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November 6, 2019


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Night 3

Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions
by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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1) Kyle Jones - $16,800
2) Lindsey Shultz - $14,000
3) Rachel Lindgren - $13,601
4) Anneke Garcia - $4799
- Rob Worman: $799
- Alan Dunn: $1
So far, Gilbert Collins and Dhruv Gaur have earned a spot in the next round of the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Tonight is game 3 of the quarters, and it's a big one.

James Holzhauer
Las Vegas
professional sports gambler
32 games, $2,462,216
Alan Dunn
Johns Creek, GA
software development manager
five games, $120,802
Lindsey Shultz
physician & healthcare analyst
four games, $101,002

JEOPARDY! ROUND: It's Not Australia, Tech Stuff, The Name of the Game, "All" In, The 2010s, Reality Show Breakouts.

James draws first and goes with $2000 "All" In. Lindsey finds the Daily Doubl eundeR $800 The 2010s. She has $1800 to $2000 for James. She goes all-in on this: in 2011 this planet completed its first orbit since its discovery 165 years early. "What is Neptune?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $3600! She ends up with $4000 in a tie with Alan. James is in the lead with $8800.

Closest to Alex starts Double Jeopardy!, and that's Alan...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Science & Exploration, American World's Fairs, That's Entertainment!, Past Bedtime, Initials to Roman Numerals to Numbers III; This Time, It's Personal.

... with the first Daily Double under $1600 Science & Exploration. Scores are as depicted above. Alan bets all of it on: in the early 1800s this German studied the ocean current of South America, one off South America's west coast is named for him." "Who is Alexander von Humboldt?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $8000! James finds the other under $2000 Initials to Roman Numerals to Numbers III. He has $17,600 to the others' $5600. James bets, and now I'm quoting, "a truly disappointing $1109." Here you go... for Laura's dad in the "Little house on the Prairie" books. "What is 101?" Charles Ingalls... CI... 101. That's $18,709! He ends up with $30,309. With Lindsey on $10,800 to Alan's $6000, the third spot in the semis is James' to lose.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "20th Century America": In 1939, turned down by 2 local theaters, Howard University was able to get an outdoor venue for this singer's yearly concert. Correct response: who was Marian Anderson?

Alan at least knew what he was going on about when he responded "the one who sang at the LM". Too bad it cost him everything. Lindsey's right to go to $14,000. But James wins with $30,635.


America Says
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: 9p/8c
Host: John Michael Higgins
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
Café Workers
Meredith, Jonathan, Antoinette, Elrus
Seafood Lovers
Caryn, Bobby, Tim, Brenda

- Café Workers: Honey, you were the one that was supposed to book the (B, C, F, H, R, T, V). They book the restaurant, vacation, and hote. The Seafood Lovers catch flight, tickets, and cruise, but not babysitter.
- Seafood Lovers: My best friend & I are meant for each other! We even have the same (B, C, C, H, H, N, SOH)! They get haircut, clothes, car, name and sense of humor. The Café Workers miss birthday and hobbies to stay at 300 to 800 for the Seafood Lovers.

- Café Workers: When I bring my toddler to a restaurant, I ask the waiter if they have (BS, C, C, EN, HC, KM, M). They ask for high chairs, crayons, booster seats, milk, and kids' menus. The Seafood Lovers get extra napkins, but not crackers.
- Seafood Lovers: If you work as a housekeeper, you use a (B, B, C, D, M, S, V) every day. They use vacuum, broom, mop, and cleaner. The Café Workers clear out with sponge, bucket, and duster to go to 1900 to 1800 for the Seafood Lovers. Close game.

- Café Workers: The most famous Jack of all time has to be Jack (ATB, B, D, F, N, S, TR). They get Nicholson, the Ripper, and and the Beanstalk for 900, 2800 total. The Seafood Lovers fish out Black, Daniel's, and Frost for 900, 2700 total. No one gets Sparrow.
- Seafood Lovers (4 to win): Not a day of the week goes by when I don't (BMT, D, DC, E, P, S, S). They get sleep, exercise, drive, and brush my teeth to win, 3900-2800. The others: drink coffee, shower, and pray.

- Q1: We get our (CT) down from the attic once a year: Christmas tree
- Q2: (D, F) get thrown at the Olympics: Discuses, SKIP!
- Q3: When I tink of the character Elmo, I think of (SS, R, T): Sesame Street, Red, Tickling
- Q4: If you're tracking a (B, B, C, M), just look for giant footprints in the ground: Bigfoot, Bear, Cougar, Moose.
- Back to Q2: (F) get thrown at the Olympics: Flowers for the win!

Cash Cab
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Bravo: 11:30p/10:30c
Host: Ben Bailey
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Our first trip of the night takes Margarey & Noelle to 14th & Eighth along with Margaret Josephs of The Real Housewives of NEw Jersey. They get the first 8 and miss the last one for $600.

Ainsley, Whitney & Sabrina are going to District Bar on Third & 94th, sweeping the first two tiers for $600, along with this...
- RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: 7 solo acts have had at least 10 songs reach #1 on the Billboard singles chart. Name 5. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston... and that's time.
They miss the first question of the $200 round - In 1989 future First Couple Barack & Michelle Obama went to see what Spike Lee film on their very first date? (Do the Right Thing). They also miss this one - After scandal-plagued Enron went bankrupt, what city's professional baseball team bought back the rights to its stadium & renamed it Minute Maid Park? They went with Dallas, but it was Houston. Last question... once on the run from the Taliban, what youngest-ever Nobel laureate now enjoys listening to Beyonce with friends at Oxford University? They use their Social Media Shoutout... Malala Yousafzai... IS RIGHT for $800!

Catch 21
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 6p/5c
Host: Alfonso Ribeiro with Witney Carson
Official WebsiteFacebook
Total cash today: $1000
Total cash this week: $8500
Total cash this season: $99,000
Bonus record this week: 0-1-2
Bonus record this season: 2-4-12
One-hand draws: 6
Two-hand draws: 6
Bonus round wins: 2
Bonus prizes won/offered: 2/18
parts unknown
forensic scientist
parts unknown
dancer & jeweler
parts unknown
spin instructor

ROUND 1: Let's give Anya an 8, Natosha a 4, and Louis a king and see what happens. Anya passes Natosha a 10 for 14. Louis passes a 2 to Anya for 10. Natosha gives Louis a king for 20 and a 9 to bust. Anya passes a 3 to Natosha for 17 and a 9 to bust.

ROUND 2: Anya gets a jack, Natosha a 7, and Louis a 7. Louis scrambles a 6 to Natosha for 13. Natosha - back at you with that 6. Anya passes Natosha a 3 for 16. Natosha catches 21 on a 5!

FINAL HAND: Anya gets a 6 to Natosha's jack. Anya passes a 6 to Natosha for 16 and busts her on a king.

BONUS CATCH 21 with two Power Chips
- HAND #1: 10 - J = 20
- HAND #2: 5 - Q - 3 - 2 = 20
- HAND #3: K - 6 = 16

Next card... a 10. Can't get anything to happen there.

Family Feud PCH Bonus Week
by Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @jhuhn74

Syn/YesTV: 3p/4c; also check listings
Host: Steve Harvey
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Kate, Jo, Michael, Cynthia, Alex


Niki, Lindsay, Lexi, Alli, Lori
Mesa, AZ

PCH Bonus Week rolls on as the Harrises look for giant check #3.

SINGLE: A reason a woman might not want her husband on her team for Family Feud.
1. Gives bad answers 55 5. Doesn't listen 3
2. Competitive/Argues 14 6. Too racy 3
3. Blabs/Secrets 10 7. Too smart 3
4. Too slow on buzzer 4 8. Cheats at games 2

SINGLE: 100 single women: you don't really need a man as long as you have lots of what?
1. Dough 57 5. Gerbils/Pets 5
2. Friends 21 6. Wine 3
3 "Toys"/Batteries 6
4. Chocolate 5

DOUBLE: A famous woman who spends a lot of money to wear very little.
1. Kim Kardashian 49 5. Cher 4
2. Jennifer Lopez 9
3. Pamela Anderson 5
4. Beyoncé 4

TRIPLE: Fill in the blank: _____ fry.
1. Fish fry 42
2. French fry 34
3. Stir-fry 12
4. Small fry 7

Sudden death is needed.

SUDDEN DEATH: How often does Steve Harvey shave his head? Lori gets it for the Crums with "daily" (75).

Alli & Niki play Fast Money. Alli gets two #1s for 109. Niki can't close, so they end up with another $755, giving them $10,755 for the day.

Fast Money #1 answers
- A kind of bird that when it flies over a KFC, it's thankful that it's not a chicken: Pigeon (Alli)
- Something people lose at the beach: Sunglasses
- A food you love to throw at your worst enemy: Pie
- 1-10, how much of a do-gooder are you?: 8
- Something of yours you worry might break down at any moment: Car/Truck (Alli)

In the nightcap, the Matkins play the Prebandas for a car.

TRIPLE: It never feels like Christmas until you see what?
1. Snow/Frosty 38
2. Xmas tree/lights 34
3. Santa Claus 12
4. Christmas movie 5

The Matkins win the car.

Randa and Russ end up with a final total of $22,175 and one Jeep Compass.

Funny You Should Ask
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Jon Kelley
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Greek restaurant owner
burlesque dancer
Bill Engvall
Whitney Cummings
Byron Allen
producer of this show
Jon Lovitz
"RAven's Home"
Louie Anderson

ROUND 1: Nick won the toss, so he gets Jon, Louie, and Whitney. Amiah is left with Jackee, Byron, and Bill. Everyone's right for $300 each.

ROUND 2: After we swap the sides, each player gets only one to tie at $500.

ROUND 3: Nick sweeps the round. Amiah also sweeps... wrongly. Nick wins, $1400-$500.

- Q1: What does the CEO of Uber recommend to increase your passenger rating: always wear headphones, always wear your seatbelt, or always wear your pants? He says seatbelt. Buckle up, we're heading to...
- Q2: According to the Los Angeles Times injuries sustained during the 4th of July most commonly come from... firecrackers, grills, car accidents, or... (Bill: "Telling my wife to get me another beer."). Car accident... is right to play for the cash...
- Q3: A 2019 Yale University study found that the happiness of a marriage could be influenced by the partners'... birth order, genetics, education levels, food choices, exercise routines, or... (Jackee: "Bank account."). He says exercise routines... but it was genetics. Still, $1400 is money. Opa!

Guy's Grocery Games
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Sunday 9p/8c
Host: Guy Fieri
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
  Today's special at Flavortown Market... it's Cheat Day.

Jesse Lamb
Fresno, CA
food truck owner & Navy veteran
Craig Batiste Jr.
Gardena, CA
Anita Santiago
executive chef
Stephen El-Hassan
Hoboken, NJ

On the panel for this cheating frenzy, Justin WArner, Antonia Lofaso, and the late great Carl Ruiz.

GAME 1: Your best deep-fried dish... but WATCH YOUR WEIGHT. The limit: 8 pounds.
- JEsse: Garlic Chicken Cheese Fries
- Craig: Honey Sriracha Fries Topped with Chicken Nuggets, Wings & Pancetta
- Anita: Deep-Fried Burger with Bacon, Cheese & Silly Sauce
- Stephen: Chicken 'n' "Waffle Balls"

GAME 2: Your best melty dish... on the FOOD PYRAMID. The first line: marshmallows. The second... limburger. The final line... pork rinds.
- Jesse: Wonton-Fried Sandwich with Cherry Jam
- Anita: Pork Rind-Crusted Grilled Cheese with Strawberry Marshmallow Habanero Jam
- Stephen: Chorizo Mac & Cheese with Spicy Pork Rinds

GAME 3: the Ultimate Cheat Day Dish... and the best part, you can cook with whatever you can fit inside your jacket in our newest game, SHOPLIFT.
- Jesse: Bacon Cheeseburger with Fried Egg
- Anita: Fried Buffalo Wings with Ranch Sauce
- Stephen: "Ridge Diablo" Bagel Sandwich

And we're giving $20,000 right away to... STEPHEN!

Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @beattheblock

CBS: 10a/9C or 3p/2C
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Cat Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App

Shelly - $11,648
Stephen - $6,525(traded from $4,500)
Kimberlisa - $1,000
Wendy - $553
Joseph - $550
Annie - $50
Jill - YO YO YO
Quickie Deals - $200/$200
Quickie Deals Total - $10,900/$14,300

Perfect Deals - 80
Big Deal Choice 1 - 11
Big Deal Choice 2 - 14
Big Deal Choice 3 - 8
Big Deal Location 1 - 18
Big Deal Location 2 - 7
Big Deal Location 3 - 8
Big Deal Wins- 10
Car Wins -16


Prizes not won today -  $38,988
Big Deal prizes not selected today - $30,630
Prizes not won this season - $1,923,872+ 1 trip of unknown value

Total - $20,326
Total for Week 7 - $103,796
Total for the Season: $1,526,955
Total with Quickie Deals - $1,527,155
Best Week - Week 1- $320,858
1M Passed 10/17/2019 - 19 shows

Wednesday's trading starts off with Wendy the Graduate(HS English Teacher). She gets the LMAD Money Tree(a/k/a the Currency Bush). It has $220 and a teeny envelope with mystery cash. Will she take that or the small box? Leftovers go to Doctor Clifton. Wendy takes the tree. Clifton passes on $500 for the box which has CHOCOLATE STILETTOS(ZONK)! Wendy can keep the tree or take the Big Box. Leftovers go to Stephen the Nerd. Wendy keeps the tree. Stephen takes the Big Box over $1,000 which is a new 65" Sony LED HDTV with Bose Home Theater System worth $4,500! Wendy can keep the tree or take Curtain 3? She keeps the tree and passes on a trip TO CHINA! It was a Century Cruises Cruise of the Yangtze River worth $10,568! She wins $333 + $220 = $553!

Annie the New York Pizza Rat is playing 0 TO 80 for a Mazda 3 Sedan worth $22,120! Here's how the game works. We have a car on stage and Annie will pick tokens from the token bag. She has 4 picks of tokens to get her car up to 80 mph. The tokens in the token bag range from 0 to 40mph. If Annie gets her car up to 80mph in 4 picks or less, she will win the Mazda. Her first pick is 20mph. Next is 0. She needs at least a 20 to stay in the game. Annie passes on $500 to pick 10 and she is OUT. Consolation pick is 5X $10 = $50!

Shelly in the Green(works for the Denver Broncos - choreographer/assistant coach for the cheerleaders - and we have a dance off). She has four boxes on stage - red, green, blue and yellow. Each box contains a prize or a zonk. We show Shelly the Red one for free. It's $500 in cash! Shelly goes for the Green box knowing she can lose the $500 if it is a zonk! Shelly adds a 24MP DSLR from Nikon worth $2,600! She has $3,100! Shelly goes for three prizes with the Blue Box! Shelly...ADDS A PAIR of Luxury Watches from Movado worth $2,990! She has $6,090 in cash and prizes! Shelly risks everything for a shot at a sweep - AND IS GOING TO DOMINICA FOR 5N at the Fort Young Hotel worth $5,558! That means Shelly wins the Caribbean Vacation, the cash, the camera and the watches worth $11,648!

Cynthia the Renaissance Lady gets a book from LMAD Book Club called "Keep on Scootin' - Tiffany Coyne's Guide to Van Nuys". It has the LMAD Mystery Cash Bookmark. Cynthia can take that or Curtain 1. She takes Curtain 1 and passes on $600 + hidden in the book is a DIAMOND RING from Diamonds by Angie worth $4,800! Cynthia wins a REMOTE CONTROL COUCH(ZONK)!

Two people are next - Kimberlisa the Army Brat (for real) and Joseph the Birthday Hamster Mess(color guard teacher). They are playing for an AUDI A3 SEDAN worth $36,040! Here's how the game works. Kimberlisa and Joseph must spell WINNER to win the Audi. We have 8 numbers on stage - 6 have the letters to spell winner and 2 have zonks. The last dealer to spell WINNER while avoiding the zonks will be the proud owner of a 2020 Audi A3 Sedan! Kimberlisa goes first after picking the $100 envelope to Joseph's $50. She picks 3 and It's the N. Joseph picks 2 and it's an I. Kimberlisa passes on $500 and picks 8. It's the other N. The board is now _ I N N _ _ . Joseph STOPS for $500. He leaves with $550. Ok. That means Kimberlisa has this choice - we have three letters and five numbers - 1, 4, 5, 6, 7. Kimberlisa STOPS with $1,000! For legal purposes we find that the letters were under 1, 4 and 6. 5 and 7 had the zonks.

Last deal of the day involves Jill the Maiden. She has the Big Box or $500. She takes the box and wins A BREAK DANCING GORILLA(ZONK!)

Who trades for a shot at $26,149? Stephen trades his TV!

He picks 3. 2 was a home office with Trader Boys Furniture, chair and Samsung Laptop worth $4,481! Stephen wins a new kitchen with side by side refrigerator, range, microwave along with a year of Maine Lobster from Maine Lobster Now worth $6,525! 1 was the Big Deal and it starts with a 5N stay at the Viva Wyndham V Heavens Puerto Plata in THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC along with a 2020 Hyundai Accent worth $26,149!

The Masked Singer
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Fox: 8p/7c
Host: Nick Cannon with Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger & Robin Thicke
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  Last time we were all together, we unmasked the Skeleton (or should that be de-boned) as Paul Shaffer. We're left with 11 Masked Singers remaining as we come off of the World Series break. And tonight, not one but TWO of them are going to be unmasked in front of Fox and country.

- The Rottweiler has been judged since he's "been in the game", and now he "wants it that way". He goes with "Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic.
- The Ladybug wants everyone to know that her childhood was less than rosy, and now she wants to show "pieces of me" with "Juice" by Lizzo.
- The Tree was never made to feel like she was "home alone". She goes with "Think" by the late, great Aretha Franklin.
- The Penguin was on the D-list growing up, but she realizes that stars like her shine the brightest in tragedy. She sings "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor.
- The Flower  never took a voice lesson, but is about to blossom with "Cheap Thrills" by Sia.
- The Fox never fit in, but kids was nice to him growing up. He goes with "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" by Panic! At the Disco

It's break time, which means that it's time to eliminate one of these six, the one with the lowest audience votes.
- ELIMINATED: The Penguin

UNMASKING #6: Before we clip this bird's wings, let's get some words from the panel. Jenny goes with Nicole Byer of "Nailed It!" fame. Ken thinks it's Wanda Sykes. Nicole says Star Jones. Robin thinks it's Mindy Kaling.
- THE PENGUIN IS... Actress & game show host SHERRI SHEPHERD!

In the hastily-edited nightcap, the panel is joined by Anthony Anderson, and we're joined by five more singers.

- The Black Widow feels at home in her costume, but she can make herself at home in any nook or cranny. She sings "Believe" by Cher (Clue: whipped cream and crackers).
- Mr. Nicole Scherzinger... sorry, The Thingamajig says he uses his voice, which he got from his dad, to win over the ladies. He goes with "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by the Temptations (Clue: a sign language dictionary).
- The Butterfly has had her love of music reignited by this show. She sings "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones (Clue: a forensic kit).
- The Leopard has traveled on the road with friends as a youngster, played jazz, and even performed at the White house. He sings "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry (Clue: a trio of old cameras).
- The Flamingo used to hate the sound of her own voice, and calls being on stage one of her biggest fears. She has since emerged as a triple threat. She sings "Never Enough" by Loren Allred (Clue: an NAACP Image Award).

After the votes, the next singer out is...
- ELIMINATED: The Black Widow

UNMASKING #7: Nicole goes with Raven Symone, Robin agrees. Anthony says Drew Barrymore, Jenny says Amber Riley, and Ken goes with Miranda Lambert.

The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez, Devin Goda, Amber Lancaster, James O'Halloran, Rachel Reynolds & George Gray
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
Record today: breakeven
Record for week 7: 7-9-2
Record this season: 93-93-6
Total won/offered today*: $61,667 / $176,063
Total won/offered this week*: $185,041 / $470,824
Total won/offered this season*: $2,347,383 / $6,118,797
Perfect bids: 2/192
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/0
DSWs/DOBs: 1/0
$11K/$26K SCSD Spins: 0/0
Best week: Week 2: $462,266
$2M passed: 10/18/19

*totals are based on the MSRP of the prizes on the tape day and rounded to the nearest dollar

Daniel Goddard returns to his old stomping grounds as Meet Your Neighbors Month on TPIR continues with Colleen Feblowitz, Michael Washburn, Wanda Svet, and Ashley Norwood playing for a 4KTV with PlayStation 4 package. The $2430 package goes to Colleen, who gets to play for a Toyota Yaris... and a Subaru Impreza... and a Chevrolet Equinox, but she has to complete the Triple Play. First, the Yaris LE. Is it $13,920 or $16,014? She goes with $13,920... NO ($18,253).

Sarah Saunders goes down and up thanks to a $2135 set of Christian Louboutins. Can she take them with a scooter ANd a motorcycle? It's an Amigo F10 scooter and a Suzuki VanVan 200. The game is Coming ($4927) or Going ($7294). She comes... RIGHT!

Ashley gets a $1557 set of GPS watches and a chance at a home gym with mini-fridge at the Vend-o-Price.

- 8 Skippy PB Bites
- 5 Bumble Bee albacore tunas
- 2 4-pack Monster energy drinks

She goes with the middle. The pretzels are.. $3.99 for a total of $31.92. The energy drinks are... $6.99 for $13.98. The tuna... $5.39 for a total of $26.95. She gets another chance at the Showcase.

Meanwhile, Charles Wilkins will try to parlay a $1858 electric grill into a pool table and an Asus PC in Double Cross.

     5           0
       3       5
         9   7
         2   5
       1       8
     3           0

She goes $3945 for the pool table and $2475 for the PC... WINNER!

Michael gets off the schneid with a $1129 set of cameras. Can he win a Nissan Versa in Lucky Seven? The board has $18,3__. He has $4. Next number is 7? No, it's 2, and it's over. The car was $18,325.

Wanda has one more go with a pair of surfboards. The price: $700. The winner... Severiano Michel, who can now take them to Dan & Jimmy's home port of Australia (6n @ Meriton Suites Southport) if he wins the BonusGame. He gets one window and a $50 LED lantern. But is it the Bonus? YES! He also gets a shot at Ashley in...

THE SHOWCASES: First up, stay warm with a new living room with electric fireplace, winter wardrobe, and a Kia Forte LXS. Top winner Severiano passes, and Ashley bids $26,000. Severiano gets trips to New Orleans (6n @ Le Pavillon Hotel), Panama (6n @ Popa Paradise Beach Resort), and Scotland (6n @ Knock Castle Hotel & Spa). He bids $28,000. Actual price... $23,436. Actual price of Ashley's Showcase... $28,665 to win a total of $30,222!

Survivor: Island of the Idols
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block

bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Host: Jeff Probst
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Last week, Elaine went to the Island of the Idols and dared to take Sandra & Boston Rob up on their offer to steal a vote block... which she used to the point where the writer of this recap could only offer a chef's kiss, paving the way to block Jason's vote... and then kick him out entirely. Now 14 are remaining, and a merge is looming.

Old Vokai is down at Lairo, but with a merge looming, they're convinced that they're not out. Meanwhile, the fire is out, and Kellee demands to put it back together when Jamal can't. If THAT wasn't enough, Noura and Jamal go at it over rice to the point where she wants to build an alliance with Janet and Karishma to vote him out.

ISLAND OF THE IDOLS: Janet, by random draw, is sent to see Rob & Sandra and learn a lesson about calculated risk - "to not make moves without knowing why you're doing them." They make an offer - a win would mean "safety without power" - she would be immune from being voted out, BUT at the cost of her own vote. Janet decided not to play the game, thinking it had trap written all over it. Sure enough... it did. Both Sandra & Rob agree that she made the right call.

IMMUNTY CHALLENGE: Faulty Towers. Toss coconuts into the basket to make the basket heavier which triggers a tower of puzzle pieces to collapse. Use the heavy pieces to solve the puzzle that reveals the logo. First tribe to do that wins.

The Lairo all wanted to vote Dean, because he's too sneaky to be trusted (spearheaded by Jamal). Jamal & Nick tell him that the vote would be Noura instead. Meanwhile, Kellee's idol from the Island expires tonight, so if she's going to use it, it has to be now. Will she use it to save Dean? She tells Dean that he's the target and that she'll use the Idol to save him.

TRIBAL COUNCIL #7:  Noura is gunning for Dean. Dean says that she's already gunning for Jamal. Noura, the same Noura that's "over (Jamal's) face". Jamal says he's scared of an all-female alliance, which Kellee has batted down. Jamal asks Noura is it ever crossed her mind. It has.

Karishma: DEAN - "You took three shots at me and you missed, and I'm nailing you on my first try. Stay dry, sweetheart."

Magic question from Probst: If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol, now would be a good time to use it. Dean DOES... playing Kellee's Idol for himself. Then Jamal plays another Idol for... Noura! So much for being over his face.
- Karishma: (invalid)
- Jamal: (invalid)
- Kellee: (invalid) That's right. Gave him an idol, and then voted for him. SAVAGE!
- Jack: (invalid)
- Janet: (invalid)
- Dean: JACK
- Noura: JACK

By a vote of 2-0, Jack... the Tribe has spoken.

The episode ends with a touching tribute card for Rudy Boesch - "A Survivor Icon. An American Hero".

25 Words or Less
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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animal rescuer & Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor
Richmond, VA
dating coach
Colton Dunn
Jackie Tohn
John Michael Higgins
"America Says"
Jane Lynch
"Hollywood Game Night"

- Jackie vs. Michael: goodbye, sponge, flower, hydrant, minivan. Jackie wins the bid at 11... and gives Steph 250.
- Steph vs. Aaron: mosquito, spring, apartment, yolk, greyhound. Steph wins with 12... and doubles up.
- Colton vs. Jane: present, plus, calm, rain, fang. Jane gets 10... and gets Aaron on the board.

ROUND 2: Aaron's behind, 250 to 500, so he goes first...
- AARON'S list: subscription (1000), Austin Powers (500), blindfold (500), guard (500), pharaoh (1000). He gets two of the 500s for... well, 1000, 1250 total.
- STEPH's list (needs 1000 to win): Jim Carrey (500), affair (1000), extra credit (1000), carrot cake (1000), bumper cars (500)... EASY win, 4500-1250. Aaron leaves with $200 from Lobstergram.

MONEY ROUND: Steph gets picnic, thin, vegetarian, toupee, crouton, pregnant, squirrel, trick, valley, and galaxy to win the $10,000!

Wheel of Fortune
Jason Block
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Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
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Total for Today - $77,905
Total for Week 9-  $231,847
Total for the Season: $2,408,621
Bonus Win Percentage: 18/43
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $666,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars: 2 Chevy Blazers, 1 Mazda CX-5, 2 GMC Terrain SUVs, 1 Toyota RAV4
Gooseeggs:  5
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 2/1
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost: 8/1/6
Car Wins: 7
$100,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 13/43/4/10
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 26/43/9/11
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes: 9/6/4
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 23/12/10
$2,500 Space Hit - 9
$3,500 Space Hit - 27
$5,000 Space Hit - 3
Bankrupt Space Hit - 117
Lose A Turn Hit - 30
Vowels Missed:
A -7 E- 10  I - 12 O- 3 U -1
Missed solves - 4
Repeated a letter/vowel - 4
Perfect Rounds: 23
House Minimums - 11
Gift Tags hit/won/lost: 21/11/10
Free Play Hit: 34
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 2/43
Best Week:  Home Sweet Home - $339,889
Best Player - Bill Hoefer - $74,784
Bankrupt Losses: $238,000 + 3 Trips of Unknown Value
Left on the Table: $549,152 + 2 Trips of Unknown Value
Red Podium Win - 13
Yellow Podium Win - 18
Blue Podium Win - 12
Worst Week: Bed and Breakfast - $207,937
$2M Passed - 10/30/2019 - 38 Shows - (19 + 19)

A : 3
M : 6
E : 1
R: 4
I : 3
C: 3
A: 1
S: 1
G: 1
A: 1
E : 3
S: 1
P: 1
I: 2
N: 1
& :1
W: 1
I : 1
N: 3
* - 2
** - 2
*** - 1

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
EVENT(s) -1/0/0/0
LIVING THING(s) - 13/2/1/1
PHRASE -28/13/8/5
FOOD & DRINK -12/5/2/3
THING(s) -40/5/2/3
FUN & GAMES -2/1/1/0
ON THE MAP -1/1/1/0
PLACE(s) -7/4/1/3

This week we celebrate the people who are brave enough to put the uniform and serve the United States! It's Day 3 of "Veterans Week!"

The $1,000 Tossup is THING. Patricia misses(she solved the puzzle but it was too much of a pause)and Michael Martino from North Springfield, VA completes the solve of EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP. He is a 4 yr of USMC service. Both of his sons are also in the USMC! Scott Riddell from Somerville, SC is a 6 yr old Navy Veteran. He is a married probate attorney with 2 kids. Patricia Iswell from Collierville, TN was in the Army for 20 years and is now retired from the US Post Office. She is married for 17 years and they have(together) 3 kids and 1 grandchild.

The $2,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Patricia misses and Michael has $3,000 with MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN. He starts WHAT ARE YOU DOING? and picks up the $1,000 Campmor GC with 2 $500 P's. He dominates and solves OPENING MY PARACHUTE for a total of $3,250 in cash and prizes. It's been all Michael so far with $6,250 in cash and prizes. We move on to....

The Eggland's Best Mystery round which is started by Scott. It's SAME NAME. He hits Lose a Turn. Patricia Bankrupts. Michael misses. Scott picks up the featured Iceland trip with a $500 N and solves SUSHI & CHIN-UP BAR for $3,400 and this trip - an Icelandair Hotels stay in Reykjavik and Icelandair Air Fare worth $8,000! He has $11,400 in cash and prizes! We move on to...

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge round which is started by Patricia. It's FUN & GAMES. She misses a vowel - A. Michael hits a $3,500 W and solves KITESURFING & WINDSURFING for $8,100 and a trip to a place he can do that --ARUBA! It's a stay at the Amsterdam Manor worth $7,155! Michael has the lead with $21,505 in cash and prizes!

The Triple Tossup Category is PERSON. Michael misses and Scott has $2,000 with EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, $2,000 more with TEACHER OF THE YEAR and starts this round with the triple tossup sweep of MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. He has $6,000 this round and $17,400 in cash and prizes. Scott is closing in on Michael who has the lead with $21,505 in cash and prizes. Patricia - the less said the better. Scott starts PHRASE but we go right into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,500 a letter. Michael solves FANCY FOOTWORK for NO CASH but we give him the $1,000 house minimum. He is going to the bonus round with $22,505 in cash and prizes including his trip to Aruba! Scott is going to Iceland with $17,400 in cash and prizes. Patricia gets the gooseegg $1,000!

The pre-bonus round total is $40,905! Michael picks PHRASE over PEOPLE and THING.

Michael lands on the *** wedge. With the RSTLNE and his choices of W D M O we have:

_  _ O _ T / T O
_ _ N D / O _ T

We are ABOUT TO FIND OUT how loud Michael's scream of joy is! He solves the puzzle and we go three for three in bonus rounds this week and add $37,000 to his bank! He leaves with $59,505 in cash and prizes!