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August 27, 2015

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@midnight with Chris Hardwick
Celebrity Name Game
Family Feud
Let's Make a Deal
The Price Is Right
Wheel of Fortune
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

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Fun with Props & Balls

Geeks Who Drink
by Chico Alexander
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Syfy: 11p/10c
Host: Zachary Levi
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Light Sobers
PJ McGaw & Justin
PJ's a personal trainer, Justin's a memorabilia dealer
Ale Storm
Briana Rokes & Timmy Ray
she's a VFX coordinator, he's a call center service representative
Jonathan Sadowski
"Young & Hungry"
Lenny Jacobson
"Big Time in Hollywood, FL"

SPEED ROUND: we have HMO or HBO (is it a sickness or someone from "Game of Thrones") and Nation or Fabrication (real country or nah?). Ale Storm leads, $40 to $10.

BUZZER ROUND: Turned Down for What. These are about people who were turned down for various roles. After a Wild Card from Dominic Monaghan, Ale Storm keeps leading, $50 to $30.

PROPS ROUND: Crossing the Line. Finish the line while using the props of the character you are quoting for $20. Light Sobers come back to lead, $90 to $50. Helps that PJ is a BIG Green Lantern fan.

GROUP CHALLENGE for $50: Scream Queens. Match each scream queen with their scary dude. Ale Storm retakes the lead with $100 to Light Sobers' $90. The lineup: Rooney Mara (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), Jennifer Tilly (Child's Play), Jennifer Aniston (Leprechaun), Jessica Biel (Blade: Trinity), Neve Campbell (Scream).

MATHBUSTERS: $50 for a correct answer. Number of tires on Marty's DeLorean in Back to the Future plus number of tires on Batman's Tumbler in the Dark Knight Trilogy. 4 plus 6 is 10... NO POINTS!

BAR GAME: Ping My Pong. Sink giant balls into oversized cups while blinded. First to sink three shots into three cups gets the advantage going into Last Call. It's Light Sobers!

LAST CALL for $100 for every surviving geek: either Pumping Iron or Naked Gold Men. They go with Naked Gold Men and elect to defer. The question: list as many Academy Award winners for Best Actor in a Leading Role as you can. Light Sobers win, $290 to $100! They get the cash, the $500 Fandango movie money, a Pebble Steel Watch, and an Xbox One with Halo!

Until next week, keep it safe, keep it nerdy.

by Pierre Jason Kelly
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Fox: 8p/7C
Host: Tom Papa
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Chain Reaction
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 9 & 9:30p/8 & 8:30c
Host: Mike Catherwood
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Sonny & Eric
Sarah & Diane

$100 Chain: STEADY - RAIN - CLOUD - STORAGE - SPACE - MOUNTAIN - TIME. Sarah & Diane take the early lead, $300 to $200.

$200 Chain: TRADE - WIND - FARM - FRESH - PRINCE - WILLIAM - TELL. Sonny & Eric sweep the chain to lead with $1200 to the ladies' $300.

$300 Chain: BINGE - WATCH - CHAIN - STORE - CREDIT - LINE - ITEM. The ladies trail $600 to $2400.

Gambling Chain: EDIBLE - UNDERWEAR - MODEL - TRAIN - CROSSING - GUARD - POST. Sarah & Diane completed the chain, but Sonny & Eric win with $1800 to the girls' $1000

Super Chain Keyword: FIRST. Sonny & Eric connect FIRST with ... prize, class, lady... and fail to get amendment, impression, responder, and blush. But $1800 for a half-hour isn't bad. 

In the nightcap, friends Kira & Keya trail friends Laura & Russell by yea much, $1400 to their $1600. The Gambling Chain: SLEEP - TIGHT - CORNER - ? - VETO - POWER - SUIT. Laura & Russell complete the chain with POCKET to win, $1700 to $1100. Super Chain has Laura & Russell connect LONG with Island, Hair, Division, Weekend, Life, Underwear, ... but they needed to make like "Whew!" and call a LongSHOT to win any more money.