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April 14, 2014

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Some game logo captures appear courtesy of Mike Klauss and Jay Lewis

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A Bad Ass Premiere

Bam's Bad Ass Game Show Premiere
by Chico Alexander
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TBS: 10:30p/9:30c
Host: Bam Margera with Seth Meisterman, Brandon Novak, Tim O'Connor & Burton Richardson
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  (C-Note: The stunts portrayed on this show are designed and supervised by extreme stunt professionals. They're extremely dangerous and should not be duplicated anywhere by anyone at anytime)

Today, four people are going to be complete jackasses for a shot at $10,000 on the premiere of "Bam's Bad Ass Game Show!"

Joel Sauer
crab fisherman
Ayla Webb
parts unknown
Jacob Cyprus
Fresno, CA
physics teacher
Mimi Masher
Long Beach, CA
roller derby chick

There are three challenges, and whoever sucks the worst after each is eliminated. Last one standing wins $10,000.

CHALLENGE 1: Apple Crate Ski Jump. Attached to an ATV is a pair of crates. Your feet are going to be skiing in the crates over a ramp and onto a bunch of boxes. Three furthest jumps advance. The FURTHEST gets a Hawaiian prize pack which includes shirts, surfboards, and prize package. Mimi's first, and jumps 32 feet. Joel passes her with 41 feet. Ayla's jump... puts her in danger with 27 feet. Jacob needs to beat that. He gets... far enough! Ayla's eliminated! Or, in game parlance, BAMMED. Meanwhile, Joel gets the non-Hawaiian Hawaiian vacation.

(C-Note: Good to see Burton Richardson working again)

CHALLENGE 2: Hogtied Splashdown. You're going to be dangling over a filthy water pool answering question. First to answer two wrong gets bammed. That would be Jacob, who doesn't know who Gene Simmons is.

CHALLENGE 3: Human Cannonball. As you get shot out of a cannon, you're going to drop a watermelon onto a target 100 feet away. Closest to the target wins $10,000. Loser gets a brand new car!.... supply package, including 10 gallons of gas, fuzzy dice, air fresheners, and old-school GPS... or as we call them, MAPS. Mimi is 8'5" away from the target. Joel... BULLSEYE! He wins the 10 Gs, and Mimi gets bammed.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/CHCH: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek
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  Tonight, Sandie competes for her slot in the tournament against...
Sandie Baker

Eastpointe, MI
translation coordinator
Chrissy Swisher
Glendale, CO
Devin Baker
government secretary

Sandie starts with $200 Good Luck Charms, finding the Daily Double under $600 6-Letter Bible Books. She fronts $1000 on this: this epistle says, "A man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law." "What is Romans?" RIGHT for $4600! She ends up with $6600 to $4600 for Devin. Chrissy, with $3200, is going to take the board first in Double Jeopardy!...

... with $400 Fruit in the Word. Sandie finds the first Daily Double under $1600 Born 100 Years Ago. After a line ruling affecting Devin, Sandie bets $3000 on this: born in Swansea, Wales, he went somewhat gentle into that good night in 1953. "Who is Dylan Thomas?" RIGHT for $17,600! Sandie can pick up the triple double with $1200 Scientific Discoveries. She wagers $2000 on this: this protective layer of the stratosphere was discovered by Charles Fabry in 1913. "What is the ozone layer?" GOOD for $26,800, where she ends the round. With Chrissy at $4400 and Devin on $9800, the game - and the spot in the next Tournament of Champions - is Sandie's to lose.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Signs & Symbols": meant to evoke a person with arms outstretched & pointed downward, it was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom. Correct response: what is the peace symbol?

EVERYONE blanked out today, but Sandie, with her big fat wager of $200, ends up with another $26,600, giving her a four-day take of $95,200!

Let's Ask America
by Mike Klauss
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Syn: check local listings
Host: Kevin Pereira
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Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
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Kelsey - $4,709
Vanessa - $3,800
Jeremy - $2,996
Gloria - $2,760
Charlene - $2,046(traded from $4,774)
Levon - $1,867
Maydelle - $100
Brooke/Mark - $0
Carole - BAD RACE
Stephanie - OH THE HUMANITY!
Quickie Deals - $900

Big Deal Choice 1 - 23
Big Deal Choice 2 - 56
Big Deal Choice 3 - 53
Big Deal Location 1 - 49
Big Deal Location 2 - 39
Big Deal Location 3 - 44
Big Deal Wins- 35/132

Total: $19,178
Total for Week 29- $19,178
Total for the season: $5,309,968
5M Passed 04/01/2014(99 shows + 24 Shows)
New week on Deal starts off with Maydelle the Fairy Princess who can win a 60" LED HDTV with Roku 3 worth $2,900 AND a suite of Home Appliances from Haier with $1,000 of Groceries worth $5,694 AND a new Honda Fit worth $16,215 by playing RACE TO THE FINISH. She needs 5 hearts to win the car and 4 spades to win the appliances and 3 diamonds to win the TV. She needs to avoid the three clubs which will zonk her out. If she wins a prize and commits to going on, another suit must cross the finish line to either zonk her out or add a prize. Then she can choose to quit if she wants to. She starts with the 9 of CLUBS. Next is the 9 of hearts, the Ace of Spades, and the Jack of Spades. She passes on $200 to play on. 2 of hearts is next, 8 of hearts, 7 of hearts, and the 2 of clubs onks her out. Consolation picks....for every club she gets $100 and she gets $100.

Let's try to recover with Jeremy the Tourist, Gloria the Farmer, and Carole the Hot Dog. Each dealer will have their deal made for them by the other dealers. Jeremy gets the Green Box over $800 and wins a weekend at Carmel for 2N at the Quail Lodge and Golf Club worth $2,996! Gloria gets the Blue Box over $800 and it's a gold jewelry collection from Vail Jewelry worth $2,760. Carole gets the yellow box over $800 and it's his/her Lance scooters worth $4,298! Who trades for the LMAD Envelope? Carole goes for the envelope and wins A TRIP TO THE ZONKTONA 5,000,000(ZONK)!

Charlene is playing the Dealing Game. Wayne and Jonathan are men representing Curtain 1 and Curtain 3. Charlene gets to ask them a question: IF YOUR PRIZE WAS TO ORDER A DRINK AT THE BAR, WHAT KIND OF BEVERAGE WOULD THEY ORDER. Jonathan would order a relaxing drink - an orange blush. Wayne would order an oaky drink a "redwood". She goes for 1. Wayne's curtain was A GIANT BEACH CHAIR(ZONK). Charlene wins a new living room with 46" HDTV/desktop speaker and 32GB Ipod Touch worth $4,774!

We need a couple and it's Brooke/Mark(Leprechaun/Pot of Gold). They are playing PAIR-A-DICE. We have 8 boxes and 2 have zonks. The other 6 have dice. If they match fours, they get $400. 5s will give them $500 and 6s will give them $600. If they can match all the dice before hitting the zonks, they will have $1,500 and a $12,800 Nissan Versa Sedan! They start with 1 which is the first zonk. They play on with 5 passing on $200 which is a 6. 7 is next and it's 4. 3 is the 2nd zonk. They are OUT.

Levon the Baby, Vanessa the Sun and Kelsey the Dress up Girl are playing NO COMPLAINING. Levon can take the small box or the LMAD Envelope with a check. He takes the box and passes on $2,700. He wins a BBQ Grill from Bull with $500 of Omaha Steaks worth $1,867! Vanessa can take Levon's Grill or the Big Box. She takes the box and wins a 24" Sony All In One Computer, DSLR with Tripod and wireless printer along with 1 yr of internet service worth $4,709! Kelsey can take the grill/the electronics/ or Curtain 1. Kelsey takes the package Vanessa won and now has Curtain 1. She passes on $1,000 to take Curtain 1 and is going on a 8 day tour of Panama worth $3,800!

Last deal involves the LMAD ATM Card and Stephanie the Pop-Tart has it. She can make as many withdrawals as she wants as long as she isn't overdrawn. She starts with $800. She goes on with $800. She has $1,600 and stops. She leaves $2,400 in the machine. Will she keep the cash or go for Curtain 2? She goes for the Curtain and wins a ZONK BLIMP(ZONK).

Who trades for a shot at $28,489? It's Charlene with her living room! She picks 2. 1 was a hot tub worth $6,410! 2 was new sports gear with hoop along with Skates/Helmet worth $2,046! 3 was the Big Deal and it starts with a trip to Bali for 4N at the L Hotel Seminyak in Bali along with a trip to the Grand Hotel National in Lucerne, Switzerland for 7N worth $28,489!

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Rachel Reynolds, Rob Wilson & George Gray
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Record today: 2-3-1
Record this week: 2-3-1
Record this season: 339-429-30
Total today: $47,389
Total this week: $47,389
Total this season: $9,152,567
Perfect bids: 26/792
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 1/2
DSWs/DOBs: 5/11
Best week: Week 15 - $546,067
$9M passed: 4/10/14
It's a brand new week at 33 with Paris Ross, Carole Hanrahan, Michael Alvarez, Megan Ohnmeiss, and a set of watches. The $1500 watches go to Carole, who gets to play for a Fiat 500 Pop in Money Game.

10  42  17
59  65  96
83  18  19

Middle number: 9. 83... 65... 96... 59... All money. She completely whiffed Money Game for $303. The price: $17,910.

Dallin Large goes down and up thanks to a $1050 laptop. Next up, a refrigerator/freezer, four purses, and a recumbent bike in Eazy as 1-2-3. Recumbent bike... $799. Purses... $1540. Refrigerator... $2799!

Michele Bartholomew gets the hot spot for a $1699 recliner. With that comes a shot at a lot of change in the cushion. It's PLINKO TIME! With chips from Drew, a $35 coffee maker, a $90 can opener, a $50 toaster oven, and a $79 photo Ferris wheel, she wins $3100. With a spin of the wheel, she wins a spot in the Showcase.

Meanwhile, James Boldy keeps the hot routes going with a $1413 cutlery set. Can he add on a grill and 3DTV in Double Cross?

3 2 1   1 7 0
5 2 3   9 6 6


He moves the grill to $2149 and the TV to $3417... and that's.... RIGHT!

Michael finally breaks the skid with a $660 gas chimenea. Can she hit the gas on a Scion tC in Temptation? First, gifts... $2020 cash money, an $899 iPod package, a $688 PSVita package, and a $500 pair of HD camcorders. From those he guesses $22,965. Will he pass up $4107 in free stuff for a shot at the car? Nope. He goes for the sure thing. The price: $20,965.

Last shot at greatness for Paris and Megan comes with a set of luggage. The price: $1060. Winner... MEGAN! She gets a shot at a trip to Portugal in Double Prices. It's either $7221 or $5559. She picks $5559... Wrong.

Michael beats James, 60-55, in a Showdown Spinoff. First up, let's go camping with camping equipment, an ATV, and a trip to South Africa. Top winner Michele passes, and Michael bids $20,150. Michele gets Jimmy Choos, a trip to Florida, and a Chevy Sonic. She bids $24,000. Actual price: $26,386, a difference of $2386. Actual price of Michael's Showcase... $21,539 to win with a difference of $1389! He takes away $26,306.

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

Syn/CHCH: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
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Total for Today: $33,499
Total for Week 30: $33,499
Total for the Season: $7,360,774
Bonus Win Percentage: 59/146
Gooseeggs: 18
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 14/1
Mystery Round Prizes won: 10
Car Wins: 8
1/2 Car Wedges hit/total wins: 186/11
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used: 34/146/8
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used: 79/146/23
Express Wedge Hit/Used: 43/30
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won: 67/35
Gift Tags won: 33
Free Play Hit: 137
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 12/146
Best Week: Week 13 - $346,921 - Disney Cruise Line Week
$7M Passed - 03/26/14(117 shows + 20 shows)
Bankrupt Losses: $730,496

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
by Don Harpwood

bird, new, square, twitter icon @doughnut251

Syn: check local listings
Host: Cedric, the Entertainer
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  Michelle Friedman (Philadelphia, PA)
She had been practicing for this show with her sister non-stop.

She jumps the 2nd question, which had $100. She also jumps the 4th, which had $25,000. She then sees this with $26,000 banked...

[Q8 - Quality Control]
Nokia made headlines when they released their Lumia phone because lumia is a Spanish slang word for what?
A: Prostitute
B: Clown
C: Nipple
D: Whiskey

Michelle asks the audience; 37% say C, with A and B tied at 27% each. With that, she walks with $13,000! As for the answer, it's A.

Jay McCue (Philadelphia, PA)
He says he's a big trivia buff.

He jumps the 1st question, leaping over $15,000. His bank is at $3,500 going into this...

[Q4 - That New Twain Joint]
Featuring wisdom like "You ought never to 'sass' old people unless they 'sass' you first," what was the name of Mark Twain's 1865 advice column?
A: Tea Parties and You
B: Boy's Etiquette
C: Advice for Good Little Girls
D: How to Succeed

Jay is leaning towards B, so he goes with that... but it's C! As a result, he leaves with $1,000.

To finish the show for today, Tom Kieran and Andrew Young, a pair of paramedics who had to tend to an audience member earlier, are chosen from the audience to play the next question in Jay's stack for $1,000...

[Q5 - Phelps Did What]
Giving his rivals even more incentive to try and stay ahead of him, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps admitted that he does what in pools?
A: Shampoos
B: Sings
C: Pees
D: Chews gum

They decide to go with C... and they're right for $1,000!

Win, Lose or Draw
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Disney: 5p/4C
Host: Justin Willman
Official WebsiteFacebook
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Bradley Steven Perry
"Mighty Med"
Jake Short
"Mighty Med"
Jacob & Colby
snowboarding cousins
Kate & Kristin
sisters, one whose nickname is Bob

Today's teams are playing for an HP split laptop among other things.

GET A CLUE: Blues starts off with triplets and river for 20. Green friends get sidewalk, elf, goalie, and cave on the buzzer for 40.

Star swap for the DRAW-OBSTACLE COURSE: Supersized Stylus, Unbalanced Artist, and Spin Cycle. Blues get arrow, Mohawk, door, snout, and ice skate to pull ahead with 70. Greens get box, bull, carrots, stairs, and tire swing for 90.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Blues need one to tie, two to lead. They get bungee jumping, ambulance, cast, licks, brain freeze... and that's it for 170. Greens need four to tie, five to win. They get... leaves, thunderstorm, snail, and... miss anteater. Blues come from behind to win, 170-150!

PRIZE ROUND: the players will Sit & Spin today. Kate & Bob get ZIPPER, BRICKS, CLIPBOARD, and run out of time on tugboat, but they do win three pairs of prizes! They get the laptops PLUS $300 in Angels dollars and an iPod shuffle with ear buds!