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August 31, 2022


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From the Market to the Lounge

Guy's Ultimate Game Night Premiere
by Chico Alexander
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Food/discovery+: 9p/8c
Host: Guy Fieri & Antonia Lofaso with Sophistafunk
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Three teams of celebrities and their loved ones are competing in wild food-themed games for charity.

Bobby Moynihan & his friend Eli Newell
playing for LA Animal Services
Bret Michaels & his daughter Raine
playing for Life Rocks Foundation
Ron Funches & his podcast partner Carmen Morales
playing for School on Wheels

Each team will compete in a series of food-related games for points. The team with the most points wins money for charity.

GAME 1: DISH PICS: Each of the all-play picture puzzles are worth 100.
- Bobby/Eli start out with the early lead with 400 to 200 for their competitors.

GAME 2: SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP: Each team will have one guesser and one grocery holder. After Antonia reveals an item, it's up to the guesser to determine whether the statement made by Guy about that item is true or false. If they're right, they get 200 and choose an opposing team to hold said item in their loaded grocery bag. If you're wrong, it goes in your partner's bag. If you drop your bag, you're out. After halftime, Antonia will offer up two items at a time, at which point a correct answer will send the items to BOTH of your competitors. If any team survives, they will earn an extra 200 if they can carry their bags to a table.
- Bobby & Eli still lead with 1200 to 800 for Bret & Raine and 400 for Ron & Carmen.

GAME 3: COOKTIONARY. Guy & Antonia will draw food items for 45 seconds. Each drawing is worth 300.
- Ron & Carmen get ice cream, grapes, broccoli, taco, tea bag, and fried egg for 2200.
- Bret & Raine get shrimp, measuring cup, pancakes, asparagus, and pineapple for 2300.
- Bobby & Eli get fish, croissant, ladle, Swiss cheese, chef's hat, mushroom, and octopus for 3300.

GAME 4: HOT POTATO: Heads up meets Pyramid meets explosives. You will have an indeterminate amount of time to convey a subject to your partner. If they get it, they pass the potato to the next team. Each category is worth 200 points. If you're caught with the potato at time-up, the other teams get 500 each, and you get sprayed with a hot potato mess.
- Bobby & Eli still lead with 5100 to 4700 for Ron & Carmen and 3600 for Bret & Raine.

FINAL ROUND: CHARADE THE PANTRY. Guy & Antonia will act out answers for 45 seconds. Each one is worth 500. Most points after this round wins the game!
- Bret/Raine: chicken, soup, pizza, champagne, beef, carrot, martini - 7 right for 3500, 7100 total.
- Ron/Carmen: banana, pancake, lollipop, pasta, clam, bottle of wine, pork - 7 right for 3500, 8200 total.
- Bobby/Eli: crabs, corn on the cobe, chewing gum, eggs, hot dogs, beer, bread - 7 right for 3500, 8600 and the win!

Both Bret & Raine and Ron & Carmen will have donations made in their names, but the exact amount is never specified.

America's Got Talent
by Chico Alexander, Jason Block & Gordon Pepper
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NBC: 8p/7c
Peacock: streaming Wednesdays
Host: Terry Crews with Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel & Sofia Vergara
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Last night, 11 acts took the stage in search of your votes. Only two of them will make it to the finale. Which two? We'll find out momentarily.

BUt first, we have a performance from the 25th anniversary company of "Riverdance"!

Now to business. As a reminder, for acts who have been eliminated tonight, there will still be one more chance for the judges - and YOU - to save only ONE. More on that next week. Now we begin with Merissa Beddows and Bayley Graham.
- TOP 5: Merissa Beddows

Next up, Acapop Kids! and Metaphysic.
- TOP 5: Metaphysic

Third up, Harper, Jack Williams, and The Lazy Generation.
- TOP 5: Jack Williams

In the four stop tonight... Lee Collinson and Mike E. Winfield.
- TOP 5: Mike E. Winfield

Fifth and last, Lily Meola and Jannick Holste.
- TOP 5: Lily Meola

Before we go to the final two, we have Piff the Magic Dragon & his dog Mr. Piffles solving a Rubik's cube with Howie. After we solve THAT puzzle, we solve the puzzle of the final three....

FINAL THREE: Mike E. Winfield, Lily Meola, Metaphysic
- ADVANCING: Metaphysic, Mike E. Winfield

NEXT TIME, Aubrey Burchell, Blade 2 Blade, Jordan Conley, Kristen Cruz, Kristy Sellars, Max Ostler, Mayyas, Mervant Vera, Shu Takada, Travis Japan, and Urbancrew (Flyers of the South)! Be there!

Big Brother
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen Moonves
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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THE STORY SO FAR! The Leftovers are being left for dead, but as Turner wins HOH, he decides to draw a line between his Pound (him, Kyle, and Monte) and the others (Brittany, Taylor, Michael). After Brittany and Taylor are put on the block, he drops a hint that his REAL target may yet still be unkonwn. As for Kyle? "Dyre Fest saved my game."

Brittany swears on her life that she never talked to Joseph about  final three. She's not Turner's target. The end game this week... is Michael.

Turner takes time to apologise to Mizhel for putting his friends on the block. He suggests that this is not the end, but he "has a bad feeling about this week."

The Pound meet with Alyssa in the HOH. Kyle tells Monte that Alyssa and Terrance know "everything" because he told them everything. Monte suggests that he can no longer trust Kyle. Kyle, meanwhile, talks to Michael about future options. This makes Michael suspicious of Kyle about the way he's been acting since returning from outside.

Michael and Brittany take a moment think about things for a second, especially about how Kyle was worried a new Cookout was taking form.

- Turner draws... Alyssa.
- Taylor draws... Monte.
- Brittany draws... Michael.
And hosting... Luke McFarlane and Billy Eichner of the new movie "Bros" (in theaters September 30). The winner will get an advance screening of the gay rom-com. With three others to join them! This is gonna be fun!

VETO COMPETITION #8: ROSE ALL DAY. The six players have to transport bottles of rose wine from one side of their slip'n'slide to the other, filling up their cylinder along the way. The first to fill their cylinder and grab the orb inside wins.
- WINNER: Michael Bruner, number five in a series!

Michael picks Turner, Alyssa, and Taylor, wanting to earn from goodwill with Turner and Alyssa... and wanting to give Taylor SOMETHING for having a bad week.

Brittany and Michael are left in the house by themselves with Monte as they think about if Turner would put Monte up as a backdoor. They consider throwing Kyle under the bus for his racist paranoia.

Michael tells Monte & Taylor about the Kyle of it all with Brittany as well, which leaves Taylor SHOOK. Michael & Brittany tell Alyssa about the "divisions". Michael tells Turner. Monte tells Terrance, and this leaves Kyle in tears saying that "the hint of race" being a factor never crossed his mind.

Or maybe it did... he just didn't know it yet. We'll see what, if anything, comes of it tomorrow.

The Challenge USA
by Chico Alexander
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CBS/Paramount+: 9p/8c
Host: TJ Lavin
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BANK BALANCES ($5000 to the Final)
- Tyson Apostol: $16,000*
- Angela Rummans: $16,000*
- Alyssa Lopez: $13,500*
- Enzo Palumbo: $11,000*
- Sarah Lacina: $10,000*
- Justine Ndiba: $8000*
- Domenick Abbate: $7500*
- Cashay Proudfoot: $7500*
- David Alexander: $7000*
- Cayla Platt: $7000*
- Ben Driebergen: $6000*
- Danny McCray: $6000*
- Desi Williams: $6000*

Last week, the Algorithm blew up and the players played for their own. Ben and Angela won the Having a Blast challenge, as Enzo takes on Leo in the Arena. Leo is eliminated as his money puts Enzo into the Challenge Final. Now with one week to go before the Challenge Final, 11 of the final 13 have enough to play, leaving Sara and Danny with one and only one more chance to bank enough.

We have a fab five alliance of the ladies - Justine, Cayla, Desi, Cashay, and Sarah - except for Angela and Alyssa, who've already had enough for the Final but whatever. Meanwhile, Ben trusts Sarah, but doesn't trust her game right now.

DAILY CHALLENGE #9: COLLECT FOUR. Race into a stadium and find designated colored tokens. Bring the tokens down one at a time and place them on their board to collect four in a row. The catch? The backside of their tokens are black. They can use that to block anyone they want to keep that person from winning. First man & woman to collect four in a row wins $5000 and automatically heads to the Challenge Final. The last place woman will automatically head into the Arena.
- WINNERS: Danny McCray (finally!), Desi Williams
- LAST PLACE: Sarah Lacina

Sarah is confident that Danny & Desi will give her the challenger she wants (Angela). As a reminder, it takes two people to make this decision, and one of them has an alliance with Angela and Alyssa.

Danny wants Cashay in. Thinking that the Survivors should be working with Angela & Alyssa, the males don't trust Desi and Sarah right now. Desi is upset to be excluded from these discussion, saying Sarah is the only woman who is willing to challenge Angela in the Arena. As it becomes more and more clear that Danny will move heaven and earth to protect Angela, the Fab 5 need to play Alyssa.

ARENA #9: Desi & Danny nominate... Cashay to take on Sarah. The winner will have enough money to take on next week's Challenge Final.
- IN A ROLL: Cashay and Sarah will run in two wheels trying to collect a ball. The first to two wins.
WINNER: Sarah Lacina, who finally has enough to play in the Challenge Final.

Forged in Fire Season Finale
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

History: 9p/8C
Host: Grady Powell with Ben Abbott, David Baker, Doug Marcaida & J. Neilson
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook

(C-NOTE: Forging is dangerous! Please do not attempt without extensive training and safety measures in place)

oday, we have two teams competing with each other... before competing against each other. It's called... Friend or Foe.

Josh Hardman & Max Harter
Colorado Springs, CO
friends & welders/blacksmiths

Dan & Tony Lewis
Glendale, AZ

ROUND 1: You have four days in your home forges to recreate a Scottish broadsword. Rising to prominence in the 17th century, this weapon has a double edge and a dual-purpose basket hilt. Your blades must be between 29-31 inches with a fuller and a basket hilt that encompasses your entire hand. Your weapons will then face a dynamic strength test (shield chop and foam tube slice) and a dynamic sharpness test (sword bash & pig carcass slice). The team that makes the best blade will be forced to forge against each other.
- Max & Josh: Multibar Twist Damascus Scottish Broadsword
- Dan & Tony: Monosteel Scottish Broadsword

ROUND 2: Now Max and Josh will compete against each other for five hours of pick-your-own-Damascus forging. You will be building a Kindjal sword. Tracing its roots back to the 3rd century BC, it remains popular in Georgia to this day. You can use any of the materials in the pantry. Your blades must have a slight-bend between 17 & 19 inches with a fuller running up both sides. It must have a full-tang construction with a guard and a pommel. Your blades will be subject to a dynamic KEAL test (ballistics dummy and watermelon slice) and dynamic strength test (ice block chop & banner slice).

This one goes the distance, but the sharpest blade belonds to... MAX!

MasterChef: Back to Win
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Fox: 8p/7C
Hosts/Judges: Gordon Ramsay with Joe Bastianich & Aaron Sanchez
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramFOXNOW AppHulu

  Last week, the final 10 elevated gas station snacks, with Christian winning and Brandi being eliminated. Then Gerron Hunt returns with a Mystery Box and a challenge to make hot and spicy plates. Emily wins the day, but Bowen is eliminated, leaving the final 8.

ELIMINATION TEST: THE WALL. Paired into teams of two, the final 8 will have to communicate on opposite sides to create identical dishes. The losing team will be eliminated.  You have five minutes to shop and 60 minutes to cook.

The teams:
- Emily/Michael
- Dara/Shanika
- Christian/Willie
- Amanda/Derrick

- Christian/Willie: Cajun Blackened Pork Chop with Blood Orange White Wine Sauce, Buttery Creamy Potato and Swiss Chard
- Dara/Shanika: Blackened Trout with Salsa Verde, Roasted Corn and Sautéed Mushrooms
- Emily/Michael: Crispy Skin Salmon with English Pea Puree, White Asparagus and Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette
- Derrick/Amanda: Crispy Skin Duck with Moroccan-Style Couscous, Romanesco and Blood Orange Gastrique
WINNERS: Christian/Willie
- ELIMINATED: Derrick/Amanda

The top 6 then head to the famed eatery of Wolfgang Puck, Spago for this season's...

RESTAURANT TAKEOVER: Each team will cook two entrees and two appetizers that must meet the impeccable standards of Chef Wolfgang Puck. To demonstrate, he makes a Crispy Scale Bass with Glazed Daikon, Bok Choy and Grilled Mushroom Dashi, a Pan Roasted Scallops with Celery Root Puree, Caramelized Pears and Port Brown Butter Sauce, a Duck Breast with Smoked Parsnips and Maitake Mushrooms, and a Pan Seared Veal Chop with Shelling Beans, Black Garlic and Veal Jus. Hope you're paying attention, because that's your menu for the night.

- RED TEAM (Christian): Emily & Dara
- BLUE TEAM (Willie): Shanika & Michael

People Puzzler
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

GSN: 6p/5c
Host: Leah Remini
Official WebsiteFacebook
likes tree houses
lives with 10 family members
owns a garden

On the board today, we have...

PUZZLE #1: Sara starts with LONG-RUNNING TV SERIES. Arnold has 140 from BUILD and CANCELLED when he finds...
- DOUBLE WORD (8a/7d): Christopher Meloni's longtime "SVU" partner - M _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ A _. He... blanks.
But he does make up for it with ANIMATOR, ROBES, and WESTERN for a total of 440, ending with 490 to Christia's 60 and Sara's 50. The answer, by the way, was MARISKA HARGITAY.

PUZZLE #2: Sara picks HOTEL LOBBY, getting FLOWERS, GROUP, and FOUNTAINS for 670. Arnold finds the WAGER WORD. He bets 400 o fhis 490 on this...
- WAGER WORD (6a) for 400:  Brit who played the plaza's concierge in "Home Alone 2" - T I _ _ _ _ _ _. He goes with Timothy... wrong to drop to 90. Christia gets BAGGAGE, ELVIS and TRAY for 580. Arnold ends with RAZOR, GUEST, and HOUSEKEEPER to end the round with 710 to Sara's 950. Christia leaves with a year of People for her time.

The answer to the Wager Word, by the way, was TIMCURRY.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Daytime or Nighttime
- Sara gets NIGHTTIME, getting WEREWOLVES, OWLS, KERCHIEF, and DESSERt. It's not enough! Arnold hold on to win, 3010-2400!

$10,000 FAST PUZZLE: Arnold picks Bugs, Vending Machine Snacks, and Alaska over Gilmore Girls.
- Vending Machine Snacks: He gets KEVIN, TRAILMIX, and GATORADE for one.
- Bugs: He gets HORNET, SCORPIONS, and MONARCH for two.
- Alaska
2a: Dogs most commonly used in the Iditarod - H _ _ _ _ _ _. HUSKIES is right!
1d: National Park or bathroom fixture brand - G _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ _. Passing.
3a: Fictional town in Russell Crowe hockey movie - M _ _ _ _ _ _. TIME UP on MYSTERY.

Back to 1d, where he nee3ded GLACIERBAY.