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June 21, 2017


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The Summer of Truth

To Tell the Truth Summer Premiere
by Chico Alexander
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ABC: 10p/9C
Host: Anthony Anderson with Mama Doris
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  The rest of season 2 is online for the summer...
Justin Long
"Skylanders Academy"

Nikki Glaser
"Not Safe with Nikki Glaser"

Kal Penn
Arielle Kebbel
"Midnight, Texas"

We're running out the rest of season 2 before season 3 bows Sundays this fall. Quick reminder that the panelist that holds the most incorrect votes at the end of the hour will have to tweet out a lie of Anthony's choosing, and for 24 hours, they will not be able to deny it.

GAME 1: DOGGY DESIGNER TO THE STARS. They first learned to sew as a child, and after graduating from fashion school and teaching, they've turned their talents to dogs. This challenger is the first person to present dog fashions at New York's Fashion Week.
- #1: Kal
- #2: Justin
- #3: Nikki, Arielle (wanted to change it to 1 because, "White House over here is smart!")
CORRECT: #2, Anthony Rubio. #1 is Pol' Atteu, a couture designer in Beverly Hills. #3, Shira Scott Astrof runs an animal rescue in LA.

GAME 2: DAILY AFFIRMATION JESSICA: In 2009, our challenger was the star of THIS video.

- #1: Arielle
- #2: Nikki, Kal, Justin
- #3:
CORRECT: #1. #2 is Delaney McNulty, Jessica's BFF. #3 is Belle Adams, who's been seen on YouTube 23 times.

Arielle & Justin have 1 correct judgment a piece.

GAME 3: DANIEL BURTON. He is the only person in the world to bike to the South Pole.
- #1:
- #2: Kal, Justin, Arielle
- #3: Nikki

But BEFORE YOU GO, each of the imposters from Game 2 has an ADDITIONAL secret that the panel must discern. One of them is a real-life former double agent who helped the FBI catch a Russian spy.
- #1: Kal, Justin, Arielle
- #2: Nikki
CORRECT: #1, Naveed Jamali, writer of "How to Catch a Russian Spy" and a Naval Reserve officer. #2 is Troy Caylak who worked at a brewery in LA.

Going into the final game, Arielle and Justin have 3, Kal has 2, and Nikki is in the danger zone with zero. Final game score is doubled.

GAME 4: TODD SAMS. He is a dancer and Usher's choreographer, winning several
awards for his work.
- #1: Justin, Nikki, Kal, Arielle (so whatever happens, Nikki's going tweeting)
- #2:
- #3:
CORRECT: #1! #2 is Garland Spencer from "You Got Served". #3 is Clinton Shannon Shales, who's the Detroit Pistons' dancing usher.

TWEET A LIE: Because Nikki has 2, she MUST post this on her Twitter and she cannot delete or otherwise deny it for 24 hours:
- @NikkiGlaser: Being a comedian is all well and good, but what I'd like to be is a Kardashian.

@midnight with Chris Hardwick
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Comedy Central: 11:30p/10:30C
Host: Chris Hardwick
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Kenny G
Jenny Zigrino
"JZ's New Album" out on Stand-Up Record
Ron Lynch
"The Tomorrow Show"

While you were wondering what Kenny G is doing here (C-Note: okay, just me), we were admiring the Queen's speech. Tonight's #HashtagWars: because millennials are not eating out as they used to, #MillennialFood. Jenny has 1000 to Kenny's 700 and Ron's 600.

In act 2, we have Chips & Dip (songs about chips and/or dip) and tonight's Live Challenge, Optimus Subprime, sponsored by "Transformers: The Last Knight", in theatres now. Given a less-impressive automobile, give us what they would say as a Transformer. Jenny gets 1000 from "Autobots, Transform and lube up!"

It's the International Day of Yoga, so we have Yoga Fire. Ron assumes Downward Facing Loser.

FTW: come up with a line using Kenny's sax as a backdrop. The winner: "Baby, I hope you got your EBT card, because I'm about to eat. Booty. Tonight." And ... YES, it was Jenny!

Another set of comics clown on the news tomorrow. Continue the game online @midnight.

Big Star Little Star
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

USA: 10p/9C
Host: Cat Deeley
Official WebsiteFacebook
Joey Fatone & his daughter Kloey
playing for Autism Speaks (
Phaedra Parks & her son Ayden
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"
playing for Phaedra Foundation (
Greg Jennings & his daughter Alea
Super Bowl champion
playing for the Greg Jennings Foundation (

We're guessing this episode falls prey to "Early Installment Weirdness", as round 1's questions are played on the board and the teams are called in from backstage instead of being sat at their couches.

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!: Each team is asked two questions that was posed to the kids. Each match is worth 15 points (C-Note: early installment weirdness)
- Phaedra & Ayden are the only ones with points, 15 of'em.

PUSH MY BUTTONS: Each team gets one question that has three possible answers that will be represented by three pictures. Each match is worth 25 (C-Note: early installment weirdness).
- Phaedra/Ayden: who is mom's celebrity crush: Jimmy Kimmel, Mike Epps, or Stephen Moyer? Apparently she loves her some Jimmy Kimmel! They're up to 40.
- Greg/Alea: which instrument does dad play the best: bass guitar, drums, or cornet? They match up on drums for 25 (although there is a cornet on stage... and Cat plays it)
- Joey/Kloey: what does dad do that you wish you could: drive, play with his toys, or lift heavy things? Drive is a match for 25.

TATTLE TALES: While the kids are away, the adults get extra personal. Each question is worth 40.
- Phaedra & Ayden are at 80. The guys are still on 25 a piece.

WHAT DO YOU MEME?: The big stars will have to get their little stars to say a set of words and images within 45 seconds. They can't say the word or the red no-no words. Each one is worth 30 points.
- Joey/Kloey lead off with chicken dance, ice cream, and gorilla for 90, 115 total. He said "super" for "superheroes".
- Phaedra/Ayden get Bermuda triangle, lion, said "high school" for cheerleader, and run out of time on "traffic signal" for 60, 140 total.
- Greg/Alea get golf, cake, teddy bear, and ninja for the full 120, 145 total.

SUPER SKETCHY: A drawing will be the answer to a question. Value starts at 250 and decreases as the time goes down. You have five (C-Note: early installment weirdness) chances to guess and three seconds per guess.
- Joey/Kloey: What does dad do that drives you crazy? "You make Roscoe lick me" somehow escapes him.
- Greg/Alea: what family challenge does Alea always win? Greg gets a headstand for 146 more, 291 total.
- Phaedra/Ayden need 152 to win. Their question: how is mom handy around the house? She says "cleaning poop out of the toilet" for 156 and the win with 296!

But no one's a loser on this show, because both runners-up will take away $5000 for their charities.

Cutthroat Kitchen
by James Craven
bird, new, square, twitter icon @NozeNuggets

Food: 9p/8c
Host: Alton Brown
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  Tonight in Hell's Other Kitchen, Alton welcomes Lakeisha (high school executive chef), James (Oklahoma City executive chef), Kelsey (Rockland, ME line cook), and Ben (Cleveland farmer & chef/owner). Today's guest judge: Simon Majumdar.

ROUND 1: WAFFLE BREAKFAST SANDWICH. Ben pays $15,100 to have Kelsey and James both work at an egg-table prep station, James pays $7100 to have Kelsey do everything backwards (cook waffles in your pan, cook everything else in your waffle maker), and Lakeisha forks over $7700 to have Ben choose one of two ingredients that Waffle Bob was holding onto to replace the ingredients they shopped for earlier. Money well spent? For Ben, maybe, because James is outta here.

Meanwhile, Kelsey still has $25,000, Ben has $9900, and Lakeisha still is on $17,300.

ROUND 2: KOREAN BARBECUE. Kelsey pays $10,000 to have everyone else work from a crowded table, where they couldn't touch any of the spoons, Lakeisha retaliates by spending $8500 on American side dishes that Kelsey had to use. Kelsey buys $500 worth of a rhythmic gymnastic ribbon that Ben had to use for the rest of the round.... which really throws off his rhythm, because he's gone next.

Going into the final round, Kelsey has $14,500 to Lakeisha's $8800.

ROUND 3: GELATO & PIZZELLE. Lakeisha spent all but $600 to have Kelsey use only the tools attached to Alton's statue, while Kelsey spent a comparative pittance - $700 - to have Lakeisha source her ingredients from pizzas.

So who gets the W in this week's episode? ... Interestingly enough, they BOTH DO! Kelsey wins $13,800, and Lakeisha takes away $600.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 9p/8c & 9:30p/8:30c
Host: Hunter March
Official WebsiteFacebook
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Teera & Rod

best friends since they were 13
Lindsey & Kristen

best friends and neighbors

- T-Rod: Whatcha wanna watch for movie night this week? (Pineapple / train). It's Pineapple Express for $100.
- Curly Q's: What video game do you wanna play when I get home? (guitar / sandwich). We're tied at $100 with Guitar Hero
- T-Rod: If you could win any award, which one would it be? (no / bell / peace / prize). They get Nobel Peace Prize for $300.
- Curly Q's: Dude, what's the best reality show of the season? (naked / scared). It's a perfect round with Naked and Afraid. We're tied at $300.

- Curly Q's: Singer - (glasses / piano / earring / feather coat). They get ELTON JOHN for $300.
- T-Rod: Activity - (walking / street/ look / window) (think/ shoes/ dress/ jewelry / shop) - WINDOW SHOPPING for $200.
- Curly Q's: Movie - (1 / rule / no / talk) (2 / rule / no / talk) (fight / club) - FIGHT CLUB for the $100 steal for T-Rod.
- T-Rod: Reality TV Show - (4 red circles) (run / skip stone/ ball & chain) (punch / danger / pool / water) - Curly Q's steal WIPEOUT for $100, $700 total for the lead against T-Rod's $600.

- Curly Q's (Lindsey gives): The Nutcracker, Weather Channel, Pac-Man, drunk-dialing, Sia - 5 for $2000, $2700 total.
- T-Rod (Teera gives, six to win): Ghostbusters... not enough. Curly Q's win, $2700 to $1000!

MASTERS OF TEXT: They get party bus... cruise... Hulk... and run out of time. They get another $600, giving him a total of $3300.

In the nightcap, Los Ninos Locos AJ & Max have $500 to Queens April & Danielle's $300. Los Ninos Locos begin Hit Send first with Sports Illustrated, Shark Week, Antarctica, and The Fast and the Furious for $1600, $2100 total. The Queens need five to win. They get dentist, nachos, and the Twilight Saga, so Los Ninos Locos win, $2100 to $1500!

MASTERS OF TEXT: AJ & Max get Dungeons & Dragons and veterinarian for $400 more, $2500 total.

The F Word with Gordon Ramsay
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Fox: 8p/7c
Host: Gordon Ramsay
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Last week, the Meatheads joined the Sexy Paesans and School Pride on the F Word Winner's Wall. Space is open for #4...
Slaw & Order
Stan (captain), Mark, Justin & Heather
police officers from Peachtree City, GA
assisted by sous-chef Whitney Webster
Food Bosses
Darci (captain), Bryon, Audra & Mady
the Boss family from rural Tennessee
assisted by sous-chef Ben Kronick

Tonight on the menu: Spice-Rubbed New York Strip Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms, Fingerling Potatoes & Smoky Barbecue Sauce. Recipe is available on the site.

VIPs at the F Word this week include "Great Indoors'" Joel McHale and "SNL's" Leslie Jones. On the road...

- Andy Cohen ("Love Connection" host) learns how to make a pan-seared chicken breast.
- Gordon heads to the Florida Keys to take on a predator that's destroying their coral reefs... turning lionfish into a Lionfish Curry.
- on Father's Day, Gordon and daughter Tilly are heading to a county fair to see if they can't set a new Guinness record in one minute... for one-handed egg cracking against Ross McCurdy and his daughter. We have a new record: 33 eggs. Winner: Ross & Mira! Sorry, chef.

After the kitchen closes and the comment cards are filled out, the winner, by a count of 34 to 30... FOOD BOSSES!

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 10p/9c & 10:30p/9:30c
Host: Ben Gleib
Official WebsiteFacebook
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Adrian & Brandon
Molly & Rachel

- Adrian/Brandon: Which one makes him fatter? They pick the donut above all the trick mirrors for $200.
- Molly/Rachel: What is, hands down, the best time on a clock: 12:15, 3:00, 6:30, or 9:45? They go with 6:30, with both hands down, for $180.
- Adrian/Brandon: Which of these stars has appeared in the most movies: Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, or Bill Paxton? It's the sun, which is in every movie ever made ever with the exception of the Tim Burton Batman movies. They're on $400.
- Molly/Rachel: Touch the KY jelly. They touch the Kentucky jam for $200, trailing $400 to $380.

- Molly: How many women are sitting on a bench: 0, 1, 2, or 3? She touched one of the women. There's no bench for the women to sit on. So the answer: 0.
- Adrian: Which two have their eyes peeled? He goes with the carrot and one potato. It was actually BOTH potatoes.
- Rachel: Which movie does it sound like the pirate wants to see: Booty Shots, Shiplash, Yo-Ho-Ho!, or Davy Jones' Locket? She hits the locket for $350 more, $730 total.
- Brandon: Who's a perfect IO if they remove their head & tail: a lion with a 9, a bear with an 8, or a cat with a 9? He goes with the cat, but it was the LION (LION - L - N = IO). Ladies lead, $730 to $400.

- $1000 (Adrian vs. Molly): Logically, what word belongs in the blank: Avenue, Road, Street, or Alley?
√ ______

Adrian went with Alley... VALLEY is worth another $200, while Molly runs out of time.

- $2500 (Brandon vs. Rachel): If you put the puzzle pieces (THE SHOP UP CLOSE) in order, which picture would it describe? Rachel hits the UP, while Brandon hits "CLOSE UP THE SHOP" to win, $1100 to $730.

SMART MONEY: If PEACH = 1 and 2 CHERRIES = 2 and 3 BANANAS = 3, what do PEACH + 2 CHERRIES + 2 BANANAS = ?: 5, 6, 7, or 8?
- Adrian and Brandon BOTH hit the 6... but it was 5.

In the nightcap, cousins Ryan & Todd lead, with $530 to married couple Gerald & Swisyzinna's $140. For $1000, which would look exactly the same upside down: candles, suns, knife, or pyramid? Ryan goes with suns to pad the lead with $980 to $350. For $2500: Who was born first? Gerald went with Confucius, while Todd went with babysitter. Gerald... is right to win, $2340 to $980.

SMART MONEY: What 6-letter word can these tiles (D-T-E-U-O-something that looks like a C but is half-obscured: TOURED, DETOUR, ROUTED, QUOTED, OUTFED, or NOTHING?
- Gerald went with QUOTED, while Swisyzinna went with TOURED. Gerald's right for $3340 total.

by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  Peter's gunning for a Tournament spot on tonight's show, but if history is any indication, he's going to have to go all out to get it.
Peter Guekguezian
Fresno, CA
PhD student in linguistics
Matt Sokol
The Woodlands, TX
gas turbine repair operations manager
Lisa Evans
Easthampton, MA
office manager

JEOPARDY! ROUND: We've Got Mommy Issues, Literary Hodgepodge, Celebrations of the Month, Lincoln Quotes, Double Letter Fun, Pub Trivia.

Peter starts with $200 We've Got Mommy Issues, finding the Daily Double under $800 Celebrations of the Month. He wagers everything on this: National Nurses Day & Star Wars Day. "What is May?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $9400! By the end of the round, he lost a bit to $9200. Lisa had $400, while Matt with $3600 gets the first go in...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Around the Adriatic, Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Historical Fiction, Anthropology, A Category of Few Words, State Tree-via

... with $400 State Tree-via. Lisa finds the first Daily Double under $800 Around the Adriatic. She bets $1000 on this: Italy has the longest coast on the Adriatic from the Strait of Otranto, north to this gulf named for a coastal city. "What is Trieste?" No, it was Venice, leaving her with $5200. Lisa can make up for it with the Daily Double under $1600 Historical Fiction. She bets $2000 on this: "Gates of Fire" is an epic novel of this epic battle of Ancient Greece. "What is Thermopylae?" RIGHT for $14,000! She ends with $21,600 to Peter's $17,200. Matt can spoil with $1200.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Sports & Politics": after moving to Johannesburg in 1903, he formed the Passive Resisters Soccer Club. Correct response: who was Mohandas K. Gandhi?

Peter was right... but so was Lisa to win $34,401. Peter leaves with $46,800.

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Fox: 9p/8c
Hosts/Judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez & Christina Tosi
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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  Last week, we had America's Grocery Bag as a Mystery Box.... and three of them had to cook out of them TWICE. Mark Togni failed to make the cut, so we're down to 19 as we head to Huntington Beach.

ROUND 1 TEAM CHALLENGE: In two teams of 9, the cooks will have to prepare dishes of either rockfish or striped sea bass. Rockfish is easy to mess up, while sea bass is temperamental that demands absolute attention. Dishes must have the protein, two sides, and a sauce. You have 60 minutes to prep and plate for 101 lifeguards who will vote for their favorite. Losing team heads to a Pressure Test.

Brien, as winner of the last Mystery Box, gets to choose which team he will lead AND his protein.

RED (CAPTAIN: Brien): Adam, Cate, Eboni, Heather, Jason, Necco, Newton, Sam, Yachecia - Sea Bass
- Crispy Skin Sea Ball with Bamboo Rice, Eggplant, Corn Dalad and Sweet Chili Sauce
BLUE (CAPTAIN: Jennifer): Caitlin, Daniel, Dino, Gabriel, Jeff, Jenny, Paige, Reba - Rockfish
- Cajun Rockfish with Broccoli Rabe, Green Beans, Potato & Beurre Blanc

WINNER: by an almost 2 to 1 margin, the RED TEAM!

Back at the MasterChef kitchen, the judges exempt Jeff (Gordon), Daniel (Aaron) & Reba (Christina) from...

ROUND 1 PRESSURE TEST: Aaron's pork chop dish with grilled nopales picadillo and prickly pear sauce. Pay attention, because you will have to recreate it in 45 minutes.
- BOTTOM TWO: Jennifer Williams, Paige Jimenez
- ELIMINATED: Paige Jimenez.

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Record today: 3-2-1
Record for week 40: 9-7-2
Record this season: 508-525-71
Total today*: $64,765
Total this week*: $200,629
Total this season*: $14,129,543
Perfect bids: 21/1014
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/3
DSWs/DOBs: 5/16
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 5/1
Best week: Week 6 - Big Money Week: $707,684
$14 million passed: 6/20/17

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar.
It's the last hump day in 33 for a fair bit, and we see Timothy Gadbois, Emma Hankin, Michael Field, Summer Green, and a MacBook pro. The $1799 laptop goes to Michael, who gets to try and upload a Toyota Corolla into his garage in Spelling Bee. He gets two freebies and one more from a $38 water pick. Will he take $3000 to quit? Yes he will. He had a C... and two As.

Emma wins a $1596 luggage set and a shot to pack it for Cape Cod (6n @ the Cape Codder) if she beats Freeze Frame. She stops it at $5021. The price: $6246.

Harleen Khangura wins a $1098 pair of bikes. Hopefully she won't go on a suicide mission to win a refrigerator/freezer, a set of Dagne Dover purses, a 4KTV, and a foosball table in a $7000 Shopping Spree. The TV... $3000. Good move. The refrigerator... $2349. The purses need to be at least $1651... They're $1760! She also wins the first Showdown round.

Meanwhile, Roderick Cabbell captures a $973 electric guitar. He'll get his pick of Samsung tablets or a Honda Fit if he can pick the right numbers in Any Number.

CAR: $18,54_
Tablets: $9__
Piggy Bank: $7.2_

He picks the 0....

The car was $18,541.

Timothy gets off the schneid with a $580 espresso machine/coffee maker package. He'll get roses, dinner, and Uber rides for a year if he wins Checkout. He prices Boyland root beer, Ocean Spray Craisins, Irish Spring body wash, Nature Valley granola bars, and Pompeiian olive oil at $16.50. The actual total: $18.25, and that's a win all day!

Summer has one more go with a set of watches. The price: $1408. The winner.. SUMMER! She'll kick off her summer with a hot tub and barbecue smoker if she wins Pushover.

3 1 2 1 0 8 4 6 7

She pushes to $10,846... RIGHT!

Timothy meets Harleen in the Showcase. First up, trips to St. Thomas (6n @ Sugar Bay Beach Resort) & New Mexico (6n @ Sheraton Albuquerque) and a Chevy Cruze. Top winner Harleen bids $34,500. Timothy gets a houseboat vacation for 6 on Lake Mead (6n @ Forever Resorts, $500 credit) and a Nissan Versa S. He bids $25,400. Actual price: $29,411, a difference of $4011. Actual price of Harleen's
Showcase... $32,273. Timothy's all about that lake life with $36,351!