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September 12-14, 2014

In Reruns Now:
Cash Cab
Let's Ask America
Let's Make a Deal
Wheel of Fortune
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Some game logo captures appear courtesy of Mike Klauss and Jay Lewis

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Team Millionaire

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
by Don Harpwood & Chico Alexander

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ABC: 2p/1C; also check local listings
Host: Terry Crews
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  Dani Seaton (Aurora, IL)
Her lifelong dream is to become a roller derby queen.
(+1): [Not mentioned]

She has $27,000 going into this...

Urban Outfitters was forced to apologize for offending Hindus after selling what item featuring an elephant-headed deity?
A: Krishna Lunchbox
B: Brahma Hoodie
C: Ganesh Socks
D: Vishnu Beard Oil

Dani turns to the audience, but it's a close vote between B (45%) and C (40%). She decides to go with B... but it's C! With that, she leaves with $1,000.

Robert Walker (Las Vegas, NV)
He had a rough childhood; he and his family were homeless growing up. He wants to win money for his mother.
(+1): "O.G." Bobby Johnson

He jumps the 1st question, missing out on $3,000. He gets $500 from the 2nd with help from the audience. He then brings in the Plus One on the 3rd question, and gets $15,000 from that one! He is up to $25,500 when this pops up...

What are you doing if you're practicing the Japanese art of ikebana?
A: Swinging a sword
B: Making kites
C: Writing poetry
D: Arranging flowers

Though he thinks he knows it, Robert decides to stop here and walk with $12,750! He would have guessed A, but it's D, so he did the right thing!

To finish the week, we get something new called "Team Millionaire." For this, two people are chosen from the audience to play a question. Both players lock in their answers separately. If both are right, they each get $500 and a bonus question with which they could double their money, but if at least one is wrong, they get 20 seconds to try and come up with the right answer as a team.

Rain Porte and Kyle Mengelkamp are chosen from the audience to play this question...

Better known for topping the easy listening charts, Michael Bolton once co-wrote a Top 10 hit for what slightly more hard-core band?
B: Black Sabbath
C: Iron Maiden
D: Led Zeppelin

B and C are locked in, but they're both wrong. They end up deciding to go with A at the last second... and that is correct, giving each of them $500!

In the nightcap, Zack Tolmie (Altamont, NY) is still on the hunt for his dream house. He's got $13,600 so far, but he has used his jump. He used his remaining lifelines to get to $22,600, which he puts at risk on this...

What divalicious phrase completes the title of Mariah Carey's 2014 album, "Me. I Am Mariah..."?
A: The Elusive Chanteuse
B: The Melodious Songbird
C: The Indefinable Lady
D: The Ethereal Contessa

He goes with C... but it was A! He leaves with $1000.

Robin Joseph (Clinton Hill, NY) uses two lifelines on her first question and her final one on this...

Which of the following is not an actual merit badge awarded by the Boy Scouts of America?
A: Shotgun Shooting
B: Knife Throwing
C: Dentistry
D: Nuclear Science

The audience comes back with C... But the audience was wrong! B gives her $1000.

We end the week with Trina Grace and this question for $1000...

Which of these is an Italian deli meat and NOT a bone in the human leg?
A: Coppa
B: Tibia
C: Patella
D: Fibula

She goes with A.. and that's $1000!

Before becoming a famous chef, Julia Child was rejected by the US military for what reason?
A: She was too nearsighted
B: She had a criminal record
C: She was dyslexic
D: She was too tall

Her +1 didn't know it, so AnnMarie walks with $26,500. Correct answer: D. She was 6'2".

Zack Tolmie (Altamont, NY) builds a bank of $13,600 for tomorrow's show.

Family Game Night
by Chico Alexander
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Hub: Sunday 7p/6C
Host: Todd Newton
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  Tonight, Barrel of Monkeys, Connect 4, Jenga, Monopoly, and Sorry! could lead someone to a car on Family Game Night!

First up, we play with a Barrel of Monkey (or 10) with Brooke & Carrie (Gainesville, GA)! First up, the H barrel... 4 monkeys! That goes on the green tree in the middle. Inside B...9! That goes on the end on the red. Inside C... 10 monkeys and game over. No vacation, but how about $100.

Next up, Eli, CJ, Monica & Trent (Bakersfield, CA) face off against Brooke, Dylan, Tressa & Scott in a round of Connect 4 Basketball! Eli's family is the first to four in a row for an Escalade Atomic air hockey & a Slackers zipline & slackline! Brooke's family gets $100.

Malachi, Dion & Carla take on Derek, Luke & Gloria in a round of Jenga! With 55 seconds on the block, Derek's family makes a grievous error of picking out an edge piece on a row that had no middle piece. Physics tell you what happens next. Malachi's family wins a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood & a Singing Machine karaoke! Derek's family gets $100.

Mason, Alexis & Jeff play with the hotels in Monopoly Remix. Round 1... PERFECT! Round 2... ALSO PERFECT! Final round.. Street repairs cost $500. But Park Place gives the family $500 AND the win for a trip to Orlando!

Finally, Lawrence & Tiffany play a round of Sorry! Red card... 1 for $100. Green... 4 for $500 more! Blue... 2 for $700! They're risking $1300 on the brown... 3 for the trip to Mexico and $1300!

Now the question... Who has the combination that will open up the Monopoly Community Chest? It's LAWRENCE'S FAMILY! They're going to the Crazy Cash Machine!

Row 1: Horse - $750
Row 2: Dog - $950
Row 3: Hamburger - GO TO JAIL. But they do have $3000 to play with in Mexico! The Win card was... never revealed.

Let's Ask America
by Mike Klauss
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Syn: check local listings
Host: Bill Bellamy
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