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October 17, 2017


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Some game logo captures appear courtesy of Mike Klauss and Jay Lewis

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Dollar, Dollar Bill, Y'all

by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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  Lt. Abell has taken two battles on the Sony stages. He engages his third operation against...
Lt. Manny Abell
Lacey, WA
Naval officer
Carlos Nobleza Posas
Salt Lake City
Fran Fried
Prospect, CT

JEOPARDY! ROUND: I'm a Huge Fan, The Midwest, Letter Perfect, A Novel Idea, Let's Save teh Planet, Let's Remodel the Kitchen

Lt. Abell begins with $600 The Midwest. At the TV timeout, Fran leads with $3800 to $2400 for Manny. Lt. Abell has $1000.

Carlos finds the Daily Double under $600 A Novel Idea. Tied with Fran, he bets it all on this: chapters in this classic include "5 June 1832" & "Marius Enters the Darkness". "What is 'Heart of Darkness'?" No, it was "Les Miserables". He recovers to $400, but with Fran on $2800 to Manny's $2200, the man in the middle will get the first pick in...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Ancient Wisdom, Supreme Court Justice Before & After, It's a Battle, Invention & Discovery, October: Sports Fans' Heaven, A Suffix Will Suffice

... with $400 Supreme Court Justice Before & After. Fran finds the first Daily Double under $1200 It's a Battle. She bets $1500 on this: on September 17, 1862 in Maryland, over 3000 men were killed & 17,000 wounded in this bloody battle. "What is Antietam?" RIGHT for $5500! Carlos finds the other under $2000 Inventions & Discovery. After a score reversal in his favor, he fronts $5100 on this: William Shockley shared a Nobel Prize for creating this device that supplanted vacuum tubes in electronics. "What is a transistor?" YES for $12,700! He ends up tied with Fran at $12,300. Manny has $1000 and can spoil. The book calls this "the prisoner's dilemma". We call it a $12,000+ game of chicken.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Asian Geography": it's the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea & the Persian Gulf. Correct response: what is Iran?

Of the three challengers, only Lt. Abell comes close (he said Iraq). Fran and Carlos bet against each other and lose everything. Lt. Abell ends up doing something that hasn't been done in almost 25 years - WIN WITH A SINGLE DOLLAR. His three-day total? $42,799.

You may call it ugly, but a W's a W.

Chopped Alton's Challenge
by Chico Alexander
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Food: 10p/9C
Host: Ted Allen
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Last week, Gavin Jobe turned smoke into a spot in the finale of Alton's Challenge. Now Alton Brown is back with a new bit of food science... and four challengers to meet it.
Vinnie Cimino
chef de cuisine, The Green House Tavern

Lisa Pucci Delgado
private chef

Nick Wallace
Jackson, MS
executive chef, Palette Cafe at the Mississippi Museum of Modern Art

Ben Bebenroth
chef & restaurateur, Spice Kitchen & Bar

Joining Alton at the Chopping Block: Marcus Samuelsson & Amanda Freitag. Today's trick... dehydration. Alton demonstrates a quick hack to make removing moisture from food easier.... We'll see what he does with it later, but right now...

APPETIZER: ... getting right into it with instant mashed potatoes, tuna floss, cucumbers with blooms, and bacalao.
- Vinnie: Potato-Crusted Bacalao with Southern Sauce
- Lisa: Tuna-Encrusted Bacalao with Arugula Cucumber Saute
- Nick: Tuna & Potato-Crusted Bacalao with Ragout & Beurre Blanc
- Ben: Potato & Tuna-Crusted Bacalao Fritter with Poblano Salad

ENTREE: Alton puts his hack to use when he dries... clams, tomato crisps, Mediterranean olives, and beef jerky.
- Vinnie: Beef Jerky & Clam Cacio e Pepe & Olive Tapenade
- Nick: Linguine & Clams with Beef Jerky Gremolata
- Ben: Clam Cioppino with Beef Court-Bouillon

DESSERT: The biggest challenge of all is about to begin wtih.. space ice cream, sharon fruit, dried pomegranate seeds, and... dehydrated scrambled eggs.
- Nick: Bread Pudding with Sharon Fruit & Berries Compote
- Ben: Pomegranate Sorbet with Sharon Fruit Sauce

Who is joining Gavin in the $50,000 finale? Congratulations... NICK! ....

Chopped Junior
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: 8p/7C
Host: Ted Allen
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Abby Feyedelem
Lakewood, OH
11 years old

Jaden Spector
New York City
12 years old

Jamia Woodward
Chesapeake, VA
10 years old
Drew Shavor
Keller, TX
11 years old

Today in the Chopped Junior Kitchen, it's all about... spicy life. Joining Geoffrey Zakarian at the table: author & web star Tyler Oakley & food author Ching He Huang.

APPETIZER: The kid chefs have 30 minutes to make something out of... Scotch bonnet peppers, cucumber kimchi, crawfish tails, and bluefoot mushrooms.
- Abby: Crawfish Crostini with Spicy Aioli & Kimchi-Cucumber Salad
- Jaden: Crawfish & Mushroom Stir Fry
- Jamia: Crawfish Tails with Linguine & Kimchi-Scotch Bonnet Sauce
- Drew: Crawfish Salad with Kimchi-Orange Dressing & Sauteed Mushrooms

ENTREE: Next in the hot boxes... Hatch green chiles, jicama, goat chops, and chana masala.
- Abby: Goat Chop Soup with Spicy Jicama Cream Sauce
- Jaden: Pan-Seared Goat with Hummus & Spicy Yogurt Sauce
- Jamia: Deep-Fried Goat Chop wtih Sauteed Jicama & Spicy Hummus

DESSERT: Can you blend sweet with heat? Let's find out with... strawberry & Sichuan pepper jam, pound cake, clotted cream, and Mexican hot chocolate.
- Jaden: Mexican Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding wtih Spicy Strawberry Whipped Cream
- Jamia: Chocolate Chip & Pound Cake Cookie with Whipped Clotted Cream

And who gets a hot tip of $10,000 and a Chopped Junior jacket? Congratulations... JADEN!

Family Feud
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
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Jay, Jamie, Julie, Penny, Straw
Cordell, OK

Kelita, Cherilyn, Jaylin, Sherika, Michele

SINGLE: the sport that feels best when you're completely naked.
1. Swimming 66        5. Water polo 2
2. Wrestling 12       6. Fishing 2
3. Volleyball 4       7. Tennis 2
4. Soccer 3           8. Baseball 2

SINGLE: something you'd be shocked to find in the cookies grandma baked for you.
1. Pot/Drugs/LSD 67   5. Her teeth 3
2. Alcohol/Brandy 4   6. Fruit/Prunes 3
3. Bugs/Maggots 4
4. Hair/Grey pube 4

DOUBLE: 100 married men: something your wife might do that you better notice.
1. Dress up/sexy 38   5. Cook/Favorite dish 7
2. Get haircut 30     6. Redecorate 5
3. Hint at anniversary 8
4. New makeup 8

TRIPLE: a reason parents might be unhappy that their daughter is getting married.
1. Don't like guy 59
2. Too young 19
3. Knocked up 12
4. Leaving/Empty nest 7

Berry takes a win on thinking the bride is pregnant.

Jay and Jamie play Fast Money again. Jamie gets three of the #1s for 123. Jay gets the last one, but it's only enough for 189 for $945, giving them $21,750 for three. Playboy might have been a good answer on the third question for Jay.

Fast Money #1 answers
- 100 single men: Tell me the average amount of money you spend on a first date: $100 (Jamie) & $50 were tied
- Fill in the blank. Man of ____.: Steel (Jamie)
- Something you might throw out when you get married: Black book (Jamie)
- Something your neighbors have that you wish you had: Car (Jamie)
- What part of your body do you scratch the most?: Head (Jay)

In the nightcap, the DeGoeys take on the Johnsons.

TRIPLE: something specific that's a hassle to replace when you lose your wallet.
1. License/ID 62
2. Credit/Debit card 27
3. Soc. security card 7
4. Cash 3

Johnson got all the answers to win it.

Willie & Chelsea close out Fast Money for $20,000.

Funny You Should Ask
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Jon Kelley
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook

fiction writer
photographer & aspiring filmmaker
Gabriel Iglesias
Cheryl Hines
"Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Bill Bellamy
Jon Lovitz
Sherri Shepherd
"Trial & Error"
Louie Anderson

ROUND 1: Burcu starts with Jon, Louie, and Cheryl, getting all three for $300. Hari is left with Sherri, Bill, and Gabriel... but misses Gabriel's question to make it $300-$200, Burcu.

ROUND 2: We flip the order and the panelists. Both players sweep, so Burcu still has that $100 lead, $900 to $800.

ROUND 3: Burcu leads off, getting Louie right for $300 more... but Hari gets Sherri and Bill's questions right to win, $1400 to $1200!

- Q1: The art of making decorative items out of tying rope into elaborate knots is called... origami, macrame, or kidnapping? Hari says macrame... RIGHT!
- Q2: The classic war movie "Platoon" gave us the tagline, "The first casualty of war is...." peace, humanity, innocence, or the black guy? Hari went with humanity.... Oh the humanity. It was innocence. Hari still has $1400 to take home.

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Jason - $28,780(traded from $8,599)
Olubunkula - $16,985
Becky - $3,155
Webster - $2,500
Charleston - $1,020
Daniel - $500.
Christina - $100
Lori - $100
Maria - $0
Savannah - HAVE IT HER WAY.

Quickie Deals - $0/$700
Quickie Deals Total - $4,900/$7,200

Big Deal Choice 1 - 5
Big Deal Choice 2 - 6
Big Deal Choice 3 - 10
Big Deal Location 1 - 10
Big Deal Location 2 - 7
Big Deal Location 3 - 4
Big Deal Wins- 8/21
Car Wins - 14

Prizes not won today - $41,167
Prizes not won this season - $892,076

Total: $53,140
Total for Week 5 - $60,882
Total for the Season: $901,738
Best Week Week 1 - $233,704
Tuesday's trading starts off with three people playing BEAT THE DEALER. They are Olubunkula the Cowgirl, Christina the Gumball Machine and Daniel in Lederhosen. We have nine letters A-I with 1-9 hidden under them. In round 1, the top two scorers move on with $500 and the lowest number sits down with $100. Olubunkula picks C and 7. Christina picks B and 5. Daniel picks H and moves on with Olubunkola because he picks the Auto-Win 9. Christina sits down with $100. Olubunkula and Daniel have $500 and can now win a new bedroom along with a 49' UHD Smart TV worth $3,225. Daniel picks D and it's 6. Olubunkola picks I and wins with the only number she could have won with - the 8. Daniel sits down with $500. Here is the situation. The numbers that are left are 1, 2, 3, 4. The letters left are A E F and G. If Olubunkola gives up the bedroom and cash, she can play Beat the Dealer one more time. She will have to assign two chips - one for Wayne and one for her. If Wayne wins, she sits down with nothing. If she wins, Olubunkola will drive off in a Fiat 500 Pop worth $16,985! She goes for the car and picks A for Wayne and G for herself. A is 2. G is...THE HIGHEST NUMBER POSSIBLE THAT WAS LEFT! She hits a 4 and turns that into a FIAT!

Webster the Chef was cheering on our winner from last deal. Wayne was so impressed that Webster gets to make a deal. We have a small box that has a prize with a value greater than $1,000. We also have Curtain 2 with a clue of 1 + 1 = 2. Webster takes the box and passes on 1 + 1 = 2 TRIPS! We start with a 5N trip at the Xanadu Island Resort AND a 4N Whale Watching Expedition in Alaska with accommodations at the Harbor 360 Hotel worth $12,152! Webster can keep the box or take the LMAD Envelope with a clue of 5X! He moves to the 5X envelope and passes on > $1,000 which this prize was worth. It was a diamond ring worth $3,400. He sticks with the envelope and passes on the Big Box which was a WIND UP CAR(ZONK)! Webster wins $500 X5 = $2,500 in cash!

Jason the egg gets a mind reading clue from Jonathan about the Curtain 3 prize. The clue: I HOPE THE TRADER ISN'T AFRAID TO GET A LITTLE WET. He passes on $1,000...$1,300...$2,000...he goes for the Curtain and wins a Yamaha EX Deluxe WaveRunner worth $8,599!

We need a man with a driver's license and it's Charleston the Construction Worker. He gets $1,000 for it. We need two women to guess his age. They are Becky the Go-Go Dancer and Lori the bunch of Grapes. Becky whispers 42. Lori says 32. Charleston says 51. Lori leaves with $100. And Becky stays on with $1,000. Becky gives back $1,000 for the Big Box and wins a Coach Collection worth $3,155! Charleston can take the $1,000, Curtain 1 or try to gain more cash with this. We have three envelopes and each of them has a multiplier. Wayne will multiply his age(51) x the multiplier in his envelope. For example, if he picks X10 he would $510. Charleston passes on Curtain 1 which was a new 55" UHD TV with Tivoli Bluetooth Speaker/Radio worth $3,500! He picks the silver envelope and wins 51 X 20 = $1,020. That was an even deal. The gold envelope would have given him 51 X 200 = $10,200 in cash!

Maria the Loofah is playing for a Honda Civic LX Sedan worth $20,415 in ACCELERATOR. We have a ball, a ramp, a spinning wheel and 12 spaces. They have 4C's, 4A's and 4R's. Maria must spell CAR to win the Honda. Her first roll down the ramp lands on an and under that R is $1,200 in cash. Maria can leave with $1,200 or go on to the 2nd spin. If she does, she must avoid all the R spaces as they are now ZONKS. If Maria lands on an R, the game is over and the cash is gone. Maria goes on...AND HITS AN R. She is OUT.

Last deal involves Savannah the Wonder Grad. She picks 7 from 0-9. Wayne produces an envelope with a $100 Bill inside. Each $100 Bill has an 8 digit serial number. For every 7 that comes up, Savannah could win $1,000 per 7. Will she go for the bill, $700 straight cash or the small
box? She takes the box and passes on $1,000 because the serial number was 65700694. There was one 7 in the number. She passes on $1,700 in cash so far for the small box which was...CHEESE BURGER SHOES(ZONK)!

Who trades for a shot at $28,780? It's Jason with his WaveRunner!

He picks 2. 3 was a $6,562 Kitchen Appliance Set. Jason wins THE BIG DEAL and its a $28,780 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4 X 4! 1 was a trip to Miami for 4N at the El Paseo Hotel on South Beach worth $4,353!

The Price Is Right Gwendolyn's Final Show
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Record today: 3-2-1
Record for week 5: 5-6-1
Record this season: 57-61-8
Total today*: $74,801
Total this week*: $126,783
Total this season*: $1,914,548
Perfect bids: 1/126
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 1/0
DSWs/DOBs: 1/1
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 2/3
Best week: Week 4 ($578,924)
$1M passed: 10/4/17

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar.
Tuesday at the Price begins with Charlotte Keeney, Travis Johnson, Albert Martin, and Jade Hardy bidding on a pair of touchscreen laptops. The $2598 laptops go to Jade, who can add $16,000 by winning It's in the Bag. Purina Bella dog food for 89c? YES. Nature Made gummy vitamins for $14.99? Certainly! And Jade's happy with $2000. Prell shampoo... was NOT in the $2.99 bag; that was Early California olives. So a good bail out there.

Warten Valentine goes down and up thanks to a $510 set of headphones wtih MP3 player. That can pay off in a pair of scooters in Double Prices. Is it $8639 or $6398? Warten goes with $6398... GOOD CALL!

Jennifer Cabeje takes the hot route to a $1010 set of gardening equipment. She'll trade in the lawn mower for a Chevy Trax if she can get out of Gridlock!

2 82 18 54 36 71 95

2 is the first car and the first number. Next car is 18? Got it. Two chances on the last lane. Is it $21,895 for the car? YES!

But Jade would win at the Wheel. Meanwhile, Charlotte breaks the skid with a $995 skeeball. She'll add a 4KTV and a refrigerator/freezer if she can Do the Math. The money line is $650. Charlotte ADDS... The TV is $4300. The fridge... $3650.

Christine Bergeron dances with a $1550 set of luggage... which she can pack for Ixtapa, Mexico (6n @ Las Brisas Ixtapa) if she wins Freeze Frame. She stops it at $8510... VIVA CHRISTINE!

Travis and Albert have one more go at it wtih a digital camera. The price: $1650. The winner... Brian Rushing. An a propos game for him - Rat Race - awaits as he plays for $500 from Muscle Club, a year at YouFit health clubs with a personal trainer, and a Ford Focus S. He gets one rat - Pinkie - from a $250 air fryer. That rat... finishes dead last. It was Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink. He does win $1000 from the Big Wheel.

First up in the Showcase, Fitbits with bands, snowboarding equipment, a ski vacation in Colorado (6n @ Elevation Hotel & Spa) and a ski boat. Top winner Jade passes, and Brian bids $24,999. Now today is a special day, because it's Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith's (C-Note: or as we call her, Mrs. The Jet... because Kenny "The Jet" Smith?) last day on TPIR. She's moving on to bigger and better things, but before she goes, she has a Showcase of a trip to London (6n @ Crowne Plaza London Battersea), a karaoke with dance floor, and a Hyundai Elantra. Jade bids $25,000. Actual price: $32,787, a difference of $7787. Actual price of Brian's Showcase... $26,435, a difference of $1436, and Brian gets the W today with a total of $29,335 including $1000!

All that's left to say is whatever you wish for in the future, Gwennie, we hope you get double. Godspeed and see you on another network!

The Voice
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

NBC: 8p/7c
Host: Carson Daly with Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramNBC AppInstagram


Battle Rounds continue into night 2 with...

- TEAM ADAM (advised by JOE JONAS): Dave Crosby, Brandon Showell, Dylan Gerard, Hannah Mrozak, Adam Pearce, Anthony Alexander, Emily Luther, Brandon Brown, Jon Mero
- TEAM MILEY (advised by BILLY RAY CYRUS): Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, Ashland Craft, Addison Agen, Moriah Formica, Karli Webster, Chloe Kohanski, Ilianna Viramontes, Katrina Rose, Whitney Fenimore*
- TEAM JENNIFER (advised by KELLY ROWLAND): Chris Weaver, Shi'Ann Jones, Lucas Holiday, Maharasyi Hansa, Davon Fleming, Alexandra Joyce, Eric Lyn, Stephan Marcellus, Ignatious Carmouche, Noah Mac*
- TEAM BLAKE (advised by RASCAL FLATTS): Mitchell Lee, Esera Tuaolo, Keisha Renee, Red Marlow, Adam Cunningham, Anna Catherine DeHart, Dennis Drummond, Rebecca Brunner, Natalie Stovall, Ryan Scripps, Kathrina Feigh* *stolen during the Battle Round

Each coach has TWO steals to use during this round. Miley, Jennifer, and Blake have already used one each.

TEAM JENNIFER: Davon Fleming vs. Maharasyi - "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Whitney Houston. WINNER: Davon.
TEAM ADAM: Hannah Mrozak vs. Brandon Showell - "Cold Water" by Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber and Mě. WINNER: Hannah.

Fast forward mode GET!
- TEAM ADAM: Dylan Gerard def. Dave Crosby ("Doctor My Eyes", Jackson Browne)
- TEAM BLAKE: Esera Tuaolo def. Rebecca Brunner ("This I Promise You", Nsync)
- TEAM MILEY: Chloe Kohanski def. Ilianna Viramontes ("I Am Woman", Helen Reddy)

TEAM BLAKE: Dennis Drummond vs. Mitchell Lee - "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows. WINNER: Mitchell
- Adam uses his first steal to take Dennis.

- TEAM ADAM (advised by JOE JONAS): Dylan Gerard, Hannah Mrozak, Adam Pearce, Anthony Alexander, Emily Luther, Brandon Brown, Jon Mero, Dennis Drummond*
- TEAM MILEY (advised by BILLY RAY CYRUS): Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, Ashland Craft, Addison Agen, Moriah Formica, Karli Webster, Chloe Kohanski, Katrina Rose, Whitney Fenimore*
- TEAM JENNIFER (advised by KELLY ROWLAND): Chris Weaver, Shi'Ann Jones, Lucas Holiday, Davon Fleming, Alexandra Joyce, Eric Lyn, Stephan Marcellus, Ignatious Carmouche, Noah Mac*
- TEAM BLAKE (advised by RASCAL FLATTS): Mitchell Lee, Esera Tuaolo, Keisha Renee, Red Marlow, Adam Cunningham, Anna Catherine DeHart, Natalie Stovall, Ryan Scripps, Kathrina Feigh*
*stolen during the Battle Round

The Battles wrap up next week.

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Total for Today - $26,714
Total for Week 5 - $79,274
Total for the Season: $1,108,231
Bonus Win Percentage: 9/22
Gooseeggs: 2
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 5/0
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 6/2/2
Car Wins: 4
1/2 Car Wedges hit/lost/total wins: 18/7/1
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 1/0
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 8/22/2/5
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 11/22/4/5
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes: 6/4/0
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 6/2/2
$2,500 Space Hit - 7
$3,500 Space Hit - 14
$5,000 Space Hit - 5
Bankrupt Space Hit - 81
Lose A Turn Hit - 25
Vowels Missed: 30
Perfect Rounds: 6
Gift Tags hit/won/lost:11/6/4
Free Play Hit: 22
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 0/22
Best Week: Week 3- Fall Foliage - $289,897
Bankrupt Losses: $108,600 + 1 trip of unknown value.
Left on the Table: $304,150 + 1 trip of unknown value.
1M Passed - 10/06/2017 - 20 shows -

A: 1
E :2
R: 1
I :
C : 1
A :
' :
S: 2
G: 1
E : 2
S: 3
I: 1
N: 1
I : 1
N: 1
* - 1
*** -3

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
PEOPLE - 2/2/1/1
EVENT - 7/2/2/0
SHOW BIZ -3/2/0/2
LIVING THING - 6/2/1/0
IN THE KITCHEN - 4/1/0/1
PHRASE - 5/0/0/0
FOOD & DRINK 5/3/2/1
THING - 4/1/1/0
FUN & GAMES -3/0/0/0
ON THE MAP - 4/1/0/1
PLACE - 4/1/1/0
CHARACTER - 3/2/1/1
OCCUPATION - 4/1/1/0
PERSON - 3/0/0/0

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
by Don Harpwood

bird, new, square, twitter icon @doughnut251

Syn: check local listings
Host: Chris Harrison
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram
  Dan North (Shrewsbury, MA) has $7,000 and 2 lifelines to start today's show. He brings in his mom, Julie, and uses the 50:50 at $10,000. Soon enough, this appears...

What 3200-foot-tall Venezuelan waterfall was named after an American aviator who crash-landed nearby in 1937?
A: Victoria Falls
B: Sutherland Falls
C: Angel Falls
D: Iguazu Falls

Dan tries to think about this; he's leaning towards A or B, but he doesn't know for sure. So, he walks with $20,000! As it turns out, the answer is C!

Kristin Sausville (Newark, DE) sweeps the first 5, then makes it to $20,000 before the horn goes off. Kristin will be back tomorrow for more!