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September 13-15, 2019


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Beat the Clock
The Noise

Some game logo captures appear courtesy of Mike Klauss and Jay Lewis

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10 Days, $276,843

by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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  Jason's looking to end the week the same way that he started it... as champion.

Jason Zuffranieri
Albuquerque, NM
math teacher

Jack Gutschall
Hoover, AL
college student
Tabitha Walker
New York City
gallery assistant

JEOPARDY! ROUND: Fantasy Island, Mottoes, Live Entertainment, Official Languages, Hunting & Fishing, Antonyms

Jason starts with $1000 Fantasy Island, finding the Daily Double under $1000 Mottoes. He's pulling the trigger for all the marbles on this: the New York Times has used this 7-word motto on its front page since 1897. "What is 'All the news that's fit to print'?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $3600! He ends with $12,800 to $2600 for Tabitha. Jack on $400 will command the board to start...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Sage Against the Machine, Crossword Clues "O", Surnames, International Literature, Their Entire Oscar Speech, Get Him to the Ancient Greek.

... with $1600 International Literature. Jason finds the Daily Double under $1600 Surnames. He wagers $6000 on this: in Vietnam, an estimated 40% of the population answer to this last name, the country's most popular. "What is Nguyen?" RIGHT for $19,400! He also finds the one under $2000 Sage Against the Machine. He fronts $8000 on this: in 1816 Lord Byron penned a "Song for" these loom-smashing rioters who were being displaced by new technology. "Who are the Luddites?" RIGHT for $36,800! He ends up with $44,400. And again, it's not even a contest with Jack at $5600 and Tabitha at $1400.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Presidential Candidates": this is the most recent presidential election year when both major presidential candidates were residents of the same state. Correct response: what is 2016?

Tabitha had BETTER get this right, as both candidates were from New York. Jason gets it right to win another $58,400, giving him a 11-day total of $332,243.

America Says
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: Friday 9p/8c
Host: John Michael Higgins
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Fantasy Friends
Jason, Mair, Rex, Alice
Lifelong Besties
Eboni, Tierra, Mechelle, Enosha

- Fantasy Friends: Waiter! You forgot to give us our (B, C, C, D, M, S, S)! They get the menu, check, drinks, silverware, and straws. The Besties get bread, but not change.
- Lifelong Besties: When I think of RVs, I think of (A, C, C, F, RT, T, V). They get vacation, road trips, camping, and travel. The Fantasy Friends could not add on cramped, Airstream, or freedom to stay at 500 to 500 for the Besties.

- Fantasy Friends: It seems like every superhero is named after an animal like (A-M, B, BP, BW, H, R, S-M). They get Batman, Ant-Man, and Black Panther. The Lifelong Besties score off of Black Widow and Spider-Man, but not Hawkeye or Robin.
- Lifelong Besties: Teenagers are lucky they don't have to pay for their own (C, C, E, F, G, H, I). They get cellphones, food, insurance, gas, and housing. The Fantasy Friends clear out with education and clothes to end up with 1500 to the Besties' 1900.

- Lifelong Besties: My dog gets so excited when he or she hears the word (B, B, D, F, O, T, W). They go with outside, treats, walk, and dinner for 1200, 3100. The Fantasy Friends pick up fetch and ball for 2100. The other answer: bacon.
- Fantasy Friends (4 to stay in it, 6 to win it): To turn it on, you have to plug your (C, CI, HD, L, P, T, V) into the wall. They get lamp, TV... and that's it. The Lifelong Besties win, 3100-2700! The other answers: curling iron, hairdryer, computer, printer, and vacuum.

- Q1: Uh oh, my girlfriend just texted to say she wanted to (T) with me: Talk
- Q2: A good cheerleader should be able to do a good (S, H): Split, SKIP!
- Q3: Kids often get money from their (A, G, TF): Grandparents,... and time on Allowance and Tooth Fairy.

Back to Q2, where they were missing "handstand".

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
by Chico Alexander
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Nick: 7p/6c & 7:30p/6:30p
Host: John Cena
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Playing with Cooper, Isabella, Jamir, Nick, and Quinne is Alissa, an EMT & firefighter who graduated cum laude... and also attended Stenstrom in Oviedo, FL

FRONT GAME: 1st Grade Earth Science, 2nd Grade US Geography, 3rd Grade Math, 3rd Grade Music, 4th Grade Geometry, 4th Grade US History

Much like the first game last week, Alissa sweeps through the first three levels, leaving her cheats for 4th grade.
- 4th Grade Geometry: How many total degrees are there if you add up the interior angles in an equilateral triangle? She goes with  her peek. Quinne said... 180. True of all triangles, really. She's right.
- 4th Grade US History: What founding father served as the first Postmaster General for the US Postal Service? She uses her Copy. Correct answer is Ben Franklin... which is what Quinne had. So she banks $10,000.

5th GRADE FINAL EXAM: Isabella is going to try to get Alissa over the $100,000 hump.
- Grammar: What is the prefix in the word "untouchable"?: "UN-" (x2)
- World Geography: Micronesia is a country made up of a group of islands located in what ocean? PACIFIC (x3)
- Astronomy: Mars or Venus: which planet is closest in size to the mass of Earth? VENUS (x4)
- Social Studies: What president established the Peace Corps in 1961?: FINAL CHEAT!
- Ancient History: According to legend, King Dionysus hung a sword by a single strand of hair over whose head: ULYSSES (Damocles)

So the perfecto is off the board, but she can still win $50,000 if Isabella has the right answer to the Social Studies question... is it JFK? YES!

But still, $50,000 is not $100,000, so...

"My name is Alissa, and I may have an honors degree, but I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!"

BattleBots: Fight Night
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Discovery: Friday 8p/7C
Hosts: Chris Rose & Kenny Florian with Jenny Taft& Faruq Tauheed
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All season long, we've seen the best of the best face each other in the Battlebox. Now it's time to round out the top contenders and put them in the tournament for the Giant Nut.

BUT FIRST... a twist! One last chance for 17 robots to complete the field already inhabited by... Bite Force, Black Dragon, Death Roll, Hydra, Sawblaze, Tombstone, Whiplash, and Witch Doctor.

All bouts tonight will be considered "win-and-in".

Roboteer: Leanne Cushing
Somerville, MA
Roboteer: James Cooper
Birmingham, UK

For this match, the modular Valkyrie has opted for a bowtie blade they affectionately called "Sweet Caroline". Will it be enough, or will Quantum throw her for a leap?


Roboteer: Greg Gibson/Team Yeti
Wasilla, AK
Roboteer: Hal Rocker/Team Black & Blue
Hillsborough, CA

Yeti already enters this last-chance battle with a decent record, but a win will seal the deal.


Roboteer: Donald Hutson
San Diego
Roboteer: Zachary Lytle/Offbeat Robotics
Lafayette, CA

After a pair of slow starts, both bots enter this battle at 3-1. But there's only room for one.


Roboteer: Will Bales
Cape Cod, MA
Roboteer: Jonathan Schultz/Team HUGE
South Windsor, CT

Both bots are coming off of statement wins, Hypershock against Breaker Box and HUGE against Bronco. Now they're up against each other.

RailGun MAX
Roboteer: Elaine Wu/Team Atom
Shanghai, CHN
Roboteer: Justin Marple/Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics
Somerville, MA
Roboteer: Alex Hattori/MIT Combat Robotics Club
Cambridge, MA

A three-bot rumble among three bots with three wins each. Only ONE will be invited to the Knockout phase.

Roboteer: Victor Soto
Doral, FL
Roboteer: Al Kindle
Edison, NJ

A loss to DeathRoll kept Rotator out of the top ranks for the tournament. Now the Floridian is looking to take it out on Blacksmith.

Son of Whyachi
Roboteer: Luke Ewert/Team Whyachi
Dorcheser, WI
Roboteer: Zach Goff/Caustic Creations
Loveland, CO

The legendary Team Whyachi is up against a relative rookie in the sport. One win will seal his fate for good.

Roboteer: Sam Smith
Roboteer: Marco Antonio Meggiolaro/RioBotz
Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian basher is on the edge of destruction if they can't rub out the British brawler.


And your Knockout Rounds are set. The Round of 16 begins next week.

Big Brother
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: Sunday 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen Moonves
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  THE STORY SO FAR! The final four alliance of Jackson, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole held as Tommy was voted out unanimously thanks to Michie's manipulating... something we were told that we'd see the fallout from in this hour.

Or, you know... right now. Nicole and Cliff confront Tommy with the accusation that Michie made (a lie). Tommy is justifiably pissed, so Nicole decides to call a meeting, watching Michi and Tommy go at it so she can figure out who's vrooming who. Michie doubles down on accusing Tommy of lying, and Holly... she just sits there.

Nicole starts to see right through Michie's act. She knows Tommy is an actor but in her gut knows he's to be believed. Nicole wants to evict Holly now. Cliff doesn't agree, but he thinks Tommy would take Nicole to the final two instead of him. Michie says to Cliff that he'd go to the end with him over Holly. After finding out they'd keep Tommy, Michie decides to go full napalm. Remember, the jury will eventually see all of this. So congrats, Michie, you just pissed away $500,000.

Meanwhile, Holly promises to Cliff & Nicole that she'll throw the next HOH if they keep her. Michie promises to keep Nicole & Cliff over Holly if he wins the Veto. Nicole knows all of this is wrong, but she's going along to get along. Cliff... is an idiot, agreeing to the plan. And that, my friends, is how Tommy was voted out.

HOH COMPETITION #11: Crash and Turn. Stand on a pedestal suspended from a wire that moved in circles. In the pedestal's path was a foam truck which HouseGuests were slapped with. The HouseGuest who stood on the pedestal the longest won the Head of Household and is guaranteed a spot in the finale.
- WINNER: Nicole Anthony

Right before nominations, Michie and Holly take a moment... and Michie is crushed by the weight of his many many MANY lies to get to this point.  Cliff tells Nicole that he has a final three deal with Michie. Nicole... flabbergasted as she should be... thinks that there's more to it than that. Will she give him the opportunity to play that scenario out?

NOMINATION CEREMONY #11: No surprise here...
- MARKED FOR EVICTION: Jackson Michie, Holly Allen

But all that matters is the Veto.

Celebrity Family Feud
Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

ABC: Sunday 8p/7C
Host: Steve Harvey
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  After a brief interlude, the Feud is back...
Adam Rippon (captain), Brady Rippon, Kelly Rippon, Dagny Rippon, Derrick Delmore
playing for GLAAD
Terry Bradshaw (captain), Tammy Bradshaw, Erin Bradshaw, Rachel Bradshaw, Lacey Luttrull
playing for the 525 Foundation

SINGLE: 100 men, what's your most seductive feature?
1. Smoldering eyes 39 5. Pecs/Man boobs 2
2. Playful smile/lips 19 6. Bank account 2
3. Peach-shaped booty 8 7. Velvety nose 2
4. Humor 3 8. 2-lb. pastrami 2

Bradshaws keep the 58.

SINGLE: Something you love to run naked through.
1. Sprinkler/water 38 5. Dollars 3
2. Woods/Field 28  6. Fabric/Silk sheets 3
3. Babes/Librarians 4 7. Feathers 3
4. Automatic car wash 3 8. Home 3

The Rippons keep the 69 (nice) and the lead.

DOUBLE: 100 ex-husbands, a food that's as bitter as your ex-wife.
1. Lemon 49 5. Vinegar 9
2. Garlic 12
3. Lime 11
4. Grapefruit 10

The Rippons lead, 209-58.

TRIPLE: Something you should choose wisely in life.
1. Spouse/Mate 64
2. Career 14
3. Friends 9
4. Financial plan 6

A crucial sweep for the Bradshaws forces...

SUDDEN DEATH: Something bubbly that can make things sexy. Lacey fires wtih champagne/booze for the win!

FAST MONEY: Lacey, who sealed the game away, and Erin, who... helped play it up. Lacey gets two #1s for 136. Erin can't finish the job, leaving the family with $10,000.
- A color most people would not paint their home: Pink (Lacey)
- How many burgers do you eat in a month: Four
- Fill in the blank: In the heat of _____: Night (Lacey)
- Something you can see on a racehorse: Jockey/Rider
- Something that flies: Bird

Skai Jackson (captain), Kiya Cole, Lynette Burns, Taj Harris, Zadrian Smith
playing for No Kid Hungry
Hudson Yang (captain), Jeff Yang, Lori Ying, Christine Kauh, Heather Yang
playing for East West Players

SINGLE: Something kids do to Santa that made him decide long ago to never have children.
1. Pull his beard 21 5. Hit/Kick him 7
2. Pee/Poop on him 21 6. Sit/Jump on lap 5
3. Cry/Tantrum 19 7. Mock/"Hey fat boy!" 4
4. Ask for too much 11

The Jacksons steal the 49!

SINGLE: Something grownups have to do that little kids should be glad they don't have to do.
1. Go to work 45 5. Change diapers 3
2. Pay bills/taxes 29 6. Mow the lawn 2
3. Clean 8 7. Make out 2
4. Shave 7

Yangs take the lead, 74-49.

DOUBLE: FILL IN THE BLANK: a teenaged magician might wish they can make their _____ disappear.
1. Acne 43 5. Siblings 6
2. Parents 27 6. Grades/Report card 5
3. Homework 6
4. Teachers 6

The Yangs steal the 164 to widen their lead, 238-49.

TRIPLE: 100 ladies, which one of the Seven Dwarfs would make the best husband?
1. Happy 60
2. Doc 32
3. Sleepy 4
4. Dopey 2

Yangs sweep to win!

FAST MONEY: Hudson and Lori play. Hudson gets 88. Lori... gets a #1... but can't get it done for $10,000.
- 100 women, something Kim Kardashian has more of than you do: Money
- How often do you weigh yourself: Once a week
- Something you fill with sand: Sandbox
- Something a baseball player might be holding during a game: Bat (Lori)
- Something people put on baked potatoes: Butter

Both the Rippons and the Jacksons will also get donations in their name to their charities, but the exact amount is never specified.

Common Knowledge
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: Friday 5:30p/4:30c
Host: Joey Fatone
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The Estradas
Jessica, Aura, Jony
Bling Babes
Kimber, Rosalina, Alex

ROUND 1 Categories: The Backyard, Just Desserts, Medicine Cabinet, Tech

The Bling Babes pick Tech to start - What built-in technology helps the Roomba navigate your home: a) lasers b) sonar c) infrared sensors? They all pick C... and they're right to lead, 90-40.

ROUND 2 Categories: Business, CArs, The Doctor's Office, The Law

Going into the final question for the Estradas, the Bling Babes lead, 110-40. The question is in the Law - When appearing in small claims court, the New York City Bar Association recommends you do which of the following: a) Bring two copies of all documents b) Avoid settling c) Remain seated at all times? They say A... and take the lead, 200-110.

WRITE-IN ROUND: Schools, Music, Drinks, Sports
- Bling Babes: DRINKS - What beer-soaked Munich festival begins in September & lasts for two weeks? They say "Octoberfest" (sic)... RIGHT!
- Estradas: SCHOOLS - What is this instrument called? They say "protractor"... and are RIGHT to lead, 400-310.
- Bling Babes: SPORTS - If you add the number of points in an NFL field goal, the number of runs in an MLB grand slam, and the number of goals in an NHL hat trick, what's the total? They say 9... to the Estradas who have 8. It's 10 (3 points + 4 runs + 3 goals).
- Estradas: MUSIC - In 1999, what certification did the Recording Industry Association of America introduce for albums selling 10 million copies? They went with platinum... To the Bling Babes to win. They go with... platinum as well. It was diamond, and the Estradas win.

BONUS ROUND: Jessica gets three but doesn't know that a type 1 lifejacket can turn the wearer face-up. Aura is one-and-done when she can't name the country that's covered 80% in ice (Greenland). And Jony misses on what Lifehacker recommends you apply to your skin to relieve a sunburn (black tea).

Family Restaurant Rivals
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Saturday 2p/1C
Host: Valerie Bertinelli
Official WebsiteFacebook

Josh, Gigi, Krissy
Butler's Cabinet
Fort Worth, TX
Ari, Doni, Gil
Cafe Sababa
Dunwoody, GA
Alaksha, Naina, Nilesh
Curry in a Hurry

On the panel: Jet Tila, Aarti Sequeira, and Clinton Kelly.

ROUND 1: Seafood feast... containing at least two types of seafood... BUT you only have 20 minutes!
- Harmon: Shrimp & Crawfish Boil, Jumbo Lump Crab Saald, Fried Potato Salad
- Tamli: Salmon Kebabs, Pan-Fried Red Snapper, Fried Caulifower, Couscous
- Surti: Shrimp Curry, Pan-Fried Salmon Masala, Curried Cauliflower.

ROUND 2: Meat and potatoes...
- Harmon: Chicken Fried Steak with Baby Potatoes
- Tamli: Koobideh Kabob with Fried Potatoes

... with the added wrinkle that in five-minute shifts, each teammate will work BY THEMSELVES.

Don't worry, they'd be back together with 10 minutes remaining. Meanwhile, the $10,000 goes to...the HARMONS!

Funny You Should Ask
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Jon Kelley
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veterinary tech
orig. Haiti
travel agent
Jamie Kennedy
"Coming to the Stage"
Jodi Miller
Byron Allen
producer of this show
Jon Lovitz
Sherri Shepherd
"Best Ever Trivia Show"
Louie Anderson

ROUND 1: Lovena ruins any opportunity to make a joke about how Jon is playing with Jon by winning the toss to get Jon, Louie, and Jodi. She only ends up wtih Jodi's response for $100. Jon is left with Sherri, Byron, and Jamie, getting two for $200.

ROUND 2: Jon DOES get to play with Jon in this round... but only ends up with Jodi's response for $400. Lovena gets Sherri and Jamie for $400 more, $500 total.

ROUND 3: Jon sure can't agree with Jon, can he? Lovena leads, $1100-$400 going into Q5. It's pretty much decided at this point, but let's play it out. Here's Jodi's question: true or false - a woman was arrested for stalking when she sent over 150,000 text messages to a man after only one date. She says true. Jon agrees... and Lovena wins, $1100-$700.

- Q1: According to, which of the following is a sign that you're in a rebound relationship: they won't open up, they want to meet your family, or they tape a picture of their ex on your face? They won't open up is the choice... good.
- Q2: There is a phenomenon in which boulders move across the desert unaided by animals or humans known as... skiing stones, sailing stones, surfing stones, or... Jamie: "I'm super stoned." Lovena says sailing stones... we sail to the final question.
- Q3: The chemical process that turns bread into toast is known as... Maillard reaction, Lewis reaction, Carter reaction, KEssler reaction, Friedel reaction, or... (Louie: "The toaster.")? She goes wtih the Friedel reaction... should've gone with the Maillard reaction. But here's a reaction for winning $1100.

The $100,000 Pyramid
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Michael Strahan
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Brigitte Heck
Long Beach, CA
Jeff Commings
Tucson, AZ
Rosie O'Donnell
Leslie Jones

GAME 1: Performance Enhancers, Athlete's Footage, I Didn't Come Here to Make Fronds; 100% Mom, 110% Badass; Look at All My Twitter Followers, Skit Just Got Real.

Brigitte & Rosie sweep "100% Mom, 110% Badass" (things moms might feel like they're juggling all at once) and "Performance Enhancers" (types of entertainers), while Jeff & Leslie end up running "Skit Just Got Real" (real-life people who have been portrayed on "Saturday Night Live") and "Look At All My Twitter Followers" (words that follow "Twitter" in the dictionary) to make it a 14-14 tie. Rosie gives to Brigitte on "I Didn't Come Here To Make Fronds" (words associated with a florist), getting... all seven! Which means that Jeff needs Leslie to say all seven in "Athlete's Footage" (televised sporting events) in order to have a CHANCE. They get.... 3. Brigitte & Rosie win, 21-17.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000
- Professional Sports Leagues - $1000
- Noises Cars Make - $1500
- "What a Jaywalker Might Say" - INVALID ("walk")
- Asian Cities - $3000
- Famous Men Named Jack - $4000
- Things with a Head - TIME. But Brigitte gets $9500 and the option. And also scorigami.

GAME 2: Help a Butter Out, Rapid Thigh Movement; Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho!; What I Like About Hue, Cardi "C", Kim Jong Oh... No You Didn't

Jeff & Rosie sweep "Cardi 'C'" (words that begin with a hard "c") and "Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho!" (things that contain repeating sounds). Brigitte & Leslie sweep "Kim Jong Oh...No You Didn't" (things President Trump & Kim Jong-un probaby never discussed during their summit meetings) to make it 14-13, Jeff & Rosie. Brigitte gives to Leslie on "Rapid Thigh Movement" (words associated with running), getting all seven for 20. Jeff & Rosie will have to sweep on "What I Like About Hue", which is also the Mystery 7 for a trip to Jamaica! They get lipstick, balloons, parrots, yarn, chalk, crayons, and Skittles for the trip to Beaches AND the win, 21-20! They were all things that come in various colors.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000
- Bowling Terms - $1000
- Measurements of Weight - $1500
- "What Rain Might Say" - $2000
- Things in Hawaii - $3000
- Things with Gas - $4000
- Things That Are Packed - ... TIME! He leaves with $11,500.

Scott Menke
New York City
Allison Miller
Los Angeles
Anna Camp
"Perfect Harmony"
Chris Parnell
"Rick & Morty"

GAME 1: Pooch Purrfect, Store Some Sugar in Me; Bell, Yeah!; The Answer Is N-O, Stan By Me; Classy, Sassy and a Little Tallahassee

Scott & Anna sweep "The Answer Is N-O" (words that begin with "no"), while Chris & Allison sweep "Bell, Yeah!" (things that might go ding). Scott leads, 12-11. Allison gives to Chris on "Classy, Sassy and a Little Tallahassee" (things that attract people to Florida), getting all 7 for 18. Scott needs to run out with Anna on "Store Some Sugar In Me" (words that appear in the names of popular candies). They get ... all 7 to win, 19-18!

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000
- Bottled Water Brands - $1000
- "What a Panda Might Say" - $1500
- Members of the Royal Family - $2000
- Broadway Musicals (Plays) - $3000
- Things You Blow Your Nose With - $4000
- Things That Are Rare - WINNERS! Scott has the $100,000 option...and did you expect any less from a loyal friend & true?

GAME 2: Gondola, Baby, Gondola; By the Pupil, For the Pupil; I've Got a Black Space, Baby; Who Wants to See a Million Deer, Weird-View Mirror, I've Never Gefilte This Way Before.

Allison & Anna begin with the Mystery 7 under "By the Pupil, For the Pupil" for a trip to Turks & Caicos. They get eyebrow, eyelash, eyeball, eye-roll, eye drops, miss bull's-eye, and red-eye to miss the trip. They were all words & phrases that have the word "eye" in them. They make up for it by sweeping "I've Got a Black Space, Baby" (things associated with outer space) to lead, 13-11. Scott gives to Chris on "Gondola, Baby, Gondola" (things you might see in Venice), getting all seven for 18. Allison needs Anna to say six in "Who Wants to See a Million Deer" (animals known to travel in large groups). They get four... miss one... and get two to win, 19-18.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000
- Nursery Rhyme Characters - $1000
- "What Shampoo Might Say" - $1500
- Types of Chocolate - $2000
- Types of Massage - $3000
- Things Used to Cut - $4000
- People Who Kneel - $5000

To Tell the Truth
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: Sunday 10p/9c
Host: Anthony Anderson with Mama Doris
Official WebsiteFacebook
Facebookbird, new, square, twitter iconNBC AppHulu
Michael Bolton
Craig Robinson
Joel McHale
"Card Sharks"
Jenifer Lewis

GAME 1: "I'm a four-time jump rope champion."
- #1: Jenifer, Michael
- #2:
- #3: Joel, Craig
CORRECT: #3, a guy named Mike. #1 is Leslie Jones, who isn't the actress but the name is a coincidence. #2 is Nikki Soo Hoo.

GAME 2: "I've climbed all Seven Summits. Blind." One of these people is Erik Weinhenmayer, whose blindness led him to give up baseball and basketball.
- #1:
- #2: Joel, Craig
- #3: Jenifer, Michael
CORRECT: #2, who also kayaked the Grand Canyon. #1 is Mark Woodhard, who cycled 7500 miles with the Blind Stoker's Club. #3 is Jake Olsen, the first-ever completely-blind D-I football player.

GAME 3: "I'm America's best car salesman." He hold over 1500 cars last year, a world-record.
- #1: Joel
- #2:
- #3 Michael, Craig, Jenifer
CORRECT: #3, Ali Reda of Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac.

BEFORE YOU GO: One of the imposters from the last game was in the lead police car for the OJ Simpson chase.
- #1: Joel, Craig
- #2: Jenifer, Michael
CORRECT: #1, Sergeant Jim Sewell. #2 is Samuel Whitehall, who has neither been in or sold a police car.

Going into the final round, Craig is on a perfect 40 with Joel right behind at 30. Jenifer & Michael are stuck at 10.

DOUBLE POINTS GAME 5: "I'm the world karaoke champion."
- #1:
- #2: Jenifer
- #3: Michael, Craig, Joel
CORRECT: #2, Chyee Howell. #1 is Leon Winters, who has lived in Japan. #3 is Maria Ho, a poker player.

Looking at the scores... Jennifer is saved, but Michael Bolton... the voice of a generation... is tonight's worst performing player. We'd ask to sing us out, but we're out of time.

Wheel of Fortune
Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @BeatTheBlock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter icon

Total for today - $35,513
Total for Week 1- $251,794
Total for the Season: $251,794
Bonus Win Percentage: 2/5
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $111,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars:
Gooseeggs:  1
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses:
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost:
Car Wins: 2
$100,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 3/5/1/2
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 2/5/1/1
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes:
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 3/1/2
$2,500 Space Hit -
$3,500 Space Hit - 4
$5,000 Space Hit -
Bankrupt Space Hit - 12
Lose A Turn Hit - 6
Vowels Missed:
A - E- 3  I - O- U
Missed solves -
Repeated a letter/vowel -
Perfect Rounds: 2
House Minimums - 1
Gift Tags hit/won/lost:
Free Play Hit: 5
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 0/5
Best Week: Teacher's Week - $251,794
Bankrupt Losses: $31,600
Left on the Table: $61,400
Red Podium Win - 1
Yellow Podium Win - 3
Blue Podium Win - 1
Worst Week: Teacher's Week - $251,794

A :
M : 2
E :
I :
C: 1
E :
& :
I :
N: 1
* -
** - 1
*** -

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
EVENT(s) -
LIVING THING(s) - 1/0/0/0
PHRASE -3/0/0/0
FOOD & DRINK -1/1/0/0
THING(s) -5/1/1/0
ON THE MAP -1/1/1/0
PLACE(s) -1/1/0/1

Time to wrap up Teacher's Week!

The $1,000 Tossup is EVENT. Donny Brenner from NY solves FIELD TRIP TO THE ZOO. He is a 7 yr language teacher at PS 180 in Brooklyn. He is engaged to Tim and loves to travel. Jessica Jordan from Franklinville, NY is a 10th grade Earth Science Teacher. She is married with an 11 yr old daughter and is a co-leader of her girl scout troop. Elaine Gwynn from New Castle, IN is a physics/chemistry teacher. She is married for 40 years with 2 kids and 4 grandchildren.

The $2,000 Tossup is FOOD & DRINK. Donny has $3,000 with WARM HOMEMADE BREAD. We add this to the wheel - a World Strides Trip to London worth $9,800. It's our crossword round with the clue of PARTS OF SPEECH. There are four words that fit the clue. He picks up the WC with 3 $500 R's, dominates and solves VERB NOUN ADVERB INTERJECTION for $5,400. It's been all Donny so far with $8,400 in cash and the WC. We move on to....

The Aspercreme Ultimate Mystery round which is started by Jessica who wants her shot to play. It's PHRASE. She Bankrupts. So does Elaine. Donny loses $2,350 and the WC on Bankrupt. Jessica hits the MDW with 2 H's. She also passes on the $3,000 mystery round wedge risk(good call, it was Bankrupt.) Jessica loses $2,750 and the MDW on Bankrupt. This has been a rough round. Elaine hits a $500 Free Play B but loses $2,050 on Bankrupt. Donny hits Lose a Turn. Jessica saves us by solving I WAS ABSENT THE DAY YOU SAID THAT for $2,800. We move on to the next round and hope to put this Bankrupt-a-palooza behind us. It is...

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge round which is started by Elaine. It's LIVING THINGS. She hits Lose a Turn. Donny TURTLES AND STARFISH for $1,750 and a trip to see them in their natural habitat - Turks and Caicos! It's a stay at the Somerset on Grace Bay worth $10,113! He has $20,263 in cash and prizes!

The third tossup round is our new wrinkle in Season 37. It's called the TRIPLE TOSSUP. We have three tossup puzzles and each will be in the same category. All three players are eligible. Each puzzle is worth $2,000. The person who gets the third puzzle will start the next round. The category is THING. Jessica has $2,000 with MANUAL TYPEWRITER, another $2,000 with ANSWERING MACHINE and Donny starts the third round with $2,000 and FLOPPY DISK. Jessica has $6,800. Donny has $22,263 and starts WHAT ARE YOU DOING? He misses. Jessica hits Lose a Turn and then we go into a $1,650 a letter FINAL SPIN. Donny seals his win with TAKING A VIRTUAL TOUR for $5,450. He is going to the bonus round with a dominating $27,713 in cash and prizes including his stay in the Turks and Caicos. Jessica leaves with $6,800 in cash. Elaine becomes the first gooseegg victim of the 2019-2020 season and leaves with the $1,000 consolation prize.

The pre bonus round total is $35,513. Donny picks PEOPLE over THINGS and PHRASE.

Donny lands on the ** wedge. With the RSTLNE and his choices of D M P O we have:

_ _ D _ E S
_ N D/ _ _ R _ E S

The verdict is in. GUILTY of not solving JUDGES AND JURIES. The sentence- not winning our new house minimum of $37,000! He does leave with $27,713 in cash and prizes!