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July 9, 2018


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Lost & Found

Family Feud Lost Episode
by Jason Huhn
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Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
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Today's episode is a lost gem from last season...

Patricia, Victor, Vincent, Wenda, Marcus
Florence, SC


Cori, Ami, Bobby, Dale, Adam

... and a team returning from the season before THAT one.

SINGLE: At the funeral of a stripper, something mourner might throw on the casket.
1. Dollar bills 55 5. Garter/belts 6
2. G-string/panties 19 6. Rubbers 4
3. Pasties/bras 7
4. Flowers 7

SINGLE: 100 married men: it's bad when your mother-in-law visits. But it's worse if your wife wants the three of you to do what together?
1. TV/Movie/"Beaches" 16 5. Eat 10
2. Shop 16 6. Talk 9
3. Vacation/Camp 15 7. Party/Do shots 8
4. Live together 13 8. Sleep in same bed 8

DOUBLE: Fill in the blank: I got a big fat _____. What?
1. Badonkadonk 30 5. Cat/Dog 6
2. Belly 14 6. Ego 3
3. Wallet/Wad o'bills 107. Woody for you, baby 3
4. Head 8

TRIPLE: 100 women: I like a bald guy's head to be as smooth as what?
1. A baby's bottom 53
2. Silk 22
3. A billiard ball 9
4. A bowling ball 3

Sudden death is played.

SUDDEN DEATH: Something specific peole do when they imitate a chicken. Marcus fires with the game winner, cluck/squawk (63).

Marcus and Victor play Fast Money. Marcus gets two #1s for 91. Victor closes it out for the $20,000.

Fast Money #1 answers
- An article of clothing some people just don't bother with in the summer: Coat/jacket (Victor)
- How long does an office romance remain a secret?: One week
- The first thing you'd replace if you had the money: Home (Marcus)
- What day of the week do you usually overeat: Sunday (Marcus)
- An animal that's bigger than a horse (Victor)

Double Dare Reunion Special
by Chico Alexander
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Nick: 8p/7c
Host: Liza Koshy with Marc Summers
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Dominating Duo
Adam & Tyler (father/son)
Blast from the Past
Valmiki & Vinaya (father/daughter)

Tonight, a team from the 1988 season of "Double Dare" (the Super Sloppy season) returns to the game to compete AGAINST each other... with their kids!

ROUND 1 TOSSUP: Use Your Noodle. The teams have to transfer three water balloons to a bin using only pool noodles. First to three wins $50 and control of round 1.
- WINNERS: Blast from the Past ($50-$0)

After winning control on a Dare as to what toy you can shake to get answers like "My sources say no" (Magic 8-Ball), the Dominating Duo go to $150 when they must take a Physical Challenge when they can't name the city in California that's also an exclamatory phrase that's Greek for "I have found it!" (Eureka).

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: Human Screwdriver. Unscrew four tubs of slime using the bits attached. All four in 30 gets you $200.
- WIN: They're up, $350 to $50.

... but they're Double Dared again to name the Japanese martial art that means "empty hand" (karate).

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: Rhino Pop. One player must swing a balloon at their partner, who'll then pop it with a rhino horn. Five in 30 gets you $200.
- FAIL: At halftime, the Dominating Duo is... well, dominating, $350 to $250.

ROUND 2 TOSSUP: Spatula Egg Toss. Another classic, you have to catch eggs in a chef's hat thrown by your partner's spatula for $100 and control.
- WINNERS: Blast from the Past (tied at $350)

... but they start with a miss on the show with Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo as judges (World of Dance). No Dare, no money. Dominating Duo does do a Dare to go to $650 to $350, and are Double Dared to name the president born in 1924 in a hospital (Jimmy Carter).

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: TP B-Ball. Sink three behind your back in 30 seconds for the money.
- WIN AND GAME, $1250 to $350!

- 1) SUNDAE SLIDE: New for 2018, you go up the cone, grab the flag, and down the slide for a Yard Games gift card.
- 2) Open up the SLIME HYDRANT for a subscription to KiwiCo
- 3) Unclog the toilets in CLOGGED for an Ion karaoke
- 4) Go through the ping-pong balls in THE TANK for a $200 Dave & Buster's Power Card
- 5) De-fluff OVERSTUFFED for an Xrocker gaming chair
- 6) PICK IT for an iFly indoor skydive
- 7) Search through POP LOCKIN' for a Swagtron fat-wheel bike
- 8) Summit MOUNT ST. DOUBLE DARE for a trip to Nickelodeon Hotels & Suites in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!

After missing out on the grand prize back in '89, the Dominating Duo DOMINATES the course! They get the games, the KiwiCo projects, the karaoke, the Dave & Buster's Power Card, the gaming chair, the skydive, the bike, THEY'RE GOING TO THE CARIBBEAN!

America Says
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 5p/4c
Host: John Michael Higgins
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Middle School Besties
Leah, Heidi M., Amy, Heidi I.
The Sci-Fi Gang
Kenny, Susanna, Brandon, Nicole

- Middle School Besties: My favorite things at an aquarium is the (D, F, J, M, O, P, S). They rattle off fish, sharks, jellyfish, penguins, octopuses, and dolphins for 600. The Sci-Fi Gang can't steal manatees.
- The Sci-Fi Gang: When I think of something sticky the first thing that comes to mind is (C, G, G, H, S, T, T). They get glue, taffy, honey, and gum. The Besties try candy... but it's no caramel, tape, or syrup. They still lead, 600 to 400.

- Middle School Besties: I just bought an electric (B, C, CO, G, M, R, T). They score with toothbrush, mixer, and razor for 600, but the Sci-Fi Gang answer back with can opener, car, and guitar 600. No one gets blanket.
- The Sci-Fi Gang: On CSI, the first kind of evidence they looked for was (B, B, D, F, F, H, W). They knock off blood, hair, DNA, fingerprints, body, and forensic for 1200 to close the gap. The Besties can't steal weapons, so the Sci-Fi Gang take the lead, 2200 to 1200.

- Sci-Fi Gang: No one likes it when a (B, D, F, P, R, S, T) leaks. They get faucet, pipe, boat, and toilets for 1200. The Besties steal roof and diaper, but not secret. Sci-Fi Gang leads, 3400 to 1800.
- Middle School Besties (six to lead, sweep to win): The most famous street in the United States is (B, BS, FA, MS, PA, RD, WS). They get Main Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Broadway, Bourbon Street, and Wall Street to stay alive with 3600. The Sci-Fi Gang need to steal the final answer to win. Is it Fremont Avenue? .... no, it's FIFTH Avenue! Besties come from behind to take it, 3600-3400!

- Q1: I want a front row seat at a (C): Concert
- Q2: You can tell it's summer when people start wearing (S, S): Shorts, sandals
- Q3: My friend works the graveyard shift as a (J, N, SG): Janitor, nurse, security guard (penalty incurred)
- Q4: Besides cars my favorite thing to watch racing is (B, D, H, P). They get horses, dogs, and people... but not bikes.

American Ninja Warrior
by Chico Alexander
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USA: 10p/9C
Host: Matt Iseman & Akbar Gbajabiamila with Kristine Leahy
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From the hallowed halls of Super Bowl LII comes a new kind of competition - as the Qualifier Course moves to Minneapolis' US Bank Stadium.

On the Qualifier Course....

- Floating Steps
- DOUBLE TWISTER - a pair of spinning handles. Grab one, then swing to the other.
- Ring Jump
- DIAMOND DASH - Maintain your balance along a bridge of four floating diamond disks.
- Battering Ram
- WARPED WALL/MEGA WARPED WALL - Those who attempt the 18' Mega Warped Wall will have one try to scale it for $10,000. Fail, and you're left with one go at the 14.5' Warped Wall.

- Joe Moravsky, Eric Middleton, Michael Torres, Jake Murray, Mike Meyers, Jonathan Stevens, Lance Pekus, Tyler Gillett, Sean Darling-Hammond, Ian Dory, and Austin Gray all attempted the Mega Wall... but failed.
- Jenn Roder, best friend of Sarah Schoback (who did qualify), is a cancer patient in remission. She got to the Ring Jump.
- Eric Middleton had a bet with Matt & Akbar - he completes the course, they eat bug. He did. And they did.
- Ninja All-Star Dan Yager took a hit at the Ring Jump and fails to qualify.
- Ninja dad Gavin MacCall (his daughter's own ninja course was on "Little Big Shots") makes it to the Double Twister.
- Lance's wife was diagnosed with MS. After taking a year off to recover, she is back on the sidelines.
- Michael Stanger has been taking care of his wife Enedine, who was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Two years ago, she was in a wheelchair. Last year, she was standing on the sidelines. Tonight... she's taking on the course. She didn't move past the Floating Steps, but props for giving it her best with courage.
- Joe Moravsky was the closer tonight... and he closed again.

TOP 30
- Joe Moravsky (29; Monroe, CT; meteorologist): 2:38.38
- Eric Middleton (23; St. Paul; entomology student): 2:50.18
- Leif Sunderberg: 2:51.81
- Michael Torres (23; New Jersey; carpenter): 2:52.00
- Jake Murray (Denver; wedding photographer): 2:55.71
- Mike Meyers (Pennsylvania; engineer): 2:55.77
- Jonathan Stevens: 3:03.65
- Lance Pekus (31; Salmon, ID; rancher): 3:06.55
- Tyler Gillett (22; Newnan, GA; delivery driver): 3:58.40
- Dan Delano (videographer): 4:05.59
- Sean Darling-Hammond (lawyer): 4:11.45
- Ian Dory (27; Ft. Collins, CO; professional rock climber): 4:34.54
- Dalton Knapp (22; Green Bay; engineering student): 4:48.99
- Abby Clark (Gillette, NJ; special education teacher): 5:27.48
- Austin Gray (Longmont, CO): FAIL Warped Wall
- Drew Knapp (23; Green Bay; gymnastics coach): FAIL Battering Ram
- Hunter Guerard (29; Bloomington, MN; gym manager): FAIL Battering Ram
- Michael Silenzi (physical therapist): FAIL Battering Ram
- Karson Voiles (ninja coach): FAIL Battering Ram
- Justin Cranmer: FAIL Battering Ram
- Jelani Allen (22; Las Vegas; college student): FAIL Battering Ram
- Meagan Martin (28; Boulder, CO; professional rock climber/sports model for Athleta): FAIL Battering Ram
- Jaysen Saly (gym owner): FAIL Battering Ram
- Garrett Lam: FAIL Battering Ram
- Jon Alexis Jr. (carpenter): FAIL Diamond Dash
- Ben Antoine (California, Boeing engineer): FAIL Diamond Dash
- Andrew "Roo" Yori (Dorchester, MA; lab technician: FAIL Diamond Dash
- James Gomez: FAIL Diamond Dash
- Danny Bergstrom (Tampa): FAIL Diamond Dash
- Julius Ferguson: FAIL Diamond Dash

- Abby Clark
- Meagan Martin
- Sarah Schoback (33; Edina, MN; ninja gym owner & mom): FAIL Ring Jump
- Jamie Ross (caregiver): FAIL Ring Jump
- Sara "Beastin'" Heesen (Plymouth, MN; bartender): FAIL Ring Jump

Next week, the road to Vegas begins with the City Final.

Funny You Should Ask
by Chico Alexander
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Syn: Check local listings
Host: Jon Kelley
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Prince George, MD
scenic artist
Gabriel Iglesias
Natasha Leggero
"Another Period"
Byron Allen
Jon Lovitz
Sherri Shepherd
"Trial & Error"
Louie Anderson

ROUND 1: Faith wins the toss and gets Jon, Louie, and Gabriel, while Anna gets Sherri, Byron, and Gabriel. Both get one for $100.

ROUND 2: We swap the sides, and as a result, Faith misses one. Anna leads, $700 to $600.

ROUND 3: Faith leads, $1200 to $1000, so this final question to Fluffy is important: true or false: Georgia is home to a place called Butts County. He says true. Anna says right... and WINS, $1300 to $1200!

- Q1: Which of the following is one of Travel + Leisure's 16 mistakes every first-time flyer makes: getting to the airport early, packing too much, or sitting next to a guy holding a ticking box? She says "packing too much"... and it's not enough. Let's go...
- Q2: According to Britannica, which of the following are considered to be one of the most dangerous fish in the entire world: swordfish, piranha, barracuda, or... (Louie: "Sushi from 7-Eleven.")? She picks the piranha... and we're playing for money!
- Q3: According to the CDC, the average weight for an American woman is... 155, 168, 172, 188, 198, or... (Sherri: "NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!"). Anna says 168... then changes to 172.... it was 168. But she still has $1300.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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  Lauren kicks off the week in the champ's position. Now let's see how long her ride lasts.
Lauren Kiehna

Steeleville, IL

Wes Hazard
Stoughton, MA
standup comic & storyteller
Ray Coshow

JEOPARDY! ROUND: Mnemonics, Pop Culture Stupid Answers, Places, Homophones, A Controversial Category, A Vanilla Category.

Lauren starts with $200 Places. At the TV timeout, Wes is out in front with $3600. Lauren has $400, while Ray is stuck on zero.

Lauren finds the Daily Double under $600 Mnemonics. She wagers all of her $800 on this: a standard tuning of this instrument: Eat All Dead Gophers Before Easter. "What is a guitar?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $1600! At the half, she has $5400, tied with Wes. Ray on $3000 gets command to start...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Ancient Rome, Unfurl the State Flag, Boys in the Band, International Law, Alliterative Lit, Throw'em in the "Brig"

... with $400 Unfurl the State Flag, where Lauren finds the first Daily Double under $2000. She bets the level on this: the date December 7, 1787 is rather important in identifying the flag of this state. "What is Georgia?" No, it was the date Delaware ratified the Constitution, dropping her to $5800, back in a tie with Wes. Three clues later, she can make up for it with the other under $1200 Ancient Rome. She wagers $1200 on this: a 19th century historian wrongly thought the emperor Severus built this divider. "What is Hadrian's Wall?" RIGHT for $7800! She ends up wtih $15,800 to $14,600 for Wes. Ray has $7000 and can play spoiler.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Presidents": of the presidents who served more than 4 years, but less than 2 full terms, he served the longest: 7 years, 9 months, 8 days. Correct response: who was Harry S Truman?

No one came up with it, and Wes held back, so he becomes the new champ with $14,400. Lauren leaves wtih $15,400.