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May 18, 2020


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"We're Taking Over!"

Let's Make a Deal Wayne's Favorite Folks Week
Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @BeatTheBlock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
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bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Crysta/Christian - $23,724(traded from $3,715)
Elena - $15,140
Kyra - $4,601
Katie - $3,500
Tyler - $3,398
Avalon - $3,297
Elan - $3,000
Sophia - $3,000
Vincent - $1,500
Nicole - $100
Quickies - $100/$500
Quickie Deals Total - $59,500/$82,400

Perfect Deals - 528
Big Deal Choice 1 - 41
Big Deal Choice 2 - 56
Big Deal Choice 3 - 66
Big Deal Location 1 - 72
Big Deal Location 2 - 49
Big Deal Location 3 - 40
Big Deal Wins- 43
Car Wins -73

Prizes not won today - $10,221
Big Deal prizes not selected today - $10,649
Prizes not won this season -$10,357,374.82+ 7 prizes of unknown value

Total - $63,260
Total for Week 34 - $63,260
Total for the Season: $6,560,160.47 + 2 prizes of unknown value
Total with Quickie Deals - $6,560,260.47+ 2 prizes of unknown value
Best Week - Week 16 - $349,526(PCH Week)
6M Passed 04/23/2020 - 148 shows (19 + 27 + 19 + 26 + 24 + 33)

It's Day 1 of "Wayne's Favorite Folks" week on LMAD and today -- it's all about the KIDS! KIDS RULE THE WORLD. Every decision will be made by the kiddos today! We start with Elan the Greaser, Sophia the Cat and Elena(as Carmen Miranda). It's time for the LMAD Science Fair. But before we start, the lights go down and Curtain 2 opens and we see all of the LMAD family members - Scarlett(Tiffany's Daughter), Maile Brady(who we have seen on the Bold and the Beautiful, Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ and other places) and Jonathan's sons Chase and Austin. They are going to help today as well! Wayne and Jonathan are done for the day as the kids take over. They retire to the audience. We have three beakers. Once the kids pick their beakers, they are hoping after the chemical reaction that their liquid turns green - that means they win $3,000! If it turns blue, they win $300. Elan takes Curtain 1 over Beaker 1. Austin dumps some orange liquid into the beaker liquid and it turns...BLUE. That's good because Elan wins a $3,000 LA Galaxy VIP Experience including field access, parking, tickets to the game and more! Next is Sophia. She takes the beaker and passes on a slumber party package in the Big Box including tent, Cinemood HD Movie Projector, retro style popcorn machine, Karaoke System and beanbag chair worth $1,911! Austin dumps the liquid into Beaker 2 - and guess what? It turned MONEY GREEN! Sophia wins $3,000 in cash! Elena takes the LMAD Envelope from Austin over Beaker 3! Beaker 3 turns...BLUE! That means Elena wins A FAMILY TRIP TO AUSTRALIA at the Breakers Absolute Apartments and Gold Coast worth $15,140! 

Wayne and the cast kids return with Vincent in the Green Hair and Nicole the Leopard. They are playing ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. We have three screens. As you know, ROCK beats SCISSORS, SCISSORS cuts PAPER and PAPER covers ROCK. The winner of this game will win $1,500 and play on. Loser sits down with $100. Vincent picks screen 3 and it is SCISSORS. Nicole needs ROCK. She finds PAPER under screen 1. ROCK was under screen 2. Nicole sits down with $100. Vincent has $1,500. He can keep that or play the game one more time. Under ROCK PAPER or SCISSORS are three prizes. Two screens have $100 and one says $10,000. If Vincent picks the right screen, he will win $10,000 in cash! Vincent keeps the cash. For fun, he would have picked PAPER and gone down to $100. ROCK had the $10,000!

We need a sibling pair and they are Crysta/Christian(nerds). They have $500 and can earn up to $1,500 more by playing MY BROTHER SOUNDS LIKE A.... Christian will be given clues from Maile about a person/place/thing/animal. Crysta will be blindfolded and will have one guess per clue. If she gets it right, they will win $500 per clue(up to three). They get PIG, CAR, ROBOT(with very minimal voice clues). They have $2,000! Will they keep that or take Curtain 3? They spend their money and win a Razor Sports Vehicle including Electric Mini-Bike, Dirt Bike, Scooters, Skateboard and Helmets worth $3,715! And Maile tells the kids in the audience - they are ALL going home with a Razor Electric Scooter! 

Avalon(as Waldo) gets a "family photo" clue of the LMAD Cast in the desert. That is a clue to the Red Box prize. She can take that or the Green Box. Avalon takes the Green Box and passes on the Red Box which was CACTUS TOYS(ZONK). Avalon did much better under the Green Box and wins a pair of Google Pixel Smartphone, a tablet and a $500 GC to Kiwico - your online source for STEM, STEAM and science crafting projects online! That is worth $3,297! Tyler the Pickle is playing WAYNE'S TECH CORNER. He is shown a very cool piece of gaming tech - an Obie gaming projection system that turns any room or space into a virtual playground! Tyler can take the projector and it's value in cash or Curtain 1. He takes the system and passes on Curtain 1 which was a  family trip to Orlando, Florida for 4N at Balmoral Resort with tickets to Walt Disney World worth $6,649! Tyler wins the system which is worth $1,699! That means he has a deal worth $3,398 in cash and gaming system! 

Katie the Princess is playing "Who Wants to Eat Candy and Take A Nap?" No,'s WHO WANTS TO ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION FOR CASH AND PRIZES? Katie wins $500 for knowing that BEAKER 2 was the $3,000 BEAKER, $1,000 for knowing that ROBOT was a sound in the "Sounds Like" game, and $2,000 for knowing ORLANDO was the trip in the last act. Katie has $3,500. We have the teeny box and Curtain 1. One has a trip worth $8,000+(we can't give kids a car?!?!). The other has a zonk. Will Katie buy Curtain 1, the teeny box or take her $3,500? She takes the cash and would have picked the teeny box. That was the trip - an $8,084 trip to Space Camp! 1 was a CARDBOARD AIRPLANE(ZONK)!

Last deal with the kids starts off with Kyra the Sushi. She gets a book from the LMAD Book Club - Jonathan and the Beanstalk. It has the mystery cash bookmark. Will she keep that or take the Big Box? She takes the Big Box and passes on $400 and a designer jewelry collection from Kendra Scott worth $1,261! That deal was worth $1,661 in cash and jewelry! Kyra wins a music studio including a Macbook, Sound Stacking Equipment, Apple Ipad with Smart Speaker, a pair of Beats Wireless Headphones, and a pair of Loog mini guitars and amps so Kyra can learn how to play! It's worth $4,601!

Who trades for a shot at $23,724? Crysta & Christian trade their scooters!

They pick 2. 1 was a video game suite with a 49" 55" and 65" HDTV model along with a PS4 Pro/XBOX One and Nintendo Switch worth $7,649! 3 was a movies for a year for 4(50 tickets) worth $3,000! That means Crysta/Christian win the Big Deal of the Day behind 2 - which starts with a trip to Hawaii for 6N at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa AND $10,000 in cash! That is worth $23,724!

Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: 9p/8c
Host: Jesse Palmer & Martha Stewart with Carla Hall & Dan Langan
Official WebsiteFacebook

Last week, the six bakers set up camp in Martha's backyard. After Cortney's layered chocolate cake failed to impress, she took down her tent, leaving us with five.

COUNSELOR'S CHALLENGE #1: The theme is... MAIL CALL! You've got postcards with two ingredients and you have to use them both to bake something.
- Kela: Carrot & Vanilla Pudding Muffins
- Jessica: Zucchini Pumpkin Crisp
- Nate: Tomato Turnover with Honey Glaze
- Bryan: Beet Red Velvet Cupcake with Marshmallow Cream Cheese Frosting
- Catherine: Sweet Potato Whoppie Pie with Salted Peanut Praline Crumble

Kela learns about pies from Martha, which will come in handy for...

- Kela: Rhubarb Raspberry Pie
- Bryan: Blackberry Blueberry Pie
- Nate: Peach Pie
- Catherine: Plum Apple & Ginger Pie
- Jessica: Three-Berry Pie
BOTTOM TWO: Nate, Jessica

Family Feud
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Sandi, Justin, Victoria, Jesse, Cameron
Cypress, CA


Jerri, Eunice, De'Juan, Darius, Miya
Okmulgee, OK

The Opals are getting a second chance from January 2018.

SINGLE: What does a bald man have that a woman might run her fingers through?
1. Chest hair - 38 5. Woolly back - 4
2. Wallet/$$$ - 25 6. His fingers - 3
3. Beard/Stache - 14
4. HAiry berries - 7

SINGLE: You're at a funeral. You hear a noise coming from the casket. What could it be?
1. Mouse/Critter - 36 5. OMG! They're alive! - 8
2. Body gas/air - 17 6. Phone in casket - 6
3. Ghost/Zombie - 10 7. My imagination - 5
4. Squeaky casket - 8

Steve was totally off guard thinking "Nothing" was not going to be there, but there it was, #7.

DOUBLE: The best place at work to take a power nap.
1. Office/Under desk - 40
2. Bathroom/Stall - 26
3. Lounge/Break room - 13
4. My car - 8

TRIPLE: After bingeing on TV's Shark Week, I dreamed that a shark ripped off my what?
1. Leg/Body part - 81
2. Swimsuit/Clothes - 10
3. Business idea - 4
4. Money/Wallet - 2

The Opals seek redemption to win.

FAST MONEY: Miya & De'Juan play. Miya gets two #1s for 93. De'Juan gets the last #1... but only comes up with $940.
- What percentage of people do you think believe in ghosts? 50% (Miya)
- A food that's easy to overeat: Pizza (De'Juan)
- A breed of dog that reminds you of your boss: Bulldog
- A holiday you dread every single year: Christmas (Miya)
- Something that makes things look bigger: Magnifying glass (De'Juan)

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram
  We. Are. BACK! And so is Jesse.

Jesse Laymon
Long Island City, NY
public policy director

Ben Scripps
Cadillac, MI
television director
Megan Elliott
Redlands, CA
writer & editor

JEOPARDY! ROUND: First Name's the Same, African-American History, They Didn't Survive the Film, "W"ords with Double Letters, Nonfiction, Plant (on) the Flag

Jesse starts with $600 Nonfiction, where Megan finds the Daily Double under $1000. She doubles the level on this: in a 2016 work Nigel Cawthorne recounts "The Life-Long Feud" between these 2 inventors "That Electrified the World". "Who are Tesla & Edison?" RIGHT for $4800! She ends up with $8000 to $5000 for Jesse. Ben on $4000 starts...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Let's Have a Planet; Da, You Speak Russian; Rock Banned, The Andes Mountains, Playwrights, Corporate Scandals with David Faber

... with $400 Let's Have a Planet, where Ben finds the first Daily Double under $1200. He goes for $3000 on this: it has an equatorial radius of 3963 miles. "What is ... Mars?" No, it's Earth, dropping him to $2200. He can recover with $800 Da, You Speak Russian. He goes for $2000 again on this: also called the great sturgeon, this species lends its name to a type of caviar. "What is beluga?" That's right, but he blanks to drop to $5400. He ends up with $9400 to $5400 for Jesse. Megan can force a tiebreaker with $18,800.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "America in the 1700s": "Every state shall always keep up a well regulated and disciplined militia, sufficially armed and accoutred" is in No.6 of these. Correct response: what are the Articles of Confederation?

Jesse & Ben are right, as Ben goes all-in. Megan... is wrong. Ben wins $18,800! Jesse leaves with $44,400.

Master Minds
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 4p/3c
Host: Brooke Burns
Official WebsiteFacebook
parts unknown
baseball coach
full-ride to college
mechanical engineer & trivia host
Ken Jennings
Muffy Maracco
The Historian
Jonathan Corbblah
The Chess Wizard

ROUND 1: David leads the challengers with 500 to 400 for John and 300 for Heather. The Master Minds are tied at 500.

ROUND 2: Going into the final question, challenger scores are unchanged. Muffy leads the Master Minds with 900 to 700 for the men.
- 400-POINT QUESTION in "Words": Like "pair" and "pear", what term refers to words that sound the same but have different spellings? Heather goes with homophones... and Ken does likewise. Both are right to move on, joining David and Muffy.

ROUND 3: Heather runs away with it, 3200-1100. Ken outlasts Muffy, 5800-4300.

Q1: In Tennessee Williams' play, what mythical creature in Laura's "Glass Menagerie" is broken? (Unicorn)
- Heather 1 - 1 KEn
Q2: If your a xylologist, what type of material are you an expert on? (Wood)
- Heather 1 - 2 Ken
Q3: Who became the first African-American principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theatre? (Misty Copeland)
- Heather 1 - 2 KEn
Q4: At 1700 miles, the Murray-DArling is the longest river system in what country? (Australia)
- Heather 2 - 3 Ken
Q5: Also used in processing leather, what acidic substances give tea and wine their astringency? (Tannins)
- Heather 2 - 4 Ken

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Devin Goda, Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Record today: 3-2-1
Record for week 35: 3-2-1
Record this season: 420-455-43
Total won today*: $79,912
Total won this week*: $79,912
Total won this season*: $11,886,176
Perfect bids: 24/918
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/0
DSWs/DOBs: 2/5
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 3/4
Best week: Week 22: $471,343
$11M passed: 4/30/2020

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar

Brand new week begins with Lavoris Moore, Akeem Anderson, Rhea Hennings, Paul Higgins, and a pair of action cameras. The $750 cameras (helmet mounts included) go to Lavoris, who can also win a pair of Vespas if she knows whether she's Coming ($8256) or Going ($6528). She goes... wrong.

Rhea wins a $1538 mini-fridge with ked cooler & ice maker. Can she win a Ford EcoSport S? Let's play TEMPTATION. She gets a $1100 cookware set, a $52243" 4KTV, an $884 set of power tools, and $3003 cash money dollars. From that we get a price of $21,583. And .... she ends up taking the $5509 in freebies. Good move? Yeah, the car was $21,580.

Akeem wants to parlay an $897 set of sunglasses into a trip to Puerto Rico (6n @ Caribe Hilton) at the Vend-O-Price.
- 7 Goldfish pizza crackers
- 5 Strawberry Pop-Tars
- 3 Crazy Cuisine potstickers
He picks the middle. The crackers are $2.39, $16.73 total. The potstickers are $6.99, $20.97 total. The Pop-Tarts are $2.99, $14.95 total.

Rhea wins the first Showcase Showdown. Meanwhile, Paul completes the first-four sweep with a $2499 cross rower. He'll take a pizza ofen and a pool table if he wins Do the Math. The money line: $1036. He adds it to the pizza oven... $2909. The pool table... $3945!

Emmanuel Arredondo gets a $1399 iPhone 11 Pro Max and a shot at a Kia Rio in Five Price Tags.
- $21,270
- $19,545
- $20,489
- $17,315
- $18,640
He gets two from a $29 hair straightener and a $44 LED flashlight. First pick is $17,315... RIGHT!

Kevin Bothwell gets a $1149 karaoke and a shot at a misting fan, a hammock, and a trip to Costa Rica (6n @ Gaia Hotel & Resort) in Make Your Move.

8 0 1 2 5 7 3 2 0

He goes $20 for the fan, $573 for the hammock, and $8012 for the trip... RIGHT!

Paul gets a shot against Rhea in...

THE FABULOUS SHOWCASES! First up, luggage, Beats headphones, and trips to CAnada (6n @ Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa; swimsuits) & Greece (6n @ Astarte Suites Hotel). Top winner Paul passes, and Rhea bids $24,000. Paul gets a home office with laptop & printer, a trip to Austin (5n @ The Carpender Hotel, $100 credit), and a Mazda 3. He bids $27,500. Actual price: $32,288, a difference of $4788. Actual price of Rhea's Showcase... $30,464, a difference of $6464, and Paul gets the W with a total of $42,677!

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

NBC: 10p/9c
Judges: Ester Dean, Shane McAnally & Ryan Tedder
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramNBC AppHulu


Brian Kelley & Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line have come from, well, the Florida Georgia line to country pop stardom in a short time. Now they're looking for their next #1, and they're hoping Songland can provide it.

- SHAWN AUSTIN (Vancouver, BC) says that country music isn't about where you're from, it's about telling stories. He wrote "Ain't Going Nowhere". Tyler thought the melodies were awesome, but the structure needs to be looked at. Ester thought it was kinda sexy.
- LUKR (Hanover, PA) doesn't think about songwriting, he "breathes it". He is breathing into "Hopes High". Shane thought it was "instantly sing-alongable". Tyler thought it felt fresh and relatable. He would tweak a few melodies, though. Ryan wanted to hear a duality, a contrast if you will.
- VICTORIA BANKS (Muskoka, ON) takes a cue from the group when she writes "That's a Country Song". Ester loves it because it doesn't feel isolated as a country song. Brian thinks you can sing along with it if you tweak the hook a bit. Shane thought the verse was so airtight, but the chorus melody needs to be a little punched up.
- GRIFFEN PALMER (Pickering, ON) has a special connection to Florida Georgia Line - it was his first concert. He goes with "Second Guessing". Ester says that every woman wants to hear a man say those lyrics. Tyler can tell he's a Nashville writer because you look at the title and he flips it. Shane adds on that he would expect a Kacey Musgraves to come in and write a song called "Space Cowboy" with a lyric that says "you can have your space, cowboy".

The panel now takes the top three songs and pairs them with one of the judges - Shawn is paired wtih Ester, Lukr with Ryan, and Griffen with Shane. After the panel hones the songs...

- Griffen made "Second Guessing" more waltzy with a larger hook.
- Lukr gave his song, now called "What You're Puttin' Down", a more positive feel.
- Shawn lifted his melody and rearranged the concept, now called "Lean On".

WINNER: GRIFFEN! FGL's recording of "Second Guessing" will be available to stream and purchase by the time you read this wherever you stream music. And here's the video:

25 Words or Less
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagram

mother of one, mother-to-be of another
Cristela Alonzo
"His Dark Materials"
John Michael Higgins
"America Says"
D'Arcy Carden
"The Good Place"
Noah Wyle
"The Librarians"

- Michael vs. D'Arcy: jungle, Listerine, winter, Yale, flow. Michael wins the bid at 10.... and he does it in six. That's 250 for Tyler.
- Tyler vs. Steph: black belt, Parmesan, spide,r icing, cellar. STeph thinks she has 12... she does, and we're tired.
- Cristela vs. Noah: toy, Tin Man, brother, shopping, frame. Noah wins the bid with 9... And Steph leads, 500-250.

ROUND 2: Tyler gets to build his list first.
- TYLER's list: pawn (500), Cap'n Crunch (1000), inside-out (1000), boardwalk (500), mask (250).
- STEPH's list: spread (250), party (250), nocturnal (500), gravel (1000), beer goggles (1000).

Tyler sweeps for 3250 plus the bonus for 4500 total. Steph gets four. Tyler wins, 4500-3000. Steph leaves with $200 from Blue Apron.

MONEY ROUND: Tyler gets brush, subway, Asia, con, forever, locket, genie, ceiling, swing, and porch for the $10,000!

The Voice
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

NBC: 8p/7c
Host: Carson Daly with Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend & Blake Shelton
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramNBC AppInstagram

Last week, the top 9 sang for your vote. Five of them moved on to tonight, where they will be singing for a title and a recording contract with Republic Records. Who will be named "The Voice" of season 18?

Due to the global pandemic, the artists will be performing live... remotely. The coaches will be on hand via Microsoft Teams. The artist with the most votes wins.

For the first time in recent memory, all four coaches are represented.

- TEAM BLAKE: Toneisha Harris, Todd Tilghman
- TEAM KELLY: Micah Iverson
- TEAM NICK: Thunderstorm Artis

Each singer will perform TWICE, one cover and one original single with help from the judges of "Songland". AS a reminder, voting is now available until noon ET tomorrow via phone, text,, iTunes, or the Voice app.

We begin with a group performance of "Shine" by Collective Soul.

- TEAM LEGEND: CammWess - "Purple Rain" by Prince
- TEAM BLAKE: Todd Tilghman - "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe
- TEAM KELLY: Micah Iverson - "Butterflies" by Michael Iverson (original single written by Shane McAnally)
- TEAM NICK: Thunderstorm Artis - "Sedona" by Thunderstorm Artis (original single written himself with Ryan Tedder)
- TEAM BLAKE: Toneisha Harris - "Faithfully" by Journey

- TEAM BLAKE: Todd Tilghman - "Long Way Home" by Todd Tilghman (original single written with Shane McAnally & Ester Dean)
- TEAM LEGEND: CammWess - "Save It For Tomorrow" by CammWess (original single written with Ryan Tedder)
- TEAM KELLY: Micah Iverson - "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
- TEAM BLAKE: Toneisha Harris - "My Superhero" by Toneisha Harris (original single written herself)
- TEAM NICK: Thunderstorm Artis - "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

The closing arguments have been made. Tomorrow, we crown a champion.

Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @BeatTheBlock

BYUTV: 8p/7C
Host: Wayne Brady
Official WebsiteFacebook

The kids are still reeling that this week is the first elimination. They are discussing who would go home. Dylan doesn't want to go home.

The kids go into the Academy and see a game show set. Wayne is shown in Atlanta shooting another project(Black Lightning perhaps?) and the challenge is KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT A LOT. 

So the host of the show is someone Wayne really liked from Week 1 - TRENT. 

The game is simple. We have 9 categories and Trent will ask a question - get it right, you get a point.

We see the kids answer questions. TJ wins with 3 points. Everyone else has one except Dylan who has 0.


The kids are SHOOK and feeling the PRESSURE.

Next day - the kids are taken to the Improv. And we get a big mentor for the kids - the legendary SINBAD(who has been in the business for 35 years).  He listens to the material of each kid and they get feedback. 

Dane is first. Sinbad compares his material to Jim Carrey. Dylan is next. Sinbad tells her to slow down and let the material flow. Sawyer talks about his Vietnamese Heritage.

Alexis is next. Then Bryson talks about the death of his father. Sinbad tells him to mine the funeral.

TJ is last. Sinbad lays into TJ's old, tired racial humor. Wayne tells us that this is what we have been saying about him the entire show. Sinbad only had to see that ONCE to recognize the same problems I have had with him. That is why Sinbad is as good as he is. Wayne is MAD. Sinbad challenges TJ to tell a joke about something that happened yesterday ABOUT HIMSELF - he finally does it. Wayne is finally happy. But Wayne doesn't want to see the set he presented. TJ panics. He has to write a new set. 

Wayne is proud that he has been pushing TJ all this time. He might feel sorry, but when TJ dropped the facade and fakeness, and became TJ, this was one of the most important moments of the series. 

Oh, BTW - the live show is in 63 minutes. Good luck revising your sets! TJ panics again. 

James Davis(comedian) hosts the show and introduces Wayne Brady! He sits down in the front row with Mandie Taketa and Maile Brady - their families are behind them as well. 

Bryson is first. Pretty good set.

Sawyer is next. Really good set. 

TJ is next. He is really nervous - but he uses the paper as a clever cheat sheet prop. He changes his act and works it out. This was a honest personal set. 

Alexis is next. She does a heritage routine with Britney Spears impressions. 

Dylan is next. She does a routine about Suburban Dads and Airlines. 

Dane is last. He does a white girl superhero routine and a roller rink routine. 

Wayne is so proud of the kids. 

TIME FOR THE LINE UP: The kids get a group hug in before Wayne starts. Dane feels the friendship is real.  Wayne says THE LINE UP IS CUMULATIVE. 

FEATURED PERFORMERS - Bryson(who Wayne tells him that he inspired him to write) and Sawyer. 

It's down to Dylan/TJ - Wayne doesn't like the performance skills of Dylan(though he likes her writing) while he likes TJ's stand up performance skills, he should have been listening to Wayne the whole competition because the set he brought to him and Sinbad was garbage.

TJ survives. He thanks Sinbad. 


The kids are wrecked.

Next week - the final 5 become 4 as the write, record and direct a comedic music video. Who will move one step closer to the creator's package, the Studio C Special on BYU TV, the show with Wayne Brady and the break of a lifetime? Find out next time!