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August 18-20, 2017


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Superstar Supermarket

Guy's Grocery Games Superstar Games
by Chico Alexander
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Food: Sunday 8p/6c
Host: Guy Fieri
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  Today's special in Flavortown... Superstars! Another tournament event is upon us, folks! We start with eight, and eliminate one each episode until the finale. At stake: $40,000 for charity!
Alex Guarnaschelli
reigning champion
Brian Malarkey
Antonia Lofaso
executive chef
Justin Warner
culinary rebel
Elizabeth Falkner
zen master
Rocco DiSpirito
author, "Rocco's Healthy & Delicious"
Tregaye Fraser
"Food Network Star" season 12 winner
Marcel Vigneron
culinary bad boy

Each episode will have a theme. Today's theme: Judging: Troy Johnson, Aarti Sequeira, and Carl Ruiz.

FUN FACT: since her first visit as a contestant on GGG, Tregaye won "Food Network Star".

GAME 1: your best Italian dish... but you'll have to use only 4 items. It's EXPRESS LANE!
- Marcel: Lamb Scottadita
- Brian: Seared Tuna with Pesto, Basil Salad & Lemon Vinaigrette
- Elizabeth: Toasted Fregola Salad
- Tregaye: Salmon Meatballs over Linguine with Olive Marinara
- Rocco: Risotto with Black Truffle
- Justin: Cioppino
- Antonia: Cacio de Pepe with Asparagus Pecorino Cream
- Alex: Eggplant Parmesan
BOTTOM TWO: Tregaye, Elizabeth

REDEMPTION ROUND: a seafood feast... you'll have to use ONE INGREDIENT PER AISLE.
- Tregaye: Fried Lobster Tail & Sauteed Shurmp with Corn & Roasted Pepper Succotash
- Elizabeth: Grilled Lobster Tail with Pandan Beurre Blanc & Poached Coconut Curry Lobster
ELIMINATED: Elizabeth. Her charity, New York Road Runners/Team for Kids, will get a small donation.

Big Brother
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
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CBS: Friday & Sunday 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen
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  (C-Note: due to the nature of Friday's episode being a clip show, the Friday & Sunday events will, in rare form, be combined)

The story so far! The cabal of Paul and whoever Paul is teaming up with THIS WEEK has successfully gotten rid of both Cody and Elena. The bad news: they're on the jury to decide who wins this thing.

Derrick Levasseur pops in and, rather than moving in, which would make the game THAT MUCH MORE interesting, he ends up turning this whole hour into a bottle episode. That serves two purposes: 1) to catch us up on the season so far, and 2) to serve as fodder for...

HOH COMPETITION #10: Tales from Decrypt. Hope you remembered all the stories Derrick told you, because now he's going to quiz you on them. The last one standing wins HOH.
- WINNER: Christmas Abbott

Oh look, Paul threw the HOH so he could compete in HOH next week when he's more vulnerable. He doesn't feel bad about it either. Nor does he feel bad about being the third wheel to Alex & Jason... and Matt & Raven... AND Christmas & Josh.

But look, a new twist!

TREE OF TEMPTATION: this will play out for the next three weeks. There is a tree in the house with five apples on it. Inside each apple is a power or punishment. When the Tree turns red, the first Houseguest to go into the Diary Room and claim an apple will be able to do so. But the apple had to be used THIS WEEK. Two caveats: 1) a Houseguest can only claim one apple, so they must determine when it is in their best interests to do so, and 2) the Tree of Temptation will always light up BEFORE a Nomination Ceremony.

Mark was the first to claim an apple and chose.... SAVE A FRIEND. The problem: he has no friends in the house left, so he's left to do the one thing he can given the circumstances.

NOMINATION CEREMONY #10: Before Christmas announces her nominations, Mark uses the Apple to save Paul.
- NOMINEES: Matt Clines, Jason Dent
Christmas put Mark on blast for continuing to align himself with "selfish" people. Gee, she couldn't be referring to...

Candy Crush
by Chico Alexander
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CBS: Sunday 9p/8c
Host: Mario Lopez
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Rio Jones & Sammie Litten
dating couple
Ken Winter & Evan Wicker
Savannah, GA
pastors & besties
Rachel & Gabriel Newman
Los Angeles
twin sisters
Paul James & Brittany Black
Culver City, CA

QUALIFYING ROUND 1: Cake Bomb. You have to use the sugar sticks supplied to clear the cake from the grid.
- WINNER: Ken & Evan. They get their pick of the four King-Size Challenges. Tonight, they are Sugar Swing, Candyvator, The Balloon, and The Claw. All challenges are 2 minutes in length, and extra time can be added for combos (4 candies in a row is worth 5 seconds, 5 is worth 15) Their pick...
KING SIZE CHALLENGE 1: Sugar Swing - on the floor board, you'll make the matches using a giant pointer.
- Score: 51

QUALIFYING ROUND 2: Licorice Maze. You will have to clear both licorice locks by going through three "licorice walls" and matching the candy surrounding both locks.
- WINNER: Rachel & Gabriel
KING SIZE CHALLENGE 2: Candyvator - On the wall board, you'll have to press the lift's buttons together to make matches.
- Score: 17

QUALIFYING ROUND 3: The goal is to clear all 12 jellies... while you are rotating on small turntables.
- WINNER: Paul & Brittany
KING SIZE CHALLENGE 3: The Balloon - on the wall board, you'll have to swing your partner over the grid to make the matches.
- Score: 40 (eliminates Rachel/Gabriel)

KING SIZE CHALLENGE 4 for Sammie & Rio: The Claw - on the floor board, you will be a human claw machine while your teammate operates you using the candy controllers.
- Score: 42 (eliminates Paul/Brittany)

ULTIMATE CANDY CLASH: On the floor board, you'll have to match candies to bring a key down to the bottom. Once you get the key, unlock your team's joystick, which is used to control your partner on the wall board. Along the way, you can use one of THREE power ups - Candy Cloud (clouds your opponent's wall for 10 seconds), Freezer Burn (your opponent's board is frozen for 10 seconds), or Double Delicious (doubles the points for 10 seconds. The first team to 50 matches wins $100,000!

Sammie & Rio were out to such an insurmountable lead that Ken & Evan's Candy Cloud didn't even phase them. They win the $100,000 today!

The $100,000 Pyramid
by Chico Alexander
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ABC: Sunday 10p/9C
Host: Michael Strahan
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Chuck Kraus
Ellisville, MO
works at a police academy
Ariana Rosado
dancer for the Chicago Bulls
Richard Kind
"Red Oaks"
Rachel Dratch

GAME 1: Nobama, Fright Night, Plural Pleasure, I Before Who?, Flagging Interest, Just for the Halibut

Ariana & Rachel sweep "Just for the Halibut" (things associated with fishing) to make it 13-10. Richard gives on "Plural Pleasure" (words that can be singular even though they end with "S"), as he & Chuck get jeans, panties, goggles, tweezers, and sunglasses for 15 total, meaning that Rachel & Ariana need 3 in "Flagging Interests" (types of flags) to win. They get white, pirate, and rainbow to win, 16-15!

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Ariana gives.
- Odd Numbers - $1000
- Famous Actors - $1500
- Parts of a Salad - $2000
- "What A Circle Might Say" - $3000
- Things That Make You Sweat (Perspire) - ILLEGAL CLUE ("When you're nervous")
- Things That Have Legs - $5000

A note about the fifth category: a good clue would have been "a nervous episode". Of course, "strenuous exercise" or "excessive heat" would have worked as well. Anyway, Ariana has $12,500 and the $100K option.

GAME 2: Let's Get Physics-al, Everything's Going to be OK; Oh, They're Real; A-Rod & J.Lo, If At First You Don't Succeed, What the Chuck E. Cheese?!?

Rachel & Chuck lead off by sweeping "What the Chuck E. Cheese?!?" (things kids love more than adults do) and the Mystery 7 of "If At First You Don't Succeed" for a trip to St. Lucia (14n @ St. James Club Morgan Bay). Those were words a 1st-grader could spell. Going into the final round, it's 14-9 Rachel/Chuck. Ariana gives on "Let's Get Physics-al" (things associated with Albert Einstein), getting all seven to make it 16-14. Chuck needs 3 in "A-Rod & J.Lo" (words that start with a stand-alone letter) to win. He & Rachel get three to win, 17-16!

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Chuck gives.
- Members of the Beatles - $1000
- Parts of a House - $1500
- "What Wine Might Say" - $2000
- Famous Queens - $3000
- Things That Are Delivered - $4000
- Things That Are Handwritten - WIN, $50,000!

Let's do it again with these two...

Garrett Wallace
Cookeville, TN
chinchilla owner
Robyn Sapenter
healthcare & IT consultant
Margaret Cho
Michael Rapaport

GAME 1: DAYYUM!, I Can Go Either Way, Getting Plowed Every Day, Outta Control, High on the Hog, Internet Purr-Vider

Margaret & Garrett sweep "DAYYUM!" (things that are larger than the Hoover Dam) and "Getting Plowed Every Day" (things associated with wintertime) to lead 14-10. Michael & Robyn go with "High on the Hog" (things associated with motorcycles), getting six to make it 16-14. Margaret needs to get Garrett to 17 on "Internet Purr-Vider" (things cats are pictured with online) to win. Piano, umbrella, and hot dog win it, 17-16.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $50,000: Garrett gives
- Card Games - $1000
- Parts of a Hamburger - $1500
- "What a Unicorn Might Say" - $2000
- Characters Who Are Green - PASS
- Things You Open - $4000
- Things That Are Filled - $5000
- Characters Who Are Green - TIME. But he gets $13,500 and the option in the next game.

GAME 2: Oh No, I'm Trending!; The Tweet Suite, Say Yes to the Address, Your Little Old Grammy, Fun Run, Reese Witherspoon and Fork

Margaret & Robyn pick the Mystery 7 for a trip to the Bahamas under "The Tweet Suite", getting only three of the things that rhyme with "tweet". They trail 12-7 going into the final round. They pick "Say Yes to the Address" (words that appeared in the Gettysburg Address), and Robyn gives six to make it 13-12. Garrett needs to give Michael two in "Reese Witherspoon and Fork" (things you don't need a knife to eat) to win. They get the two to win, 14-13.

WINNERS' CIRCLE for $100,000: Garrett gives.
- Exercises - PASS
- Famous Books (Novels) - $1500
- "What a Clown Might Say" - $2000
- People Who Work with Animals - PASS
- Ways to Remove Hair - $4000
- Places You Find Coins (Change) - TIME. That. Was. BRUTAL. He gets another $7500 for a total of $21,000.

Steve Harvey's Funderdome
by Chico Alexander
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ABC: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Steve Harvey
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  More money... More votes...

$20,000 ROUND: Food Cubby vs. BuddyBagz. Ruby & her mom Suzie Lucken (Golden, CO) have created a way to keep foods separate on a plate, while Carly Drum-O'Neill (Milburn, NJ) has created a way to keep kids separate on a campover... with an all-in-one sleepover kit. No Cash Out here....
- FUNDED: BuddyBagz

$20,000 ROUND: Stabilizer vs. BuildingBlock. Mitch Rost (Redmond, WA) devised a way to strengthen your core... while you play video games. Brandon Bogan & Dylan Pinkus (Megvon, WI) have devised a way to strengthen your core - and everything else - on the run with a multipurpose gym-in-a-box. The Cash Out is in play. And... gone.
- FUNDED: Stabilizer

$100,000 ROUND: StinkBoss vs. Grand PooBox. Two ways to control that funny smell. Hilary Philgreen's (Overland Park, KS) controls it from your laundry, while Courtney Karsted's (Portland, OR) controls it in your litterbox. The Cash Out is in play... and Courtney hits it for $25,000.
- FUNDED: StinkBoss