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August 26-28, 2022


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Feud Smackdown

Celebrity Family Feud
Jason Huhn
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ABC: Sunday 8p/7C
Host: Steve Harvey
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WE begin with a good old-fashioned Feud smackdown! Time to rumble with Rey Mysterio & the Miz...

Team Mysterio
Rey Mysterio (captain), son Dominik, wife Angie Gutierrez, daughter Aalyah Gutierrez, Daniel Mallory
playinjg for Make-a-Wish Foundation
Team Miz
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin (captain), father George, mother Barbara Pappas, mother-in-law Marjo Martin, cousin Don
playing for Connor Cure Fund

SINGLE: Captain Hook was rushed to the hospital after he scratchis his what with the wrong hand?
1️ "Jolly Roger" 29 5️ Nose 7
2️ Butt/Stink winker 27 6️ Back 4
3️ Good eye 20 7️ Belly 3
4️ Head 7

Rey steals for 63.

SINGLE: An inappropriate occasion to show up drunk.
1️ Funeral 28 5️ Birthday/Kid's 4
2️ Wedding 21  6️ Court/DUI hearing 4
3️ Church/Baptism 17 7️ AA meeting 3
4️ Work/Meeting 14

Rey steals another one for 137.

DOUBLE: Something a woman cracks.
1️ Knuckles 30 5️ The whip 9
2️ Eggs 22
3️ Jokes 13
4️ Nuts 10

Miz steals to get 124.

TRIPLE: An occupation you wouldn't want your upstairs neighbor to have.
1️ Music/Drummer 53
2️ Dancer/Tap 30
3️ Basketball player 5
4️ Hooker 2

Congratulations to Rey Mysterio for winning the game, 386-124.

FAST MONEY: Rey gets two #1s for 124. Should be noted that "protect daughter" counts under "strength". Aalyah gets the rest for $25,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
- 100 fathers, which of Superman's powers would come in most handy in your life?: Flying (Aalyah)
- Someone who has hurt your feelings: Spouse/Mate (Rey)
- The age most girls get their ears pierced: Age 12 (Aalyah)
- A breed of dog that starts with a C: Collie
- Somethjing people do at a nightclub: Dance (Rey)

Orel Hersheiser (captain), wife Dana, kids Jordan, Sloane & Spencer Suddeth
playing for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Kurt Warner (captain), wife Brenda, kids Kade, Jesse Stanton & Jada
playing for Treasure House

SINGLE: 100 married men, what excuse would you give your wife if she caught you kissing an ex?
1️ I was drunk 33 5️ Still loves her 5
2️ She kissed me 26 6️ Friendly/She's French 4
3️ She's dying 12 7️ It was CPR 3
4️ Burped me 8 8️ She was sad 2

The Warners steal 67.

SINGLE: An activity that might make parts of you bounce a little too muich if you did it in the nude.
1️ Jump'g/Trampoline 54 5️ Volleyball 3
2️ Running 25
3️ Dancing 8
4️ Horse/Bull riding 4

Hershisers lead, 87-67.

DOUBLE: Something an angry teacher might throw at a misbehaving student.
1️ Eraser 47 5️ Chalk 7
2️ Pen/Pencil 9
3️ Ruler 8
4️ Book 8

Hershisers sweep to lead, 124-67.

TRIPLE: A creature that an exterminator has nightmares about trying to exterminate him.
1️ Bugs/Spiders 73
2️ Rats/Mice 16
3️ Snakes 5
4️ Bats 3

The Warners come back to win, 349-124.

FAST MONEY: Kurt gets three #1s for 140. Jesse gets another one to win $25,000 for the Treasure House.
- 100 mothers, something that just once you'd like to do without being interrupted by your children: Use bathroom (Jesse)
- 1-10, how lucky are you?: 5
- A part of your body that contains cartilage: Knee (Kurt)
- An animal that might be living in your tree: Bird (Kurt)
- What do you do when you're driving and see a yellow light?: Slow down (Kurt)

Both the Miz and Hershisers will have donations made in their name to their respective charities, but what they are is never disclosed.

Alex vs. America
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Eric Adjepong with Alex Guarnaschelli
Official WebsiteFacebook

Tonight, Alex faces challengers from Texas, California, and Washington State in a battle of... DESSERTS.

Lasheeda Perry
Long Beach, CA
pastry chef/owner, Queen of Flavor

Michele Pompei
Walla Walla, WA
pastry chef/instructor, LE Cordon Blue

Leen Nunn
McKinney, TX
executive pastry chef, Omni Hotel

SURVIVAL ROUND: All three challengers will take on Alex at the same time. They will have to set the challenge from four boxes:
- Flavor (vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry): Chocolate
- Type of bar snack (pretzels, peanuts, or tortilla chips): Peanuts
- Type of utensil (fork spoon, or nothing): Spoon
- Time (1 to 60 minutes): 45 minutes
The top 3 dishes as judged by a blind panel will move on to the Money Round. The losing chef will go home... even if it's Alex. The chef who finishes first will exclusively get a chance to set the challenge in the Money Round... even if it's Alex.
- ALEX: Tuile Crunchy Bowl with Chocolate Ice CReam, Candied Peanuts
- Lasheeda: Chocolate Mousseline with Chocolate Ganache & PEanut Streusel
- Michele: Chocolate Cremeux with Chocolate Truffle Peanut Butter Sponge Cake
- Leen: Chocolate Lava Cake with Peanut Crunch & Creme Fraiche ICe Cream
On the panel tonight: dessert masters Sherry Yard & Dahlia Narvaez. They are not in the same building while the players are cooking.
- WINNER: Alex

MONEY ROUND: Alex will choose the elements in the next round.
- Type of flavor (lemon, coconut, or cinnamon): coconut
- Type of candy & time (honey candy/40m, gummies/50m, or licorice/1h): gummy bears/50m
- Type of dessert (anniversary or kid's birthday): anniversary
Again, the players will have their dish judged blindly. If any chef beats Alex and is ranked first, they win $10,000. If a dish is ranked second but beats Alex, it's worth $5000. If Alex beats you, you leave with absolutely NOTHING.
- ALEX: Coconut Cream Cake with Coconut Icing & Passion Fruit Sorbet
- Lasheeda: Coconut Rum Cream Puff
- Michele: PAssion Fruit Mango Panna Cotta with MAngo PAte de Fruit with Coconut Sorbet
- 3rd: Michele
So either Lasheeda wins $10,000 or she goes home with nothing...

Big Brother
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
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CBS: 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen Moonves
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THE STORY SO FAR! A split house led to the double evictions of JAsmine and Joseph AND the splintering (possibly) of the Leftovers Alliance. Now the house is back as one... and Michael & Terrance are sitting out as we go to...

HOH COMPETITION #8: MINIATURE ROOM. Stack 21 cans of Micro Energy drink as fast as you can. The first to do so wins.
- WINNER: Matthew Turner

Turner is put in a precarious situation, being in between his Leftovers and his After Party alliances. Monte still trusts the former, but understands the deal that comes with the latter. Kyle says that Joseph might have spilled \to Terrance or Alyssa, but Michael thought it was Kyle lying. Hey, question to GSNN Nation - how do you know Kyle is lying? His mouth is open.

Turner wants to make sure the Leftovers don't freak out, so he tells Brittany, Monte, Michael, and Taylor that they're safe. Kyle also has a final two deal with Turner, so he's safe? as well. That leaves Alyssa and Terrance. Also, Turner tries to bring Monte aboard by mentioning how Michael, Brittany, and Taylor are building a sub-alliance without him. Monte later brings this up in a meeting with Kyle and Turner. He commits himself to aligning against Michael, Brittany, and Taylor. If it comes down to it, Michael will be leaving.

NOMINATION CEREMONY #8: So will it be the Leftovers or the After PArty?
- NOMINEES: Taylor Hale, Brittany Hoopes, saying that they made a final-three deal that didn't include him.

You know, for a guy who's no longer in the house, Joseph sure lives rent-free in the houseguest's heads...

The Final Straw
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 10p/9C
Host: Janelle James
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A new quad of teams at a new, later time, but we didn't swap out the stacks. A cool $250,000 can be theirs if they can conquer... THE FINAL STRAW!

- Hot Rodders (married couple Ronna & Kevin - 32 years) vs. Spirit Squad (UCLA cheerers Remi & Ranhita). WINNER: Hot Rodders

ROUND 2: SEAFOOD STACK. We're playing with the bounty of the sea.
- Team DNA (Danny 'n Alex) vs. Social Climbers (influencers Rian & Jaclyn). WINNER: Social Climbers

FINAL TOWER: STACK-A-LOT. One of the items in this stack will grant the team who pulls it a Sabotage for the other team. The Sabotage item is... a shield.
- Social Climbers pull the Sabotage shield, giving the Hot Rodders a penalty pulling out their next item... with a long wig.
WINNER: Social Climbers

MEGA STACK: You have two minutes to remove as many items as you can and put them in your vault. Pull five purple capsules to win $10,000. Pull a yellow capsule and store it to add 2 minutes to your time. Another four purples gets you up to $25,000. Another three gets you $50,000. Another two gets $100,000. One more wins you the lot. You can bail after completing a level, and that's important, because if you run out of time or the tower falls, you will leave with the last-completed level amount.

Making the Cut Season Premiere
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Prime Video: streaming Fridays
Hosts: Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn
Official WebsiteFacebook

Last week, the new season began with 10 designers using two weeks to make  eveninjg wear and two days to make active wear. Emily and Ciara are out, leaving us with the final 8.

ASSIGNMENT #3: Winter Wear. You have ONE DAY to make a two-look winter wear collection with one high-fashion runway look and one accessible look, with the winner going to the Making the Cut store on Amazon.

We get into the Tim Talks...
- Gabriella: her runway look needs to be stepped up in order to stand out from her accessible look. As it is right now, they look too similar.
- Curtis: His looks have ptential, but he wonders why he was unsure when he was confident beforehand.
- Jeanette: Tim thought it was a fantastic choice of fabric, but it was too much of a statement.
- Georgia: Tim thought the black-and-orange choice reminded him of Halloween.
- Yannik: ... a blanket.
- Markantoine: Reminds him of the Pope... in a good way.

FASHION SHOW #3: Joining Heidi, Jeremy, and Nicole on the panel... Hollywood stylist Jason Bolden. 

BOTTOM THREE: Gabriella, Curtis, Georgia. The judges then wondered aloud whether or not to cut one or two.
- MAKING THE CUT... Curtis by a 3-1 split... and also Georgia. That means that Gabriella is out.

On the other side of things...
- WINNER: Jeanette!


In the nightcap, the final 7 will be working on ONE team...

ASSIGNMENT #4: One Day, One Team. You have SEVEN hours to create an accessible, cohesive collection where every designer is responsible for one look.

FASHION SHOW #4: Joining Heidi, Tim, Nicole, and Jeremy this week is TikTok fashion influencer Wisdom Kaye.
- WINNER: Yannik!
BOTTOM 3: Georgia, Sienna, Markantoine

But that would be short-lived as everyone came to a realization that there could be a double elimination as soon as the next assignment.

The $100,000 Pyramid
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 10p/9C
Host: Michael Strahan
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Karleigh Mercado
Long Beach, CA
Will Braithwaite
New York City
Mario Cantone
"Sex and the City"
Rachel Bloom
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

GAME 1: IT's Getting Mahatma in Here, Struggling to Make N's Meet; Here, Air & Derriere; I'm Awl In, Off the Grid, Women Don't Need Your %#!&!

Will & Rachel sweep "Struggling to Make N's Meet" (words the begin & end with "N") and "Here, Air & Derriere" (activities where your head might be closer to the ground than your butt) to lead, 14-9. Karleigh gives to Mario on "Off the Grid" (professions where you don't always use a computer while on the job), needing at least 5. They get all seven. Will & Rachel need three in "It's Getting Mahatma in Here" (things associated with Gandhi) to win. They get the 3 to win, 17-16.

WINNER'S CIRCLE for $50,000
- Things in Your Body: $1000
- Denominations of Money: $1500
- "What Vanna White Might Say": $2000
- Things a Teacher Uses: $3000
- Fancy Things: $4000
- Things with a Hook: WIN for $50,000!

GAME 2: Gettin' Lei'd, STrange Conclusion; Dayum, History! You Freaky!; He's Working from Home, The Farmer in Adele, That's Weird: The Word "Long" Is Shorter Than the Word "Short".

Karleigh & Rachel start with the Mystery 7 under "Gettin' Lei'd" for a trip to Turks & Caicos. They get beaches, Pacific, volcano, islands, 50, luau, and aloha for the trip! They were all things associated with Hawaii. Meanwhile, Will & Mario run out on "That's Weird: The Word 'Long' Is Shorter Than the Word 'Short'" (words shorter than "short") to lead, 13-10. Karleigh & Rachel go for "He's Working from Home" (things associated with an umpire), getting six for 16. Will & Mario need four in "Strange Conclusion" (words that end in "age") to win. They get four to win, 17-16.

WINNER'S CIRCLE for $100,000
- Things in a Bed: $1000
- Famous Rabbits (Bunnies): $1500
- "What Lungs Might Say": $2000
- PArts of a Freezer: $3000
- Types of Noodles: $4000
- Kinds of Zones: TIME for $11,500, giving him a total of $61,500!

Noam Osband
San Francisco
Plezetta West
Natchez, MS
Lisa Ann Walter
"Abbott Elementary"
JAnelle JAmes
"Abbott Elementary"

GAME 1: Do I Make You Corny, Baby?, Clearly Cray-Cray, What Gays and Straights Have in Common, Bad and Beachy, Unholy Thoughts, Scholar Scholar Bills Y'all

Plezetta & Janelle sweep on "Scholar Scholar Bills Y'all" (expenses a student might have) to tie it at 11. Noam gives to Lisa on "Do I Make You Corny, BAby?" (things associated wtih corn), getting six for 17. Plezetta & Janelle need to sweep "Bad and Beachy" (things some people don't like about the beach) to win. They ... DO!

WINNER'S CIRCLE for $50,000
- Boats (Ships): $1000
- "What a Monkey Might Say": $1500
- Hiking Things: PASS
- Other Words for "Butt": $3000
- Kinds of Notes: PASS
- Things That Make You Dizzy: TIME for $5500

GAME 2: You Could Get With Dis; Monsters, Ink; Relationship Gooooooals!, Possible Burger, Nanny Nanny Poo Poo, Ultimately I Could Give Two F's.

Plezetta sweeps with Lisa Ann on "Ultimately I Could Give TWo F's" (words that ends in two F's) and trail, 12-7, going into the Mystery 7 under "You Could Get With Dis" for a trip to the Caribbean. They get disco, disguise, disaster, and dishonest. They were all words beginning with "dis". Plezetta & Lisa Ann are behind, 11 to 12, so they go with "Nanny Nanny Poo Poo" (things a nanny might have to deal with). They get three for 14. Noam & JAnelle need that many in "Monsters, Ink" (creatures people get as tattoos) to win. THey get the three for the win, 15-14.

WINNER'S CIRCLE for $50,000
- Parts of a Slot Machine: $1000
- Astronomy Terms (Space): $1500
- "What a Knot Might Say": $2000
- Electronics: PASS
- Things in a Pocket: $4000
- Conservative Things: $5000
- Electronics: TIME for $13,500

People Puzzler
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 6p/5c
Host: Leah Remini
Official WebsiteFacebook
owns a camper with her boyfriend
Civil War nerd
music fan

Today's Puzzlers are...

PUZZLE #1: Pai goes with COOKING SHOWS, getting CIAO, POTLUCK, and TEASPOON for 290. Teddy gets...
- DOUBLE WORD (7a/9a): "Shoeless" Food Network show hosted by Ina Garten - B A _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ O _ _ _ _ _ _.
BAREFOOT COOKING.... is half right. Melody gets BAREFOOT CONTESSA, SCHUMER, and COALS for 380. Pia gets IRONCHEF, PUCK, and PREP for 550 to end the round. Teddy is left with 50 and control...

PUZZLE #2: ... with STAGE AND SCREEN. He gets TRAVOLTA, CABARET, and ROCKYHORROR for 770. Melody gets WESTSIDE, FEEDME, and JAMIE for 960. Teddy also gets MARIA, ROXIE, and MEOW to go to 1250. Melody is down to the last clue with 1040. She bets 300 on this...
- WAGER WORD (7d) for 300: In "My Fair Lady", it was where "the rain in Spain stays" - P _ A _ _.
PLAIN... gives her the lead with 1340 to 1250. Pia, who did absolutely nothing this second round, leaves with a year of People.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Bride or Groom?
- Teddy goes with GROOM, getting CHICKEN, CIGAR, ENGAGEMENT, LOPEZ, FONDA, BESTMAN, DOWRY, and BEARD for 3700.
- Melody is left with BRIDE, getting RUNAWAY, MARTINSHORT, DANCE, BACON, SATIN, CORPSE, SOLITAIRE, ZILLA, GLOW, and WRIGHT for the win, 5490-3700!

$10,000 FAST PUZZLE: Melody picks Professional Wrestling, Ancient Egypt, and The Muppets over Dog Treats.
- The Muppets: She gets TREASURE, BEAKER, and FOZZIE for one.
- Ancient Egypt: She gets PYRAMID, MUMMY, and MOSES for two.
- Pro Wrestling
*1d: Name ofr hold that puts someone in "nap time" - S _ _ _ _ _ _. PASS.
*2a: First name of "The Rock" - D _ _ _ _ _. DWAYNE is right!
*3a: Sunny season when yearly "Slam" takes place - S _ _ _ _ _. TIME on Summer. We also needed SLEEPER in the last one.

RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race
by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

VH1: Friday 8p/7C
Host: RuPaul with Carson Kressley, Ross Mathews & Michelle Visage
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram


Last week, eight celebrity drag queens shook what their mother gave'em, but Electra Owl was sent to bed, but not before ru-vealing herself as... Taylor Dayne. Meanwhile the panel loves Poppy Love (again) as she leads the final 7...

ROUND 2: MONEY HONEY! These performances will incorporate cash, work, and stuff like that there.
- Poppy Love (mentored by JuJuBee): "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton
- Milli von Sunshine (mentored by JuJuBee): "Work from Home" by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign
- Chic-Li-Fay (mentored by Brooke Lynn Hytes): "BBHMM" by Rihanna
- Jackie Would (mentored by JuJuBee): "Work Bitch" by Britney Spears
- Donna Belissima (mentored by Monét X Change): "I Don't WAnt It All" by Kim PEtras
- Thirsty von Trap (mentored by Monét X Change): "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande
- Chakra 7 (mentored by Brooke Lynn Hytes): "MILF $" by Fergie
WINNERS: CHic-Li-Fay & Chakra 7
BOTTOM TWO: Jackie Would & Donna Belissima

LIP SYNC FOR YOUR LIFE #3: Jackie Would vs. Donna Belissima.  The song... "Ain Nothin' Goin' on But The Rent" by Gwen Guthrie.
- ELIMINATED: Jackie Would... is fabulous. It's THOM FILICIA! His $5000 is going to the Bone Marrow Foundation.