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July 15, 2021


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It's a Knockout

Big Brother Live
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
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CBS: 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen Moonves
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Derek X won the POV and took Kyland off the block. Travis replaced him. Who will go home tonight? Alyssa or Kyland?

We get reactions from Derek X, Kyland, Alyssa, Frenchie, and Travis, who makes it known to anyone who'll listen to him that Frenchie is not a man of his word, while the Kings Team chat (Xavier/Alyssa/Christian).

Tiffany uses Frenchie as a substitute for the F Word.

Frenchie talks to Xavier and wants to start a "Slaughterhouse" alliance with Whitney as well. He promises to take Christian and Kyland to the end. Alyssa/Derek F/Brent are in the alliance as well. Derek is playing with it for now. He doesn't trust the size.

Frenchie wants to cover all angles.  He is trying to set up an all girls alliance - with him. Hannah isn't really convinced of a male started all girl alliance. Azah isn't convinced of the "French Kisses". Claire is like WTF?

We take a break from playing Musical Alliances to help Kyland celebrate turning 30 - and they want Travis to be his male stripper :) (C-Note: Oh baby.)

And he is now "Travisa" and strips/Dances for Kyland! LOL.

Travis talks to Frenchie about the vote. Frenchie is mugging for the camera in the DR saying that he can make the house do anything he wants before the vote. Speaking of...

LIVE VOTE/EVICTION #1: As a reminder, neither nominee Alyssa or Kyland are allowed to vote. Alyssa pleads for herself, while Travis shows how serious he is about being here... by taking his shirt off. There are 13 eligible houseguests to vote, so the vote to evict is 7.
- EVICTED: Travis Long, 11-2 (Derek F & Tiffany dissent)

We get an exit interview and reaction videos. Travis tried to blow up Frenchie's game before the live show. (C-Note: Frenchie is doing a fine job of that himself, TYVM)

Now we get a HOH Competition called POOL SHARKS.

HOH COMPETITION #2: Pool Sharks. As any Big Brother fan would know, Frenchie can not play for the HOH this week as he is the previous HOH. Here's how the game works. We have a shark's mouth and 30 positions to shoot a ball into the shark's mouth. 1 is the easiest position while 30 is the hardest. On Julie's go, the remaining houseguests will enter a number that they want to shoot the ball from. If two or more people choose the same number, those people must choose again until we have 14 individual spots that will have an attempt. The houseguest that shoots and sinks the ball (without using a bank shot) from the HIGHEST numbered position, will win HOH.
- Melissa - 15 - IN
- Brent - 16 - IN
- Hannah - 17 - NOPE.
- Azah - 18 - NOPE.
- Xavier - 19 - NOPE.
- Christian - 20 - NOPE.
- Tiffany - 21 - NOPE.
- Whitney - 22 - NOPE.
- Claire - 23 - NOPE.
- Kyland - 24  - IN.
- Britini - 25 - NOPE
- Derek F - 26 - NOPE.
- Sarah Beth - 27 - NOPE.
- Derek X - 28 - NOPE.
NEW HOH - KYLAND(and that means Claire and Tiffany are safe as well!)

Who will Kyland nominate? And who will win the Wildcard Competition? Find out next time!

America Says
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: 7p/6c
Host: John Michael Higgins
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Fakir Family
Amina, Amir, Asia, Anita
Fitness Fanatics
Jimmy, Christina, Catherine, Evan

- Fakir Family: As a teen in the '90s, I had a crush on the star of the TV show (B, BMW, DC, F, HI, POF, SBTB). They watch Saved by the Bell (C-Note: the original, not the one Michael is on) and Friends. The Fitness Fanatics tune in to Home Improvement and Party of Five. No one watched Boy Meets World, Baywatch, or Dawson's Creek, which is a crying shame, but anyway.
- Fitness Fanatics: You have to be super smart to work as a (A, A, D, E, L, S, T). They work as doctor, lawyer, teacher, scientist, and accountant. The Fakir Family gets astronaut, but not engineer. Fitness Fanatics lead, 700-300.

- Fakir Family: I like to listen to podcasts when I'm (B, C, C, D, E, GTS, W). They get driving, going to sleep, working, cooking, exercising, and cleaning. The Fitness Fanatics miss a rep on bored.
- Fitness Fanatics: Besides makeup, you will often see (B, CB, M, MR, NP, S, T) in a makeup drawer. They get sponges, nail polish, and brushes. The Fakir Family miss makeup remover, cotton balls, tweezers, and mirrors to stay on 1500 to 1300 for the Fitness Fanatics.

- Fakir Family: If you made an entire buffet out of mall food, it would have to include (C, C, H, IC, P, P, S). They get ice cream, pizza, and hamburgers for 900, 2400 total. The Fitness Fanatics add pretzels but miss Cinnabon, Chinese, and Subway for 1600.
- Fitness Fanatics (need 3 to stay alive, 6 to win): A common phrase is "The Big" (A, BT, BW, D, E, K, L). They get Bang Theory, Easy, and Apple to stay alive with 2500. The Fakirs need one to win. They get... BAD WOLF to win, 2700-2500! The others: Lebowski, Kahuna, and Dipper.

BONUS ROUND for the Fakir Family:
- Q1: In a pinch, you can use your T-shirt as a (R): Rag
- Q2: Most people keep their (K, S) in the same place so they know where to find them: Keys, Shoes
- Q3: My spouse forgot Valentine's Day! So they owe me a (D, M, SD): Massage, SKIP!
- Q4: The word rod makes me think of a (F, H, L, C) rod: Hot, Lightning, Curtain, TIME on fishing.

Back to Q3, where they needed diamond and steak dinner.

Beat Shazam
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Fox: 8p/7C
Host: Jamie Foxx with Corinne Foxx
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It's all about family today...
Jared & Lindsey
Hollis, Queens, NY
Karen & Alyssa
Fostoria, OH
Imari & Iman
San Marcos, TX
twin sisters

- LIZZO: "Juice" (Imari/Iman)
- OLDIES: "Mr. Sandman", The Chordettes (Karen/Alyssa)
- TODAY'S HITS: "High Horse", Kacey Musgraves (NOBODY!)
- BOY BANDS: "It's Gonna Be Me", Nsync (Jared/Lindsey)
- FAST TRACK - POP: "Lovefool", The Cardigans (Jared/Lindsey)
Everyone's on the board, but Jared & Lindsey lead with $3000 to $1000 for each of the other teams.

THAT'S MY JAM!: Tonight, it's either '70s or '80s. Imari & Iman and Karen & Alyssa go with.... '70s.
- "Is This Love", Bob Marley & the Wailers (Karen/Alyssa)
- "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", Blue Oyster Cult (Karen/Alyssa)
- "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel", Tavares (Karen/Alyssa)
- FAST TRACK: "I Feel the Earth Move", Carole King (Jared/Lindsey)
That Fast Track put Jared & Lindsey in a tie with Karen & Alyssa at $7000 a piece. Imari & Iman are left with nothing.

CORINNE'S CHOICE: Today, the DJ is feeling... the MOST SHAZAMED SONGS. Finally, some product integration, as we have a sample of the most Shazamed songs of the last decade.
- "Dance Monkey", Tones & I (Jared/Lindsey)
- "Airplanes", B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams (Jared/Lindsey)
- "Royals", Lorde (Karen/Alyssa)
- FAST TRACK: "Old Town Road", Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus (Jared/Lindsey)
Jared & Lindsey take back the lead, $23,000 to $11,000. The next round will decide it.

- "Roll Over Beethoven", Chuck Berry (Karen/Alyssa)
- "I Love Rock 'n Roll", Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Karen/Alyssa)
- "99 Luftballons", Nena (Karen/Alyssa)
- FAST TRACK for the game - "Party in the USA", Miley Cyrus (Jared/Lindsey)
Jared & Lindsey pull it out in the clutch, $39,000 to $35,000! Karen & Alyssa leave with $1000.

- 1) GIRL GROUPS: "My Boyfriend's Back", The Angels ($25,000)
- 2) TAYLOR SWIFT: "Lover" ($25,000)
- 3) WEDDING SONGS: "Best of My Love", The Eagles (X) - The million is out of play.
- 4) GRAMMY WINNERS: "Rosanna", Toto (X)
- 5) FUNK: "Why Can't We Be Friends", War (X)
That's two songs for $50,000, giving them a total of $89,000. They can keep that money or go double or half on one more song. The subject: the 80s. They decide ... to take the money. Had they gone on...
- 6) 80s: "Simply Irresistible", Robert Palmer. They ... made the right move!

Common Knowledge
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 5:30p/4:30c
Host: Joey Fatone
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Basketball Beasts
Zo, Kenny, ZZ
The Hairdressers
Lisa, Krista, Jodie

ROUND 1: Literature, Now We're Cookin', Sports, Staying Healthy

The Basketball Beasts start with Sports - Before the use of batons in a relay race, what did runners pass to each other to start a new leg: a) Marbles b) Flags c) Balls? They all say B... RIGHT! The Hairdressers are trailing, 10 to 100, as they're left with Literature - Stephen Covey wrote an influential self-help book that's been around for over 30 years called "The 7 Habits of" who: a) Highly Respected People b) Highly Successful People c) Highly Effective People? They say B... but it's C. Score remains 100-10, Beasts.

ROUND 2: Bling, Home Improvement, In the Kitchen, Road Trip

The Hairdressers are behind, 50 to 120, when they go with Home Improvement - Most drywall today is made from what substance: a) Lime b) Gypsum c) Quartz? They say B... RIGHT for 160! The Basketball Beasts are left on a Road Trip - According to the US Department of Transportation, a highway driver seeking a rest area should look for a sign that is what color: a) Blue b) Green c) Orange? They go with A.... RIGHT to lead, 280-210.

WRITE-IN ROUND: By the Numbers, Fun & Games, The Bedroom, Camping
- The Hairdressers: FUN & GAMES - Reverse, Skip, & Draw 4 Wild are all cards in what game introduced in 1971? They say Uno... RIGHT!
- Basketball Beasts: THE BEDROOM - Typically fluffier than a comforter or quilt the name for what blanket means "down feathers"? They go with quilt... to the Hairdressers, who go to duvet... RIGHT for 200 more, 610 total!
- The Hairdressers: CAMPING - One of the first-known official recipes for s'mores can be found in which youth organization's 1927 manual? They say Boy Scouts... as do the Basketball Beasts. The correct answer is Girl Scouts.
- Basketball Beasts: BY THE NUMBERS for the win - If you want to "give 100 percent" in ancient Rome, what Roman numeral would you use to express 100? They say XV... Nope, it's C, and the Hairdressers win, 610-280!

BONUS ROUND for the Hairdressers: Jodie gets two, but misses that Rolex had its own foundry. Krista didn't know that Sir Walter Raleigh laid down his velvet cloak over a mud puddle so the queen wouldn't get her feet wet. And Lisa didn't know that the National Clandestine Service was an office of the CIA.

The Cube
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

TNT: 9p/8c
Host: Dwyane Wade
Official WebsiteFacebook

Just in time for the Olympics, we have two Team USA Paralympic Gold Medalists playing against the Cube - Oksana Masters and Aaron Pike  (para cross-country skiing).

$1000: CONTAIN. Throw a ball into a container whose door opened and closed at random intervals.
- Aaron: WIN (9 lives remaining)

$2000: SYNCHRONICITY. As a team, you must each toss a ball so that they hit their corresponding targets at the same time.
- Both: FAIL
- Both: FAIL
- Both: FAIL
- Both: FAIL
- Both: FAIL
- Both: FAIL
- Both: FAIL
- Both: FAIL

Next up, lovebirds Elie Kirkland & Keyana Pratt from Atlanta.

$1000: APERTURE. Deposit 25 balls into the plastic cube within 20 seconds.
- Elie: WIN (9 lives remaining)

$2000: MAJORITY. You will see a series of red and blue squares. To win, you both have to figure out if there were more red squares, more blue squares, or an equal amount of squares.
- Both: "Blue." ... WIN (33 blue, 31 red)

$10,000: DEPOSIT. A player must balance two silver balls on a red and white tray each. Each of the balls must be deposited in two corresponding scoring bins.
- Keyana: WIN (9 lives remaining)

$20,000: INVERT. You have 10 seconds to turn over 15 cylinders in the Cube. They must be standing upright.
- Elie: FAIL
- Elie: FAIL
- Elie: WIN (7 lives remaining)

Elie & Keyana have seven lives and $20,000. They are three games away from breaking the bank. Can they do it? Find out next time!

Holey Moley 3D in 2D
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

ABC: 9p/8c
Host: Rob Riggle & Joe Tessitore with Jeannie Mai and Stephen Curry

Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Back in the days before basketball, David Biggy claimed his spot in the finale to putt for $250,000, joining three more who came before him. Now another group of eight will try to join this group.

HOLE 1: THE PARCADE - Putt your ball into a pinball machine featuring holes from HM's history - Uranus, Putter Ducky, Putt Bunyan's Log Roll, the Tomb of Nefer-Tee-Tee, and Double Dutch Courage - then run across the water over a pair of flippers to finish the hole. Fall into the watery outhole, and it's a one-stroke penalty.
- Jenny Patton (33; West Covina, CA; fitness coach) vs. Todd Engel (48; Hammond, WI; sheet metal worker). WINNER: Todd
HOLE 2: PUTT-A-SAURUS - Each contestant will race across a set of Putt-a-saurus' ribs. The one who went the furthest the fastest will get better ball position through a bony bridge.
- Barbara Cytrynowicz (57; West Palm Beach, FL; tennis pro) vs. Pamela Shackelford (38; Pittsburgh; a 4th generation lawyer). WINNER: Pamela
HOLE 3: THE FISHING HOLE (presented by - Drive the ball under three jumping fish before running from the boat across a plank to the green.
- Eric "Tasty Fingers" Schmidt (23; Silver Spring, MD; zookeeper) vs. Amanda Marino (27; Clinton Township, MI; high school English teacher): WINNER: Eric
HOLE 4: HOLEY MATRIMONY - Putt down the aisle to the dance floor green, then run down a moving conveyor belt aisle & jump through a spinning wedding ring onto a spinning wedding cake. Water is a stroke.
- Eric Pullen (48; Glendale, CA; CEO of golf lifestyle brand) vs. John "Wavy Jay" McElraith (30; Detroit; youngest of three brothers & a twin). WINNER: Eric

HOLE 5: KING PARTHUR'S COURT - Bank your ball off of the giant sword for position. Before going to the green, you have to win a joust on a horse.
- Todd vs. Pamela. WINNER: Todd
HOLE 6: HOLE NUMBER 2 - It's the same as last season... but now you're avoiding sewage. Drop into the drink, it's a one-stroke penalty.
- Eric Pullen vs. Eric Schmidt. WINNER: Eric Schmidt.

FINAL ROUND: The winner of this matchup will win the Golden Putter, the Plaid Jacket, and a spot in the finale, where someone will try to win $250,000 in a single putt.
HOLE 7: THE DISTRACTOR. Standing between you and the victory tonight... a Chinese New Year Celebration!
- Todd: 2
- Eric: MISS

And it's a gong hay fa choy to Todd, who gets the Golden Putter, the Plaid Jacket, and a guaranteed spot in the finale to putt for $250,000.

The Hustler
by Chris Wolvie
bird, new, square, twitter icon @ChrisWolvie

ABC: 10p/9c
Host: Craig Ferguson
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Natalie Russi
Las Vegas
litigation paralegal
Caitlyn Ducat
San Diego
Stephen Cerf
parts unknown
real estate
April Shoi
occupation unknown
Ryan Smith
Long Beach, CA
financial worker

There is a liar among this group, someone who knows all the answers to the $10G questions being asked of them as they align with their life and hobbies.  They are "The Hustler" and, if after two eliminations they can keep their identity a secret, all the money the group accumulated goes to them.  If the remaining two sniff "The Hustler" out, they split the pot 50/50.

HUSTLER CLUE #1: Is working on the Kennedy Space Center's project to put people back on the Moon.
QUESTION #1: What is the name of NASA's current project to put people on the Moon?
-Lunar Reach
-Apollo 2024
Stephen's first instinct is "Lunar Reach" but Natalie thinks "Artemis".  April wonders why not "2024" and Ryan says he doesn't know about "naming conventions" in NASA.  They ALL agree that "Capricorn" is right out.  After some arguing, they eliminate "2024" as well.  Just then, Craig shows up and asks for an answer.  They lock in with "Lunar Reach"...and they burn up in re-entry; it's actually "Artemis". [$0]
(Named because Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo in Greek myth, and Apollo was the FIRST project to put men on the Moon back in the 60s and 70s)

HUSTLER CLUE #2: Was voted "Most Likely to End Up in Jail for Murder" in high school.
QUESTION #2: According to a recent study, a person with what name is most likely to get arrested?
Again, Natalie is outspoken with her choice of Jeremy...but Ryan is veering more towards Justin.  April posits that the most popular name means more BY that name and, thus, more likely to get arrested.  The group feels Justin is the most common name lately so, when Craig asks for an answer, they go with Justin...but it was JEREMY who spoke in class today and killed their shot at getting SOMETHING in the pot. [$0]

HUSTLER CLUE #3: In a polyamorous relationship with FIVE other lovers.
QUESTION #3: Which polyamorous animal has the largest penile bone of any living mammal?
-Polar bear
IMMEDIATELY, Caitlyn says it's a walrus...and everyone seems to agree.  Stephen brings up "50 First Dates" where Adam Sandler's character SAYS that fact.  With no objections, they conclude it's the walrus...and goo-goo-ga-choo, they're finally RIGHT! [$10,000]

Time for everyone to mark their ballots as to who they want eliminated.  But, of course, only the vote of "The Hustler" will count.  The ballots are brought to the Powers That Be who declare that "The Hustler" is definitely not...STEPHEN.  He thinks he's out because he pushed for wrong answers in the first two, costing "The Hustler" money.  He thinks it's Natalie since she KNOW all the answers so far.  Ah, well, into the bookcase's labyrinth with him.

BONUS HUSTLER CLUE: Can crack an egg from ten feet away with a of MANY they own.

HUSTLER CLUE #4: Hired a photographer to capture the wedding between their stuffed animals.
QUESTION #4: In "Wedding Crashers", Will Ferrell's character lives with his mother and loudly asks her to bring out what?
-Pot pie
-My robe
Again, there's no argument here.  Everyone appears to know the scene where Chazz Reinhold shouts, "HEY, MOM!  THE MEATLOAF!  WE WANT IT NOW!".  In near-record time, they lock it in...and, of course, they're right! [$20,000]

HUSTLER CLUE #5: Holds more than 12 Guinness World Records.
QUESTION #5: According to Guinness World Records, what is the all-time best-selling copyrighted book?
-"The Davinci Code"
-"The Joy of Cooking"
-"Fifty Shades of Grey"
-"Guinness World Records"
Ryan quickly throws in with Julia Child's "bible" and Natalie seems to agree as her dad's a chef.  April and Caitlyn think "Shades", being more recent, probably isn't it.  April also passes on "DaVinci" because of that.  Natalie states that the "World Records" book comes out yearly so no one copy would outsell others.  Everyone "goes with Natalie" who says "Joy of Cooking"...and, as Gordon Ramsay would say, they're @#$%ING WRONG; it's "Guinness World Records"! [$20,000]

HUSTLER CLUE #6: Can easily break into your car with a wedge and metal rod
QUESTION #6: Which wrestler originally said "Snap into a Slim Jim" in the famous ad campaign?
-Ultimate Warrior
-Randy Savage
-Hulk Hogan
-Ric Flair
Even before the possible answers were given, Ryan was all "Randy Savage" and Natalie does a decent impersonation of the late, great WWF superstar.  Caitlyn is questioning Natalie's confidence.  April stays silent as the others say it's Randy Savage...but OOOOOH, NO!  It's Ultimate Warrior! [$20,000]
[CW-Post: As a wrestling fan since around 1986, I can assure you that this is correct; Warrior made one commercial before "Macho Man" took over as the spokesperson.  Don't believe me?]

This time, the one who "The Hustler" thinks is holding them back from getting more money is...NATALIE!  Well, I guess they got tired of her confidence dragging everyone else down.  Natalie thinks it's Caitlyn because...she's been eyeing her as the clues show up and she SAW her smirk at the "polyamorous" clue.  She walks down the hallway CONFIDENT that "The Hustler" is doomed thanks to her.  But Caitlyn admits to being a therapist because she thought that, if "The Hustler" knew, she'd be out of the game like a shot.

HUSTLER CLUE #7: Makes chainmail for cats.
QUESTION #7: If your cats are fighting, what does Purina say you should do to stop them?
-Spray them with a water bottle
-Yell, "NO!"
-Distract them
-Bop them on the nose
April looks to Caitlyn for the answer but all Caitlyn says is that yelling should be eliminated.  She also thinks that bopping would bring the ASPCA down on them.  She aims for the spray bottle but April says adding negativity to the fight will just make things worse.  She goes for distracting the pusses...and everyone seems to think it makes the most sense...and they're RIGHT! [$30,000]

HUSTLER CLUE #8: Their all-time most played song on Spotify is "Baby Shark".
QUESTION #8: In 2020, "Baby Shark" became the most-played video on YouTube, replacing what?
-"Gangnam Style"
-"Uptown Funk"
-"Shape of You"
April asks RYAN for the answer this time.  He says "Gangnam" was the first to a billion...but he's certain others have passed that since.  Caitlyn isn't sure about "Funk" and "Shape".  April, known dance and music, knows that Latin music is overplayed to death so...she thinks "Despacito".  Ryan agrees and Caitlyn is comfy with that.  They go with "Despacito"...and they're right AGAIN! [$40,000]
(According to Wikipedia, "Shark" has nearly 9B views currently, "Despacito" is at 7.44B, "Shape" is #4 with 5.38B, "Funk" at #9 with 4.23B and "Gangnam" is #10 with 4.12B)
[CW-Post: Do-do-do-do-DUDE, this is one messed-up "Hustler"!!]

HUSTLER CLUE #9: Schedules eight different things to do between 9:15pm and 9:30pm every day.
QUESTION #9: An avid sleeper, Einstein came up with his theory of special relativity while dreaming about what?
-A dog chasing its tail
-Rabbits in a forest fire
-Cows near the electric fence
-Killer bees on Mars
April seems to be the only one vaguely familiar with "special relativity", equating it to time slowing down.  Ryan quickly dismisses Martian bees so everyone thinks it's either the dog or the rabbits.  When Craig demands an answer, April spits out "rabbits in a forest fire"...but she'll have to turn around and be TOLD about the rabbits; the right answer is "cows near the electric fence"! [$40,000]

HUSTLER CLUE #10: Is a trained mentalist
QUESTION #10 [for double or half]: Chiromancy is the art of predicting the future by using what?
-Tea leaves
-Crystal balls
Ryan is trying to think of the Latin root of "chiro".  April proclaims she KNOWS the answer because she knows astrology...and thinks Caitlyn knows because, as a therapist, she MUST know what "chiro-" means.  Caitlyn thinks that it must pertain to the body...and April agrees that it means "joints" on a hand.  Ryan says he thought it was palms or tea leaves...just as Craig asks for an answer.  They go with palms...and they...


...RIGHT!  "Chiro-" is Greek for "of the hand(s)"! [$80,000]


April has two minutes to convince one or both to change their mind.  She tells Ryan she thought it was him early on but Caitlyn came in late on the early questions.  She questions that Caitlyn has no kids, which Caitlyn takes a little offense to.  Ryan just sits there as the two talk like Trump and Biden at a Presidential debate...and doesn't - not even for one second - shout for them to "just shut up, man".  Near the end, Ryan says that what April said she studied on college ("human factors") sounds VERY MUCH like a what a mentalist would study.  When it comes down to the...


...Ryan doesn't budge.  Either both Ryan and Caitlyn get $0G apiece...or one leaves with the whole $80G pot.





So Caitlyn and Ryan take home forty grand...and not to any polyamorous lovers.  And April?  Hey, she gets to help trying to put a woman on the Moon before the next Presidential election so...let her marry of her stuffed animal with a chainmailed cat as priest and play "Baby Shark" at the reception for all she cares.  Just...make sure your cars are secure in the parking lot, OK?

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Guest Host: George Stephanopoulos with Ken Jennings, Jimmy McGuire & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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  We sent in the Marines, and the Marines came up big. Now Tyler will have to defend against...

Tyler Vandenburg
Washington, DC
Marine officer


Judith Pond
orig. The Bronx, NY

Andre Golovchenko
Damascus, OR
human resources specialist

As a reminder, all winnings today will be matched by Jeopardy! in funds donated to Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign.

JEOPARDY! ROUND: School of Rock, What's That Literary Initial?, Law Slaw, Double That T, It's Light Out, & Away We Go.

Tyler starts with $200 It's Light Out, where Andre finds the Daily Double undwer $800. Having gotten six of the first nine and $4600 to show for it, Andre bets $1500 on this:
- Hypnos was the Greek god of sleep; he was Hypnos' son who brought men their dreams, & maybe a way out of the Matrix as well
"Who is Morpheus?" That's right. Orpheus... not so much, leaving him with $2900. He ends up with $4500 to $6000 for Tyler. Judith on $400 will select first in...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Thomas Paine, Back from the Dead in the Bible, Time for Science, Architects, Broadway Musicals by Setting, -ologies.

... with $400 Ologies. Tyler finds the first Daily Double under $800 Architects. He wagers $3000 on this:
- Here is this architect outside his famous pyramid
"Who is IM Pei?" IM Pei-ing you $3000 for $13,000 total! Judith finds the other under $1600 Broadway Musicals By Setting. She wagers $3200, or half of her current take, on this:
- In & around the royal palace in Bangkok in the 1860s
"What is 'The King & I'?" FOR $9600! She ends up with $10,800 to $17,400. It's all over but the crying for Andre, who has $100. He is drawing absoutely dead.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Book Characters": Trying to emulate the title character, he fails & is told "You lack a set of spinnerets, & you lack know-how". Correct response: who was Wilbur (of "Charlotte's Web")?

No one gets it, but Tyler holds back to win $11,400, giving him $41,400 for two!

Making It
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

NBC: 8p/7c
Peacock: Streaming Fridays
Hosts: Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman with Dayna Isom Johnson & Simon Doonan
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Last time, we had the first Mega Craft of the season, leaving Kaviya in her mini mega barn play place closet... thing. Now we are down to eight in time to celebrate... ALL THE HOLIDAYS AT ONCE!

FASTER CRAFT #3: Simon's Mystery Box! Using the items in Simon's mystery boxes, create an original Halloween costume which includes an optical illusion. You have three hours to use at least two items from your boxes.
- Chelsea: Good & Bad Dollhouse
- Jess: Alien Abduction
- Blake: Upside-Down Scarecrow
- Melanio: Beethoven's Stone Bust
- Kara: Sideshow Mermaid
- Adam: VHS Monster
- Becca: Camouflage Tree
- Gary: Rollercoaster Ride

MASTER CRAFT #3: Holiday Shelfie. Transform a fireplace with holiday decor to bring people together or your favorite holiday.
- Chelsea: Chrismukkah with shrub, snowflakes, and a menorah village
- Becca: Thanksgiving with glassware & floral piece
- Adam: Winter Solstice with sphere igloo
- Jess: New Year's Eve with steamer, CD mosaic & confetti launcher
- Melanio: Halloween Bat Cave
- Kara: Halloween Jack O'Lantern
- Blake: 4th of July with baseball flag
- Gary: Leif Erikson Day with Viking Shield
WINNER: Chelsea

Nickelodeon's Unfiltered
by Chico Alexander
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Nick: 7p/6C
Host: Jay Pharoah with Gabrielle Neveah Green, Lex Lumpkin & Darci Lynne
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Darci Lynne
Mitchell Berg
"Side Hustle"
Jayden Bartels
"Side Hustle"

GAME #1: Meet PopStarfish! Losers... will get a little salty.
- RAPID FIRE: So far, all we know is that they're not an actor, they are a singer, they've been on tour, they're also a dancer, and they have a big social media following.
- HIGHWAY TO HITS: Tunatok, Icygram, Minnow Television, fishform, Sea-Ify (route 1.8 billion). Our star has 1.8 billion on Spotify.
- TALK FISH: PopStarFish talks to Post Malone, Aiko, City Girls, Gabrielle Union, and all on a live-stream?
- FASHFIN SHOW: Lips... bag.. a dress... and a catfish.

And they're friends with Doja Cat. This may be an easy one... Final recap... They're a singer who's huge on Spotify & Tiktok, has their own show on YouTube, has an "icy" style, and is friends with Doja Cat. Time for some guessing!
- Darci: Saweetie
- Mitchell: Saweetie
- Jayden: Saweetie.
So it's either Saweetie and everyone's right... or everyone's just wrong.
POPSTARFISH IS: ... the Icy Queen herself, SAWEETIE!

New game, new panel - it's Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, Lex Lumpkin, and Lili Brennan!

GAME #2: ROCK ROACH... who looks like Tom Morello. Losers get stinky, stanky, creepy crawlers.
- RAPID FIRE: Our roach plays drums, guitar & ukulele, but isn't an actor. They're also athletic and big on Tiktok.
- ROAD RIDER: Roach has to have candy, his best friend, room temp water, heaphones, secutiy, and a stop in Florida. And things need to be locked up with two chains. And everything has to be pitbull friendly.
- BUS A MOVE: WE have holly, no clouds, grenades, and a lot of tour posters.
- ROACH MOTELS: He's playing with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and... their fan armies.

They're down to their final track, time for a recap... They are a singer who got popular on YouTube performing covers, they collaborated wtih 2 Chainz & Flo Rida, they've toured with Taylor Swift & Jason Derulo, and their fans are known by a famous nickname. And they're also from Texas.
- Lili: Shawn Mendes
- Lex: Austin Mahone
- Gabby: Austin Mahone
Is Lili gonna have a sticky situation?

RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars
by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper
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Paramount+: streaming Thursdays
Host: RuPaul with Carson Kressley, Ross Mathews & Michelle Visage
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Last week, it was halftime in this Super Bowl of streaming drag. Jan ran Lady Gaga in for a touchdown, but she couldn't deliver the point after against Jessica Wild, so tonight's Lip Sync for Your Legacy is worth $30,000... and Yara Sofia was unanimously eliminated. We're down to nine now.

A'Keria, having been in the bottom now TWICE, is hoping third time is not the charm. Jan, having won the right to choose for herself, is the only one who wanted A'Keria out, and now she feels like a traitor.

MAXI CHALLENGE #5: Pink Table Talk. In teams of three, each of the queens had to werk on an intimate talk show a la the award-winning Facebook Watch series "Red Table Talk", about body, motherhood, and sex. The three teams:
- Eureka/A'Keria C. Davenport/Trinity K. Bonet - SEX
- Ginger Minj/Jan/Pandora Boxx - BODY
- Kylie Sonique Love/Ra'Jah O'Hara/Scarlet Envy - MOTHERHOOD
Both Ginger and Scarlet wanted motherhood, as Ginger was becoming a parent through surrogacy and Scarlet wanted to get out of safety in critique. Pandora was the most uncomfortable due to her case of body dysmorphia. As for the subject of sex, Eureka, A'Keria, and Trinity all talked about HIV positivity, gender roles, and body size issues from a very frank and personal place. Overall, it's very suitable for streaming.

Each team had a pink box with a prop that must be incorporated into their bit.
- Team Sex: A mouth exerciser
- Team Motherhood: A citrus reamer
- Team Body: An eye stimulator

RUNWAY #5: Clash of the Patterns. Joining Ru, Michelle, and Ross on the panel is "Whose Line?" host and super genius Aisha Tyler.
- TOPS: Trinity K. Bonet, Eureka, A'Keria C. Davenport.
WINNER: Ginger Minj! She wins $5000.
- BOTTOMS: Jan, Kylie Sonique Love, Scarlet Envy

In the booth, Trinity went for Jan for being in the bottom twice. Pandora went for Scarlet. The rest will remain mystery until...

LIP SYNC FOR YOUR LEGACY #5: Here to face Ginger Minj is... BIANCA DEL RIO!

"I have never had to lip sync for my legacy... and I am not about to start now."

... Okay then, here to REALLY face Ginger Minj is... MAYHEM MILLER! The $30,000 song... "Phone" by Lizzo.
- WINNER: GINGER MINJ! So she gets to pocket $30,000! Not only that, she gives the $5000 she won previously to her teammates Jan and Pandora Boxx. Either she's making a play for Miss Congeniality or she's a right proper one, bruv. It also means the vote to eliminate will be Ginger's and Ginger's alone.
- ELIMINATED: Scarlet Envy. But remember.... it's a game within a game, and her game isn't over yet.

Top Chef Amateurs
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @BeatTheBlock2

Bravo: 8p & 8:30p/7 & 7:30c
Host: Gail Simmons
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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