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April 21, 2015

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Some game logo captures appear courtesy of Mike Klauss and Jay Lewis

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Who Wants $27,384?

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
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Cynthia - $27,384(traded from $9,914)
Belinda - $15,695
Deborah - $8,562
Abby -$4,745
Jeffrey - $3,700
Adrienne - $3,199
Daniel - $2,100
Timothy - $2,000
Brenda - $100
Janna - $0
Robbie - small zonk.
Quickie Deals - $500

Big Deal Choice 1 - 26
Big Deal Choice 2 - 50
Big Deal Choice 3 - 65
Big Deal Location 1 - 54
Big Deal Location 2 - 50
Big Deal Location 3 - 37
Big Deal Wins- 48/141
Car Wins - 93

Total: $67,985
Total for Week 29 - $96,965
Total for the Season: $5,504,861.95
$5M Passed - 129 shows 4/03/2015 (99+30 show)
Tuesday's Trading starts off with three people. Janna(Puss in Boots), Cynthia the Hippie, and Jeffrey the Leprechaun have a blank LMAD Passport. They each pick one of three stamps that could be an awesome trip or a bad zonk. After picking, we start with Jeffrey. He has Stamp 1 or can take the LMAD Envelope. He takes the envelope and passes on a ZONK. He wins a trio of HDTVs including a 55", 49", and 40" HDTV worth $3,700! Janna can keep Stamp 2 or take Curtain 1. Janna takes the stamp and passes on a new dining room worth $7,093! She gets ZONKED. Cynthia can take Stamp 3 or take Curtain 2. She takes the stamp and passes on a GIANT CARDBOARD BOOMBOX(ZONK)! She is going on a great trip to...BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA for 7N worth $9,914!

Two people are up next and they are Timothy the Farmer and Brenda the Can-Can Dancer. They are playing the game ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. We have three screens. As we know PAPER covers ROCK, SCISSORS cuts PAPER and ROCK breaks SCISSORS. The winner will get $2,000 and play for something else and the loser sits down with $100. Timothy picks screen 2 and it's ROCK. Brenda picks 3 and sits down with $100 with SCISSORS. 1 was PAPER. Now, if Timothy wants to give up his $2,000 he can pick either ROCK PAPER OR SCISSORS. Under two of them say $100. The other one says CAR. If he picks CAR he will drive off in a Mitsubishi Lancer ES worth $18,005! Timothy keeps his cash. For Fun, he picks ROCK and it was $100. SCISSORS had the CAR.

Robbie the tropical guy gets a Men's Watch. Robbie can keep the men's watch and 2x it's value in cash(hoping it's a luxury watch) or take the Big Box. He takes the Big Box and passes on a $1,050 Tag Heuer Watch and $2,100 in cash for a deal worth $3,150! Robbie wins a TEENY WEENY KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM(ZONK)! Abby the Football player and Deborah(as Little Red Riding Hood) will be making deals for each other. Abby gets the Red Box over $1,000 from Deborah and is going on a Luxury Getaway from Zuri Wine Tasting and Tours including a wine tour of Santa Barbara and Cruise to Catalina on a 50' Yacht worth $4,745! Deborah gets $1,000 from Abby instead of the Green Box. The Green Box had a 15" Macbook Pro and a new Iphone 6! It was worth $2,748! Individual Decisions Time. Who keeps and who trades for Curtain 1? Deborah trades for the Curtain and it's a trip to Antigua! She is going to the Jolly Beach Resort in Antigua worth $8,562!

Belinda the Candy Cane brings her purse down with her because it can help her win a Kia Soul worth $15,695. We are playing the 7 Envelopes Game. 1 has the CAR, 1 has $500 and one has $1,000. The other 4 have zonks. We want to help Belinda increase her odds by removing up to three zonks. Wayne will ask for items in her purse and for every one Belinda has, a zonk goes off the board. She misses EYE DROPS, gets a very lenient ruling on MINT(accepted as pepperMINT Candy Canes) and misses TWO QUARTERS. Envelope 2 was removed. Her choice is envelope 6. Will she keep her choice or take the sure thing which are his/her cooking and baking classes from Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom worth $2,645! She goes for the car...AND WINS IT!

Adrienne the Toucan is playing THE DEALING GAME. Jonathan represents Curtain 1 and Wayne represents Curtain 3. Adrienne asks both players this question: IF I SAW THE PRIZE FROM ACROSS THE ROOM, WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING I WOULD NOTICE ABOUT IT? Jonathan says there are many different parts to it. Wayne says STEAM. Adrienne picks 3. Jonathan's curtain was new kitchen appliances including a convection gas oven, mixer with pizza accessories and french door refrigerator worth $7,084! Wayne offers $700 for the curtain. She stays with 3 and wins a Sunlighten II Signature STEAM Sauna worth $3,199!

Last deal involves Daniel the UPS Guy. He gets a stack of cash in the same denomination of bills. Will he take the cash or take the small box? He takes the cash and passes on CAT GRAY'S HAIR BALLS(ZONK)! He wins 210 x $10 = $2,100 in cash!

Who trades for a shot at $27,384? It's Cynthia with her Argentina trip! She picks 3. 1 was a new game room including pool table, dartboard, and leather sofa worth $6,219! She wins THE BIG DEAL behind 3 and it starts with a trip to Australia for 5N at the Outrigger Surfer's Paradise AND a Nissan Versa Note S worth $27,384! 2 was a backyard BBQ and lawn care equipment worth $2,895!

@midnight with Chris Hardwick
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Comedy Central: 12:01a/11:01p
Host: Chris Hardwick
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Jimmy Pardo
David O'Doherty
Maria Bamford

While you were busy trying to emulate Kylie Jenner's lips... because Kardashian... we were going over the day's worth of Internet stuff. Tonight's #HashtagWars: in honor of the reboot of Full House, #depressingTVreboots. Jimmy leads with 900 to David's 800. Maria has 600.

Round 2 features Win, Lose or Draw a (Phallus) on My Face (people passed out) and Music Video Madness. Tonight's Live Challenge: CS-Why: Cyber. Gizmodo posted a supercut of all the tech-talk in "CSI: Cyber". Deliver a line from the show. David gets the 1000 from "WAIT! If I could just invent a 3D printer, I could print out all of my MySpace friends and defend the world from the terror of Y2K!"

Oddcasts rounds us out, as "Serial" wins a Peabody. After a crapload of crappy podcasts that will not win anything, Maria also doesn't win anything.

FTW: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will not get Larry Upright's vote, because a) he's Republican, and b) he's dead. Give us an equally spiteful burn for your obit. The winner: "I respectfully ask you tell Tom Hanks he can go (stuff) himself. He knows what he did." Jimmy winning the Internet for the next 23.5 hours!

Remember, today's funny becomes tomorrow's source material. Follow the game online @midnight.

Celebrity Name Game
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @dinoralexander

Syn: check listings
Host: Craig Ferguson
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Megan & Amber
sister hustlers
Marissa & Christopher
Billy Gardell
"Mike & Molly" & "Monopoly Millionaires' Club"
Ana Gasteyer

ROUND 1: Megan & Amber start off with "The Naked Truth" (people who have appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine), getting four for $400. Marissa & Chris pick up "High Times" (famous marijuana users - a category best suited to yesterday), getting two for $200.

ROUND 2: Marissa gives on "It's a Girl!" (famous women who have a 2013 Top Ten Baby Name), getting two for $400, $600 total. Amber gives on "It's a Boy!" (same deal, but with guys), getting five for $1000, $1400 total.

Now it's Craig's turn at the horn with "Altered State" (folks with alter egos). It's $2400 to $600 after four names, and it looked like Megan & Amber were going to run away with it, but Marissa & Christopher come back. Megan locks in the W with $3100 to $1700 thanks to Tyler Durden.

In the Bonus Round, Amber gets Bruce JEnner, Wilma Flintstone, Snickers, Tracy Morgan, and Tori Spelling... but said "great" in "The Great Gatsby". Still, it gives Megan five to work with. She gets Atlantic Ocean, Bill Cosby... but says "Michelin" in Michelin Man.

Family Feud
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 5p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  Returning champions the Rollyson family still looking for a big win, but they now have to play against the Rennick family.
Crystal, Bryan, Lauren, Lindsey, Ryan

Plant City, FL
Ken, Deanna, Arielle, Caitlin, Clay

SINGLE: 100 women: Where do you put your hands when you kiss a man passionate?
1. His neck 50          5. His waist/belly 7
2. His shoulders 11     6. His back 7
3. Hair/Back of head 9  7. His butt cheeks 5
4. His face/cheeks 8

SINGLE: something a ventriloquist might tell his wife not do in front of his dummy.
1. Undress 46           5. Dance 2
2. Talk/Yell/Cuss 22    6. Light match/Smoke 2
3. Laught at it 9       7. Chop wood 2
4. Kiss/Boink 9

DOUBLE: something you wish was fat free.
1. Chocolate/Candy 20   5. Burger/Big Mac 6
2. Ice cream 18
3. Cake/Cupcakes 14
4. Pizza 7

TRIPLE: 100 men: something you'd need to get if your new girlfriend wanted you to meet her folks.
1. New clothes/suit 39
2. A haircut 28
3. Gift/Wine/Flowers 19
4. A job 6

The Rennicks would take all the points, including the sweep on the last survey for the win.

Bryan & Ryan will now attempt to play Fast Money. Bryan only faultered on his last answer thinking you take grease off the turkey before serving, but his other answers got him 123. Ryan got it done in four getting two #1s, to get them their $20,000.

Fast Money #1 answers
100 women: Something men would do all day long if you let them: Watch TV/Sports (Bryan)
Tell me the age when kids learn to tie their own shoes: Age 5 (Ryan)
Something that might happen to a person prematurely: Gray hair
A word that rhymes with ghost: Most (Ryan)
Something you hope is taken off the turkey before it's served to you: Hair

In the nightcap, returning champions the Burgess family are now ready to play against the Johnson family.

TRIPLE: something that might have a short fuse.
1. Person/Temper 44
2. Firecracker 27
3. Dynamite/Bomb 16
4. Animal/Mama bear4

The Johnsons had to come up with #4 on the last survey to win the game, but the last answer was not an appliance, so the Burgess family wins another game.

Angie & Jennifer play Fast Money once again. Angie couldn't think to any Get To phrase and milk carton didn't get her any points either, but she got 82 with the others. Jennifer had too many weak answers on her side, but they will be back with a two-day total of $20,650.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek
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  For the first time in a while, it seems like we're not talking about Alex Jacob. Today, it's all about Todd and his fight against... .
Todd Lovell

Carmel, IN
engineering manager
Michael Brady
Norwood, MA
user experience designer
Rachel Pepe
St. Louis
operations manager

Todd starts with $200 The Biggest Loser, finding the Daily Double under $800 There's An Animal in My Dictionary. He's going for it on this: this bird whose name also means "of prime importance" can precede "virtue". "What is... " Cardinal. He goes to zero at the break. He recovers the lead with $2200 to $1000 for each of his challengers.

Closest to Alex starts Double Jeopardy!. That's Michael with $400 Plays & Playwrights, finding the first Daily Double under $1600 Maps & Globes. He bets $1200 on this: Goode's School Atlas was an early 1920s publication from this Skokie, Illinois company. "What is Quartet?" No, it was Rand McNally, leaving him with $2200. He'll try again with $1600 Expect the Spanish. He bets $2001 on this: pre-dictatorship, he distinguished himself serving in Spanish Morocco & was made a general at age 33. "Who is Franco?" And he's still dead, giving him $12,201, where he ends the round to Rachel's $7800. Todd's still in it with $5800.

Two more "Celebrity Jeopardy!" stars coming!
- Bellamy Young ("Scandal")
- Astronaut Mark Kelly

FINAL JEOPARDY! on "Bodies of Water": the Finnish call it Itameri & the Germans call it Ostsee. Correct response: what is the Baltic Sea?

Michael is right to win $15,601. Todd leaves with $28,401.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

HLN: 10p/9c
Host: Summer Sanders
Official WebsiteFacebook
Jessie & Danielle
The Bruindrouins
Aislinn & Makenzy
Team Beauty & the Beast

ROUND 1 subjects start at 50 and decrease by 10 with every keyword. The categories: Famous Peeps, OMG I'm Obsessed, Kindle Fodder, What's Binge-Ing, Players Gonna Play. The Bruindrouins lead, 70 to 30.

ROUND 2, the points are doubled. The categories: Flix, Put a Pin In It, Ye Olde Facebooke, Web MD Searches, and I'm With the Band. The Play or Pass goes unplayed and unpassed, as the Bruindrouins win the game, 370 to 230. Team Beauty & the Beast end up with a pair of Bose Bluetooth speakers. As for the winners, they get a pair of iPad minis, win or lose.

GRAND FINALE for a trip to Mexico (4n @ Riviera Maya). The category in "I'm with the Band": Green Day. They come up with .... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Let's Ask America
by Mike Klauss
bird, new, square, twitter icon @ohiomathtchr

Syn: check local listings
Host: Bill Bellamy
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Lie Detectors
by Pierre Jason Kelly
bird, new, square, twitter icon @Johnny_Arcade

GSN: 6:30p/5:30c; also check listings
Host: Rove McManus
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  If Tuesday is true, obviously, then it's time to play...Lie Detectors! Once again, we sniff out the truth from 3 comics. If you pick the real deal 3 may win money. Do it again and $5K will be yours to take home if you know the true story. So sit back and let's discover who's lying.

Let's start out with this:
1. 40% of sea otters are gay. What?!
2. 30M facebook profiles belong to dead people. Their graves were on Instagram at that time.
3. Al Pacino has webbed feet. In a related story, He just had a manicure. Now you vote!

#1: facebook (53%) #2: Otters (31%) #3: Al (16%). And it goes to...Facebook. After all, Twitter can kill 2 birds with one tweet.
Sherrod Small
"Race Wars" podcast
Liza Treyger
Christian Finnegan

Let's continue the game with... TWIDIOTS: more about Twitter from stars.

Liza (@Pharrell): "So inspired by all the covers of Happy. Can't stand most of them but it's the thought that counts." Betcha can't pick just one.
Sherrod (@AnnaKendrick47): "Never a diva. But occasionally a real dick." Pitchy Imperfect.
Christian (@MileyCyrus): "Where my middle school hos at?" Not here, but the ones in homeschool are. Audience, vote as if you voted for the school president.
#1: Sherrod (55%) #2: Liza (30%) #3: Christian (15%)

And the Twitter head is...Sherrod. Next up...

GO FUND YOURSELF: What do "Player: Piano" and "The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy" have in common? They're all crowdfunded. Like these 3...or just 1.

Liza has "Seat Saver." Something people can't give back what's yours even when you watch a Disney movie for God's sake.
Christian has "Burrito Graph." From the makers of "Taco Charts."
Finally, Sherrod has "Magna-Hands." Brings new meaning to the term "Five Finger Discount." Audience, ring up your votes!
#1: Liza (55%) #2: Christian (40%) #3: Sherrod (5%)

And the Kickstarter Kicker is....Christian!

Up next... APP-ATHY: More apps than your phone.

Christian has "Junk Jazzler." Make your antiques more like a feng shui style of thing.
Sherrod has "Blast That Habit." Smokers, stop doing it with this app. Just stop.
Liza has "Grudge," because we all need to settle one. Audience, picky!
#1: Liza (49%) #2: Christian (36%) #3: Sherrod (14%)

And the App who knows a lot about that: Liza!

Well, only 14% got everything right but only one is getting $1000 and that goes to.....Rebecca Gorni. She's got the money and it's time to fess up.

Sherrod: Once brought dead mouse in backpack into the retail store he was working at. A dead mouse? Didn't he have a grilled cheese sandwich that day?
Liza: While trying to babysit, she saw some construction workers & one of them was so sexy that he complained to her that she flushed a toilet & they were working on the piping (also, she originally went to the kids' bathroom by mistake). Yikes. Shoulda tried the bathroom next door.
Christian: Was one of the pirates in an off-Broadway prod. of "Peter Pan" in CT & once tried to run into a bank holding up one of the swords. Wendy Darling called the cops thinking it was a holdup. Before the audience votes the true story, she picks....Christian. Now the results:
#1: Christian (49%) #2: Sherrod (31%) #3: Liza (20%)

For the's Liza. Still got $1000, but for playing along, Karen Chin Mancini receives a Pharrell-style hat. Perfect for Arby's on your next visits. Come back tomorrow for true tales from our...Lie Detectors!

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Amber Lancaster, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Record today: 2-4
Record this week: 4-8
Record this season: 383-412-39
Total today*: $59,039
Total this week*: $122,103
Total this season*: $9,935,434
Perfect bids: 39/834
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 1/5
DSWs/DOBs: 3/8
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 6/3
Best week: Week 8 (Big Money Week): $615,071
$9M Passed: 4/1/15

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes and rounded to the nearest dollar.
Tuesday at the Price starts with Nancy Guerin, Matraca Nord, Nicholas San Nicholas (C-Note: name of the week material there), John Cassidy, and a bar set with bar tools. The $1399 bar rescue goes to John, who'll try not to stress as he's tested with a barbecue grill with tools, a laptop, an elliptical trainer, and two pairs of Kate Spade shoes. The Danger Price: $2315. Grill... $3089. Laptop... $2315.

Nicholas gets a $1619 case of foreshadowing with a satellite radio. The car with which he can install it... a Scion tC in Lucky Seven. He has $4 in hand with $21,7__ on the board. He goes wtih 3... but it was 8, and back comes the money.

Matraca plays hero with a set of GoPro Heroes worth $820. One of them can go on a Sea-Doo if she wins Balance Game. The bags: $998, $1000, $4000, and $6000. She goes with $7998 for the Sea-Doo... PERFECT!

Matraca would also win in a Spinoff situation against John, 45-30. Meanwhile, Nancy completes the first four sweep with a $504 set of sunglasses. She can now turn an $869 table tennise, a $23 sound machine, and a $539 steam cleaner into a Kia Rio if she can Line'em Up. She goes with $18,397...and only one is right. How about $16,357? How about no. It's $16,297.

Ariel Washington wins a PlayStation 4 package worth 660 of them. She's aiming for a home theatre group with 3DTV, Blu-Ray, and popcorn for a year if she can write a Hollywood ending in Bullseye. Tai Pei egg rolls are $5.99. Four... $23.96. Campbell's Chunky Vegetable Beef are $2.69. Five... $13.45. Glade scented candle is $3.99. Three... is enough to win with $11.97!

Finally, Emily Probst (C-Note: no relation that we know of to the Survivor host) jumps over a $1970 trampoline. She can jump to South Carolina (6n @ the Belmond Charleston Place) and Idaho (6n @ Riverdance Lodge) if she can pick the bigger bang for her buck in Bargain Game. The trip to South Carolina: $5092. The trip to Idaho: $4682. She goes to Idaho. South Carolina... $7092, a difference of $2000. The trip to Idaho is... $5682, a difference of just $1000.

We end with another spinoff, but this time, the underdog wins it as Emily bests Ariel, 40-20.

First up in the Showcases, we get our cook on with a kitchen, a trip to Switzerland (6n @ Hotel Villa Honegg), and a trip to Bora Bora (6n @ Rohotu Fare Bora Bora). Top winner Matraca passes, and Emily bids $29,900. Matraca gets to have a jamboree with an iPad Air, a hot tub, and a Ford Fusion S. She bids $25,000. Actual price: $34,842, a difference of $9482. Emily's Showcase... $24,261. And Matraca rocks-a with a total of $43,660!

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White with Jim Thornton
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Total for today: $65,550
Total for Week 32: $104,504
Total for the Season: $9,199,196
Bonus Win Percentage: 55/157
Gooseeggs: 21
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 25/0
Mystery Round Prizes won: 13
Car Wins: 4
1/2 Car Wedges hit/total wins: 208/19
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 3/1
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 1/1
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used: 43/157/13
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used: 80/157/28
Express Wedge Hit/Used: 35/30
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won: 73/45
$2,500 Space Hit - 40
$3,500 Space Hit - 104
$5,000 Space Hit - 17
Bankrupt Space Hit - 485
Gift Tags won: 44
Free Play Hit: 164
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 8/157
Best Week: Week 1 - Teacher's Week - $1,200,274
Bankrupt Losses: $1,029,507
$9M Passed: 4/17/15 (134 + 20 shows)
It's Day 2 of our salute to America's Game! The $1,000 Tossup is PLACE. Courtney Gibbs from Sacramento, CA solves NATIONAL FOREST. She is married with 3 Chihuahuas and loves Bingo. Sarah Beatty from Ann Arbor, MI is a grad student at the University of Michigan Business School. Jack Gilbride from Stockertown, PA is married for 19 years.

The $2,000 Tossup is PERSON. Jack is A GOOD SPORT and has $2,000. We add this to the wheel and it's a shopping spree at Beyond the Rack worth $6,000! Jack starts MOVIE TITLE. He loses $2,000 on Bankrupt. Courtney hits Lose a Turn. Sarah solves MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON for $3,150.

Courtney starts the Eggland's Best Mystery round which is BEFORE & AFTER. She loses $2,550 on the mystery round wedge Bankrupt. Sarah loses $700 on Bankrupt. Jack Bankrupts. Courtney hits Lose a Turn. Sarah solves LITTLE LEAGUE GAME OF THRONES for $3,000. She has $6,150.

Sarah also starts the Express Wedge/Prize Puzzle round which is THINGS. She picks up the 1/2 Car for a Ford Fiesta for 2 $500 T's and after filling in most of the puzzle loses $6,600 and the 1/2 Car on a very painful Bankrupt. Jack solves AMPLE SUN AND MILD TEMPERATURES for $2,700 and a place where that occurs...the Long Bay Beach Club in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands worth $6,700! He has $11,400 in cash and prizes!

The $3,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Sarah has $9,150 with HARTFORD CONNECTICUT. She starts PHRASE, dominates and solves MORNING NOON & NIGHT for $7,200. She is in the lead with $16,350 in cash! We have time for...

...EVENT. We go right into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,600 a letter. Jack solves PAUL REVERE'S RIDE for $4,800. He loses by $150 and leaves with $16,200 in cash and prizes! Sarah hangs on with $16,350 in cash! Courtney leaves with $1,000!

The pre-bonus round total is $33,550! Sarah lands on the M in AMERICA'S. Her category is THING. With the RSTLNE and her choices of H G M A we have:

T H _ R _ _ G H
_ _ E R H A _ L

Her bank account went through a THOROUGH OVERHAUL because she adds $32,000 in cash and leaves with $48,350 in cash!


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
by Don Harpwood

bird, new, square, twitter icon @doughnut251

ABC: 2p/1C; also check local listings
Host: Terry Crews
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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