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July 10, 2019


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Four Days, $107,049

by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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  Charlie is going for two on hump day...

Ryan Bilger
Macungie, PA

Sam Kavanaugh
Margaret Hamilton
Sebring, FL
retired air traffic controller

JEOPARDY! ROUND: History, Over on the Left; State Mottoes, Mnemonics; "Aint", Necessarily So; Literature, An Album Cover

Ryan starts with $200 "Aint", Necessarily So. At the TV timeout, Ryan has $4400 to $2800 for Sam. Margaret is on $400.

Sam finds the Daily Double under $800 Anal Bum Cover... err, An Album Cover. He's all-in on this: a 1969 cover featuring the Hindenburg disaster was this band's visual introduction to the world. "What is Led Zeppelin?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $10,000! He ends up with $10,200 to $8200 for Ryan. Margaret on $2000 gets to pick first in...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Ancient Egypt, Prison Nicknames, Science News, Never Won an Emmy, The Nuclear Powers, The Body Part Within.

... with $400 The Body Part Within. Sam finds the first Daily Double under $1600 Ancient Egypt. He bets $6000 on this: the United Nations displays a replica of one of the oldest of these, signed by Egyptians & Hittites. "What is a treaty?" RIGHT for $18,200! Sam finds the other under $1600 The Nuclear Powers. He wagers $5000 on this:  AQ Khan of this nuclear country helped build North Korea's & Libya's atomic programs. "What is Pakistan?" RIGHT for $24,000! He ends up with $23,200 to Ryan's $19,000. Margaret can spoil with $3600. 

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Bestselling Novels": for help with research, the author of this 2003 novel acknowledged the Louvre, Catholic World News & "five members of Opus Dei". Correct response: what is "The Da Vinci Code"?

Everyone got it right, as Sam wins $38,001. Ryan leaves with $109,049... but not for long.... ish.

Best Ever Trivia Show
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: 4p/3c
Host: Sherri Shepherd
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motorhome salesman
dance instructor & baseball podcaster
Ken Jennings
trivia legend
Jonathan Corbblah
Scrabble champion
Susannah Brooks
quiz show veteran

Yes, friends... that's friend of the site Jason "JD" Hernandez on the third podium.

ROUND 1 Categories: Founding Fathers or Airplanes. Tranée picks FOUNDING FATHERS and picks our bad mother tonight, Susannah.  She knows that Ben Franklin invented swim fins for the hands, that George Washington had no biological children, and that Button Gwinnett appears as one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. She didn't know that James Madison was Princeton's first graduate student, staying an extra year. In fact... no one knew it. So Tranée & Lety are tied with 100 to Jason's 50.

ROUND 2 Categories: Mythological Creatures or Airplanes. Lety goes wtih MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES and the man, the myth, the legend... Ken Jennings. Ken knows that the Greek "monokeros" is a unicorn and that the Aztec god of the sun & war was a hummingbird... but didn't know that Odin's companions Geri & Freki were wolves. Tranée leads with 500 to 200 for Lety and 150 for Jason. 

ROUND 3 Categories: Numbers or Furniture. Tranée goes with NUMBERS, playing with Jonathan. 
- Q1: If you watched a digital counter go from 1 to 1000 which digit would appear most frequently: 1, 0, or 2? Everyone said "0"... but it was "1".
- Q2: In terms of overall pizza area, how much bigger is a 16-inch pizza than an 8-inch pizza: twice as big, four times as big, or six times as big? Tranée says six times, Lety goes with Jonathan, who says six as well. Jason has 4 times... welcome back to the game, Jason. He's up to 550.
- Q3: "Here's Looking at Euclid" and "The Grapes of Math" are fun books about numbers by which bestselling British author: Alan Turning, Andrew Wiles, or Alex Bellos? Tranée and Lety say Bellos. Jason says Wiles. Correct answer... is Bellos. Tranée wins with 900!

ULTIMATE TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Tranée draws Ken for the match...
Q1: What beverage does the winner of the Indy 500 traditionally drink right after winning: Gatorade, milk, or cider? (Milk)
- Tranée 0 - 1 Ken
Q2: What is the English translation oft he Hebrew word "Hannukkah": dedication, celebration, speculation? (Dedication)
- Tranée 0 - 1 Ken
Q3: Which of these animals has a belly button: dolphin, platypus, or kangaroo? (Dolphin)
- Tranée 1 - 2 Ken
Q4: The only official royal residents in the United States is located in what city: Washington, DC; Honolulu, or New Orleans? (Honolulu)
- Tranée 2 - 3 Ken
Q5: Which popular card game originated in South America: Uno, canastia, or pinochle? (Canasta)
- Tranée 2 - 4 Ken

Big Brother
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
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CBS: 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen
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bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
  THE STORY SO FAR! Jack won HOH and nominated Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros for eviction to Camp Comeback after Isabella told him about the secret all-girl Black Widow Alliance. The Gr8ful Alliance is holding all the cards with Jack also in possession of the Chaos power. But will one of them fold for the Veto? 

Isabella wells Nicole that she's the one who snitched to save her game. Nicole tells Jessica, and she justifiably is livid.

Over at Camp Comeback, Ovi and David have pretty much figured out the Gr8ful Alliance. If he returns to the game, it's game on. 

Meanwhile... reality sets in on reality TV for the first time tonight with the houseguests freaking out over the massive earthquake. 

After Jessica tells Michie that she didn't start the alliance and that she isn't out for Jack, IT'S TIME TO PICK PLAYERS FOR THE VETO COMPETITION! Jack picks... Isabella. Jessica picks... HOUSEGUEST'S CHOICE - Michie, and Kemi picks... Sam. Jessica just picked Michie. Who's best friends with Jack, which I can't even begin to unpack. 

And now here's our host... S20's Tyler Crispin! 

VETO COMPETITION #2: Froggy Lake. Dive into the lake and collect frogs while refilling for "aqua clock" with enough time to collect said frogs. When your water runs out, your time runs out. After 30 minutes, you will not be allowed to refill your aqua clock. Player with the most frogs wins the Power of Veto AND the trip to Fiji. 
- WINNER: Sam Smith (18) after Kemi (who wanted two more by the time her frogs were lined up) knocks over two.

Reality sets in a SECOND time...


Awaiting Sam in the DR is a letter telling him that his grandfather has passed away.

VETO MEETING #2: After both Kemi and Jessica plead their case to Sam, Sam says that if he were to use the Veto, it would be on Kemi... but he doesn't want to muddy the waters or put a target on his back, so...
- Sam uses his veto on... NO ONE.

Deal or No Deal
by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn
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CNBC: 9p/8c & 10p/9C
Host: Howie Mandel with the Case Models & the Banker
Official WebsiteWatch Online
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Biggest Win: $500,000
Smallest Win: $5
Biggest Profit: +$309,995
Biggest Loss: -$631,000
Perfect Deals: 5
Good Deals: 10
Bad Deals: 9
Worst Deals: 1
Counteroffers/Rejections: 22/16

Amount Awarded: $3000
Amount Awarded this Season: $3,953,313
Net Profit / Loss: +$88,015.02
$3 Million Passed: 6/9/19

Could this be magic? Magic fan Jennifer Gelband of New Haven, CT is ready to conjure up a fortune, but will the Banker make her disappear? 
- Jennifer's Case: #3

ROUND 1 - 6 CASES: First off the board are #14 (Olga for $100,000), #6 (Megan for $400), #26 (Michelle for $25,000), #21 (Malika for $300,000), #10 (Vaeda for $300), and #7 (Jordana for $50,000)
- BANK OFFERS: $24,000 - NO DEAL!

ROUND 2 - 5 CASES: Let's knock out #22 (Anchal for $500), #8 (Neka for the PENNY), #19 (Natasha for $10,000), #11 (Brittany for the MILLION), and #23 (Anne Julia for $200)
- BANK OFFERS: $31,000 - NO DEAL!

ROUND 3 - 4 CASES: Jennifer makes disappear #1 (Soraya for $400,000), #20 (Amanza for $10), #16 (Jessica Lee for $500,000), and #4 (Brenda for $75). And who reappears but Penn Jillette with this offer... and this board... 

LEFT: $1 - $5 - $25 - $50 - $100 - $750
RIGHT: $1k - $5k - $75k - $200k - $750k
- BANK OFFERS: $25,000. It's a banker's board, but Jennifer is feeling some sort of way...
- COUNTER OFFER: $72,000. The banker is NOT feeling it. NO DEAL.

ROUND 4 - 3 CASES: Next up are #2 (Taylor for $200,000), #15 (Madi for $1000), and #25 (Summer for... $750,000).

Gotta take this call... 

LEFT: $1 - $5 - $25 - $50 - $100 - $750
RIGHT: $5k - $75k
- BANK OFFERS: $3000. Considering her predicament, it's more than fair. DEAL for $3000.  Inside her case... $750. For the record, Lani had the $75,000 in case 5.

Let's try again with club promoter Tony Combs. He wants #7. His game will continue next week with this board...

LEFT: $0.01 - $10 - $75 - $200 - $300 - $400 - $500 - $750
RIGHT: $1k - $5k - $50k - $200k - $400k - $750k - $1MILLION
- BANK OFFERS: $39,000 - NO DEAL.

Double Dare Spongebob Week
by Chico Alexander
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Nick: 7:30p/6:30c
Host: Liza Koshy with Marc Summers
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Yesterday, Dylan & Drake Bell came back to win their spot in tomorrow's finale of Spongebob Week. Who'll join them?
Team Tiffany
Raiden & actress Tiffany Haddish
Team Jason
KEndall & actor Jason Sudeikis

ROUND 1 TOSSUP CHALLENGE: Two-Sponged Monster. Get your gear on, put your toys away, pick up 50 points. 
- WINNER: Team Jason (50-0)

They get two more questions for 150 total when they're Double Dared to answer this: when the Flying Dutchman threatens to send folks to Davy Jones' locker, he's threatening to throw them in a locker filled with what: gym socks, textbooks, or Christmas fruitcakes? They get "gym socks" for 350, but then have to name the 90s Nick cartoon about an Australian Wallaby ("Rocko's Modern Life")... and they can't. 

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: Balloon Head Pop. Speaking of Tom Kenny, you'll have 30 seconds to pop 4 balloons with your spiked helmets. 
- WIN: They're up to 550 and land on 600 at halftime. 

ROUND 2 TOSSUP: Diaper Dash. Wearing absorbent diapers, both teammates have to transfer water from stage right to stage left into a urinal with a cup. First to pass the line gets 100.
- WINNER: Team Jason (700-0)

They dare Team Tiffany to name the beach where Larry the Lobster is the lifeguard. They get Goo Lagoon for 200. They're up to 300 when they can't name the Central American country which is the world's leading producer of pineapple (Costa Rica). 

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE (again with Tom Kenny): Recycling Frisbee. Knock off the trash using the frisbees for 400. 
- FAIL: Team Jason is up to 1100 to 300 for Team Tiffany.

And Team Jason would not be caught for the win, 1300-300.

DOUBLE DARE OBSTACLE COURSE: Each obstacle is worth $500, with a $1000 bonus for an all-clear.
- 1) Open the SLIME HYDRANT
- 2) Go through THE WRINGER
- 3) Find the flag in FORT FIGHT
- 4) Bust loose the juice in SLIME SQUEEZE
- 5) PICK IT
- 6) Raise the pants in ONE NATION UNDERWEAR
- 7) Open up the LIZA PUFFS

Another team gets to the mountain... but can't finish the job for $3500.

Guy's Grocery Games
by Chico Alexander
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Food: Sunday 9p/8c
Host: Guy Fieri
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
  Today's special at Flavortown Market... Family redemption.

Josh & Wayne Petty
Wilmington, NC
Cast Iron Skillet

Niko & Sikey Vlahos
Voula's Offshore Cafe

Trina & Va Gregory-Propst
Se7en Bites

These three teams were part of the DDD Family Tournament last January. One of them will get another chance to shop for $20,000.  On the panel today: Robert Irvine, Aarti Sequeira, and Carl Ruiz.

GAME 1: We're taking coffee and doughnuts and making dinner out of it in... FLIP THIS DUO.
- Josh/Wayne: Espresso-Rubbed Filet with Bacon, Brussels Sprouts, Doughnut Bread Pudding, and Crème Anglaise
- Niko/Sikey: Doughnut-Breaded Country Fried Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Broccolini
- Trina/Va: Doughnut-Fried Chicken with Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans & Coffee Gravy

GAME 2: Surf & turf on a budget... of $22. It's BUDGET BATTLE!
- Niko/Sikey: Salmon & Bacon Eggs Benedict
- Trina/Va: Shrimp Cakes & Grits with Andouille Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

GUY'S SHOPPING SPREE: We're shopping for the ingredients of an apple pie a la mode: cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean ice cream, opal apples, pie crust for $3.39, and unrefined cane sugar.
- They get 4 for $16,000.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Fox: 8p/7C
Hosts/Judges: Gordon Ramsay with Joe Bastianich & Aaron Sanchez
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Two weeks ago, Evan Tesiny couldn't make his tarte tatin work. Now we're down to the final 16.... who are heading to Joe's restaurant in Los Angeles, Osteria Mozza. First, we divide into teams. 

RED TEAM (Nick): Renee, Fred, Micah, Jamie, Bri, Keturah, Wuta
BLUE TEAM (Michael):  Dorian, Liz, Noah, Sam, Sarah, Shari, Subha

TEAM CHALLENGE: Nick & Michael have to instruct their teams on creating a three-course Italian dinner - Ricotta & Egg Raviolo; Lamb Rack in Tahini with Dried Persian Lime Marinade; and Sea Trout with Umbrian Lentils & Red Cabbage Sottaceto. EAch team must cook three perfect portions of each course within one hour. Each course is worth a point. Most points wins. 
- WINNER: RED TEAM. Blue Team will cook in the Pressure Test tomorrow night.