticks.. but it was French fries. Brandon says... French fries.
[ > >
 �� . �� . . . ]
What the $?!#$! is the answer?! The technical term for a series of typographical symbols that suggest profanity is what: grawlix, interrobang, or griffonage? He goes wtih grawlix. And that's absolutely $?!#$! right! Brandon also says grawlix.
[ > > >
 �� . �� . . ]
Palmer's is a leading brand of what product that comes in contact with people's palms: softballs, cell phone cases, or cocoa butter? He says cocoa butter... Got it! Brandon also got it.
[ > > > >
 �� . �� . ]
What US president kept a coconut shell on his Oval Office desk as a reminder of once being stranded on a deserted island: Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, or Ronald Reagan? He goes with Kennedy... GOOD! Brandon also goes with Kennedy.
[ > > > >
 ��  . �� ]
Honoring National Coffee Day, what celebrity posed nude with coffee beans on Instagram using the caption "All Colombian café": Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, or Sofia Vergara? He says Salma Hayek... who is Mexican. Brandon goes with his gut and says Sofia Vergara.
[ > > > > >
 �� �� ]
DUAL IMPLICATION: Subtitled "The Dad Who Gave Birth", a 2019 documentary about trans journalist Freddy McConnell was named after what animal: Seahorse, Sandpiper, or Starfish? He goes with Seahorse... RIGHT! (BANK: $120,000)

SHANNON's CASH BUILDER: eight right, $70,000
- One step closer to home: $15,000
- One step closer to the Chaser: $275,000
CHOICE: STAY at $70,000

 �� . . �� . . . . ]
Often compared to one of Earth's natural wonders, VAlles Marineris is nicknamed what: Mount Everest of Venus, Grand Canyon of Mars, or Northern Lights of Neptune? She goes with Northern Lights of Neptune... but it was the Grand Canyon of Mars. Brandon is right.
[ >
 �� . �� . . . . ]
The Andre Walker System is an alphanumeric method of classifying what: crustaceans, books, or hair? She says hair.. RIGHT! Brandon says... HAIR.
[ > >
 �� . �� . . . ]
AS of 2022, what is the only US state that has never been represented by a woman in either chamber of Congress: Mississippi, Vermont, or Wyoming? She says Vermont... GOOD! Brandon went with... Wyoming.
[ > >
 �� . . �� . . ]
In the 1980s, a group of journalist met at New York's La Rotisserie Francaise where they created what popular game: Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy baseball, or Trivial Pursuit? She likes fantasy baseball... RIGHT! Brandon agrees.
[ > > >
 �� . . �� . ]
A 2021 YouGov international survey revealed whta power couple was "the world's most admired man and woman": Jay-Z & Beyoncé, PRince Harry & Meghan Markle, or Barack & Michelle Obama? She picks Barack & Michelle... GOOD! Brandon had... Prince HArry & Meghan Markle.
[ > > >
 ��  . . . �� ]
June Jordan dedicated her "1977: Poem for Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer" to a well-known what: civil rights activist, Oscar-winning actress, or Olympic athlete? She says Oscar-winning actress... but it was civil rights activist. Brandon... is right.
[ > > > > . .
 �� �� ]
Refusing to make up its mind & having 2 completely opposite meanings, which of these words is a contronym: equivocate, sanction, or waffle? She says sanction to go on... IT IS! (BANK: $190,000)

THE FINAL CHASE for $190,000: Since all three made it to the Final Chase, they get a three-step advantage ahead of the Chaser from the start.
Now the Chaser will have 2 minutes to answer 15 questions in a row correctly. The players can push the Chaser back one step with each incorrect answer.
- PUSHBACK at 13, 1:43: "Every family has a story" is a phrase that appears on what company's website? Brandon went with 23andMe... The team goes with That's right to push the Chaser to 14.
- PUSHBACK at 7, 1:04: What children's book character lived atop Mount Crumpit? Brandon says MR. Toad... but the team thought it was Old King Cole. It was the Grinch. No movement.
- PUSHBACK at 4, 0:49: Nephrolithiasis is the medical term for what painful condition? Brandon is wrong iwth kidney. The team is right with kidney stones to push im back to 5.
- PUSHBACK at 5, 0:43: Bubble wrap was originally invented to be used as what? Brandon goes wtih packaging. The team goes with insulation, but it was actually wallpaper. No movement.
- CATCH at 0:14. Sorry, team, but you've been caught and for you... the Chase... is over.

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Peña vs. Team Nunes Season Premiere
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ESPN+: 9p/8c
Host: Dana White
Official WebsiteFacebook

A new season of The Ultimate Fighter is upon us. Coaching the men's heavyweights & women's flyweights are former women's bantamweight champion & current women's featherweight champion Amanda Nunes (21-5 fighting out of Coral Springs, FL) and current women's bantamweight champion Julianna "The Venezuelan Vixen" Peña (11-4 fighting out of Chicago). They were scheduled to meet in August 2021, but Nunes bowed out due to COVID and the match was declared a no-contest and rescheduled to December 2021, where Peña won by submission. This is "The Road to the Rematch", and it begins with the pick... Team Nunes is first via coin toss...

- Eduardo Perez, 27 (4-1)
- Chandler Cole, 27 (8-3)
- Mitchell Sipe, 25 (5-2)
- Nyle Bartling, 29 (6-0)
Women's Flyweights
- Claire Guthrie, 26 (3-1)
- Brogan Walker, 32 (7-2)
- Kaytlin Neil, 30 (5-4)
- Kathryn Paprocki, 28 (3-2)
- Mohammed Usman, 32 (7-2)
- Zac Pauga, 33 (5-0)
- Jordan Heiderman, 30 (5-0)
- Bobby Maximus, 43 (5-4)
Women's Flyweights
- Helen Peralta, 33 (4-2)
- Juliana Miller, 25 (2-1)
- Hannah Guy, 27 (4-1)
- Chantel Coates, 34 (2-1)

Here to explain how the season will work is the very first Ultimate Fighter, season 1 champion Forrest Griffin. Winners will fight at the live finale. The winners there will earn UFC contracts.

After a day of training, we have the fight card. Since Team Nunes chose the first fighter, Team Peña chose the first matchup. She chooses her #2 pick Zac Pauga to fight Nunes' #8 pick Nyle Bartling.

A couple reminders...
- 1) The winner will earn their team the draw of the next fight.
- 2) These are officially sanctioned UFC matches. If you win, it goes on your record. If you lose... it goes on your record.

FIGHT #1: Zac Pauga vs. Nyle Bartling

America Says
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 7:30p/6:30c
Host: John Michael Higgins
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
Wells Family
Paige, Scott, Shane, Holly
Big Dog Parents
Sara, Jeremy, Carter, Megan

- Wells Family: A candy that comes in both "fun size" & "king size" is (B, BR, HB, KK, MW, S, T). They get Snickers, Milky Way, Kit Kat, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Twix, and Hershey's bar for the 1700-point sweep!
- Big Dog PArents: When I think of an animal with horns, I think of a (A, B, D, G, M, R, R). They get bull, rhino, antelope, deer, and goat. The Wells get ram and moose to lead, 1900-500.

- Wells Family: Besides a novel, a (B, C, D, E, M, M, PB) can have a lot of pages. THey get manual, dictionary, bible, magazine, encyclopedia, and cookbook. The Big Dog PArents pick up phone book.
- Big Dog Parents: I got a new (A, B, R, R, S, T, T) for my RV! They get a new bed, TV, tire, and radio. The Wells family come up with refrigerator, but miss awning and stove. They still lead it, 3300-1500.

- Wells Family: If I had to pick one celebrity to be my handyman, I'd choose (BP, BV, DJ, HF, IE, JM, TA). They get Dwayne Johnson, HArrison Ford, Tim Allen, Brad Pitt, and Idris Elba for 1500, 4800 total. The Big Dog PArents miss Jason Momoa and Bob Vila for 1500.
- Big Dog Parents (need a sweep in the worst way): A word you might see on a shampoo bottle is (C, H, L, M, R, R, V). They get rinse, repeat, clean, hair, moisturizing, volume, and lather for the win, 6600-4800!

BONUS ROUND for the Big Dog PArents
- Q1: IS it just me, or does that (C) look like a person?: Cloud
- Q2: PArents often cry tears of joy at their child's (G, W): Graduation, Wedding
- Q3: Winter is coming! I can't wait to wear my (F, C, C) sweater!: Cashmere, Christmas, SKIP!
- Q4: When it comes to your (BA, BS, I, G), the higher the number, the better: Bank account, IQ, TIME on Bowling score and grades.

Back to Q3, where they needed favorite.

Chain Reaction
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 5p/4c
Host: Dylan Lane
Official WebsiteFacebook
Global Gals
Megan, Milena, Terasa
Jessica, Jino, Scott

They tried to get the big money before and missed it. Now they're back for a second chance.

$100 CHAIN: THINK - About - FAce - First - N? - SAKE. Jessica gets NAME to tie it at $200.
- $100 SPEED CHAIN: CHICKEN - S - K - SINK. The Entrepreneurs get SOUP KITCHEN for $300.

$200 CHAIN: DEEP - Clean - Break - D? - Load - BEARING. Terasa gets DOWN to give the Global Gals the lead, $800-$500.
- $200 SPEED CHAIN: BOXED - L - T - ZONE. They get LUNCH TIME to go to $1000.

$300 CHAIN: HOME - Free - Country - Rock - G? - VARIETY. Milena finishes with GARDEN to give the Global Gals $1300 to $1400 for the Entrepreneurs.
- $300 SPEED CHAIN: PITCH - B - H - DRESSER. They get BLACK HAIR for $1600 and the lead.

GAMBLING CHAIN: MODERN - World - Record - Scratch - Paper - ? - LOSS. The Global Gals lead, $2100-$800. Megan bids $100 on W... Is it WEIGHT for the win... YES! They get $2200.

BONUS ROUND for the Global GAls
- MAROON - F - S - WARS. They get FIVE STAR only because positive vibes only ... with 56 seconds left! Round barely gets started!
- CYBER - S - T - L - JACKET. They get SPACE TRAVEL LIGHT with 29 seconds left.
- TINKER - B - H - O - S - UNSEEN. They get BELL HOP OVER SIGHT for the $10,000!

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food/discovery+: 9p/8C
Host: Ted Allen
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter icon

Christina Currier
executive sous-chef, Comedor

Josh Kagenski
sous chef, B&B Nashville

Alex Astranti
executive chef, Mercantile Dining & Provision

Oscar Samayoa
pop-up chef/owner

It's Taco Tuesday in the Chopped Kitchen. On the panel... Tiffani Faison, Amanda Freitag, and Claudia Sandoval.

Each round, you will have to make a  different taco.

APPETIZER: First, make a taco out of... carne asada fries, rock shrimp, red cabbage, and tepache.
- Chrsitina: Masa-Fried Shrimp Taco with Tepache Salsa
- Josh: Tepache-Marinated Shrimp wtih Salsa Crudo
- Alex: Lettuce Cup Taco with Mole Sauce & Five-Spice Fried Shrimp
- OScar: Beer-Battered Shrimp with Cabbage Slaw & Aguacate Salsa

ENTREE: For our three survivors, we have tacos with... agave worms, flank steak, zucchini, and baby corn elote.
- Christina: Seared Flank Steak TAco with Summer Zucchini Salad
- Josh: Carne Asada Tacos with Salsa Borracha
- Oscar: Chile Relleno Taco with Salsa de Cacahuate

DESSERT: No Choco-Tacos here, but we do have for Christina and Josh... horchata ice cream sandwiches, cobanero peppers, black beans, and Mexican chocolate.
- Christina: Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla with Black Bean-Chocolate Sauce
- Josh: Spiced Mexican Chocolate & Black Bean Puree

And the winner of this Taco Tuesday... JOSH!

Family Feud
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram
Dee-Dee, JEron, Javonne, Danielle, Demetrius
Portland, OR
Bryan, Emily, Garrison, MG, Faye
Woodstock, GA


SINGLE: 100 men, bodybuilders have biceps the size of a melon. What fruit is the size of yours?
1️ Apple 32 5️ Kumquat 11
2️ Lemon 20  6️ Plum 4
3️ Orange 18 7️ Grape 2
4️ Grapefruit 13

SINGLE: A reason you might remove your pants quickly.
1️ Explosive dump/Pee 47 5️ Dirty/Wet 7
2️ Caught fire 19 6️ Hot/Cool off 4
3️ Ants/Bugs 14
4️ To bop a hottie 8

DOUBLE: An animal it might be fun to be turned into for a day.
1️ Bird/Eagle 27 5️ Dolphin 6
2️ Cat 17 6️ Monkey/Ape 5
3️ Dog/Frenchie 16 7️ Lion 4
4️ Tiger 7 8️ BEar/Panda  3

TRIPLE: Fill in the blank - Grandpa said, "Oh dang it! I lost my _____ again!"
1️ Teeth 54
2️ Bifocals 16
3️ Mind/Marbles 7
4️ Keys 6

Congratulations to the Tuckers for winning the game on the sweep.

FAST MONEY: Danielle gets two #1s for 142. Jeron finishes it for $20,000.
- 100 men, something that was hard for you to get into: Clothes
- At what age do people begin to start shrinking?: 50
- A bug people are always squishing: Ant (Danielle) & Spider (Jeron) were tied
- A Mexican dish you need a tortilla to make: Taco (Danielle)
- A body part that might be used for a transplant: Heart (Jeron)

In the nightcap, the Sanborns welcome (Back) the Chappells on a second chance.

TRIPLE: Something a man buys that's as big as his ego.
1️ CAr/Truck 84
2️ Boat 3
3️ House 3
4️ Magnum condoms 2

Congratulations to the Chappell family for winning the game.

FAST MONEY: Tasha & Shalonda win $20,000.

IF you are living in or planning to visit the Atlanta area, shows for the new season are taping soon! Go to for more info!

Name That Tune
by Chris Wolvie
bird, new, square, twitter icon @ChrisWolvie

Fox: 9p/8C
Host: Jane Krakowski with Randy Jackson & the Name That Tune Orchestra
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramFOXNOW AppHulu

On this week's show (which MUST have been taped on February 14), love is in the air everywhere you look around, in every sight and ESPECIALLY in every sound.  All of the songs tonight are centered around love!


PhD student

Los Angeles
newly engaged

PRIMARY ROUND: BY REQUEST - Categories can be picked by the one in control, each category being a clue to the title/artist of a song.  The song is played and whoever buzzes-in with the right name gets $1000 and control.

1: MR. ED (chosen by Ian): "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran [Khalia]

2: MEOW MEOW: "Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat [Khalia]

3: LEGENDARY LOVE: "Ordinary People" by John Legend [Khalia]

4: STANDING BY: "Waiting For a Girl Like You" by Foreigner [Ian]

5: MAD ABOUT U: "Crazy" by Patsy Cline [nobody...and that means nobody gets the Bonus Prize of a metal pizza oven, either.]

6: MEMORIES: "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" by Celine Dion [Ian steals as Khalia missed the "Now" part.]

7: BIG LOVE: "To Be With You" by Mr. Big [Khalia]



$5000: "When the person you fall for turns out to be a little bit of a monster."  Ian starts the bidding with 8 notes, Khalia drops it to 6, Ian says 5, Khalia says 4, Ian...relents.  Khalia gets the quad of notes...and nails "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, strengthening her lead!

$10,000: "If you've gone ring shopping, you might have some experience with this."  Khalia starts with 9, Ian to 7, Khalia to 6, Ian to 5.  Khalia lets it go, Ian gets the fiver...and balks.  Khalia gets all ten...and ALSO balks!  It was "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend", sung by Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

$15,000: "This sweet song was a Supreme hit in 1964."  Ian kicks off with 7, Khalia to 5, Ian to 4, Khalia...says "Name That Tune".  Four plinks of Randy's piano later and Ian...and says "Stop! In the Name of Love" by the Supremes...which is incorrect.  Khalia gets all ten...says "Baby Love" by the Supremes...and LOCKS the game!

$20,000: "This tune could describe a bar of soap in the shower."  Khalia says 8, Ian says 6, Khalia says 5, Ian surrenders.  Five notes are played...Khalia says...nothing.  Ian gets all ten notes...says "Hard to Handle"...and the Black Crowes' cover of an Otis Redding song is correct!  But it's not enough for Ian to win...

FINAL SCORE: KHALIA $24,000-$22,000 IAN


#1: "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 (passed with :25)

#2: "Girlfriend" by Avril Levine (GET with :22)

#3: "Be Our Guest" by Jerry Orbach & Angela Lansbury from "Beauty & the Beast" (passed with :19)

#4: "Unbreak My Heart" by Toni Braxton (GET with :17)

#5: "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley (passed with :14)

#6: "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift (GET with :11)

#7: "One Headlight" by Wallflowers (passed with :08)

PASSED #1: GET with :06

PASSED #3: GET with :05

PASSED #5: passed again with :01



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chattanooga, TN
theater director

Las Vegas
entertainer & new mom

PRIMARY ROUND: TITLE TRACK - A topic is shown and songs are played based on the topic for $1000 each.  Buzz-in with the right answer to get the money; get it wrong and the opponent can hear the rest of the song and steal it.

Tonight's topic: Lovefest (songs with "love" in the titles)

1: "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi [Christina]

2: "I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder [Mark]

3: "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber [Mark]

4: "Endless Love" by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie [Mark...who also gets a purifying fan heater as a Bonus Prize!]

5: "Best of My Love" by the Emotions [Mark...just in time]

6: "Baby, I Love Your Way" by Peter Frampton [Mark]

7: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen [Christina]



$5000: "You might need a cardiologist after this one."  Christina starts with 7, Mark goes to 6, Christina to 5, Mark give it to her.  After five notes, Christina...guesses "Heartbreaker"...and is wrong.  Mark gets all ten...says it's "Heart Attack"...and is ALSO wrong.  It was "Tearin' Up My Heart" by *NSync.

$10,000: "Only the essentials for Mowgli and Baloo."  Mark doesn't mess around here; he goes ONE NOTE on Christina.  He gets said lone note...and easily gets "Bear Necessities" by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman from Disney's "Jungle Book"!

$15,000: "You might find this printed on a candy heart."  Christina says 7, Mark says 6, Christina says, "Name That Tune".  When the half-dozen notes fade, Mark...says "Be Mine"...but that's the wrong saying.  Christina gets all ten and...balks!  Mark NOW recognizes it as "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz...but gets no bucks for the reveal.

$20,000 [FTW]: "Cupid says to wait your turn."  Mark hesitates a bit as he bids 8, so Christina bids 6.  Mark then drops to 5 and Christina to 4.  Mark let's her have it to try to win the game.  She hears the four notes...and MUFFS!  Mark is confident as he hears the ten notes...and gets "You Can't Hurry Love" by the Supremes right for the victory!



#1: "Genie In a Bottle" by Christina Aguilera (GET with :28)

#2: "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners (passed with :24)

#3: "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes (GET with :19)

#4: "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson (GET with :14)

#5: "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers (GET with :12)

#6: "Lovefool" by the Cardigans (GET with :06)

#7: "Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison (passed with :03)

PASSED #2: GET with :02!



The Price Is Right Teacher Appreciation Day
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS/Paramount+: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Alexis Gaube, Devin Goda, Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Record today: 2-3-1
Record for week 32: 4-6-2
Record this season: 416-454-46
Total won today*: $61,599
Total won this week*: $105,125
Total won this season*: $11,956,123
.15 + 1 trip of unknown value
Perfect bids: 32/906
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 2/0
DSWs/DOBs: 3/6
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 10/5
Best week: Week 1 - $861,435
Best player: Melissa Perrigo - $159,040
$11 million passed: 4/11/22

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day on TPIR! Everyone in the audience is a teacher! And we salute them all!

First up, Amy Hull, Jeneen Stubblefield, Joseph Tappon, and Renee Werner bidding on an iPhone 13 Mini and an iPad Pro. The $1828 package goes to Jeneen, who gets to play for a Kia Sportage LX in SPELLING BEE. She gets two freebies and two more from a $27 pencil sharpener and a $46 maglev globe. The first card... A. She takes the $3000. Had she gone on... she would've had an A... an R... and a C. OUCH.

Amy wins a $2200 set of Gucci watches. Can she win trips to Greece (6n @ Adamant Suites) and Paris (6n@ Feels Like Home)? Let's DO THE MATH. The money line: $1382. She subtracts. Greece is... $10,538. Paris... $11,920.

Joseph hopes to make something out of a $1507 desk & laptop. Next is music, home ec, and gym class for a year thanks to School of Rock, Skill Success, and Fyt. Let's CHECKOUT. He prices Elmer's school glue, Campbell's homestyle chicken noodle soup, Purell hand sanitizer, sweet red apple slices, and Tums antacids at $19.25. Actual total... $17.75, a difference of $1.50, and that's a win! He also wins at the Big Wheel.

Cinnamon Olivarez goes down and up thanks to a $2675 set of mini-appliances and a 50" smart TV with Blu-Ray package. That leads her to a Chevy Malibu in THAT'S TOO HARD MUCH! She thinks $28,130 is too much, and that ... is WAY too much. The car was $25,940, so $26,451 is too much.

Renee gets off the schneid with a $546 pair of thermal lunchboxes. NExt up, she could take lunch.. and a show... and MOMA.. in NEw York (5n @ Hotel Edison) if she wins FLIP FLOP
- 57 28
She flip flops.. she just needed to flip.

Roson East goes to the stage with a $2400 set of Versace sneakers. Next up.. $50,00 in PLINKO TIME! With chips from Drew, a $70 stapler, a $60 laminator, a $17 Let's Mingle game, and a $42 set of buzzers, he wins... $11,000!

But Renee would win a trip to see Joseph in... THE FABULOUS SHOWCASES! First, here's a token of our appreciation...
- Golf/spa day in Arizona (5n @ The Wigwam)
- $2500 cash money
- Toyota Corolla LE
Top winner Joseph passes, and Renee bids $25,000. Joseph gets to go on summer break.
- Vespa Primavera 50
- All-inclusive trip to Riviera Maya (6n @ Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya)
- Bayliner Element M15
He bids $37,777. Hoping it's lucky... it's not. It was just $33,498. Renee's Showcase... $28,781, that IS lucky, she wins $29,327!

25 Words or Less
by Chico Alexander
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Syn: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram

Lisa & Gayle
karate pals

Devyn & Poly
sorority sisters
Chris Diamantopoulos
voice actor
Amber Stevens West
"Run the World"

Today's Superfan is watching on The CW Columbus WWHO Chilicothe. It's Tom Wizar, who gets to take a set of Anolon X cookware win or lose.

- Chris vs. Amber: Dallas, snake, Ben & Jerry's kidney, missing. Chris goes for 15.. and misses two. Devyn & Poly get 250.
- Lisa vs. Devyn: wax, takeout, Caribbean, clue, statue. Devyn goes for 16... and is up to 500.
- Gayle vs. Poly: shirt, pancake, wonder, thread, rinse. Gayle declares 16.. and gets 250 to 500 for Devyn & Poly.

ROUND 2: Amber gets the build first.
- AMBER's list: tambourine (1000), limbo (1000), Drake (500), flan (250), pitcher (250)
- CHRIS' list: shield (500), Eiffel Tower (500), onion rings (1000), tasty (500), vent (500)
Lisa & Gayle get three for 1500, 1750 total. Devyn & Poly win, 2000-1750. Lisa & Gayle get their appliances as well as a trip to Tennessee (Club Wyndham Great Smokies Lodge) and a copy of the home game.

MONEY ROUND: Poly tries her hand at guy, bite, Scrabble, magnet, barrel, bus, and number for a trip to Hawaii (Ka'anapali Beach Hotel).

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock2

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White with Jim Thornton
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter icon

Total for Today -- $28,613
Total for Week 34 - $63,726
Total for the Season: $8,930,423
Bonus Win Percentage: 61/167
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $3,310,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars: 1 VW ID.4 SUV, 7 Mini Coopers, 2 Mazda CX-5S, 1 VW Taos, 3 Ford Bronco Sports, 1 Infiniti QX50 SUV, 4 Ford Escapes, 3 Audi Q3s, 2 Mazda MX-30s, 2 VW Tiguans, 2 Lincoln Corsairs, 1 Ford Edge. 1 Mazda CX-30 SUV, 1 Nissan Rogue
$1,000 Consolation Prizes: 34
Triple Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 25/3
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 27/6/15
Car Wins:  19
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 5/4
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 38/167/5/28
Home Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 3/4/1/2
Houses Won: 0
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 91/167/24/35
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes/won: 53/46/18/13
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 72/36/19
$2,500 Space Hit - 54
$3,500 Space Hit - 80
$5,000 Space Hit - 4
Bankrupt Space Hit - 433
Lose A Turn Hit - 118
Vowels Missed:
A - 53 E -28 I - 36 O-44 U - 9
Missed solves - 48
Repeated a letter/vowel - 28
Perfect Rounds: 57
House Minimums - 48
Gift Tags hit/won/lost: 86/40/40
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 11/167
Best Week: Week 22(Bed and Breakfast) - $488,275
Best Player: Mark Beyer - $126,550
Bankrupt Losses: $890,120 + 10 unknown trip values
Left on the Table: $2,550,404 + 6 trips of unknown value
Red Podium Win - 48
Yellow Podium Win - 65
Blue Podium Win -  54
Worst Week: Week 24(Hawaii) - $148,992
8M Passed - 04/12/2022 - 150 Shows(22 + 21+19 +17 + 18 + 14 + 20 + 19)Shows

A :  5(3-2)
M : 5(1-4)
E : 12(8-4)
R: 6(2-4)
I : 10(5-5)
C: 7(4-3)
A: 3(0-3)
': 8(2-6)
S: 5(2-3)
G: 6(3-3)
A: 8(3-5)
M: 8(2-6)
E : 5(2-3)
S: 7(0-7)
P: 8(1-7)
I: 11 (4-7)
N: 7(2-5)
& : 9(6-3)
W: 8(4-4)
I : 2(0-2)
N: 7(2-5)
* - 7(2-5)
** - 9(2-7)
*** - 5(2-4)

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? -40/29/4/25
PERSON/PEOPLE -29/10/2/8
EVENT(s) -19/8/2/6
SHOW BIZ -2/2/1/1
LIVING THING(s) -35/16/7/9
PHRASE - 110/42/18/24
FOOD & DRINK - 20/16/8/8
THING(s) - 158/11/2/9
PLACE(s) - 43/11/3/8
FUN & GAMES - 4/4/4/0
IN THE KITCHEN - 3/1/1/0
OCCUPATION - 1/1/1/0

Tonight(and all this week) someone at home can win a Carnival Cruise and $5,000 in cash! It's been 25 years since the first Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine was introduced to Casinos! We are celebrating that this week with Day 2 of "Carnival Big Money Week!"

The $1,000 Tossup is PHRASE. Pam Williamson from Oletha, KS solves THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! She is a HS Choral Teacher - and is married for 30 years with 3 sons! Katie Tanzee from TN is a single pediatric therapist. David Wilson Sr. is married for almost 25 years!

The $2,000 Tossup is WHAT ARE YOU DOING? David has $2,000 with PUTTING ON MAKEUP. We add this to the wheel - a trip to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with tickets to see KA from Cirque Du Soleil. It's worth $7,500. David starts QUOTATION. After a lot of work, he misses a vowel - I. Pam Bankrupts. Katie misses after filling in everything but one word. David hits Lose A Turn. Pam picks up the MDW with a C and solves WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS NEVADA for the MDW and $650. That turns into the house minimum of $1,000. Pam now has $2,000 in cash! We move on to...

The Consumer Cellular Mystery Round which is started by Pam as well! It's our crossword round with the clue of POKER _____. There are FOUR words that fit the clue. Pam passes on a $4,050 mystery round risk. She picks up the WC with a $500 P but loses that, the MDW and $4,550 on a very harsh Bankrupt. Katie solves FACE HAND CHIP PLAYER for $1,450. Every one is on the board! We move on to...

The Prize Puzzle/Mystery Round which is started by Katie as well! As you remember from yesterday, our prize puzzle winners this week get a Carnival Cruise of their choosing! The category is PLACES. Katie loses $2,800 on Bankrupt. David solves EXOTIC DESTINATIONS for $500 and his Carnival Cruise worth $9,863! He has $12,363 in cash and prizes!

The Triple Tossup Round is PROPER NAME. Pam has $2,000 with FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. David has $2,000 with ULYSSES S. GRANT. Pam starts the next round with her $2,000 solve of SUSAN B. ANTHONY. She has $6,000 in cash. Katie has $1,450 in cash! David has the lead with $14,363 in cash and prizes including his cruise on Carnival! Pam starts PEOPLE and we go right into a $1,700 a letter FINAL SPIN that she spun for us. Davi seals his win with his $6,800 solve of WORLD-FAMOUS CHEFS. He goes to the bonus round with $21,163 in cash and prizes! Pam leaves with $6,000 in cash! Katie leaves with $1,450 in cash!

The pre-bonus round total is $28,613! David picks PHRASE over PEOPLE and THING.

David lands on the M in AMERICA'S wedge. With the RSTLNE and his choices of C H D A
_ N/ A / _ _ _ _ L A N T
_ _ _ D
David wasn't IN A JUBILANT MOOD because he lost $39,000 in bonus cash! He leaves with $21,163 in cash and prizes!

Want to win a Carnival Cruise? Go to
 and enter IN A JUBILANT MOOD  for your chance to win!

You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Jay Leno with Kevin Eubanks
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramInstagram

Today's first game features FAye, a veterinarian tech from Missouri who used to sell adult toys door to door, playing with Giuseppe, a firefighter from Brooklyn who was a waiter.
- CarGurus Secret Word: Sandwich
We take a bite out of... BOSS LADIES.
- $250: Dr. Miranda Bailey is the chief of surgery in what Seattle-based medical TV series? They say "Grey's Anatomy"... RIGHT!

- $500: Which TV series followed politician Selina Meyer as she bungled through one of the most powerful jobs in the world? They go with "Veep"... RIGHT!
- $750: Playing Kathryn Janeway, Kate Mulgrew became the first female captain in what sci-fi franchise? They say Star Trek... RIGHT!
- $1000: On "30 Rock", Liz Lemon was the head writer of what fictional TV series": GMA, TGS, FYI, or WKRP in Cincinnati? They go with FYI... but that was Murphy Brown. We were looking for TGS. They do have $1500.
DOUBLE OR NOTHING: Played by Dame Judi Dench, James Bond's deadly operative boss is known by what letter? They say Q... but she's M. They leave with a set of Circulon cookware.

Next up, JEnnifer, a homecare provider and part-time clown, meets JJ, a Space Force manager who likes polar plunges.
- CarGurus Secret Word: School
In session now.. DON'T BE SHELLFISH.
- $250: Certain species of which crustacean communicate by using the sound of rubbing their claws together: crabs, barnacles, crawdads, or Krusty the Clown? They say crabs... RIGHT!
- $500: The Atlantic species of what mollusk is most often seen on seafood menus, sometimes on a half shell? They go with oysters... RIGHT!
- $750: In "Forrest Gump" what kind of shellfish business did Forrest's friend Bubba know everything about? They say shrimp... GOOD!
- $1000: Popular as jewelry, what high valued object is created when an irritant lodges itself in the living shell of an oyster? They say pearl... FOR $2500 plus $500 for JJ saying "school".
DOUBLE OR NOTHING: Which species of shellfish does not age due to an enzyme in its body called telomerase: mussels, lobsters, octopus, or Cher? They go with mussels... but it was lobsters, leaving them with a Cuisinart coffeemaker.

We end with Roland out of Long Beach looking for a gift card to Molly Maid on this..
- PIG STY: Wilbur was the main character in the EB White book "Charlotte's" what? He says "Web"... RIGHT!