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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
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"Exile Island: Days 25-27" - April 21

Day 25: It's Time for the Janu Show!

But first, some scenes from the last episode of the Coby Show as Caryn adds another notch to the Koror Kalendar.

Janu is undeniably pissed about Coby's departure. Janu is fuming over Coby's departure and tells us so. The vote caught her completely by surprise. Nobody told her what was going down beforehand. She feels betrayed as she warns Gregg,  "It's going to turn into what it’s going to turn into because all you guys are going to turn on each other."

As they wash at the shoreline, Katie and Jennifer boldly rip on Janu who is in earshot. The gruesome twosome comment on Janu being "crazy" and "grinning like a Jack O' Lantern" all the time.

And who should hear this than Janu herself? Well, so says Caryn as she points out that Janu heard everything.

Round 1... FIGHT!

Janu to Katie: "What is this, junior high, Katie?", to which Katie responds by calling her "creepy" to her face. Janu asks Katie why didn't she tell her instead of talking about it behind her back. Janu calls Katie out. Katie claims that Janu talks in circles and doesn't make sense half the time. I go to the hut and get another beer. Katie apologizes to Janu. Janu blows it off. "You are going to turn on each other any way."

Gregg gives us his perspective on the whole mess. In short, he would rather ditch Steph because she is a threat. Janu is harmless and could help him reach the end of the game. He won't vote out someone who can assist him just because he dislikes them on a personal level. It makes no difference to him whether Stephenie deserves to stay or not. The game isn't about rewarding people.

R-CHALLENGE: Water Tower (for a traditional Palauan feast)

For those of you who send mail as to what happened to the set of Pyramid after its cancellation, this is for you. Two teams for four (Steph, Ian, Katie & Jenn vs. Tom, Janu, Gregg & Caryn) must drag six 30-pound pieces of a scaffold into the water and assemble a tower. One of the four will then climb the tower to retrieve a flag. First team to bring their flag ashore wins reward.

Gregg & Tom are doing all the work while Caryn and Janu do nothing but travel on their rods. Meanwhile Katie is slow as molasses, while Steph calls for her to move her butt. Janu picks up the pace and becomes the head for the challenge as she insists on bringing the flag to the shore... which she does. Tom, Janu, Gregg & Caryn overcome insurmountable odds... well, not really, but they do take the win.

At the reward...

The winners are taken to a special tribal area where they are greeted by a high chief and dancers.

Tom: "Being in the jungle, the players have seen nothing of Palau's culture. It is nice to meet the natives and show respect for each other."

The high chief bestows festive headpieces on the players and blesses them. Caryn is touched by the entire ceremony. "There was no talking game, strategy, planning. We left all of the game, strategy at the door."

The players head to a hut-like area where they partake in a feast. There is no strategy or game talk. Janu has to leave midway through. She heads outside and vomits. "I thought I was having an embolism." Gregg feels that because Janu couldn't keep the food down, she ruined the feast for the others.

At the house...

Arriving back at camp, the lucky challenge winners describe the experience to the others. Gregg then reveals they have brought food back for them. In a bonehead move noticed by everyone, Janu and Caryn eat some of the food too. Janu claims she got sick and couldn't finish the meal back at the reward.

Katie: Nobody wanted to speak up since Janu and Caryn brought back the food for them in the first place.

Day 26: Tree mail!

Feeling claustrophobic?
Are you prone to worry?
Panic during this one,
You could be next to join the jury.

Steph, Jenn and Tom get tree mail describing the Immunity Challenge. It is clear the challenge involves conquering fear while underwater. Tom speculates it may involve cages or something.

Stephenie: She needs to win Immunity. She is seen as the strongest woman at Koror.


The players must sit under a cage-like device while the tide slowly comes in and shrinks their breathing space. The last competitor to quit the challenge wins. As an added twist, the first player to quit will be exiled to a deserted island for the night.

It doesn't take that darn much for Janu to just up and quit as Callous Uncle Jeff talks about panicking to her. Six minutes on, she does and seems quite resigned to the fact that her worth on the tribe is akin to a t(^_^) on a titmouse. The others... just laugh. Jeff, having producer's grapes, says, "You guys are sitting there making jokes like it is open mike. You tell me, what am I supposed to think?" Caryn is out at 55 minutes. Katie, Jenn, Stephenie, Gregg and Ian are next until Tom is left to grab the Immunity Necklace.

Meanwhile a boat arrives to take Janu to her new home for the night... Exile Island.

Day/Night 26: No Dancer is an Island

As Janu leaves by boat, given only flint, a machete, some water and fishing gear for the trip, some of the Koror members wish her good luck. When Janu arrives at the island, she commits herself to making fire. As the sun goes down, Janu comments on how frustrating it is. She won't quit though. Her effort is well worth it. She does get fire. Janu celebrates by dancing on the beach. And by dancing, we mean "spinning". Janu believes that God wanted her to hold on. This is her happiest day yet in the game because it is all about her. She is positively elated to be away from Koror.

"Every day brings new experiences, and right now, I am probably the happiest that I have been. The moon, the stars and the water, they are all mine."

And this coming from someone who, for nine rounds now, had "stick in the mud" written all over her.

Day 27: Janu Returns...

Tom: "A big decision must be made today. Who are we going to send home?"

Tom schemes with Gregg. Gregg is firmly set on Stephenie. She could weasel her way into an alliance with the women while Janu won't.

Tom says that the original Final Four of himself, Ian, Katie and Stephenie promised each other at the start of the game they would look out for each other even if they were separated for a time. Tom fears that pledge might be in jeopardy because Jenn and Gregg really want Stephenie out.

Tom, Gregg and Ian plot in the shelter. Tom wants to know when they should stop rewarding Janu for doing absolutely nothing. Gregg thinks they need to vote for Steph. The bigger threat must be removed from the game. Tom is worried Janu will coast her way to a win. Gregg figures they must put a stop to Stephenie.

Gregg fears Stephenie will conquer Koror if given the opportunity. "I'm just concerned about the whole eleven Tribal Councils in a row, Stephenie's still surviving. I just feel it’s a story developing that we need to put an end to."

Tom says that it appears Stephenie is going home but that isn't where his heart is.

Janu is back is she feels great. Janu tells the others it was wonderful to be away from Koror. They are stunned and congratulate her.

Janu didn't want to come back to Koror. They are being friendly towards her now but she doesn't forgive the way they treated her.

Making supper, Stephenie points out to Jenn that Janu arrived back happier.

Stephenie is worried that she can't get anyone alone. When she does, they won't talk to her about Tribal Council. That makes her nervous.

Koror Tribal Council Happenings

Janu smiles at Coby as he takes his seat as a member of the jury. Janu reports that it was fantastic to be on her own. She recounts her success at making fire. She didn't take the praise gave her afterwards to heart. She believes it was all "the game" based on how they made rude comments about her before. She feels as if she doesn't belong. Caryn is shocked that Janu would see it that way. Tom states that voting is all based on strategy now. Gregg: Everyone is a threat to him winning the million dollars. Katie doesn't feel as if she poses a threat...especially when it comes to the challenges. Janu doesn't see any reason why they should keep her. She is sick of herself already. This is where Tribal Council takes a turn here...

"Janu, if you had your way what would happen tonight?" asked Probst.

"I would ask this tribe to vote me out and keep Stephanie in," Janu replied.

"What's the difference between you laying your torch down and you looking at this group and saying...Vote me out?" said Probst.

"I guess after reflecting and understanding this, there would be no difference. So, I would be willing to lay down my torch so Stephanie could have a chance to stay in the game," Janu declared. Her pride creeping in, Stephenie refused to let Janu make such a sacrifice. "Not just for me," she said. "If she wants to lay down her torch, she wants to quit this game, she can do it but not on my account."

Taking her cue from Stephenie, Janu corrected herself. "What I am saying is I will lay down my torch and I don't want Stephenie to feel that I am doing it for her. It is something I have to do," said Janu.

"I just want this to be clear. You, on your own, are quitting this game?" Probst asked.

"Yes, Jeff. I will lay down torch this evening," Janu replied as it began to rain. Probst surmised that the downpour might symbolize a "cleansing moment" for Janu and then he asked her to bring him her torch.

"Janu, per your wishes, this game is over for you but you will not go home. You will return and be part of our jury," stated Probst as he snuffed her torch and laid it down in the dirt.


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