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Blood Vs. Water
CBS 8p ET Wednesday

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In another bid for $1 million, ten of the game's greatest players are taking on their greatest challenge: their loved ones! Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast the others? 39 days, 20 people... ONE SURVIVOR!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions Castaway Productions
Survivor Productions
Origins Philippines
Airs 8p ET Wed, CBS

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Swoop in for the Kill Galang Tribe
October 30
So far... we had loved ones and all stars playing on separate tribes, BUT after a switch, we have one tribe full of women... with one man, Vytas, and one tribe with the opposite, Ciera being the odd lady out. And after Kat kvetches about overstrategizing, she overstrategized herself right to Redemption Island... and we're back in.


DAY 17: "I don't think I played the right way."

These are the words of one Kat Edorsson. And now she's wondering how Hayden is going to take it. If the measure of your relationship is the way you play a game show on television, then you, my dear, have bigger problems than your game play. I'd wish you luck in the duel, but... yeah, like I care about you at this point.

REDEMPTION DUEL: Fire Represents Life

After an obviously emotional reunion, we get to business. Hayden has said that his relationship with Kat is more important than this game. Jeff says... Put up or shut up. Kat wants to play.

Chop a bag of puzzle pieces and put together a fire puzzle. First two are still alive.

Winner... JOHN! Also alive... LAURA MORETT! Kat... should have sent Hayden to play in her place. Kat Edorsson... OUT.

Laura has an early lead after the guys fall on their heads and their... other... heads. She DOES have this. EASY WIN! Now who gets second? It's... JOHN! After 14 days, it's GAME OVER (and a Judas kiss) for Brad Culpepper.

As the winner, John gets the honor of deciding who gets to burn another clue...  And it's Monica.

Meanwhile, the subject of both camps' chatter... merge coming?

DAY 18: Another morning...

Tina's really starting to like Vytas for his hard-knocks mentality. She could see him with Katie... and maybe a few grandbabies.

Vytas remembers a story about trusting a woman with $100. He thinks that women like a bad boy... but even more than that, they love a reformed bad boy. Yes, it's a bit underhanded, a bit shady... "But it's working". Take notes, men.

On the other side of the safety dance, Laura Boneham, who is coming to terms with who she is and who she was both in the tribe and in life. She will stick with the girls if it helps her game out.

As for what's coming in the next Challenge, Vytas hopes that it is not physical, because a tribe of five men and a woman will always beat a tribe of the opposite. Laura is concerned that if they DO lose, Vytas is going home. He's a marked man on BOTH ends of the island.


Four members of each tribe will be chained at the ankles and rigged to a spiral coil. Once all four have been freed, they will have to traverse a course and grab balls & chains to use as bolos to whip around a grid at the end of the course. First to three wins.

Also.. to the winner... go fried chicken and all the fixings.

What starts as a regular race ends with a bit of a tangle in the course. They all come to the end at the same time, though.

WINNER: Tadhana! Bad news for anyone named Vytas.

At camp, Laura makes it clear to everyone... Vytas is the next to go. In front of everyone. Laura couldn't keep it held up inside. She feels like her tribe is loyal to her. We'll see how loyal later.

Meanwhile, Monica is floored by Laura's announcement, feeling blindsided. She thought she could trust her, but this "executive decision" could leave HER out in the cold.

Tina suggests that Laura could be on the block tonight. Vytas says he's done his due diligence in building trust with the women, so this should be an interesting vote. They need the alpha, otherwise, there's no future. Katie thinks that it's smart to get rid of Vytas, but at the same time, Laura is the wild card. That could hit the fan back on the tribe. "Whatever goes down, it's not going to be pretty." That's putting it light, Katie.


Laura confesses the tribal plan to Jeff. Vytas thought it was discouraging to get that kind of news. Monica would've appreciated a word in edgewise. Tina agrees. After all, they are in an alliance. Will Vytas convince a tribe of women to vote against one of their own? He says he's been a good member, and he suggests that it should be based on trust, honesty, and sincerity. What will Aras think? "I think Aras would be pretty bummed if I was gone". Laura wants to vote Vytas off because of Aras. And what if it is Laura? She's going to keep her head held high. What will Rupert say? No matter what, Rupert will be proud of her.

Tina thought it was horrible. She likes hearing both stories. Vytas says that everyone's got a great story, but he's voting based on who he can trust more.

Laura B: VYTAS
Vytas: LAURA B. - "That was a really sweet speech you gave to me at camp. Should've been switched around, though."

So it's 1 to 1.

The other votes... are for LAURA BONEHAM. So much for that alliance. THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Hope you do better than your husband.

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