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August 26, 2014

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Cash Cab
Family Feud
Let's Ask America
Let's Make a Deal
The Price Is Right
Wheel of Fortune
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

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by Chico Alexander
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Comedy Central: 12:01a/11:01p
Host: Chris Hardwick
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Riki Lindholme
Kate Micucci
Pete Holmes

While we were doing our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Bantha milk in a Boba Fett helmet, we were away... you know, doing stuff that would appear in Rapid Refresh with Pete Holmes & Garfunkel & Oates. Tonight's #HashtagWars: #DogBands. Pete leads with 800 to 700 for Riki & 600 for Kate.

Bonus #Hashtag: #ThingsToDoWhenThereIsNoAtMidnight.

Our next games are @Midnight Family Vacation (YOUR best summer vacation photos) and While We Were Out (which is the real bonkers headline?). Live Challenge: Blow the Man Down. On imgur, we find a wine holder in the shape of a pirate's head... and arm. Make a sea shanty praising this pirate. EVERYONE gets 5000 points! No, seriously.

We round out with "Lebowski Fest FAQs"... with the one, the only, the Dude, Jeff Bridges (@TheJeffBridges) from the set of "The Giver". Come up with the best FAQs about Lebowski Fest you can. With 7000, it's time to split up Garfunkel & Oates.... OR NOT! It's a three-man final!

FTW: Here's a dog dancing for National Dog Day dancing to celebrate the abrupt cancellation of Burning Man due to weather. Write a TripAdvisor review of this year's Burning Man. The winning review: "As an employee of the Reno Walmart it was bad enough when these unwashed mustacioed deadbeats had a circle jerk on the roof of their overstuffed Winnebago, but they crossed the line when they set Gene the Greeter on fire. Walmart Burning Man 0 Stars". And in this unprecedented round of @midnight, the winner.... PETE HOLMES wins the Internet!

Remember, today's funny becomes tomorrow's source material. Follow the game online @midnight.

by Pierre Jason Kelly
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GSN: 9p/8c & 9:30p/8:30c
Host: Ben Gleib
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  Okay, Smarties and Dumbasses, sit back & unwind, because you're in for humor, fun and tons of cash. Idiotest is on the air. First game has these 2 pairs.....
Seth & Holly
married, he's a celebrity impressionist
Briana & Brian

2 Couples fight over $10,000. So let the Idiotest....march.

S & H: There's a fly in the soup! Where? They say plane for a benji.....but it's not it. Zipper on the jeans was the one.
B & B: Which's the heaviest on The Moon- astronaut, oxygen, hydrogen or helium? They try and get Astronaut.....yes for the same amount.
S & H: We like big buts & we don't know why. Touch the biggest but you can find. For got cash!
B & B: Touch the letter that would definitely be returned to sender. For $160...they get Chris Hollar's letter and the writer jumping their score to $260 at the break.

Round 2 now....

Holly: Touch the pink circle. And they do for $375, $495 so far.
Briana: Touch the one who's NOT tied. For $275, they didn't find the ref. No score.
Seth: Touch the iris. For $425....they continue to roll. $920 So far.
Brian: What did the "Three Blind Mice" run towards? They pick grandfather clock for over 200 However the head-to-head can decide a victor.

Touch the letter E below. For $850, Brian gets it right in the middle of the paper to stage a comeback and take the lead. One more to go..... Seth tries to take the game with Briana to close it out with 5....yes! The reason: two human eyes, eye of a hurricane & two "eye"s in the sentence below.

1310 and 10k on the way in the Smart Money Round. 30 On the!

SM: How many different digits from 1-9 can you find on these blocks-three, four, five, six, seven or eight? Brian gets 8 with 13 Briana comes in and throws up a prayer with good. It was 7. In between. So close. But $1310 is nothing to sneeze at.

Brand new game with..... Rachel & Jenaya (West Coast cousins) vs. Cori & Linda (mom/daughter from East Coast). It's a classic rap coastal battle. Let the Idiotest.....scratch.

Proving once again that this show is Idiotest, the final tally was 325-120. Rachel & Jenaya take that and possibly make it 10K in the smart money round. Give me 30 seconds on the clock.....go.

SM: Touch the seventh letter of the alphabet after the fifth letter in the painting- M, W, A, R or F?

With 17 ticks, Jenaya goes with W......L. Rachel could get 1000 with the same letter and 2 ticks left......CLANG! M was the one and G is the actual 7th letter of the alphabet. So they leave with just $325 and a place in the Idiotest wall of Idiots.

That's Idiotest. More shenanigans next week. Be smart. Don't be stupid.