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September 7, 2023


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The Final Runway

Project Runway Season Finale
by Jason Block
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Bravo: 9p/8c
Host: Christian Siriano with Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell & Elaine Welteroth
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This season, all-star players were invited to compete again for a second chance at $250,000, a mentorship with the CFDA, and a feature in Elle Magazine. AFter three months of competition, it all comes down to Brittany, LAurence, and Bishme. One of them will be the winner of season 20 of Project Runway. .

FINAL CHALLENGE: You each will have $10,000 and eight days to make eight looks to be shown in the finale. However... you will have some help, as Christian reveals Prajje, Kara Saun, and Fabio returning for the finale.

As the winner of the last challenge, Bishme will have the first pick of an assistant. He goes with Prajje. Brittany takes Fabio, and Laurence will be left with Kara Saun.

And also instead of Mood, the designers can shop ANYWHERE in the Garment District.

Brittany wants to embrace activewear, but evolve into eveningwear, with color to intensify the story.

Laurence wants to use leather to go in unexpected directions by playing with colors and fabrics.

Bishme is inspired by something incredibly personal, his grieving process, using the collection to show how he's feeling since the death of his sister.

Christian makes one last runthrough during day 3 of the challenge. Christian says Brittany's looks are "girly, cool, fun, and young." Bishme's designs evoke a phoenix rising from the ashed, something Christian calls "kinda cool". Laurence's inspiration is "A Night in Paris". Christian says she needs a better plan.

Day 7 arrives, and the final three meets with Marc Karimzadeh, the editorial & communications director for the CFDA.

FINAL RUNWAY: Joining the panel today are former "Project Runway" champion Billy Porter and former judge Zac Posen.

And the winner... of Project Runway, season 20...







....BISHME! Congratulations!

Big Brother
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
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CBS/Paramount+: 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen Moonves
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THE STORY SO FAR! After Jag was saved by the Comicverse, Jared won the HOH and sent Cam & Red to the block. Cam wins the Veto and saves himself, meaning that either Red or Jag is going home tonight.

Cam is gloating about surviving the block three times and vows to save Red. Jag feels like a pawn. Cirie wants Jag out because he has too much intel on her game. Izzy is worried about what he will say when he walks out the door.

Cirie talks to Legend 25 to make sure things are going as planned. As a reminder, Legend 25 technically does not excist. Meme thinks that the meeting was a bit premature. "Have you seen men fight before? THey mend their differences quickly."

Meanwhile, it's also Red's birthday in the house!

Felicia tells Cirie the info fed from Jared. Jared knows Cirie's book of secrets. Who is playing who? Who's the pawn and who's the target?

LIVE EVICTION #5: Neither Jag nor Red will vote, and HOH Jared will only vote in the event of a tie. The vote to evict is six.
- Cam: JAG
- Bowie Jane: JAG
- Blue: RED
- America: RED
- Matt: RED
- Cirie: RED
- Izzy: RED
- Cory: RED (Locked)
- Felicia: RED
- Meme: RED
EViCTED: Red Utley (8-2)

HOH COMPETITION #6: "Name That Toot". You will be shown videos with colored toots and asked true-false questions about them. Correct answers remain in the game. Wrong answers are eliminated. Last one standing is the new HOH.
- WINNER: Cameron Hardin!

Before we call it a night, Julie has one final twist. Everyone except Cam is a Have-Not this week, and they will have to take turns in the Have-Not room, eat slop, and take cold showers. Good luck with that.

And one more thing... Julie has an announcement that will affect this year's jury. More on that in due course.

Beat Bobby Flay
by Chico Alexander
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Food/Max: 9p/8c
Host: Bobby Flay
Official WebsiteFacebook
Laura Ochikubo
Yountville, CA
pastry chef, THe French Laundry
Joe Murphy
New Providence, NJ
chef/owner, Bakehouse by Joe Murphy

On the panel joining Food Network Star Zac Young & comedian Cheri Oteri,

ROUND 1: The theme ingredient is… TAHINI. You have 20 minutes, sesame.
- Joe: Tahini Beignets with Sesame Honey Glaze & Citrus Banana Broth
- Laura: Tempura Prawn Head with Tahini Napa Cabbage Slaw

ROUND 2: Joe's signature dish for Bobby… BROOKLYN BLACKOUT CAKE. On the panel tonight… TV host/pastry chef Raiza Costa, founder of Baked by Dan Dan Langan, and master baker of Polly Cooks & Eats Paulette Goto.
- Bobby: Brooklyn Blackout Cake with Cherry Cream, Blackberries & Mexican Cinnamon Crumble
- Joe: Brooklyn Blackout Cake with Cassis Cherries & Mascarpone Whipped Cream

The Challenge USA
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS/Paramount+: 9p/8c
Host: TJ Lavin
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Last week, the Challengers played Cupid for Tyler & Alyssa. The Blues win a round of Wreck & Roll, sending Tyler & Michaela to elimination. Tiffany's name comes out of the hopper, as she challenges Michaela in Top Heavy. Michaela won and sent Tiffany packing before TJ disbanded the teams, leaving everyone for themselves.

Big Brother's numbers are dwindling, and Tyler & Monte decide to buddy up, while Bananas & Michaela hope to make a bond.

CHALLENGE #9: SPELL-LUNKERS. Played in four heats. Players swim to a buoy and dive to view a word puzzle submerged underneath. They must find the theme of the words hidden in the puzzle and use it to open a lockbox containing a flashlight. With the flashlight, players must then swim through a dark cave to a second word puzzle, solve the theme of the words and use it to unlock a second lockbox. The male and female player with the fastest time will be immune & select one man and woman for elimination.
- WINNERS: Bananas, Tori

Tori meets with Michaela, Desi, and Chanelle, all of whom want to keep strong females in the house.

- NOMINEES: Tyler Crispen, Alyssa Snider. Yes again.

ARENA #8: In the hopper, Sebastian has six votes, Cassidy one, and Monte seven. He has a 50/50 shot at it... and it comes up Monte. He will face... Tyler.
- TOO COOL FOR SPOOL: Strapped to a spool, the two players will have to stack balls into a pyramid from one side of the Arena to the other. The first to do that will be safe.
WINNER: Tyler Crispen
- ELIMINATED: Monte Taylor.

Master Minds
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: 6p/5c
Host: Brooke Burns
Official WebsiteFacebook
world traveler
Reston, PA
retired casino dealer

Mark Labbett
The Beast
Muffy Marracco
The Historian
Ryan Chaffee
The Professor

ROUND 1: Nikhil and John are tied at 500 to 400 for Shanna. The Beast & Ryan are tied at 600 to Muffy's 400.

ROUND 2: Going into the 400-point question, Nikhil and John are tied at 1100 to Shanna's 600, which locks her out. Ryan leads the Master Minds with 1400 to 1200 for the others.
- 400-POINT QUESTION in "Holidays": Observed 40 days after Easter, Ascension Day falls on what day of the week? The correct answer is a Thursday. Shanna was the only one to get it right, but to no avail. She's out... but we have unfinished business between Mark & Muffy.
- TIEBREAKER: On Japan's national flag, what color is the disk? Mark fires with "red"... and he's moving on.

SPEED ROUND: John is going for his shot, 3200-2500. Ryan dominates, 6600-2800.

Q1: What popular online prank brings users to an unexpected link of the music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up"? (Rickrolling)
- John 1 - 1 Ryan
Q2: What noble gas comes last alphabetically? (Xenon)
- John 2 - 2 Ryan
Q3: In archaeological terms, the word "lithic" refers to objects made of what? (stone)
- John 3 - 3 Ryan
Q4: In 1956, who revealed plans for the "Mile High Illinois", a structure four times taller than the Empire State Building? (Frank Lloyd Wright)
- John 3 - 3 Ryan

And we're tied again, so it all comes down to this question for another $10,000 and the right to join Team Master Minds...

ULTIMATE TRIVIA QUESTION: What prolific author was a trained phamacist who included 30 poison-related murders in her detective fiction?
- John wastes no time saying "Agatha Christie"... and he is a $20,000 MASTER MIND!