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October 23-25, 2020


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Return of the Fib

The Big Fib
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Disney+: season 1 available
Host: Yvette Nicole Brown with CLIVE (Rhys Darby)
Official WebsiteFacebook

Back at the beginning of the summer, Disney+ launched its game show based on the popular podcast. Now it's back for the remaining 15 episodes of season 1.

Episode 16 features Jayla, a 10-year-old coder who programs fairy lights on her motherboard, games, and robots. She's also a pianist.

SILLY WARM UP ROUND: Susan is a tap-dancing teacher. Jerri says she holds the world record for most consecutive hours tap-dancing. Both say that they're experts on tap-dancing, while one is tap-dancing around the truth.
- Jayla says that Jerri is the fibber, because of course she is. Okay, she's tired, maybe she should stop. Anyway, Susan Hebach is the director of the American Tap Dance Foundation Youth Program & the Tap City Youth Ensemble.

Now that that's out of the way, Jayla is going to get a brief lesson on outer space. That's important, because of who's on deck next.

MAIN GAME: Jackie is an astrophysicist. Connor is an astronomer. Both claim to be an expert on outer space.
- CLIVE's Clue #1: An eye in space? Connor says it's a nebula with a blue dwarf at its center, calling it the Helix nebula.
- CLIVE's Clue #2: Jackie says CLIVE's balloon is here because it's filled with helium, which is lighter than the air you're breathing. Helium is the product of the sun's hydrogen atoms fusing.
- HOT SEAT: Each panelist gets 40 seconds from Jayla. After that, she will have to make her final decision.

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: Jayla says that Connor is the Big Fibber... Remember, if she's right, he will be covered in Fib Foam.
- THE BIG FIBBER IS... CONNOR! Connor was describing the Crab Nebula with the Helix graphic. Dr. Jackie Faherty is the senior scientist in astrophysics & senior education manager at the American Museum of Natural History. She founded the Brown Dwarfs research group in New York City.

Next time, say cheese!

Season 1 available in its entirety on Disney+. Another recap follows Monday.

Big Brother All-Stars
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen Moonves
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

When we last left the house - Cody sent Christmas packing and we have the final three of Cody/Nicole/Enzo.

Let's go back to the house. We get reactions from everyone about the eviction of Christmas.

It's time for the final three to reminisce about this season and have a champagne toast with a good dinner of surf & turf.

We see a highlight from Day 76 playing a prank on Cody with Enzo having TP stuck to his pants.

We see highlights from the  "Scare War" in the house.

We see a highlight from Day 14 when Nicole picks Janelle for "have nots" and Janelle not reacting well to it.

We see a highlight from Day 40 when Enzo declares himself "vegan"(after we see him call himself a "hybrid-vegan" after taking a huge chunk of steak.)

We see a highlight from Day 48 where David makes Sweet Potato Fries - and sets the stove on fire!

We see a highlight from Day 6 where we see Janelle/Kaysar chat about meeting 15 years ago and talk about celebrating their 40th birthdays in the house. We also see clips from their time in the house and how much they value their friendship.

We see a highlight from Day 25 where Cody learns the meaning of the word "ripe" (re: Bananas/Avocados)

We see highlights of Tyler/Christmas on Day 61 mistaking a statue of a squirrel being real.

We see highlights of the players asking for weird(and not so weird) things in the Diary Room.

We see highlights of Ian's on Day 3 talking about being on the autism spectrum with Nicole A/Enzo/Nicole F.

We see highlights of Da'vonne/Kaysaron Day 17 talking about Kaysar's religion and the hatred of Muslims/Black Lives Matter(George Floyd)

We see highlights of Janelle as an All Star "mom"/Nicole in the Slop-i-tard/Ian as "Dirk Spacejammer"

We see Highlights of Bayleigh's Tri-Athlete Punishment in Day 32 - 500 laps on a tri-cycle.(WHY DIDNT THEY SHOW THIS ON THE SHOW!)

We see highlights of the diary room(and a lot of emotions and crying).

We get final reactions before the final HOH competition - which happens...NEXT TIME!

Card Sharks Season Premiere
by Chris Wolvie
bird, new, square, twitter icon @ChrisWolvie

ABC: 9p/8c
Host: Joel McHale with Alexis Gaube & Jerry Wolf
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  52 cards, what a perfect amount of chances to fill your back account...on CARD SHARKS!
Curtis Baxter
Riverside, CA
former U.S. Marine
Silvia Karafilis
Los Angeles
real estate agent

Silva had won the "cut for control".

HI-LO Q1/5: (100 left-handed people) Be honest: do you think left-handed people are BETTER than right-handed people? (How many said, "Damn, left!"?)
Silva says 42.  Curtis says higher.
Actual Number: 71.  Curtis gets control.

[Legend: (H)=called higher; (L)=called lower; (F)=freeze; (B)=back to the base card); (C)=changed base card]

RED: K (L) 9 (L) 9 (B) - ( ) - ( ) - ( ) -
BLU: 9 (L) 3 (H) 8 (F) - ( ) - ( ) - ( ) -

HI-LO Q2/5: (100 "Plant Moms") Do you name your plants? (How many said they do?)
Curtis says 62.  Silva says lower.
Actual Number: 58.  Silva gets control.

BLU: 9 (*) 3 (C) 8 (H) J (L) 5 (H) Q (F) -

[She actually CALLED the Five and the Queen before they were flipped!]

HI-LO Q3/5: (Best Guess) According to the most recent survey by Chapman University, what percent of Americans believe Bigfoot is a real creature?
Silva says 31%.  Curtis says lower.
Actual Number: 21%.  Curtis gets control.

RED: K (L) 5 (H) 6 (H) 4 (B) - ( ) - ( ) -
BLU: 9 (*) 3 (*) 8 (*) J (*) 5 (*) Q (L) 5 -> WINNER!

Silva is staked $10,000.  Remember, minimum bet is $1000 until the Big Bet, she can change ONE card and consecutive cards of the same rank is a PUSH, not a loss.

BET: $5000 on HIGHER
2ND CARD: J ($15,000)
BET: $10,000 on LOWER
3RD CARD: 8 ($25,000)
4TH CARD: A ($50,000) [CALLED IT]
5TH CARD: 2 ($100,000) [CALLED IT]
6TH CARD: 6 ($200,000)
BIG BET (at least half): $160,000 on HIGHER [She predicted she'd win $360K...]
FINAL CARD: 5 [...and her clairvoyance fails her]
FINAL TOTAL: $40,000

Kim Peoples
Valencia, CA
first-grade teacher
Christian Yeung
West Covina, CA
former pro basketball player and coach

Christian had won the "cut for control".

HI-LO Q1/5: (100 neat freaks) Have you ever stopped in the middle of a romantic encounter to tidy something up (How many admitted to tidying over tumbling?)
Christian says 35.  Kim says higher.
Actual Number: 60.  Kim gets control.

[Legend: (H)=called higher; (L)=called lower; (F)=freeze; (B)=back to the base card); (C)=changed base card]

RED: 3 (H) 8 (H) 4 (B) - ( ) - ( ) - ( ) -
BLU: T (L) K (B) - ( ) - ( ) - ( ) - ( ) -

HI-LO Q2/5: (Best Guess) According to the Water Quality & Health Council, what percent of adults ADMIT they've "done #1" in a swimming pool?
Kim says 66%.  Christian says lower.
Actual Number: 40%.  Christian gets control.

BLU: (C) K (L) Q (L) J (F) - ( ) - ( ) - ( ) -

HI-LO Q3/5: (100 parrot owners) Be honest: have you ever put a parrot on your shoulder and pretended you were a pirate? (How many said, "Aye, cap'n!"?)
Christian says 80.  Kim says lower.
Actual Number: 74.  Kim gets control back.

RED: 3 (H) A (L) A (B) - ( ) - ( ) - ( ) -
BLU: K (*) Q (*) J (L) 8 (F) - ( ) - ( ) -

HI-LO Q4/5: (100 bachelors) Have you ever opened a can of soup and eaten it directly out of the can? (How many said they had?)
Kim says 22.  Christian says higher.
Actual Number: 53.  Christian gets back control.

BLU: K (*) Q (*) J (C) 2 (H) 6 (H) 6 (B) -
RED: 3 (H) 4 (H) K (L) 2 (H) 2 (B!) - ( ) -

HI-LO Q5/5 [SUDDEN DEATH]: (100 Harry Potter fans) Could you be best friends with someone who DOESN'T like Harry Potter? (How many said "Oh, Voldemort, no!"?)

Christian says 50.  Kim says higher.
Actual Number: 31.  Christian gets control and passes it to Kim.  She must run the table off of her 3 to win, else Christian "Avada Kedavra"s her out of the game.

RED: 3 (H) J (L) 3 (H) K (L) A ( ) - ( ) - -> LOSS

Christian is staked $10,000.

BET: $8000 on LOWER
2ND CARD: 8 ($18,000)
3RD CARD: 6 ($36,000)
BET: $21,000 on HIGHER
4TH CARD: 7 ($57,000)
BET: $25,000 on HIGHER
5TH CARD: J ($82,000)
BET: $60,000 on LOWER
6TH CARD: 10 ($142,000)
BIG BET (at least half): $100,000 on LOWER
FINAL TOTAL: $242,000

Family Feud
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: Friday 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram

Kishon, Timothy Sr., Tekorah, Timothy Jr., Charmaine
Shreveport, LA

Tommy, Tenielle, Tatum, Teague, Tyra
Camas, WA


SINGLE: Something at a wild party that a party animal might have at his funeral.
1. Booze/Beer bong - 60 5. Friends - 3
2. Stripper - 9 6. Party hats/horns - 3
3. Tunes/Dance party - 9
4. Drugs/Angel dust - 5

SINGLE: 100 married women, fill in the blank: Some days, I'm tempted to _____ my husband.
1. Smack/Deck - 44 5. Caress/Cuddle - 4
2. Leave/Divorce - 35
3. Strangle/Kill - 9
4. Kiss - 7

DOUBLE: A star who's known for his gorgeous face and bulging biceps.
1. Dwayne Johnson - 27 5. John Cena - 5
2. Ah-nold - 10 6. Hulk Hogan - 4
3. Brad Pitt - 8 7. Jason Momoa - 3
4. Sylvester Stallone - 6

TRIPLE: Something that's fun to make.
1. Cookies/Food - 66
2. Whoopee/Babies - 21
3. Crafts/Art - 3
4. Money - 3

Sudden Death needed.

SUDDEN DEATH: Someone it would be a huge mistake to call by the wrong name. Tyra completes the comeback for the Schroeders with spouse/mate (72).

FAST MONEY: Tommy gets two #1s for 160. Teague gets the rest for $20,000, doubling their bank to $40,000.
- If you had a time machine, you'd go back to when you were how old?: Age 18
- Something you'd hate to be inside of when it breaks down: Airplane
- Something grandma might have her own secret stash of: Weed/meth
- Something people do to make their feet feel good: Rub/Massage them (Tommy)
- Something a slob doesn't both using when he's eating: Napkin (Tommy)

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Ken Jennings, Jimmy McGuire & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  Colin had the right numbers yesterday, but will a teacher school him, or will he be examined by a CSI?

Colin Davy
orig. Chicago
data scientist

Brian Adams
Big Bear Lake, CA
Jamelle Shannon
Las Vegas
senior crime scene analyst

JEOPARDY! ROUND: A Catholic Education; Anagrams, How Novel!; A Number Between 3 & 5, Historic Objects, Dame Yankees, Idioms

(C-Note: I was today years old when I learned that Elizabeth Taylor, despite being born in the UK, is actually of American lineage)

Colin starts with $1000 A Number Between 3 & 5, finding the Daily Double under $1000 Historic Objects. He bets the max on this: for more than a century, Greece has asked Britain for the return of the Elgin Marbles, mostly taken from this ancient temple. "What is the Temple of Diana?" No, it was the Parthenon, and he drops to -$600. He would recover to $4600 to $3000 for Jamelle. Brian on $2400 gets the first go in...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: That Is So SoCal, Opera, Hybrids, Movie Sum-Up, Helpful Hints, It Starts with "U"

... with $800 It Starts with "U". Brian finds the first Daily Double, a Video under $1200 Hybrids. He doubles the level on this: a avorite decorative motif of the Middle East, this mythical creature is also an in-house favorite at "Jeopardy!" "What is a griffin?" RIGHT for $6800! Jamelle finds the other under $2000 Opera. She fronts the level on this: Henry Kissinger & Mao Tse-tung are characters in this 20th century opera. "What is Madame Butterfly?" No, it was Nixon in China, dropping her to $6200. She recovers to $8600 to $9200 for Brian. Colin is still in the hunt with $8200.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "19th Century Supreme Court Cases": part of the dissent in this 1896 landmark case read, "In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law". Correct response: what is Plessy v. Ferguson?

Colin was right... but so was Brian to win $17,201. Colin leaves with $28,100.

Nickelodeon's Unfiltered
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Nick: Saturday 8:05p/7:05C
Host: Jay Pharoah with Gabrielle Neveah Green, Lex Lumpkin & Darci Lynne
Official WebsiteFacebook


Today, Darci Lynne & Lex are joined by guest panelist Miya Chech (from Nick's new show "The Astronauts").

GAME 1: ICE CREAM CONE! Winner gets the motorcycle ride. Losers get a spice cream cone.
- RAPID FIRE: clues to start with are... big on social media, not an actor, makes people laugh & cry, and has been on multiple TV shows, including one that has been seen in over 100 countries.
- AIR TRAFFIC CONE-TROLLER: Paris, New York, Tokyo... wait, it's a runway! She was a model!
- HOME SHOPPING: She's been big on home shopping, selling fashion, catch phrases, and an immersive theatrical experience.
- ICE CREAM MODEL: ... just a lot of shooting.

Final recap coming... A TV host who has been all over the world, the author of books, loves making ice cream, and is a star model who guides other models. I'll be surprised if she isn't dancing with other talents as well, but let's see what the panel thinks.

- MIYA: Tyra Banks
- LEX: Heidi Klum
- DARCI: Tyra Banks
CORRECT: ... TYRA BANKS! Fun fact: Tyra was host when Darci won her season. Not so fun fact... Lex is about to get a hot mouth.

GAME 2: SUPER CAT. Whoever can unmask our hero feline will avoid a trip to the moon.
- RAPID FIRE: First clues: an actor who has been on several shows, has over one million followers, and is not a singer... except in the shower.
- HOLLYWOOD HEIGHT CHART: First audition at 5 years, first TV role, then SAG, KCAs, and guesting on Unfiltered.
- FAMILY TREE: She has four step-nieces & nephews, one of which is adopted. Also, she has older stepsiblings. And then there's the dog.
- TELEPORTATION CAT: Manny's Community Playbouse, Parkway Lanes, Raini's Texas Family Roadhouse, and NRG Stadium... and also the way the clues are presented is a BIG clue. Also, born and raised in College Station, TX.
- CELEBRITY DOPPLEGANGER: apparently can pass for the Octopus earlier this season.

RECAP! An actor who's been on a show about a big family that won a lot of modern awards, was a child star, loves to bowl, and has been known to rock a few bowling shirts. AND... he's also from Texas.

- MIYA: Cole Sprouse
- LEX: Rico Rodriguez
- DARCI: Rico Rodriguez
CORRECT: ... Miya's lost in space. It's RICO RODRIGUEZ!

So far this season...
- GABBY: 23/26
- DARCI: 17/26
- LEX: 18/26
- Miya Chech 1/2
- Iain Armitage: 1/2
- Young Dylan: 1/2

Next time, it's a Halloween party to wrap the season.

Supermarket Sweep
by Chris Wolvie
bird, new, square, twitter icon @ChrisWolvie

ABC: 8p/7C
Host: Leslie Jones
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramABC AppHulu
  (LEGAL NOTE: All products are TMs and Rs of their respective companies.  Their mentions here are NOT endorsements of any kind.)

It's a shopping SPOOK-tacular this week as SUPERMARKET SWEEP gets into the Halloween spirit a week early!

Chaela Phillips (Ruther Glen, VA) and Erika McCrary (Berkeley, CA); Howard U. grads who became roommates in LA
Michael Hollis (Southfield, MI) and Anttoni Lopez (Bronx, MY); "soulmates" who found each other on "Grindr"
Angelique Munoz (Bellingham, WA) and Elizabeth Tan (San Diego, CA); buyers for a grocery store (aka "ringers"!)

Each team starts with two minutes of Sweep time and earn more through various grocery-centered questions.

MINI-SWEEP (Solve the riddle by having your partner trying to FIND the [specially-marked] product on the shelves.  First to have product in hand earns 10 seconds of sweep time and a Sweep Bonus of $250 for the team.)

Q: Like snacks that jiggles?  Then please don't be MELLOW; just run down the right aisle and grab a box of ____-_.
A: Jell-O brand gelatin mix (Team Thyme wins)

FRANKEN-PRODUCTS (For Chaela, Michael & Angelique)
Leslie has mixed up two product names.  The players must buzz-in with the right two product names.  Each right answer gets 10 seconds of Sweep time.

A1: SPAM meat product and Skippy peanut butter (Fried Chicken)

A2: Golden Grahams cereal and Ding-Dongs (Thyme)

A3: Lucky Charms cereal and Nature Valley (Thyme)

Q4: "PA-NT'S"
A4: PAM cooking spray and Hunt's tomato products (Thyme)

STOP FAKING IT (for Erika, Anttoni & Elizabeth)
Spot the fake among the unusual varieties of product to earn 10 seconds of sweep time.  Each player can lock in their own answer.

Q1: M&M flavors: Candy apple, Maple walnut or Mexican jalapeno peanut?
A1: Maple walnut (Cheddar)

Q2: Chapstick flavors: Strawberry, Spearamint or Passionfruit?
A2: Passionfruit (Fried Chicken)

Q3: Duncan Hines cake mix varieties: Pink velvet, Blue marble or Orange supreme?
A3: Blue marble (Cheddar)

LESLIE-MOJI (Round Robin - teammates switch with each question)
Leslie's friends send texts for a grocery item...but only in emojis and where it's located.  A buzz-in with the right product asked for gets 10 seconds of Sweep time.
1: Butterfinger candy bars (Thyme)
2: Mountain Dew soda (Thyme)
3: Bounce laundry fabric softener (Cheddar)
4: KIX cereal (Cheddar)
5: Hawaiian Punch fruit beverage (Fried Chicken)
6: Doritos nacho chips (Cheddar)


At the count of "GO", one team member runs through the market (dressed in Halloween get-up for this ep) and grabs everything they can, up to a maximum of five of any one product.  The items MUST be in the basket to count.  Bonuses are in the store as well.  Whoever grabs the most in groceries and bonuses wins the game, keeps the cash and goes on to the Super Sweep for up to $100,000!

Inflatable products
Personal Shopping List: Candy corn, toilet paper and eggs ($500)
Golden Bathroom Keys ($300)
Coffee Cup with name on it ($300)

TEAM FRIED CHICKEN: Key + Inflatable banana ($100) + groceries = $3212
TEAM CHEDDAR: Key + groceries = $2552
TEAM THYME: Mini-Sweep + coffee + key + shopping list + groceries = $4427

The team has one minute to find five [specially marked] products in the store.  Leslie will give the first riddle which, when solved and located, will lead to the next riddle, etc.  If they find three, they can leave with $25,000 more or keep shopping with 20 more seconds.  Getting four gets them $50,000 or 15 seconds more.  If they get all five before time runs out, they leave with $100,000!
R1: If your breakfast is boring or just plain OKAY, make them more "cultured" with some creamy _______ (Yoplait yogurt; caught with :43)
R2: Plum, cherry and grape are all varieties of this type of produce: ______ (Tomato; caught with :17)
R3: I may sound like dryer fuzz but I'm not. Here's a HINT: I'm a sweet treat from Switzerland that goes by the name ____ (Lindt candies; not caught in time)

Mary Stuart Deibel (Raleigh, NC) and Andrew Hall (Boston, MA); friends who met at a "supper club"
Madison Pollard (Hanford, CA) and Michele Alexander (West Haven, CT); mother and daughter who work for the same school district
Giovanna Clayton (Oxnard, CA) and Kevin Clayton (Bakersfield, CA); husband and wife for 20 years

MINI-SWEEP (for 10 seconds and $250 bonus)
Q: If you wear short-shorts and have unwanted HAIR, slather on the cream made for you by ____
A: Nair hair remover cream (Team Allspice wins)

STARS: THEY'RE JUST LIKE GROCERIES (for Mary Stuart, Madison & Giovanna)
Some celebs share their last name with the first name of products (like a "Deadpool" star and an aluminum foil).  Leslie will give a clue the first to buzz-in with the right "smush" ("Ryan Reynolds Wrap") gets 10 seconds of Sweep time for their team.
Q1: "Jumanji" funny man and a power tool/appliance brand
A1: Jack Black + Decker (Allspice)
Q2: African-American political figure and popular cereal
A2: Condoleeza Rice Krispies (Cobbler)
Q3: Legendary comedian and wood cleaning product
A3: Eddie Murphy's Oil Soap (Cobbler)

LOST & FOUND (for Andrew, Michele & Kevin)
Leslie will show a product mascot and three items that could belong to it.  Whoever locks-in with the correct item to match to the mascot gets 10 seconds.  All players can guess at the same time.
Q1: Tony the Tiger: Jean shorts, Bandana or Blue watch?
A1: Bandana (Tortellini & Cobbler)
Q2: Little Debbie: Yellow ribbon, straw hat or basket of cookies?
A1: Straw Hat (Tortellini)
Q3: Borden's Elsie the Cow: Bonnet, Cowbell or Daisy necklace?
A3: Daisy necklace (no one)

RANDOM REVEAL (Round-robin)
The classic "Supermarket Sweep" game: a clue is given followed by letters in the product randomly appearing; whoever buzzes-in with the right product gets 10 seconds.
Q1: What's in your cart when you're happy to see me?: B _ N _ N _
A1: Banana (Tortellini)
Q2: The classic grilled sandwich that wins hearts...and sounds like an American Idol: R _ U _ E _
A2: Reuben (Allspice)
Q3: If Jesse Tyler Ferguson or Prince Harry made their own lager: _ _ N G _ _  B _ _ _
A3: Ginger Beer (Cobbler)
Q4: When you dehydrate a grape and then let it meet a bowl of wheat: _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _
A4: Raisin Bran (Tortellini without a single letter revealed!)
Q5: This dessert likes to "do it": _ O U N D   C _ _ E
A5: Pound cake (Allspice)
Q6: Make-up, begone!: _ _ T _ _ N   R _ U _ D S
A6: Cotton rounds (Cobbler)


[Leslie promotes the "Essential Worker" of the week: Betty Henry of Miami Beach, FL.  Even during this pandemic, she works the dairy section with a "twinkle in her eye".  For that, ABC and Supermarket Sweep will send her $2000 and a Supermarket Sweep sweatshirt.]

Inflatable products
Personal Shopping List: Bottle of Kaboom cleaner, container of Tide pods [NOT for eating, mind!] and a mop ($500)
Golden Cans ($300)
Yeti cooler ($300)
Coffee Cup with name on it ($300)
Cheese wheel ($250)

TEAM ALLSPICE: Mini-Sweep + Inflatable lobster ($200) + groceries = $2941
TEAM COBBLER: Coffee + Can + groceries = $2364
TEAM TORTELLINI: Coffee + shopping lst + (Inflatable bacon ($200) + groceries = $3486

R1: If you started a diet to get yourself "SLEND-A", swap teaspoons of sugar for servings of ______ (Splenda artificial sweetener; caught with :45)
R2: My sister's favorite comfort food is hummus and PITA; mine's the yummy shells & cheese I make from ________ (Velveeta cheese product; caught with :35)
R3: When you're sweating so much that you're soaking the FLOOR, you should a pply a certain deodorant called ____ (Sure deodorant stick; $25K GET...but they keep shopping with :39 left)
R4: If angels drank this coffee, they wouldn't get into RUTS because it's the "Heavenly" brand called _____ ____ __ ____ (Chock Full O' Nuts coffee; $50K GET...and they'll keep shopping for the grand prize with :29 left!)
R5: Oh my darling, oh my darling, do you think you can find my little lost citrus fruit's gone; oh my darling __________ (Clementine tangor [tangerine mandarin orange + sweet orange]; JACKPOT GET WITH :13 LEFT!!)

25 Words or Less
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram

playing for Kyle (Fox 5 WNYW New York)
playing for Linda (The ATL WATL Atlanta)
Matt Iseman
"American Ninja Warrior"
Greg Grunberg
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
"Raven's Home"
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
"The Sopranos"

As an aside, that is good friend of the site Kyle Hirshon rooting for Tita!

- Greg vs. Raven: minimum, dot, Morgan Freeman, polish, type. Raven goes for 14... misses one. 250 to Tita
- Tita vs. Kristen: Jack Daniel's, overtime, editor, raven, England. Tita bets on 14... and she's got 500!
- Matt vs. Jamie-Lynn: baguette, comb, Jumanji, flute, visitor. Matt tries his luck with 12... And Tita leads, 500-250.

ROUND 2: Tita gets the build first.
- TITA's list: homer (500), navel (500), disagree (1000), fire truck (1000), Austin (250)
- KRISTEN's list: abstract (1000), Playboy (250), hazelnut (500), softball (500), contact lens (500)

Kristen gets four for 2250, 2500 total. Tita missed.... three.  Kristen wins, 2500-2000. Tita leaves wtih a gift card from Blue Apron.

MONEY ROUND: Kristen gets Monopoly, awake, graduation, bald, harbor, and chores for a trip to St. Croix (5n @ The Buccaneer).

Wheel of Fortune
Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @BeatTheBlock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter icon

Total for Today - $39,830
Total for Week 6 - $284,195
Total for the Season: $1,782,103
Bonus Win Percentage: 13/30
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $463,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars: 2 BMW i3s, 1 Mini Cooper Convertible, 3 Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs, 1 Ford Explorer
$1,000 Consolation Prizes: 5
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 1/0
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 9/5/4
Car Wins: 5
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 0/1
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 8/30/0/7
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 17/30/2/12
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes: 10/6/0
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 14/7/3
$2,500 Space Hit - 11
$3,500 Space Hit - 28
$5,000 Space Hit - 2
Bankrupt Space Hit - 101
Lose A Turn Hit - 28
Vowels Missed:
A -9 E- 3 I -4 O- 6 U -
Missed solves - 3
Repeated a letter/vowel - 6
Perfect Rounds: 8
House Minimums - 9
Gift Tags hit/won/lost: 22/10/9
Free Play Hit: 32
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 1/30
Best Week: Road Trip - $350,996
Best Player: Patrick Mcintosh - $117,500
Bankrupt Losses: $211,950 + 1 Trip of Unknown Value
Left on the Table: $357,850 + 5Trips of Unknown Value
Red Podium Win - 12
Yellow Podium Win - 8
Blue Podium Win - 10
Worst Week: Teacher's Week - Week 1 - $276,526
1M Earned - 10/7/2020 - 18 Shows

A : 1
M :1
E : 1
R: 1
I :
C: 1
A: 2
':  1
G: 2
A: 1
E : 2
P: 1
I: 3
N: 2
& : 2
W: 3
I : 2
* -
** - 3
*** -

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
EVENT(s) -8/3/1/2
LIVING THING(s) -3/3/1/2
PHRASE -19/9/3/6
FOOD & DRINK -7/4/2/2
THING(s) - 28/2/2/0
FUN & GAMES -1/0/0/0
PLACE(s) -3/2/1/1
OCCUPATION(s) -1/1/1/0

It's Day 5 of "Wheel Across America" week!

The $1,000 Tossup is THING. Valeece Smith from Los Angeles solves THE SCENIC ROUTE for $1,000. She is in book sales, sings and loves theater. Alison Chavez from Hermosa Beach, CA is a married marketing executive. She has 2 sons(5 and 1) and loves to write. Mike Vialba from Palmdale, CA loves LA Sports and just bought his first house.

The $2,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Mike has $2,000 with NASHVILLE TENNESSEE. We add this to the wheel - a tour of South Dakota from Collette worth $7,000! Mike starts THE 90S and hits 5 R's. He dominates and quickly solves TOM CRUISE STARS IN JERRY MCGUIRE for $16,750 in cash! He has $18,750 in cash! We move on to...

The Prevagen mystery round which is started by Valeece. It's our crossword with the clue of _____ WAY.  There are four words that fit the clue. She misses on the mystery wedge.  Alison loses $3,000 on Bankrupt. Mike picks up the WC with a $500 G. He misses the solve. Valeece misses. Alison misses. Mike loses $2,300 and the WC on Bankrupt. Valeece does the same. Alison hits the Free Play and reads HALF HIGH MILKY MY for $700 which we bump to the $1,000 house minimum. With that, every one is on the board! We move on to...

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge Round which is started by Alison as well. It's WHAT ARE YOU DOING? She Bankrupts. Mike misses. Valeece hits 3 Free Play I's but loses $2,800 on Bankrupt. Alison solves LOUNGING IN A LOUNGE CHAIR for NO CASH but she will be doing that during her stay in Playa del Carmen Mexico at the Paradisus Resort worth $7,030! She has $8,030 in cash and prizes!

The Triple Tossup category is FOOD & DRINK. Alison has $2,000 with BOSTON BAKED BEANS. Valeece has $2,000 with MANHATTAN CLAM CHOWDER. Alison starts the next round with her $2,000 solve of MISSISSIPPI MUD PIE. She has $12,030 in cash and prizes including her trip to Mexico! Valeece has $3,000 in cash. They are both behind Mike who had a very good early part of the game and has the lead with $18,750 in cash! Alison starts PLACE, dominates and solves DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATER for $4,550. She is gaining ground but has not caught Mike yet with her total of $16,580 in cash and prizes! We have time for...

...PHRASE. We go right into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,500 a letter. Mike quickly seals his win with I HAVE A WHOLE LOT TO LEARN for $1,500. He goes to the bonus round with an all cash total of $20,250! Alison is going to Playa Del Carmen with $16,580 in cash and prizes! Valeece leaves with $3,000!

The pre-bonus round total is $39,830! Mike picks LIVING THING over THING and WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?

Mike lands on the W in WIN wedge. With the RSTLNE and his choices of C B M O we have:

_ O N E _ S _ C _ L E
_ _ N E

Mike was a very good player but was stumped by HONEYSUCKLE VINE. He loses $38,000 but leaves with $20,250 in cash!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: 8p/7c
Host: Jimmy Kimmel
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Last week, Tiffany Haddish gave her all to Millionaire, as she won $32,000 for She Ready Foundation. Then firefighter Oliver Fry got up to $2000 before time was called. His game continues now...

He gets the next two when he is stopped temporarily by...

[ $16,000 ]
Whose 2020 video for "Watermelon Sugar" acknowledges the frustrations of social distancing by opening with the words, "This video is dedicated to touching"?
a) Bruno Mars
b) Justin Bieber
c) Harry Styles
d) The Weeknd.

He calls his niece Niki, who goes with C... Oliver makes that his final answers... RIGHT!

[ $32,000 ]
Which of these statements is true about the three US states whose names are four letters long?
a) They border each other
b) Their names start with a vowel
c) Their names are one syllable
d) They are west of the Mississippi River

Oliver locks in B... Ohio, Utah, and Iowa are all RIGHT!

He decides to trade in his 50/50 for extra help from his sister Kathy, the Smartest Person He Knows.

[ $64,000 ]
After Chris Evans wore one in the movie "Knives Out", which of these fashion items became a craze in late 2019?
a) Faux fur hat
b) Cable-knit sweater
c) Trenchcoat
d) Leopard print shirt

Oliver decides to ask Jimmy, who remembers the stylish sweater Chris wore in the film. Oliver locks in B... Correct answer is... B!

[ $125,000 ]
Instead of "cheese", Victorian photographer Richard Beard had his subjects say what to make their mouths look small & prim?
a) Oysters
b) Marmalade
c) Prunes
d) Fruitcake

Oliver asks Kathy for help, and Kathy says them all before going with C... Oliver agrees... And they're RIGHT!

[ $250,000 ]
An extreme challenge for open-water swimmers, the "Mouths of the Dragon" is a treacherous 12-mile swim from Trinidad to what country?
a) Venezuela
b) Colombia
c) Suriname
d) Barbados

Oliver decides to leave with $125,000. He thought it was C. Kathy thought it was D... But they were BOTH wrong! It was A.

Next up, Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy, "Modern Family") is playing for Baby2Baby. Her Smartest Person is her friend Jason Ubaldi.

But it turns out that Julie was just fine on her own as she makes it to...

[ $32,000 ]
Because he couldn't stop crying, EB White needed 17 takes to read a poignant scene for the audiobook version of what classic novel that he wrote?
a) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
b) Sounder
c) Charlotte's Web
d) Little House on the Prairie

Julie makes C her final answer.... and she's RIGHT!

[ $64,000 ]
Once displayed outside homes as a sign of welcome to visitors, what exotic fruit is considered the universal symbol of hospitality?
a) Pineapple
b) Coconut
c) Papaya
d) Kumquat

She says A... She's RIGHT again!

[ $125,000 ]
Which of these teen movies from the 1980s had three actors in the cast who went on to win the Oscar for Best Actor?
a) The Breakfast Club
b) Fast Times at Ridgemont High
c) Say Anything...
d) Dead Poets Society

Julie asks Jimmy. He went with B. Julie agrees with him... and she'll play for $250,000... NEXT TIME!