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July 18-20, 2014

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The Final Champion of Year 30

Jeopardy! Regular Season Finale
by Chico Alexander
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Syn/CHCH: Friday 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek
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  Winner of this game will get seven weeks to prepare for their next challenge.
Katie Wroblewski

Ypsilanti, MI
graduate student in history
Jeff Filippini
Pasadena, CA
Winston Nguyen
New York City
health aide

Katie starts us off with $200 Madonna Videos. Winston finds the Daily Double under $800 Medical Talk. He bets the max of $1000 on this: epistaxis is this condition, & I think I'm getting one from sitting in the highest seats in the arena. "What's a nosebleed?" Right for $1400! He ends up with $3200 to Jeff's $4400. Katie, on $800 positive, will kick off Double Jeopardy!...

... with $400 Mountain Biking. Jeff finds the first Daily Double under $1200 Explorers after doing a bit of exploring on his own. He bets $2500 on this: fewer than a  third of his crew members survived the 1497-99 roundtrip voyage from Lisbon to Calicut, India. "Who is Columbus?" No, it was Vasco da Gama, leaving him with $3500. Winston finds the other under $2000 Serious TV. He bets $1000 on this: this man began seeing the news from every angle on his CNN evening show in 2003. "Who is Anderson Cooper?" That is RIGHT for $5800! He ends up with $13,400 to $10,300 for Jeff. Katie can spoil with $4800. All three are going home, but only one is coming back.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Famous Homes": purchased in 1957 & called "The Second Most Famous Home in America", it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006. Correct response: what is Graceland?

It's all about Katie, who was right, and Winston... who is wrong. But his $10,067 will give him the honor of starting season 31 as a champion. Katie leaves with $11,201.

So to review... next week and the week after is the Teen Tournament. Then J! will replay the entire Battle of the Decades tournament, which puts Season 31 at... September 8. That's when you'll see Jeopardy! again in the Replay.

Bet On Your Baby Season Finale
by Chico Alexander
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ABC: Saturday 8p/7c
Host: Melissa Peterman
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  Tonight, BOYB is going out with a bang as we kick off our season finale with Kyler (3y 10m), who gets excited over life. She loves to examine everything about her world, which makes kids out of parents Kristen & Will Tully. They're going to get the ball rolling with INVISIBLE TOUCH. The question for Will: for $1000 each, which items will baby Kyler be able to identify: balls, bananas, wig, hat, and Jell-o? Will is going for the sweep. And... at the last second she gets the SWEEP for $5000!

Next up, we have Gabriel (3y 3m), who has a heart of gold. He also has parents of gold, Ashley & Guy Ravid. The Guy with the amusing accent is going to play DRESS UP with Gabriel, while Ashley places a bet on this: for $5000 which set of costumes will baby Gabriel pick: horse/cowboy, dinosaurs, cowboys, or pizza/chef? Ashley is going with Gabriel's dinosaur phase... And she goes CORRECTLY!

Next, we meet Ezra & Lucas (3y 10m), the twin sons of Judy & David Craig. They're going to play - and this was a complete accident - COPY CAT. Judy heads into the Dome, while David gets this: for $5000 will your wife be able to guide your babies to the finish line in 75 seconds? David is leaning toward YES... He should've gone with his initial inkling about the twins spending the time in the ball pit.

Last baby of the season is Dalton (3y 10m), who has the biggest heart, but he's also super-competitive. Good thing he's on a game show with his parents Suzie & Beau Stasiefski. They're ready to play KIDS GONE WILD. Suzie is going to play with Dalton, while Beau plays with this... for $5000 how many items will your wife get baby Dalton to identify in 60 seconds: 7 or less or 8 or more? He goes with 8... And he gets it with 15 seconds to spare!

Now it's time for some BABY TALK. The couple that identifies what the babies are talking about will win a shot at the college cash. The Tullys get mermaid to win the game! The others leave with $1000 GC from Walmart, a year's worth of Luvs, and any cash won today.

Now the Tullys are going to smash for cash in the College Round. Each of the 10 piggy banks has as little as $500 and as much as $50,000. They get four chances plus one for the earlier win. Will starts with #4 for almost being 4 and for her birthday being June 4.... ON THE FIRST TRY, $50,000 FOR KYLER'S COLLEGE EDUCATION! That's how you finish a season! They end up with $55,000!

So will we see more babies next year? That's up to ABC. 

by Chico Alexander
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Spike: Sunday 10p/9c
Host: Josh Capon with Tony Luke Jr.
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  Today's search for the ultimate Frankenfood leads us to Brooklyn. Joining Josh & Tony at the judge's table, Sweet Science's James Freeman. The winning dish gets to be on his menu AND get $10,000. Through to the judge's final decision...

- Bruce Brown (business owner): Halloween Hangover Cheesecake (24 candy bars in a vanilla malt cheesecake)
- Robert "Bear" Carito (teacher): Pulled Pork S'more
- Nakisha Cruz (student): Sunday Night Dinner (BBQ chicken in a collard green cornbread)
- Clint Cantwell (website editor): Pork E. Pigskin (pork sausage wrapped in bacon)
- Tito Dudley (fitness specialist): Bunless Cheesecake Burger (grass-fed beef with raspberry chutney on a cheesecake)

The two that make it to the patrons are.... Tito and Nakisha! Now the two dishes are recreated and perfected in Sweet Science's kitchen for the diners. It'll be up to them to decide who wins. They decide based on taste, creativity, and "the elusive Frankenfactor".

The winner.... by a single vote... NAKISHA CRUZ! She gets $10,000!

Guy's Grocery Games
by Chico Alexander
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Food: Sunday 8p/7c
Host: Guy Fieri
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Keith Lorren
spice entrepreneur
Elizabeth Ristovski
Dearborn Heights, MI
executive chef & mother of two
Holly Gray
Los Angeles
caterer & wedding planner
Miles McMath
director of culinary operations for a children's hospital

GAME 1: one badass burger, but instead of a big cart, you're going to use the small basket to WATCH YOUR WEIGHT. Four pounds of food only.

Keith: Spiced Pork Burger with Scallion Slaw
Elizabeth: Beef Burger with Bacon, Gruyere & Mozzarella Cheese
Holly: Beef, Bacon, Butter & Blue Cheese Burger
Miles: Lab Burger with Kale Salad & Okra

Judging tonight's creations are chef/owner/farmer Duskie Estes, Cooking Channel host Melissa D'Arabian & food editor Troy Johnson. Checking out first today... Miles. Undercooked burger due to poor time management.

GAME 2: We start with Know Your Varieties. Elizabeth is back with pasta. Now the chefs have to make a square meal using only the frozen aisle. It's FROZEN FOOD FEUD. Elizabeth's advantage: one item from the rest of the market.

Keith: Sofrito Fricasee of Soy with Asparagus & Mushroom
Elizabeth: Spicy Crispy Chicken Thigh & Pierogi with Red Leaf Salad
Holly: Meatloaf, Sweet Potato Mash & Seasoned Vegetables

Eliminated: Keith. .

GAME 3: A pork dinner using the GROCERY LIST. On the list: fried onions, a starch, dried fruit, something red, ranch dressing, and a breakfast cereal.

Elizabeth: Pork Schnitzel
Holly: Stuffed Pork Chops

WINNER:  HOLLY! She will now take her grocery list to the Flavortown Market for the $20,000 Shopping Spree! She has two minutes to go shopping. Each item on his list is worth $2000. Grab all 10, $20,000! On Holly's list: Goji berries, an ingredient in Shepherd's Pie, cucumber, tamari, raspberry yogurt, teething cracker, ingredient in succotash, marshmallows, liverwurst, and paper towels. All she needs are the Goji berries with 30 seconds to go... Guy was trying to throw it to her... but she never saw it. Still, $18,000 is not bad.