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September 11, 2019


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Eight Days, $192,100

by Chico Alexander
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Syn/YesTV: 7:30p/6:30c; also check listings
Host: Alex Trebek with Jimmy McGuire, Kelly Miyahara & Sarah Whitcomb-Foss
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  Jason has a chance to join the Nine-Timers Club tonight agianst...

Jason Zuffranieri
Albuquerque, NM
math teacher

Carolyn Oliver
Worcester, MA
poet & writer
Frank Auguello
Cedar Knolls, NJ
biomedical engineer

JEOPARDY! ROUND: A Prince of a Guy, 4-Letter Words, Hobbies & Pastimes, Numeric Lit, Thank You, Next

Jason finds the Daily Double under $600 Numeric Lit. He went all-in (and no, he doesn't want to be the next Holzhauer, he wants to be the first Jay-Z) on this: the cover of the first edition of this 1961 military novel included a dancing figure & a little airplane. "What is 'Catch-22'?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $10,800! He ends up with $16,800 to $1600 for Frank. Carolyn is in the red by $1000, but she will control the first pick in ...

DOUBLE JEOPARDY!": It Is Rocket Science, Hotels, Name-Letter People, Classical Dance, Proverbs & Expressions, That Place Used to Be Called...

Jason finds the first Daily Double under $1600 Classical Dance. "This is not like James used to do." Again, first Jay-Z, not next Holzhauer. Here's his clue for $3000: Jean-Baptiste Lully pioneered music for this dance whose name, from the Latin for "small", comes from its small, dainty steps. "What is petit-fours?" Tasty, but incorrect. They're minuets, dropping him to $20,600. Then he finds the other under $1200 That Place Used to Be Called... He goes for $6000 of his $24,600 lead on this: St. Petersburg was once called Leningrad; similarly, Volgograd was once called by this name. "What is. Stalingrad?" RIGHT for $33,000! He ends up with $35,000. The other two - Carolyn's $4600 and Frank's $2400 - not even CLOSE to being close.

FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Children's Books": the original title of this 1900 classic included a gem; another working title mentioned a Plains state. Correct response: what is "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"?

Frank's right, but so is Jason to win $41,413, giving him $233,243 for nine days!

America Says
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: 9p/8c
Host: John Michael Higgins
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THe Handbell Choir
Leslie, Jennifer, Debbie, Irene
Season Passers
Courtney, Maydelle, Adrian, Lauren

- The Handbell Choir: My husband is like my dog; they're both (C, C, G, H, L, L, S). They get loyal, cuddly, and cute. The Season Passers pick up hungry and lazy, but miss spoiled and goofy.
- Season Passers: Every Christmas movie has (D, E, G, M, R, S, S) in it. Snow, music, gifts, decorations, elves, reindeer, and Santa do it for the sweep and 1900. The Handbell Choir has 300.

- The Handbell Choir: The most time-consuming thing to clean in my house ins the (B, B, C, c, F, O, T). They clean up with toilet, oven, bathtub, floor, and carpet. The Season Passers can't get counter or blinds.
- Season Passers: A (B, CS, F, GS, M, PS, W) is probably open after midnight. They open up bar, gas station, Walmart, police station, and firehouse. The Handbell Choir can't come up wtih McDonald's or coffee shop to stay at 1300 to the Season Passers' 2900.

- Season Passers: If you're a (A, B, D, S, S, T, T), you'd better cure your hiccups before you start work! They get singer, surgeon, telemarketer, and teacher for 1200, 4100 total. The Handbell Choir miss out on announcer, dentist, and barber to stay at 1300.
- The Handbell Choir (must sweep): When I hear someone say "bugs", I think of (A, B, B, C, C, R, S). They get spiders, bunny, ants, roaches... and that's it. The Season Passers win, 4100-2500. The orphan answers: computer, bedbugs, and camping.

- Q1: When I make brownies, I susually add (W) to make them extra tasty: Walnuts
- Q2: Dating an English teacher is brutal! She corrects the (S, P) on my love letters: Spelling, Punctuations
- Q3: When my car windows are down, I can often smell a (S, F, F) before I see one: Fire, Farm, SKIP!
- Q4: Other than stamps, you can buy (E, B, T, MO) at the post office: Envelopes, Boxes, Tape, Money Orders
- Back to Q3: When my car windows are down, I can often smell a (S) before I see one: Skunk is right to win!

America's Got Talent
by Chico Alexander, Jason Block & Gordon Pepper
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

NBC: 8p/7c
Host: Terry Crews with Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel & Gabrielle Union
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Last night, 11 of the most talented people in the country left it all on the stage. Tonight, five of them will advance to the finale, while the other six will go so far only to go so far.

First, a performance from Britain's Got Talent winner Tokio Myers and the Police's Stewart Copeland.

After the recap, we have the three acts up for the Dunkin' Save. In no particular order, they are...
- Emanne Beasha
- Ryan Niemiller
- Alex Dowis

First up, Dom Chambers, V.Unbeatable, and Chris Kläfford.
- ADVANCING: V.Unbeatable

Next up, Piff the Magic Dragon and his little friend Mr. Piffles. His Vegas show is sold out, and he's taking his act on the road. In his act, he took Terry's watch, put it in one of three barrels... BLEW up the barrels... and the watch was in a cake that was in the audience. Now... let's make two acts disappear - Lukas & Falco, Marcin Patrzalek, or Detroit Youth Choir.
- ADVANCING: Detroit Youth Choir

That leaves Luke Islam and Voices of Service.
- ADVANCING: Voices of Service

The Dunkin' Save is now closed. Time to bring back Emanne, Alex, and Ryan...
- ADVANCING: Ryan Niemiller

Now it's up to the judges. Three people need to agree on an act before they advance. If the panel deadlocks, then the audience vote will be decisive... whether they agree with it or not.
- Gabrielle: EMANNE BEASHA

And your final is set. Who'll take it all? Stay tuned!

Big Brother
by Chico Alexander & Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CBS: 8p/7c
Host: Julie Chen
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bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramAvailable on the CBS App
  THE STORY SO FAR! Tommy is on the outside looking in as Nicole, Holly, and Cliff have a deal with HOH Michie, who puts up Tommy and Cliff for eviction. The Veto could throw a wrench into Michie's plan as Tommy could save himself, forcing Nicole to go up. Will that happen?

Clearly, Tommy is Michie's target, as Michie remains steadfast to his final four. Tommy reveals that he & Christie knew each other before moving in, which explains so much.

VETO COMPETITION #10: BB Comics. Grab 16 comic cards and match them to the studio wall. Fastest wins the Power of Veto.
- WINNER: Nicole Anthony

Cliff congratulates Nicole on her win... and Nicole guarantees Cliff safety. The question now is now cutthroat are they going to be? Michie starts to believe that Nicole could very well use the Power of Veto to backdoor Holly. He has faith that Cliff and Nicole will do the right thing.

VETO MEETING #10: True to her word, Nicole uses her Veto to save Cliff.
- MARKED FOR EVICTION: Tommy Bracco, Holly Allen

Common Knowledge
by Chico Alexander
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GSN: 5:30p/4:30c
Host: Joey Fatone
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The Meditators
Nicole L, Quest, Nicole C
Long-Lost Sisters
Robin, Rita, Laura

ROUND 1 Categories: Hack This, In the Kitchen, Staying Healthy, Tech

The Meditators start on Staying Healthy - What's the general daily routine for brushing teeth recommended by the ADA: a) Once a day for 2 minutes b) One a day for 4 minutes c) Twice a day for 2 minutes? They say A... RIGHT! Long Lost Sisters go with In the Kitchen - According to the USDA, what is the best way to safeguard against harmful bacteria on meat: a) Defrost it on the counter b) Wash it before cooking, c) Let it rest after cooking? They say B... but it was C. Back to the Meditators with Tech - On most phone carriers, you can redial the last number that you by pressing which buttons: a) *63 b) *66 c) *69? They all say C... nice. They lead, 160-40.

ROUND 2 Categories: Beauty Tips, Housekeeping, In the Sky, Travel

The Long Lost Sisters try to catch up wtih Beauty Tips - The National Institutes of Health says you can reduce wrinkles in just three months by eating what food that's high in isoflavones: a) Edamame b) Goat cheese c) Squash? They say A... RIGHT for 160 to lead, 240-220.

WRITE-IN ROUND: Music, Animal Kingdon, Phrases & Sayings, Our Government.
- Meditators: MUSIC - In "The Muffin Man", where did the Muffin Man live? They say Cherry Lane.. to the Long Lost Sisters with Tin Cans... it's Drury Lane.
- Long Lost Sisters: ANIMAL KINGDOM - Which kind of cobra is the longest of all the venomous snakes? They pick the king cobra.. RIGHT for 200
- Meditators: PHRASES & SAYINGS - In the legal professions, the Latin phrase "pro bono" typically describe work that's done in exchange for how much money? They go with free... COUNT IT!
- Long Lost Sisters: OUR GOVERNMENT - The address typically given by the president to a joint session of Congress in January is called what? They say "State of the Union"... for the win, 840-620!

BONUS ROUND: Laura gets two before missing on the glasses of wine you can get form a 750ml bottle (5). Robin is one and done when she can't name the city next to Puget Sound (Seattle). After a pass, Rita is going for it on this...
- Introduced in 1996, what was the second toll-free telephone number code after 800: a) 844 b) 555 c) 888? She goes with C... JUST WON $10,000!

Funny You Should Ask
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Syn: Check local listings
Host: Jon Kelley
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orig. Honolulu, HI
nurse & online health/fitness program owner
orig. Houston
forensic psychologist
Jamie Kennedy
"Coming to the Stage"
Jodi Miller
Byron Allen
producer of this show
Jon Lovitz
Sherri Shepherd
"Best Ever Trivia Show"
Louie Anderson

ROUND 1: Tay won the toss, so she gets to hear from Jon, Louie, and Jodi. She... doesn't get a single judgment right. Jake gets Sherri right, and Byron right, and Jamie right for the $300 sweep.

ROUND 2: After we swap the sides, we skunk the bottom tier, but the top helps Tay to $400 to Jake's $500.

ROUND 3: Tay's behind, so she goes first, leading $1000 to $800. Jake needs Jamie to be right on this: if a breastfeeding woman is suffering from "milk leg", she has what? He went with calcium deposits. Jake says wrong... and he wins, $1100 to $1000!

- Q1: According to, which term means a guarantee that a defendant will receive a fair trial: due date, due process, or do the hokey-pokey & turn yourself around? He goes with due process... and that's right.
- Q2: The word "agony" comes from a Greek word meaning ... war, struggle, funeral, or tofu? He says struggle... and it's time to play for money.
- Q3: According to the OED, a very small amount of money is known as... boit, coit, doit, foit, goit, or ... (Sherri: "Don't call me.")? He says coit... but it was a doit. He leaves with a little more than a doit, $1100.

Guy's Grocery Games
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Food: Sunday 9p/8c
Host: Guy Fieri
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
  Today's special at Flavortown Market... Express Lane: Name Your Number.

Simone Apostoli
chef/owner for a food truck

Jen Gilroy
Salt Lake City

Chaz Ortiz
Savannah, GA
executive chef/owner

David Sandusky
Belleville, IL barbecue chef/owner

Each chef will choose if they want 6, 8, or 10 items in their dish each round. If they pick a number, they can't use that number again.

On the panel today: Aaron May, Marc Murphy, and Amanda Freitag.

ROUND 1: Breakfast
- Simone (6): Poached Egg with Andouille Sausage & Potatoes
- Jen (10): Chicken Biscuits with Green Peppercorn Gravy
- Chaz (8): Platano Power Mangu
- David (8): Spicy Shakshouka

ROUND 2: In addition to the lunch in the Express Lane, you'll have to make it all in 20 minutes, because this is also LUNCH RUSH!
- Jen (6): Mac'n Cheese with Pickled Apple Relish
- Chaz (6): Philly Cheesesteak with Yucca Fries
- David (6): Beer Cheese Steak Sandwich with Cheddar Fries

ROUND 3: Dinner... and not only do you have your number, but you also have ODD/EVEN. It comes up... EVEN.
- Jen (8): Asian Mixed Grill over Rice Noodles
- David (10): Seafood & Sausage Bucket
WINNER: David!

- Q1: Turmeric gives this popular spice blend its unmistakable yellow color: Curry Powder
- Q2: Organic juice from the fruit that helped Newton discover gravity: Organic Apple Juice
- Q3: Pear-shaped tropical fruit with black seeds that contains an enzyme used to tenderize meat: PASS!
- Q4: This fermented dairy product commonly comes in Greek-style or in flavors like strawberry & peach: Yogurt

He gets $12,000 for this run. Q3 was "papaya".

Hollywood Game Night Season Finale
by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

: 9p/8c
Host: Jane Lynch with Dean Butterworth & the Scorekeepers
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Dayton, OH
homeschool teacher
Sarah K.
Omaha, NE
8th grade English teacher
Lamorne Norris
Mike Colter
"Luke Cage"
Sara Foster
"Barely Famous"
Erin Foster
"Barely Famous"
Lil Rel Howery

Thomas Middleditch
"Silicon Valley"

BLOCK THIS WAY: Each block is worth 1 point.
- Team Allison gets 6 blocks.
- Team Sarah also gets a stack of 6.

SONG SUNG WRONG: Each correction of Jane's crazy tunes is worth 1 point.
- Team Allison gets the lead, 4-3 on this game to lead, 10-9.

KISS & YELL: Each question is worth 2 points - one for the movie and one for the kiss.
- Thomas of Team Sarah gets 11 points, 20 total.
- Sara of Team Allison gets 13 points, 23 total

WHAT'S IN A NAME?: EAch word found in a celebrity's name is worth 2 points.
- Team Sarah takes the lead, 32-25.

WHERE YA GOING?: Each destination is worth 5 points!
- Team Sarah gets five for 25, 57 total.
- Team Allison needs 7 to win. THey get the 7 for the win, 60-57!

CELEBRITY NAME GAME with Thomas (playing for Sierra Club Foundation) and Lamorne (playing for International American Medical Mission): Allison gets Mick Jagger, Anthony Anderson, Mariska Hargitay, Pope Francis, Spike Lee, David Letterman, America Ferrera, Katy Perry, and Matt Groening for $9000.

Hypnotize Me
by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

CW: 9p/8c
Host: Taye Diggs with Keith Barry
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Gardena, CA
business student
Phelan, CA
theme park employee

Smyrna, GA
laboratory sales rep

assistant manager of facility operations

Tonight, it's time to party.

GAME 1: CAKE DECORATING. For $20,000, you have to decorate five cakes each. Edgar will face plant into a cake when someone said "finished, chef", Jessica will repeat everything Taye says. Eric will believe the cakes are hot. Tanisha will hide all the cherries she says.
- WIN: $14,000

GAME 2: BALLOON BASH. Edgar thinks the balloons are lifting him up. Eric will believe he's naked. Tanisha will suck the air out of the red ones and sing happy birthday. Jessica will pop a balloon when she hears Tanisha's name, and every time she does, the team will duck and cover. Every balloon that makes it all the way wins $1000.
- WIN: $11,000 ($25,000)

GAME 3: KARAOKE QUIZ: Eight questions, $2500 each. Edgar thinks that his teammates are aliens. Jessica thinks she's a soundman. Eric loves the camera and wants to photobomb. Tanisha believe she's in love with Tay. The team will dance like embarrasing uncles when they hear any piece of music.
- WIN: $12,500 ($37,500)

BONUS ROUND: For another $20,000, Tanisha has to answer another four for $5000 each. But she'll answer even more in love with Tay... and he's in love with her!
- WIN: $20,000 ($57,500)

GAME 4: VIP PARTY: Four "Real Housewives" will join us for a party. Jessica will believe she's a bodybuilder. Eric thinks he's a flair bartender, saying "bottom's up!", at which time Edgar will thinks someone's touch his bottom. Tanisha is a bouncer who is trying to keep Adrienne out of the bar. Each drink served is worth $500.
- WIN: $14,000 ($71,500 total)

FINAL GAME: HYPNO BOWL. There will be three clocks flashing. All you have to do is catch the balls dropping from them. You win money for each ball. 50 wins the lot. You will have 30 seconds of free will before Keith gets to play with you.
- WIN: $71,500 (50 balls)

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

Fox: 8p/7C
Hosts/Judges: Gordon Ramsay with Joe Bastianich & Aaron Sanchez
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
bird, new, square, twitter iconInstagramFOXNOW AppHulu


Last week, the top six were flown to London to work Gordon Ramsay's flagship restaurant. The Blue Team of Dorian, Noah, and Sarah won and didn't face elimination. Nick, Shari, and Subha were in the bottom, with Shari and Subha eliminated. Now we're down to the final four as our culinary trip through London continues...

... to Hatfield House, where they meet world-reknowned chef Nigella Lawson. Her challenge...

ELIMINATION CHALENGE: One hour to cook a venison dish fit for a queen. Halfway through, you also have to make a trifle for dessert.

- Dorian: Cocoa Butter Rack of Venison with Bitter Greens, Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes & Rhubarb Currant Compote; Blueberry Lemon Trifle with Sweet Sherry & Pecans
- Noah: Pepper-Crusted Venison Loin with Morel Mushroom Risotto, Asparagus & red Wine Reduction; Raspberry & Blackberry Trifle with Raspberry Liqueur & Toasted Coconut
- Sarah: Venison Rack with Parsnip & Apple Puree, Roasted Romanesco & Port Reduction; Raspberry Trifle with Raspberry Liqueur & Toasted Almonds
- Nick: Bone Marrow-Crusted Venison with Pommes Puree, Currant, Red Wine Reduction & Assorted Greens; Blackberry Trifle with Champagne & Sauternes


That means that Dorian, Nick, and Sarah are competing for a title NEXT WEEK!

by Chico Alexander
bird, new, square, twitter icon @DinoRAlexander

NBC: 9p/8c
Judges: Ester Dean, Shane McAnally & Ryan Tedder
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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This season, Songland resulted in six #1 songs on the iTunes charts. Tonight on the season finale, Songland's attention turns inward... to find the next #1 song for... Ryan Tedder and his band, OneRepublic. Here to join him is bandmate Zach Filkins.

Each writer will bring their song into Songland to perform for said panel. At the end, Ryan & Zach will choose one song to record. That song will be available for stream and purchase at the end of the show.

- JT Roach (Madison, WI) left his job at the Onion in Chicago to take up songwriting in Los Angeles. He delivers a good ol' fashioned heartbreak song with "Somebody to Love.". Ryan says the only relationship song to come out as a single was "Apologize". Shane wonders if they could do that again.
- Madi Yanofsky (Burlington, VT)... call her MADI... has had songs on hold and tips on holder as a waitress. Talk about hustling. We'll talk about being lonely, as she sings about her "Darkest Days". Ryan loves the title, but Shane was looking for a "moment", wanting more pain. Ester wants to make it darker. Ryan: "There's a way to make it feel euphoric."
- Tyler James Bellinger (Jersey City, NJ) worked for his father's paving company while releasing a single and EP, both of which celebrate LGBTQI+ homeless youth. He wrote "Giving You Up" for his partner, depicting a lover who realizes his own selfishness. Shane thought it was a heart song. Ryan wants a lower key. Shane dials the arrangement back.
- Brigetta (Nashville) dropped out of high school. She conveys that into "Be Somebody". The panel wants to take it out of being a song about song-writing and being more of a generic love song.

The panel will now take THREE writers into the studio to work with them. Those three: Brigetta (Ryan and his band), JT (Shane), and MADI (Ester). Tyler's song... didn't really click with the panel.

After pow-wowing with the panel, they'll perform their songs one more time.

WINNER: JT! OneRepublic's recording of this song will be available for stream and purchase by the time you read this wherever you stream music.

"Songland" will return.

Wheel of Fortune
Jason Block
bird, new, square, twitter icon @BeatTheBlock

Syn/YesTV: 7p/6C
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Official WebsiteFacebookFacebook
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Total for Today - $37,970
Total for Week 1- $140,284
Total for the Season: $140,284
Bonus Win Percentage: 1/3
Bonus Round Losses Cash: $74,000
Bonus Round Losses Cars:
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses:
Mystery Round Prizes hit/won/lost:
Car Wins: 1
$100,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 1/3/1/0
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used/Lost: 1/3/1/0
Express Wedge Hit/Used/Crashes:
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won/lost: 3/1/2
$2,500 Space Hit -
$3,500 Space Hit - 4
$5,000 Space Hit -
Bankrupt Space Hit - 6
Lose A Turn Hit - 2
Vowels Missed:
A - E- 3  I - O- U

Missed solves -
Repeated a letter/vowel -
Perfect Rounds: 1
House Minimums - 1
Gift Tags hit/won/lost:
Free Play Hit: 3
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 0/3
Best Week:
Bankrupt Losses: $23,550
Left on the Table: $50,550
Red Podium Win - 1
Yellow Podium Win - 1
Blue Podium Win - 1

A :
M : 1
E :
I :
C: 1
E :
& :
I :
N: 1
* -
** -
*** -

BONUS CATEGORIES SELECTED:(offered/picked/win/lose)
EVENT(s) -
LIVING THING(s) - 1/0/0/0
PHRASE -2/0/0/0
FOOD & DRINK -1/1/0/0
THING(s) -3/0/0/0
ON THE MAP -1/1/1/0
PLACE(s) -1/1/0/1

This is now and we start off with Day 3 of Teacher's Week!

The $1,000 Tossup is PHRASE. Casey Frederick from Sterling, VA is ABOVE AVERAGE. He is a special education teacher for 7 years and a basketball coach. He likes breweries and wineries. Beth Geyer from Columbia, SC is a first grade teacher for 8 years. She is married for 8 years as well. Her grandmother got her hooked on Wheel(she's 92!) Brittany Alough is a 7th grade Social Studies Teacher for less than a year.

The $2,000 Tossup is IN THE KITCHEN. Brittany has $2,000 with OVEN MITTS. We add this to the wheel - a World Strides Trip to Alaska worth $8,300. She starts SHOW BIZ but hits Lose a Turn. Casey loses $2,500 on Bankrupt. Beth picks up the Alaska trip with a $500 S but she loses that and $1,300 on Bankrupt. Brittany misses. Casey hits 2 Free Play U's but hits Lose a Turn. Beth solves WOODY AND BUZZ LIGHTYEAR RETURN TO THE BIG SCREEN for $2,400. Every one has cash! We move on to....

The Aspercreme Ultimate Mystery round which is started by Casey. It's our crossword round. The clue is CLASS _____. There are four words that fit the clue. He picks up the WC with a $500 N but misses a vowel - E. Beth solves ROOM WORK CLOWN LIST for $1,250. She has $3,650. We move on to...

The Prize Puzzle/Express Wedge round which is started by Beth as well. It's THINGS. She hits a $3,500 R but misses. Brittany Bankrupts. Casey hits a $3,500 C, uses the WC to try to get more money and hits a $3,500 P. He solves PANORAMIC VIEWS for $7,500 and a trip to see some of those in Antigua! It's a stay at the Galley Bay Resort in Antigua worth $9,320! He has $17,820 in cash and prizes!

The third tossup round is our new wrinkle in Season 37. It's called the TRIPLE TOSSUP. We have three tossup puzzles and each will be in the same category. All three players are eligible. Each puzzle is worth $2,000. The person who gets the third puzzle will start the next round. The category is ON THE MAP. Beth gets THE FRENCH RIVIERA, Casey misses and Beth solves THE ITALIAN ALPS. Casey misses again. Beth sweeps with NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE and $6,000! She has $9,650 and starts WHAT ARE YOU DOING? We go right into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,700 a letter. Casey seals his win with DAYDREAMING AT MY DESK for $8,500. He is going to the bonus round with $26,320 in cash and prizes including his trip to Antigua. Beth is leaving with $9,650 in cash! Brittany leaves with $2,000!

The pre bonus round total is $37,970! Casey picks FOOD & DRINK over PHRASE and THING.

Casey lands on the N in WIN wedge. With the RSTLNE and his choices of P H G O we have:

_ _ _ R T / O _
S O _ / _ _ L _

Casey could have bought a QUART OF SOY MILK with the new bonus minimum of $37,000 but alas he didn't solve the puzzle. He leaves with $26,320 in cash and prizes!