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July 22-24, 2016


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Celebrity Name Game
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Family Feud
Let's Make a Deal
The Price Is Right
Wheel of Fortune
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

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@midnight... on a Friday

@midnight with Chris Hardwick
by Chico Alexander
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Comedy Central: Saturday 12:01a/Friday 11:01p
Host: Chris Hardwick
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Paul Feig
Neil Casey
Milana Vayntrub

While you were busy popping pimples on the Internet....from cupcakes, we were getting out of RNC mode and into Comic-Con mode with cast members and one producer from "Ghostbusters". Tonight's #HashtagWars: #ComicConIn5Words. Paul has 700 to Milana's 600. Neil has 500.

In the middle of this advance-taped episode, we get Trailer Trash (movie trailers) and tonight's Live Challenge, Q&A-Holes. Chris is about to go hosting a whole lot of panels in San Diego. Come up with the worst question you can possibly ask at a Comic-Con panel. Milana gets 1000.

We're rounding third with the Pop Science of Sex. Neil gets busted. Spoiler Alert.

FTW: JJ Abrams admits to a major error in the opening crawl of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"... a few missing commas. Come up with your own opening crawl that will get the fans upset. The winner... in a riff of the Fresh Prince... MILANA WINS THE INTERNET!

Today's funny becomes Tuesday's source material. Continue the game online @midnight.

Celebrity Family Feud
Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

ABC: Sunday 8p/7C
Host: Steve Harvey
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  First up, a family band vs. a banded family...
The Band Perry
Neil (captain), Reid, Kimberly, Ann-Carter (cousin), Hunter (cousin)
playing for Teen Cancer America
Giuliana (captain), Bill (husband), Karen (sister-in-law), Tom (cousin), Anna (mother)
playing for Fab-U-Wish (The Pink Agenda)

SINGLE: A woman might say, I broke up with my boyfriend after I found out he had what?
1. A floozy/cheated 66    5. Bad breath 2
2. STD/All of them 16     6. Lice 2
3. A wife 6
4. Lied to me 6

Rancics lead, 82-0.

SINGLE: a place a woman would hate to find out the roses her man gave her came from.
1. Funeral/Cemetery 50    5. The trash 5
2. Grocery/Dollar store13 6. Gas station 3
3. His ho/ex's house 12   7. Hospital patient 2
4. Her yard/neighbor's11

Rancics lead, 173-0. They can get done in the next question.

DOUBLE: something people put down
1. Other people 34        5. Books/newspaper 8
2. Drinks/cups 14
3. Phones 10
4. Pets/animals 9

Rancics lead, 279-0.

TRIPLE: a party game that might be more fun to play in the nude.
1. Twister 53
2. Cards/Poker 37
3. Truth or Dare 5
4. Charades 2

The Band Perry get the 276 to avoid the shutout and send us to...

Sudden death question: something you turn on and off... Hunter fires with lights, and The Band Perry goes from zero to a win.

Kimberly and Reid take on Fast Money. Kimberly did what she had to do to get 196. Reid only needs four. He gets it for $25,000.

Fast Money #1 answers:
- 100 married men: When you see your wife naked, what's she doing?: Shower/Bathe (Kimberly)
- Something people use to make a wish: Star (Kimberly)
- A place you've been to at 3 in the morning: Bar (Kimberly)
- How many kisses does it take to know if there's any chemistry?: 1 (Kimberly)
- Something a bird only has two of: Wings (Kimberly)

Next match, it's the king of the half-pipe versus a queen of the half-wits.

Paul (captain), Dee Dee (wife), Michael (son), Bizz (granddaughter), Bill (nephew)
playing for the John Ritter Foundation
Melissa Joan (captain), Emily (sister), Paula (mother), Trisha (sister)  & Josue (brother-in-law)
playing for Friends of CAS

SINGLE: something you'd be surprised grandma would wear instead of her granny panties.
1. Thong/G-string 75        5. Grandpa's/Boxers 2
2. Nothing/Commando7
3. Bikini/Swimsuit 6
4. Leather/Lederhosen 3

SINGLE: something you did as a teen, you still don't want your parents to know about.
1. Drank 27                 5. Skipped school 5
2. Boinked/Chess team15     6. Broke curfew 5
3. Drugs/Dad's weed 14      7. Stole/Shoplifted 4
4. Smoked cigs 11           8. Took car/No license4

Harts lead, 77-75.

DOUBLE: something a hitchhiker might be holding that would make you not pick him up.
1. Gun 38                   5. Big stick 5
2. Knife/Sword 13           6. Backpack 4
3. Axe 13                   7. Severed body part 3
4. Booze/Boxed wine 8       8. Baseball bat 3

Sorvinos lead, 198-77.

TRIPLE: a good place to find a bad boy.
1. Bar/Club 55
2. Prison 19
3. Strip joint 11
4. Church 6

And we're going to...

SUDDEN DEATH: a George that was a US president. Washington (75) from Josue gives the Harts the win.

Can this former teenage witch get $25,000 for their charity? She teams with Trisha in Fast Money. Melissa gets 178, and Trisha needs 22... and another easy job for $25,000.

Fast Money #1 answers:
- What percentage of American men think they're good lovers?: 100%
- An animal that's hairy and scary: Bear (Melissa)
- Besides gamble, something people do in Las Vegas: Watch a show (Trisha)
- Something of yours you hope was built to last: Car/Truck (Melissa)
- Give me a state that stats with T: Tennessee (Melissa)

The Rancics and Sorvinos will also have donations made in their name, though what they are exactly aren't specified.

Cooks vs. Cons
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Sunday 10p/9c
Host: Geoffrey Zakarian
Official WebsiteFacebook
orig. Palestine, now San Diego

Tonight's panel: chef & restaurateur Richard Blais and culinary author Daphne Oz.

ROUND 1: Geoffrey sets the first challenge... you have 30 minutes to cook shrimp & grits. But you'll have to use bacon.
- Ekhlas: Mediterranean Shrimp & Grits
- Fred: Southern Hospitality Shrimp & Grits
- Jeremy: Sweet & Spicy Shrimp & Grits
- John: Popcorn Shrimp & Grits
ELIMINATED: Jeremy, who is... a CON! He is a bartender at a whiskey bar.

ROUND 2: you can make whatever you want, but your dish must incorporate cherries.
- Ekhlas: Baklava with Cherries Three Ways
- Fred: Grilled Lamb with Cherry Chimichurri
- John: Cherry French Silk Mousse Souffle

The only remaining con of the bunch is...Ekhlas, who is a teaching assistant at the University of San Diego. Fred is a cook at one of Atlanta's ballparks. John is the CEO and head chef of Chef John's Catering.

So who wins this week? If Ekhlas wins it, she gets $15,000. The winner... FRED! He pockets $10,000!

Flea Market Flip
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GAC: Sunday 8p/7c
Host: Lara Spencer
Official WebsiteFacebook
  We're going to Brimfield, MA to begin this week's flipping...
Jorge & KT
Woodstock flippers
Donna & TJ
mother & son

- Distinctive Dining: unique compact dining set
- Polished Industrial: elevate an industrial item into a polished piece
- Funk-tional: a funky & functional design piece.

Each team gets one hour and $500 to shop.
- Jorge & KT: game table & chairs ($80), steel squares ($36), industrial stool ($40) = $156
- Donna & TJ: wine rack ($20), metal rack ($35), lamp shade & cage light ($25) = $80 

After some refurb work, it's off to LIC Flea for the sell phase. As always, the team with the most profit has their cash-on-hand augmented to $5000.
- Jorge & KT: storage console ($414 profit), backgammon table ($42 profit), hexagon table ($60 profit)
- Donna & TJ: wine rack table ($160 profit), industrial light ($115 profit), Jeep storage unit ($165 profit)

Donna & TJ sold all of their pieces for $440, but it's not enough. Jorge & KT win, $516 to $440 for $5000!

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  One more win, and Pranjal becomes part of the tournament talk.
Pranjal Vachaspati

orig. Shaker Heights, OH
PhD student
Ross Merriam
Roanoke, VA
strategy card-game player & writer
Samantha Hartke
Sugar Land, TX
product manager

JEOPARDY! ROUND: Poisonous Plants, Operatic Adjectives, That Game of Thrones Guy with the Beard, The Bucket List, Things To Do Before, You "DY"

Pranjal starts with $600 You "DY". Ross finds the Daily Double under $1000 Things to Do Before. He maxes out on this: during this pretrial court hearing, charges are read & the accused usually enters a plea. "What are opening statements?" No, it's arraignments, dropping him to -$600. He ends up with $1000. With Pranjal at $5600 to Samantha's score-corrected $7000, it's the man in the middle to start Double Jeopardy!...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Happy Trails to You, French History, Beastly Backing Bands, She's a Real Saint!, Techno-Thrillers, Sounds Like a Piece of Furniture

... with $400 French History, where Pranjal finds the first Daily Double under $1200. He bets $1400 on this: the French epic "Song of Roland" depicts a battle against Saracens, but it was actually vs. these people of the Pyrenees. "Who are Alsatians?" No, it's the Basques, dropping him to $7800. He retakes the lead when he finds the other under $2000 She's a Real Saint! He goes for $3500 on this: this mother of the Virgin Mary is the patron saint of expectant mothers. "Who is Ann?" RIGHT for $14,100! He ends up with $21,700. With Ross on $7000 to Samantha's $10,700, it's the champ's game to lose.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Painted Ladies": she's been called the "Mona Lisa of the North" & the poster girl for the Dutch Royal Picture Gallery in the Hague. Correct response: what is "The Girl with the Pearl Earring"?

Pranjal is right to win another $22,000, giving him $89,188 for four!

Match Game
by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 10p/9C
Host: Alec Baldwin
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramInstagram

Jenilyn Rodriguez
Lockport, NY
addicted to cheese
Baker Machado
Fort Collins, CO
came out at Disneyland
Jason Alexander
Niecy Nash
"Getting On"
Jack McBrayer
"30 Rock"
Ellie Kemper
"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
David Alan Grier
"The Carmichael Show"
Sheryl Crow
Grammy-winning singer

ROUND 1A: Al Roker recently made a shocking confession. To put himself through weather school, he worked as an exotic dancer. He called himself Chocolate (BLANK).

Jenilyn says "love"... no matches.

ROUND 1B: Here's a programming note: on the next "Real Preschoolers of Beverly Hills", Dakota is caught sleeping with Sierra's teddy bear, so Sierra throws (BLANK) in her face.

Baker went with "milk"... Jason throws a diaper. Niecy went with poop. Unbreakable Ellie matches, though, to make it 1-0 Baker.

ROUND 2B: While walking down the beach, I found a message in a bottle. It said, "I'm trapped on a deserted island with Scarlett Johansson. Please send (BLANK)."

Baker had to explain "hair". The definitive answer: condoms. Which everyone except David and Sheryl had. Jenilyn needs one to achieve a tie and stay in the game.

ROUND 2A: Nicki Minaj said "My Smartcar is so small... (HOW SMALL IS IT?) It won't fit all of me in it! I have to drive with my (BLANK) out the window!"

Jenilyn gets a booty call and wins, 2-1, with her answer of "ass".

SUPER MATCH: Question for the Audience Match: FACE _____.

David: Lift
Ellie: Off
Jack: Book
Jenilyn: BOOK

$2000: Time
$3000: BOOK
$5000: Off

She goes Head-To-Head with Niecy for $15,000 with... ROOT _____. She says "Beer"... Niecy just had a root canal... so naturally, she says "BEER!" She drinks to that for $15,000!

Let's play again!

Patty O'Neil
Waltham, MA
celebrating 50 years young
Jen Horn
El Segundo, CA
power lifter
Jason Alexander
Niecy Nash
"Getting On"
Jack McBrayer
"30 Rock"
Ellie Kemper
"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
David Alan Grier
"The Carmichael Show"
Sheryl Crow
Grammy-winning singer

ROUND 1B: Barbie said, "I'm getting a little suspicious of Ken. The other day, I caught him playing with my (BLANK)".

Patty went with shoes. Niecy tried clothes... but generals vs. specifics. It's a classic round 1 question, but David matches with "heels". It's a 1-0 game.

ROUND 1A: Judge Judy takes her job as a judge very seriously (HOW SERIOUSLY DOES SHE TAKE IT?) Every night before getting into bed, she orders her husband to (BLANK).

Jen: "Bang his gavel." No matches, but Jason and Ellie take an oath. Patty leads 1-0 going into the half.

ROUND 2B: Turns out Kim Kardashian made a deal with the Devil. In return for fame & fortune, she has to spend the rest of her life with (BLANK).

Patty goes with her mother, Kris. Everyone said Kanye, except Patti Deutsch over there, with "her penis". Jen needs two to win.

ROUND 2A: Dumb Derek is so dumb (HOW DUMB IS HE?) He appeared on "Shark Tank" wearing nothing but a (BLANK)

Jen went with speedo. No matches, and Patty wins, 1-0.

SUPER MATCH: Audience Match is... FRENCH _____

Niecy: Kiss
David: Fries
Ellie: Toast
Patty: KISS

$2000: Toast
$3000: Fries
$5000: KISS

Time to play for the big money with Niecy... WONDER _____. Patty goes for "Woman"... Shoutout to Comic-Con! It's WOMAN for $25,000!

The $100,000 Pyramid
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Michael Strahan
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramInstagram

Karmin Lane
assistant principal
Johnny Tammaro
Randall Park
"Fresh Off the Boat"
Anna Camp
Pitch Perfect

GAME 1: Go Fund Yourself, Let Me See That Throng, Too Brig to Fail, A Shining Example, Twenty Somethings, Nailed It!

Randall & Karmin sweep Nailed It! (things you would use your fingernails to open). Anna & Johnny sweep Twenty Somethings (things associated with ATM machines). Karmin & Randall sweep A Shining Example (words that come after "sun"). Johnny & Anna sweep Too Brig to Fail (words you might hear on a boat). We're tied at 14! Karmin gives on Go Fund Yourself (words associated with Kickstarter), getting... six. Anna & Johnny need to run Let Me See That Throng (places where you might see a crowd). They DO to win, 21-20.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Johnny elects to give.

- Insects (Bugs) - $1000
- Types of Women's Clothing - $1500
- "What George Clooney Might Say" - $2000
- Salty Things - ILLEGAL ("The water at the beach")
- Things You Toss - PASS
- Things You Hold - PASS
- Things You Toss - TIME. Johnny ends up with $4500.

GAME 2: String Theory, What's Your Safe Word? Record Holders, Blurred What, Simon Says Do What?, I Will Turn This Car Around

Randall & Johnny run Blurred Lines (things that can be fuzzy) to put the score at 7-5. I Will Turn This Car Around is your Mystery 7 for a Luxury Retreats trip to St. Martin. Karmin gives to Anna. Cry.. Laugh... Sleep... Sing... Read... Eat... Vomit... ALL SEVEN! Those were things children do in cars. Johnny & Randall sweep String Theory (things that can be tied) to put the score at 14-12. They need five in Record Holders (things associated with a DJ).... they cuckoo headphones... but get the win anyway, 19-18!

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $100,000: Johnny gives again.

- Brands of Soap - $1000
- Parts of the American Flag - $1500
- "What a Diving Board Might Say" - $2000
- Things That Go On Your Head - $3000
- Underwater Things - $4000
- Things You Strike - WIN (:13 remaining). Johnny is walking out of here with $104,500!

Second round coming...

Jonathan Harvat
shoe salesman
Christina Moore
recently engaged to the boy next door
Terry Crews
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Natasha Lyonne
"Orange Is The New Black"

GAME 1: This Mug's for You, RV There Yet? Look At That Johnson, The Sweetest Things, Goodnight Soon, Where'd That Come From?

Natasha & Christina sweep Where'd That Come From? (things you might see on our body that were not present when you were born) to make it 7-4. Jonathan & Terry run RV There Yet? (things a family might see on a cross-country vacation) to make it 11-7, then This Mug's For You (things you find on a person's face) to make it 18-12. Natasha & Christina need to sweep Goodnight Soon (things found in children's books) to win. They do to win, 19-18! 

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000. Christina gives.

- Television Channels (Networks) - $1000
- Types of Puzzles - $1500
- "What A Potato Might Say" - $2000
- Famous Captains - ILLEGAL ("Captain...")
- Things With Ice - $4000
- Things That Are Formal -  TIME.  But she does get $8500.

GAME 2: Wee the People, Gawk This Way, A Little Light Bondage, Words Gone Wild, Flex Jobs, The Other Donald

Natasha & Jonathan sweep A Little Light Bondage (words that appear in the titles of James Bond movies). Terry finds the Mystery 7 under Flex Jobs (insert pec pop) for an Adventures by Disney trip to Costa Rica. They only get six things that bend. Jonathan & Natasha sweep Wee the People (things that can be short) to make it 14-6. Christina & Terry need three in Words Gone Wild (things that come after the word "wild"). They get four, meaning that Natasha & Jonathan need two in Gawk This Way (things people stare at). They get two in six seconds to win, 16-15!

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Jonathan gives.

- Popular Websites - PASS
- Types of Beans - $1500
- Parts of a Bicycle - PASS
- "What a Tourist Might Say" - PASS
- Things You Hit - $4000
- Things You Carve - TIME. But Alexandra does have $58,500 for the night!