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November 5, 2018


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Bonus Time

Family Feud PCH Bonus Week
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Aaron, Nate, Andi, Anna, Tim

Cecilia, Sheila, Sam, Patricia, Yolanda
St. Louis

All this week, the best families from Feuds past will return for a shot at $30,000 on Bonus Week presented by PCH! It's called Bonus Week, because in addition to a shot at $20,000 in Fast Money, the winning family will receive $10,000 from the PCH Prize Patrol.

SINGLE: 100 men, something you'd be embarrassed your grandma could do better than you.
1. Bench press/Exercise 26 5. Drink/Pound shots 6
2. Sex/Pet the kitty 20 6. Cook/Dessert 5
3. Sports/Hoops 19
4. Drive 16

SINGLE: something a female dog catcher might use from her job to catch herself a man.
1. Net/Pole/Hook 57 5. Food/Treat 4
2. Leash/Collar 15 6. That sexy uniform 4
3. A cute puppy 8 7. Dog whistle 3
4. Stun gun/Tranq'lizer 5

DOUBLE: at the Academy Awards, an actress yells, "Someone stole my..." what?
1. Award/Oscar 45 5. Diamonds/Jewelry 5
2. Purse/Money 22 6. Line/Speech 5
3. Dress/Shoes/Duds 7
4. Seat 7

TRIPLE: a reason you might dig a hole in your backyard.
1. Planting 45
2. Bury body/pet 23
3. Hide/Find treasure 12
4. Put a pool in 9

Sass family won the $10,000.

Tim & Anna play Fast Money. Tim gets one #1 for 138. Anna gets one #1 to win the $20,000.

Fast Money #1 answers
- 100 married men, an occasion that your wife looks forward to way more than you do: Anniversary (Anna)
- Something that gives off heat: Heater/Furnace
- How many different passwords do you have?: 5
- Something that people migth say your heart was made out of: Stone
- A fast man loves fast what?: Cars (Tim)

In the nightcap, the Estevez take on the Damron family from West Virginia.

TRIPLE: Instead of church, a place some men prefer to commune with God.
1. Nature/Fishin' hole 44
2. Home/on crapper 23
3. Bar/Nightclub 9
4. Car/Back of cop car 4

Once again, both families were stumped on the #1 answer, but the Damrons win the game.

Sherri & Terri sweep the #1s in Fast Money to win the $20,000.

Dancing with the Stars
by Pierre Jason Kelly
bird, new, square, twitter icon @Johnny_Arcade

ABC: 8p/7c
Host: Tom Bergeron & Erin Andrews with Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba & Bruno Tonioli
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Mary Lou & Sasha, spared no favors from the panel, were eliminated thanks to the audience vote, while the other couple in the bottom - Alexis & Alan - started getting hot & heavy OFF of the dance floor. Will that be enough to save them from elimination tonight. Grab your partners and prepare to do-si-do, because it's COUNTRY NIGHT!

Each couple will perform one unlearned dance, followed by one unlearned team dance. In addition, Lauren Alaina, Carly Pearce, Chris Janson & LANCO will play the stage.

LINEUP (with scores from Carrie Ann/Len/Bruno):
- John Schneider & Emma Slater - JAZZ to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" by John Denver- 8/9/8 - 25 out of a possible 30
- Evanna Lynch & Keo Motsepe - RUMBA to "Every Little Thing" by Carly Pearce - 10/10/10 - PERFECT 30!
- Juan Pablo di Pace & Cheryl Burke - CHARLESTON to "One Shot" by Hunter Hayes - 10/10/10 - PERFECT 30
- Joe "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile & Jenna Johnson - TANGO to "Burning Man" by Dierks Bentley featuring Brothers Osbourne - 7/7/7 - 21
- Milo Manheim & Witney Carson - FOXTROT to "Born to Love You" by LANCO - 10/9/10 - 29
- DeMarcus Ware & Lindsay Arnold - VIENNESE WALTZ to "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton - 9/9/9 - 27
- Alexis Ren & Alan Bersten - SAMBA to "Ladies in the 90s" by Lauren Alaina - 9/10/10 - 29
- Bobby Bones & Sharna Burgess - VIENNESE WALTZ to "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Chris Janson - 8/8/8 - 24

Next up, the Team Dances...

- #TeamHayNow (Bobby/Sharna, Evanna/Keo, John/Emma, Milo/Witney) - FREESTYLE to "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton - 10/9/10 - 29
- #TeamJoeDown (Alexis/Alan, DeMarcus/Lindsay, Joe/Jenna, Juan Pablo/Cheryl) - FREESTYLE to "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)" by Luke Bryan - 9/8/9 - 26

These scores will be added to the individual scores and then factored with the audience vote to determine who will move on to the semifinals next week.

- John/Emma
- DeMarcus/Lindsay
- Evanna/Keo
SAFE: Evanna & Keo
ELIMINATED: John Schneider & Emma Slater.... and DeMarcus Ware & Lindsay Arnold

Meanwhile, going into the semifinals...
- 59 - Evanna/Keo
- 58 - Milo/Witney
- 56 - Juan Pablo/Cheryl
- 55 - Alexis/Alan
- 54 - John/Emma (Eliminated: Week 7)
- 53 - Bobby/Sharna, DeMarcus/Lindsay (Eliminated: Week 7)
- 47 - Joe/Jenna

Evanna just made a case for the top spot, but the semifinals are nothing if not unpredictable...

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  Short week of adult action begins wtih Jonathan defending his title against...
Jonathan Greenan
Charlottetown, PE
legal officer

Mary Ann Borer
Pomona, CA
marketing coordinator
Gerald Dudley
Jamaica Plain, MA
pub quiz host & writer

JEOPARDY! ROUND: Recent Headlines in The Onion, Sister Cities, Rhymes with Mug, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Jonathan starts with $400 Sister Cities. At the TV timeout, the champ is in front with $4400 to the others' $2400 a pop.

Mary Ann finds the Daily Double under $600 Bad Romance. She wagers $3000 on this: this novel ends with Amy & Nick Dunne reunited--sure, she framed him for her murder, but now she's pregnant. "What is 'Gone, Girl'?" RIGHT for $6600! She ends up with $8200 to $7200 for Jonathan. Gerald on $3800 gets the board to start...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: National Geographic's "Mars", Pop Culture, Caves, Word Origins, British History, Drum Schtick.

... with $400 Drum Schtick. Gerald finds the first Daily Double under $2000 British History. "It's now or never, true Daily Double." You got it. The clue: this "Great" monarch prevented England from completely falling to the Danes in the 800s. "Who is Charlemagne?" Woops, it was Alfred the Great. Mary Ann finds the other under $1600 Caves. She wagers $1000 on this: from the Greek for "cave", it's an old term for a cave dweller or caveman. "What is a troglodyte?" RIGHT for $15,600! Mary Ann ends up in the lead with $19,200 to $14,400. With nothing on his board, Gerald leaves with $1000.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Characters in Children's Lit": memories of refugees in British train stations before & after WWII helped inspire the creation of this character. Correct response: who is Paddington Bear?

Jonathan is wrong. Mary Ann isn't. She wins $38,200. Jonathan leaves with $29,201.

Just Like Mom & Dad
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

BYUTV/YesTV: 8p/7C
Hosts: Kylee Evans & Sandy Jobin-Bevans
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Clinton & Wanda
Sophia & JP
Sebastien & Sarah

Today, one of the teams can walk out with a trip to the Caribbean. And if any team scores a perfect game will get a chance at a 2019 Kia Niro hybrid crossover!

QUESTION ROUND 1: Sebastien & Sarah are on 15, so the Kia Niro is still in play. The other two teams are tied at 10, but something else is about to be tied. Aprons. And stomachs. Let's go into the kitchen!

BAKE OFF: Today, the kids are making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with eggs, sugar, chocolate chips, and pumpkin puree. But that's so played out, let's add some.. other things! Of course, the proper recipes are going to be online at under 60-Second Recipes. But the parents will have to take some big bites to make those big matches at the end of the game. We'll find out who makes what later, but now it's back to the parents.

QUESTION ROUND 2: the Niro is off the table, as Sebastian & Sarah lead with 35 to Sophia & JP's 30. Clinton & Wanda still have 10.

BAKE OFF TASTE TEST: The parents will have 30 seconds to stuff their faces with their muffins and determine which dish belongs to their kid. The final match is worth 50 points.

- Wanda says #2 is Clinton's.. NAILED IT for 60!
- JP thinks #1 is Sophia's.... #1 IT IS for 80!
- Does Sarah have #3 for the win... YES! SEBASTIAN & SARAH win with 85!

PRIZE WHEEL: Along with the trip to the Caribbean, there's a year at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and prize packages from Lootcrate, Dave & Buster's, Scene, Xbox, and Spinmaster. They win 2 nights at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls!

Keep It Spotless Fall Premiere
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Nick: 7:30p/6:30c
Host: Melissa Vanderschyff
Official WebsiteHigh DefinitionNick app
Grace & Allie
Diego & Alana

The paint is back flying for the second half of season 1...

ROUND 1: BLOCK PARTY: Take control of your teammate, who is being hung on a pulley, as they collect 10 discs off of a pole. Once you've transfered all 10 to the opposite pole, the game would end.
- Grace/Allie: 34/47 = 40.5
- Diego/Alana: 30/30 = 30

ROUND 2: LAUNCH PAD. In this challenge, one teammate is the jumper while the other is the catcher. The jumper had to catapult paint balloons, while the catcher catches them in the pop zone. They then had to get the paint in a collector past the line - or until they reached the 100-balloon limit. Only the catcher's score matters in this round.
- Grace: 74
- Alana: 64
REDS lead, 114.5-94.

FACE OFF: RIGHT OR WRONG: The players had to lock in a choice for which blaster would activate, all while dodging a giant paint ball.
- Diego/Alana: 77/62 = 139
- Grace/Allie: 94/86 = 180
The Reds win it, 294.5-233

THE GAUNTLET: Swinging Bags of Paint, Spray Zone, The Web, Splatter Bridge, and Final Splashdown.
- FINAL SCORE: Grace: 42%, Allie: 28%. AVERAGE: 35% for $4000!

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Jeff - $17,945
Beverly - $16,537
Elvira - $7,599
Lester/Kendrick - $7,458
Amy - $6,129(traded from $9,863)
Ashley - $4,499
Ayeesha - $900
Joan - $800
Justine/Lucas - $200 + EVERYONE'S A LITTLE BIT...ZONKIST.

Quickie Deals - $200/$200
Quickie Deals Total - $11,700/$18,500

Big Deal Choice 1 - 7
Big Deal Choice 2 - 15
Big Deal Choice 3 - 13
Big Deal Location 1 - 18
Big Deal Location 2 - 9
Big Deal Location 3 - 8
Big Deal Wins- 14
Car Wins - 24


Prizes not won today - $45,751
Prizes not won this season - $1,575,768
Total - $62,067
Total for Week 8 - $62,067
Total for the Season: $1,639,089
Best Week - Week 1 - $363,740
1M Passed - 10/15/2018 - 20 shows

New week on Deal starts off with three people are they are Amy the Ear of Corn, Ashley the Gymnast, and Beverly the Toucan. The game is NO COMPLAINING.Tiffany has a Tory Birch purse with cash inside or Curtain 1 for Amy. Amy takes Curtain 1 and passes on the bag with $1,600! With the bag, it was worth $2,175. Amy wins a 4K 65" UHDTV with Apple TV worth $4,499! Ashley can take the TV from Amy and she can't complain about it one bit. Ashley can also take Curtain 3. Ashley takes the TV for her mom. Amy now has a trip to ICELAND for 5N at the Grand Hotel in Reykjavik worth $9,863! Now Beverly can take the trip, the TV or the Black Box. The Black Box is very special. It can be very good - a deal worth over $10,000 or a ZONK. Beverly takes the Black Box - and boy was this special - IN A GOOD WAY! Beverly wins EVERYTHING IN THE DEAL including $1,600 in cash, the Tori Burch Purse, the 65" TV with Apple TV and a trip to Iceland! That deal is worth $16,537!

What a way to start with over $30,000 in prizes given away to our traders! Let's continue with someone trying to win a car! It's Jeff the Bacon. He is playing for a Toyota Yaris iA worth $17,945. The game is 0 to 80. We have a bag with tokens ranging from 0 mph to 40mph. Jeff has 4 picks(or less) to get his car up to 80mph. If he can do that, the Yaris is his! His first pick is 40mph! Next is 0mph. Will he go for the car or take $500 to stop? He goes for the car and picks...30mph. Those are the two hardest to get. Jeff needs 10mph and has one pick left. He passes on $2,000 to pick....20mph! HE WINS THE CAR!

Elvira the Mouse picks 5 from 0-9. Wayne has a $100 bill in the LMAD Envelope. Every bill in US Currency has an 8 digit serial number. For every 5 that appears on the bill, Elvira will win $1,000. Will Elvira go for the bill, take Curtain 1 or $500? She takes the curtain and passes on the serial number which was 70916058. That would have given her $1,000. Elvira passes on a total of $1,500 in cash to take Curtain 1 which is a Harley-Davidson Street Motorcycle worth $7,599! Next is Justine the Bride(just married to Lucas who is brought into the deal). They get a clue from Tiffany's email. The e-mailer asks Tiffany if there is something that my child can use because they are going off to college. The Curtain 3 prize fits the bill. They can take that or the prize on Jonathan's Ipad which goes along with the e-mail(not the Ipad itself- it's not part of the deal). They take the Ipad and pass on a Home Office with included a 34" All in One HP Envy Computer, Desk, Chair and Smart Light Panels from Nanoleaf worth $3,124! They win ZONK THE MUSICAL 2 - BLVD Z -(ZONK)! But Wayne and Chris give them $200 for their new life together!

We need a couple and they are Lester/Kendrick(Father/Son)(Nerd/Chef). They get $500 and can earn up to $1,500 more if they are good at making sounds. The game is "My Son Sounds Like A...." Kendrick will get clues to a person/place/thing/animal. Using only sounds(no words) Kendrick will give a clue to Lester, who is blindfolded. Lester will have one guess at the clue. For every answer they get right, they will win $500 per clue(up to three). They get HORSE, miss HEARTBEAT and SLOT MACHINE. They have $1,000 and can take the small box if they want to. They take the box and win a trip to Germany! They are spending 5N at the Nhow Berlin worth $7,458!

Ayeesha the Biblical Lady with the "10 Deal Commandments" is playing for an $18,870 Kia Soul. That car is on sale for $1,000 - no more, no less. Here's how she may earn that money. We have a single die with $100-$300 on the six sides. Ayeesha will roll and if she earns $1,000 exactly, she will be the 2nd car winner of the day! Her first roll is....$100, then $200, then $300. She has $600. Will she buy Curtain 1 for $400 to stop the game? She plays on and passes on...HOLY(BLEEP)! It's an AUDI Q3 SUV worth $36,295! Her next roll is $200. She needs $200 to win the car. She can buy Curtain 2 for $700 and stop the game. She doesn't, thinking it's a zonk car. She's right! It was the ZONKY ZONKY BANG BANG CAR(ZONK)! Ayeesha rolls...$100. She needs $100....and STOPS! For fun, she went over with $300!

Last deal involves Joan who is dressed in Native Bulgarian costume. Jonathan has the teeny box or the Big Box. She takes the Big Box and passes on a trip to Napa Valley for 4N at the River Terrace Inn worth $4,157! Will she take the Big Box or $800? She takes the cash and Joan passes on the Big Box which was SHAG APPLIANCES(ZONK)!

Who trades for a shot at $27,935? Amy trades her trip to Iceland!

She picks 3. 2 was a kitchen including Refrigerator and Bibo Drink Maker worth $3,699! Amy wins a Sauna from Almost Heaven and wood swing worth $6,129! 1 was the Big Deal and it was a $27.935 Dodge Journey SUV!

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Devin Goda, Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Record today: breakeven
Record for week 8: 3-3
Record this season: 88-109-13
Total today*: $76,881
Total this week*: $76,881
Total this season*: $3,067,369
Perfect bids: 8/210
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/1
DSWs/DOBs: 0/1
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 0/0
Best week:
Week 4 - $779,917
$3M passed: 11/5/18

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar
Brand new week begins wtih Cheryl Wachter, Davis Watson, Lynn Svoboda, and Hazel Richardson bidding on a set of headphones & a Galaxy Tab. The $1210 package goes to Lynn, who can win 5 Paul Smith handbags and an iMac if she places the 1 Right Price of $4574 correctly. She goes with the handbags... $4575 is a winner!

Cheryl gets a $599 shuffleboard table and a chance at a VW Jetta at the Checkout. She prices Arizona iced tea, Pillsbury flour, Campbell's Well Yes! soup, CLR cleaner, and Gold Bond firming cream at $21. Actual total: $22.96, a difference of $1.96, and WE'VE BEATEN THE CHECKOUT!

Chad Brightly scores a $1675 set of Fendi sunglasses, but can he win a pair of sport scooters in Balance Game? The bags: $318, $1000, $3000, and $5000. He goes for $6318.... PERFECT!

Cheryl wins at the Big Wheel. Meanwhile, Cori Welty will try and keep it going after a $2874 gas range with cookware. She's playing for a wine bottle opener, a pair of digital cameras, and a trip to Argentina (6n @ Algodon Wine Estates) in Make Your Move.

9 5 6 7 8 9 8 2 5

She goes $25 for the can opener, $898 for the cameras, and $9567 for the trip. ... She needed to swap the trip and the cameras.

Brian Duff wants to parlay a $2000 4KTV into $20,000 on the Hot Seat.

- Hand mixer - LOWER than $85
- Pet water station - HIGHER than $45
- Hair dryer - LOWER than $75
- Rice cooker - HIGHER than $20
- Air quality monitor - HIGHER than $100

The rice cooker... $40! The hand mixer... $50! The air monitor... $200! The water station... $21.

Hazel and Davis are down to their final bids on a rowing machine. The price: $1999. The winer... HAZEL! Her patience can be rewarded with a Kia Soul in Money Game.

28  47  63
56  92  18
19  70  17

Middle number is 4. 18... Money. 17... Money. 19 is the front. 56... money. 92... 183 money. The car was $19,428.

Cori meets Cheryl in the Showcase. First up, trip to San Francisco (5n @ Inn at Union Square via private jet) & Germany (6n @ Park Plaza Nuremberg) and a Chevy Spark. Top winner Cheryl passes, and Cori bids $25,500. Cheryl gets to feel hot with a firepit table with seats, a pair of patio heaters, a hot tub, and a trip to Bali (6n @ Menjangan Dynasty Resort). She bids $28,000. Actual price: $25,664. Actual price of Cori's Showcase... $32,704 to win a total of $35,578!

The Voice
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

NBC: 8p/7c
Host: Carson Daly with Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramNBC AppInstagram


Going into the final night of the Knockouts...

TEAM ADAM: Tyke James, Radha**, DeAndre Nico, Steve Memmolo, Reagan Strange, Jake Wells, Delaney Silvernell, Kameron Marlowe**
TEAM KELLY: Sarah Grace, Chevel Shepherd, Kymberli Joye, Abby Cates, Zaxai, Keith Paluso**
TEAM JENNIFER:  Patrique Forston, Kennedy Holmes, Franc West, Makenzie Thomas, SandyRedd**, Anthony Arya
TEAM BLAKE: Michael Lee, Dave Fenley, Chris Kroeze, Kirk Jay, Colton Smith, Funsho, Natasia Greycloud**
*TEAM KELSEA: Ayanna Joni, Lynnea Moorer, Wyatt Rivers
**artist stolen/saved during the Knockout Round

Adam comes into the night having used both Saves/Steals.  Jennifer has her Steal remaining. Blake and Kelly both have Saves remaining.

- Chevel Shepherd: "Travelin' Soldier" by The Dixie Chicks
- Sarah Grace: "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James
- Kelly SAVES Sarah! Apparently she'd rather go blind than to see her walk away.

- DeAndre Nico: "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes
- Jake Wells: "Yellow" by Coldplay

- Anthony Arya: "Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)" by Jim Croce
- Kennedy Holmes: "What About Us" by P!nk

- Colton Smith: "Lady Marmalade" by LaBelle
- Kirk Jay: "In Case You Didn't Know" by Brett Young
- But willing to overlook a lyric flub, Jennifer STEALS Colton!

- Delaney Silvernell: "Praying" by Kesha
- Steve Memmolo: "Unaware" by Allen Stone

- Michael Lee: "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers Band
- Chris Kroeze: "Burning House" by Cam
- Blake flipped a coin, choosing one winner and the person to use his SAVE on.

Meanwhile on the Comeback Stage... Kelsea has her own Knockouts...
- Ayanna Joni: "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
- Wyatt Rivers: "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" by Marvin Gaye
- Lynnea Moorer: "In My Blood" by Shawn Mendes
WINNERS: AYANNA & LYNNEA. They will compete for a shot at the top 13...

TEAM ADAM: Tyke James, Radha**, DeAndre Nico, Steve Memmolo, Reagan Strange, Kameron Marlowe**
TEAM KELLY: Sarah Grace**, Chevel Shepherd, Kymberli Joye, Abby Cates, Zaxai, Keith Paluso**
TEAM JENNIFER:  Patrique Forston, Kennedy Holmes, Franc West, Makenzie Thomas, SandyRedd**, Colton Smith**
TEAM BLAKE: Michael Lee, Dave Fenley, Chris Kroeze**, Kirk Jay, Funsho, Natasia Greycloud**
*TEAM KELSEA: Ayanna Joni, Lynnea Moorer
**artist stolen/saved during the Knockout Round

Live Shows begin with the Playoffs next week!

Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter icon
Total for Today - $66,864
Total for Week 9 -$66,864
Total for the Season: $1,959,411
Bonus Win Percentage: 15/41
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $585,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars: 2 Jeep Cherokees, 3 Ford Mustang Convertibles,
2 Ford Flexs,2 Mini Cooper Convertibles
Gooseeggs: 6
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 7/0
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 10/2/6
Car Wins: 5
1/2 Car Wedges hit/lost/total wins:41/22/0
$100,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 12/41/1/9
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 27/41/7/13
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes: 11/9/4
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 20/12/7
$2,500 Space Hit - 6
$3,500 Space Hit - 26
$5,000 Space Hit - 13
Bankrupt Space Hit - 119
Lose A Turn Hit -  30
Vowels Missed:
A - 18
E - 16
I - 11
O - 8
U -2
Missed solves - 5
Repeated a letter/vowel - 9
Perfect Rounds: 19
House Minimums - 19
Gift Tags hit/won/lost: 27/12/14
Free Play Hit: 32
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 2/41
Best Week: Week 1 - Teacher's Week - $316,264
Bankrupt Losses: $244,550
Left on the Table: $537,800+ 1 trip of unknown value
Red Podium Win - 15
Yellow Podium Win - 13
Blue Podium Win -12
1M Passed - 10/09/2018

M : 1
E : 1
R: 1
C: 4
': 1
S: 1
G: 2
A: 3
M: 1
E : 3
S: 3
P: 1
I: 3
N: 2
& : 3
W: 1
I : 1
N: 2
* - 2
** - 3
*** - 2

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
EVENT(s) -12/2/1/1
SHOW BIZ -1/0/0/0
LIVING THING(s) -14/3/1/2
PHRASE -13/8/1/7
FOOD & DRINK - 7/5/0/4
THING(s) -19/1/1/0
FUN & GAMES -5/2/1/1
ON THE MAP - 5/2/0/1
PLACE(s) - 12/2/0/2
OCCUPATION(s) - 4/0/0/0

New week on Wheel and we are celebrating "America's Game!"

The $1,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Jim Gusick from San Diego solves MISSISSIPPI DELTA. He is married with 2 sons and a Special Education Science Teacher for 15 years. Cassie Arquette is an AP Calculus Teacher for 21 years. She has 2 kids and one grandchild. Tammy Schmidt is a kindergarten teacher and is married for 27 years with a son, Nicholas.

The $2,000 Tossup is PHRASE. Cassie has $2,000 with THE SHOW MUST GO ON. She starts FUN & GAMES. She misses a vowel - A. Tammy picks up the $1,000 GC with a $500 G. She hits 2 $500 Free Play L's. Late in the round she misses. Jim solves WORKING OUT WITH DUMBBELLS for $2,100. He has $3,100. We move on to....

The Hobby Lobby mystery round which is started by Tammy.  It's our crossword round with the clue of PRESIDENTIAL FIRSTS. There are four words that fit the clue. She picks up the 1/2 Car for a Ford Fiesta with 2 $500 R's. She picks up the featured shopping spree prize with a $500 T but misses a vowel - I.  Jim misses. Cassie Bankrupts. Tammy misses. Jim misses. Cassie Bankrupts again. Tammy solves LYNDON JOHN ABE HERBERT for $2,350, the 1/2 Car and the featured shopping spree prize - $6,000 in cash from - your online caregiving portal! She has $8,350 in cash and the 1/2 Car. We move on to....

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge Round which is started by Jim. It's PLACES. He misses. Cassie misses a vowel - A. Tammy hits Lose a Turn. Jim picks up the 1/2 Car with a $500 N. Jim solves IMPRESSIVE SWIMMING POOLS for $2,600 and a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii at the Hilton Waikoloa Village worth $7,014! He has $12,714 in cash and prizes!

The $3,000 Tossup is TITLE. Jim has $15,714 with THE TIME MACHINE. He starts THINGS and leads us into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,600 a letter. Cassie solves PUSHPINS AND THUMBTACKS for $4,800 and leaves with $6,800. Tammy had one good round and leaves with $8,350 in cash! Jim wins with $15,714 in cash and prizes including his Hawaii trip!

The pre-bonus round total is $30,864! Jim picks IN THE KITCHEN over PERSON and LIVING THINGS.

Jim lands on the R in AMERICA'S wedge. With the RSTLNE and his choices of C H M O we have:

M _ C R O _ _ _ E
E _ _ / _ O _ C H E R

Jim can buy a MICROWAVE EGG POACHER with $36,000 in bonus cash! He leaves with $51,714 in cash and prizes!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
by Don Harpwood

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Host: Chris Harrison
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