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May 23, 2016


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Paradise Run

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by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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  It's been three weeks since we've seen Buzzy. Now we'll see if the rest did him good.
Buzzy Cohen

Los Angeles
music executive
Heidi Eichler
Wharton Grove, IL
high school science teacher
John McKay
Lakewood, CO
assistant secretary of the Colorado Senate

JEOPARDY! ROUND: Italian Cities, Key Words, Are You Feeling Lucky?, American History, Whoops, My "Bad".

Buzzy starts with $200 My "Bad", finding the Daily Double under $400 Italian Cities. He wagers it all on this: the name of this city on a celebrated bay comes from the Greek for "new city". "What is Naples?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $5200! He ends up with $6800 to $2200 for Heidi. John has -$200 and the board to start...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Prefixated on Science, Name the Spin-Off Source, The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Foreign Currency, Sculptors, Things that Make You Go "Hm".

... with $400 Foreign Currency, finding the first Daily Double under $2000 Prefixated on Science. He bets the level on this: osteo- & myelo- refer to these 2 related things. "What are bones & muscles?" No, it's bones & bone marrow, leaving him with $1400. Buzzy finds the other under $2000 Things That Make You Go "Hm". He bets $3000 on this: in 1880 he composed the "Tragic Overture". "Who is... Brahms?" RIGHT for $17,800! He ends up with $19,800. With Heidi on $8200 to $3800 for John, the game is once again Buzzy's to lose.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "US Geography": of the 8 states that touch the Great Lakes, it's the smallest in area. Correct response: what is Indiana?

No one gets it, but we'll see Buzzy again with $19,800, giving him $121,202 for six!

The Price Is Right Primetime Special Survivor Edition
by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 8p/7C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Guest: Jeff Probst
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Record today: breakeven
Record for Special Week: 3-3
Total today*: $89,584
Total this Special Week*: $89,584
Perfect bids: 0/6
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/0
DSWs/DOBs: 0/0
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 0/0

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the
nearest dollar.


The Price Is Right is back in primetime this week, as we salute the CBS reality shows! Tonight, it's Survivor. We have former castaways teaming up with Survivor superfans. As per usual, the castaway and the superfan can consult, but any guess from the superfan will be considered final. The superfan that wins their Showcase will also win a donation to the charity of the castaway's choice.

First up, Alysse Campbell & "Boston Rob" Mariano, Latrina Reed & Joe Anglim, Thomas Walter & Cirie Fields, and Jessica Scheckle & Rupert Boneham get the calldown to play for a firepit table and chairs. The $4466 package goes to Jessica & Rupert, who can play for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in Lucky Seven. They have $1 left with $32,75_ on the board. They go with 9... but it was 6.

Alysse & Boston Rob win a $1999 iPhone 6S with Hermes Apple Watch. Next up, a 4KTV, a scooter, and a washer/dryer. Which is the Most Expensive? They pick the 4KTV. The scooter: $4041. The washer/dryer... $3398. 4KTV... $2120.

Thomas & Cirie get a $1410 set of camping gear. They can win $25,000 to get some food in a redistributed Punch-a-Bunch. They get four hits from a $25 water bottle, a $120 gas hibachi, a $50 LED lantern, and an $80 crank/solar radio. First hit... $1000. They trade that for $5000... and then $1000... finally ending up with... THE BIG ONE, $25,000! And they're not done winning, as they win at the Showcase. And there to snuff the torches of Alysse and Jessica... with the snuffer himself, Jeff Probst, with the phrase that'll be a hashtag when you read this: "The Wheel has spoken."

Latrina & Joe finish the first-four sweep with a $3939 kayak & paddleboard. Latrina can take that to Malaysia (6n @ Le Meridien Jota Kinabalu) if they win Now... or Then. Then... the premiere date of "Survivor", May 2000. Bumble Bee crab meat for $4.19. Now? YES! Zatarain's red beans & rice for $1.59. Then? RIGHT! Tiger Balm pain relieving ointment for $4.79? Then? WIN!

Inge Garvin & Woo Hwang win a $2499 hammock, but can they win a Mini Cooper Hardtop? It's That's Too Much! They think $25,980 is Too Much, and that's... WAY too much. It was $24,100. Inge wanted to stop at $24,431. She would've been right.

Finally, Donald Johnson & Kelley Wentworth get a $1080 pair of GoPros. They can add a set of Coach handbags and a barbecue island in Double Cross. Coach... islands... Double Cross.... It's Survivor all over again.

5 6 4   9 8 0
7 5 4   3 0 9

They go with $4230 for the handbags and $5429 for the 'cue... WIN!

Inge & Donald get snuffed, while Latrina gets $1000.

Remember, the Survivor whose player wins their Showcase will get a donation in their name to a charity of their choice. Cirie is playing for Foster Care to Success, while Joe is playing for Stand Up to Cancer.  First Showcase is presented by fan favorites Ozzy Lusth & Ciera Eastin - a trip to Fiji (6n @ The Pearl Resort; unlimited non-motorized sports & massage included). Top winners Thomas & Cirie bids $33,199. Latrina & Joe get an Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast Showcase presented by Jeff Probst. He has an HP PC, an Xbox One package with HDTV, arcade darts & dome hockey, and a Toyota Prius. They bid $30,000. Actual price of Thomas & Cirie's Showcase... $32,860. Actual price of Latrina & Joe's Showcase... $30,...769! That gets Latrina $43,196!

@midnight with Chris Hardwick
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Comedy Central: 12:01a/11:01p
Host: Chris Hardwick
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Jessica Lowe
Ginger Gonzaga
Rhys Darby

While you were busy looking for a new Bond... James Bond... and watching Gillian Anderson photoshop her way into the role, we were sorting the weekend pile with the cast of "Wrecked". Tonight's #HashtagWars: #CollegeCelebs. Jessical leads with 800 to 600 for Ginger and 500 for Rhys.

Act 2 brings us Commercial Failure: Vroom Vroom Edition (local car dealer commercials). Tonight's Live Challenge: Moms on the Net. Moms made a video of the Internet. It's as 90s as you'd expect. Explain to moms about the Internet in your own video. Jessica gets the 1000.

Speeding it up with our speed game Swipecasting: Billboard Music Videos Edition. Ginger gets the award for lowest point total.

FTW: a tampon that tells you when it's time to change it. What is a text that you might get from a computerized Bluetooth tampon? The winner: "Time to try anal for a week!" JESSICA takes it! Sorry, Rhys.

Today's funny becomes source material for Tag Team Tuesday. Continue the game online @midnight.

Celebrity Name Game
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @dinoralexander

Syn: check listings
Host: Craig Ferguson
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Robyn & Megen
sorority sisters
Max & Lily
dating couple
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Lauren Ash

First up in Round 1: Y and I. Robyn & Megen pick Y, getting Yogi Bear, Yelp, yuppie, and Young Frankenstein for $400. Max & Lily are left with I, getting iPad, intercourse, innie, Ivanka Trump, imaginary friend, and Illinois for $600.

Round 2: Underwear or Snakes. Max picks Underwear and conveys Victoria's Secret, Mark Wahlberg, jockstrap, commando, and banana hammock for $1000, $1600 total. Robyn gives on Snakes, getting snake charmer and Nicki Minaj (her anaconda don't, her anaconda don't... )for $400, $800 total.

Craig is on board to play the next round, Joes & Joeys. Max & Lily thwart Robyn & Megen's comeback attempt, $3700 to $2300.

Max leads off the Final 10 with Starbucks, Kristen Bell, Sahara Desert, Brad Pitt, Macklemore, saxophone, and Olivia Pope. Lily tries for the spare with T. Rex, Walkman, and the replacement word of whipped cream for the win!

In the nightcap (featuring Patrick Fabian & Kevin Pollak), Jenny & Cassandra lead Billy & Shannon, $1600 to $1300. The faceoff round gives us Television. Jenny & Cassandra hold on to win, $3500 to $1500.

Jenny kicks off the Final 10 with sushi, Lip Sync Battle, oasis, and Liam Hemsworth. Cassandra will try and get the other six. She gets eHarmony, London, John Deere, and jetpack... but that's it.

Family Feud
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
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  Returning champions Boudreaux family can win themselves a new Ford Edge if they win their game against the Fields family of all ladies.

Erin, Brooke, Heather, Tammy, Candace
Villa Rica, GA

Breton, Nikki, Todd, Greg, Scott
Lafayette, CA


SINGLE: 100 women: something men think is sexy on a woman, but you think is trashy.
1. Lingerie/Thong 26    5. Hooker heels 7
2. Tattoo/Tramp stamp20 6. Bubble butt 5
3. Cleavage/Fake rack20 7. Makeup/Lipstick 4
4. Miniskirt 9

SINGLE: a word starting with H a man might use to describe his wife.
1. Hot/Hottie 31        5. Honest 7
2. Happy 12             6. Horny 5
3. Honey 9
4. Hag 8

DOUBLE: something it only takes two minutes to do.
1. Brush my teeth 34    5. Cook/Microwave 5
2. Pee/Snap a yam 14    6. Shave 4
3. Nooner/Quickie 12
4. Eat/a snack 11

TRIPLE: a place you might be naked with the lights on.
1. Bathroom 58
2. Bedroom/Bed 25
3. Dr. office/Hospital 10
4. Tanning salon 3

The Fields could deny the Boudreaux their new car if they steal the #4 answer on the last survey. The dressing room was not that last answer, having the Fields leave with their $500 reloadable debit cards for online purchases and no overdraft charges and the new car for the Boudreaux.

Todd & Breton will have one last attempt at Fast Money. Todd could get only four in the time limit, as she couldn't think of anything on the fourth question. The others got a total of 62. Breton would get two #1s, but it would fall short of the goal, but they will leave with a new car, with a five-day total of $23,510.

Fast Money #1 answers
- 100 men: Tell me the most sit-ups you could do without stopping: 25 (Breton)
- An occupation that you think has a large divorce rate: Actor
- Fill in the blank. Highway ______. what?: To hell (Todd)
- Besides money, something you wish for almost every day: Good health
- A fruit that is always the same color: Orange (Breton)

In the nightcap, the Joyce family finally got some good luck in them, so they will see if it holds when they play against the Hart family.
Name something a woman would like to give her husband when he's acting like a child.

TRIPLE: an animal that's easier to get off of than on to.
1. Horse/Pony 72
2. Elephant 13
3. Bull 5
4. Camel 4

The Hart family can take a win with a steal on the last survey's #3 answer. Knowing those bullriders, they would get the right animal take the victory and sending the Joyces off with their winnings, plus the $500 reloadable debit cards for online purchases and no overdraft charges.

Lindsay & Tim. Lindsay's dog biscuits didn't get the bite, but the other answers totaled 65. Tim got three #1s, but the other two answers were scored only single digits, which would not be enough, giving them a total of $855.

Let's Make a Deal Zonk Redemption
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
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Julie - $7,754(traded from $5,645)
Armin Dane - $5,280
Julie - $3,000
Michelle - $2,500
James - $2,174
Chaundra - $2,048
Caitlin - $2,000
John - $100
Shane - $100
Shana - $100
Quickie Deals - $500

Big Deal Choice 1 - 28
Big Deal Choice 2 - 62
Big Deal Choice 3 - 70
Big Deal Location 1 - 65
Big Deal Location 2 - 44
Big Deal Location 3 - 50
Big Deal Wins- 48/160
Car Wins - 81

Total: $25,556
Total for Week 34 - $25,556
Total for the Season: $5,508,087.96
Best Week: Week 4 - $241,037
New week on Deal starts off with a special ZONK REDEMPTION show! We start Kemaiye the Housewife. Curtain 2 is a trip on ZONKY AIRLINES(ZONK). There is something that goes with the zonk. Will she keep it or go with the Curtain 1? John the soccer ball gets the leftovers. Kemaiye takes Curtain 1 and wins a suite of Haier appliances worth $5,696!(REDEEMED!) John can take the zonk or the small box? Kristy the sunny zonk gets the leftovers. John takes the box and gets a HOT TUB(REDEEMED!) It's a 5 person hot tub worth $7,199! Kristy can take the zonk or take the LMAD Envelope? She takes the envelope and passes on the zonky airlines airfare - which would have sent our traders to FIJI! It was a 7N stay at the Lomani Resort worth $10,860! Kristy wins a $500 GC to Sprinkles Cupcakes(REDEEMED!)

Earnest the Military Guy can win a Scion XB worth $18,865 by playing CAR PONG. Earnest has 5 seconds to bounce a ball into the center car cup and have it stay there. If he does, the Scion is his and he is REDEEMED! We can increase his odds by up to 15 seconds if he knows the answer to the following question: WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING 4 ANIMAL ZONKS ARE REAL ZONKS THAT HAVE BEEN FEATURED ON THE SHOW? They are: CAMEL IN BATHTUB, DONKEY ON SKATEBOARD, TURTLE IN BLIMP, DOLPHIN ON TREADMILL. Earnest correctly avoids DOLPHIN ON TREADMILL to get a total of 20 seconds. He passes on $500 to play and wins...THE CAR! FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT PLAYING OF THIS GAME...NOT ONLY DID EARNEST NAIL THE CAR ON THE FIRST BALL, BUT HE GOT THE CAR TWICE! Earnest also earned $250 in cash to make his deal worth $19,115 in cash and car! That is definitely as case where he is REDEEMED!

Eric as Waldo gets the LMAD ATM Card with one swipe! Will he take the swipe or Curtain 1? He takes Curtain 1 and passes on $1,500. He wins a REMOTE CONTROL BED(ZONKED AGAIN!) He gets $100! Janelle the pirate can take her swipe or the teeny box. She takes the box and passes on $300! Janelle wins a Yamaha S-Max Scooter worth $3,690(REDEEMED!)

Zachary, Heidi and Savannah are playing BEAT THE DEALER. We have nine letters with nine numbers 1-9 hidden under them. In Round 1, all three dealers will pick a letter. The top two numbers will win $500 and the lowest gets $100 and sits down. Zachary picks C and he sits down with $100 because he picks 1(auto-loss). Let's play it out because Heidi and Savannah have $500. Heidi picks A and 4 and Savannah picks E and 8. Heidi and Savannah are now playing for a home theater including a 70" LED HDTV along with a wireless speaker and tablet worth $4,000! Savannah picks I and 6. Heidi picks H and it's 3. She sits down with $500. Savannah has $4,500 in cash and prizes. She can play Beat the Dealer one more time. The numbers left are 2,5 7 and 9. The letters left are B, D, F and G. If Savannah gives up her prizes, she can play one more time. She will assign two letters - one for Wayne and one for her. If Wayne wins, she is out and not redeemed! If she wins, she will definitely be redeemed because she will drive off in a Fiat 500 Pop worth $17,825! Savannah STOPS!(REDEEMED)!

Drucilla the soul sister has diamond earrings. Will she keep them(and it's cash value) or take Curtain 2? She picks 2 and passes on the earrings which were worth $505. The deal was worth $1,010! Drucilla wins an In Mode Home Living Room and 48" LED HDTV worth $6,038! (REDEEMED)!

Last chance at redemption starts off with Correen the Hippie. She has the Green Box which has a clue which is RELAX or Curtain 1. She takes the box and wins spa treatments from Face Haus and 1 yr of massages along with Spa Ritual products worth $3,200!(REDEEMED)! The Curtain had a CAVEMAN LIVING ROOM(ZONK!)...but we are going to make EVERYONE in the audience REDEEMED by giving them a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP and $100 in credit to Zipcar! If you want to win that...go to and enter!

John wants his shot at $37,330 - not his hot tub! He picks 1. 2 was a home arcade with a Mustang Pro Pinball Machine and 35" Gaming Monitor/PS4/and Racing Wheel worth $7,459. 3 was a trip to New Orleans for 4N at the Hotel Mazarin worth $3,448! That means John is TOTALLY REDEEMED by winning the Big Deal behind Door 1 which is a DOOZY...a brand new CADILLAC ATS SEDAN worth $37,330!

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
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Record today: singleton
Record for week 35: 1-5
Record this season: 457-471-56
Total today*: $43,934
Total this week*: $43,934
Total this season*: $12,188,741
Perfect bids: 14/984
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 4/3
DSWs/DOBs: 1/10
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 9/3
Best week: Week 4: $746,658
$12M Passed: 5/18/16

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the
nearest dollar.


It's a special day at 33... but we'll get to that later (or you can scroll back upwards if you are so inclined). Right now, though, it's Nicholas Lammers, Karen Koonce, Patrick Smith Sr., and Kelly Auner playing for an iPhone 6S with Bluetooth keyboard. The $878 package goes to Patrick, who'll try to avoid the temptation of texting while driving (C-Note: DON'T DO IT!) a Chevy Sonic if he wins Temptation. First, though, gifts! We have $668 pearl jewelry, $3334 straight cash homey, a $779 Xbox One package, and a $505 set of small electrics. From that we get a guess of $16,475. Will he risk $5286 in gifts for a shot at the car? He will indeed. The price... $16,470. OUCH.

Karen will try to make us forget that with a $1320 set of luggage, which she'll pack for the Hamptons (6n @ The Southampton Inn) if she knows whether she's Coming ($9007) or Going ($7009). She goes... and she's going!

Nitya Madhavan goes down and up thanks to a $755 pair of turntables with Bluetooth speakers & records. She will try for Lyft rides, dinner at a fancy restaurant, and show tickets for a year if she wins Grocery Game. On offers: Jiffy yellow cake mix, Vital Farms dozen eggs, Pillsbury cake frosting, Cake-Mate writing icing, and Betty Crocker candles (C-Note: because IT'S DREW'S BIRTHDAY!). First up, she takes four eggs. Each one is $5.99. Four is too much.

Patrick wins $1000 from the Big Wheel. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a $540 set of fitness trackers and a chance at a treadclimber, a 4KTV, and a mini-fridge in Pick-a-Number.

$6 _ 9 8
NUMBERS: 0, 3, 8

She picks the 3... but it was 8.

Patricia Carpenter wins a $1220 set of action cameras with accessories. She can hook one up to a Fiat 500 Sport if she wins Pathfinder. She gets mulligans from a $100 charging tower and a $49 electric kettle, but only gets as far as $20,___. Price: $20,786.

Last chance for Nicholas comes with a trip to Disneyland (5n @ The Anabella; 2 3-day hopper passes included). The price: $2215. The winner: Richard Murphy. He will try and add a pool table and a set of Jimmy Choos if he can Do the Math (and if he can, we'll throw in $1135, too). He adds the money to the pool table, $3395. The shoes: $2760. He'll get another go in the Showcase.

First, a new kitchen and trips to Puerto Rico (5n @ Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa) & Switzerland (6n @ Hotel Villa Honegg). Top winner Richard passes, and Patrick bids $21,750. Richard gets a Lenovo all-in-one with 3D printer, a scooter, and a jet boat. He bids $26,500. Actual price: $27,958, a difference of $1458. Actual price of Patrick's Showcase... $25,974, a difference of $4224, and Richard's getting the biggest gift of all with $30,973!

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Total for today: $83,850
Total for Week 36 - $83,850
Total for the Season: $8,311,832
Bonus Win Percentage: 53/176
Gooseeggs: 20
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 28/2
Mystery Round Prizes won: 17
Car Wins: 5
1/2 Car Wedges hit/total wins: 157/10
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 1/1
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 45/176/8/21
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 95/176/24/45
Express Wedge Hit/Used: 49/37
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won: 68/39
$2,500 Space Hit - 42
$3,500 Space Hit - 99
$5,000 Space Hit - 30
Bankrupt Space Hit - 504
Lose A Turn Hit - 153
Gift Tags won: 52
Free Play Hit: 185
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 12/176
Best Week: Week 33 - $376,260(Desert Oasis Week)
Bankrupt Losses: $1,064,307+ 3 trips of unknown value.
Left on the Table: $2,612,015 + 5 trips of unknown value + 1 GC + 1 Car.
8M Passed - 171 Shows - 05/09/16 (151 + 20 shows)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
by Don Harpwood

bird, new, square, twitter icon @doughnut251

Syn: check local listings
Host: Chris Harrison
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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