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July 25-27, 2014

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Jim Belushi on ABC

Guy's Grocery Games
by Chico Alexander
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Food: Sunday 8p/7c
Host: Guy Fieri
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Ryan Murff
Berkeley, CA
executive chef & father of two
Sarah Fish
Troy, NY
chef/owner of a cafe
Tanya Millican
lead line cook in a hotel
Daniel Marquez
Albuquerque, NM
executive chef & father of two
JUDGES: executive chefs Judy Joo & Brian Malarkey and food blogger Troy Johnson

GAME 1: an international dish... using the items in the CLEARANCE CARTS.

Ryan: Rustic Tuscan Steak with Italian-Style Vegetables
Sarah: Cheesy Chorizo Bowl
Tanya: Fettuccine Pork Pasta with a fennel butter sauce
Daniel: Chorizo & Pork Belly Enchiladas

Eliminated: Sarah. The cheese didn't go over the way it wanted.

GAME 2: We start with Know Your Varieties. Chagga... Kenya Double A... Kona... COFFEE! Ryan gets an advantage in the next game. Make your favorite dessert. Ryan gets a 30 second headstart to shop. And he's going to need it, because our RED LIGHT SPECIAL is jerky!

Ryan: Cornbread with Chocolate Sauce & Spicy Whipped Cream
Tanya: Bread Pudding
Daniel: Aztec Shortcake

Eliminated: Daniel. He would've won the competition had he not forgotten his jerky on his prep station.. .

GAME 3: Starting with a Culinary Quiz. Ryan gets another bonus from potato chips. For the final game, make your best dish.... using ingredients starting with a single letter. It's our newest game, ABC. Here to draw the letter... Guy's buddy Jim Belushi. The letter is C.  Ryan's advantage: any other ingredient in the market.

Ryan: Mediterranean Lamb Chops with Hummus Puree & Marinated Cucumber Puree
Tanya: Pork Loin Chop with Vegetable Puree & Corn Hash

WINNER:  RYAN! He will now take his grocery list to the Flavortown Market for the $20,000 Shopping Spree with two minutes to go shopping. Each item on the list is worth $2000. Grab all 10, $20,000! On Ryan's list: German chocolate cake mix, a frozen appetizer, fennel seeds, dozen extra large eggs, carrots, a paper product, something from the sea, quick cooking oats, a can of refried beans, and a wedge salad ingredient. He missed the quick oats and the cake mix, but still gets $16,000.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Spike: Sunday 10p/9c
Host: Josh Capon with Tony Luke Jr.
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  Today's search for the ultimate Frankenfood leads us deep in the heart of Texas. Joining Josh & Tony at the judge's table, Barrett Black, fourth-generation pitmaster of Black's Barbecue. The winning dish gets to be on his menu AND gets $10,000. Through to the judge's final decision...

- Damon Bufford (maintenance worker) - Desserted Mornings (waffle-stuffed chocolate chip cookie)
- Travis Phillips (manufacturing coordinator) - Last Call (deep fried deviled egg with bourbon)
- Ken Dillman (design consultant) - Chicken in Waffles on a Stick
- Liz Immanivong (mortgage lender) - Drunken Turducken

The two that make it to the patrons are.... Ken and Damon! Now the two dishes are recreated and perfected in Black's kitchen for the diners. It'll be up to them to decide who wins. They decide based on taste, creativity, and "the elusive Frankenfactor".

The winner.... DAMON'S DESSERTED MORNINGS! He gets $10,000!