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August 19-21, 2016


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Back to School

The Price Is Right Back to School
by Chico Alexander
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CBS: Friday 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
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Record today: singleton
Record for week 41: 1-5
Record this season: 529-536-69
Total today*: $65,454
Total this week*: $65,454
Total this season*: $14,008,622
Perfect bids: 19/1134
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 4/4
DSWs/DOBs: 1/11
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 10/3
Best week: Week 4: $746,658
$14M Passed: 8/19/16

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the
nearest dollar.


Time to go back to school with Arria Willis, Timothy Erdlen, Taylor Hixson, Andre Jones, and a barbecue, knife set & accessory package. The $897 package goes to Taylor, who can drive out with a 2017 Jeep Renegade Sport in Spelling Bee. After the two freebies comes two from a $42 cordless vacuum and a $23 travel mug. First comes an A... then another A... then another A... then Taylor leaving with $1000. Last card was C.

Timothy wins a $2368 iPhone 6S with Apple Watch & service. Next up, a $1043 vending machine with Red Bull, a $2898 set of Gucci accessories, and a $2600 4KTV. One of those is wrong. He picks the TV... $2600. Accessories are $3625.

Andre gets a $2899 quadcopter and a shot to use it in Miami (6n @ Prime Hotel Miami) if he wins Bonkers. The price is not $5734. He goes high, low, high, high... EASY! It was $7148. He also spins out $26,000 on the Big Wheel.

Edwin Valencia wins a $500 bonus off of a $1000 projector tablet with speakers & headphones. He can parlay that into a 2017 Hyundai Veloster if he knows when That's Too Much! He thinks $18,662 is too much... and that's WAY short. It was $22,035, so $22,444 was too much.

William Whitney goes down and up thanks to a $581 futon. He'll add on a ping-pong table, a Pac-Man's Arcade Party game, and a dome hockey table in Flip Flop. The price is not $4605. He flops to $4650... but he should have flipped.

Arria has one last shot at it with a pair of cruiser bikes. The price: $728. The winner... with the one shot, Ashlee Belzo. She can add $10,000 in Grand Game. Target: $7.50. Froot Loops... $4.99. Nesquik mix... $8.99.

First Showcase has a laptop with stylus, $1000, a trip to New York City (6n @ Chambers Hotel), and a Kia Forte LX. Top winner Andre passes, and Edwin bids $23,000. Andre gets a beach bash with a pair of scooters, a pair of surfboards, and a pair of tickets to Australia (6n @ Niramaya Villas & Spa). He bids $19,190. Actual price... $22,258, a difference of $3068. Actual price of Edwin's Showcase... $29,377, a difference of $6377, and Edwin wins the day with $58,305!

Join us September 1 as we celebrate the 11,000th episode of Young & the Restless.

Celebrity Family Feud
Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

ABC: Sunday 8p/7C
Host: Steve Harvey
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  First match of the night, the coolest couple on the ice vs. the hottest comic "In Living Color".
Kristi (captain), husband Bret Hedican, sister Lori, father Jim, brother Brett
playing for the Always Dream Foundation
Tommy (captain), wife Amanda, daughter Jillian, sister-in-law Rhonda, nephew Yannick
playing for Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida

SINGLE: something a woman does for her baby that her man might say, "Me next!"
1. Feed/Suckle 60       5. Kiss 4
2. Bathe 11             6. Diaper/Wipe butt 3
3. Cuddle 11
4. Rub Back/Belly 8

Yamaguchis strike first with 83.

SINGLE: If the Jolly Green Giant made edible underwear, what vegetable would it taste like?
1. Beans 26             5. The fly/EZ access 3
2. Soft/comfy 30        6. Covers butt/bits 2
3. The colors 6
4. Taking'em off 4

Clean sweep, and the Yamaguchis are up, 165-0.

DOUBLE: 100 men, what might a woman pull out of her bra on a first date that would frighten you?
1. Gun/Stun gun 53      5. Toothbrush 3
2. Tissue 11            6. Food/Ground beef 2
3. Condom/A dozen 11    7. Money/Singles 2
4. Knife 9

Yamaguchis lead 209-0.

TRIPLE: 100 married men, fill in the blank: Some days I think my wife is going to (BLANK) me to death.
1. Talk/nag 59
2. Worry 10
3. Bore 8
4. Spend 5

Tommy and the Davidsons needed to steal to force sudden death. Stress... does it for the 216!

Sudden Death: something moms do to make a boo boo better. Brett fires with "kiss it" (92) for the win.

Kristi & brother Brett play Fast Money. Kristi loads up 159 with a few #1 answers. Brett closes out again with the win.

Fast Money #1 answers:
- Grandpa might take a Viagra, right before telling grandma, her happy what?: Anniversary (Kristi)
- 1-10, how vain are you?: 5
- Something used to keep out the sun: Blinds/Shades
- Something in outer space that beings with the letter M: Moon (Kristi)
- Something people quit: Smoking/Cigarettes (Kristi)

Next match... a kid in the hall vs. a basketball legend.

Dave (captain), wife Crissy, daughter Alina, in-laws Chiarina & Tony
playing for FaceForward
Jalen & Friends
Jalen Rose (captain), co-host David Jacoby, producer Amina Hussein, commentator Ben Lyons, player Jimmy King
playing for Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

SINGLE: something a woman might do to a man's face
1. Kiss it 35              5. Scratch it 4
2. Slap/Punch it 29        6. Lie to it 3
3. Stroke it 8
4. Shave it 7

82-0 for Team Jalen.

SINGLE: something you ride that may cause you to walk funny
1. Horse 58                5. My lover/Jon Hamm2
2. Amusement ride 14
3. Bicycle 10
4. Bull/Mechanical 9

Foleys leads 84-82.

DOUBLE: something a man might buy his girlfriend a pair of.
1. Earrings 43             5. Double-D implants 3
2. Panties/Edible 26
3. Shoes/Boots 12
4. Socks/Fishnets 5

Foleys leads 194-82.

TRIPLE: something that might be going around.
1. Flu/Cold 89
2. Raging STD 4
3. Gossip/Rumor 3
4. Merry-go-round 2

A come-from-behind sweep to win for Jalen & Friends, 376-194.

Jalen and Jacoby play against the Fast Money board. Jalen only managed 73 after a blank and a zero. David on the other hand is CLUTCH to win the money.

Fast Money #1 answers:
- 1-10, how stressful is Christmas?: 10
- Fill in the blank. Smothered with ________: Gravy
- Something people get dismissed from: School/Class
- A body part a pirate might be missing: Leg
- Something you put on a trap to attract a mouse: Cheese

The Davidsons & the Foleys will also have donations made in their name, though what they are exactly aren't specified.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Ted Allen
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Jim Angelus
San Francisco
chef/restaurateur, Bacon Bacon
Eric Adjepong
New York City
personal chef & entrepreneur, Pinch & Plate
Matthew Arlington
Hoboken, NJ
executive chef, Union Hall
Natacha Supplice
New York City
private chef

Today, it's all chili all the time. On the panel: Aaron Sanchez, Amanda Freitag, and Maneet Chauhan.

APPETIZER: in our first basket... pork cheek, kohlrabi, Mexican spicy chocolate, and chorizo..
- Jim: Chili Cheese Fries with Ground Pork & Chorizo
- Eric: West African Chili Soup
- Matthew: Southwestern Chocolate Chili with Raw Kohlrabi Slaw
- Natacha: Kohlrabi & Chorizo Pork Cheek Chili Soup

ENTREE: next in this chili cookoff... boneless short ribs, spicy gummy peppers, choclo, and smoked turkey.
- Eric: White Bean & Choclo Chili with Smoked Turkey Broth
- Matthew: Adobo-Marinated Short Ribs with Pinto Bean Puree
- Natacha: Sos Pwa: Creole-Style Chili
CHOPPED: Natacha

DESSERT: Two players left, one dessert chili coming out of... jalebi, sweet & spicy cocktail sugar, habichuelas con dulce, and roasted red peppers
- Eric: Roasted Red Pepper & Strawberry Soup with Habichuelas Fried Bread
- Matthew: Chocolate Chili Rice Pudding with Sweet & Spicy Churro

And the big winner of the chili cook-off for $10,000... MATTHEW!

Cooks vs. Cons
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Sunday 10p/9c
Host: Geoffrey Zakarian
Official WebsiteFacebook
Rochester, NY
New York City
Pompkin Lakes, NY

These four cooks say they're pros. Two of them are lying through their spatulas. Here to make that determination: culinary author Daphne Oz & chef & restaurateur Josh Capon.

ROUND 1: Geoffrey sets the first challenge... you have 30 minutes to cook sloppy jokes... using pie.
- Andy: Sloppy Joe Tostadas, Cheese Foam
- Dan: Smokey Cherry Sloppy Joe
- Jessica: Curried Turkey Sloppy Joe
- Arthur: Turkey Picadillo Sloppy Joe
WINNER: Jessica
ELIMINATED: Dan, who is a... CON! He's a school superintendent.

ROUND 2: you can make whatever you want, but your dish must incorporate campfire treats.
- Andy: Pork & Beans Cassoulet with Fried Sausage
- Jessica: Kielbasa with Potatoes & Pickle Salad
- Arthur: Chicken & Cheese Flautas with Mole Sauce

The only remaining con of the bunch is...Jessica, a yoga teacher & health coach. Arthur is the executive chef of a retirement community, while Andy is a sous-chef at Cooks & Soldiers

So who wins this week? If Jessica wins it, she get $15,000. The winner... JESSICA! She pockets $15,000!

Guy's Grocery Games
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Sunday 8p/6c
Host: Guy Fieri
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
  It's getting spicy in Flavortown Market...
Charu Chanda Pant
South Bend, IN
executive chef
Michael Marina
New Orleans
private chef

Reba Shepherd
orig. Trinidad & Tobago
line cook

Lucy Seo
Lexington, KY
executive chef & owner of a food buggy

Joining Damaris Phillips & Aarti Sequeira on the panel tonight: Food Network host Roger Mooking.

GAME 1: hometown heat...but you'll have to THINK SMALL.
- Charu: Spicy Halibut Tikka Masala Naanwich
- Michael: Spicy Pastalaya with Boudin Sausage
- Reba: Halibut Buljol with Spicy Pepper Sauce
- Lucy: Spicy Octopus Stew with Red Peppers, Kimchi & Veggies

GAME 2: spicy American classic.. and you'll be rolling for your ingredients in SPREE BALL.
- Michael (Cream Cheese): Chicken Thighs with Spicy Pork Stuffing & Cream Cheese Sauce
- Reba (Yogurt): Spicy Deconstructed Pie with Vanilla Pie Crust
- Lucy (Dark Chocolate): Dark-Chocolate-Coated Chicken Wings with Korean Spicy Sauce

GAME 3: an upscale spicy dinner... a la carte is not happening. In fact, NO CARTS ALLOWED.
- Michael: Salmon with Masa Harina Sauce
- Reba: Scallops with Poblano Cream Sauce

... but before we begin... STATION SWAP!

- Michael: Spicy Seared Scallops with Spicy Potato Lyonnaise
- Reba: Seared Salmon with Spicy Tomato Choka

GUY'S SHOPPING SPREE: Jalapeno peppers, habanero hot sauce, metal grill basket, ingredient in nachos, chili powder for $6.29, 50 oz laundry detergent, ingredient in cornbread, spicy cheese crackers, frozen chimichangas, pepper jack cheese. He skips aisle 8 and runs out of time on aisle 10 for $16,000.

Let's Make a Deal Season Finale
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Elicia - $6,399
Jeremy - $6,350(traded from $6,960)
Courtney - $5,098
Leslie - $4,397
Abigail - $2,699
Frances - $800
Darlene - $800
Kevin - $250
Michele - $100
Scott/Lauren - ZO
Steven - ZZZZZZ
Quickie Deals - $400


Big Deal Choice 1 - 34
Big Deal Choice 2 - 64
Big Deal Choice 3 - 78
Big Deal Location 1 - 71
Big Deal Location 2 - 49
Big Deal Location 3 - 55
Big Deal Wins- 56/176
Car Wins - 93

Total: $27,293
Total for Week 38 - $27,293
Total for the Season: $6,149,954.96
Best Week: Week 35 - $262,811
LAST SHOW OF SEASON 7 starts off with a couple Scott/Lauren(Hot Dog/Mustard)! They get a porcelain vase from the 1800s made in France. It has been appraised by Q Antiques in Los Angeles. Will they take the vase(and 3X it's value in cash) or take the Big Box? They take the box and pass on $300 X 3 = $900. Will they take the box or take the LMAD Envelope(which comes with a screen). They stay with the box and pass on an outdoor furniture set and weatherproof HDTV worth $5,447! Will they keep the box or take Curtain 3(which comes with water). They pass on the curtain which was a trip to Manaus, Brazil, $500 in cash and 6 months of Coco Libre Coconut Water worth $12,290! The box contains A CAR CUT IN HALF(ZONK!)

Leslie the Cowboy, Michele the Blind Mouse and Kevin the cop are going to try to play the LMAD Lotto. We have three tickets - one that says WIN, one that says $100 and one that says $250. The one that wins gets to play and the others sit down. Leslie is going on to play the LOTTO! Michele gets $100 and Kevin gets $250. Leslie is playing for a Kia Rio LX worth $17,520! We have 8 spots and Leslie will pick 3. Two cars will give her the car. Waynes will give her $5,000. Tiffanys will give her $3,000. Jonathans will give her $79.95. Leslie picks 6, 1, 5. 6 is the CAR. 1 is Jonathan. Will she go for 5 or take the sure thing in the small box which is a 24MP Sony DSLR and a 13" Samsung Laptop worth $4,397! She stops and would have been...ZONKED. Wayne was under 5. The car was under 3!

Steven the Nerd has the small box with a clue of TIRED or $900 in cash....$1,000...he takes the box and wins ZONK ENERGY DRINK(ZONK)! Elicia the soul sister is playing THE DEALING GAME. Wayne represents Curtain 3 and Jonathan represents Curtain 1. Elicia needs to meet her dealing soulmate. She asks "IF I WERE TO DESCRIBE YOUR PRIZE TO MY FRIENDS IN ONLY TWO WORDS, WHAT WOULD THOSE TWO WORDS BE?" Jonathan says "HEAR DON'T"(the total opposite). Wayne says "On You". 2nd question: "IF YOUR PRIZE WERE TO HAVE A LIFE PHILOSOPHY, WHAT WOULD IT BE?" Jonathan says SEA-LOSOPHY - a philosophy of the Sea. Wayne says "If the Shoe Fits, Wear It." After the questions, she goes with Jonathan. Wayne's Curtain was his/her designer clothing from the World of M, a year of Birchbox subscription and $1,000 GC worth $3,305. Elicia wins a SEA-DOO Spark Watercraft worth $6,399! (J- Note: Wayne was acting like Prince - taped way before Prince's death in April.)

Courtney the Bumblebee and Frances the scarecrow each get $800. They can keep their cash, buy the small box for $400 with a clue of BODY or Curtain 2 for the whole amount of $800 with a clue of HOME. Courtney buys the HOME curtain and Frances keeps her cash. The body box was spa treatments at La Jolie Spa, a $1,000 Nordstrom GC, and R & Co. Hair Care Products worth $2,000! Courtney wins a game room including a 65" 4K Curved HDTV, XBOX One, and Think Geek Collection including retro gaming system, Rubik's Cube Fridge and more worth $5,098! Who keeps and who trades for the teeny-tiny box? No one trades for a trip TO THE ZONK ANT FARM(ZONK)!

Darlene the Burglar is playing MOVIN ON UP - (dice roll version). She must roll from the row of 6 to the row of 2 within the rolling parameters. If Darlene can get to the row of 2 and roll a 1 or a 2, she will win all the cash she earned up to that point plus a VW Jetta Sedan worth $19,600! Darlene starts with a 2 and $300. She rolls on with a 3 and adds $500! Darlene has $800 and STOPS!

Last deal of Season 7 involves Abigail(as Mrs. Butterworth) and Jeremy(as Waldo). Jonathan and Tiffany both have wallets with checks in them. Jeremy gets a Gucci Wallet and the check or take Curtain 2. He goes for the Curtain and passes on the Gucci Wallet and $250 = $510. Jeremy is GOING TO THE BAHAMAS! He is staying at the British Colonial Hilton in Nassau worth $6,960! Abigail has her Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet and the check. Will she keep that or take the small box? She keeps the check/wallet and passes on a diamond necklace worth $1,299! Abigail gets the wallet worth $199...and a big fat check worth $2,500! She leaves with $2,699!

Jeremy doesn't want to go the Bahamas. He wants a shot at the $23,108 Big Deal!

He picks 1. 3 was the LMAD Vault with $2,100 in cash! Jeremy wins a french door refrigerator, range, copper cookware and cocktail set worth $6,350! That means 2 had the Big Deal which was a trip to Heron Island in Australia for 5 days AND EVERYTHING IN THE DEAL including the $2,100 in cash and the kitchen package worth $23,108!

We will see you in ONE MONTH for Season 8! Congratulations to Wayne Brady, Tiffany Coyne, Jonathan Mangum, Cat Gray, Ben Tritle, Chris Ahern and everyone involved on the show. It was an amazing Season 7 and I know everyone can't wait for Season 8!

Match Game
by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 10p/9C
Host: Alec Baldwin
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramInstagram

Tommy Taylor Jr.
Washington, DC
obsessed with bacon
Andrea Altomare
wife & mother
Horatio Sanz
"Great News"
Rosie O'Donnell
"When We Rise"
Isaac Mizrahi
designer & TV host
Edie Falco
"Horace and Pete"
DL Hughley
Sherri Shepherd
"Match Made in Heaven"

ROUND 1B (for bacon): It's a tough time to be Jay-Z. If you thought Beyonce was made about Becky with the good hair, just wait until she finds out about Britney with the good (BLANK).

Went straight for the booty. Horatio and Sherri match.

ROUND 1A: Harriet said, "I tried to get a Brazilian wax, but it barely made a dent in the problem, so I upgraded to the North Korean wax, where they take off all your hair with a (BLANK)."

Andrea went with a lawn mower. No matches for a classic round 1 question. So Tommy leads, 2-0.

ROUND 2B: Mrs. Claus decided that her marriage was in need of a little spice, so on Christmas Eve, she brought a bunch of (BLANK) with her to bed.

One way to go here. Tommy said "Elves". That matches the ladies to make it 4-0. Andrea needs four to tie.

ROUND 2A: Peter Dinklage has left acting to pursue his real passion: sumo wrestling. Unfortunately his first match ended in tragedy when he got stuck in his opponent's (BLANK).

Definitive answer from Andrea... Butt. Japanese thong doesn't match, Isaac, but she matches everyone else to win, 5-4.

SUPER MATCH: A recent audience was given this... _____ LIFT
Rosie: Face
Edie: Chair
Sherri: Boob
Andrea: FACE

$2000: FACE
$3000: Air
$5000: Fork

She can turn that into $10,000 by going Head-to-Head with Rosie on... MICHAEL _____. Andrea says "Jackson".... which is exactly what Rosie wrote for $10,000!

Tashia Zeno
Union City, NJ
massage therapist
Kelly Ward
Hartselle, AL
bass guitarist
Horatio Sanz
"Great News"
Rosie O'Donnell
"When We Rise"
Isaac Mizrahi
designer & TV host
Edie Falco
"Horace and Pete"
DL Hughley
Sherri Shepherd
"Match Made in Heaven"

ROUND 1A: Heather said, "My husband wanted to learn Spanish, so he hired a tutor. But I think she might be trying to hit on him. The only thing he's learned so far is the Spanish word for (BLANK)."

Tashia went with "flirt". 69... sex... si... pelotas... tu culo... no flirts.

ROUND 1B: Princess Petunia is having a rotten day. She was supposed to kiss a frog to meet her prince. Instead, she kissed a (BLANK) and got Donald Trump.

Kelly goes with a dog. A racist slug... a damaged orange... a snake with a comb-over... another orange... a Mexican... and Ben Carson. Pitcher's duel.

Sacha went with the boobs. It's a match with Jack. Rest of the top tier went with "gynie", Ellie belly, David nose, and Natasha feet. Sacha leads, 1-0.

ROUND 2A: After seven seasons as Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco has taken method acting a little too far. Yesterday, she was detained by cops in Central Park after she stuck (BLANK) in a tourist.

Kelly went with a fork. Still no matches. One match will do it.

ROUND 2B: Lonely Lorna was so lonely. ("HOW LONELY WAS SHE?") She built a boyfriend out of Lego. But whenever she tried to get romantic, she accidentally snaps his (BLANK) off.

Tashia needs one person to say "penis". EVERYONE did.

Horatio: Butter
DL: Gallery
Rosie: Brittle
Tashia: BUTTER

$2000: Gallery
$3000: Brittle
$5000: BUTTER

She can turn that into $25,000 if she matches Horatio Head-to-Head with... _____ KEYS. She says "Piano"... which is not a match. Horatio went with "car".

The $100,000 Pyramid
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Michael Strahan
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramInstagram

Carlos Abisaab
Kansas City, MO
Melissa Vogel
Saginaw, MI
wife & mother & fitness professional
Yvette Nicole Brown
"The Odd Couple"
Fred Willard
"Modern Family"

Celebs are introduced Bill Cullen style, i.e. already seated.

GAME 1: Behind the Ambulance, Love-Ate Relationship, Heavy Petting, She Brought Her "A" Game, Pasta Aggressive, Check Out My Drawers.

Yvette & Carlos sweep "Love-Ate Relationship" (words that end in -ate) and "Heavy Petting" (unusual pets some people have). Fred & Melissa get "Behind the Ambulance" (places where you might see a lawyer) for 14-12. They need two in "Check Out My Drawers" (things you might see in a junk drawer). They get one cuckoo and the other six. Yvette & Carlos need five in "Pasta Aggressive" (things in an Italian restaurant) to win. They do to win, 19-18.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Carlos gives.
- Types of Cheese ($1000)
- Brands of Jeans ($1500)
- "What a Turkey Might Say" ($2000)
- Country Singers ($3000)
- Things People Are Allergic To ($4000)
- Things That Droop (BUZZ BUZZ - "Saggy breasts"). But Carlos does get $11,500. He'll try to get back to the Winners' Circle for $100,000

GAME 2: Where The Tweets Have No Shame, That's How We Roll; CC, Seņor; Upward Mobility, Heaven and Hell, It Takes Bowls

The Mystery 7 is behind "That's How We Roll" for an Adventures by Disney trip to Costa Rica. A car... a motorcycle... a stroller... skates... a tricycle... roller coaster... shopping cart is the Mystery 7 for Carlos & Fred! Those were things that have wheels. Yvette & Melissa sweep "Where the Tweets Have No Shame" (controversial subjects on Twitter). Fred & Carlos respond by sweeping "Upward Mobility" (things that rise). Melissa & Yvette need one to tie in "It Takes Bowls" (things often served in bowls). They pick up another 4, meaning that Fred & Carlos need that much in "CC, Seņor" (things with the initials "CC"). It takes some creative clue-giving, but they get it, 18-17.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $100,000: Carlos gives.
- Zodiac Signs ($1000)
- "What A Diaper Might Say" ($1500)
- Types of Doughnuts (PASS)
- Parts of a School ($3000)
- Things That Are Poisonous ($4000)
- Things You Crush (TIME) ... What if I said "Aluminum?" Carlos wins another $9500, a total of $21,000.

Camille Jamerson
wife & mother
Emma Powers
New York City
hairstyling tool sales
Joy Behar
"The View"
John Michael Higgins
"Pitch Perfect"

GAME 1: Going Digital; Bean There, Done That; Mint Condition, The Big Short, His & Hers, You Da Man

Joy & Camille sweep "The Big Short" (words that are either very long or very short). Michael & Emma get "Mint Condition" (things that can be mint-flavored) and need six in "Going Digital" (things you can do with your fingers). They get it to win, 18-17.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Camille gives.
- Silverware (Utensils) ($1000)
- Parts of an Airplane ($1500)
- "What a Pillow Might Say" ($2000)
- Why You Pray (PASS)
- Types of Kisses ($4000)
- Things That Are Fake (TIME!). They end up with $8500.

GAME 2: Keep Calm and Carry-On, VIP Entrance, Shouldn't You Be Working?, State of Unrest, Gong Baby Gong, HUH?!

The Mystery 7 is behind... and Michael called it... "HUH?!". We're playing for a Disney Cruise of the Bahamas. A map... recipe... taxes... love... cuckoo on math... and a poem. Those were all things that could be confusing. Emma & Joy sweep "Gong Baby Gong" (words that end with -ong), and they need four in "State of Unrest" (complaints people might have about their hotel room). They get it to win, 16-15.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Emma gives.
- Words That Start with Z (BUZZ BUZZ)
- Types of Sharks ($1500)
- "What the Moon Might Say" ($2000)
- Why You Quit Your Job ($3000)
- Things You Put Milk In (PASS)
- Things That Are Pure (TIME). She ends up with $6500.