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October 15-17, 2021


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Million Dollar Melissa

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune
by Chico Alexander
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ABC: Sunday 8p/7C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
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Total for Today - $1,111,200
Total for the Season: $1,987,750
Bonus Win Percentage: 6/8
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $150,000
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 1/0
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 0/1
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/1
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 9/32/5/0
$2,500 Space Hit - 2
$3,500 Space Hit - 1
$5,000 Space Hit - 2
Bankrupt Space Hit - 7
Lose A Turn Hit - 4
Vowels Missed:
A - 2 E - 4  I - 2 O- 1 U -
Missed solves - 4
Repeated a letter/vowel - 1
Perfect Rounds: 5
$30K consolation prizes - 4
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 2/4
Bankrupt Losses: $11,700
Left on the Table: $76,500
Red Podium Win - 2
Yellow Podium Win - 3
Blue Podium Win - 3
$1 Million Passed: 10/15/21

LANDED ON (solve ratio):
A :
E :
R: 1 (0-1)
I :
G: 1 (1-0)
E :
S: 1 (0-1)
N: 1 (0-1)
& : 1 (1-0)
I : 1 (1-0)
* - 1 (0-1)
** -
*** - 1 (1-1)

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
EVENT(s) - 2/1/1/0
LIVING THING(s) - 2/0/0/0
PHRASE - 6/2/2/0
FOOD & DRINK - 2/2/2/0
THING(s) - 4/0/0/0
PLACE(s) - 1/0/0/0

What do a teenage witch with a penchant for explaining things, a Broadway actor with an unbreakable roommate, and the original voice of Meg Griffin have in common? They each have a shot at $1 million for charity on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune!

Melissa Joan Hart
"The Casagrandes"
playing for Youth Villages (

Tituss Burgess
"Central Park"
playing for Broadway Dreams Foundation Corporation (

LAcey Chabert
"The Queen of Hallmark Christmas Movies"
playing for New Day Foundation for Families (

First $1000 TOSSUP is Show Biz. Lacey says LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION for $1000.

Next, a $2000 TOSSUP, which a Phrase. Lacey thinks IT'S A PIECE OF CAKE for $2000. She gets control of the Wheel first...

$5000 BONUS: the first round... 80s Song Lyrics. Lacey starts... by hitting Bankrupt. Melissa gets $1950 but misses a T. Titus gets $900, but misses a K. Lacey misses an S straight off. Melissa's up to $3350, but misses a W. Tituss gets up to $2500, but misses a P. Lacey gets $500 and solves FAME I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER for a total of $5500! She's up to $8500 for the game.

$10,000 BONUS round is a Movie Quote. Melissa is first, but loses $3600 on Bankrupt. Tituss gets the Million Dollar Wedge... but misses a P. Lacey solves LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY! for the bonus. So far, she's up to $18,500!

$5000 TRIPLE TOSSUP is What Are You Doing?
- Tituss gets off the schneid with FOLLOWING THE RULES for $5000
- ... and REWRITING THE RULES for $5000 more...
- .. .but Melissa spoils the steal with IGNORING THE RULES for $5000
So far, Melissa has $5000, Tituss has $10,000, and Lacey is in front with $18,500

$20,000 BONUS is an Event. Melissa hits the Million Dollar Wedge and runs out, solving A MAJOR LOSING STREAK, something Melissa is NOT on as she wins $27,800 WITH the Million Dollar Wedge! Tituss and Lacey have $10,000 and $18,500 respectively... SO FAR.

MILLION DOLLAR BONUS WHEEL: Melissa gets the choice of Phrase, Thing, and Food & Drink. She picks FOOD & DRINK. Spinning out the G, and with the standard six plus GMW A...

_ R A N
M _ _ _ _ N S

She goes for BRAN MUFFINS... and HERE COMES THE CONFETTI! MELISSA JOAN HART SPINS OUT $1 MILLION! That brings her total tonight to $1,027,800! AND we have a whole other game to play!

So how do you top that? We'll see as we start with...

... a $1000 TOSSUP of Phrase. Lacey is MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED for $1000.

$2000 TOSSUP is Show Biz. Lacey blanks, and Melissa says WILL YOU READ MY SCREENPLAY for $2000 and control of the... thing.

$5000 BONUS ROUND is Before & After. She misses a W. Tituss and Lacey both go bankrupt, losing $3900 total. Melissa runs out the vowels.. but loses her turn. Tituss solves HEARING VOICES IN MY HEAD OF LETTUCE for the $5000 bonus.

$10,000 BONUS ROUND is What Are You Doing? Tituss misses a W. Lacey solves PUMPING IRON AT MUSCLE BEACH for $12,150.

$5000 TRIPLE TOSSUP is What Are You Wearing?
- Tituss is wearing a $5000 BASEBALL CAP.
- Melissa is is wearing a $5000 SHOWER CAP.
- ... and a $5000 DUNCE CAP.
So that puts Melissa at $12,000, Tituss at $10,000, and Lacey at $13,150

$20,000 BONUS ROUND is Things. Melissa misses a Y. Tituss misses a T. Lacey misses an M. And we're missing the rest of the round, because time is running short. We get a Final Spin of... $1650. Lacey solves ONE BILLION DOLLARS to win... $41,400 for this game! Not quite a billion there. Anyway, Melissa's not gonna shirk this night off. She wins $1,039,800 for Youth Villages. Tituss is giving Broadway Dreams the house minimum of $30,000.

So far... SO FAR... Wheel's given away $1,111,200. Lacey's going to hope for more as we get into...

BONUS WHEEL: She picks from Person, Phrase, and Living Thing. She goes with PERSON, the standard six, the * wedge, and AFMD...

A / _ E R _
L _ _ _ _ / _ _ _

... and not very lucky picks for A VERY LUCKY GUY, meaning that Lacey misses out on $75,000. But all in all, not a bad night for our three players, and especially not for Melissa!

Baking Impossible Season Finale
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Netflix: streaming Wednesdays
Host: Justin Willman with Joanne Chang, Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi & Andrew Smyth
Official WebsiteFacebook

We've seen nine of the greatest bakers in America team up with nine of the brightest engineers to create the impossible, amazing AND edible machines. Now we're down to the final two - Cindy & Taylor and Rodolfo & Sara. One of these teams will walk out of the hangar kitchen with $100,000 of sweet Netflix money and the title of America's Best Bakineers.

MISSION #8: BRIDGES - TIME LIMIT: 18 hours over 2 days
- 4 foot bridge across water
- Moving bridge functino
- 2 foot cake land masses
- Must include cake, confection, and candy
- THREE stress tests
1) Boat traveling under bridge
2) Car driving over bridge
3) Weight stacked on bridge

As a reminder, the bridge (or at least the driveable roadway) must be 100% edible and fit a platform 16x9 feet to span an area of 4 feet of water. You can use non-edibles as a means of support but not for the bridge itself.

STRESS TEST #8: There are three parts:
- A boat must be able to fit underneath the bridge once opened
- A remote controlled car weighted to 50lbs must be driven on top of the bridge.
- The bridge must withstand the weight of up to 150lbs.

Your cakes, confections, and candies will be judged on taste, presentation & creativity. Your bridges will be judged on utility, creativity, and originality.

- Cindy & Taylor: Yin & Yang Bridge (Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake, Peanut Brittle, Cheesecake Swirl Brownies with Walnuts) - PASSES test #1 & test #3, FAILS test #2
- Rodolfo & Sara: Memory Lane (Lemon Blueberry Cake with Cupuaçu Mousse & Blackberries, Pretzel Cheesecake Cactus, Pistachio Truffle Topiary) - PASSES all tests

So who crosses the bridge to victory? The winners..

... of Baking Impossible season 1...





Episodes of "Baking Impossible" drop every Wednesday on Netflix.

Disney's Magic Bake-Off
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Disney: Friday 7p/6c
Hosts: Dara Reneé & Issac Ryan Brown
Official WebsiteFacebook


After a brief interlude, it's time to grab our baseball bats and chainsaws, because it's Zombieland up in here.
Be Our Guest
Bella & Diana
Chino & Eastvale, CA
best friends
Beauty & The Baker
Sydney & Dylan
Upland, CA
Buttercream Besties
Lylah & Shelby
Los Angeles
6th grade besties

Tonight's theme... BIG CITY GREENS! You're going to make an edible cityscape with cake buildings. Your cake must be four-sided with a cityscape on the bottom and fruit on the top straight out of the Green garden. Helping out our bakers are Disneyland Resort pastry chef Gracie Gomez and the creators of "Big City Greens", Chris & Shane Houghton.

But each cake comes with a pair of Video Challenges... Challenges based on how-to videos that will be incorporated into the show for our lizard baker brains. Winning each of these challenges will get bakers exclusive Magic Bake-Off pins.

TEXTURE FONDANT STREET CHALLENGE: Create a street texture made of fondant
- WINNERS: Buttercream Besties

Time for a Bake Break! We're getting city and countrified, just like Cricket Green!

SUGAR PAPER SUBWAY MAP CHALLENGE: Make a subway map out of sugar paper.
- WINNERS: Be Our Guest

AFter four hours of bake time...
- Beauty & the Baker: Strawberry Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream & STrawberry Jam
- Buttercream Besties: Pineapple Extract Cake with Pineapple Buttercream
- Be Our Guest: Orange Cake with Chocolate Orange Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache, and Orange Zest.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Mayim Bialik & Ken Jennings with Jimmy McGuire & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram
  How it started: Jonathan Fisher beats Matt Amodio.

How it's going: Jonathan Fisher is playing for over $100,000.

Jonathan Fisher
orig. Coral Gables, FL


Nima Aghili
Overland Park, KS
lawyer & legal recruiter

Connie Smith
Oviedo, FL
mechanical engineer

JEOPARDY! ROUND: "Eye", State Your Name, Do Solemnly Swear, Graze Anatomy, Finish the Line, Now Read This!

Jonathan starts with $600 Now Read This!, where Connie finds the Daily Double under $400. At -$200, she wagers the max on this...
- NOW READ THIS! for $1000: Howard Roark is to "The Fountainhead" as John Galt is to this 1,100-page tome.
"What is Atlas Shrugged?" ... for $800! She ends up with $5200 to $4000 for Jonathan. Nima, on $1400, gets the board to start...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Movie Titles Through Pictures, Historic Potpourri, Libraries, The Impassable Dream, High/Low, Diëresis & Ümlaut Wörds

... with $800 Movie Titles Through Pictures. Jonathan has $8800 when he finds the first Daily Double under $2000 Historic Potpourri. He bets $2500 on this:
- HISTORIC POTPOURRI for $2500: Also known as Deutscher Orden, this order of knights went to the Holy Land during the Third Crusade.
"Who are the Teutonic Knights?" FOR $11,300! He's up to $17,300 when he finds the other under $1200 High/Low. He makes it another $2000 to go on this:
- HIGH/LOW for $2000: Mount Whitney is the highest point in what's known as the "High" this.
"What is the High Sierras?" GOOD for $21,300! He ends up with $24,100. With Nima on $7800 to $11,200 for Connie, it's Jonathan's game to lose.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Literature for Children": These stories got their collective title because little Josephine Kipling insisted they be told exactly the same way each time. Correct response: what are Just So Stories?

No one got it, but Jonathan leaves enough to win $23,700, pushing him over the $100,000 mark with $117,700 for five!

Legends of the Hidden Temple Premiere
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CW: Sunday 8p/7c
Host: Cristela Alonzo with Dee Bradley Baker as "Olmec"
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramHulu

Abby & Wade
partners from Montana. She's a makeup artist with alopecia totalis; he's a digital creator

Fiona & Danny
lifeguards from Boulder & Santa Fe, NM

Ryan & Jerel
friends from SoCal. He's a software engineer, she's a nurse

Toure & Brie
sisters from Brooklyn. Toure is an accountant, Brie is a retail worker

THE MOAT: Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcano. You will honor her by crossing the moat and clipping six islands on the other side of a volcano. Once you've both crossed, dig in the soil to find and read a poem that honors Pele. The first three teams to hit the gong will move on to the next round.
- ELIMINATED: Red Jaguars

THE STEPS OF KNOWLEDGE: Now you will learn more about the legend of the Fiery Rock of Pele. Pay close attention, because your knowledge of the legend can move you one step closer to the Temple. If you think you know the answer to Olmec's questions, hit your floor marking. If you are correct, you move a step down. The first two teams to descend three steps will move on to the Temple Games.
- WINNERS: Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys. The Silver Snakes leave with a Legends swag pack. And all teams get to keep their sweet t-shirts.

TEMPLE GAMES: Because they won the Steps of Knowledge first, the Blue Barracudas have control and elected to go second.
- RACE TO THE VOLCANO: One of you will clumb up the volcano and grab rocks to send lava flowing to your partner, who'll then use the lava to knock over six islands. Once you have done that, race up the volcano again and encase Hopoe by pouring lava on her. The fastest time wins one Pendant of Life.
- SPIRIT TRACKS: Describing the seven spirit symbols to your partner, you have to decode the symbol and assemble all four pieces of the spirit. First team to do that wins a Pendant.
WINNER: BLUE BARRACUDAS (win, 2-0). The Green Monkeys leave with $1000 and a pair of Razor scooters.

TEMPLE RUN: The Fiery Rock of Pele is located in the Room of the Lost Treasure. To get there you could choose to go...
- THE CRYSTAL CENOTE: Climb the stairs to one of three doors, which could lead you to...
- THE CRYPT OF THE HEARTLESS: Search through the corpses for a beating heart, which could take you to..
- THE PIT OF DESPAIR: Climb the walls using the holes or the mounted bones to take you to...
- THE SPIDER'S LAIR: Crawl through the web to get to...
- THE ROYAL RAGE ROOM: Smash the clay pots to find three jade keys that will open a door to...
- THE ROOM OF THE BELOVED: Using a slide puzzle, reunite a skull with its skeleton to go to...
- THE SHRINE OF THE SILVER MONKEY: Assemble the statue (BASE, BODY, HEAD) to open a door to...
- THE STEAMY HOLLOWS: Memorize the color pattern of the geysers to unlock...
- THE QUEEN'S ARMORY: Dress the queen statue with armor to open the Ladder of Death to...
- THE ROOM OF THE LOST TREASURE: Hidden in the debris is the Fiery Rock of Pele.

On go, Fiona will have 4 minutes to enter the temple and make her way to the Room of the Lost Treasure. Be careful, because there are many locked doors and dead ends. There are also Temple Guards assigned to guard three specific rooms. If you find one, you can give them a Pendant of Life to continue, but if you are caught without a pendant, you will be taken out of the Temple, and it will be Danny's turn to enter and try his luck. Once you reach the Fiery Rock of Pele, all the doors will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish. Return to the Temple Gates with the Fiery Rock of Pele within 4 minutes, and you will be handsomely rewarded:
- Getting to the Temple Run: $2500
- Getting to the Fiery Rock of Pele: $10,000
- Getting to the Temple Gates with the rock: $25,000
As always... the choices are yours and yours alone.

- Temple Guard in Crypt of the Heartless (Pendant)
- Temple Guard in the Queen's Armory
- TIME OUT. They do get $2500 courtesy of our friends at Chime.

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock2

CBS: Friday 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Latasha - $24,941(traded from $5,934)
Robert/Mireya - $15,000
Alexa - $4,314
Patrice - $3,814
Patience - $3,247
Misha - $3,000
Alitalia - $2,350
Joanna - $0
Isaac - SIZZLE...MEOW!
Caroline - OLE!
Quickie Deals - $800/$1,000(puzzle piece - Twitter Deal/up to 5 real cats)
Quickie Deals Total - $11,600/$14,000

Perfect Deals - 95
Big Deal Choice 1 - 8
Big Deal Choice 2 - 4
Big Deal Choice 3 - 11
Big Deal Location 1 - 7
Big Deal Location 2 - 10
Big Deal Location 3 - 6
Big Deal Wins- 9
Car Wins - 11(1 Fabulous Car on Fabulous Car Friday)


Prizes not won today - $73,117
Big Deal prizes not selected today - $6,532
Total for Today not won - $79,649
Prizes not won this season - $1,609,372

Total - $56,666
Total for Week 5: $219,018
Total for the Season: $1,128,366 + 2 prizes of unknown value
Total with Quickie Deals - $1,129,166 + 2 prizes of unknown value
Best Week - Week 3 - $254,086
$1M Passed: 10/13/2021

It's Fabulous Car Friday and we are trying to give away a car worth over $49,000! We start with Patience the Disco Diva(at homie). She can take Cat Gray's Air Sickness Bag with something inside or the Big Box. Leftovers go to Chef Patrice(restaurant manager and married to a chef with 5 kids and 2.5 grandkids). She keeps the bag and Patrice wins a vanity suite with Almost Famous Glam KIt along with dresser/chair/vanity mirror worth $3,814! Patience can take the bag or Curtain 1. Leftovers go to Misha the Dancing Bear. Patience takes Curtain 1 and wins a washer/dryer with robot mop and vacuum worth $3,247! Misha can keep the bag or take $1,000...$3,000. Misha takes the cash and passes on a 4N stay at the H1898 Hotel in BARCELONA SPAIN worth $12,864!

We need a couple and they are Robert/Mireya(peanut butter/jelly together for 32 years - met at Church). They are playing PAIR-A-DICE. Here's how the game works. We have 8 boxes on stage. They all have hidden dice under them. If Robert/Mireya match 4s, they win $400. 5s will give them $500. 6s will give them $600. If they can find all the numbered die before the 2 zonk die - we will turn that $1,500 into $15,000 in cash! Their first pick is 3 and it is a 5. 7 is a 6. 2 is the first zonk die. Robert/Mireya pass on $200 and pick 1. That matches the 5 and they have $500. Robert/Mireya go with 5 and it is a 4. The numbers left are 4/6/8. The numbers Robert/Mireya need for $15,000 are 4 and 6. They pick 8 and match the 4s. Robert/Mireya have one final decision. They need a 6, but will they keep the $900 or pick between 4 and 6. One will give them $15,000 and the other will send them home with NOTHING. Robert/Mireya go for the cash and pick 4....THEY WIN $15,000 WITH THE 6! 6 was the other ZONK.

Isaac the Brown(retired Navy) and Alexa the DJ(professional dancer - and now choreographer) are playing SILENT AUCTION. We have two items up for sale. First is the blue small box. They both have $1,000 to play with. Isaac and Alexa will write an amount they think will be enough to buy the box. They must write in $100 increments. Isaac buys the box $500-$300 and wins a Samsung Flip Z smartphone with a Samsung Galaxy Pro Laptop worth $2,200. Curtain 2 goes to Alexa for $700 and she is going to Orlando for 3N at the Orlando World Center Marriott worth $4,014! Isaac has $2,700 in cash and prizes. Alexa has $4,314 in cash and prizes. Who keeps and who trades for Curtain 3? Isaac trades. Alexa Keeps. Isaac wins a GIANT CATFISH BBQ(ZONK)!

Judge Latasha(works for the county recorder's office - plays bingo and has 8 grandchildren) is playing a revamped version of CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE. It's now known as EXPERT PHONE CALL. Latasha will call 2 of the following 3 experts to try and gauge clues for the Curtain 2 prize. They are: MECHANIC/TRAVEL AGENT/THE HONORABLE DOCTOR ESQUIRE. Latasha calls MECHANIC. He has a clue - TWO WHEELS. Next is TRAVEL AGENT. No clue. She can take Curtain 2 or Curtain 3. Latasha keeps Curtain 2 and Curtain 3 was a reqteq grill and a year of Deep River Snacks worth $2,548! Latasha wins a 2022 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Sport Bike worth $5,934!

Joanna the Zonkercise Instructor is playing 0 to 80 for THE FABULOUS CAR ON FABULOUS CAR FRIDAY! It's a 2022 Jaguar E-Pace SUV worth $49,255! Here's how the game works - Joanna must get her car up to 80mph in 4 token picks or less. We have tokens in the bag ranging in value from 0mph to 40mph. If Joanna can do that, she will win the Jaguar SUV. Her first pick is 40mph! WOW! Her next pick is 20mph! She is only 20mph away from an almost $50,000 SUV! Joanna passes on $1,000 and picks 0. She needs 20mph or higher - Joanna goes for it and passes on $1,000. Joanna picks 10mph. OUCH.

Last deal of the week involves Caroline the PInata(in insurance and is from Mississippi) and Alitalia the "T Party"(started her own press on nail company during the pandemic). We have the $50 on the outside Bankroll or Curtain 3. Caroline takes Curtain 3 and Alitalia has the bankroll or the LMAD Gift Bag. Alitalia takes the cash and passes on the gift bag which had a diamond bracelet from Shana Gulati worth $4,750! Alitalia wins $50 + $50 X 46 = $2,350! Caroline can take Curtain 3 or the diamond bracelet. Caroline takes the bracelet and wins a NACHO CHEESE HOT TUB(ZONK)!

Who trades for a shot at $24,941? Latasha trades her Ninja Motorcycle!

She picks 3. 1 was a gaming setup including a HP Laptop/Gaming Desk and Chair/VR Setup and a $500 prepaid card worth $4,534! Latasha wins a new dining room from Artefina AND A 13 DAY TOUR OF ITALY! It's worth $24,941! 2 was a $1,998 pair of Body Glove Paddleboards!

People Puzzler
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 6p/5c
Host: Leah Remini
Official WebsiteFacebook
An 8-letter word that best describes you
An 8-letter word that best describes you
An 8-letter word that best describes you

TODAY'S PUZZLERS are these... Sitcom Moms, In the Sky, Woodstock, and Down Under.

PUZZLE #1: Josh picks DOWN UNDER, getting 180. Gregory gets 40. Sara gets FOSTERS, KIDMAN, and ROBBIE for 190 plus the bonus, 290 total. Josh gets OUTBACK, KOALA, and CHRIS to go to 450. Sara has 330. Gregory gets the board with 40.

PUZZLE #2: Gregory picks SITCOM MOMS. Sara gets ALLISON, HUXTABLE, and SCHITTS for 440 plus the bonus, 970 total. Time runs out before the Wager Word is found. Sara has 1090. Josh has 450, and Gregory on 140 is out with a year of People Magazine.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Will Smith or the Cafeteria
- Josh picks THE CAFETERIA, getting SPIT, TATER, HAIRNET, TRAY, FOODFIGHT, and LUNCHLADY for 1900, 2350 total.
- Sara is left with WILL SMITH, getting CUBE, FADE, HAPPINESS, DONALD, and BADBOYS for... 1500 to win, 2590-2350!

$10,00 FAST PUZZLE for Sara: She goes with Familiar Voices, Cinderella, and Things That Are Cut over Gone Fishing.
- FAMILIAR VOICES: She... passes.
- CINDERELLA: She gets RICHES before passing again.
- THINGS THAT ARE CUT: She runs out of time before getting EXPENSSES and DIAMOND.

Back to the first one, where she needed BOBDYLAN, WALKEN, and ORSONWELLES. The second one was missing PUMPKIN and MADDEN.

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS/Paramount+: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Alexis Gaube, Devin Goda, Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Record today: 3-2-1
Record for week 5: 13-16-1
Record this season: 72-72-6
Total won today*: $129,476
Total won this week*: $382,830
Total won this season*: $2,463,332
Perfect bids: 3/150
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/0
DSWs/DOBs: 1/1
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 1/1
Best week: Week 1 - $861,435
Best player: Stephen Brennan - $131,826
$2 million passed: 10/7/21

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar

We're wrapping up the week with Janeen Shoemaker, Ralph Valencia, Vanessa Irizarry Misegades, and Shawn Morrison playing for a Chromebook. The $1597 Chromebook goes to Ralph, who gets to play for $25,000 on PUNCH-A-BUNCH! He gets hits from a $95 mini-fireplace, a $41 UV nail lamp, a $60 sound machine, and a $32 kitchen tool set. First hit... $2500. He trades that for.. $5000! He'll keep that. The other two, $100 and $500.

Gerald Frazier goes down and up wanting to parlay a $1985 get of luggage. He'll pack it for golfing in Oregon (6n @ Sunriver Resort), fishing in Maryland (6n @ Black Walnut Point Inn), and drinking in Vermont (6n @ West Hill House B&B) if he wins ONE WRONG PRICE.
- Oregon: $4960
- Maryland: $7454
- Vermont: $6808
He picks Maryland... $5737!

Sandra Osuna takes the hot route to a $1008 in fitness gear. Next for her... a 2022 Hyundai Elantra SEL in MONEY GAME.
- 21  50  23
- 66  78  97
- 45  22  89
Middle number: 2. 21... Money. 22... Money. 23... Front. 78... Money. Last pick is 45, and she wins... $166. The car was $23,266.

Ralph spins out $11,000 on the Big Wheel. Meanwhile, Janeen wins a $2295 set of Dolce & Gabbana shoes. She'll be stylin' & profilin' in the backyard with an outdoor kitchen island with United Harvest for a year if she wins PICK-A-PAIR. Minute Maid Berry Punch.. $2.29. Red Rooster hot sauce.. $2.29!

Shawn gets off the schneid with a $1119 smartphone! Next up, a game room wtih pool table, shuffleboard, and darts in DOUBLE PRICES.  Is it $7504 or $5216? Shawn picks $7504... WINNER!

Vanessa has last bid last chance wtih a set of cookware. The price: $533. The winner. .Tracy Clemons, who can win a hand mixer, a dishwasher, and a Nissan Sentra SV in 10 CHANCES. She gets the $30 hand mixer in three (C-Note: HOW?!) and the $960 dishwasher & dinnerware in three as well, leaving her four for the car... Numbers are 1, 3, 4, 0, 2.
- $21,403... NO!
- $20,413... STOP!
- $20,431... QUIT IT!
- $21,430... Too little, too late. It was $24,310.

Janeen meets Ralph in ... THE FABULOUS SHOWCASES! First up, some leigsure...
- Hot tub
- Golf cart with clubs
- Baking class in Paris (6n @ Feels Like Home)
Top winner Ralph passes, and Janeen bids $24,408. Ralph brings the noise...
- Home theater (seats, 75" smart Tv, Blu-Ray player)
- Karaoke
- Kia Soul S
He bids $27,526. Actual price... of Janeen's Showcase is $39,252, a difference of $14,844. Actual price of Ralph's Showcase... $27,... 649! With a difference of only $123, RALPH VALENCIA IS A LOYAL FRIEND AND TRUE... AND A DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER! He scoops up a total, and it's a big one, of $84,726!

Supermarket Sweep
by Chris Wolvie
bird, new, square, twitter icon @ChrisWolvie

ABC: Sunday 9p/8C
Host: Leslie Jones
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramABC AppHulu

  (LEGAL NOTE: All products are TMs and Rs of their respective companies.  Their mentions here are NOT endorsements of any kind.)

Bradley Bond and Brian Fisher (San Diego, CA); boyfriends for 14 years
Alicia and Morgan Stanback (North Highlands, CA); Alicia is Morgan's mother
Tiare Pereira-Sang (Kula, HI) and Alexus-Rae "Punia" Sand (Kapolei, HI); cousins

MINI-SWEEP (for 10 seconds and $250 Big Sweep bonus)
Q: When you find yourself crying over a MEAN EX, you can dry your tears with a box of _______.
A: Kleenex facial tissue (Chocolate Chips)

LOGO-MOTION (For Bradley, Alicia & Tiare)
A brand logo is slowly assembled.  Buzz-in with the correct product name and get 10 seconds of Sweep time.

Q1: Dubble Bubble bubble gum (Alicia)
Q2: Miracle Whip sandwich dressing (Tiare)
Q3: Klondike ice cream bars (Tiare)
Q4: Blue Bonnet margarine (Bradley)
Q5: Bush's baked beans (No one)

JAN THE ANIMATED CAN (For Brian, Morgan & Punia)
Jan, an animated can, will read trivia questions about grocery items, each with three possible answers.  Each team locks-in an answer and whoever is right gets 10 seconds of Sweep time.

Q1: Which of these ingredients are NOT in Reese's Pieces: Peanuts, Sugar or Chocolate?
A1: Chocolate (No one; they all went for peanuts)

Q2: Where was the Hawai'ian pizza invented: Ontario, CAN, New Mexico, USA or Beijing, CHN?
A2: Ontario, CAN (No one; they all said New Mexico)

Q3: Which of these drinks contains the chemical "quinine", which can cause it to glow in the dark under a black light: Milk, Tonic water or Cranberry juice
A3: Tonic water (Brian)

DO YOU SPEAK RECEIPT? (Round Robin - teammates switch with each question)
A receipt is shown with a product with its vowels removed (just like on a real grocery receipt) and a clue is given.  First to buzz in and correctly guess the product adds 10 seconds to their Sweep time.

Q1: This stick stuff is the bee's knees: HNY
A1: Honey (Chocolate Chips)

Q2: I'm a colonel AND a condiment: MSTRD
A2: Mustard (Pineapple Princesses)

Q3: Good for hairy situations: SHMP
A3: Shampoo (Sugar Cookies)

Q4: This sounds like a fight that's been simmering for a while: BF STW
A4: Beef Stew (Pineapple Princesses)

Q5: Baked caffeine: CFF CK
A5: Coffee Cake (Sugar Cookies)

Q6: Because everyone poops...even kitties: CT LTTR
A6: Cat Litter (Chocolate Chips)


Bethel's Grind (grind a bag of coffee beans for $300)
Barrel of Fun (dig through a barrel of coffee beans for a $300 token)
Inflatable products (up to $300)
Leslie's Shopping List: Chobani yogurt (any size or flavor), can of condensed milk (any size or brand) and one Hershey's chocolate bar (any variety or size) ($500)

PINEAPPLE PRINCESSES: Ice cream sandwich inflatable ($250) + groceries = $2410
TEAM CHOCOLATE CHIPS: Mimi-sweep + Watermelon inflatable ($100) + groceries = $3302
SUGAR COOKIES: Barrel of Fun + Pretzel "triple bonus" inflatable (picks $300) + groceries = $2939

R1 ($5000): This fruity product is always in its birthday suit: _____ (Naked fruit juice; get with :56 left)
R2 ($10,000): I'd pay a small fee to travel towards these tiny chips: ____ _____ (Toll House chocolate chips; TIME'S UP!)


Emma Gribbon (Venice, CA) and Steven Quinn (San Diego, CA)
BFFs; Steven's a cancer survivor
Mckenzie Stanback (Los Angeles, CA) and Ai Yamato (Manhattan Beach, CA)
sorority sisters (Sigma Kappa)
Jasmine Gonzalez (Pinole, CA) and Jontelle "Telley" Fisher (Winters, CA)
sisters and mothers

MINI-SWEEP (for 10 seconds and $250 Big Sweep bonus)
Q: If you go to Texas, bring me back a LASSO and maybe some taco shells from ___ __ ____.
A: Old El Paso taco shells (Hot Fries)

LESLIE-MOJI (For Emma, Ai & Jasmine)
People text Leslie to pick things up for emoji.  Figure out the brand or product and buzz-in with the right answer for 10 Sweep seconds.

Q1: Candy aisle: a raisin and two hockey goals
A1: Raisinets chocolate-covered raisins (Jasmine)

Q2: Freezer section: a sunglasses face and a whip
A2: Cool Whip whipped topping (Jasmine)

Q3: Baby section: two men on chin-up bars
A3: Pull-Ups training pants (Jasmine)

Q4: Canned goods aisle: spaghetti & meatballs and two letter "O"s
A4: Campbell's SpaghettiOs (Ai)

CLEAN UP ON AISLE 3 (For Steven, Mckenzie & Telley)
A product out of its package is shown and three possible choices as to the ID of the product are offered.  Each team locks-in their pick and get 10 Sweep seconds if correct.

Q1: Candy aisle: Payday bars, Caramello bars or Heath bars?
A1: Hershey's Heath toffee candy bars (Telley and Mackenzie)

Q2: Chips aisle: Chili Cheese Fritos, Cheetos Flamin' Hot Puffs or Chester's Flamin' Hot Fries?
A2: Chester's Flamin' Hot Fries (EVERYONE, including Telley...I mean, "Team Hot Fries"...duh!)

Q3: Breakfast bars: Nature Valley bars, Lärabars or Fiber One Chewy bars?
A3: Nature Valley bars (EVERYONE!)

DO YOU SPEAK RECEIPT? (Round Robin - teammates switch with each question)
(same as above)

Q1: It's a dip AND a dance: SLS
A1: Salsa (Hot Fries)

Q2: Baked potatoes bitter companion: SR CREAM
A2: Sour Cream (Turnip)

Q3: Do you hang yours over or under?: TLT PPR
A3: Toilet Paper (Turnip)

Q4: There's something fishy about these: SRDNS
A4: Sardines (Boba)

Q5: My family is bananas: PLNTN
A5: Plantain (Turnip)

Q6: Soothe my burning heart!: NTCD
A6: Antacid (Boba)


{Tiffany Bigelow, customer service rep in a grocery store in Holland, Michigan, is the "Essential Worker of the Week".  For being there for the customers for 30 years and delivering goods to those who can't get to the store, she gets $2000 and a "Supermarket Sweep" sweatshirt.}

Golden cans ($300)
Rich's Roses (find a dozen of them among the flowers for $300)
Inflatable products (up to $300)
Leslie's Shopping List: bag of romaine lettuce (any size), bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (any size or variety) and bag of sunflower seeds (any brand, size or variety) ($500)

TEAM HOT FRIES: Mini-Sweep + Ice cream bar inflatable ($100) + groceries = $2585
TEAM BOBA: Golden can + Watermelon inflatable ($250) + groceries = $2051
TEAM TURNIP: Hot dog "triple bonus" inflatable (picks $300) + groceries = $2445

R1 ($5000): This should be Naomi and Neve's favorite canned food brand: __________ (Campbell's canned soup; get with :52 left)
R2 ($10,000): The hot dogs are sizzling and the burgers are FRYIN' so say "aloha" to the buns by ______ ________ (King's Hawaiian bread; get with :37 left)
R3 ($25,000): If you really want to feel ALIVE, get yourself in a lather with ___ (V.O.5 body wash; get with :26 left)
R4 ($50,000): Chew on this one: "Large Primary Color": ___ ___ ([Wrigley's] Big Red chewing gum; get with :13 left)
R5 ($100,000!): It's got corn and wheat cereal plus little BREADSTICKS; it's the one-of-a-kind treat known as ____ ___ (Chex Mix; TIME'S UP!!)


Tooned In
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Nick: Friday 8:30p/7:30C
Host: Jerry Trainor with Rama Vallury as "NICKY the AI Robot"
Official WebsiteFacebook
Available on CBS All Access

soccer fan
basketball player

ROUND 1: Casagrandes' Pequeños Details, That's My Singing Voice, Burpin' Burger Secret Menu, Moody Tootie, and Occupational Hazard
- CASAGRANDES' PEQUEÑOS DETAILS: Answer questions based on what you see for 100.
- BURPIN' BURGER SECRET MENU: Answer these 100 point questions... while burping.
- MOODY TOOTIE: Decipher each toon mood for 100.
Brandon has 500 points to Alec's 200. Camryn has 100.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: How many pounds does Appa weigh in "Avatar"? Brandon says 400, Camryn 590, and Alec 460. Correct answer... 20,000. Camryn goes to 300!

- THE LOUD CAFE: Recreate the dishes you see on the menu before ringing in for 200.
- BOOTS LOVES BOOTS: Identify the Nicktoon by their footwear for 200.
Going into All the Answers, Alec has 800, Brandon has 900, and Camryn has 500. Still anyone's game.

ALL THE ANSWERS are... flying bison, Darwin, sea serpent, Youngblood, Chompy the Goat, Hector, Llama Boy, PAtchy thye Pirate, squid, Benny Stein, Captain Greybeard, and Larry the Lobster.
- Brandon SWEEPS the round (of the correct answers given) to win with 2400!

CLIMB OR SLIME: Brandon has $700 going into the final level on "Hey Arnold!"...
- Helga Pataki or Phoebe Heyerdahl, who has a crush on Arnold? He says Helga... RIGHT for $1000!

25 Words or Less
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Devin & Robin

$10,000, LAke Placid
, Arizona, TV
Luther & Larry
Jane Lynch
"Weakest Link"
Rick Fox

Today's Superfan comes from the Tampa-St. Pete area. IT's Charles who watches on Fox 13 WTVT.

- Jane vs. Rick: ripe, duck, billbaord, Alex, hacky sack. Rick declares 13... and runs out of words. 250 to Devin & Robin.
- Robin vs. Luther: rainbow, word, tomato, wood, pinch. Robin bids 16... and doubles to 500.
- Devin vs. Larry: clown, pant, China, stake, Twitter. Larry goes for 17... and the champs sweep, 750-0.

ROUND 2: Jane gets the board first...
- JANE's list: agony (500), Red Sox (500), club (250), Texas (250), Lassie (250)
- RICK's list: KFC, barcode, Morse code, undercover, therapist (all 1000)
Devin & Robin get all five for 1750 plus the bonus, 3500 total. Luther & Larry... completely whiff. Champs are still champs, 3500-0. Luther & Larry leave with a gift card to Blue Apron.

MONEY ROUND: Devin tries her luck this time, getting rubber, independence, novel, airfare, and reunion for a trip to Barbados (The Club Barbados).

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock2

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White with Jim Thornton
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Total for Today- -$39,140
Total for Week 5 - $260,463
Total for the Season: $1,161,801
Bonus Win Percentage: 6/25
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $630,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars: 1 VW ID.4 SUV, 3 Mini Coopers, 1 CX-5
$1,000 Consolation Prizes: 5
Triple Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 3/0
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 6/1/2
Car Wins:  1
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 1/0
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 5/25/1/3
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 11/25/3/3
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes/won: 6/6/3/3
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 14/6/5
$2,500 Space Hit - 5
$3,500 Space Hit - 13
$5,000 Space Hit - 1
Bankrupt Space Hit - 57
Lose A Turn Hit - 21
Vowels Missed:
A - 6 E -3 I - 9 O-7 U -
Missed solves - 4
Repeated a letter/vowel - 6
Perfect Rounds: 13
House Minimums - 8
Gift Tags hit/won/lost: 12/8/3
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 1/25
Best Week: Week 1 - TEACHER'S WEEK  - $310,405
Best Player: Allison Leonard - $81,225
Bankrupt Losses: $120,900 + 1 unknown trip value.
Left on the Table: $410,050 + 1 trip of unknown value
Red Podium Win - 6
Yellow Podium Win - 13
Blue Podium Win -  6
Worst Week: Week 3 - $156,913
1M Passed - 10/12/2021 - 22 Shows

A :  1(0-1)
M : 2 (1-1)
E : 1 (0-1)
I : 2(1-1)
C: 2(1-1)
': 2 (0-2)
G: 1(0-1)
M: 2 (0-2)
E :
P: 1(0-1)
& : 3(1-2)
I :
N: 2(0-2)
* - 1 (0-1)
** - 1 (0-1)
*** - 1(1-0)

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
EVENT(s) -1/1/0/1
SHOW BIZ -1/1/0/1
LIVING THING(s) -6/2/0/1
PHRASE - 16/4/0/4
FOOD & DRINK - 3/2/1/1
THING(s) -23/3/1/2
PLACE(s) - 7/3/1/2

Let's end the week at Wheel with the Friday recap!

The $1,000 Tossup is WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Sandy Waddlington from Illinois solves MAKING HEADLINES. She is a RN for 35 years and has 8 children! However, she only gave birth to one of them! She loves to embarrass her kids! Greg Hanson from Azusa, CA is married with 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren. He is a production manager and loves to drive his tractor and sing the theme to Green Acres. Melissa Butnick from Roswell, GA has a 10 yr old son. She pouted her way to a Wheel of Fortune Board Game when she was a young child!

The $2,000 Tossup is OCCUPATION. Sandy has $3,000 with HISTORY PROFESSOR. She starts SAME LETTER and hits Lose a Turn. Greg misses on the Palm Springs trip on the wheel. Melissa hits 6 $2,500 Same Letter B's (and we add the $1,000 Same Letter Bonus). That is a $16,000 spin. She has $17,900 at this point but misses a vowel - O. Sandy solves BLACKBIRDS BLUEBIRDS AND BIRDBATHS for $6,300. It's been all Sandy so far with $9,300 in cash!  We move on to...

The Prevagen Mystery Round which is started by Greg. It's SONG LYRICS. Greg risks $2,000 on the mystery wedge and gets the $10,000 prize on his first spin. He has no money at this time, so he must play on. Can he keep the $10,000 prize? He misses a vowel - I. Melissa Bankrupts. Sandy solves LEAN ON ME WHEN YOU'RE NOT STRONG for $650. We bump that to the $1,000 house minimum. Sandy has $10,300 in cash! We move on to...

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge Round which is started by Melissa. It's FUN & GAMES. She picks up the WC with a $500 T but hits Lose a Turn. Sandy hits a $3,500 R and late in the round hits 2 $1,000 Express Wedge P's. All Sandy needed was 2 $1,000 L's and 2 $1,000 S's to solve SPLASHING AROUND IN THE POOL for $10,900 in cash and a trip to a place where she can do that - CURACAO! It's a stay at the Papagayo Beach Club worth $8,140! Sandy has $29,340 in cash and prizes!

The Triple Tossup Round Category is FOOD & DRINK. Greg has $2,000 and is on the board with HONEY-GLAZED HAM and another $2,000 with T-BONE STEAK. Melissa gets on the board with her $2,000 solve of CAN OF SPAM. She starts the next round. Greg just won his $4,000. Greg and Melissa have been chasing Sandy all night. She has $29,340 in cash and prizes including her trip to Curacao. Melissa starts PHRASE and spins us right into a $1,900 a letter FINAL SPIN. Greg solves LET'S DO DINNER for $3,800. He leaves with $7,800 in cash! Melissa leaves with $2,000 in cash! Sandy wins with $29,340 in cash and prizes!

The pre-bonus round total is $39,140! Sandy picks FOOD & DRINK over PLACE and AROUND THE HOUSE.

Sandy lands on the & wedge. With the RSTLNE and her choices of C F M U we have:

_ _ _ / _ F / M _ _ E _
_ E _ _ _ E S

Nothing. It was BAG OF MIXED VEGGIES. She loses $39,000 in bonus cash but leaves with $29,340 in cash and prizes!

You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Jay Leno with Kevin Eubanks
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramInstagram

First game of the night is Lorraine from Whittier, CA, and Michael from Idaho.
- CarGurus Secret Word: manicure
They get to rope in... ALL IN THE FAMILY.
- $250: "Schitt's Creek" starred not two but three members of a Canadian acting family. Name any one of them. They go with David... it was Eugene, Dan, and Sarah Levy.
- $500: Star of "The Good Wife" & "True Detective", actress Mamie Gummer is the daughter of which Oscar-winning actress: Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, or Mamie Eisenhower? They say Meryl Streep... RIGHT!
- $750: Who is this famous father of "Ballers" & "BlackKklansman" star John David Washington? They go with Denzel Washington... RIGHT!
- $1000: Keenen, Marlon, and Shawn are just three of the 10 siblings in what famous Hollywood family? They go with Wayans... RIGHT for $2250 plus the $500 from "manicure".
DOUBLE OR NOTHING: As Frank Costanza, this comedy legend gave the world Festivus; as a dad, he gave us which actor/director: Ben Affleck, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Stiller, or Benjamin Franklin? They go with Ben Stiller... RIGHT for $5000!

Meanwhile, we get to Melissa, a first grade teacher, and Christian, a bartender.
- CarGurus Secret Word: Eat.
Belly up to the bar for... IT'S MONUMENTAL.
- $250: A gift from France, what larger-than-life woman stands on a pedestal, wears a crown, and holds a torch for travelers in the New York City bay? They say the Statue of Liberty... RIGHT!
- $500: Standing at 630 feet, the world's tallest arch is a monument located in what US city? They say St. Louis... RIGHT!
- $750: The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built to be which of these things: a courthouse, a museum, a bell tower, or a pizza parlor? They go with bell tower.. RIGHT!
- $1000: Near the Great Pyramid is Giza's Sphinx that has the head of a human but the body of what? They go with a lion... RIGHT for $2500 plus the $500 for Christian saying "eat".
DOUBLE OR NOTHING: What is the name of this performing arts center in Australia? They go with Sydney Opera House... RIGHT!

Mitch is playing for the audience now, and if he wins, he gets a Tommy Bahama gift card.
- NINETEEN EIGHTY FORK: Invented by Samuel Francis, what is a combination fork & spoon called? He says "spork"... RIGHT!